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Above date,time,place is not the birthday celebration day of any noble person.But it may be going to be the deadday of many many innocent people.yes,this is planned schedule of terrorist to destroy AIIMS and all these informations collected before their a ttack from a suspected person by reading his mind using a mind blowing technique called´MIND READING PHONES´. Mind reading phones is an amazing trick or technology that can read someone¶s mind with a mobile phone.The mobile phone can detect the transmissi on of brain waves of a human being and can detect what is going on his mind.

Application area 9. What is Mind Reading Phones ? 3. Effect of electromagnetic waves on brain 7. Graphical representation 5. History 4. Terms affecting the brain wave 6. Demo on my mobile 12.CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Transmission of bioelectricity to mobile phones 8. Future scope 11. conclusion . Disadvantages 10.


y That could lead to phones that act as psychics in your pocket. such as predicting what you might do next and offering suggestions. the most valuable creation of God. or working with certain locations. the devices could be doing things with that information.so it can associate activities like socialising. even a little bit? y Intel Corp. Nathan Eagle and Sandy Pentland at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are working on a "mind-reading" software for mobile phones that will get to know you as well as your friends. Rather than simply amass secrets about you. Justin Rattner. So this topic based on how we can read someone¶s mind using a mobile phones. ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ What is Mind Reading Phones ? y Ans:y It is an amazing trick that will teach you how to perform mind reading or mental telepathy with a normal mobile phone««. says that technology has advanced to the point that "context -aware computing. . based on searches you type into the phone or locations identified using GPS. The software prompts you to enter your location and activity every time the phone moves into the range of a new cell mast . is becoming more of a reality with the rise of mobile devices. what is going on in his/her mind. The man is called intelligent because of the brain. But science has come to such a level that i t can read someone¶s mindwith100% accuracy. y Rattner showed a few examples during his keynote speech Wednesday at Intel's annual developer confe rence in San Francisco. The software makes similar recommendations when you visit a new city.'s research chief." an idea that's been around for two decades. y Among them: a prototype application Intel worked on with Fodor's Travel. It learns what types of foods you like to eat and what types of attractions you like to visit.INTRODUCTION ‡ Human brain. y SAN FRANCISCO ± How smart do you want your smart phone to actually be? Do you want it to read your mind. It is very difficult to know someone or to rea d someone¶s mind.

Austrailia tested whether the cell phone transmission could affect brain waves. The researchers monitored the experiment on brain waves of 120 healthy men and women with a Nokia 6110 cell phone.) The researchers then monitored the men's brainwaves by EEG while the phone was switched on and off by remote computer. .Swinburne University Of Technology in Melbourne. y History Of Experiments On Mind Reading Phones The first. called delta waves (in the range of one to four Hertz). led by Rodney Croft. The experiment revealed that after the phone was switched to "talk" mode a different brain-wave pattern. These brainwaves are the most reliable and sensitive marker of stage two sleep²approximately 50 percent of total sleep consists of thi s stage²and the subjects remained awake twice as long after the phone transmitting in talk mode was shut off." "listen" and "talk" modes of operation for 30 minute intervals on different nights. (Their sleep had been restricted to six hours the previous night. Horne and his colleagues controlled a Nokia 6310e cell phone ²another popular and basic phone²attached to the head of 10 healthy but sleepdeprived men in their sleep research lab. They got the result from EEGs(Electro Encephalogram) of their brain waves with a mobile phone on transmission mode and without the mobile. Although the test subjects had been sleep-deprived the night before.only in pieces. they could not fall asleep for nearly one hour after the phone had been opera ting without their knowledge.of the Brain Science Institute . and also switched between "standby. remained dampened for nearly one hour after the phone was shut off.

y The black boosted line shows the significant increase of the brain wave due to presence of mobile phone on transmission mode.Graphical Representation Of The Brain Wave y The blue line in graph shows the brain wave without the mobile phone. y CONCLUSIONS OF THEIR EXPERIMENT  They got to know that brain waves get boosted significantly with the mobile phone due to presence of some kind of waves called ALPHA waves. .

They conclude that they can detect the brain behaviour or can read the mind of a person through mobile phones¬  After that James Horne and colleague from Lough Borough university in England gave many theories about Mind Reading Phones. Lab pictures He was the great scientist Rodeny Croft in his lab .

But scientists can do more with brainwaves than just listen in on the brain at work -they can selectively control brain function by transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). . This technique uses powerful pulses of electromagnetic radiation beamed into a person's brain to jam or excite particular brain circuits.  The exciting thing about it is that it can modulate brain function.KEY TERMS AFFECTING THE BRAIN WAVES  The key term by the help of which we can detect the brain behaviour is Electromagnetic wave.  Cell phone in talking mode can affect the brain wave actively due to presence of electromagnetic wave.  Brainwaves change with a healthy person's conscious and unconscious mental activity and state of arousal.

Example:Aeroplanes and hospitals banned the use of cell phones because their electromagnetic radiation can affect the electrical devices and can make the plane crash. If cell phone signals boost a person's alpha waves. they also are the key brainwave signatures of sleep. Croft. Alpha waves increase in power when a person shifts his or her cons ciousness of the external world to internal thoughts.thats why mobile phones are restricted in many places. James Horne and colleagues at the Loughborough University Sleep Research Centre in England devised an experiment to test this question. for example.Effect of electromagnetic waves of phones It has many more effects in various fields. . The result was surprising. Not only could the cell phone signals alter a person's behavior during the call. Alpha waves fluctuate at a rate of eight to 12 cycles per second (Hertz). "cortical idling" or mind wandering. Alpha waves are generally regarded as an indicator of reduced mental effort. But this conventional view is perhaps an oversimplification. argues that the alpha wave is really regulating the shift of attention between external and internal inputs. does this nudge them subliminally into an altered state of consciousness or have any effect at all on the workings of their mind that can be observed in a person's behavior? In the second study. These brainwaves reflect a person's state of arousal and attention. the effects of the disrupted brain-wave patterns continued long after the phone was switched off.

So our brain can acts like an electrical devices . And this bioelectricity is generated from the living cells . We were interested in studying the effect of mobile phone signals on sleep itself.tissues or organism like neurons. From the above example one question comes to our mind that is«.. . sensations and actions arise from the BIOELECTRICITY .suspect any effect on EEG [after switching off the phone].Because all our thoughts . That¶s why the electromagnetic waves of mobile phones can affe ct our brain or can detect our behaviour of brain waves. Could the brain can fall into this category ? Ans:yes of course our our brain is under this category." But it quickly became obvious to Horne and colleagues in preparing for the sleep-research experiments that some of the test subjects had difficulty falling asleep.

Bl t t i t it t i li t i t ti t it t t t i t t l ti ti it ll t i it i t ti iti li i li i . ‡ And these waves are picked up by mobile phones touching a person·s brain.Tr n m ob on of hon o tr ty to The generated bioelectricity is transmitted through complex neural circuit inside our brain. ‡ Electrical signals bet een neurons generates electric field that radiate out of brain tissue as electric waves.

. y According to the matched wave .we can match his/her brain waves with the stored brain waves. we can know or detect what is going on in his/her brain.when. ‡ Fraud detector: it can also detect the frauds like a lie detector.Makes suggestions based on your habits and diary. ‡ In Medical line: Doctors can detect many diseases using this technique. APPLICATION AREA y Security purpose in defence line: detecting the mind of a terrorist to know how. y For drunkers: It can alarm you that you have drunk heavily. y During detection someone·s brain.where the next attack will occur. Analyses how good a relationship is by how often the user calls a certain friend Maintaining a data ase of rain waves y We can store the brain waves of a normal human in different situations.so you should not talk on mobile now.

neural circuits may be damaged. . and prosecute military operations. Understanding the activities of animals . In recent years. scientists have begun developing brain-cognitive interfaces. and it could help explain our capacity to learn and remember new information. Allowing the deaf to hear via direct nerve stimulation.ADVANTAGES ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Remembering things without any effort. ‡ IN MEDICAL SCIENCE:‡ A new. ‡ ‡ IN DEFENCE:The chip will give these forces the ability to communicate. which record neural signals and transmit them either to a computer. implantable and wireless brain chip can create artificial connections between different parts of the brain. Using intelligence of a person after the death . Scientists say the chip sheds light on the brain's innate ability to rewire itself. ‡ We have a chance of manipulating and repairing [specific] regions of the brain that might be damaged. leaving patients with profound problems in movement or speech. paving the way for devices that could reconnect damaged neural circuits. or to another body part in effort to get around the neural blockade. to another part of the brain. visualize. Making decision without the presence of a person. In stroke and spinal -cord injuries.

Many experiments are going on this topic. Second. it links the individual to the IIC (Information Integration Center). y We become dependent upon the computer . creating a seamless interface between the user and the information resources (in-time collection data and archival databases). y Our secrates may be nomore secrates. y Others may use technical knowledge against us. y Very soon it will be implemented. DISADVANTAGES y It can affect our brain more than a normal mobile phone.The Implanted Microscopic Brain Chip performs two functions. First. In essence. FUTURE SCOPE y Till now the concept is not used. the chip relays the processed information from the IIC to the user. A highly mobile information operations center created with the chip-IIC interface makes it much more elusive to enemy attack. . The visualization encompasses the individual and allows the user to place himself into the selected battle space. the chip creates a computer-generated mental visualization based upon the user's request.

First of all. y y y y y y y y y Ace = Anderson Two = Brown Three = Connery Four = Dunlop Five = Evans Six = Fox Seven = Gordon Eight = Henderson Nine = Irvine . It will bring both benefits and harm to human society .CONCLUSION:This will be a tremendous achievement for us in many fields after the success. We will be able to transfer ourselves into computers at some point. y y y y CLUB = CHARLES HEART = HARRY SPADE = SAM DIAMONND = DAVID. It is in fact a clever system that lets your accomplice know the name of the card through the name you give him. These are communicated through his first name. let us deal with the suits. You also need a simple code system that will convey the name of your card to your accomplice. DEMO ON MY MOBILE y My mobile will tell you which card you have selected by reading your mind. You need an accomplice for this trick but the effect is well worth the effort. The value of the card is communicated through the surname.

He also runs an entertainment agency called The Magic Agency. Michael Breck is a professional Magician in Scotland.y y y Jack = Kyle Queen = Livingstone King = McLeod The surnames are in alphabetical order and the number of the letter of the alphabet corresponds to the value of the card. You then tell the spectator that you know a psychic called Charles Dunlop. who is such a great mind reader. As your friend has either memorized the code or has it written down. You then key in your friend's number on your mobile and hand the phone to the spectator. he is able to quickly tell the spectator that the card he is thinking of is the four of clubs. he can read minds over the telephone. He has been entertaining at weddings and booking entertainment for weddings for over twenty years. When you see the card. then that would give you the name CHARLES DUNLOP. Your accomplice then says he is Charles Dunlop. For more ideas about wedding entertainmen t go to Entertainment For Weddings or Magical Entertainment . This is a terrific mind reading trick and will absolutely blow the audience away. if the card that was picked was the four of clubs. you then make up the name that corresponds to that card. When your accomplice answers the phone he asks the spectator who he is looking for and naturally the spectator says Charles Dunlop. For example. When your friend has done this. To perform the trick. You tell the spectator to ask for Charles Dunlop. you ask a spectator to pick any card from the deck. he just terminates the call.

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