Tuesday 16 th November 08.00 – 09.

00 Registration and Coffee The keynote addresses and the Leaders’ Conversation will take place in the Grand Ballroom – Basement 1 09.00 – 09.10 09.10 – 09.20 09.20 – 09.40 09.40 – 09.55 09.55 – 10.45 Welcome Address: SHI Wenchao, Secretary General and Executive Vice President, National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors (NAFMII) Welcome Address: Padraic FALLON, Chairman, Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC Opening Keynote Address: Dr ZHOU Xiaochuan, Governor, The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) Keynote Address: Kenneth G. LAY, Vice President and Treasurer, The World Bank (IBRD) Leaders’ Conversation: China’s Capital Market Development and its Global Implications Moderator: Padraic FALLON, Chairman, Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC Speakers: WANG Dongming, Chairman, CITIC Securities ZHANG Hongli, Senior Executive Vice President, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) Levin ZHU, Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director and Chairman of the Management Committee, China International Capital Corporation (CICC) 10.45 – 11.30 Coffee Break Grand Ballroom Foyer – Basement 1 Grand Ballroom Foyer – Basement 1

Editor. New Zealand Debt Management Office Jeffrey DIEHL. Director. Global Head.11. Public Sector Capital Markets. Asia. interest rate swaps and structured products Basel III Workshop 2 Hosted by: HSBC Grand Ballroom (Studio 4) – Basement 1   What impact will the new Basel regulations have on banks? What are the implications of the recent announcements from the Basel committee on loss absorption in bank capital? How will banks manage the transition into the new Basel III regime? Which of the proposals in Basel III concern banks the most: liquidity or capital? Does hybrid capital and subordinated debt have a role under Basel III? What is the role for contingent capital?      Moderator: Mark JOHNSON. Asia. Managing Director and Head of Fixed Income Capital Markets.30 – 12. liquidity and demand Documentation and execution: Creating a transparent and user-friendly issuance process Further developments: Tenor extension. Director of the Office of Debt Management. Deutsche Bank Patrick TSANG. Chief Executive. Euromoney Conferences Speakers: Philip COMBES. Managing Director. UK Debt Management Office Speakers: Herman BAKE. Deutsche Bank Speaker: Sean McNELIS. HSBC Colin KIM. Head of Global Risk Syndicate.15 Global Issuer Roundtable: SOVEREIGNS Grand Ballroom (Studio 1 & 2) – Basement 1     What will QE2 mean for sovereign borrowers? How worrying is inflation? Is sovereign credit risk being properly priced today? Where does China fit in the funding programmes of sovereign borrowers and what role will Chinese liquidity play in the future? How important is it for sovereign borrowers to be rated domestically to access Chinese liquidity? Hong Kong’s Role as an Offshore RMB Bond Centre Workshop 1 Hosted by: Deutsche Bank Grand Ballroom (Studio 3) – Basement 1      Prospects for the offshore RMB bond market Rationale for issuance: Attracting a diverse set of international and regional issuers Rationale for investment: Investor profile. Treasurer. US Department of the Treasury Robert STHEEMAN. HSBC . Global Capital Financing. Financing Solutions Group. Director.

FAN. Euromoney Speakers: Xuewen BI. Financial Markets Department. Deputy Head. Senior Research Analyst. Treasury Division. Deputy General Manager. Head of Funding.05 Luncheon Speakers: FANG Yaqian. KfW Bankengruppe (KfW) Susanna WONG. Agricultural Bank of China Asian Bistro – Lobby . First Vice President and Head of Capital Markets. Agricultural Bank of China LI Gang. Financial Markets Department. European Investment Bank (EIB) Horst SEISSINGER. Research and Development. Capital Debt Market Origination. Deputy Publisher. Director and Head of Funding and Investor Relations. Managing Director and Head of Debt Capital Markets. Lead Financial Officer.12. Americas. Nordic Investment Bank (NIB) Eila KREIVI.05 – 14.20 – 13. The World Bank (IBRD) 13. Laura E. Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) Jens HELLERUP. Pacific Capital Markets. Agricultural Bank of China YU Jianzhong. Asia. UBS Securities Co. Head of Funding.05 Global Issuer Roundtable: SUPRANATIONAL AND FREQUENT ISSUERS Grand Ballroom (Studio 1 & 2) – Basement 1      How have sources of primary demand changed? What role do supranational borrowers play in the new environment? What can international AAA rated borrowers offer the Chinese investor base? What impact will new global regulatory changes for banks have on the demand for supranational paper? What is the appetite for supranational debt from Chinese investors? Product Innovation in Financial Markets Workshop 3 Hosted by: Agricultural Bank of China Grand Ballroom (Studio 3) – Basement 1     How can regulators better advocate and regulate product innovation after the crisis? What is the main direction of product innovation in the interbank market in the coming five years? How can non-financial enterprises better participate in product innovation in the interbank market? What are the main pricing and risk management methods in financial product innovation? Moderator: Mike CARRODUS.

45 – 16. UK Debt Management Office Jian ZANG. private The practices of overseas private placement debt markets The rationale to promote private placement in China Suggestions on how to develop the private placement market in China Speakers: Kristine LI. Agricultural Bank of China Robert STHEEMAN. The Challenges of China’s Economy Daniel MAMADOU.15 Coffee Break Speaker: Xuewen BI. China Development Bank (CDB) The Development of the Private Placement Market Workshop 5 Hosted by: UBS Grand Ballroom (Studio 3 & 4) – Basement 1     The current status of China’s domestic debt market: public vs. The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Paul McWILLIAM. Managing Director and Head of Debt Capital Markets. Vice General Manager.00 – 15. Managing Director and Head of Debt Capital Markets. Managing Director. Treasury. Deputy Director General.05 – 14. Senior Director and Head of Asia Financial Credit Research. Asia. Financial Markets Department. UBS Securities Guy WYLIE. Deutsche Bank TANG Lingyun. Managing Director. Editor. National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors (NAFMII) Speakers: BA Shusong.Lessons from Japan and Korea Workshop 4 Hosted by: The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Grand Ballroom (Studio 1 & 2) – Basement 1    Current regulatory and capital structure regime for Chinese banks and the impact of Basel III The pivotal role of Chinese banks in China's economic growth miracle and strong recovery from the recent global crisis Chinese banks expect slower growth and a possible increase in NPLs: What lessons can they learn from Japan and Korea to deal with potential problems early and systematically? Moderator: Mark JOHNSON. Managing Director and Head of Markets .55 Panel I: The Ongoing Development of China’s Bond Markets and the Path Forward Grand Ballroom (Studio 1 & 2) – Basement 1      What kind of role should the bond market play in economic growth and future development? Key achievements and challenges of China’s bond market development Risk management in China’s bond market and lessons that can be learnt from mature international markets The importance of “China standards” in the development of the bond market Top priorities in the future development of China’s bond market Panel II: Creating a Sustainable Long-Term Investor Base and Longer Dated Yield Curve Grand Ballroom (Studio 3 & 4) – Basement 1        What are the advantages of longer tenors and how can these be achieved? Moving beyond the iron rice bowl: What is the current and future role of pension funds in China? What is the role of Chinese institutional investors in holding longer dated paper? How can the market grow to include more non-banking intermediaries? What is the best way to encourage and unlock the massive pools of liquidity currently stored in savings? Matching longer-term supply with demand What are the primary concerns for investors and issuers? Moderator: FENG Guanghua. Euromoney Conferences Speakers: Shenghua HU. Citibank (China) PENG Xiangdong. Senior Vice President. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) 15. and Head of Bank Capital Solutions. UBS Grand Ballroom Foyer – Basement 1 . Deputy General Manager. Chief Executive. Research Institute of Finance. Head of Liquidity Management. China Central Depository and Clearing Corporation Limited Stephen GREEN. Author. Money Markets and Investment. Deputy Secretary General. Asia.14. Financial Institutions Group. Co-Head of Debt Capital Markets and Corporate Coverage Group. Global Market Department.45 China Banking Outlook .China. Development Research Center of The State Council (DRC) BAI Weiqun. The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) 15.

YE. Executive Vice President and Deputy to the Chief Executive Officer.00 Global Issuer Roundtable: AGENCIES Grand Ballroom (Studio 1 & 2) – Basement 1      How are borrowers adapting to the fluctuations in primary demand? How are funding targets evolving? Where are they looking to borrow and how have the sources of primary demand evolved? How important is the Chinese investor base given the restrictive pools of liquidity? As an agency.15 – 17. Swedish Export Credit Corporation (SEK) Anish GUPTA.. Managing Director. Bloomberg Speakers: Per ÅKERLIND. Partner. Chief Financial Officer and Head of Capital Markets. Associate Director. China International Capital Corporation (CICC) YANG Xusheng. Columnist.16. China Chengxin International Credit Rating Company . is it necessary to be rated domestically to access Chinese liquidity? Short Tenor Workshop 6 Hosted by: CICC Grand Ballroom (Studio 3 & 4) – Basement 1      How mature are the CP and MTN markets in China? The importance of a diversified issuer base How significant are the onshore CP and MTN markets to foreign issuers? Product development trends in China Globalizing the RMB vs. Executive Director. Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG (OKB) Esa KALLIO. globalizing China’s capital markets Moderator: William PESEK Jr. Chief Executive Officer and Vice Chairman. Municipality Finance (MuniFin) Speakers: Dr John CHENG. FenXun Partners Michael M.

Euromoney Conferences Speakers: Ben CHAN.50 – 18. Ministry of Finance. challenges and what are the technical issues for RMB funding? How can financial institutions help promote international usage of the RMB? What impact will the new Basel regulations have on banks? Global Issuer Roundtable: SOUTHEAST ASIAN ISSUERS Grand Ballroom (Studio 3 & 4) – Basement 1      What opportunities do Southeast Asian bond markets offer Chinese investors? Is Southeast Asian debt a good way to get exposure to the region’s high growth? What is the outlook for global fund flows into Southeast Asia local currency markets? What is the liquidity and size of the Southeast Asian government. Investments and Bond Market. Group Treasury and Investments. Public Debt Management Office of Thailand Dato' LEE Kok Kwan. Deputy Director of Portfolio and Debt Risk. Asia Pacific Treasurer. Deutsche Bank Hirokuni TANAKA. Head of Interest Rate Trading and Senior Vice President. Treasury and Markets. Global Markets Group . The Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC) Paroche HUTACHAREON. Republic of Indonesia 17. Executive Director of Investments and Chief Representative of the Beijing Office.50 Cocktail Reception Grand Ballroom Foyer – Basement 1 . Group Head and Chief Manager.50 Global Issuer Roundtable: FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS Grand Ballroom (Studio 1 & 2) – Basement 1       Case study of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (China) and Deutsche Bank’s recent RMB debt offerings What are the RMB funding needs of foreign financial institutions? Will we see more financial institutions issuing RMB bonds on-shore and offshore? Where are the opportunities. Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Managing Director.17. General Manager.05 – 17. Bond Market Development Bureau. quasigovernment and corporate bond markets? How will capital control affect Chinese investors investing in Southeast Asian local currency bonds? Moderator: Lawrence WHITE. DBS Bank (China) Gunar SCHRAMM. Global Markets Sales and Trading Division. Asia Editor. Business Development Department. Euromoney Speakers: Bing CHENG. Khazanah Nasional Berhad Kamarudin HASHIM. Asia Pacific and Japan. Ratchaburi Electricity Generating Holding PCL Heri SETIAWAN. Senior Analyst. Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (China) Moderator: Nick HAYWARD. Senior Executive Vice President. CIMB Group Peerawat PUMTHONG. Directorate General of Debt Management Office.

Director Capital Markets Origination. International Finance Department. Asian Development Bank (ADB) MU Huaipeng. Editor. Treasury Department.20 – 10. and Managing Director and Head of Investment Banking. Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK) Tomoki MATSUDA. Division Chief.20 Panel III: International Participation in China’s Bond Markets      What are the challenges and technical issues that need to be overcome to increase international participation in the markets? What role will Hong Kong play as an off-shore RMB funding hub. The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Monish MAHURKAR. private companies Contrast against domestic capital markets Outlook for further opening up the access Investors' appetites Moderator: Matthew THOMAS. Head of Debt Capital Markets.50 Registration and Coffee The keynote addresses and Panel III will take place in the Grand Ballroom (Studio 1 & 2) – Basement 1 08.00 – 09. Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) Hyung-jong NOH. Senior Advisor. Asia Keynote Interview: Interviewer: Mark JOHNSON. Treasury Department. Editor. Treasurer. International Finance Corporation (IFC) 09. Asia Editor.50 10. Executive Chairman. Investment Banking Committee. Asia. EuroWeek Speakers: Hak-lim DONG.30 Euromoney Conferences Welcome Address: Tony SHALE. long term Regulatory issues SOEs vs. and what opportunities exist there for investors? Which types of international issuers will likely issue Panda bonds in the future? From a Chinese institutional investor perspective. Euromoney Institutional Investor. which credits are the most interesting? What new regulation governing the Panda bond market will be promulgated in the near future? Grand Ballroom Foyer – Basement 1 Moderator: Mark JOHNSON. Capital Markets and Funding Division.Wednesday 17 th November 08. Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) Speaker: Ronald TANG. China International C apital Corporation (CICC) Augusto KING. Director General. Markets – China. Chief Executive Officer and Director.00 09. Asian Development Bank (ADB) Nina SHAPIRO. Chief Executive Officer.50 – 11. Citi . Vice President and Treasurer. The ExportImport Bank of Korea (KEXIM) Takeshi SAKAMOTO. PIMCO Asia Wei DING.00 – 08. Director General.30 – 10.50 – 09. Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) 10. Head of Local Currency Capital Markets. Euromoney Conferences Speakers: Brian BAKER. Euromoney Conferences Interviewees: Jingdong HUA.35 Coffee Break Global Issuer Roundtable: NORTH ASIAN ISSUERS Grand Ballroom (Studio 1 & 2) – Basement 1      What are the dynamics of the Japanese and Korean fixed income markets? What are the factors influencing issuance levels? What are the different characteristics and roles of the Korean policy banks? What do Japanese issuers offer international investors at current yield levels? What are the medium term RMB funding needs of Japanese and Korean agencies? Grand Ballroom Foyer – Basement 1 Offshore Debt Funding Opportunities for Chinese Companies Workshop 7 Hosted by: Citi Grand Ballroom (Studio 3 & 4) – Basement 1       Cyclical opportunities vs. Deputy Treasurer.

width and diversity. Fixed Income Department. Chief Investment Officer-Fixed Income. Managing Director and Head of the Investment Banking Committee. CIMB Group 12. Asia Pacific. Columnist.40 – 12. CITIC Securities Ning ZHU.11. Euromoney Conferences Luncheon Asian Bistro – Lobby NB Euromoney Conferences reserves the right to amend the programme and is not responsible for cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances.25 Investing in Southeast Asian Quasi-Sovereign.. achieving sufficient liquidity is one of the essential elements to reaching this goal. Corporate Debt and Sukuk Markets Workshop 8 Hosted by: CIMB Grand Ballroom (Studio 1 & 2) – Basement 1 Good opportunities exist for investors to access the strong growth of the Southeast Asian region via local currency papers of quasi-sovereign and corporates – both conventional and Islamic.30 – 13. The conference will be simultaneously translated into Mandarin and English. Head. republication or redistribution of such statements. .       The current state of liquidity in China's bond market The investor base Liquidity premiums from market segmentation Product structure requirements Pricing mechanisms: the basis of valuation. Cagamas Berhad (Malaysia) Dato' LEE Kok Kwan. BOC Aviation Weisi TAN. Deputy Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer.20 Speaker: Dr Zhanjun GAO. Executive Director.      Size and liquidity – range of investment and hedging products Investing in mortgage backed securities Legal framework and investor protection Opportunities in sukuk (Islamic bonds) markets Credit information and rating migration data Liquidity Workshop 9 Hosted by: CITIC Securities Grand Ballroom (Studio 3 & 4) – Basement 1 China needs to establish a bond market with sufficient depth.20 – 13. CITIC Securities Panel IV: Bonds Building China: The Socioeconomic Impact of a Maturing Bond Market Grand Ballroom (Studio 1 & 2) – Basement 1        What challenges remain in the development and embrace of bond markets nationwide? What is the long-term outlook for bond markets in China. Deputy Chief Executive Officer.30 Closing Remarks: Paris SHEPHERD.25 13. Euromoney Conferences and NAFMII accept no responsibility for statements made orally or in written material distributed by any of its speakers at its conferences. Director. Euromoney Conferences and NAFMII are not responsible for any copying. Group Treasury and Investments. and what impact will this have on state-owned vehicles? What will China’s increasing embrace of debt mean for the future of the nation? What larger societal benefits is the maturing of bond markets likely to herald? Can the markets effectively unlock middle-class savings? What will the role of China be in the global bond markets of the future? Moderator: William PESEK Jr. Deputy Director and Professor of Finance. Fortune SGAM Fund Management Ted TOKUCHI. Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance (SAIF) 13.25 – 14. Fixed Income Department. and what are the primary factors shaping their development? What benefits will private enterprise derive from bond markets. In addition. Franklin Templeton ITMC Seoul PHANG Thim Fatt. bilateral pricing and market makers Ways in which China’s continued opening improves liquidity The role of policy coordination  Speakers: Steven CHOY. President and Chief Executive Officer. Bloomberg Speakers: Dong-il KIM.

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