Object Name Sunshine Silver

Caption The Sunshine Silver mine, where 91 men died in an underground fire in May 1972. August 13, 1973. Joliet fireman pour water to cool down a banker that was leaking anhydrous Ammonia Gas. The driver of the tanker noticed the leak as he was stopped at this intersection of Larkin and Jefferson streets in Joliet. The substance was transferred from one truck to another and then transport to a chemical plant. June 25, 1984 A portable "sniffer" being developed by Argonne National Laboratory is used by a U.S. Coast Guardsman to check for toxic gases in a ship's hold. The suburban Chicago research center says its Chemical Parameter Spectrometer can detectpud identify. 12 different gases. July 13, 1994 Rescue workers carry Eina Baldwin to the safety of a school locker room yesterday in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, after a blaze at an abandoned sewage plant spewed clouds of toxic smoke, forging more than 10,000 people to flee their homes, police closed the city to outsides while firefighters worked nearly 22 hours to control the biased. No serious were reported. July 17, 1985 Police chief Anton Graff holds a press conference to discuss a chemical leak from a tank containing boron trifluoride. The leak occurred at the Chicago Magnesium casting co. in Dixmoor. Rodriquez holds her daughter. September 8, 1989 Employees from the Witco Co. near the leak site head for a waiting bus to evacuate the area. September 8, 1989. Gas-masked soldier advance through a smoke screen during a public demonstration of the Army chemical Corps new portable "nerve" gas


Joliet fireman pour water to cool down a banker that was leaking anhydrous Ammonia Gas


Poison Gas


10,000 flee toxic smoke


Police chief Anton Graff holds a press conference to discuss a chemical leak from a tank containing boron trifluoride. Rodriquez holds her daughter Employees from the Witco Co. near the leak site head for a waiting bus to evacuate the area PORTABLE "NERVE" GAS DETECTOR DEMONSTRATED

IMG00320359A IMG00320360A









Firefighters From Harvey

detector. May 4, 1956 Tom Merrill of Denver city watches as efforts were made Sunday to revive his dog and cat from an exposure to gas that escaped from an injection oil well. his cat did not survive. All four members of the Merrill family escaped the early morning ordeal that killed nine other people although Merrill's wife was hospitalized. February 3, 1975 HIS FACE, NECK AND HANDS SMEARED WITH A SCREEN OINTMENT, THIS NEGRO STEVEDORE PREPARES TO DON A GAS MASK TO HELP UNLOAD GERMAN AERIAL GAS BOMBS FROM THE FREIGHTER FRANCIS LEE AT THE THEODORE, ALA., NAVAL AMMUNITION DEPOT NEAR HERE. AFTER 64 PERSONS WERE BURNED WITH MUSTARD GAS DURING UNLOADING OPERATIONS THE ARMY ORDERED IMPREGNATED SUITS, HOODS, LONG UNDERWEAR AND GI SHOES TO PREVENT FURTHER ACCIDENTS. JULY 13, 1946. Workers Thursday finished spreading lime .on sulfuric acid leaking from a tank truck in Nelsonville, Ohio, as 300 evacuated residents awaited the allclear to return home. The accident was one of three serious chemical-related incidents Wednesday. The worst, in a Los Angeles scrap yard where a ruptured cylinder spewed toxic chlorine gas, sent 17 people to .hospitals. In. Muscatine, Iowa, 200 people were evacuated for about 12 bours after a freight train carrying a highly poisonous ,and flammable chemical derailed. June 10 1983. Firefighters From Harvey, Illinois try to stop the chemical spill out of the Railroad Tanker Car at 171 street and center street in Harvey. Firefighters are trying to remove the chemical out of the Tanker into Simi-trucks to stop the leak. September 13 1984










Final throes of the Liberty ship William C. Ralstan


Final lunge( top) and foamy bubble( boot ) mark resting


Water geysers from stern of Liberty ship William C. Ralston

Peggy Tessier, a downtown Cedar Rapids office worker for securities corp. of Iowa, wears an old style gas mask at the intersection of 2nd Ave. and 3rd St on her way to work Tuesday morning. July 17 1985 A demonstrator watches as a train load of poison gas passes through the Chicago suburb of Elimhurst early this morning. The shipment is headed toward industrial purchasers in Louisiana and New York state. August 14 1969. The 422-foot world war ii Liberty ship, William C. Ralston, sinks stern first in the pacific ocean approximately 115 miles west of San Francisco today, carrying with it 8,000 tons of Lewisite and mustard gas manufactured during the war. APRIL 19, 1958 Waves break over the setting stern of the World War II Liberty ship William C. Ralston, 115 miles west of San Francisco today, after its sea cocks had been opened to send a lethal cargo of 8,000 tons of Lewisite and Mustard gas two-smiles below the surface of the pacific ocean. April 19 1958. Photos show final throes of the Liberty ship William C. Ralstan, its sea cocks opened wide as it was sunk in the Pacific 127 miles off the coast 4/19. The ship was loaded with 6,500 tons of deadly Lewisite & Mustard gas manufactured in World War II. April 19 1958. Final lunge( top) and foamy bubble( boot ) mark resting place of the Liberty ship William C. Ralston after it was scuttled in the Pacific 4/19 carrying 6,500 tons of deadly Lewisite & Mustard Gas manufactured in world War II. The ship was sunk 127 miles off the coast in 13, 542 feet of water. April 19, 1958. Water geysers from stern of Liberty ship William C. Ralston as she begins


The Liberty Ship William C.Ralston is shown just before making its final plunge as water starts


Poison ivy


Poison ivy




American Academy of Dermatology and Syphilology Poison- ivy


death plunge L27-miles San Francisco where she was scuttled 4/19 with 6500 tons of deadly Lewisite and Mustard gas in13,542 -feet of water. In background is the ocean tug sea Ranger which towed the Ralson to her deepsea burial. Expected to go down in17 to 45 minutes, the vessel did not sink until 3-hours and lo-minutes after her sea cocks were opened. April 19 1958. The Liberty Ship William C.Ralston is shown just before making its final plunge as water starts to wash he after decks as it was sculled in the Pacific 4/19. The ship was carrying 6,500 tons of deadly Lewisite & Mustard Gas manufactured in World War II. April 19 1958. Picnickers , Vacationers, hikers and all others who frequent wooded areas should be on the lookout for poison ivy. June 29 1956 In the New York Times Magazine, no less, a writer started a story bi claiming that "Scratching the itch of sunburn to poison ivy grants not just relief, but pleasure sometimes exquisite pleasure, rivaling that of good food or good loving. The medical term for itch, pretties , comes from the same Latin root as prurient, and psychiatrists have long interpreted itching in sexual terms". August 22 1990 Ann Vaughy of Evaneton shows young batterer Donald Olson, 1702 June way Terrace, and Benham Dorman, 16621/2 June way Terrace, dead patch of poison ivy on Rogers Park Beach. The; ivy was killed by spraying of the area with the war-born weed killer , 2-4-D. August 1 1946. Mark Lasuk, 2508 S. Lawndale, Taking a Capsule against poison Ivy. December 10 1957. The mobile truck unit in which ivy leaves are shredded for preparation of new poison- ivy remedy for injection


This is poison Ivy


Dr. J.E. Campbell is holding about one gram of the controversial shellfish poison


you can dial a variety of numbers on your telephone and get instant information , on a surprisingly wide variety of subjects


Doreen Valley, 26 feeds her son Christopher




Poison Control Centers

into poison sufferers. A.W. Barry is operating the grinners. August 17 1942. Danger- this is poison Ivy. June 12 1955. Dr. J.E. Campbell is holding about one gram of the controversial shellfish poison that could kill as many as 5000 persons. Dr. Campbell, now director of a U.S. Food and Drug administration related agency, here, was in charge of a project in the early 1960's that brought tons of Alaskan clam necks here for processing into a poison extract. September 19 1975. Today, throughout the country, you can dial a variety of numbers on your telephone and get instant information , on a surprisingly wide variety of subjects. One of the more valuable dial service is Chicago's Master poison control center. June 18 1967 Doreen Valley, 26 feeds her son Christopher Friday morning at her Franklin home. she was the victim of a Brownie laced with Demerol which had been purchased at a local store. October 1982. Four-year-old star Lathrop, displays the feeding and drainage system she wears after the youngster drank a portion of liquid drain- cleaner she found in the yard. the parents , Fayette and Gary Lathrop are faced with huge hospital bills, plus a court appearance this week to explain to a complaining neighbor why their home and yard is not shipshape. Despite our advanced education and technology, more than 170,000 children under the age of 6 sampled household, lawn and garden, or automotive products in 1987. according to the American Association of Poison Control Centers. Of that , about 74,000 exposures were from cleaning products, such as oven cleaners, dishwater detergents and drain


Dr. Howard Edelman takes a leaf from a dead shrub


Poison control microfilm


Dr. Ronald B. Mack is invited to


Dorothy Sauer, district school superintendent said the spreading poison


Poker at Bunion's Horseshoe club


Bill Smith of Dallas counts some or the $700,000 he won with the world title


poker tournament

cleaners, which typically are kept under the sink. October 7 1989. Dr. Howard Edelman takes a leaf from a dead shrub 7/15 searching for clues of a mysterious illness that killed two sisters at their home here. Other trees and shrubs are alive on the ground of the home, but Frank and Mary loge are taking no chance. July 15 1974 One of the Poison control microfilm files that stores for quick reference information on hazardous substances, symptoms and treatment at RushPresbyterian- St. Luke's Medical center Pharmacy. August 11 1974. When Dr. Ronald B. Mack is invited to speak to PTA groups, he says, "They don't want to hear about poisoning any more -they want to hear about child abuse." August 1974 Dorothy Sauer, district school superintendent said the spreading poison was the same that "is done at regular intervals at all the schools. " The problem, she said, was that "the school- was closed and perhaps the air was heavier than nor-mal." February 14 1984. Man sour Matloubi, an Iranian now living in London, collects his spoils Thursday after winning the $835,000 first prize in the world series of Poker at Bunion's Horseshoe club. May 17 1990 Bill Smith of Dallas counts some or the $700,000 he won with the world title yesterday in the World Series of Poker at Las Vegas. Smith outlasted 139 other players in the no-limit Hold 'Me contest. Each player put up $10,000 to start. The rest of the $1.4 million pot is split among the eight runners-up. May 24 1985. Thomas "Amarillo slim" Preston embraces more than $582,000 in chips and his first place trophy by capturing a No Limit Texas Hold "en poker




Actor Elliot Gould (shown) hosted the 2nd Annual "sitting" Trophy Poker championship


Stu Unger and Amarillo slim


Hal Fowler




Rick Keller hauls in some of his $660,000 first prize





tournament 8/29 at the Frontier Hotel on the Las Vegas "Strip" slim held 38, While Billy Walters of Las egos held two on the final hand. August 30 1985. Crandall Addington, a San Antonio , Tex. "Woldcatter", wore a mink Stetson for good luck 5/16 on the first day of play in the world series of Poker at Bunion's Horseshoe club where the total pot is $420,000. Actor Elliot Gould (shown) hosted the 2nd Annual "sitting" Trophy Poker championship with dozens of Celebrities attending at the famed restaurant chosen's for 14 hours of uninterrupted poker. May 26 1977 Some days you just can't win. Two former world poker champions look equally glum at the turn of the cards 7/17 during the $10,000 buy-in , nolimit held them championship at the Worse shoe Hotel casino in Las Vegas. Stud Unger (left) , winner of the 1980 and 1981 championship, and 1972 champion "Amarillo slim" Preston were both eliminated from the tournament May 18 1983 Hal Fowler. May 25 1979 Tom Mckevoy smiles while handling some of the $240,000 first place money he won in the 14th annual World Series of poker at the Horseshoe casino in Las Vegas early Friday morning. May 20 1983. Rick Keller hauls in some of his $660,000 first prize Thursday after winning the 15th annual world series of Poker tournament. May 18 1984 Win or lose they're professional gamblers "Chicago Sam" petrillo, Jack Strauss and "Texas Dolly" Brunson. All three were in the World Series of Poker. May 21 1978. Win or lose they're professional gamblers 9from left) "Chicago Sam" petrillo, Jack Strauss and "Texas Dolly' Brunson. All three were in the worlds






poker playing record




Card players concentrate in one of San Diego's 70 licensed card rooms


World series of Poker



series of Poker. May 21 1978 W.C. "Puggy Wuggy" Pearson relaxes for a moment between hands in a highstakes poker game here Tuesday night. The game is a prelude to Wednesday 's worlds series of Poker "Hold "ME" game, which should see the winner take home at least $120,000. MAY 15 1974 Leading American poker players, from left, present champ Tom McEvoy, "Puggy" Pearson, Amerillo Slim and "The Kid" Stuart t Unger ,gather in Dublin Monday, for the World Poker Championships. The players will take part in a million-dollar game of "Texas Hold 'me" stud. Sep 13 1983. Laser photoxmk3l03Ss try /maxtuelD1983 Three teen age gals, attempted to set a world record for playing poker the last two days. The girls started at 8 A.M. Friday the 2nd and played for 24hrs straight till 8 A.M. Sat Morning. Aug 3 1974. If computers played bridge, their cards would be numbered like these. Card values are shown in binary notation- a numbering system understood by computers. David Elder kin, an instructor school in Chicago, uses the cards as teaching aids during class breaks. June 10 1970. Card players concentrate in one of San Diego's 70 licensed card rooms . it's not unusual for a hand-core customer to spend 10 hours a day playing Poker. Win or lose, they's professional gambler "Chicago Sam" petrillo. Jack Strauss and "Texas Dolly" Brunson. All three were in the World series of Poker. May 21 1978 Dan pare of Auburn, Me monitor machinery that bottle Poland spring water in Poland, Maine recently. The company is fighting for its reputation in a dispute with the Georgia agriculture commissioner, who says the water isn't


polar Bear club


Members of the L street Brownies seem to be enjoying their annual swim




polar Bears Club's annual New years Day observance


Two members of New York's famed polar Bear Club




polar bear Club

really "spring water" at all and should be removed from store shelves. October 28 1992. An unidentified members of the polar Bear club wades ashore after taking part in the annual winter dip at a Grafton Lake. December 29 1975 With the water temperature at 36degrees, members of the L street Brownies seem to be enjoying their annual swim- in as they splash water for photographer in the cool water of Carson Beach, (12/31). Members of the south Boston Swimming club through the water was rather warm compared to other years. December 31 1977. An unidentified member of the Milwaukee polar bear Club clad only in a swim suit and wool cap seems to enjoy the ice covered water of Lake Michigan during the club's annual New years Day dip. About 50 took part in the swim. January 2 1979 A young women shivers after wading into Lake Michigan at Bradford Beach during the Milwaukee polar Bears Club's annual New years Day observance. January 2 1980 Two members of New York's famed polar Bear Club , Pablo Martinez (L) and Joseph Murphy, carry Regina Ruta, "Miss Coney island 1966". out of the Coney island surf 2/20 . Polar Bear club members brave the cold waters off Coney island all winter long. February 20 1966 Billy Tapogna of Brooklyn and a member of the Coney island polar Bear Club kisses a gold cross after retrieving it form the chilly 39 degree waters off of Manhattan's Battery park Sunday. January.8 1989. More than 425 members of the Sheboygan (was) polar bear Club take to Lake Michigan as about 3,000 incredulous people watch from shore. Meanwhile , at Navy Pier (bottom) ,


Some of the 165 people who jumped into the 37-degree mater of the St. Joseph River




Members of the "L" street Brownies "take their Annual romp into the Chilly waters of the Atlantic ocean




Polar bear swim



Hale Lands of Chicago takes his grist New Year's Day Dive. January 2 1992. Some of the 165 people who jumped into the 37-degree mater of the St. Joseph River at Johnny Apple seed Park- in Fort Wayne, Ind., cavort Saturday, Jan. 1, 1994. The event, in its 66th year, is put on by the Fort Wayne Polar Bears. January 1 1994. Members of the Coney Island 'Polar Bear club cavort for television rows cameramen just before taking their annual dip in the Atlantic Ocean near the New York Aquarium Thursday. One member took a thermo meter into the surf with him, which gave a reading of 44 degrees. December 27 1990 Members of the "L" street Brownies "take their Annual romp into the Chilly waters of the Atlantic ocean at Carson Beach in Boston's South Boston section , (1/9) . Some 40 members braved 20degredd temperatures to take their swim at the street Bath House. January 9 1982. Phil Forlenza, 74-year-old member of the Coney island polar Bear Club, is rushed to Coney island Hospital Sunday. According to Alex mottle, a member of the polar Bear Club, forensic fell ill following the club's 80th annual holiday plunge into the frigid waters off Brooklyn, New York. JANUARY 1 1983 Robert Cummings (L) , clutching a stuffed polar bear, and Lynne Miller jumps off the pier at Forest City Yacht Clun into Lake Erie for the annual polar bear swim 12/28. December 29 1983 It was a perfect day, the air was a balmy 30 degrees, the water was a mere 36 degrees the ice was 5 l/2 inches thick, not bad for a collar bear. 63 members of the Mount Gretna Polar club Bear took their annual New Year's Day plunge in Lake Conewago yesterday while approximately 200


Polar Bear Club






Norman Rose, a member of the chicago polar Club, seen at Oak street beach The World-famed L street Brownies went in for their annual dip 1/5 among blocks of ice now flowing in the frigid waters of Boston Harbor



Chicago tradition polar Bear Swimming.


Members of the Milwaukee Polar Bear Club frelicked in the frigid water of Lake Michigan Swimming in the Moscow River in a temperature of 13 degree


spectators watched. JANUARY 2 1986 More than 425 members of the she boygan Polar Bear Club take to Lake Michigan as about 3,000 incredulous people watch from shore Meanwhile , at navy pier (bottom), Hale Landes of Chicago takes his first New Year's Day dive. January 2 1992. Emile culver (rt.) warms up after an invigorating dip in 37-degree waters at a beach in south Boston Thursday during the L street Brownie's annual New Year's Day swim. At left is Susan Glantz who keeps warm in hat, gloves, and fur coat as she watches from the sidelines. January 2 1987. Burton Malkofsky helps Dorothy Kerzner into the frigid 32-degree water at the L street beach in South Boston as they participate in the L street "Brownies" annual New Year's Day swim Wednesday . JANUARY 1 1985 Going the Eskimos one better. Norman Rose, a member of the Chicago polar Club, seen at Oak street beach as he dived into Lake Michigan for a Winter swim. The World-famed L street Brownies went in for their annual dip 1/5 among blocks of ice now flowing in the frigid waters of Boston Harbor. After the swim the sturdy men dried off by playing some handball. Well bundled construction workers and passersby look on in shivering amazement as Ted Erickson and Doris Ferner revive an all but extinct Chicago tradition polar Bear Swimming. January 30 1965. Members of the Milwaukee Polar Bear Club frolicked in the frigid water of Lake Michigan for their annual New year Days dip in the lake. The temperature was a chilly ll degree with a wind chill factor of 18. January 1 1977 An American traveling in Russia sent the photo to the Daily News. He said

January 2 1975. Unable to find open water near the shore. 79. Feb 23. and Ernest Melvin . a member of the Boston "L street Brownies" ran through the surf with Samuel Stein (left). john Gorrell. a Puerto Rican Student. Gus as usual . 78 as mercury stood at a refreshing 25 degrees. The occasion was the celebration of Red Army day. March 16 1950. It was 32 degrees New year's Day when 17 members of the polar Bear club gathered on the ice. 66 . . rolled in the snow. conditions were mild compared in some years. Members of the Polar Bear club their traditional New York's Day sip in Lake Michigan. March 6 1953 Albert Davidson 9right top photo). chopped a hole in the ice and took his dip. Left to right. Indian during a 15-above-zero-spell. with the air temperature 13 degree. January 2 1959.coated shores of Lake Michigan for their annual swim. January 12 1962 Gus Brickner. john Henniger. The traveler said the scene reminded him of the old Polar Bear Club of Chicago whose members are shown in Lake Michigan in the first ice of 1934. these icyblooded members of the Polar Bear Club cool off in pleasant Lake. January 28 1966.. Members of the Milwaukee Polar Bear club braved the waters of Lake Michigan in the traditional New year's Day observance Thursday.above zero IMG00320428A L street Brownies IMG00320429A Polar Bear Club IMG00320430A POLAR BEARS PLAY IMG00320431A POLAR BEAR CLUB OUTING IMG00320432A The Polat Bear Club IMG00320433A Members of the milwaukee Polar Bear club these are the "Moscow ice Berge" swimming in the Moscow River in a temperature of 13 degree above zero. Pittsburgh's "human polar bear" takes his daily dip in the monogahels River despite the temperature reading of 5-below-zero 1/28. and Jaime Espada. Doyle Brock. the bears waded and dunked in the ice and slush. With temperature in the mid 30s. The approach of spring.

That is for about five minutes. which founded the local tradition 40 years ago. Gaskey takes his 21st annual New year's Day swim in 34-degree Lake Michigan IMG00320437A The Milwaukee Polar Bear Club took it's annual New years Day IMG00320438A Members of the "L" Street Brownies IMG00320439A ICY TRADITION IMG00320440A Polaris flags IMG00320441A POLAROID SHAREHOLDER MEETING Twelve members of the Milwaukee polar Bear club stand in cold lake Michigan here Monday preparatory to taking annual New year's Day dip. Wayne ind. Heavily bundled spectators stand on ice formations in 15 degree weather. They waded in again yesterday with air temperature in low 20s. S. (BAARINC) by the U. take their annual dip in the St. despite the 8 degree weather and snow. Navy at a 'ceremony in the company's Washington Operations office. January 3 1971. A special Polaris flags was presented to the Chicago headquartered firm of Booz. None remained in the water for more than five minutes. Without fail since 1920s. Garth D. With hundreds of spectators bundled against sub-zero weather. January 2 1952. joseph Athlentic club. IMG00320436A Garth D.. Members of the "L" Street Brownies enjoyed the cool waters of "L" street Beach (1/3) as temperatures climbed into high 30's. January 2 1957. Prior to taking a dip in the Atlantic ocean. Polaroid representative peter Mackin displays Polaroid's new "Palette" . the members are treated to a snow bath. the Milwaukee Polar Bear Club has held its annual New Year's Day meeting in the Lake Michigan surf. January 2 1970. January 2 1958. Hardy Polar Bear members of the St. water about 35 degrees.IMG00320434A HUMAN POLAR BEARS IMG00320435A Polar Bear members of the St. Ft. Joseph River amidst snow and ice. Gaskey takes his 21st annual New year's Day swim in 34-degree Lake Michigan with polar Bear club. January 2 1974 The Milwaukee Polar Bear Club took it's annual New years Day dip into the icy waters of Lake Michigan. Allen Applied Research Inc. Joseph Athletic club.

6 1/2 inches to set a world record in the pole vault Friday at the 32nd annual Florida Relays track meet in Gainesville. President of the Polaroid Corp IMG00320444A INSTANT MOVIES IMG00320445A Track Meet IMG00320446A A LONG WAY DOWN IMG00320447A James B. clears the bar at 17 feet 81/2 inches Friday night to set a new united States indoor Pole vault record at the Sixth National invitational indoor Track meet held at college Park. a univ. Draws a bead with the company . March 28 1975.. January 12 1973 James B. Smith won the event easily in professional track meet at memorial coliseum. clears the bar at 18 feet.IMG00320442A INSTANT MOVIES IMG00320443A William J. Steve Smith. A high school track competitor knows . Vernon. views instant movies just taken with Polaroid's new polavision movie camera system. Paul Camello. President of the Polaroid Corp. William J. a member of the pacific coast club.. May 27 1981 Senior Photographer for the Polaroid corp.. April 26 1977. Vernon IMG00320448A Steve Smith clears bar at 18 feet 4 inches Friday night IMG00320449A Dave Roberts. Mccune Jr. MAY 8 1984 Senior Photographer for the Polaroid Corp. Dave Roberts. APRIL 26 1977 Jeremiah Moore of North Eastern College. of the Florida Track club IMG00320450A A high school track competitor product at the company's annual shareholder meeting at Wellesley college in Wellesley. of sou. He therefore has more than a mild interest in track events. Mass.s new "Instant 600 system" camera during a demonstration in New York Wednesday.. May 8 1971. Clearing the bar in pole vault. Mccune Jr. professor of mechanical engineering is a holder of AAU senior Olympic titles. March 16 1975 Steve Smith clears bar at 18 feet 4 inches Friday night. Tuesday. the highest anyone has ever pole vaulted indoors.. Paul Camello.calif . views instant movies just taken with Polaroid's new polavision movie camera system. April 12 1975.. of the Florida Track club.

February 26 1972. even if it is only for a couple of seconds. one quarter inch barrier in pole vault event Friday night at the Wanamaker-millrose games in New York's Madison square Garden. Long Beach state's Steve Smith soars over barrier at New York's Madison square Garden Friday night shattering his own world indoor pole vault record by clearing 18. January 27 1973 Kjell Isakson of Sweden throws his arms up in jubilation after clearing the bar (left) at 17 feet 101/2 inches breaking his own indoor world pole vault record by one. to shatter the world indoor pole vault record he set in Los Angeles six days before. A pole vaulter here has just shot toward the sun and is on his way back to earth. A SENIOR FROM LEWISTOWN HIGH SCHOOL . January 28 1973 Steve Smith of Long Beach state Clears a 18-foot.and -a half inches at the National AAU Track and Field championships at Madison square Garden Friday. eyes the bar as he clears 17'2' in the pole vault to set a new NCAA indoor record Saturday in the NCAA indoor Track Championship here. IMG00320453A JUBILATION AFTER SETTING RECORD IMG00320454A VALUTS TO RECORD IMG00320455A DOWN THE STRETCH IMG00320456A Earl Bell IMG00320457A Steve Smith slips over the bar in the feeling of free flight.knows the feeling of free flight IMG00320451A Long Beach state's Steve Smith soars over barrier at New York's Madison square IMG00320452A Steve Smith of Long Beach state Clears a 18-foot. Arkansas state. one quarter inch.feet . breaking the NAIA record with leap of 16 feet. Ricky Parris . of McMurray (Tex) College. shown vaulting during the pole vault event of the NAIA meet Saturday. REACTS AS HE HEADS DOWN THE STRETCH TOWARD THE POLE VAULT SATURDAY MORNING DURING CLASS A FINALS COMPETITION IN THE ILLINOIS BOY'S STATE HIGH SCHOOL TRACK MEET IN CHARLESTON. Parris won the event. March 15 1975.millrose Games. 8-1/4 inches. Steve Smith slips over the bar in the . MAY 28 1977 Earl Bell. at the Wanamaker. January 24 1972 MARK TODD.

Rails back. 1 inch in the international Track Association meet here 2/22. Dick Rails back. February 6 1976. 1/30 during the 63rd annual millrose games indoor track meet at Madison square garden. January 31 1974.he won the gold medal in this event clearing 5. He tied at that height with Dan Hipely of San Jose state. January 30 1970. Steve Smith topped his world indoor pole vaulting record Friday night here at an International Track Association meet. Utah.05 meters or 16ft. February 26 1972 Bob Seagren clears the bar at 17 feet 1 1/4 inches matching the height of another southern California strider. but won first place on fewer misses. FEBRUARY 23 1974 Long Beach's Don Baird found him self on the wrong side of the bar in the Pole Vault Saturday in the NCAA indoor track championships in Detroit Cobc Arena when he attempted to vault 17 feet. 1 inch. feet. with fewer misses. .64 inches. March 13 1976 At the Mason-Dixon games Friday night at the Freedom Hall. today. clearing 18 feet . the world's first women's pole vault was won by Christy Cahill of Memphis state college. The fiber glass pole bends alarmingly as Australia's Donali Baird takes off in the common wealth Games pole vault final here Thursday . Earl Bell of Arkansas state eases over the bar as he won the NCAA pole vault with 18 feet 1 inch at Provo. was adjudged winner. June 7 1975. February 23 1974 Kjell Isaksson of Sweden clears the bar at 17 feet 101/2 inches to break his own world indoor pole vault record by one-and-a-half inches at the National AAU Track and Field championship at Madison Square Garden in New York Friday.the pole vault for an indoor world IMG00320458A SETS WORLD INDOOR RECORD IMG00320459A Bob Seagren clears the bar at 17 feet IMG00320460A Earl Bell of Arkansas state eases over the bar IMG00320461A The fibre glass pole bends alarmingly as Australia's Donali Baird takes off in the common wealth Games pole IMG00320462A SMITH TOPS WORLD INDOOR VAULTING RECORD IMG00320463A Long Beach's Don Baird found him self on the wrong side of the bar in the Pole Vault IMG00320464A At the Mason-Dixon games Friday night at the Freedom Hall pole vault for an indoor world record vault of 18.

October 18 1964. however. He did not make it. May 25 1957. February 14 1976. not how the pole is bent . February 20 1962 Only the feet of this pole. June 3 1958 Just in case you've been wondering what the controversy has been about the use of a fiberglass Pole by recordsetting vaulter John Unless here's an example of the elasticity of the stick. starts his upward climb in the pole vault during the decathlon competition at the 66th Drake Relays. of the University of Minnesota. Here's what happens to a pole vaulter when his pole breaks.vaulter are visible as balls into an inflated air bag used in the Iowa Class b and c high school track and meet 5/14.139 points-best score recorded this season. the event was held at Drake stadium. Senior Pole vault Frank Ostopchik. Mike Kelly. 11 feet Tyler Tugwell of university of Chicago High School. May 12 1961. March 15 1975 Wladyslaw Kozakiewicz of Poland clears the bar at 18 feet 3 1/2 inches Friday night in Toronto to set a new world record in the Pole Vault. of Lane. Pix shows Roger Mckissick of the university of Akron trying to vault 14-5 feet. Kozakiewicz broke the record set last week by fellow countryman Tadeusz slusarski at a meet in Poland. Bruce Jenne of the Jose Stars. April 26 1975. in a recent track meet with Wisconsin at Minneapolis. The lad . Unlike Unless. 18 Austin High clearing bar at 9'6". clearing 9 feet during the pole vault. It's being used by Chuck Morrow. Morrow could only reach 12 feet 6 inches. Jenner captured the title with8. Winner of Pole Vault.IMG00320465A Indoor track meet IMG00320466A Wladyslaw Kozakiewicz of poland clears the bar at 18 feet IMG00320467A Pole Vault IMG00320468A IMG00320469A Mike Kelly Tyler Tugwell Winner of Pole Vault Senior Pole vault Frank Ostopchik IMG00320470A IMG00320471A Pole by record-setting vaulter IMG00320472A Only the feet of this polevaulter are visible as balls into an inflated air bag IMG00320473A Pix shows Roger Mckissick of the university of akron trying to vault 14-5 feet Pole vaulter IMG00320474A Don Erdmann from the university of Wisconsin Milwaukee clears 13 feet. May 16 1966.

Bond of Harrow. PHOTO TAKEN AT NEW HAVEN. FRANK PIERCE. AND WIRT THOMSON. representing the Southern Califomia Striders mimicking an ostrich by burying his head in the sand is R. ILL. clears the bar at an even sixteen feet to win pole vault in the 44th annual IC4A games in New York's Madison square Garden tonight.N. May 13 1969. CALIF. clears the llfoot pole vault jump. March 6 1965. despite this tumble from ten feet. SHOWS TOP TO BOTTOM. one of America's best pole Vaulters. 1960. who appears to be jumping over the moon. clears the bar at 16feet 5-inches to set a new meet and Garden pole vault record during the Milrose Games at Madison square . MAY 13 1931 Pole Vaulter Dave Burgener of York clears the bar at 13 feet. YALE LAW SCHOOL STUDENT AND GRADUATE OF 1929.. April 30. clears the bar at an even sixteen feet to win pole vault IMG00320482A John Pennel. of LaSalle. who finished third in a recent meet in England. of LaSalle. April 27 1935. January 27 1969 UNUSUAL VIEW OF FOUR VALE UNIVERSITY POLE VAULTERS IN MIDAIR OVER FOOT BAR. NEW YORK CITY. who was the first man ever to clear that height. A. CHICAGO.C. FRED STURDY . CLEMENT WILLIAMSON. It was the first 16-foot vault of unless this season. Scaling new heights in Mexico city's Olympic village is bob Seagren .IMG00320475A Jerry Sassaman of Rochelle High IMG00320476A AND THE MAN JUMPED OVER THE MOON pole Vault Pole vaulter Bob Seagren IMG00320477A IMG00320478A IMG00320479A UNUSUAL VIEW OF FOUR VALE UNIVERSITY POLE VAULTERS IMG00320480A Pole Vaulter Dave Burgener of York clears the bar at 13 feet IMG00320481A John Uelses . Jerry Sassaman of Rochelle High. 8 inches as Daily News photographer Don Bierman snapped the lens into a bright sun at proviso West. representing the Southern California Striders. John Pennel. John Unless . October 11 1968 Pole vault Pole vaulter Bob Seagren starts up as he sets a world indoor mark of 17-53/4 " in the Albuquerque track meet Saturday night. PHILADELPHIA. IN THE YALE BOWL. LOS ANGELES.

1/21. Federation indoor meet here 3/21. Mar 9 1964 Pole Vaulter John uelses is treated by a doctor . 11 IN-BUT THEY SAY IT WOULD BE A LOT EASIER IF THE VAULTER DIDN'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THE LONG FALL AFTER HE CLEARS THE BAR. lands in a Cushion of rubber foam during the pole vault event of the Milwaukee Journal games. but not serious fall after his fiber glass pole broke in an early jump.Ohio Statt Univ. after a painful . Michigan captured the Big Ten indoor track title this afternoon in Ohio state's . in top photo .S. who set the world indoor record of 16-feet 9-1/2 inches 1/22 in Los Angeles. January 28 1966. March 21 1964 Robert Neutzling. the USTFF championships. John Sheeler. cleared the bar on his first try. Here Canamare sets a new records at 15 feet 9 1/4 inches. Ames high school student seen here setting new state pole vault record at the Iowa Division of the U.IMG00320483A Pole Vaulting George Canamare of Michigan set IMG00320484A IMG00320485A A bairds eye view of Bob Seagren IMG00320486A POLE VAULT IMG00320487A Rice university's Fred Hansen IMG00320488A John Sheeler. 5-inch attempt for a journal games record. January 22 1967. Pole Vaulting George Canamare of Michigan set and reset Ten pole vault records at big Ten track meet in Iowa City. bottom photo. Pennel. Uelses smacks the bar with his shins as he misses on a 16-foot.S. May 22 1965 A birds eye view of Bob Seagren as he clears the world Record height of 17 feet 2 inches only to have the jump disqualified because the pole fell forward under the bar after the jump . Ames high school student seen here setting new state pole vault IMG00320489A Robert Neutzling IMG00320490A Pole Vaulter John uelses is treated by a doctor IMG00320491A Michigan captured the Big Ten indoor track title this afternoon Garden 1/27. Track and Field Federation district champion ship meet at Houston. TRACK COACHES DREAM OF A 15-FOOT POLE VAULT-THE RECORD IS ALREADY 14 FT. June 26 1939 Rice university's Fred Hansen Friday night as he soars over the cross bar at 17 feet 1 inch at the U.

The old record of 15-9 1/4 was established in 1960 by Don Bragg. This sequence made 2/27 at the Knights of Columbus Games shows C.calif. He tied for third with a 15 feet-6 inch effort. Villanova u.K. July 4 1964.. the pole vaulter looks lie store hurled from a sling shot as the pole bends almost in half and then springs him toward the cross bar. 6th place winner in 1962 championship. . Jire Grahart(left) and Aubrey Dooley(cents :both of Oklahorra State cleared 15 feet 5 inches while J. loosens up for the AAU Track & Field championships to be held here 6/21-22 .Yang of Pasanna. The three collerians pictured above pole vaulted over 15 feet in a dual meet between Oklabora State and Oklahoma here yesterday. In these days of fiberglass poles. over the bar at 15 feet 3 3-4 inches .Nartin(right) of Oklahoma ohio state's French field house IMG00320492A PENNEL SETS MEET VAULT MARK IMG00320493A the pole vaulter looks lie store hurled from a sling shot as the pole bends IMG00320494A ACE POLE VAULTERS IMG00320495A POLE VAULTINE IMG00320496A POLE VAULTING IMG00320497A Roland Cruz French field house but an OSU runner stole the show by cracking a long standing big Ten record in the pole vault Bob Neutzling went 15 feet 8 1/4 inches high and in the process broke two poles. It was the first time in history for such a feat in a single meet. March 7 1964. POLE VAULTING Springing into action Roland Cruz.D. June 18 1963. February 28 1964.Pole vaulter. Cruz. 6 inches to set a new meet record in the pole Vault finals today in Olympic track and field trials at New York's Randall's Island action. MAY 20 1959 DALE REDLANDS CALIFORNIA GETS LEVERAGE FROM HIS FIBER GLASS POLE AND HEADS TO THE TOP OF THE BAR TO WIN THE POLE VAULTINE CHAMPIONSHIP BY CLEARING THE BAR AT THE NCAA COLLEGE DIVISION. John Pennel of the Florida Gold Coast AAU of Miami clears the bar at 16 feet.

IMG00320501A George Canammare of Michigan Vaults IMG00320502A HANSEN CRACKS VAULT RECORD AGAIN IMG00320503A TIES NEW WORLD POLE VAULT RECORD IMG00320504A CAMPAIGN OR BUST His face a study in concentration. George Canammare of Michigan Vaults 15 31/2 to a new meet and track record in the State Record relays held at Columbia Saturday. April 24 1965. Texas Fred Hansen gets over the bar at 17 feet 4 inches. the highest vault ever made in winning the pole vault in Today's U. Says the sweatshirt worn by Herman Nesby of Mascoutah high School as he awaits his turn to compete in the pole vaulting preliminaries of the Illinois High school track championship high school reach for the height. is being cushioned by an air filled plastic container that is nicknamed "Cloud 9". Canammare led the pole vaulting for his team. landing in what looks like a giant.IMG00320498A A BIRD'S EYE VIEW OF A POLE VAULTER IMG00320499A HIGH CLIMBER IMG00320500A A birds eye view of pole vaulter Rollie Fisher. The meet was won by Butler University with Ball State coming in second. Ball State senior from Spartanburg. May 16 . JULY 25 1964 Sweden's Kjell Isakson is shown tying the newly set world pole vault record of Bob Seagren shortly after he set the new mark at 18 feet. who failed on this attempt. of Lutheran West High School. May 16 1964. A birds eye view of pole vaulter Rollie Fisher. approaches crossbar as his pole bends into a semicircle during pole vault competition at the Penn Relavs in Philadelphia today. -Russian track meet. 4 inches at an AAU-sanctioned pole vault competition at the university of Texas at El Paso's Kidd Field. . Fred welge. of Syracuse.S. March 28 1966. Channing Rudd. April 3 1965.sized mattress during the 12th annual Huron relays at Eastern Michigan university 3/25. Fisher . Detroit . appears to be climbing pole vault standard as he sets a conference mark of 13 feet 81/4 inches this afternoon ICC track meet at Ball State Teachers College .

The 6foot. 168-pound Texan later. A Lake superior state college freshman tries to get up a greased Pole while upper classmen try to prevent him from retrieving the prize. Representing the Southern California "Striders" he will again compete in the 1966 games. this was the first day of competition of the Los Angeles international Games held at the Coliseum 7/23. Fred Hansen IMG00320506A Bob Seagren of the Univ. During the Indian intercollegiate track and field meet here 5/8. Indiana state University pole vaulter Mike Hanna bends his fiberglass pole as he goes up and clears the bar set at 14-foot . Balboa Stadium. Bob Seagren of the Univ. November 14 1988. He and UCLA's Jon Vaughn the final two competitors in the event each cleared 17-4 and then missed at world record tries of 17-8. John Pennel goes up and over to set a new World Record in the Pole vault of 17-feet 61/4 inches on his third try. formerly of Rice Univ. Fred Hansen. boosted his pending world mark by one inch Saturday night in San Diego Invitational in. clearing 16' in last year 's Millrose Pole Vault to win the event.. July 24 1966 Mel Hein Jr. a sailor cap atop the pole .IMG00320505A The world's top pole vaulter. He is the son of the famous New York Giants football star. Hansen. The frosh soph pole . 23. which is softer and richer than the traditional recipe. 8inches. June 29 1968. of Southern California clears the bar at 17 feet IMG00320507A John Pennel goes up and over to set a new World Record in the Pole vault IMG00320508A Pole Vault IMG00320509A Indiana state University pole vaulter Mike Hanna bends his fiberglass pole Pole Vault Richard Tramento begins meking his wild meshroom polenta by sauteing wild meshreams in olive oil Tramonto decorates his plate with a sauce before spooning on the polenta A Lake superior state college freshman tries to get up a greased Pole IMG00320510A IMG00320511A IMG00320512A IMG00320513A 1964 The world's top pole vaulter. Tramonto decorates his plate with a sauce before spooning on the polenta. November 25 1988. soars to pending record height of 17-2. of Southern California clears the bar at 17 feet during today 's Olympic Trials at Los Angeles. May 9 1965 Pole Vault Richard Tramento begins making his wild mushroom polenta by sauteing wild mesh reams in olive oil.

2 drops on cube of sugar. .etc. Campbell. 15-inch turnings and adjustable . Dr Morgan J O'Connell.N.3553 Cuyler St.base blocks which twist onto. New on the home-furnishings scene are Spindle-Flex poles. of Health is giving out vaccine in picture. R. October 6 1965. Ann Marie.N. is sister Wilma 1 year old mother holding. Once assembled. Miss Elizabeth Henry. OCTOBER 25 1963.33rd St. given to all who came for the drug against polio.Ed.000 cups of vaccine. This is the Chicago Bd.6430 W. They expect to give out over a 1. administering. They are packaged in a kit' containing six . with example of box containing bottle similar to that stolen from refrigerator of St Clair De Monte Falco school. January 24 1965 Mildred Welch oral polio vaccine R. poles.Berwyn. schools and other locations IMG00320517A Sabin Vaccine IMG00320518A Sabin Polio Vacins IMG00320519A Sabin Vaccine Dose IMG00320520A Sadin Vaccine stolen climb is an annual event at this upper peninsula college. 1446 N.Mary Gulanick Susan Diane Boehm.Elizabeth Webb. baby Francis Conzales .. Introduced by Russ Stonier..Ill.Iii. This is general view of what is going on all over the city at 222 clinics. holding her 2 yr old daughter.. taking a dose of the Sabin vaccine.IMG00320514A Home-furnishings scene are Spindle-Flex poles IMG00320515A Lummnization Program IMG00320516A general view of what is going on all over the city at 222 clinics. where it had . of Health Welfare Station Clinic at 1538 west 69th St. child getting her dose of the oral vaccine. Gladys Gonzales. the poles are flush to the ceiling and look-like permanent installation. October 27 1963 pouring out the Sabin dose in small paper cups. 2646 W S5th St. September 27 1972. 2 sitting by. October 26 1963 Mrs. hands are those of Pharmacist Frank Celer.3 Mrs. Asst Health Comr. May 26 1963 Nurse Mrs.Berwyn. Rose Boehm. Mrs. schools and other locations throughout the city distribute free Sahin type III oral Polio vaccine.

IMG00320521A STOPPING A KILLER IMG00320522A Sabin oral Vaccine IMG00320523A SABIN ORAL POLIO VACCINE IMG00320524A Drink Sabin Oral Vaccine IMG00320525A Sabin oral vaccine been stored over weekend. at Park View School. IND. giving the drink. NURSE GRETA SIMPSON OF HAMMOND. WINKS AS MARCIA. in1963.S. commission on Youth Welfare chairman. with a record low of 431 cases in the U. March 26 1963. 16-MONTHS OF TOLEDO. May 13 1964 Group waits as other file thru for their Sabin oral Vaccine at St Dorothy School. an even greater de-cline in cases of the once killer and crippling disease has been recorded. each containing a bottle. May 30 1963 John Yates 2. Vaccine is available in 75 schools . Vaccine is consider dangerous when used by nonprofessionals . Patrick H. as above. 2. has just taken her shot of Sabin oral vaccine. Dramatic victories have been won in the war against polio since 1955. six boxes where stolen.000 lollipops to help the board's drive to protect school and pre-school youngsters against polio. BOTTOM: A nurse injects Salk vaccine into the arm of a child held by her mother . Morton Ghove. 6200 Lake st. Morton Grove. LUKE'S HOSPITAL. of 8930 Harms. Since 1961. Nurse Marilyn Quirk of8512 Frontage rd. April 21 1963 Barbara Swain. Hoy. OHIO. when the Sabin vaccine. LAURAL GAWECKI. 2. HAPPILY EAT CAKE AT PRESBYTERIAN ST. given by mouth. Morton Gaove Ill. provided 25. ONE SURE WAY TO GET KIDS TO TAKE TYPE SABIN ORAL POLIO VACCINE IS TO PLACE THREE DROPS IN SUGAR COATED CAKE.. AND HER SISTER . HERE 5/29. so she'll get a lollipop from Supervising Nurse Leone Gross of the Board of Health.. getting a drink Sabin Oral Vaccine. TOP: A father gives Sabin vaccine to his daughter . mothers under thirty and the kinder garden children both received shots. was added. when the Salk injectable vaccine was introduced.

Now at the extraordinary age of 126 it rates the diamond belt as America's oldest magazine. This little girl. The onetime Bible of the barbershops is still titillating its readers with a brash diet of sports. as members of the San Francisco Mariners Pop Warner little league football club charge over field for their cubes prior to their game 11/4. They are pupils of St. October 31 1971. . November 4 1962. swallowing a lump of sugar served in a paper cup. An Illustration from THE POLICE GAZETTE editor by Gene Smith and Jayne Barry Smith published by Simon and Schuster. The Police Gazette was only 45 years old when this issue was published in 1890.000 pursuit forms kept on file at the Police Department's traffic division. 6. age 13. Bruce found the vaccine had no taste at all. is getting a few drops of Sabin oral Vaccine and protection against Polio. Ill Maryann Wil mowski. Polio drive here. bravely takes drink of oral polio vaccine today as the rest of his first grade class watches closely for his reaction. July29 1962 Bruce Turner. April 8 1963 Patricia Hopp. of 7925 Westwood Dr. sex. a volunteer in the k. Celestine's school. Egmood Park taking the polio Vaccine . Osceola Chicago .IMG00320526A Polio immunization IMG00320527A SWEET PROTECTION IMG00320528A ALL EYES ON BRUCE IMG00320529A Nurse Jo Ann Adkins of the Langlay porter clinic IMG00320530A THE POLICE GAZETTE IMG00320531A Police Gazette was only 45 years old when this issue was published in 1890 IMG00320532A police pursuits and 30 Board of Health infant welfare stations. November 26 1964. Reporters undertook a computer analysis of police chases in Chicago using information collected from more than 3. Scientists say the dread crippler could be wiped out eventually if everyone took the vaccine. APRIL 30 1962 Nurse Jo Ann Adkins of the Langlay porter clinic. scandal and shockers. holds tray of sugar cubes impregnated with Type II sabin oral polio vaccine.O. January 1973. age of 3001 N.

it's up to the police officers on the street to decide whether the possibility of catching the person outweighs the risk to life and property." July 1 1991 Reporters undertook a computer analysis of police chases in Chicago using inform-motion collected from more than 3. March 8. Police receive no hands-on driver's training and only limited classroom instruction. June 30 1991 Theodore risner had a green light. But the Englewood District commander. Deciding whether to pursue is left up to patrol officers and supervisors on the streets.000 pursuit forms kept on file at the Police Department's traffic division." Wyatt Earp had how many shootouts? When you work in Dodge City. But a Chicago Sun-Times investigation found that the department does little to prepare its force to carry out that responsibility. and 13 tin fatalities-including the deaths of seven innocent bystanders .IMG00320533A police Pursuits IMG00320534A Police pursuits IMG00320535A Police Pursuits IMG00320536A police pursuits IMG00320537A police Pursuits IMG00320538A police Pursuits June 30 1991. July 1 1991 Patrol Specialist Kenneth Thelen. but he didn't stand a chance as he drove into the intersection of 67th and King Drive on his way home a little after midnight on Friday. some are calling for officers to exercise more restraint. at least 124 chases in Chicago have ended injuries. Statistics show a third of pursuits here end in accidents. July 1 1991 With police chases causing deaths and injures to bystanders on Chicago streets. when a suspected criminal is speeding off. July 1 1991 During the last 18 months. you've got to carry a gun. The 34year-old factory worker from Maywood was killed when his truck was hit broadside by a stolen car driven by a teenager speeding away from police. asks. a 24- . Ronnie Watson.

" June 30 1991 Marjorie (third from left). Letonya. and Sarah Tutten. Everyone is smiling now.00 gift certificates. April 17. he'll stop at the lights. October 13. Arthur Washington's widow. 23.IMG00320539A Police pursuits IMG00320540A 1986 Buick Century IMG00320541A A copy photo of Arthor Washington who was killed in a police chase Turn in a money. reported seven pursuits last year. June 30 1991. "You chase an old guy. A copy photo of Arthor Washington who was killed in a police chase. "Young kids do not. 1990. 22. A suspect talked his turn in a moneyfilled wind booth at the Quality inn. 1988. Vandola sits. is joined by her daughters. Vandola was being chased by police when the care struck Washington's car. January 24 1988 Man gets arrested after his award. January 24 1988 A man brought in by the scan operation is thrilled by his award of a new color TV set till he was arrested. They are (fross left) Shirley 33. where a police sting netted 15 arrests. 28. The wreckage of a car driven by James D. Part of a sting that nabbed fugitives by offering prizes and furring them to a hotel.filled IMG00320542A IMG00320543A 39 seized in radio sting IMG00320544A police sting operation IMG00320545A Police Sting operation A man trought in by the scan operation is thrilled by his award of a new color tv set till he was arrested Hotel room main operation IMG00320546A IMG00320547A year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. 1991. including two that ended in accidents. June 25. 36." he said. Mary Wofford. but what the man second from right doesn't know that the joke's on him. 1991 Officers search and handcuff fugitives during Saturday's police sting operation were 39 arrested. December 10. Police seat out letters offering S5'00. Melanie. in a lot last year after the-fatal collision that killed-Arther Washington. January 24 1988 Official supervise the "Super bowl Sting" operation from a room in the . 1 S Halsted. The man with him are all undercover officers. to receive their prize as the fugitives had to attend a phony radio station party.

Guts?Mrs. May 10 1971 San Francisco policeman holds pig that he and other officers chased and finally grabbed on a city street last night. An Illustration depicting policeman as pigs in the book "Sylvester and the Magic Pebble" which has angered the Illinois police Assn. Richard Ryzner. December 7 1970 Lt Neil Boiler. 4 Chicago police wives association distributing pamphlets promoting police week.M. Culver city police officer Phillip Stone models the latest in wrist wear. July 4 1973.a PIG watch. The watch idea was inspired by radical chants referring to police s pigs.4. September 14 1981 My son is a policeman . a four -foot anaconda and an $800 artificial ape were on the loose. December 15 1970 Karyn Topp. Rockford. IMG00320555A Police pursuit cars Hillside Holiday inn. on knees with hands on top of hands. August 9 1961 . Edwards Catholic school at 4343 W.a PIG watch. May 8 1972 Members of the police Wives Organization L to R Pat kutz (bow tie) Vicki Wedgbudy (glasses) and Barbara Wasco (wearing black) at one of their monthly meeting. Eileen Topp. and we're proud of him. Sunnyside. The pig just one of several animals liberated over the Holiday as a kinkajou( a south American "Honey Bear") .IMG00320548A Students tour police station IMG00320549A Police Wives Organiation IMG00320550A Police IMG00320551A WACOP IMG00320552A CAPTURED PORKER IMG00320553A Police pigs IMG00320554A Culver city police officer Phillip Stone models the latest in wrist wear. searching fugitive car while chief James Klinkhamer keeps fugitives under cover. January 14 1971. Carpentersville police. M. How can I buy him one of those new PIG watches I read about in the Daily News-the ones in which the letters stand for pride. observes as patrolmen Philip O'Brien of the police community Relations department uses sister Benigna to demonstrate how photos are taken in the lock up. January 23 1988 A most unlikely situational 8th Grade class of St. integrity ..

Ronald E. they drive this course against time. Wachlin. L to R . Illinois finest of the high ways.D. 100 state highway patrolmen. woodstock. June 4 1964. 1983. Three of the state troopers who were relived of duty Friday are. Trooper J. that lists names of truckers in state trooper payoffs.D. today. May 1972 Trooper J. September 27 1963. his patrol car is facilitated with a plastic tube coming from his carbureter pumping gas into the empty tank of stranded motorist. officer corporal James Bentley. With two people driver of car out of gas krej joan Spohnholz. the first peacetime American Legion parade ince Pearl Harbor. Illinois state police. and john R. July 9 1962 Receives the little red book. Trooper Ashburn's brother Paul. Recruit Trooper Robert Ashburn of Albany sits with classmate during New York's state police Academy graduation ceremonies in Albany Friday. matched in the parade on state st. December 4 1985 . was turned over to the states atty. of villa park. of villa park. last night. Moyers inside his patrol car on the JFK watching the radar readout. November 20 1945. The red book that lists trucking firms. Moyers inside his patrol car on the JFK watching the radar readout IMG00320564A IMG00320565A Jim Klinkhamer police chief of Carpentersville shown as he takes car trough obstacle course called serpentine for student Drivers at the National Police Driving School. July 11 1962. Marengo.IMG00320556A National Police Driving School IMG00320557A John Mccleverty . Austin Tilton. Marengo. was killed while on duty as a trooper when he was hit by a truck in July . July 11 1962 John Mccleverty . Mayers. officer corporal James Bentley Illinois state police. July 1962. Director of the National Police Driving School Demonstrates chasing a car in the High Banked turn of the Monza wall of Meadowvale. Director of the National Police Driving School IMG00320558A IN HIS BROTHER'S FOOTSTEPS IMG00320559A Red book IMG00320560A Red Book IMG00320561A STATE POLICEMAN REMOVED IMG00320562A Highway Patrolmen IMG00320563A With two people driver of car out of gas krej joan Spohnholz.

Johnson. He issued a warning to the car on the ike and a ticket to the car next to Loretto Hospital. Second row at left is Fred B. All will be on duty January 6. Terry W. Willtrout.Kankakee. Commisioner Tim o 'Connor Philip McGuire . George W. State police no other papers covered here. and night. Jim Brown with a couple of cars pulled over either on or just off of the ike. TROOPER JOSEPH WASKO HAS A DRIVERS VIEW OF THE SPEED INDICATOR MOUNTED ON THE TOP OF ANOTHER STATE HIGHWAY POLICE CAR. Cape and night. MAY 18 1961.Metropolitan Forda Dealers Ass'n . O'Connor. Dale C. New men from left are Troopers Robert P. James W. Kansas City. Sgt.Pres.Jacj L. Patrick J.North Aurora. highway policemen. and Kenneth D. Jennings. . Lawrence L. rear row. Seibert. December 30 1955 Twelve new troopers for the Illinois Tollway were assigned from the January 3rd graduating class by Superintendent of Illinois State Police Albert S. December 4 1965. McKinnon.John C.Edinburg. the third car ha given this year.Springfield.Benton. Corporal Lee Watson of 451D N. Wilbur Kennedy to Lt. highway policemen.4 are pointed out byCapt. Peru .Chief of Traffie Div.. Pfc Dougles Campbell of Glenview illnois both of the 33rd Military police company Irpino.. Danville . Eaker Kedzie Avenue. Washington. malensky. Hinds(right center) and welcomed by Captain RobertPatton at right of Hinds. of District . Maurine . Max Tauber . The posts of District No. Jim Brown with a couple of cars pulled over either on or just off of the ike IMG00320567A SPEED INDICATOR IMG00320568A National Guard join the state police IMG00320569A Illinois State Police IMG00320570A Presentation of police sound car IMG00320571A Territory covered by efficient. Trowbridge.Kaakakee. Brauer.IMG00320566A Sgt. . May 18 1956 Territory covered by efficient. January 1969. Frank J. Haan of Alton and at right Michael he presentes the new sound car to police department.

and chief Wilbur Kennedy looking at map in station 139 th and Cicero ave. state trooper Sgt William Stolberg and national guard MP Earl Misch on two way radio as they keep in touch withradar car. August 11 1942 state trooper Louis Gazzola and National guard MP's Don Kinkaid and 'd Eberhard on nite radar controit on Edens Highway and Dundee Rd. December 31 1955 Corp Warren Wudtke Officer Francis Jedicka Corp Arthur Stevens Sarg. Army men are from 33rd MP corp of the Illinois Nat.go safety chain. The giant 20-inch gauge is accurate to withintwo per cent. Stuart giving a ticket to Bruno Strajay.W. JULY 4 1962 . Moran. November 29 1952 ON THE EVE OF THE 4TH OF JULY A LONE ILLINOIS STATE TROOPER STANDS AS A SILENT SENTRY TO REMIND US TO USE THE UTMOST CAUTION ON THE HIGHWAYS IN AN EFFORT TO KEEP DOWN THE HOLIDAY TRAFFIC TOLL. H.IMG00320572A MP's on traffic IMG00320573A Lt. June 26 1959. Phil Colella of state police left explains electric timer to Corp Arthur Stevens Corp. December 7 1952. December 31 1955 Lt. Francis kennedy.W. the latest in modern highway safety aids. The special tollway patrol car will cruise along the entire tollway enabling drivers to check the accuracy of their own speedometers. Guard from the Northwest Armory. Wudtke aims time up expressway and officer jedicka operates radio to other squad car about to takepositon driven by officer Charles Helsel. A new service offered to motoristson the 187-mile Illinois Tollway is this specially equipped courtesy car. Stuart giving a ticket to Bruno Strajay IMG00320578A SOMEWHERE IN ILLINOIS (left) and Lt. Moran. December 31 Officer Reymond H. for having a trailor with no reer tail light and. and chief Wilbur Kennedy looking at map in station IMG00320574A NEW TOLLWAY COURTESY CAR IMG00320575A MP's on traffic control IMG00320576A Traffic IMG00320577A Officer Reymond H. Phil Colella Sarg. H.

Council Possible child abduction suspect in Naperville Police sketch od suspect in hitrun accident in which Josh Wagner This composite Sketch.ornammented rings. from witnesses description . shows a suspect in 16 suburban bank robberies A Police sketch of the man sought in the palatine shooting. June 3 1994 Police sketch od suspect in hitrun accident in which Josh Wagner. 9 was injured. shows a suspect in 16 suburban bank robberies.Fair-but not many state troopers wear thin.IMG00320579A SHELIA HELMS STATE TROOPER IMG00320580A NOT JUST ANOTHER STATE TROOPER IMG00320581A 18th dist. August 16 1986. and large . the fourth similar assault this month. Police-community relations council. August 7 1987 Police say this composite drawing matches the description of a man who attacked a Palatine woman Thursday.5 in Palatine and Monday in Schaumburg. August 14 1986 Streamwood police are trying to identify a men found shot to death in a vacant lot in the northwesr suburb . Elk Grove Village police have distributed a composite sketch of a man Police say this composite drawing matches the description of a man who attacked a Palatine woman Thursday IMG00320582A IMG00320583A IMG00320584A IMG00320585A IMG00320586A IMG00320587A IMG00320588A This is a composite drawing of a man sought in the sexual assault of a woman IMG00320589A Streamwood police are trying to identify a men found shot to death in a vacant lot in the SHELIA HELMS STATE TROOPER. November 19 1988 This composite Sketch. tinted sunglasses. In Mount Prospect Schaum-burg and police offcials drawing strongly resembles the description of a mansought in sexual assaults in those northwest suburbs recently Aug. May 12 1977 This might be just another state trooper using a walkie-talkie to check in at the illnois state. December 10 1991 A Police sketch of the man sought in the palatine shooting. braided watch bracelets . Police station for installation of new officers of 18th Dist. from witnesses description . This is a composite drawing of a man sought in the sexual assault of a womanin an . October 11 1966 Possible child abduction suspect in Naperville. Chgo. August 13 1975 Overall view of ceremony at E. November 5 1991 Elk Grove Village police have distributed a composite sketch of a man sought in a series of sexual assaults in the northwest suburb that began July 2.

January 29 1985 Police canvassed the Cabrini-Green neighborhood today. January 21 1983 Will country state's Attorney Edward over the counter to reporter at a press conference. was recovering from yesterday's surgery to remove a bullet that went through his cheek and lodged in his neck. August 26 1983 Will County. August 19 1985 Police canvassed the Cabrini-Green neighborhood today.: The 58-year-old driver. carrying sketches of two of three suspects in an attempted armed robbery of a beer truck driver. Ill. Alex Sander.northwesr suburb IMG00320590A Police Illinois skatches IMG00320591A Police illinois Sketches IMG00320592A Police Sketches IMG00320593A WANTED FOR QUESTIONING IN KILLINGS Drawing of suspects in Dorfman Killing Will country state's Attorney Edward over the counter to reporter at a press conference Des Moines police released composite drawings IMG00320594A IMG00320595A IMG00320596A Aug. July 23 1983. January 29 1985 will county police issued this composite sketch of a man sought for questioning in the slayings of four women Saturday inJoliet. He is described as 24 to 25. was recovering from yesterday's surgery toRemove a bullet that went through his cheek and lodged in his neck. Police described the man as black 18 to25 years old. 8 1/2 inches tal. hospital spokesmen said. carrying sketches ofetwo of three suspects in an attempted armed robbery of beer truck driver. about 5 feet 8 inches with fair complexion and dark blond hair. police released this sketch Wednesday of a man wanted for questioning in the stabbing death of four women ir a Joliet ceramics store. hospital spokesmen said. and about 130 pounds. Des Moines police released composite drawings l/25 of two men believed to be in the area where missing paperboy Eugene Martin disappeared last . He now isemble to talk to doctors. He now isable to talk to doctors.The 58-year-old driver.9.. 5-feet . Alex Sander. August 24 Drawing of suspects in Dorfman Killing.

January 17 1985 Police were searching Sunday for a 1year-old boy who was reported missingafter being left with a babysitter in a. John Gulotta Jr. Both are white males in their mid-20's. This is a police sketch of the Ronald Nelson murder suspect. information on two suspects being sought in the shooting. was shot onthe gang's turf and detectives saidthey hope gang members will be able to provide. who was shot in Cicero after he and three friends stopped a car for help after theircar stalled. The black male. January 25 1985. 17. Citizens having any information are asked to call the Des Loirgs police hotline at 9515) 246-9988. Nick Schuler saidVincent Powell was wearing an olivegreen and beige shirt. with a slender build and a medium-light pock-marked complexion. December 26 1984. about 30. The gunmanwas described as a white male in his late30s or early 40s. March 20 1985. Composite sketches of the driver (left) and gunman (right) who shot John Gulotta Jr. royal-blue hooded jacket. IMG00320599A Police Sketches Illinois IMG00320600A Police illinois Sketches IMG00320601A Wanted in heist August. is 6 foot-1.000 in cash. January 17 1985. . green pants. 155 pounds.IMG00320597A police sketch of the Ronald Nelson murder suspect IMG00320598A Composite sketches of the driver (left) and gunman (right) who shot John Gulotta Jr. North Side apartment.The sketches were put together by witnesses who saw them around the southside Des Moines intersection where Martin was last seen in the early morning hours of 8/12/84. beige socks and maroon shoes when last seen. June 6 1983 Cicero police said today they plan to question members of a Cicero street gang in the slaying of a Bloomingdale youth. Area 5 Violent Crimes Sgt. Police have released this sketch of theman wanted in Monday's robbery of anarmored car outside the Brickyard Bankon the Northwest Side.. The robberynetted 8540.

Bein of the Illinois State . FORMERLY KNOWN ASNEW LENOX STATE BANK. Cook County sheriffs police are seekinga "soft-spoken" young man suspected ofthree rapes and eight other attempts inunincorporated Palatine Township sinceJune 6. At 2332 N.Will County State's Attorney Edward Petka said the 24-hour guards for Will County Safety Patrol OfficerDenis Foley. Stephen P. YELLOW TANK TOP SHIRT. were ordered because of concern their assailants rnay attempt to harm the pair the only witnesses to the shootings. obout 5 feet 9 inches. July 20 1983. in his mid-20sand was wearing adark blue parka.000 REWARD FORINFORMATION LEADING TO THEARREST AND CONVICTION OF THEINDIVIDUAIL RESPONSIBLE FOR THEROBBERIES COMMITTED AT THE NLSB.IMG00320602A $10. DARK SHORTS. said Lt. Troutman. took place within a mile of Rand and Dundee roads. January 4 1983 Around-the-clock guards have been assigned to the two survivors of last weekend's ambush-slayings of four peo-ple in Will County. BLUE BANDANA OR HEAD BAND. and Laura A. ISOFFERING A $10. Medium complected occurred 18 November 1983 MALE/BLACK 25-30 YEARS 6 FEET TALL MUSCULAR BUILD CURTLY HAIR. Stephen P. 21. Bein of the NLSB BANK. the man is white.000 Reward IMG00320603A police illinois Sketches IMG00320604A police illinois Sketches IMG00320605A A SUSPECTS IMG00320606A WANTED FOR MURDER IMG00320607A WANTED FOR MURDER IMG00320608A Sgt. 5-11 to 6-01 175 to 185 lbs. Berrnard Singer of As sherira police' north' investigations unit. AUGUST 3 1984 Sgt.Shown in a composite drawing. KNEE LENGHT SOCKS. . Clark E 436922 25 to 30 years of age. In the slaying of Susan Marie Schoof is being sought by Hickory Hills police. All the attacks. 50.

Aldy Stephens. despite being paralyzed by polio. June 13 1945. Smith 21 Bluffton Ind. Dorothy. embrace after being separated for two weeks in different wards at the Sister Kenny Institute. Ill. N.. walks out of the Brace Shop with the aid of brace and cane. including the award of a highly coveted woodrow wilson fellowship. APRIL 10 1979 Officer Larry Marks operate the "Alert System" from inside his squad car. fuzz-busters (radar detector some speeders use) don't work against these units. Mervin S. Urban shipment violations have been averaging two per day per inspector. Tuesday afternoon after paying last respects to Paxton policeman William caisse. Mr. He uses a neat radar unit to check for speeders. June 5 1991.Patiently waiting to take temperatures is Nurse Vivian Hannan. Wis. the two became Ill with polio two weeks ago and were taken to the institute. A milliondollar:federal grant announced yesterday will allow the state to hire 25 more hazardous material specialists. is graduating Monday with high honors. Married June 13. May 29 1967.Y. Smith 21 Bluffton Ind. walks out of the Brace Shop with the aid of brace and cane IMG00320615A NEWLYWED POLIO PATIENTS REUNITED Police shows "Radowl 3. Mervin S.Illinois State Police IMG00320609A Tri-state near hinsdale IMG00320610A Police illinois state Highway police IMG00320611A LAST RESPECTS FOR COMRADE IMG00320612A Officer Larry Marks operate the "Alert System" from inside his squad car IMG00320613A Plucky Polio Victim IMG00320614A Sgt. Sgt. October 26 1977 Some volunteer groups helping to pitch in the towards clean up. then it's to late. New Richmond. conn. Fellow students wheel Dorothy Tessohn of stamford." a specialized detector that works like a radar gun. to class on the Manhattanville college campus at purchase. August 20 1953 . alerting inspectors to vehicles with hazardous materials. April 30 1967 Illinois state troopers leave funeral home in paxton. and Mrs. the unit is off till he pulls the triggers. one of two officers killed in a gun battle on nearby interstate 57 saturday night.

The audience at Sunday's commencement gave her a five-minuteovation. and balance himself on graduated stairs . " Courage unlimited". Marilyn Raymer and bridesmaid. May 17 1968. The secret that Nancy confined to a wheelchair by polio for 15 years was going to tryto walk up to get her diploma. Bonds Jr. has been on campus only-onca-to attend a football game. met at a club for the handicapped which she founded. June 14 1965. Bride groom and most of the attend nts were polio victim at wedding today in Wesleyan Methodist church.IMG00320616A Polio Victims IMG00320617A polio Victims IMG00320618A HONOR STUDENTS IMG00320619A polio IMG00320620A LONG WALK FOR NANCY IMG00320621A POLIO VICTIMS WEDDING Philadelphia . 2l. polio Victims. Her scholastic average topped the classof 396. a suburb of phlidelphia. Coyle was partically paralyzed by polio as a youngster. is embraced by Baldwin-Wallace College president. May 14 1966 Jere Truex. Nancy Malinosky. Robert Crawford victim of muscular dystrophy. maid of honor. Dorothy Raymer. not shown here. 3402 Beach ave. Here from left are Robert Raskins kissing his brige. A speaker his bed is part of a two-way telephone linking Truex with his classroom. whose home is near the university. they're not temporary.wide s tage . who was in on her secret. will gradute from Taylor university magns cum laude Sunday. . in upper Darby. March 16 1966. Rita Gillan. Glen is gradually learning to use the muscles of his legs. Thebest man. 22. Alfred B. Athlete Ed Coyle. was in a wheelchair. 16. Despite his handicap. 17. he made the rowing team at his school. uses crutches to work out. stricken with paralyzing polio at 7. Haskins and Miss Raymerboth employed in responsible office positions. Glen Swanson. Truex. October 2 1952 Halfway across the 33-foot. Monsignor high school.

Mr. NOVEMBER 14 1961 ROSEMARY HANDFORTH 9LEFT) AND BARBARA CARTER ARE NO LONGER CONFINED TO TANK RESPIRATORS-OR "IRON LUNGS"AT THE RANCHO LOS AMIGOS RESPIRATORY CENTER IN HONDO. Mann admire their son in Bryn Mawr. Kimberly. Mrs. Fa.IMG00320622A TWIN PROBLEM IMG00320623A Motorized wheel chair for polio victim IMG00320624A PARALYZED MOTHER HAS THIRD BABY IMG00320625A LIFE BECKONS ANEW IMG00320626A Joe Rowe graduate from the university of Texas at Arlington IMG00320627A SEES SON DIE IN IRON LUNG IMG00320628A PORTRAITS IN COURAGE January 5 1952. above operated an iron lung by hand before her 11-yearold son died in it early today. John E. unware that the boy was a polio victim. hospital after the baby was born to the 31-yearold mother who was paralyzed with polio seven years ago. May 12 1966.. for carrying the babies. Rowe is a polio victim and has been paralyzed through the upper half of his body since he was 5-years-old. MEMBERS OF THE 1958 MAROH OF DIMES FAMILY. CALIF.7. Brooks.stop and directthe wheel chair merely with a touch of his chin. while kendra sleeps in a car bed. This control enables the polio patient to start. Brooks fears she may the twins because she can't cars for them like other mothers can. ALL POLIOVICTIMS. GO FOR A STROLL NEAR' THEIR HOME IN WARNER . and a daughtermll. kimberly is in a sling which was devised for Mrs. A motorized wheel chair equipped with micro-switch control. Barbara Brooks feeds one of her 2-month-old twins. and Mrs. a son . Helen Barrett. August 1 1956. the Nashville Electric service had shut off power to the Barrett home three days ago because no one was paying the bills. whose areas were crippled by polio. LOOKING AHEAD TO LIGHTER DAYS IN THE FUTURE. October 26 1965. May 29 1970 Mrs. The couple has two other children. Mrs. DECEMBER 27 1954 Joe Rowe graduate from the university of Texas at Arlington 5/30 with a perfect "A" average.

AND MRS. PENNY. fitted with a new electric arm brace.. September 8 1988 COURAGEOUS IS THE BEST WORD TODESORIBE MRS. 17. in a demonstration here 3/20. Houser has organized one of some 200 groups of polio survivors nationwide who meet to discuss the return of the malady. Mrs. WILDER GODSEY . of Los Angeles. WHO HAS BEEN IN AN IRON LUNG FOR 20-YEARS. SON JOE 9. recently graduated from high school. MRS. Houser's Bridgewater. a polio victim since 1954. Mrs . PA. Downey . HELEN SOLOMON. MR. BUT MAKES MOST OF HER OWN LIVING BY DIAL-ING A TELEPHONE WITH HER TOE . J. A POLIO VIOTIM. SETTYE ERIOKSON. SOLOMAN AND HER THREE CHILDREN ALL HAD POLIO DURING A SINGLE WEEK IN JULY 1953. backyard. He started to school at 6. Celesta Thompson.IMG00320629A Mrs. JUNE 16 1966 CUDDLES HER DOG.J. WHO WAS LOST FOR 24-HOURS. N.. Joan Lloyd Swain. working with NASA and the aerospace industry. Machr 20 1973. of Los Angeles IMG00320630A GRADUATES UNDER DIFFIVULTIES IMG00320631A POLIO VICTIM IMG00320632A Post Polio IMG00320633A A TENACIOUS HOLD ON LIFE ROBINS. AND TWIN DAUGHTERS SANDY AND LINDY. Celesta Thompson. PITTSBURGH. Tony Schrader . althrough he had never spent a full day in school. Thompson was totally paralyzed. calif. and on the same day he fell ill with polio. AND THEIR FOUR CHILDREN INCLUDING VIOLET WERE TRAVELING ON ILLINOIS 16 NEAR PENA WHEN THEIR CAR STALLED. MRS. GA THEY ARE MR.ERICKSON HAS BEEN ABLE TO MOVE ONLY HER NECK AND FEET. June 8 1966 Post polio victims (left to right) Joyce Houser. entered the first grade. uses tongueswitch control to direct the movement of her arm. of sigourney. Lois Frezza and Jean Brodgon get toghether in Mrs. Before use of this equipment developed by Ranch Los Amigos Hospital. October 26 1957 Mrs.6.

His only concession is to allow someone else to run for him. Tex. chase.S. is shown with the husband she married Tuesday. STRICKEN IN DECEMBER . doesn't let crutches keep him from taking a vigorous cut at the ball in a neighborhood kids' game. 17-YEAR -OLD POLIO VICTIM. has set his sights on the 1976 U. a crew chief on phantom jats at MacDill air force Base. she said her marriage "is a wonderful christmas gift that has opened a new life for me" Mrs. May 12 1966 Ron Chase. Four Young Patients from San Angelo. The boy also pitches.IMG00320634A THE BRIDE WORE A RESPIRATOR IMG00320635A PLEASANT SURPRISE IMG00320636A Little girl pronunced cured of infantile paralysis IMG00320637A NO HANDICAP FOR SLUGGER IMG00320638A LONG DISTANCE RUNNER IMG00320639A YOUNG POLIO PATIENTS FLOWN TO TREATMENT AND OPERATING A TYPEWRITER WITH A ROD GRIPPED IN 'NER TEETH. which she will have to wear until her limbs get back their strength. March 8 1974. KIM. August 28 1916 Danny Warne. July 30 1966 Mrs. 13 year old polio victim. Dorothy Fields . 25. today runs 30 miles a day with his goal an olympic gold medal. EXPLAINED SHE HAD TAUGHT HERSELF IN THE PAST TWO WEEKS HOW TO MANIPULATE THE PEN WITH MOTIONS OF HER HEAD AND JAWS. 1953. December 24 1965 SEATTLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS VISITING TEACHER MARTHE SILER IS SURPRISED AND PLEASED TO LEARN THAT KIM HARTLEY. once bedridden with Polio too weak to hold a glass of milk .. are un loaded from and Air Force plane at San Marcos Air Force . a polio victim who is paralyzed from the neck down. Fields has been kept alive since 1959 with a mechanical respirator which breaths for her. JANUARY 27 1955.. Little girl pronunced cured of infantile paralysis . HAS LEARNED TO WRITE WITH A BALLPOINT PEN SHE HOLDS IN HER TEETH. olympic marathon team. she has been supplied with a pair a braces by the hospital.

SEPTEMBER 17 1945 Two-year-old Anita Kay Brooks lies with polie in children's Hospital in Birmingham as her mother sits besids her bedside. Meanwhile. Tex. and the possiblity that she'll be able to throw away those braces and cutches. LITTLE BILLY TENNEY. this little Moline (ill. His wrists were cocked.. she'll be climbing up therewith the rest of the children. 6-YEAR-OLD STRICKEN WITH INFANTILE PARALYSIS TWO YEARS AGO. AWAITS HIS TURN. Mrs. They then were taken by ambulance to the Gonzales. Geil Roszhart. October 20 1963. but she said if she could do it over she would give har child the Vaccine. and the ball zipper straight down the fairway for a hundred yards. maybe in the not-too-distant future. Brooke said Anita had not had any of the Polio vaccines. June 27 1956. warm springs Foundation for treatment.) polio victimshares the joy of being outdoors with her playmates-revan if sho can't climbthe monkey cage or skip rope. VICTIM OF THE SAME DISEASE FOUR YEARS AGO. November 24 1973 Some day. TO AVOID ANY INFERIORITY COMPLEX. . He swung. WHILE 13-YEAR-OLD JOHNNY JOYCE. July 9 1949 A 14-year-old boy dropped his crutches on the tee and raised his driver. HOW TO STEP OFF A BUS WITH THE HELP OF NURSE LELLA DWYER.IMG00320640A Polio Victims IMG00320641A A SPECIAL MOTHER AND BABY IMG00320642A HEIGHT OF HER AMBITION IMG00320643A STEP DOWN IS STEP UP IMG00320644A SHE DIDN'T GET HER POLIO VACCINE Baseyesterday. the knowledge that scientists are working in her behalf . THE STEP DOWN IS A STEP UP IN LEARNING TO DO WHAT OTHER YOUNGESTERS DO. LeighAnna. Her hope remains. confined to a wheel chair since she was striking with polio when she was five-years -old poses with her two-week old daughter. his left arm was straight and his eye was on the balL. July 18 1964 Mrs.

Paul Pehl.IMG00320645A Polio has stricken the family of Mr. . another March of Dimes volunteer worker. The boy is a Chicago visitor today.. makes some changes on the 1936 Mile-O-Dimes. ll elaine . Corneile M. Holt (left) and Nurse suzanne Hess prepare boxes of campaign supplies for the sister Kenny Foundation campaign opening monday to establish polio clinic in Illnios. 10 Dorothy. 18.Gries 9right). many chicago Boy scouts delivered campaign posters to Loop business establishment. Frank P. KELLY MCLEANSBORO . September 4 1957 As their contribution to the March of Dimes. chairman .000 for the sister Kenny Foundation. November 14 1946. Ore. JANUARY 4 1959.. ILL LIFTS LAURA JEAN LUCIDO 5 YRS OLD 848 ALTOGELD . John Wissler of Troop 386 collects his posters fron Rita Lapczynski. poster bearing his likeness. are all together. Donald Anderson of Prineville. SERGEANT MAJOR PATRICK T. Lauritzen examine a poster. co. Brandon and Mrs. 9 Daniel . December 19 1945. six of his seven Children are in the hospital with polio (Front to back) paul jr.Paul Pehl.. 5955 NW Circle Ave. 14. ST UP TO THE MAIL BOX AS SHE MAILS IN HER FAMILY CONTRIBUTION TO THE MARCH OF DIMES. cornelia D. but their father can not see them untill they are out of isolation. John Duba. Troop 968. Wabash. January 1 1962 joseph c.Chicago. at 37 S. George . While Rodney H. 15 Dayton. 7. IMG00320646A March of Dimes IMG00320647A EVANSTONIANS HELP "SOCK POLIO" IMG00320648A MARCH OF DIMES IMG00320649A PLAN POLIO CAMPAIGN IMG00320650A Donald Anderson of Prineville IMG00320651A March of Dimes kickoff Polio has stricken the family of Mr. January 12 1948 Ralph Keller. who conquered infantile paralysis to become president of the new Cured Polio Club. Mankin (center) examine "Sock Polio" poster during rally last night at the Georgian hotel in evanstan as Evanstonians pledged themselves to raise $10. Martoccio (left) and Howard E.

soon to make his debut on the television screen. April 15 1955 A technician checks test tubes containing samples from various .the boys put their posters in the airline window. Newark. warns Crusader. August 26 1949. what ever your reason. But. August 26 1949. But choose a health-inspected one. production bacteriologist at Micheal Roose Research Foundation IMG00320662A A technician checks test tubes containing samples from various 11. December 30 1959 Cover up that bread and oleo. Over-all polio incidence in the first quarter of 1959 was 298. The NationalFoundation has launched Operation Softspot. holds a special ultra-violet lamp which is used to inactivats the polio virus in the process of making new polio vaccine. With paralytic polio on the rise and four out of seven Americans still without a single shot of Salk vaccine. April 27 1959. March 1954 Henry Naftulin. 5846 N. is an important anti-polio habit. Infantile paralysis. Yvonne Howard. a $500. says Crusader Rabbit IMG00320655A IMG00320656A FIGHTS POLIO IMG00320657A Playing in water is a Childhood thrill IMG00320658A POLIO STORM WARNING IMG00320659A IMG00320660A Infantile paralysis Infantile paralysis IMG00320661A Henry Naftulin. Playing in water is a Childhood thrill. American Airlines clerk. Crusader Rabbit. Cleanliness.IMG00320652A IMG00320653A IMG00320654A Cover up that bread and oleo The old swimming hole is lots of fun Take no chances during polio season Cleanliness. August 26 1949. January 14 1947 Infantile paralysis. Troop 968. production bacteriologist at Micheal Roose Research Foundation here.000 big city vaccinationprogram aimed at demonstrating that polio outbreaks can be prevented. The old swimming hole is lots of fun. Take no chances during polio season. is crusading for greater vigilance against polio and makes the suggestions shown here. says Crusader Rabbit. Crusader says it beckon polio. The chart shows paralytic polio. Don't linger in crowds. if lowcost clinics are set up now in neighborhoods having heavy concentrations of unvaccinated persons. beware of a chill.

it will multiply and be detected. Only thoroughlykilled virus is safe for use as vaccine.batches of the vaccine IMG00320663A INTO THE MOUTHS OF BABES IMG00320664A PREPARE FOR ORAL POLIO TEST IMG00320665A Laboratory assistants at ParkeDavis & Co.. as charles jr. If live virus is present. U. if the report to be released 4/12 on the mass inoculation tests is favorable .and Gonsales fa-ilies early this week and were vaccinated yesterday. they expect to go into mass commercial production about 5/1. Davis & Co here. Wayne mathy. labs near Rochester IMG00320666A concentrated virus suspension is aspirated under asceptid coditions from propagation bottles into large pooling bottles for processing into finished polio vaccine at the laboratories of Parke IMG00320667A OPEN WIDE batches of the vaccine. 6 watches his mother giving a blood sample to Dr. Robert . Fein "mayor" of the group .work at equipment that filters crude polio virus used in preparation of polio vaccine . 4 . concentrated virus suspension is aspirated under asceptid coditions from propagation bottles into large pooling bottles for processing into finished polio vaccine at the laboratories of Parke. April 20 1956 Lives. welbau.. holds his 8-week-old son . The babies were born to the Besold. Walter Sackett (left) administers the vaccine. 2. opens her mouth wide today to take a spoonful of the . March 5 1960 The Charles Fein family was first in line yesterday for blood in preparation for first mass test of an oral polie vaccine at the university of Minnesota married students village. which is gettings its first Aarte-soale public testint in Dade (Miami) County.polio vaccine labs were opened to inspectionby press 4/19. Facilities at the Parke-Davis & Co. The company has beena major supplier of the vaccine to the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis and. Some or Miami' s youngest citizens get doses of oral polio vaccine soon after they were born at Doctors' Hospital. stares intently as his sister.P. Dr.S. Waters. Public Health Service. Paul Corbett. April 22 1954. labs near Rochester . Rowana. January 28 1958 Laboratory assistants at Parke-Davis & Co.Mich.

000 doses by the end of this Full-scale production of the new year. a technician examines the core of ultra-violet tubes that fit inside the Centri-Filmer. at In test tube is removed from Michael Reese Medical Center. February 24 1956.000th of an inch thick and enables Parke-Davis scientists to be more positive of killing every particle of virus in less than a second without losing the vaccine's potency. Novemberember 10 1953 DR. Michael Reese research scientists now announce vaccination of 52 humans. In test tube is removed from laboratory incubator by Dr . May 1956. Albert Milzer.000 doses are going into the 90-to-120-day manufacturingcycle each week. In experiments which began Albert Milzer eight yearsago.IMG00320668A IMG00320669A IMG00320670A IMG00320671A new oral polio vaccine which is being administered in a test at the university of Minnesota housing village. president. Harry J Loynd.000. The company has developed a new process involving the inactivation parke-Davis polio vaccine is of polio virus through both underway in especially-built laboratories on the firm's formaldehyde and irradiation. ROBERT RUSTIGIAN AND LABORATORY TECHNICIAN MARY DR. ROBERT RUSTIGIAN AND KOLNER USE NEW BLOOD COLOR TEST LABORATORY TECHNICIAN AT UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO TO MARY KOLNER DETERMINE PRESENCE OF POLIO- . New polio vaccine is run through a centrifuge in laboratory of the Micheal New polio vaccine is run through Reese Research Foundation by Henry a centrifuge in laboratory of the Naftulin. director of the Department of Microbiology.000. Chicago. says 2. and that Parke-Davis hopes to distribute 30. This ingenious mechanical sterilizer spins liquid vaccine into films 1/10. February 3 1958 Full-scale production of the new parkeDavis polio vaccine is underway in especially-built laboratories on the firm's Parkedale Farm here. Shown Parkedale Farm here. The visor protects the bacteriologist from stray ultra violet rays. ultra-violet light. As the serum Micheal Reese Research is spun around it is inactivates with Foundation by Henry Naftulin. a bacteriologist. laboratory incubator by Dr .

microscope allow deteetion of any live virus present in the vaccine samples. A pedestrician Oral Vaccine who administred The oral vaccine with Aneya Dropper . BLOOD IS FROM CHILDREN WHO TOOK PART IN POLIO VACCINFIELD TRIALS SPONSORED BY NATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR INFANTILE PARALYSIS. 35 miles North of Detroit. inoculate mice with vaccine guinea pigs and monkeys also are used for tests. Just married at Roseville. Jon Fiddyment drink a toast to their good health. Tommy Kelly 2 yrs old 115 N. calif. September 25 1962 ROCHESTER. The bottles then are returned to the Live polio virus is added to the racks for four more days to let the virus bottles develop. A third of many safety tests is to inoculate mice with vaccine. April 22 1954. Beverly Morath R. Parkedale.. Marianne budzeika . Safety tests are run in upright tubes and plastic dies sheets at the polic Vaccine laboratories of parks.Davis & Company here. If contaminating sample of a batch of vaccine bacteria is present. The laboratories are located on the firme s 700-acre farm. Then they left for their honeymoon. Dr. The little guy peeking in is unidentified. their Drink oral polio NewLywed's Polio Toast vaccine. Live polio virus is added to the bottles.where it can be detected under material a microscope. May 5 1963. Color reaction and appearance under the Polic vaccine laboratories. April 22 1964. it will grow in the into a tube containing culture culture. & Polio Dried Poliomyelitis convaleseant serum. To kids to small to chew the sugar Cube.N.IMG00320672A IMG00320673A IMG00320674A IMG00320675A IMG00320676A IMG00320677A IMG00320678A FIGHTING ANTIBODIES. Another test is to inject a sample of a batch of vaccine into a tube containing Another test is to inject a culture material. and Mrs. April 22 1954. The mice A third of many safety tests is to are watched for any ill effect Rabbits. MICH. This is close up of what is being shipped Administrative set. Russell Prospect. Distilled water. Mr. .

Lillian Taylor. chicago Trib Covered. 62nd st. of the Health Dept . 919 E. Here. Public Health Service.S. those stricken range to 50 years of ago.5 million vials polio vaccine the Baxter Foundation donated to Rotary international's polioplus program. Nurse Mrs. ROBERT TORTORELE HIS FATHER GIVES HIMA SUGAR LUMP WITH THE ORAL VACCINE. One of several where "GG" is being made . Spinal Fluid Test is often used to detect infantile paralysis. miller. and in similar percentage. May 26 1962. Samuel Andelm commissioner of health. of the 6th ward Joe Tonio. Nat Dropkin . Friday was the new sabin oral polio vaccine.IMG00320679A Laboratory in Zionsville IMG00320680A Monkey Kidneys are skinned and minced to provide the tissues needed for the polio virus to grow in Nurse Maria Antonieta Bautists examines some of the 2. TOM TORTORELM 2 YRS OLD 50 PINE MT PROSPECT. "round the clock basis. on the Ist floor of the city hall during the free polo shot session. July 10 1961. children under 12. Authorities at the clinic said that over 500 cups had been sold by late afternoon. 6100 2 .000 vials of Anti-polio Vaccine IMG00320683A Free polio Shots IMG00320684A The best selling drink in Chillicothe IMG00320685A Spinal Fluid Test is often used to detect infantile paralysis IMG00320686A Oral Vaccine IMG00320687A Polio Vaccine In this laboratory in Zionsville. production now is on a seven-day. Monkey Kidneys are skinned and minced to provide the tissues needed for the polio virus to grow in. April 22 1954. June 29 1961 The best selling drink in Chillicothe Ill. one worker uses special gloves to handle the drug. director of drugs and biologicals and Dr.. May 5 1963ON IT.Sup.Tohn Zeekaf . Shot from accross the lobby. Dr. Nurse Maria Antonieta Bautists examines some of the 2. kept at 40 degree below zero while in some stages of processing. May 20 1953.5 million vials polio vaccine IMG00320681A IMG00320682A Arrival of shipment of 8. 10 . February 2 1988 Mr. Ind. of Station 23 Alderman Robert H. Samuel L. Andelman.. provided by the U . 11. August 20 1943. which was being sold for 25 cents a cup at a newly opened polio clinic.

August 17 1943 Advancement in breathing aids is the rocking bed used to wean tank respiratorpatients from their metal prisons.IMG00320688A NIGHT AND DAY IMG00320689A Advancement in breathing aids is the rocking bed used to wean tank respirator IMG00320690A ROCKING BED IMG00320691A MEETING THE EMERGENCY IMG00320692A Richard Williams IMG00320693A ROCKING BED AIDS POLIO VICTIMS IMG00320694A GYM USED AS HOSPITAL InglesideErio Zeekaf . OCTOBER 1952 MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL HOSPITAL IS MEETING THE INFRCTIOUS DISEASE PROBLEM RESULTING FROM THE HIGH INCIDENCE PF POLIO IN THE STATE BY MOBILIZING ITS STAFF.. Conn. Polio cases . THE BED ENABLES RESPIRATORY POLIO SUFFERERS TO BREATHE OUTSIDE AN IRON LUNG BY FORCING AIR INTO THE LUNGS. swings free of his bed and gets exercises by use of the overhead slings. APRIL 24 1952 The gymnasium of Grace Evangelical and Reformed Church in Akron has been converted into an Auxiliary polio ward by Children's Hospital. Octtober 1952. 15. January 25 1958. March 15 1963. Therapist Mrs. STUDENT NURSE CATHERINE WI TTMER ACTS AS PATIENT IN A NEW ROCKING BED FOR POLIO VICTIMS. Science labors in unrelenting search for cause of infantile paralysis and for better ways of fighting its crippling effect. E. 9 6100 Ingleside Jerry Zeekaf. 6100 Ingleside shown receiving Sabin Live Polio Vaccines at 6504 Gottage Grove ave.. DAVID W. Pressure of internal organs rising and falling as bed see saws causes breath to be exhaled and inhaled. PERSONNEL AND RESOURCES IN A PROGRAM OF PROGRESSIVE STEPS TO COMBAT THE SITUATION ABOVE PHOTO SHOWS MRS. August 28 1955 Richard Williams. CONLEY. 28 WHO AFTER 12 DAYS IN A RESPIRATOR WAS MOVED A ROCKING BED.LOOK1NG ON ARE LOCAL LEADERS IN THE FIGHT AGAINST POLlO. of Stratford. Greta Spofford treats Frank Rusnek.

It shows the number of Poliomyelitis Evaluation center reported cases of Polio by age group in at the university of Michigan salk vaccine trial areas for 1952 through 1954. in effect. but health officials report the situation is now under control. September 3 1947. Note variation when Chart shows sharp rise in delayed booster was given to subjects antibody level inoculated with vaccine NO. Eleven states were represented where REPORT source received "dummy" or placebo shots and are considered "placebo areas". April 22 1955 This chart is a page from the full report released today by the poliomyelitis This chart is a page from the full Evaluation center at the University of report released today by the michigan . It shows the number of poliomyelitis Evaluation center reported cases of polio by age groups at the University of michigan in Salk vaccine trial areas for 1952 through 1954. January 1955. October 20 1952 This chart is a page from the full report released today the Poliomyelitis This chart is a page from the full Evaluation center at the university of report released today the Michigan. April 12 1955 The power of a dollar is graphically illustrated in breakdown of where each March of Dimes dollar was spent in The power of a dollar is 1954. 507. APRIL 12 1955 Chart shows sharp rise in antibody level when booster dose is given 10 months after vaccination . April 12 1955 Here are some of the items purchased for polio victims with March of Dimes National Foundation for infantile funds. a breakdown deposit toward a polio-free future.However .IMG00320695A IMG00320696A IMG00320697A IMG00320698A IMG00320699A IMG00320700A IMG00320701A in Akron' have risen to 155. Each dollar given to the 1955 graphically illustrated in March of Dimes will be. Shown on the "rocking bed" used for American academy of Pediatrics polio convalescent kids.. this year's record paralysis epidemic has emptied all funds of the NationalFoundation for infantile paralysis and thousands more still need . Chart published in the summary of the salk polio vaccine report gives trend of paralytic cases among Vaccinated TREND OF POLOP CASES IN SALK children and their control groups.

1956. chairman of Central South Side community council of the Chicago urban League. April 12 1955 Group of Boy scouts at March of Dime . It now shows a 38 per cent increase in cases throughout the country over the same period in 1948. Betty Gross chairman of the council's health committee. Frank Buckman. April 12 1955 This chart from Salk report shows how the mechanism of persistence of immunity appear when vaccination induces al teration in state of reactivity of the immunologic mechanism.for the first time in its history. voss. Mapping polio inoculation campaign. medical control officer at Chicago Board of Health. It reveals the effect of improvements that resulted from the experience gained since a year ago. epidemic coordinate for the National Foundation for infantile paralysis studies polio incidents chart for 1949. Thus. This chart from the Salk report showsthe degree of consistency and uniformity with which vaccine of satisfactory potency in terms of antibody measurements can be prepared.IMG00320702A This chart from the Salk report shows the degree of consistency and uniformity IMG00320703A This chart from Salk report shows how the mechanism of persistence of immunity IMG00320704A CHART ANTI-POLIO DRIVE IMG00320705A CHART SHOWS POLIO INCREASE IMG00320706A This Map released as part of the full report here today by the Poliomyelitis Evaluation Center at the University of Miehigan March of Dimes Posters IMG00320707A help. This Map released as part of the full report here today by the Poliomyelitis Evaluation Center at the University of Miehigan shows Salk Vaecine trial areas in the United States in 1954. Consulting with Buckman are Vernon b.whencontact with poliomyeli tis viruses cause rapid antibody formations and produces long-lasting immunity from Polio April 12 1955. points to chart showing that 62 per cent of polio year. the National Foundation is conducting anemergency drive. Dr. and nurse Mrs. June 6 1960 George P. Williams .

PRES OF THE CONTINENTAL BANK UNLOADS THE PLASTIC CONTAINERS OF MONEY FOR THE MARCH OF DIMES FROM THE ARMS OF COOK COUNTY TREAS. Cicero. Mothers' March Comr. Counting the collection made by the city Communities Division of the march of Dimes are. 6. call on the post master IMG00320709A March of Dimes kids for 1962. birth defects and arthritis. ILLINOIS Steven Rice. December 27 1963. Feb 9. 225 Touhy. March of Dimes. January 28. Headquarters meet to distribute the official 1964 march of dimes posters to loop stores for display. from left. 6. KORZEN WAS THE AREA CHAIRFOR THE NORTH-WEST SIDE OF CHICAGO. Mrs Lee Rodgers. Book Cty. Christine Thompson. chrmn. General Campaign Chrmn . Cindy Low Miller. 1963. 6. Mothers.IMG00320708A March of Dimes Kids. December 4 1961. 4405 8. Calling attention to Mothers' March tomorrow night:foreground: Dr Bryant Featherx. 7. DES PLAINES . stocker Jr. February 9. March in Marine city.000 plastic bubble banks. 1962. Korzen was an area chairman for the March of Dimes. Mrs Orlando W Wilson. Michael Evans. Frederick B. who will help raise funds in the January March of Dimes to help children crippled by polio. vice president of the bank and Tilden Cummings president. bernard J Korzen.cook country treasurer. IMG00320710A Calling attention to Mothers' March tomorrow night: IMG00320711A March of DimesCollection IMG00320712A Contribution to the March of Dimes. 1962.amidst the official mailing of more than 1. 1963 Mothers' March of Dimes.000 individual appeals for the 1961 March of Dimes to residents of Chicago and Oook County. December 27 1960.300. second vice president of the continental Bank. Contribution to the March of Dimes were delivered to the continental llinois National Bank and trust co today in 1. Bellwood. Harold Conley. Union Street Postmaster Carl Schroeder. . John E Miller . honorary chran.

honorary mother's March chairman steven is the son of Mrs. Kenneth Rico.IMG00320713A March of Dimes IMG00320714A Steven Rice IMG00320715A March of Dimes Kickoff IMG00320716A Fifteen battle. December 30 1960 SAM DICARL. With them is Mrs. Marching towards indianpolis in full battle gear. shows official his picture on poster used in the 1961 campaign. Herb Hollinger. the 1963 cook country March of Dimes poster boy. . circuit court clerk and a March of Dimes official. January 5 1956. RAYMOND OLSEN. Elrod is getting some coin collectors which the Young Democrats will distribute to loop stores.hardened Marines started from here yesterday 1/4 preparing for an all-out attack on polio IMG00320717A March of Dimes IMG00320718A MARCHING MOTHERS In sub -zero weather today. personnel manager. makes the first contribution. Boy Scouts leaving the March of Dimes headquarters with posters which they will put in loop store windows. MRS RICHARD J. Bruce Telfer (left) . EDMUND J. GOV GRWATER CHICAGO MOOSE LODGE. Wilson. 4503 s. DALEY. the Leathernecks will advance at the rate of 10 cents. vice president occa-cola botttling co. said is the firsttime in the 25-year history of the campaign that a poster child has been reappointed. November 27 1962 Richard J. of Chicago. while joseph Memahon. general campaign chairman. MRS. January 9 1962. president.hardened Marines started from here yesterday 1/4 preparing for an all-out attack on polio. FRONT SEAT MRS. William B. Steven Rice 8 . DON MCNEIL MYSTERY MARCHER.a-foot as contribution are made to the march of dimes. Young Democrats of Cook County. Elrod. model sylvia Becker wears a leotard at state and Madison to help launch this year's coinbox collection program of the March of Dimes .Haracz (left). Union. helps hold a huge coin box used for the occasion. orlando W. of Chicago. but prepared to camp out. January 3 1963 Fifteen battle. Coca Cola Bottling Co.

. Nannett Kohn. Ind. Meyer. the attractive coed will lead tens of thousands of teenage volunteers in New March of Dimes fund-raising campaign activities nextJanuary. pretty Joan Perry. who are holding soccer ball with John E Miller general campaign of the 1962 March of Dimes.Mason "dayne Lesko 5923 A Austin Ave. January 13 1961 Gretchen Chapin. l07th Pl. Whiting. December 30 1965 Bruce Duncan 11.IMG00320719A March of Dimes Soccer Benefit IMG00320720A Mothers March of Dimes IMG00320721A March of Dimes Drive Posters IMG00320722A March of Dimes IMG00320723A March of Dimes SULLIVAN. father and two brothers. Nashville Ave. DRIVER IS UNIDENTIFIED. Lake Forest. 1931 Lincoln Park West. December 30 1966 Up to her chin in 1961 New March of Dimes balloons. of Perth Amboy.Mrs.of The National Foundation.6104 S Mason "Joseph O'Ryan 6053 S Mason " Ronald Swanson 5934 S Major "Dennis Lucio 6016 S. Dahl. Ind. 18. of 109'30 So. In that job.TAP -. 2241 N.. co-chakrman of the Chicago Mothers' March. Mrs.. Diane Skundrich.Craig is telling Bruce that he has the poster upside down in the window of United Air Lines. Cleveland. Charles J. Arthur G.. Merrimac Ave. cochairman. of Troop 607. JANUARY 30 1958 Soceer stars Ed Murphy and paul Nadzikiewich hold umbrellas for "Polio Kids" steven Rice and cindy Miller . Craig Beardsley. N. Highland Park. Joan has been ringing doorbells on behalf of the health organization ever since a school . Barbara Penrod. ll. With her mother. of Troop 607. CO CHAIR OF THE MOTHERS MARCH. Talman. of 2123 W. 6314 N. January 29 1962 Sue Combs Jose ph Mularczyk 5906 W.Chicago Area Council Boy Scouts distributed posters as a "Good Turn" project for the March of Dimes. 5248 So. at Wabash and Monroe. Kathy Loewe. Gary.60 th street Robert Macejak . today was named national chairman of the Teen Age Program -. Lynne Spears.J.

Watching start are (L-R) Frank Stemm. The marathon will go from Carbondale to Springfield. stricken by polio seven years ago.Carbondale city manager Bill schmit.and Bradley U. & Jim Shepperd.Peoria and Pekin." Joan beganfreshman classes this week at Glassboro. Funds raised by volunteers will finance research. look on as coach Jim pollard. . cook country March of Dimes poster children. Rick DeAngelis. had her medical expensesmet by contributions to the March of Dimes. Andy Glasecki. March of Dimes. will also participate.George Mace.Ill. January 22 1962 The start of a 500 mile run to raise fundsfor the March of Dimes got under way with Paul Busse.Kankakee.Runners from he University of llinois. patient aid and professional education in fields of birth defects. State College. October 22 1961 Polio fund Drives.Kankakee Bloomington. arthritis and polio which compriseexpanded prog'ram of The National Foundation. September 14 1960. October 15 1971 Chicago packers stars Vern Hatton (left rear) and Bob Leonard (right rear) .by way of Mattoon. antographs souvenir ball for cindy Jane Miller (6) and steven Rice (7) .40 donated by customers at his saloon.IMG00320724A March of Dimes Donation IMG00320725A The start of a 500 mile run to raise funds IMG00320726A March of Dimes IMG00320727A March of Dimes chum. The cards are distributed by the Retail Liquor Dealers Ass'n.l0/17. A high school honor studentwho at graduation was named "most typical high school girl.(R)sprintingout of the Southern Illinois University Phi Kappa Tau fraternity house.l0/14. James Zingales proprietor of the Kentucky Liquors shown with March of Dimes cards filled with dimes totaling to $90. Max Waldron (in wheel chair) .The run will end at the Capitol.Champaign.

. January 1967 Steven Rice. 12. of 225 W. 81st Place Fastens. Colo. Sales manager of the La Salle Hotel to launch their January drive. December 31 1964. Mrs. putting final touches on polionik sign at the lodge are H. Witt (right) .3 is sponsoring the blastoff for its 1958 mothers march. Touhy. 18. of March of Dimes.". Boy alone. Mothers March Of Dimes "mystery woman" will close circuit switch to launch a giant fire works device Wednesday from somewhere in chicago. of Aurora. THEY LINE UP ON THE RUNWAY OF SAN JOSE'S MUNICIPAL AIRPORT TO HELP DRAMATIZE THE CURRENT MARCH OF DIMES CAMPAIGN. Greater Chicago Moose Lodge No. pins the first March of Dimes button on Mr. Member of the Zoning Board of Appeals and chairman of government Agencies Division. president of The NationalFoundation. December 19 1960 Meet Philip Dawson. Raymond Olsen. JANUARY 11 1956 Miss Donna Dill. Poster Child for the March of Dimes '67 Campaign. of Jamestown. of 4503 S.Y. 6. Micheal Stefanisin. Don K. Ill Emmett Hartnett. Judy is a freshman at the Universi ty of Colorado . They were appointed national coohairmen for the 1964 Teenage Program (TAP) of the March of Dimes by Basil O'Connor. Philip attends Miami Universi ty at Oxford Ohio . co-chairman of the .IMG00320728A MARCHING AGAINST POLIO IMG00320729A First March of Dimes button IMG00320730A March of Dimes Kids. DES PLAINS. 'l8. Miller.M. September 27 1963. and Judy Meyers. PHOTOGRAPHED FROM AN ARMY HELICOPTER. 6. Union Cindy Jane Miller. 4146 W. N. call on the Mayor IMG00320731A March of Dimes Teenage CoChairman IMG00320732A Boys Scouts Volunteer to hang signs for March Of Dimes IMG00320733A Moose To Launch a polonik SOME 500 OFFICERS AND MEN OF THE 637TH FIELD ARTILLERY BATTALION OF THE CALIFORNIA NATIONAL GUARD LINE UP TO DO THEIR BIT IN A FIGHT AGAINST ONE OF THE COUNTRY'S WORST ENEMIES-POLIO.

Hickey.IMG00320734A Distribution of March Of Dimes coin collector begins IMG00320735A March of Dimes. Henry Bartholomay III. January 6 1961 Mrs. 6. left to right) Wilma Van Ban Beveran. 225 Touhy Avenue. V. August 21 1959 Giant Invitation to come to the circus is extended by these three litle girls as they do a little clowning on the diving board in preparation for "A Night at the Circus" to be presented by the chicago polio Swim Club at Austin Town Hall pool. and postmaster Carl A. Schoeder. The girls.Joseph P. general campaign chairman Cindy Jane Miller. are (top. Doing their bit for pallo victims.. January 27 1958. 57th ct. age 6 of 4501 S. Maywood . McMahon. 308 6th ave. August 30 1956. cochairman of the mothers' march.. Driver top Herman ALKEMA 9550 s. 5. Coca Cola Bottling Company Steven Rice. during mother's March Pep Rally IMG00320736A Children polio bazar IMG00320737A Children Entertain For polio Fund IMG00320738A Corinne Ignarski mothers march. at 8 P.M. Bruce Telfer. 2. cicero: Beverly Schwartz. Augusta Blvd.. Lake St. DES PLAINES. ILL Mrs. Steven Rice. Union street . co-chairman of the Chicago mothers. Union. lllth Pl. chairman of lodge's community service committee. and Corinne Ignarski. Only American covered. 5610 W. 1322 S. 110th Pl.. Anthony Bahar. Youngsters whoop it up in back yard performance at independence . Chicago. 328 W. circuit court clerk The Coca Cola Bottling Company is loading up its first truck far delivery of the first coin collectors. Walter is being warned not to each too much candy as he stopped at Kenine's counter with all the suckers. January 30 1961 Walter Matthews Jr. Homar Avenue . 2635 W. P. Friday and Saturday.. Mo. who double as Hokey Pokey dancers in their own act. May 21 and 22 . May 21 1954 . James J. Kenine Speck . of 4503 S.Hulahooping atteacted 80 spectators and the children collected $73 for donation to polio fund. 49 W.

the National Poster Child for the 1962 New March ofDimes. 4 PRODUCES HIS NICKEL OR THREE KISSES. New Iberia. Wash. washington & Ashland IMG00320741A CANNED CRUSADER IMG00320742A Colorado March of Dimes poster boy IMG00320743A PRESIDENT AND POSTER GIRL IMG00320744A POSTER GIRL "AREN'T YOU A LITTLE YOUNG FOR THIS SORT OF THING? " ASKS 14-YEAR-OLD MARY JEANNE VEHAR. January 28 1958 EVEN SOPHISTICATED PARISIAN STROLLERS STOPPED TO OGLE WHEN THIS MODERN-DAY CRUSADER CLNKED AND CLANKED HIS WAY ACROSS THE OPERA SQUARE IN A UNIQUE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN MARKING THE OPENING OF AN ANTIPOLIO CRUSADE IN FRANCE. Jesse Ditson. La. Colline. elga Vargas. January 15 1971 President hennedy smiles at a little caller. Polk. 1244 W. to Denver to raise money for the march of Dimes. Rear Principal Mrs. ALTHOUGH THE FRENCH NORMALLY HAVE A WORD FOR ANYTHING . after being made an honorary Marine. colo. 3556 W. 1138 W. January 12 1962 This is fi ve-year-old Debbie Sue Brown of Clarkston.. Brunner. a victim of a serious open spine birth defect. BUT MARY JEANNE KEEPS HER PART OF THE SARGAIN BECAUSE IT'S ALL FOR CHARITY. THE SHINING KNIGHT USED A BANNER TO MAKE SURE HIS MESSAGE GOT ACROSS. North Shore. Marine staff sgt. Wash. salutes U. Joe Coco. Frances Karlsteen. Barry.. as the 1962 March of Dimes PosterGirl visits with his today in his White llouse office. 12. Carol Mihalovich. 6.. 234 W. Campbell. 1229 N. sgt coco and two other Marines walked 100 miles from Ft. 11. Debbie Sue. 5-year-old Debbie Sue Brown of Clarkston. Mrs. WHEN GEORGIA MYATT. . won out over hundreds of small children . sgt ..IMG00320739A MAKE IT THREE IMG00320740A Spaulding School for crippled children. Scott. 11 .S. 1/14. Olive P. FEBRUARY 25 1957 Colorado March of Dimes poster boy. AUGUST 22 1953 Linda Lisitza. Nefisa Lomaz . 11.

Wabash.. National Poster girl for for National Foundation of Infantile Paralysis. Michael Evand 7. Linda is the National Poster girl for 1961 New March of Dimes. Marlene Olson. 31 as "Mothers March on Polio Day. Jimmy has several pets at home. Linda was born with an open and water on the brain. are a cheerful twosome as they leave a plane at Midway Airport after flight from Omaha via united Air Lines. March of Dimes poster boy. of 4503 . call on the afflicted wi th birth defects. 6.. 6. Sandy and Lindy solomon. March of Dimes poster boy. o. of Columbu. the 1962 new March of Dimes National Poster Child who is here for a" Milk and cookie" party at the March of Dimes headQuarters. The girls. That seems to be the casas Jimmy Boggess. the Cook County March of Dimes Children. The girls are touring the country on behaf of the 1958 March of Dimes with their mother." January 24 1957. make sure her feling passenger stays put as she goes for a ride on her bicycle IMG00320747A polio Posters Twins IMG00320748A That seems to be the casas Jimmy Boggess. shown with Mayor Richard Delay he presented her with a proclamation declaring Jan. Two kids alone. 4. January 15. 37 S. their mother and their brother were stricken with polio within a single week in July 1953. hold doors open for Debbie Sue Brown 5. make sure her feling passenger stays put as she goes for a ride on her bicycle. arthritis or polio--health fields embraced by the program of the National Foundation March of Dimes October 18 1961. feeds a piece of cake a llama at the soo here 1/8. 4. 4. another operation was performed at the agr of 9 months for hydrocaphalus. 1962.IMG00320745A National poster child for the March of Dimes IMG00320746A Little Linda Breese. she was operated on when only one day old to close the spine. Little Linda Breese. Joseph Solomon. November 14 1960. Mrs. of Columbu. Steven Rice. December 11 1957. o. IMG00320749A Marlene Olson. National Poster girl for for National Foundation of Infantile IMG00320750A March of Dimes Kids . and Christine Thompson 6. January 9 1963. 4.

This-girl and boy. Altnough their pictures appear in all of the posters and literaturo of the"March of Dimes" campaign and the celebrations in honor of the President ' s birthday. . Ballons are released Wednesday on the First National Plaza by Bernard Wortham. throwing baseball. she also lost her braces. and defective bladder and Kidneys. April 2 1945 Linda Breese. 6. Tammy always has a ready smile. Calif. Linda. October 6 1969. represent the legion those who wear braces and the army that moves on crutches. of 225 R. has been selected 1970 March of Dimes Poifer"Soy. This Tennessee town has its own source of sunshine in Tammy Patterson. 1960 Marty Mim Black 8.mayor IMG00320751A March Of Dimes Poster Boy IMG00320752A Fight Infantile Paralysis IMG00320753A March of Dimes IMG00320754A This Tennessee town has its own source of sunshine in Tammy Patterson IMG00320755A March of Dimes Liftoff S. Marty was born without arms and with a hip defect which makes his left leg three inches shorter than his right. The ceremony marks the start of the mothers march campaign to raise funds for research to end birth defects and improve health of the newborn. despite the fact that she was born with an immature spine and rib cage. Son of Mr. featuredin this year 's "Fight Infantile Paralysis" campaign. not only lost her title at the start of the 1962 campaign. they remain the unknownGoldiers in the mobilization of millions of citizens. 9ohio) hospital. 5. December 19. in the drive to raise funde. September 25 1975. chicago 1976 March of Dimes Poster child. January 21 1962. Touhy. Union Cindy Jane Miller. 6 the 1976 March of Dimes National Poster Child. 6. is learning to walk un aided at a cumbus. and Mrs. Blonde and blue eyed. Willia:n Robert Mim Black of Santa Clara. Des Plaines looking over the proclamation that will be presented to the mayor. 1961 National poster child for the March of Dimes.

capt. 5. who served asthe 1972 poster child. BANK ' Nine-year-old Jamie Weaver. collins colo to Denver to raise money for the March Of Dimes. The three Marines walked 100mile from Pt. of Oak Brook. turned over the tiny crown to the new poster child. gets a kiss for luck from Carmen bonesa.attending meeting prior to the January opening of the March of Dimes campaign. 1/14.old National Poster Child for the March of Dimes.Washington. October 2 1972.Ind. Tom Kingry.Carmen Donesa.. & the ot is tickled pink especially by mustachioed Ben.S. blue-eyed Paula Pfeifer.of Ft. Bentley and staff sgt. is greeted by Lions International President. October 21 1971 (L to R) U. Marty Mim Mack.which continues through the month of January. Oakland Raider football stars Daryle Lamonica(L)& Ben Davidson plant ig kiss on cheek of March of Dimes Poster Child. charles S. . Bentley and staff sgt.S. Blonde. The change will remain in effect for the duration of the charity's fund drive. capt. Carmen. Tom Kingry. of Tulsa.Carmen is touring. January 13 1970.8.IMG00320756A Small Pay in Big Dime Change IMG00320757A New Posters Girl Takes Over IMG00320758A Oakland Raider football stars Daryle Lamonica(L)& Ben Davidson plant ig kiss on cheek of March of Dimes Poster Child IMG00320759A (L to R) U. of Ft. KENNETH SAINS DEPUTY ~MAYOR ROBERT SAMUALS CHAIRMAN OF THEEXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FOR THE MARCH OF DIMES AND RICHARD THOMASE OF THE FIRSR NATL. 9. replaces New York's Times Square sign with "Dimes Square" Tuesday. January 14 1971. left. charles S. Wayne Ind. Joe Coco end their 100-mile walk at the colorado state capitol IMG00320760A KENNETH SAINS DEPUTY ~MAYOR ROBERT SAMUALS CHAIRMAN OF THE IMG00320761A National Poster Child for the March of Dimes. Joe Coco end their 100-mile walk at the colorado state capitol and greet march of Dimes poster boy Jesse Ditson 6. Marines staff sgt..Wayne. Marines staff sgt. of Spokane..the U.Okla.S. 1975 National Poster Child for the March of Dimes. eight--yeare. as Paula takes over as the National March ofDimes Poster Child at ceremonies in Newton Monday. Johnny Balbo.

There are 94 men and care in the district. near calumet xway IMG00320767A New Safety Patrol Cars IMG00320768A Illinois State Police It's monthly inspection time at District 9 headquarter of the illinois state police south of springfield.) John Tremble. (l. Detective from cook country and Sheriff's police and state police. February 11 1976 Police officers looking at car where body of man was found in the trunk. IMG00320763A Murder IMG00320764A New State Police Cars IMG00320765A Illinois state Police trooper Jim Aggertt. Jerry Raupp and Tom . July 28 1972 Fourth of July motorists will be reminded to drive safely by huge speedometers and safety slogans on new state highway patrol cars. near Algonquin. April 14 1959. and each trooper car is given a through check by superior officers. May 1972 . July 3 1963 Illinois State Police. Illinois state Police trooper Jim Aggertt. looking for clues in the grass where body was found on Barrington Rd. checks out the vehicle and their drivers. owners of the agency are shown with the new cars. director of public works and buildings. Ill. ill. Francis S.. Willard Hebron.Koconis at 160 N. 1830 W. Jess Kawell and James Walker.IMG00320762A It's monthly inspection time at District 9 headquarter of the illinois state police south of springfield. John Waterloo. Jacksonville IMG00320766A Joe orr Rd. La Salle. displays his new Bicentennial striped red and blue patrol car. At each inspection even the Troopers are carefully scanned. Even the motors must be in perfect working order. and spolessly clean. just off Joe orr Rd. June 26 1966 The first five of 38 police cars bought by the state from the Kawell-walker Ford agency. Lorenz. and west of calumet xway police are from East Chicago Heights and stats. Jacksonville . February 17 1961. chicago . are ready for duty on Illinois highways. one of four specially marked autos. to r. The cars will be used for patrol operation and are available throughout 1976 for activities in connection with the Bicentennial celebratien.

new station with up-to-minute equipment to snare criminals. public Health Service. and Harlem ave IMG00320771A The polio. Margaret zimmerman. motorcycle cop. July 19 1962.000 shots an hour compared with 150 an hour by the conventional syrings. Morton Andelman of . Dr. O. 2026 W James. 8. wife of an assitant trainer.IMG00320769A Illinois State Highway Police IMG00320770A 1.Philip Guinto. 4 yrs. August 9 1962 Paul Carl Becker 1416 W. state highway police at Irving Park blvd. August 18 1961. radio operator of station WQPC. May 12 1960 Dorothy Thornton. andelman said gun will be used here during the june anti-polio campaign. April 9 1937. Loomis.. May 24 1961 Ursula Zaworski age 7 of 5200 e. Device can give up to 1. O. May 15 1962 Robert Jaroch. to r. and Harlem ave. November 7 1961 1.H. state highway police at Irving Park blvd. T. On loan from the U. radio operator of station WQPC. Chicago's health commissioner. IMG00320772A polio shots IMG00320773A IMG00320774A Polio Shots Anti-Polio shots IMG00320775A The youngster was receiving a free Polio shot IMG00320776A polio Jet Inoculator IMG00320777A Polio Shots Time Cpl. Samuel L. took him to Arlington Park Hospital. 7188 W. Screams when administered the shot by Dr. to r. after all. Eelmont31/2 yrs old Rides bike intotrriler to Tet shots Dr. on Mrs. Makley. Andelman Chicago health. The youngster was receiving a free Polio shot from a member of the Lake County Board of Health and the sight of that needle created the fear reflected on her pretty face. Kelley Jr. Irving PK answering two phones at the same time. old of 1059 W.S. Little Tommy Kelley III withdrew in distress at sight of the hypodermic needle held by nurse virginia Toler when Mrs.H. Andelman. W. giving answers and information to callers who are seeking information from the dept. Stanley Bajda of the Illinois State Highway Police. Makley. new polio vaccine jet injector gun is tried out by Dr. But the polio moculation wasn't so bad. Samuel L. Fry Keo the being held by Gene Hartz.

ST. DR CARL DALLAGO GIVES THE SHOT.IMG00320778A His 8-mon th-old daughter . Pix shows James Martin of 6600 So. CAMIN WHO IS ADMINISTERING THE POLIO SHOT WITH THE NEW JET GUN. What is going through the mind of 9month -old David Funderburg when he gets his first polio shot? Richard Zacharias of the Idaho Daily statesman caught the enigmatic expression just as the doctor inserted the needle. DR. February 20 1957 His 8-mon th-old daughter . AUGUST 12 1961 LEONARD MATLIN PAST COMMANDER J. Wilmot school. Samuel L.V. looks on bug-eyed as Robert Jensen of nearby Fulda gets a polio shot IMG00320779A wide eyed and waiting IMG00320780A polio shots IMG00320781A Lake Country Kids get polio shots IMG00320782A POLIO INCULATIONS IMG00320783A POLIO SHOTS IMG00320784A Inoculations the Health Dept. Wood Street holding his struggling son little Jimmie 4 as he gets his polio shot from Dr. July 8 1960 Bobby Keiser. September 4 1959. 7.LEAVITT ST. NORMAN ROSENTBAL 6 YRS OLD 7402 DAVIS. APRIL 9 1961 Timmy Goddcase. Fenny. receives no sympathy as he gets a polio shot at Rosedale Park Saturday.ILL. 4. of 6916 W . Idaho.jensen was one of 3.W. looks on bug-eyed as Robert Jensen of nearby Fulda gets a polio shot. commissioner of theBoard of Heklth Also assisting is Chief Victor Patch. DONALD CROVER 3 YRS OLD HER SON. MORTON GROVE. Mrs. jensen took the needle with a smile.Ald. April 18 1955 MRS JOAN CROVER . August 17 1960.244 adults and children who visited the armory here this week during a mass inoculation drive this week. 28 YEAR OLD 3221 N. Birchwood. David is held by his mother. Fenny. Navy Recruiting Supervisor. Andelman. POST 700 HOLDS. ALAN J. David Funderburg of Boise. Joseph Zieff gives one of the ward's youngsters inoculation during free-shot clinicin the park. Harry Belt (41st) watches as Dr.Derpite his baby's concers. June 23 .

Just back from Youth Conference on Polio Vaccination in New York. August 29 1957.. Brian . 9 of 279 W. Bruce Alesi 11 year old son of Mr.. July 21 1985. is suffering from a new set of debuliting symptoms. October 4 1946. Dr. Dr. 3. Milan V. Mrs. whose crippling polio attack six years ago was blamed on faulty anti-polio vaccine. she uses a cane and wears shoulders and leg braces. Herman N. June 20 1961. yesterday after a jury awarded $600. who had pilo when she was 9. park Supervisor. left poses with her son. that pool was closed because of near wpidemic of polio. in front of the City Hall. teen-agers' watch . of 1313 W. BundAsn. Watching the demonstration. 16. June 27 1961 Robert Simon. 618 W. Chicago low number of polio cases this year is demonstrated by these two pictures. 11. cityboard of health president. of 1829 S. Commissioner chicago board of Health. is Alan A. as he lies in the iron lung of a mobile field service unit built by the National Foundation for infantile paralysis to help fight the disease. May . ofMolina. Scott. Norman M. Rich of New York. 15. confer with Dr. and Mrs Daniel Alesi 3091 N elbridge Ave. who supervise construction of the unit for the foundation. Charles Mitlevic Jr. Throop. l9th. Samuel Andelman. Last year (below) William Mitchell. Novak . Theodore Hubbard of the Illinois Research Hospital and Nurse Joyce Jenkerson attend Ronald Hayes. andMary Bouschka.000 to the boy.IMG00320785A Jet Gun Polio Shots IMG00320786A Chicago low number of polio cases this year is demonstrated by these two pictures IMG00320787A infantile paralysis to help fight the disease IMG00320788A BOY WINS SUIT IN VACCINE CASE IMG00320789A Roberta simon. post polio syndrome victim IMG00320790A polio Gain 1962 Dr. Locust was told by Al Ward . president of the Tuberculosis. this year pool is filled with splashing youngsters. taken exactly a year apart stanton park swimming pool.

In case polio strikes. 5033 Harding dir ect the campaien. particularly their hands. quick action may prevent crippling. July 18 1951. August 22 1952. at Chicago Board of Health. Citizens of this west Texas oil and ranch town are shown dumping trash to be burned. Hands should be scrubbed before eating and flies and other insects kept away from food. today in their battle against an outbreak of polio. polio fatalities for 1952 total 24 . Volunterr workers manned trucks that hauled more than 500 loads of trash to be destroyin ditches dur by buldozers. is 7-vearvoid. and (right) do not become overtired or your doctor or the National Foundation for infantile paralysis immeditely. If child develops a combination of the following symptons. Hover. headache.'This is the Albany Park Community. Block Capt William Poper. August 22 1952. September 7 1957 A record 369 polio cases have been reported this year in chicago. compared with 142 cases for the same period last year. December 3 1951 Cleanliness helps to ward off all disease. Blocks 1-5-6 Rather than go to a social pionio Sunday these O C D workers plowed thru their alleys cleaning up Giant Ragweed and other filth that had . . a physician should beealled immediately: Sore throat. make certain that your children wash themselves thoroughly. sign of soreness in limbs orbeich Posing as patient for Nurse Bernice. the board of health discloses.Bundesen use charts and map to compare a 1957 incidence of only'9 casesof polio with 999 cases reported for similar period in 1956. June 23 1947 In guardling against polio. . nausea.IMG00320791A Detect polio symptoms IMG00320792A Polio Cleanup Drive IMG00320793A infantile paralysis IMG00320794A In guardling against polio IMG00320795A Detect Polio Symptoms IMG00320796A O C D Cleans up to prevent polio Dr. Richard Monsk 8.

Demands for the scares preventative were renewed 8/28 when word was received of the . THE MIRACLE MEDICINE FROM HUMAN BLOOD. Zane 3. Churches. August 22 1943 Teacher Sister Mary Scholastica watches Dr.IMG00320797A Safeguard Against Polio IMG00320798A Dr. Stacy 3d 5. SOME 35. July 11 1953 GAMMA GLOBULIN. JULY 11 1953 Rubbing the tender Spots where they received inculations of gamma globulin. September 5 1945.000 CHILDREN. LIONEL DICHTER PREPARES TO INJECT HIS SON WITH A SHOT OF GAMMA GLOBULIN. spray DDT insecticide overclassroom of the St. Cook County health director. police and civic organizations joined forces yesterday to help health authorities. September 20 1954. and Gerry.George IMG00320799A FIRST PREVENTATIVE AGAINST THE DISEASE IMG00320800A FATHERS KNOS BEST IMG00320801A WE'RE GLAD THAT'S OVER IMG00320802A Parents parade in front of the New York city Board of Health demanding gamma globulin for their children acoumulated during the summer months. inoculates his youngest son. Christopher school in Midlothian. three children of Mrs. AT TOP IN THE LABORATORY OF PITMAN. inoculates his youngest son. MAY 1953 BRUCH DICHTER .7.632 children andexcectant mothers was ordered following discovery of four cases of polio in the area. RANGING FROM INFANTS TO NINEYEARS OLDS.with Gamma Globulin morning as the largest antipolio mass inoculation in the united states got under way. IND. Stacy Kencil. Lionel Dichter. DR.3. Dr. THE SECOND IS THE FIRST TEST TO DIAGNOSE POLIO QUICKLY. Word of the mass innoculations was passed by clergymen in the emergency. "RUBBERNECKS " TO CATCH A GLIMPSE OF THE GOINGSON BEHIND HIM AS HIS FATHER. Piszczek. E war A. Lionel Dichter.MOORE COMPANY AT ZIONSVILLE. Parents parade in front of the New York city Board of Health demanding gamma globulin for their children.George.7 leave an innoculation center here after a mass Innoculation of 1.

and Eileen Carey. Dr. LOOK APPREHENSIVELY AT SYRINGES TO BE USED IN "OPERATION LOLLIPOP". Ala. AND CHRISTINE BASS 6. The Chicago Board of Health threw all ofits workers into a house-to-house fight against polio 8/2 in the hardest hit area of Chicago the West-side. HERE . 2037 W James. inoculates eight children of the G.000 children under 10 years old shots of precious gamma globulin. CARLETON. Archibald Hoyne. inoculation stations this morning as polio fighters-began giving some 30. . June 30 1953. Part of the block line that formed at one of 18 Montgomeny. Workers went from door-to-door informing people of mobile incoulation units set up on street cornera. 8. Rita Freberg. August 2 1956 Volunteers prepare for a 1954 fleid test of the first effective polio Vaccine. takes it with a smile but looking on is John giglio. This is the first attempt to halt an outbreak of infartile paralysis with mass inoculations of the serum. (holding the boy) Michael Kapitanek. OF MARQUETTE. Walter Witek. Klawans. 4315 S Wolcott. 5 getting shot from Dr. August 28 1953. April 25 1955. TEN THOUSANDS MARQUETTE COUNTRY CHILDREN WILL RECEIVE GAMMA GLOBULIN SHOTS IN FLIGHT AGAINST POLIO EPIDEMIC. December 11 1991.nursesJeanette Vann. Trip family with free Salk vaccinee. AUGUST 22 1953. LOOK APPREHENSIVELY AT SYRINGES TO BE USED IN "OPERATION LOLLIPOP" IMG00320804A WAITING FOR POLIO SHOTS IMG00320805A The Chicago Board of Health threw all of IMG00320806A IMG00320807A polio Vaccine polio Shots IMG00320808A polio shots IMG00320809A IMG00320810A IMG00320811A Polio shots given to kids Polio shots Richard Nosalski at polio Shots third police case at a Brooklyn day camp. 8. 6. 8. Erwin Klein.IMG00320803A CARLETON. 2543 W 47th st. OF MARQUETTE. May 12. 8. 1960 William Gunderson 6 yrs.left. Harold L. in rear . Nurse Mrs. Roger. he is not in favor of it. May 12 1960 Richard Nosalski. 6 yrs. assisted by. the Dr. Here. AND CHRISTINE BASS 6.

stevens company is the first state st. Milan V. A .FIVE TIMES THE AMOUNT AT THE SAME TIME LAST YEAR AND FREE POLIO SHOTS WERE ORDERED MADE AVALABLE BY PUBLIC HEALTH COMMISSIONER HERMAN BUNDESEN. 3 July 23 1957 Dr. Meade Ave. florian kupczyk engine co. 8. administers the polio shots . Adeline Kupczyk. John W. 1960 After making his contribution to the March of Dimes. 4801 S Wolcott. ALMOST A BLOCK LONE. Novemberak President of . IS SHOWN OUTSIDE A PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE EMERGENCY POLIO VACCINATION CENTER HERE 7/16. Mrs. managing director of the state street council.000. Dr. gets the first of his three salk antipolio shots.000 potential victime before the deaease reaches its annual peak in two-weeks. August 5 1956. executive vice president of chas. The 1956 total is 4 times greater than previous high here in 1952. A LINE OF PARENTS AND CHILDREN. IS SHOWN OUTSIDE A PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE EMERGENCY POLIO VACCINATION CENTER IMG00320816A Fireman & families get polio shots Jet Gun polio Shots IMG00320817A May 12. already undd for polio inoculations here. ALMOST A BLOCK LONE. already undd for polio inoculations here IMG00320815A A LINE OF PARENTS AND CHILDREN. looks on.. Sullivan. are processed at Cook County hospital 8/3 in preparation for re use. Dipping a rackful of syringes into detergent is hospital attendant Dorothy Jacobs. holding . is girding to inoculate year old employes. May 12 1960 Syringes. Son. store to inaugurate a vaccination program among its 20. Sheldon. Timothy. Harold P. 4524 N. JULY 16 1956 Dr. Note than 670.000 persons have beenincoulated to date. April 22 1957. fireman 1/c.IMG00320812A First of Three IMG00320813A Vicki Jackowiak at polio Shots IMG00320814A Syringes. The City. 2 patricia. stricken with 516cases. CHICAGO HAS RECORDED 169 CASES OF POLIO SO FAR THIS YEAR. Vicki Jackowiak. Edward Buchman administers the inoculation as Thomas H. stevens & co. Knorr.

This building is the headquarters for the salk polio vaccine report evulation which has been carried on for a year on the univ.4. Surgeon Gen. Geiger places guarantine label on cutter Labs.C. HUGE STAILESS STEEL TANKS HOLD THE STRAINS OF VACCINE. Salk polio vaccine . Geiger places guarantine label on cutter Labs IMG00320820A Part Of the Battle Against Polio IMG00320821A Mimi Bearmaa. of Mich campus by Dr. APRIL 6 1956 City Health Director Dr. Mimi Bearmaa.Mimi wasone of the first children in the area to get her shot. research associate of Dr. watches Leroy Hall process monkey kidneys for use in vaccine preperation. Dr. Bazeley. Salk in the anti. Jonna E. P.registers alarm as she receives shot of Ealk polio vaccine IMG00320822A This building is the headquarters for the salk polio vaccine report evulation which has been carried on for a year on the univ the Tuberculosis Brucep Alesi 11 Year Old son of Mr and Mrs Daniel Alesi '' 3091 N. A TECHNICIAN DOES HIS PART IN THE BATTLE AGAINST POLIO AS HE OVERSEES THE COMBINING OF SINGLE STRAINS OF VACCINE TO MAKE THREESTRAIN SALK VACCINE WHICH PROTECTS AGAINST THE THREE-TYPES OF POLIO. Bruce was alset to get hurt when he got the shot and the picture shows him as he got it but an instant later he was all smiles because it didn't hurt. Elbridge Ave. April 10 1955. . In Washington U. J.C. Commissioner Chicago Board of HealthShown giving a shot to Bruce with the new Jet Gun. April 11 1955. April 13 1955.Most 1st and 2nd grade pupils in the St.S.IMG00320818A A PART OF THE BATTLE IMG00320819A City Health Director Dr. which was to be administered to school children. The monkey kidneys provide a nesting place for polio virus until ready for mixture in the vaccine. J.4.registers alarm as she receives shot of Ealk polio vaccine.Louis areawill be experiencing similar distress in the next few days to come. April 27 1955.polio vaccine program at the university of pittsburgh. Dr. Thomas Francis for the National Polio Foundation. here commencing 5/2.L. Samuel Andelman. June 20 1961.


IMG00320827A polio shots given to Kids IMG00320828A The is a close-up of the 113 page report on the Salk polio vaccine IMG00320829A VIRUS SUSPENDED IMG00320830A the medical. The one-year-old cuties. July 23 1956. Nurse is Miss Garramoni. APRIL 8 1955.& Co. institute of death. LIVE. holding the boy.immunization for polio . Summed up it is safe.a major supplier of polio vacine. Mich. Huron. Solores ploetz.April 12 1955.The little vial contains 1 complete . HERE PARKE-DAVIS HAS BEEN A MAJOR SUPPLIER OF THE VACCINE TO THE NATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR INFANTILE PARAYLYSIS AND EXPECTS TO GO INTO COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION AROUND MAY 1ST. then pooled and stored until safety and potency of each lot has been tested. April 13 1955 The is a close-up of the 113 page report on the Salk polio vaccine. APRIL 8 1955 Little Gina Rene Nolan finds her second Salk antipolio shot as scary as the disease itself. Eddie. . This is what the medical. daughter of Richard Nolans of Danville. Nurse Mrs Rita Freberg. Nurse Mrs. of 1321 W. April 12 1955.effective. and the entire world has been waiting for. giving the shot. DAVIS & CO. pharmaceutical. CONCENTRATED VIRUS SUSPENSION IS ASPIRATED UNDER ASOEPTIC CONDITIONS FROM PROPAGATION BOTTLES INTO LARGE POOLING BOTTLES FOR PROCESSING INTO FINISHED POLIO VACCINE AT THE LABORATORIES OF PARKE. 10 gatting his shot. pharmaceutical. polio Vaccine is drawn from the pooling tank. background. into large storage bottles at the specially built laboratory at Rochester. Park.and potent from 80-905 effective in preventing paralytic polio. Three strains of poliomyelitis virus are grown separately . and the entire world has been waiting IMG00320831A POLIO VACCINE PRODUCTION IMG00320832A POLIO HURTS first shot to Roberta Pardon 3.stand ready to shop commercial vacine as soon as it is licensed by Nat.Da vis . .

June 9 1947 . he contracted polio in October.Ill. as staff sergeant. A SPASTIC PATIENT FROM CHAPEL HILL. MARCH 4 1954. Chicago--came through 3 years and 3 months of combat in Europe with the Army Field Artillery without a scratch. 1909 Berwyn Avenue. 1946. Dick is switchboard installer for Western Electric co. NORTH CAROLINA.Beals. COMB OR WHATEVER ARTICLE THE PATIENT WANTS TO USE. can scarcely move his head. November 5 1948 Richard Kiefer. and Mrs. GEORGIA . Greta spofford lower Tommy Meath into a Hubbard tank for warm bath and physiotherapy Tommy can't move any of his limbs. is only one at the maar children from all over illinois who are being helped at the clinic after being stricken with infantile paralysis. FORK. 111 West Washington St. AMONG ASPECI AL LINE OF ORTHOPEDIC APPL I ANCES PRODUCED BY THE DUKE HOSPI TAL BRACE AND INSTRUMENT SHOP IS A "MECHANICAL FEEDER " DEVELOPED AT THE WARM SPRINGS. left and Mrs. IMG00320836A Dick practices muscle toning sculling exercises on back with help of supporting water. Ill. polio victim Famela . FOUNDATION FOR INFANTILE PARALYSIS MRS. but after discharge April. Division office. He is now fighting to regain complete use of his legs. 24. the three-year-old daughter of Mr. October 1952. MAY 29 1956 Therapists Carol A. CONSISTING OF A STEEL ELBOW ON A STAND WHICH RAISES THE FOREARM. BETTY JOAN SUDDARD. DEMONSTRATES THE FEEDER. llle. Vernon Rockhold of Salem. Pamela.IMG00320833A GETS BATH IMG00320834A MECHANICAL FEEDER DEVELOPED FOR PATIENTS IMG00320835A infantile paralysis. got her initial vaccine injection a month ago...Rockhold takea her first steps at the Sister Kenny Clinic in contralia. AND A STEEL WRIST AND HAND BRACE WHICH KEEPS THE ARM STRAIGHT AND PROVIDES A HOOK FOR THE SPOON. Learning to walk again.under the supervision of Technician Ethel Burns.

24. of Minnesota medical school she-Memonstrated her technique in no trace of crippled muscles. This is not the Kenny treatment and it is merely a segment of total polio treatment. January 25 1942. October 2 1952 A Mayo staff physician steered Sister (Australian title for nurse) Kenny Minneapolis in 1940. physical therapist. a limb that couldn't move in the dry air is able to do so under water. Tommy is about to be placed in hydro-therapy tank at Micheal Reese for treatment. The buoyancy permits t hat. June 26 1946 Richard Kiefer. 6. . virginia Fitch. The polio victims are treated underwater until their muscles are strong enough to move in dry air. War Veteran and polio victim. She is shown exercising his leg muscles. Suzanne Bemis. 1909 Berwyn Avenue. physical theropist. Michigan. 8 . Therefore. January 25 1942. Chicago.IMG00320837A Polio IMG00320838A A Mayo staff physician steered Sister (Australian title for nurse) Kenny Minneapolis in 1940 IMG00320839A Polio treatment strip IMG00320840A Richard Kiefer and Dick Chins IMG00320841A Sister Kenny reports six out of to patients who begin her treatment within two weeks of onset recover within six weeks Halen Lindau. Johnny receives treatment from the physical therapist. John Rak. She carefully guides first movements to restore nerve paths from brain to muscle. Dick Chins himself on bar. Lafling. of 845 N. .physical therapist Once lowered into the water. Swirling water gradually restores use of muscles and stimulates nerves. of 4619 S. With co-operation of the University.Hot applications and exercise are the basis of her method. with assistance of buoyant effect of deep water. June 9 1947 Sister Kenny reports six out of to patients who begin her treatment within two weeks of onset recover within six weeks. Word of remarkable recoveriseg brought scores of patients whom she treats usually without charge. The reason these under water treatments are given is that water removes the weight of the limb. Tom Harrigan.

They were separted from test tube culture in university of california virus laboratory bt Drs. July 14 1946 MISS JOAN SMITH. IMG00320845A A little girl begins rebuliding muscles through exercise under the watchful eye of a hospital physical therapist IMG00320846A PURE HUMAN POLIO VIRUS IMG00320847A Polio Viruses John Rak . Backrach and Carlton E.'The hoist is moved to the pool by a trolley'. Howard L. ONCE A POLIO PATIENT HERSELF. July 18 1951. Center: Back home again. Treatment of apolio victim usually is started in ahospital and continued in the home after the patient's release. the youngster continue her exercise. Judy Wolf of Freeport. NOVEMBER 12 1953 The first phot ever taken of Polio Viruses. LEFT: A little girl begins rebuliding muscles through exercise under the watchful eye of a hospital physical therapist. OCTOBER 8 1948. it was taken through a powerful electron nucroscope in 1953 . Laflin Dr. of 4619 S. Leo Weinstein. AND NOW IS A PHYSIOTHERAPIST AT THE HOSPITAL. January 16 1958. Easch sperical object in photo is an individual virus of human infabtile paralysis. Schwerdt. NEW YORK CITY. 6.a polio victim. GIVES MUSCLE EXERCISE TREATMENT TO A YOUNG POLIO VICTIM AT THE HOSPITAL FOR SPECIAL SURGERY. orthopedic resident at Micheal Reese After having been transferred from the cart to a hydraulic hoist. Looking on is 'Janet Wolters who is in charge of the rehabilitation and research at the Respiratory enter.IMG00320842A Polio treatment strip IMG00320843A AIDS POLIO VICTIMS IMG00320844A Polio Rehhabiltation press conf. MISS SMITH RECOVERED COMPLETELY FROM EXTENSIVE PARALYSIS. about a millionth of an inch in diameter. STRICKEN NINE YEARS AGO WHEN SHE WAS 15 . Johnny is s trapped in by his doctor. A rod fastened across a closet door makes an excellent chinning bar. Ille. Right : A hospital therapist visits the home and teaches the mother how to carry on with the treatment.Uses the typewriter as she edits for the Ward paper.

NOVEMBER 5 1953 Magnified 77. MAGNIFIED 77. JANUARY 10 1987. Group of frinds and co-workers got together in the cold of the weekend IMG00320850A Lineup of first and se-ond graders at Kit Carson school in San Diego fir first Salk polio inoculations The nation's first commercial supply of salk polio vaccine is loaded aboard plane by David Manson of American Airlines IMG00320851A IMG00320852A IMG00322957A Polio John Supico. THIS AUTHENTICATED PICTURE OF AN ISOLATED POLIMYELITIS VIRUS WAS AMONG SEVERAL SHOWN AT A MEETING HERE FOR THE FIRST TIME BY DR. 27. TAYLOR . patterson. mo 617 W. which manufactured it. Jonas Salke by Dr. this is a photo of an isolated polio virus the terror now on the run thanks to the vaccine developed by Dr. HE MADE THE PRESENTATION IN CONNECTION WITH A PAPER HE RAD BEFORE THE ELEVENTH ANNUAL MEETING OF THE ELECTON MICROSCOPE SOCIETY OF AMERICA. Mrs clifford Kingery and baby Micheal . DAVIS AND COMPANY IN DETROIT. Within two weeks the firs t of some 57. Jones of Pitman Moore Co. RESEARCH VIROLOGIST AT THE PARKE. R. July 27 1956 John Supico. Taylor .000.000 diameters. Jonas SalkeThe serum has proven to be 80-90 per cen t efficitive.000 TIMES. the magnification is about 90.W. Mericle.000 times.IMG00320848A CLOSE UP OF A KILLER IMG00320849A this is a photo of an isolated polio virus the terror now on the run thanks to the vaccine developed by Dr. WHO HAS SEEN SNOW. Lineup of first and se-ond graders at Kit Carson school in San Diego fir first Salk polio inoculations. and boyfriend STEVE LESNICK IN THE SNOW IN GRANT PARK. The nation's first commercial supply of salk polio vaccine is loaded aboard plane by David Manson of American Airlines and M. VICKI.000children will start receiving inoculations. 6. January 6 1969. A. a reseacher. for shipment south west and East.R. As reproduced here. IMG00324294A SNOW IMG00324295A Group of frinds and co-workers . sign directs them to polio clinic for shots. A. BUILT HER FIRST (MINIATURE) SNOWMAN.

IMG00324296A A snow shoveler does his thing to clear the sidewalk as wellbundled Chicagoans line IMG00324297A Weather IMG00324298A SNOW IMG00324299A Snow IMG00324300A Ryan Szynkarek. and snow just for the kids. winter. 6. the wind. Keisha Coleman. 3. and South Water St. heads for the hild for a slide. A snow shoveler does his thing to clear the sidewalk as well-bundled Chicagoans line up for a CTA bus at Michigan Ave. (left) and his older brother Matt.. JANUARY 2 1985. its now.. and who cares about the cold.. this guy cleans the snow from steps. December 15 1987. February 10 1988. Making a way out. February 6 1983. 3.. DeROBBIO.. Its the day after Christmas. Keith Coleman. Snow news is good news to Ryan Szynkarek. (left) and his older brother Matt. and Eric Mitchell on their way home after frolicing in the park. . December 28 1983. Linda Schieble takes advantage of the situation a cross country skids through Lincoln Park at the Lagoon. 6. CLEANS WINDSHEILD @ NORTH DEARBO PARKWAY. this guy cleans the snow from steps IMG00324301A IMG00324302A Snow IMG00324303A As "Old Man Winter" painted the Washington Park landscape this lone person weather to play an end of the season game of touch football. January 30 1984. February 5 1983. as they played in snowy Elk Grove Village Tues.. Jeff Tuzik 4yrs and father Bob the adult kids and the little ones. January 8 1984. December 26 1988. as they played in snowy Elk Grove Village Making a way out. and here are the smileof joy. Its a family affair: wife: Marjorie Synakiewicz.. As "Old Man Winter" painted the Washington Park landscape this lone person was either out enjoying it or taking a short cut to someplace. Wednesday morning. The threat of 6-8 inches of snow this evening has some people quakeing in their boots at the thought of rush hour and snow removal Yeat to some the blanketed hush of freshly fallen snow means a wonderful oppertunity to enjoy mom nature herself. L to R Dionne Mitchell. chicago style.

. nothing beats a sled ride down Cricket Hill near Lake Michigan. Mar 3 1975. Mar 3 1975. Firefighters Dennis O'Shea and James Gaughan shovel snow from under the car of Jorry and Janet Schroeder of Maywood. Sign welcomes folks to O'Hare airport as autos lay stranded in storms make this morning. between Ohio and Dalaware. April 2 1975.. Here they shovel snow from the seats while the field remains covered from the record snowfall last .. workmen are still digging snow out of Wrigley Field Monday. folks the blowing snow and wind for footing. I90-Lake st. Snow storm. Michigan ave. April 2 1975. Hand power was used by some motorist who returned to their autos as they dug out this morning. Snow blowet. More than an inch of snow greeted students and commuters in the suburbs Tuesday morning. December 6 1983.Firemen were ordered to help stranded motorists to keep the roads clear for emergency vehicles. For these North Side children.January 26 1967. blinded by the cloudsof swirling snow. These autos were trying to leave the airport for Chicago.. January 10 1987. April 7 1975. Getting her car leared of snow after working all night at the hospitial... April 3 1975. Although the Cubs are scheduled to open their season Thursday. North Side children IMG00324307A Snow storm IMG00324308A Stranded autos IMG00324309A IMG00324310A Snow storm-Chigo area Snow storms IMG00324311A Stranded sutos IMG00324312A Snow IMG00324313A IMG00324314A Snow Snow storm IMG00324315A Firemen help motorists IMG00324316A The Cubs are scheduled to open their season Thursday. 2 semi's are being towed off the road and another is off to the side. April 3 1975. They are from Engine Co. November 25 1975. I. Snow hit the city during rush hour which backed up expressway traffic and doubled driving time for many commuters. Makes his way up State St.IMG00324304A IMG00324305A IMG00324306A Snow Snow blowet. extension. workmen are still digging snow out of Wrigley Field Monday. Snow storm-Chigo area.

With O'Hare Airport closed by the storm. and a three foot wide puddle made as the wall melts. April 3 1975.all your shoes. The pedestrians south Michigan Avenue had to contend with a two foot wall of snow made by passing with a two foot wall of snow made by passing snow. Carl Swisher. April 7 1975. April 9 . as a joke or course. Rich Morales and Jose Cardenal IMG00324318A Weather features IMG00324319A Snowel out for opening day IMG00324320A Shovel out for opening day IMG00324321A Slushy weather IMG00324322A Mountains of snow in this shopping center parking lot are a great place to play Weather Pix IMG00324323A IMG00324324A Slushy weather IMG00324325A IMG00324326A IMG00324327A Snow blowing Loop workers caught in snow storm O'Hare Airport closed by the storm. April 12 1975. these travelers also closed their . "God put it there.. He says melting has been going well. One false step and it is all over. Workmen were still shoveling snow from the seats Monday in the Wrigley Field grandstand. Mar 3 1975. In short. April 4 1975." he hopes. November 11 1975. April 8 1975. courts while the remnants of last weeks snow storm are still on the ground. Old man uses snow blower during big out. Tennis players play the game on Waveland ave. it all spells trouble for the carless jumper. Head groundskeeper Roy " Cotton " Bogren stands hopefully near home plate.. Rich Morales (background) and Jose Cardenal shovel snow in the bleachers. April 7 1975. 11. Cicero. and he's going to have to take it away. The Cubs late Monday postponed the opener until Thrusday... Mike Ae he ski's down the street on the icy street. Steve Corradi. Step lively inorder to get through the slush as the mountains of snow melt and run off into the sewers. Loop workers caught in snow storm. and the playing field remains coated with inches of the white stuff. April 4 1975. April 3 1975.IMG00324317A Carl Swisher. these travelers also Wednesday. Mountains of snow in this shopping center parking lot are a great place to play when you're on Spring break. pants and coat.

Hamlin. in Lincoln Park. covered by snow and banked by drifts. Traffic in the westbound lanes. but it was hard to top the story about the one at rand Rd. looks as intensely cold weather. 9. was stopped by a stalled car eyes. and a very icy slow one. at left in picture. Park Ridge. at left in picture. This one is at the home of Freddie Shafer. A car. was stopped by a stalled car. April 9 1975. 409 N. Winds up to 40 miles an hour created drifts like this throughout the Chicago area. Shot from the Mannheim overpass looking west on the O'Hare extension of the JFK. Looking south on Stockton Dr.closed their eyes IMG00324328A Cubs Workers IMG00324329A Weather IMG00324330A Snow storm IMG00324331A Looking north at about 57th in Western Ave.. The traffic to the airport was not moving. already having its own difficult time. in Lincoln Park. Rich Morales. December 4 1964 The 3000 block of Emerald: a cordon of bushel baskets "captained" by a coal bucket. covered by snow IMG00324336A Traffic in the westbound lanes. Feb 1 1965. Everyone had his own traffic snarl to talk about Thursday. The windswept scene is near cold as Chicagoans feel while outdoors in the current the Army radar site at Montrose Harbor. and Central. Arrow shows how westbound motorists then swung into lanes for eastbound traffic. . Telephoto Lense shot of cars backed up on the Ohio Street Exit at Orleans with man (NO Name) shoveling snow on Ohio street. Feb 26 1965. The normal three lanes into O'Hare International Airport were cut down to One. April 3 1975. during a snow blizzard early this morning A cordon of bushel baskets "captained" by a coal bucket IMG00324332A IMG00324333A IMG00324334A The traffic to the airport was not moving IMG00324335A A car. Feb 1 1965. Mount Prospect. December 8 1964. Pix shows looking south on Stockton Dr. Jose Cardenal and Steve Swisher take time out of their workout to give the ground crew a hand in removing some of the snow.. during a snow blizzard early this morning.Feb 2 1965. Looking north at about 57th in Western Ave. feb 25 1965. Feb 25 1965.

With snow and ice packed at the curbs of most Chicago side streets. Feb 25 1965. DEC 4 1964. Ochio Street. when they must drive their . David Wilford registers typical disgust ofChicago motorists in their futile battletoday with the wind and snow. PAMELA KERBER 10 YRS OLD. These are various instances that were repeated along the Northwest Tollway and the Kennedy Expressway showing cars that went out of control and into deep snow. Frank Masla. avaible parking spaces there are almost as rare as hitching posts. Feb 25 1965. some householders have cleared the curbsidein front of their homes and. relegions statues are capped with freshly fallen snow in the display yard of the Tuscany Studio at 163-65 W.December 4 1964. this auto is hemmed in from all sides with snow on Elston at Cortez. JILL PAULSON 4YRS OLD.IMG00324337A Bird baths. December 4 1964. Huge job of removing snow from Soldier field will be continued thru the night till game time so that the field and stands will be in shape it's a huge job as you can see.SHOVEL THE WALK ALONG FOSTER AVE. Tri-State expressway at Broadway exit. December 4 1964. Sally Loewenthal getting a push from her daughter Betty & 2 men who stopped to help get car out of a snow bank. IMG00324346A IMG00324347A With snow and ice packed at the curbs of most Chicago side streets Bird baths. A truck and two cars are bogged down in the snow at the Cumberland exit of the Kennedy Expressway. digging out. relegions statues are capped with freshly fallen snow in the display yard IMG00324338A Soldier field IMG00324339A JILL PAULSON. Here is one of the reasons that makes it difficult for the snow removal equipment to do their job. Kennedy Expressway showing cars that went out of control and into deep snow. stalled vehicles on right. JUDY YANK 9 YRS OLD. Frank Masla. December 2 1964. Feb 25 1965. This snow sweeping job took place at Kinzie and State. To assure themselves of spaces. December 4 1964. IMG00324342A IMG00324343A IMG00324344A Weather IMG00324345A Tri-State expressway at Broadway exit. PAMELA KERBER AND JUDY YANK IMG00324340A Making No Headway IMG00324341A A truck and two cars are bogged down in the snow Sally Loewenthal getting a push from her daughter Betty & 2 men who stopped to help get car out of a snow bank. digging out. Mar 17 1965.

If you think the people who own thosesnow-covered cars drove them to theTides Motel. but visibility was only about a block. PARK RIDGE. December 8 1964. montrose and Cicero. Kentucky and Tennessee as well." January 26 1965. Two more casualties of the storm. leave variousobjects in the spaces to "reserve" them. December 8 1964. HEAVY SNOWFALL DUSRUPTED THE EARLY MORNING RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC.. Man steps out of a car to examine the cause of this traffic jam." and he replied. MAR 17 1965. Pedestrians cross the street in the snow storm headed for work. Feb 26 1965. City street dividers protect cleared space in 900 block of W. Mar 17 1965. CARS STUCK IN HEAVY SNOW DRIFTS BLOCK THE ENTRANCE RAMP TO THE KENNEDY EXPRESSWAY AT CUMBERLAND AVE. but through southern Illinois.. December 4 1964..IMG00324348A Weather IMG00324349A Opportunity Of the Day IMG00324350A Two more casualties of the storm. December 2 1964. abandoned in a ditch on Route 12 Lake Zurich and Wauconda. Stall car at cicero and Peterson. Feb 25 1965. 31st St. Snowfalls of 2 to 7 inches were expected Thursday from the Ohio Valley into lower Michigan. "I wouldn't go that way. City street Stall car at cicero and Peterson IMG00324351A IMG00324352A IMG00324353A CARS STUCK IN HEAVY SNOW DRIFTS BLOCK THE ENTRANCE RAMP TO THE KENNEDY EXPRESSWAY IMG00324354A Weather and Traffic Jams IMG00324355A Pedestrians wait for bus IMG00324356A Here is one fellow who likes this weather IMG00324357A Chair "holds" invisible guard to cars away. today in response to the news announced onthis sign-you're wrong. "wha' happen up there. The winter blast was part of a broad storm. 5235 Sheridan Rd. Hazardous driving conditions prevailed not only where snow was still falling. Chair "holds" invisible guard to keep .This is a violation of the city code. mar 17 1965. Pedestrians wait for bus at the corner of Montrose and cicero in the snow storm. The photographer who took this picture was asked.

. December 8 1964. West wind was blowing 30 miles an hour at the time.keep the trespassers away IMG00324358A Crossing guard Even the salt truck got stuck. Pedestrians crossing Congress and Michigan during the heavy snow storm this morning. This was at 130th St. 51st St. closed because. over snow at curb. Looking north at Ohio & Outer Dr. . helps Karen Gallagher. January 26 1965. Crossing guard. December 4 1964. December 4 1964. Long lines at bus stops were common sights Friday. and Calumet Expressway. Pix shows loading docks at 14th and Jafferson covered with snow that gives you an impression that it decorated with christmas wreaths. and Calumet Expressway Weather IMG00324359A IMG00324360A IMG00324361A Weather IMG00324362A Snow swirls across windswept Q'Hare Airport IMG00324363A IMG00324364A Weather Bad Roads Weather IMG00324365A Please No Parking IMG00324366A Long lines at bus stops IMG00324367A Calumet Expressway IMG00324368A Wind-blown snow IMG00324369A Weather IMG00324370A Weather the trespassers away. Feb 25 1965. This lineup is at 63d and Kedzie. This was at 130th St. Feb 23 1965. Feb 25 1965. jan 26 1965. Even the salt truck got stuck. showing snow drift formed by wind blowing from the Lake. Your Co-operation Will Be Appreciated. some who drove wish they hadn't. This Area Cleared for Personal Use. Marge Norton. December 4 1964. On Calumet Expressway at 103d. Wind-blown snow just about makes University of Chicago students invisible as they cross the Midway to classes. December 4 1964. Midway and Meigs airports also were closed. of the weather." December 8 1964. Sign in 2900 block of Lowe says: "Please No Parking . Lone Pedestrian waits in snow storm for bus. December 3 1964. . December 4 1964. 6. Nov 21 1964. 829 W. Snow swirls across windswept Q'Hare Airport. Snow Loader cleaning up the loading areawith American Airlines plane in background. Trucker and work to free the big truckfrom a snow bank at Elmhurst Road and Road.

Walter Werner of Aspen "jumps" his SKF Ski Daddler snowmobile during the obstacle event at the first annual snowmobile regatta held here recently. Ski-Doo Sports has designed knitted caps. January 16 1976. More than 400 spectators witnessed the event held at Snowmass-at-Aspen. loses control of his snowmoble coming out of a turn during the first heat of the day. Snowmobiling is truly a sport the whole family can enjoy as these enthusiasts demonstrate. Snowmobiling comfort in winter cold calls for protection from the wind . Charles Kacin snowmobiling at Chick Evans golf course at golf and harms where the forest preserve permits snowmobiling when there is 4 inches of snow on the ground. Snowmoble drivers making hurried checks of their vehicals while awaiting their turn at the starting line for the obstacle course run.000 acres upon completion. January 28 1978. . aboard a new lightweight Ski-Doo Elan snowmobile. N. Feb 9 1967. . In the foreground towing a sleigh introduced by Kiekhaefer Mercury for 1970.IMG00324371A IMG00324372A Weather Snowmobiles are a way of life in the North Woods IMG00324373A Snowmobiling IMG00324374A TAKES TUMBLE IMG00324375A Walter Werner of Aspen "jumps" his SKF Ski Daddler snowmobile IMG00324376A snowmobiles IMG00324377A Snowmobiling IMG00324378A Snowmobiling IMG00324379A LAST MINUTE CHECKS Scene in the parking lot at O'Hare field with the snow on the cars. Mar 5 1965. both for recreation and every-day living. West Fargo. Ronald Hennen. he machine in the rear is a 25-hp electric start model.D. are available in several wrap-around shapes. December 29 1970.. Over hill and dale. No one was injured. which also add valuable protection. Snowmobiles are a way of life in the North Woods. October 28 1976. . is a 25-hp electric start model with direct reverse. a new recreation area that will cover 10. exploring whitecoated wonderlands. January 16 1969. Feb 24 1985. January 16 1969. Goggles. and for those who want more than the suit hood.

Driverless snowmobile leaps snowbank and crashes through fence and into crowd of spectators today at World's Championship Snowmobile Derby at .IMG00324380A BY GEORGE LAZARUS IMG00324381A OFF TO AN ICEY START IMG00324382A Snowmobiles Children try to keep warm as they watch the race Snowmobiles IMG00324383A IMG00324384A IMG00324385A SNOWMOBILES IMG00324386A DASHING THROUGH THE SNOW IMG00324387A Snowmobiles IMG00324388A Snowmobile IMG00324389A FATAL SNOWMOBILE ACCIDENT Two leading outboard motor makers think there's a future in business on the land aswell as on the water. which is supposed to do everything on snow that a boat can do on water. Feb 8 1971. SNOWMOBILES LINE UP FOR A HILL CLIMB RACE AT SAYNER. WIS. January 18 1970. January 24 1976. January 20 1969 Anything goes when it comes to keeping warm whether you're spectator or a participant. Snowmobile Race Saturday morning heading for the finish line six hours away with its $20.000 of the track driven ski sleds in use in the United States and the sport is growing every year. There are some 1. The seventh annual TC250 snowmobilerace is being held here today with fifty machines competing for prize money and a trophy.000 in cold cash. Both Johnson Motors and Evinrude Motors recently introduced their versions of a snow vehicle. The start of the race was hampered by an accident on the first lap with one driver being sent to the hospital. DEC 19 1965. A couple of snowmobilers follow a path that is close to the Fox River.800. Feb 8 1974. Mar 11 1985. Children try to keep warm as they watch the race from the frozen sidelines. These 50 sledsrodared across the starting line of the International 500 Km. Feb 9 Anything goes when it comes to keeping warm whether you're a spectator or a participant. Snowmobilers pilot their machines on a trail on a sunny winter day in Wisconsin.

October 18. near Des Plaines. it's a Mercury Sno Twister in the lead -.a pretty common sight on the 1974-75 snowmobileracing circuit. Cross country action sends the snow flying as these helmeted racers put their '71 T'NTs through their paces. Six-year-old Kris Peterson of Minneapolis was fatally injured and at least four adults were hospitalized. Powered by Kohler free air engines. Coming out of a turn at Eagle River. Machine number One is Roger Griner of Interlochen Michigan who holds the TC 250 track record of 70.the three- . Feb 20 1975. Wis.5 average mph on . December 15 1973.. Feb 8 1971. Fifty big snowmobiles start the International 500 mile Snowmobile Race with a roar. between Rand and River Rds. January 1973. Feb 10 1979. 121 finish the 172-mile first leg of the race 1/20. jan 20 1976. Note the new aerodynamically-shaped cowl and windshield. Sno-Twisters racked up an outstanding record this season. Snowmobiles rip across the frozen lake. Snowmobiling proves to be a real gas-user at Cook Country Forest Preserve's Hintz Tract on Golf Rd. January 23 1972. Intelligent handling of snowmobiles coupled with proper dress (including helmet) can help to reduce injuries. December 10 1972.. Of the 385 starting machines. Start of the second annual TC 250 with fifty of the midwestis fastest Snowmobiles. kicking up ice chips and zooming through morning mist Saturday (2/10).IMG00324390A Snowmobile IMG00324391A Snowmobile Race IMG00324392A Snowmobile Race IMG00324393A Snowmobile IMG00324394A Winter features IMG00324395A Snowmobiling IMG00324396A Snowmobile racing IMG00324397A Snowmobile race IMG00324398A Snowmobiles Eagle River. Anything goes when it comes to keeping warm whether you're a spectator or a participant. One flight of snowmobiles takes off from here 1/19 for the start of the 500mile endurance race to Winnipeg.

January 1976. along the canoe route. Yvon Duhamel.IMG00324399A LOSE IN "DUST" IMG00324400A Snowmobiles Race IMG00324401A Snowmobile Assoc. The Ely. Larry Rugland. 1.Montreal. presedent of Bombardier Corp. Larry Rugland. January 1976. in 32-degree below-zero weather. ) LeRoy Lindblad. Snowmobile Assoc. LeRoy Lindblad. Bombardier Snowmobile Racing Team. Shown alongside the van which totes their Ski-Doo and Moto-Ski racing snowmobileson the SnoPro circuit are the stars of Team Bombardier: (1. to r. Wis.. distribution subsidiary for Bombardier Limited. January 1976. S. Bombardier Snowmobile Racing Team. )racing center. racing director. is coordinator of the company's factory racing activities. and Larry Rugland. tracked 42-miles 1/9 to Grand Marais. . Minn. Minn. Mike Trapp. January 11 1965. The snowmobiles are pictured here nearing a portage on the trail. . the world's largest snowmobile marathon. both Eagle River World Champions and (standing. last year's USSA Pro Driver of the Year. Que . ) Mike Trapp and Yvon Duhamel. December 1971. Le Roy Lindblad. Warren Daoust (center). ) Yvon Duhamel. 1. The finish of a Rhinelander-Eagle River snowmobile race. to r. Bombardier factory racing team and its new Ski-Doo T'NT RV and Moto-Ski Sonic SnoPro sleds: (seated.. Today's activities will determine starting positions for tomorrows "Hodag 50". U. December 1 1968. January 1976. LeRoy . Leaders leave others behind in trail of snow flurries today as one section of time sprints begins at Rhinelander. Mike Trapp. He's shown with Team Bombardier members Mike Trapp (left) and Larry Rugland at Virginia (Minn. The 38 brave travelers took a route to Knife Lake. IMG00324402A IMG00324403A Snowmobile Race Bombardier Snowmobile Racing Team Bombardier Snowmobile Racing Team Shown alongside the van which totes their Ski-Doo and Moto-Ski racing snowmobiles IMG00324404A IMG00324405A quarter mile circuit. Yvon Duhamel. to r. January 16 1970.

. Minn. The start finish line of the three-quarter mile banked track is locatedat the grandstand/press box on the leftcenter of the photo. He is competing on the SnoPro circuit on Moto-Ski and Ski-Doo sleds.Larry Rugland. Bombardier snowmobile racing director. twice World Champion. Mike Trapp. . Jan 1976. and Larry Rugland. . Virginia. Sometimes you miss. Virginia. 1975 USSA Pro Driver of the Year. 1975 Pro Driver of the Year. Mike Trapp. . The facility was built exclusively for snowmobile racing. One contestant grabsfor flag during a special race. Woodruff. Babcock won tha race in a hard snowstorm. Left to right are Yvon Duhamel. world speed record holder and former World Champion. is seeking his second straight season point championship on the manufacturer's snowmobile racing circuit. Minn. Feb 28 1966. . Larry Rugland of Team Bombardier. Minn.Woodruff. Govs. Jan 1976. Gov. Minn.IMG00324406A Snowmobile Racing Team IMG00324407A Larry Rugland of Team Bombardier and Team Bombardier's Mike Trapp IMG00324408A Cliff Hansen and Montana IMG00324409A Snowmobiles IMG00324410A Snowmobile racing Lindblad. The parking area (only half shown ) gives credence to the many thousands on hand for the second annual TC 250 in Traverse City Michigan. . Wis. December 1971. Cliff Hansen of Wyoming a (L) and Tim Babcock of Montana (R) tear off from the starting line as the 2 race on snowmobiles. Que. The pit overpass bridge can be seen just above the grandstand. Wis. Montreal. Jan 1976. Virginia. Virginia. Members of the star-studded Bombardier Snowmobile Racing Team are shown with two of their sleek SnoPro sleds as they eye new laurels on the manufacturers' circuit. Team Bombardier's Mike Trapp (above) holds two world snowmobile racing championships. and LeRoy Lindblad. racing director . .

Decker was not seriously hurt in the accident. also of Marquette. Machine on the left is Earl Girard of Mount Clemens Michigan. in color) on the NBC Television Network. takes a header as he was thrown off his snowmobile racer today during open competition at World's Championship Snowmobile Derby at Eagle River. N. Feb 27 1965. sharp 1/23 with 325 machines takingPart.. Wis. Wis. TWO RACERS IN THE WOODS AT LAST YEAR'S SNOWMOBILE MARATHON. Drivers and their snowmobiles get a quick start today during qualifing heat for the Mod IV class at the World's Championship Snowmobile Derby at Eagle River." International "500" Snowmobile Race. from Winnipeg to St.Y. Minn. collected nearly $8. the best weather yet in the history of the eight year old race. jan 20 1973. Roger Koski. Wis. Snowmobiling is viewed as probably the most dangerous sport known to man in a filmed report NBC News' "First Tuesday"will carry in its April 7 edition (9-11 p. Three Lakes. Race will up 1/26 with the winner . The championship finals will be held Sunday. March 13 1970. bested a large field of contestants to win national honors. December 1971. NYT. January 21 1973.IMG00324411A Snowmobile Racing IMG00324412A SNOWMOBILE IMG00324413A Snowmobilers IMG00324414A Top Snowmobiler over all champion and winner IMG00324415A HEADSTAND IMG00324416A FAST START IMG00324417A International "500" Snowmobile Race. Wis. The machine pictured on the right with driver Roger Oberstar of Marquette Michigan. JAN 10 1970. got underway at 9:00 A.000 for his first place finish. The temperature was an ideal 19-degrees. Top Snowmobiler over all champion and winner of Argosy Trophy.M.. George Genzler. "They're off. Here a group of snowmobilers are shown at the starting line of a race in Malone. Mike Decker of Marshfield. managed to finish second in the first running of the TC 250.m. Paul.

Minn. N.. Minn.. November 29 1977. Two snowmobilers put their machines back on their heels 1/28 to negotiate a jump in Suzuki's Snocross Race that was part of the Saint Paul Winter Carnival at Phalen Park. Jim Hovda. Feb 11 1973. Minn. Thomson was the winner. Paul. Jan 23 1973. a member of the Minnesota Para Rescue Unit. jan 9 1973.. April 1970. carmen Johnson. of St. Paul Winter Cernival. left. Just ride the steed side saddle. Minn. Paul. MINN IMG00324420A THEY"RE OFF IMG00324421A FAST POWER SLEDS IMG00324422A LOOKING FOR TROUBLE IMG00324423A Snowmobiles Racing IMG00324424A BATTLE AT THE START officially opening the St. and went on to win the head in Class E (440).. (left) took the lead at this point over Zuki Wrobel. Dave Tnomson (40) of Thief River Falls.IMG00324418A KING OF THE HILL IMG00324419A ST. today during the 25-mile feature race at the InternationalPro-Am Snowmobile Championships at the Wisconsin State Fair Park track at Milwaukee. Mass of snowmobile and drivers take off for three-mile race today at the Wisconsin State Fair Park track at Milwaukee during qualifying heat of International Pro-Am Snowmobile Championships. Feb 12 1973. Sunday afternoon battle at the takeoff of the 25 mile race. PAUL. . The snowmobile race was won by Larry Rugland of Roseau. Competitors in the Eastern United Srates Pro Snowmobile Championship held in in Syracuse. watches the pack of leaders down the straightaway while stragglers stream up behind him Sunday of the International Pro/Am Championships. of St. wearing helmet at left. zooms past Robert Fastman of Rouseau. Y. this new 1978 Olympique 3404 snowmobile by Ski-Doo shows why snowmobiling can be so much fun. Minn. Closed course races for stock and modified machines are held at Minocqua's Lakeland Highschool. Riding the side of the hill.

Wis. returns to his crippled racing snowmobile after being involved in a pileup during the main event of todays LeMans International Pro/Am Snowmobile Championships at Milwaukee. Wis..99 each. Charles Lofton (1) of Thief River Falls. Jan 20 1969. Snowbound in J.November 24 1971. this spectator has a vantage point above the high snowbanks along a pection of the track. and Stan Hayes (20) of Crandon... after he was thrown from his machine today during a Snow Pro event at World's Championship Snowmobile Derby at Eagle River.. Snowmobile racers get a fast start as they receive the flag today at the Hodag snowmobile races at Rhinelander. C. Feb 10 1974. Manhandler is $699. Wis.. Jan 20 1974. Wayne Konitzer (15) of Oconto. Fuel shortages will not prevent some 800 participants from running their high powered machiners during the three day event.99 and boots and mittens $9. Jan 11 1974. Reclining on the top of a truck camper. suits $29. Minn. The other drivers are Sam Sessions (54) of Wyoming. Minn. Mich.IMG00324425A CRIPPLED SNOWMOBILE IMG00324426A ENDURANCE RACE BATTLE IMG00324427A DANGEROUS POSITION IMG00324428A SPEED ON SNOW IMG00324429A Reclining on the top of a truck camper IMG00324430A Snowmobile IMG00324431A Snowmobile Feb 17 1974. Feb 11 1974. battle for the lead midway in the 25-mile endurance race yesterday at the Lemans International Pro/Am Snowmobile Championship in Mihaukee. couple wears matching one-piece suits and boots.99. Penney's Manhandler snowmobile. Minn. and Donald Omdahl of Roseau. Snowmobile racers are tightly bunched as they enter the first turn during a champion ship heat on the Mod I I class at the World's Championship . Snowmobile drivers avoid Larry Colton of Thief River Falls. Sizes are available to fit tots and teens as well as adults. Wis.

Okla. holds rain water on a hill after a heavy storm. 6 and 7 are printable. Wis. Hays farm. Laura Green working in the kitchen of Sogni Dorati doing first person storyon Sheet #2 some of the frames fogged and appear light on the contact sheet. but frmaes 5. Laura Green working in the kitchen of Sogni Dorati doing first person storyon Sheet #2 some of the frames fogged and appear light on the contact sheets but frmaes 5. explains soil conservation to three young students at the camp. retired from the Soil Conservation Service and now on the staff of Camp Yamhill. 6 and 7 are printable. Laura Green working in the kitchen of Sogni Dorati doing first person story on Sheet #2 some of the frames fogged and appear light on the contact sheets 6 and 7 are printable. Tofil B.. May 3 1970.IMG00324432A Laura Green working in the kitchen of Sogni Dorati IMG00324433A Laura Green working in the kitchen of Sogni Dorati IMG00324434A Sogni Dorati IMG00324435A Laura Green working in the kitchen of Sogni Dorati IMG00324436A Sogni Dorati IMG00324437A Soil conservation IMG00324438A IMG00324439A Contour plowing on the Glenn O. but frmaes 5. a church camp 50 miles from portland. 6 and 7 are printable. Feb 27 1982. Jan 22 1973. May 2 1982 Laura Green working in the kitchen of Sogni Dorati doing first person story on Sheet #2 some of the frames fogged and appear light on the contact sheet. Feb 27 1982. June 6 1946. Killdare. These students are each spending a week at the camp in an "outdoor ed" program practiced in three Oregon counties. Laura Green working in the kitchen of Sogni Dorati doing first person storyon Sheet #2 some of the frames fogged and appear light on the contact sheet but frmaes 5. Their teachers here are ecology experts. Contour plowing on the Glenn O.. Feb 27 1982. Feb 27 1982. 6 and 7 are printable. Kosmicki plows with a one-way . Kosmicki Snowmobile Derby Sunday at Eagle River. Ore. Hays farm Tofil B. Nicholas (center).


C-M windbreak on R.H. Reimers farm


Planted in 1939 on a farm north of Alliance,


Soil conservation


Strip cropping and contour farming on the Farley Henkes farm


Albert Stuhr farm



disk plow leaving wheat stubble on the surface, preventing soil blowing. June 6 1946. C-M windbreak on R.H. Reimers farm six miles NE of Ogallala, Nebr., showing wide spacing between rows to facilitate cultivation and pleasing effect of curved rows on corners. jul 14 1948. Planted in 1939 on a farm north of Alliance, Neb., this shelterbelt serves as a snow trap in winter. It conserves moisture and helps prevent blocking of roads and drivewats by snow. April 13 1955. A by-product of the soil conservation Program in Illinois is this body of water on the Orville Durham farm in Macon County, shown during a midsummer drought. The concrete dam with notch 21/2 by 9 feet and 10-foot apron impounds the water runoff in a deep gully. The earth fill is 130 feet long. The pond, which covers about one-fourth acre, is stocked with fish. Mar 28 1940. Strip cropping and contour farming on the Farley Henkes farm, Farmersburg, Iowa, show how farmers throughout the United States are controlling crosion and stroring fertility in the soil for future use. Feb 16 1940. This 10-row, 5/8-mile long shelterbelt, planted in 1940, combines field and farmstead protection on the Albert Stuhr farm near. April 13 1955. TWO OF THE SOIL CONSERVATION METHODS USED TO SAFEGUARD THE FORMER DUST BOWL AREA ARE ILLUSTRATED HERE. SORGHUMSTUBBLE ACTS AS A WINDBREAK, BINDS. SOIL IN A TEXAS FlELD, WILL LATER BE MULCHED INTO THE TOPSOIL. THE OTHER PHOTO, OF AN OKLAHOMA TERRACE, SHOWS HOW FURROWSPLANTED AROUND CURVE OF HILLSIDE, WITH CHANNELS LEVEL, CATCH AND HOLD STORM WATER. FEB 9 1951.


Soil Conservation


Conservation plan to restore much Illinois land







Before root plowing and rangeland seeding brought tall grass back to the 100, 000-acre Briscoe Ranch, it took 50acres of the oldwasteland to support a steer. Today, just a few months later, rancher Dolph Briscoe estimates it will take only five acres to support a steer. Conservation plan to restore much Illinois land, like this rough, eroded section, to raising trees under a new "Busy Acres in Illionis Program." The project will be started Thursday, October. 5 with distribution of a booklet on tree farming, to 75,000 owners of 10 acres or more of woodland in Illinois' 102 counties. Copies may be obtained after the release date from the Illinois Forest Industries Committee, Room 715, 59 E. Van Buren, Chicago 5, Ill. October 2 1961. ON THIS SLOPE WHERE EVERY RAIN WOULD WASH DOWN LOAN FROM THE TILLED FIELD ABOVE, TREES WILL BE PLANTED AS A BARRIER IN THESE TERRACED CHANNELS ON A STEEP NORTH HILLDIDE OF THE LEONARD BROWN FARM IN THE STATE OF WASHINGTON. THE TERRACES WERE MADE WITH A SPECIALLY CONSTRUCTED GANG PLOW, TRACTOR DRAWN, AND WERE FINISHED WITH A GRADER. FEB 1 1936. THESE POWER SEED STRIPPERS OPERATING ON THE UNBROKEN PLAINS OF HARTLEY COUNTY, TEXAS, ARE GATHERING GRAMA GRASS SEED TO BE USED IN SEEDING CULTIVATED LANDS WHICH WOULD BE TURNED BACK TO NATIVE GRASS UNDER THE SOIL CONSERVATION ACT, AS AMENDED TO SUCCEED THE A.A.A., NOW PENDING IN CONGRESS. FEB 1 1936. THIS TEXAS FIELD IN THE "DUST BOWL" IS BEING TURNED BACK INTO PASTURE LAND, GRAMA GRASS AND SWEET CLOVER WILL BE SOWN THIS SPRING. THIS SUDAN CROP IN SPACED ROWS


Soil Conservation


Across the sprawling plains of South Texas this scene is making soil conservation history








This is the "sorry land" of South

HAS BEEN PLANTED TO GIVE A PROTECTIVE COVER FOR THE SOIL WHILE THE YOUNG GRASS AND CLOVER TAKE ROOT. FEB 1936. This giant plow--the 12-foot wide root plow--has proved to be the "equalizer" to the problem of ridding South Texas of its brushinfested "sorry land. " Mounted on crawler tractors this specially designed plow bites into the baked rangeland to a depth of 18inches to sever the brush roots, turn and loosen the soil and dump the uprooted brush behind to die. Across the sprawling plains of South Texas this scene is making soil conservation history. In one operation the giant tractors --normally used for highway building and big earthmoving jobs--knock down the brush with their dozer blades; kill the brush and plow deep into the earth, and plant the grass seed that will return South Texas to the rich cattle producing rangeland it once was. HELICOPTERS EQUIPPED TO CARRY 200 POUND LOADS OF RYE GRASS SEED, ARE RACING AGAINST THE WINTER RAINS TO SEED THE BLACKENED HILLS OF THE MALIBU FIRE DISASTER AREA.JAN 7 1957. William A. Herring ton, Normal, farm management expert (left), and Ernest D. Lawrence, McLean County farm leader, inspect concrete dam that stopped a gulley on the Lawrence farm near Danvers, Ill. Feb 8 1945. This concrete flume along Route 82 near Geneseo, Ill., was photographed in the act of conducting runoff surface water, after a heavy rain from a field. Grass waterways brought the runoff from the field to the road. This type of structure is recommended by soil conservationists to control gullies. June 5 1944. This is the "sorry land" of South Texas.


Conservationists estimate that 25 to 30-million acres of once rich rangeland has turned into a wasteland that can only support one steer for every 50 acres. Thisscene depicts the tremendous and long-standing problem that has faced South Texas ranchers. IN THE SPRING OF 1937 (TOP PHOTO) FLOYD S. MOON OF PRATT, KAN., TENDS A YOUNG TREE. BOTTOM PICTURE, TAKEN JUNE 9, 1944, MR. MOON GAZES AT SAME TREE HE HOED IN 1937. THE TREES ARE CHINESE ELM, WITH PINE AND CEDARS IN FOREGROUND. PINE WERE PLANTED IN '37 AND CEDARS AT A LATER DATE. MOON COOPERATED WITH SOIL CONSERVATION SERVICE. IN COMBATING RAVAGES OF STORMS IN DUST BOWL AREA. JUL 7 1944.




IMG00324459A IMG00324460A IMG00324461A IMG00324462A

Soil Conservation Soil Conservation




University of Illinois and the United States Soil Conservation Service

Soil Conservation. Soil Conservation. ON THIS HILLSIDE IN MUSKINGUM COUNTRY, OHIO, STRIP PLANTING PREVENTS THE WASHING AWAY OF SOIL WHICH, UNCONSERVED, WOULD WASH STEADILY INTO THE VALLY. FEB 1 1936. As a means of counteracting the erosion of Illinois soil, several score farmers of McLean County established, with the aid of the University of Illinois and the United States Soil Conservation Service, a project designed to restore the "fat of the land." Clarence Wykoff (top), one of the co-operating farmers, plows under soybeans. The organic matter acts as a sponge in the soil, absorbing water which would otherwise run off, causing erosion. Blow is shown one of the deep gullies formed where steep land was left bare and unprotected from erosion. Feb 24 1940.










In summer, shelterbelts like this onealong a road and around a farm

"FROM DUST THOU ATR TO DUST RETURNEST" IS A BOGEY-MAN PHRASE AS FAR AS THE U.S. SOIL CONSERVATION SERVICE IS CONCERNED. IT'S BEEN THE DUTY OF THE SERVICE TO REDEEM DUST BOWL LAND, AND THIS SERIES OF PICTURES SHOWN WHAT HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED IN THAT ARID AREA. TOP PHOTO SHOWS SAND DUNE NEAR GUYMON, OXLA. WHERE DUST STORMS DEVASTATED A PRODUCTIVE FARM AREA. BOTTOM: A FINE CROP OF WHEAT COVERS THE ONCE BARREN ACRES. JUL 7 1944. THIS PHOTO, MADE IN AUGUST, 1937, SHOWS THE EARLY STAGES OF REHABILITATION OF THE DUST BOWL THROUGH THE SHELTER BELT PROJECT WHICH HAS RESTORED FERTILITY TO VAST AREAS RUINED BY SOIL EROSION AND DUST STORMS OF THE MIDDLE THIRTIES. JUL 4 1944. TOP PICTURE SHOWS WHAT WIND AND DUST DID TO AN AREA AROUND GUYMON, OKLA., IN THE DUST BOWL AREA. BOTTOM PHOTO SHOWS WHAT A FARMER ACCOMPLISHED AFTER THREE GOOD CROPS PLUS INITIAL AID FROM THE U.S. SOIL CONSERVATION SERVICE. JUL 7 1944. Sherwood Goozee is buying up Ireland, England, Israel, Germany and Italy, and selling it in pots to Americans, at $4.95 each. Actually, Goozee, 50,is importing cubic yards of earth and selling it by the handful in little cups, with colors & flags depicting the country of origin & a certificate to authenticate each cup of dirt, The buyer has his own "wee island." jan 11 1979. In summer, shelterbelts like this onealong a road and around a farm in Ne-braska help keep the soil from blowing, protect the crops from hot, drying winds,and furnish shelter to insect-destroyingbirds. April 13 1955.











THIS ROW OF TREES WAS PLANTED IN THE SPRING OF 1935 AS PART OF FEDERAL SHELTER-BELT PROJECT, ON THE PRATT COUNTRY, KAN., FARM OF ED LOGUE. GRASS AND WEEDS HAVE SPRUNG UP TO WINDWARD AND LEEWARD OF SHELTER TO ANCHOR SOIL.JUL 7 1944. THESE COTTONWOOD TREE BELTS WERE PLANTED IN 1938 (PICTURE TAKEN 7-4-39) AND ALREADY SHOW A MEASURE OF CONTROL OVER DRIFTING SAND ON THE HYNES FARM, 4 MILES SOUTH OF NELIGH, NED. PATCHES OF GRASS AND WEEDS ARE BECOMING ESTSBLISHED IN THE PROTECTED AREAS. BOTTOM: THIS IS AN "AFTER" PICTURE, TAKEN JUNE 17, 1944, ILLUSTRATING THE DIFFICULTY OF STOPPING EROSION EVEN WITH THE SHELTERBELT PLANTINGS WHICH, HERE AT NELIGH, NEB., ARE COTTONWOODS. NEBRASKA'S SANDHILL REGION IS A HARD NUT FOR THE SOIL CONSERVATION SERVICE TO CRACK. JUL 7 1944. This is a typical stretch of rough land inthe abandoned strip mine area of the Atkinson and Sheffield communities now supporting a heavy cover of bromegrass, seeded by airplane, and other vegetation. Water provides good fishing and is used by livestock. October 1 1948. TREES PROTECT THE GARDEN AREAS AND FARM BUILDINGS ON A CAMPBELL COUNTY, WYOMING, FARM, AGAINST THE WIND AND HELP TO PREVENT SOIL EROSION. OCT 28 1948. Swarms of volunteers labored today in a "Second Frontier" demonstration designed to restore in one day the fertility of a 280-acre Ohio farm. One of the first projects in the unusual demonstration was construction of a pond. It is pictured here in an early stage, shortly after workers began gouging out the pond bed. October 4




Clarence Wagner, superintendent of roads of Loda Township, PEARL GULLY IN PIKE COUNTY,ILL SOIL SAVING IV - EROSION ON THE MARCH!





IMG00324480A IMG00324481A

Soil Williamism Country



1947. Thousands of farmers this week are filling ditches, seeding grass waterways, plowing on the contour and terracing to protect rolling ground against fall and winter rains. The upper views shows a grass buffer strip to water and soil washing down hill. The lower masonry check dam to control a bad gully. October 2 1941. Clarence Wagner, superintendent of roads of Loda Township, uses a giant road grader to finish the construction of a 1,400-foot grass waterway on the George West farm near Loda. November 18 1947. PEARL GULLY IN PIKE COUNTY,ILL. MAY 8 1937. AFTER EVERY RAIN ON THE LINROD BROTHERS FARM NEAR CHASEBURG, WIS., TOP SOIL POURED AND TRICKLED FROM THE ADJACENT HILLSIDES INTO THIS GULLY. FEB 1 1936. CONTOUR PLOWING NOT ONLY CONFERS ITS BENEFITS ON FARMERS, BUT ALSO OFFERED A DISTINCT ADVANTAGE TO AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHER JOHN T. HOPF, OF NEWPORT, R.I. HIS FASCINATING "PATTERN" PICTURE WON HIM A $25 PRIZE IN "POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY" MAGAZINE'S $25,000 INTERNATIONAL PICTURE CONTEST. OCT 25 1956. Soil Williamism Country. May 1937. THE GREAT SHELTERBELT PROJECT-THE BELT OF TREES WHICH STRETCHES FROM THE CANADA-NORTH DAKOTA LINE TO NORTHERN. TEXAS--IS A SUCCESS. THAT'S THE VERDICT OF THE U.S. FOREST SERVICE'S E. N. MUNNS, WHO HAD THE JOB OF MAKING A FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT DREAM COME TRUE. UPPER PHOTO, TAKEN AUGUST 1, 1935, SHOWS DRIFTED SAND AFTER PLANTING STARTED ON THE ED CASEY FARM IN DAVISON

IMG00324483A IMG00324484A IMG00324485A

Stip Muines Bloomington New Coal City












Settling basin at McCrany in Pike county


Artifical pond on farm

COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA. LOWER PHOTO, TAKEN LAST SUMMER DURING A SURVEY OF THE SHELTERBELT, SHOWS CORN GROWING ALONG THE SHELTERBELT PLANTED ON THE CASEY FARM. OCT 31 1945. Stip Muines. May 1937. Bloomington. May 1937. New Coal City. May 1937. Near Virgelle, Mont., the Missouri River passes the southern end of the White Rocks area. The rutted, rocky cliffs show centuries of erosion. This is one of the least developed areas along the Missouri River. November 10 1973. DOES A FATE LIKE THIS AWAIT VAST SECTIONS OF AMERICA'S FARM BELT IF STEPS ARE NOT TAKEN TO CONSERVE THE SOIL? SCENE NEAR THE WHEATFIELDS DIVERSION DAM IN NEW MWXICO SHOWS ERODED LAND AFTER TOP SOIL ALMOST A FOOT THICK HAS BEEN WASHED AWAY. FEBRUARY 1 1936. THIS IS THE KIND OF GULLY DOWN WHICH SOIL WAS WASHING BEFORE THE SOIL CONSERVATION PROGRAM WAS BEGUN IN THE ELM CREEK AREA, NEAR TEMPLE, TEXAS. A MAN STANDS IN THE DITCH TO SHOW ITS DEPTH. NOVEMBER 21 1941. Severe wind erosion, as evidenced by small drifts of wind-blown dust piled against fences, could cause major crop losses in the Great Plains. Iowa's extremely dry winter is taking its tofl on the land. This picture was taken in Marshall County, where wind picked up silt in a disked soybean field. January 29 1976. Settling basin at McCrany in Pike county. two years it will be necessary to build another because of collection of top soil from upper farmlands. May 11 1937. Artifical pond on farm of Arthur Foreman, near Pittfield, Ill., built under




Henry County Soil Erossion




Gully erosion in its worst form


Above scene is fairly typical of upper Ohio valley terrain





direction of u.s. conservationists, to prevent gullying and top soil erosion. May 12 1937. A very dry, warm winter combind with severe windstorms has stripped thousands of acres of cropland in southwest Kansas. Jay Christopher sifts drifted topsoil from his wheat fields, as crop loss in affected areas are described as "near total".February 29 1976. Henry County Soil Erossion. April 20 1940. THIS VIEW OF A KANSAS FARM ILLUSTRATES HOW GULLIES EAT INTO FIELDS, WASHING AWAY VALUABLE TOP SOIL. TERRACING, CONTOUR FARMING AND GULLY CONTROL HAVE BEEN ADVOCATED TO STOP EROSION. JANUARY 19 1950. Gully erosion in its worst form. Imagine results of heavy rainfall: more soil washed away, trees and grass torn out. January 31 1937. Above scene is fairly typical of upper Ohio valley terrain-BUT-here the vegetation has been retained, thus preventing excessive runoff of water to help make floods. Without such conservation, this placid stream might be a roaring tornado of water. January 31 1937. HERE IS HOW FARMERS NEAR TEMPLE, TEXAS, ARE COOPERATING IN SOIL CONSERVATION, AS SEEN FROM AN AIRPLANE. TERRACES CROSS FARM AFTER FARM REGARDLESS OF FENCES AND BOUNDARIES; GULLEYS DISREGARD FARM LIMITS AND RUN WHERE THEY WILL BEST CONSERVE SOIL; THE LAND HAS BECOME A MOSAIC OF STRIP CROPPING. NOVEMBER 21 1941. THIS SCENE IS OF ONE OF THE WORST EXAMPLES OF SOIL EROSION IN ILLINOIS. EFFORTS OF SOIL EROSION CONTROL AGENCIES HAVE BEEN TO GO

IMG00324500A IMG00324501A





TO THE HEADS OF BIG GULLIES WHERE THEY BRANCH OUT AND PREVENT SMALLER GULLIES FROM EATING OUT GOOD FARM LANDS. MARCH 22 1935. A Narrow Gully Controlled by a Series A Narrow Gully of Check Dams. January 1937. EROSION along Illinois 47 in EROSION along Illinois 47 in Livingston Livingston County County. A crane lowers a mat of old car tires, bound together, for an experiment to stop soil erosion Rum River near Anoka, Minn. More than 2,500 old tires are anchored to the bank in the Soil Conservation Service project, Next TO HALT EROSION spring, students and Boy Scouts who helped, will plant a willow in each tire. As the trees grow and soil accumulates, the tires will vanish feom view. January 7 1970 It was a great day for education and the futune of youths at Chicago's SoJourner Truth Child Parent Center... for, Harriet, exec director, Chicago, Harriet Chicago's SoJourner Truth Child O'Donnell, exec director, chicago public Parent Center. school alumna association reads with TRISTAN BUTLER, 3 1/2 year old student at sojouner truth chicld parent center. September 7 1988. It was a great day for education and the future of youths at chicago's Sojourner Truth Child Parent Center, for World Book and the Chicago Public Schools launched major/public/private partner ship to help parents prepare children for Kindergarten. here: Dr. Alvin Chicago Public Schools Granowsky, World Book-Childcraft School and Library Services, a nationally known educator, reading expert and a author, helps. Daniella Jordan, 4years old who today enjoys a new book and her 4th birthday. September 7 1988. INTERIOR VIEWS OF SOLA PLANT ADDITION snown here are: Upper left, INTERIOR VIEWS OF SOLA PLANT inplant cafeteria; center, manufacturing area; and lower left, ADDITION production control facilities. Both cafeteria and production control


Solar cell




Solarium in the remodeling of a Lincoln Park row house.



IMG00324510A IMG00324511A IMG00324512A

Soldering iron Peggy Smith Soldering gun

incorporate high-output fluorescent lighting, asphalt tile flooring, an acoustical ceiling, and are completely air conditioned. August 19 1957. Arthur Howe studies the experimental solar cell he developed at the Amoco Research Center in Naperville. June 15 1983. The Air Force today released details on this thin, four-inch square panel containing 36 thermoelectric elements, which is a small part of the payload on one of the secret satellites it has been launching from the Pacific Missile Range. February 15 1967. An unusual church interior . . . a "stage setting" for fire engines . . ..a solarium for plants and people. These are three winnersof the 1978 American Institute of Architects, Chicago chapter, distinguished building awards. The church intefior (below), done in a sort of American barn gothic, was designed by the late Edward D. Dart of Loebl Schlossman Dart & Hackl (now Loebl Schlossman & Hackl) for St. John of the Cross Church, Western Springs. Of the Bedford Park fire station No. .l (far right), designed by Holabird & Root, judges noted that the exposed steel trusses spanning 80 feet, together with night lighting, resembled a stage set. Marvin Ullman & Assoc. introduced the solarium (right) in the remodeling of a Lincoln Park row house. September 17 1978. Technicians Jack Ratcliff, right, Sheldon Smith, rear and Milton Henderson, below, adjust a "Solarscope," a device used to photograph the new comet Ikeya-Seki in the South Pacific yesterday. October 18 Instant-action soldering iron has builtin spotlight. January 28 1955. Peggy Smith witha New ElectricSolcler gun. Soldering gun heats work melts solder.

paste-like material that spreads on shoes." Here. CALIF IMG00324520A SOLEDAD. Holding the assembly in place is a throw-away plastic tool. Inscription on shirt of conventioner displays his sentiments. fire. Samson Dixon plays a game of catch with his son as his wife and other children enjoy activities during recent family visit to Soledad. which replaces a 36piece steel tool at 1/3000th (cq) the cost. Joggers and others who are hard on shoes might try Sole Saver a black. October 12 1980. even in the words of some of its inmates. September 8 1964.IMG00324513A Soldering gun IMG00324514A Young girl uses a magnifying glass IMG00324515A IMG00324516A Inscription on shirt of conventioner displays his sentiments John "Dynamite" Donovan IMG00324517A Parachute-jumping skills IMG00324518A Shoe saver IMG00324519A SOLEDAD. January 23 1972. Deputy Supt. October 4 1970. Addressing convention is John "Dynamite" Donovan. A variety of tips is being offered with Wen Products' latest soldering guns. It's water. February 2 1968. Young girl uses a magnifying glass to help her solder wires at IBM's plant here. using a revolutionary new program of family and conjugal visits. January 20 1956. October 12 1980. developed by IBM engineers. and skid resistant and skid resistant and will not mark floors or carpet. October 12 1980. Its other advantages include improved testing procedures and a 25% reduction in assembly operations. William Black points to recreation yard in the Soledad . CALIF Modern soldering guns are easier to use than old-fashioned soldering coppers. It can also be used to prolong use of canvas tents and other sports equipment. It also eliminates high maintenance costs associated with the steel tool. Soledad State Prison has become. "a new place. Under a popular new warden. Paratrooper from the First Airborne gives instruction to conventioners wishing to learn parachute-jumping skills.

26." which opens on Valentine's Day. April 8 1972. Prostestors howl and growl during their protest outside of the North wall at County Jail. A picture made from the Washington Monument shows a huge crowd gathered around the Mall 9/19 where the Solidarity Day parade will start. October 9 1971. Trio generally referred to as the "Soledad Brothers" is shown in 1970 photos from files. Chip Ukena. 26. The group are (L-R): Sid Hausman. The . June 29 1971. The group is the first to appear before the convicts since the notoriety from the "Soledad Brothers" case. Soledad Prison guard George Temple stands at only fence surrounding the prison's new "valentine House. September 20 1970.IMG00324521A Fleeta Drumgo. part-time investigator and pen pal. 28. From left are: Fleeta Drumgo. IMG00324524A SOLEDAD. and John Clutchette (T). February 11 1971. Lee Vavuris 10/8 set 10/18 for the start of the trial for "Soledad Brothers" Fleeta Drumgo (B). Jon Graboff. They are the only two remaining of seven inmates originally accused of the reprisal slaying of a white guard at Soledad Prison two years ago after four blackprisoners were shot to death. Jackson and John Cluchette. and Jim Terr on bass. Black militant Angela Davis became their public champion. Judge S. CALIF IMG00324526A Solidarity Day Correctional facility where three prisoners were shot to death. Jackson and John Cluchette. Prisoners at Soledad Prison's north facility enjoy their first live entertainment in over a year 4/8 as they were entertained by the Sweetgrass String Band from Las Vegas. CALIF IMG00324525A SOLEDAD. mandolin. guitar. August 27 1971. and John Clutchette IMG00324522A Prostest George Jackson death IMG00324523A Fleeta Drumgo. banjo. New Mexico. by a tower guard as they beat two inmates. One of California's most trouled prisons is about to begin a radical new program providing conjugal visits for some of its inmates. January 13.

This view is from on top of the Washington Monument. Once a proud barn on a large prairie. OVERTON IMG00324532A IMG00324533A IMG00324534A SOLON MILLS ILLINOIS parade will move dowbn Contitution Ave.. Capitol Saturday to attend the Solidarity Day demonstration. to the Capitol.. Labor union leaders joined by thousands of rank and file members march down Constitution Ave. . Labor union leaders joined by thousands of rank and file members march down Constitution Ave. September 19 1981 A one-room post-office is still servicable.S. A crowd estimated at over 250. September 19 1981.000 people mass on the Mall in front of the U. 9/19 in the largest protest against the government since the Vietnam War in a "Solidarity Day" demonstration against President Reagan's economic and social policies.IMG00324527A Solidarity Day IMG00324528A Solidarity Day IMG00324529A MASSIVE CROWD IMG00324530A SOLIDARITY DAY IMG00324531A Solidarity Day A one-room post-office is still servicable. toward the Capitol 9/19 in the largest protest against the government since the Vietnam War in a "Solidarity Day" demonstration against President Reagan's economic and social policies. Behind the trees is the top pf the White House. SEPTEMBER 18 1981. Margie Koch of Bethlehem Steel in Baltimore. September 19 1981. A TOWN THAT TIME FORGOT. September 19 1981. June 26 1983. TEACHERS LEAVE BY BUS FOR SOLIDARITY DAY RALLY.S.Bucolic in nature but suburban in reality. SOLON MILLS ILLINOIS. L. a lonely windmill marks only a remnant of what use to be. listens to the speeches at the Mall on Solidarity Day 9/19. This windmill doesn't work but it is a handsome reminder of when times were simpler and less demanding. The name of the owners now withered with time and wind. stand as a cover for antiques ( it now hoases antiques ).

which arrabged the purchase. Ivan Pivac. a Lance Corporal and physical training instructor in the British Army. this one room.. December 10 1978. SOLON MILLS ILLINOIS. February 18 1983. 21 a blind student at the Royal National Institute for the Blind. has added four new condominium models designed primarily for the first-time buyer at the Somerset Park Manorhomes in south suburban Orland Park. Prison inmates in the computer class at Somers (Conn. somersaults over 32 of his comrades to set a new world record during a performance of the Scottish World Festival at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto Sunday night. A TOWN THAT TIME FORGOT. 19. once lively with waiting passengers.Mill Road and North Solon Road signs. right. Graham Fidler.. United Development Co. August 22 1977. August 25 1983.) State Prison have automated virtually everything that can be automated at the Prison. Low-maintenance condominiums are attracting empty-nester couples to Somerset Park development in Orland Park.. Somerset Park Manorhomes a condominium complex in southwest suburban Orland Park. A TOWN THAT TIME FORGOT. March 11 1990. only a remnarrt left of what was a thriving Mill town supporting its residents with a prosperous lumber and grain mill. wears pair of ultrasonic spectacles that helped him "see" by ...IMG00324535A SOLON MILlS IMG00324536A Mill Road and North Solon Road IMG00324537A Prison inmates in the computer class at Somers State Prison IMG00324538A MAN IN ORBIT IMG00324539A Somerset Apartment development IMG00324540A Somerset Park development in Orland Park IMG00324541A Somerset Park Manorhomes in south suburban Orland Park IMG00324542A Somerset Park Manorhomes IMG00324543A SONAR GLASSES AID BLIND SOLON MILLS ILLINOIS... The 582-unit Somerset Apartment development in west suburban Hinsdale has been purchased by a Chicago investment group. July 31 1981. according to Romanek-Golub and Co. March 22 1981.

roly-poly creature decked out in a No. Seattle Sonics team mascot. At left. Washington and Seattle are tied at two game a piece in their best of seven series. is Prof. has story. January 5 1965. May 31 1978. Leslie Kay. Joel Haverman. Pigeons (above) and other birds and beasts in Chicago were scared or startled Monday by the first of the three-month series of sonic booms scheduled for Chicago. SONES DE MEXICO ENSEMBLE CHICAGO. January 8 1977. holding electronic control box. Fifth game will be Friday in Seaatle. A dejected Seattle Supersonics fan collapses on top of her sign as the washington Bullets defeated Seattle 120-116 in overtime Tuesday night in the Kingdome. claiming they were close to victory and . waddles the sidelines during the game usually trailed by a gaggle of kids who love him more than the team. August 17 1967. May 27 1979. Environmental groups opend an 11th hour fight in the Senate to cut off funds for the supersonic transport 11/30.IMG00324544A SONES DE MEXICO ENSEMBLE CHICAGO IMG00324545A Seattle Sonics team mascot IMG00324546A Seattle Sonics IMG00324547A THEY FALLED TO BOOM IMG00324548A Sonic booms IMG00324549A Sonic booms IMG00324550A SST and Sonic Boom bouncing echoes off obstacles during demonstration here yesterday. under whom a team of engineers at Canterbury University in New Zealand developed the device. Washington Bullets center (#41) Wes Unseld attempts to block a shot to the Washington goal by Seattle Sonics (#43) Jack Sikma action was during 1st quarter of 5/27 Seattle-Washington championship series. The big. the "Wheedle" stops to watch the action from the lap of an unsuspecting young lady here 1/2. O Sonis uniform complete with a extra large Slick Watts headband. The glasses permit detection of objects up to 20 feet ahead of wearer. May 20 1970. Various pix of damage to home caused by sonic booms.

Mrs. Edward Dickelman of 14737 Beach View has entered a claim for broken mirror. January 5. D-Wis.. Diagram shows boom (wavy lines) hitting ground behind supersonic plane. January 5 1965. author of SST and Sonic Boom handbook. 3601 N. 1967. So were some people. Lyhn Conrad.. Pigeons (above) and other birda and beasts in Chicago were scared or startled Monday by the first of the three-month series of sonic booms scheduled for Chicago. (left) held a news conference one day before a scheduled showdown vote on a $290 million appropriation for development of two SST prototypes and urged defeat of the measure. Edward Dickelman IMG00324554A Diagram shows boom IMG00324555A Sonic boom IMG00324556A Sonic boom IMG00324557A SONIC BANGS warning that the huge jetliner might create a "sonic wasteland" in the Atlantic. November 30 1970. January 4 1965.. March 29 1962. The booms are being created by Air Force supersonic training flights. August 27. Harding. Woman and children State St. October 13 1967.IMG00324551A Sonic booms IMG00324552A IMG00324553A Woman and children Mrs. A transient sonic boom (left) forms when plane dives faster than sound for a short time. Sen. Looking out of a car.she said that she heard the sound while driving in the loop. looks up. At right is Charles Shurcliff. Continuous sonic boom develops when plane maintains speed faster than sound in level flight. Gaylord Nelson. This is how shock waves of air build cone-like forms when a jet aircraft travels faster than sound (Mach l). following the jet vapor trail.. THE STRONG MULTIPLE SHOCK WAVES PRODUCED BY SUPERSONIC AIRCRAFT PENETRATING THE SONIC BARRIERS. But inost people-at least chose noted by our photographers -appeared more diverted than anything else. 1965. THE CAUSE OF THOSE MYSTERIOUS ..yes.

" HAVE BEEN PHOTOGRAPHED BY THE AEROBALLISTIC RESEARCH DERARTMENT AT THE U. operator of a beauty shop at 8540 S. Air Force troubles come in waves these days sound waves. Louis Monticello and John Clark. partners in store at 1828 Church make sure canvas is tight on window that was broken when plane crashed sound barrier. August 27 1967. 1721 Leland avenue Evanston measures window in Vans shop 1810 Central avenue for new glass window was blown out by plane. This is how a sonic would look if it were visible. Firemen work to cover windows broken by jet planes in the Thorpes Fur Store 710 Main street Evanston. Lt. March 12 1965. February 2 1958. January 4 1965. February 2 1958. February 2 1958. Mrs. For the U. SONIC "BANGS. It all started back in 1955 when the first airplane capable of passing the speed of sound-762 miles an hour at sea level-in straightaway flight was added to the Air Force arsenal and designated the F86. APRIL 3 1956.S.S. Class Ronald Sheridan at the plotting board that plots the possition of the target. Steiner. Steiner. Cleather Digby.4 Chicagoans have grown accustomed to the sound as Air Fore B-58 Hustlers fly twice-daily missions the length of Lake Michigan. Joseph C. Sound is a continuous cone emanating from nose of plane traveling faster than sound. The higher the airplane the less effect the sonic boom will have on the . KelsoGreen.IMG00324558A Lt.October 7 1962. Since jan. Joseph C. Racine. battery control officer IMG00324559A Windows IMG00324560A Sonic Booms IMG00324561A Louis Monticello and John Clark IMG00324562A Windows IMG00324563A ANATONY OF A SONIC BOOM IMG00324564A Sonic boom IMG00324565A Sonic boom. battery control officer andS /4th. looks through shop windows she claims was cracked by sonic boom.

The Air Force officer didn't say what caused the cracks in the plaster. Gaylord Nelson.. The method of testing for sonic booms of the early '50s with a megaphone-type "listener" (right) has been replaced by a model home. or faster than. an apponent of the SST projects. D-Wis.and . l006 W 3lst St. Nelson.. March 12 1965. is trying to shut off funds claiming trans-Atlantic flight of super sonic planes would produce booms and superbooms over some 60 percent of the North Atlantic Ocean. equipped with instruments to measure sound damage. September 2 1967. Calif. March 1 (770 miles an hour at sea level at a mean temperature of 59 degrees Fahrenheit) However. It is produced by a supersonic airplane flying at. Sonic boom is a law of nature and the inevitable consequence of supersonic flight in the atmosppjere. December 22 1964. Bell workmen hurry to board up a 12 by 15 plate glass windows that was broken by a sonic Boom this afternoon. 18. crected at Edwards AFB. Karl Steigerwald. Shock waves are created by the high speed of the jet as it breaks the barrier. The window faces Wells Street near the corner of Washington Blvd. Diagram illustrates how thunder-like booms caused by supersonic jet aircraft breaking the sound barrier occur. The chart illustrates air pressure hitting ground level as plane flies at various altitudes. uses a chart to emphasize a point during a news conference Monday in Washington. the higher the airplane.IMG00324566A CITIZEN REACTION TO SONIC BOOM TESTED IMG00324567A WANTS TO CUT OFF FEDERAL FUNDS IMG00324568A Sonic Boom IMG00324569A SONIC BOOM IMG00324570A Sonic booms IMG00324571A Sonic booms ground. At right is Charles Shurcliff whose father is author of SST and sonic Boom Handbook. March 14 1964. Sen. February 24 1964. December 1 1970. the less boom.

The disc . 196 E Delaware Pl. Four building received damage. erected at Edwards AFB. July 9 1959.. Lt. Whenever a medern jet plane breaks the sound barrier--that is. September 18 1966. August 27 1967. wheel and flap over the park in panic. Calif. Sonusswitch turns household appliances on and off in response to two handclaps or a "psst. which announced but has not yet marketed an electronic still camera called the Mavica. The Air Force officer didn't say what caused the cracks in the plaster. made about the time of the boom heard in Chicago. Col. said Tuesday 20 companies have agreed on a standard for future hardware. one seemingly checkin if she hear right. Leonard Hughes of Air Force check window IMG00324576A SONIC BOOM DAMAGES ACADEMY IMG00324577A BEFINT THE BOOM IMG00324578A Sonic booms IMG00324579A Sonusswitch IMG00324580A MAGNETIC PICTURE DISC Rita Lynn. flies faster than the speed of sound--it's readily apparent by the thunder-like booms heard on the ground. Thomas Allen and Lt. some of it extensive. May 31 1968.Chicago. January 1965. THE SONIC BOOM.. flushed from Grant Park by boom. January 5 1965. Col. from a sonic boom today as F-105 jets flew over the main complex to conclude a ceremony in which a similar plane was presented the Academy. January 4 1965. Pigeons. 1952 W. This drawing by AP Newsfeatures Chief Artist Ed Gunder. September 2 1967. Couple of lady strollers. equipped with instruments to measure sound damage. psst" sound.IMG00324572A Sonic booms is Chicago IMG00324573A IMG00324574A IMG00324575A Sonic booms THE SONIC BOOM Lt. Leonard Hughes of Air Force check window of Wallace's Department Store. Japan's Sony Co.000 watts plugged into it. Thomas Allen and Lt. The method of testing for sonic booms of the early '50s with a megaphone-type "listener" (right) has been replaced by a model home. 18. It controls any appliance up to 1.

Called the MAVICA system. June 25 1989. the TPS-12: the original Walkman. Sony Chairman Akio Morita holds electronic still camera which his firm developed and displayed to the press Monday. which electrically produces color photographs by scanning electronic signals. IMG00324582A ELECTRONIC CAMERA IMG00324583A HOW IT WORKS IMG00324584A Sony shown here can record up to 25 photos. but Sony uses it for storing a cassette player. embodying fully the advantages of advanced electronic technology in magnetic recording. Sony Corporation announced 8/24 that it has developed a revolutionary video still camera. plays pictures on a TV screep. a sheet of printing paper mounted on the platen spins over the thermal head which presses the dye sheets to the printing paper in yellowmagenta-cyan-black sequence. March 3 1982. This year we're billing that as the giant. In the system. the new magnetic video still camera uses no photographic film and therefore does . Device records up to 50 color pictures on a tiny magnetic disk. paper clips or bobby pins. video signal processing circuit. may be prodeced in 18 This is a diagram of Sony's new video printer. The video signals meanwhile are fed to the 512-element thermal head which generates head.The Mavigraph incorporates a specially designed thermal head. You remember its midget grandfather. called Mavica. The disc fits inside electronic camaras and weight just 8 grams.IMG00324581A The Sony WM-10. new 10s and highspeed transfer color dye sheets. Mavigraph. Some people might use a plastic cassette case for storing loose change. April 27 1983. Camera. The whole process takes about five minutes. or 50 at lesser resolution. thus svaporating the high-speed dye and transfer anto the printing paper. In the center ring is the Sony WM-10.

unveiled 3/3 in Tokyo a color video printer IMG00324590A SONY CAMERA AND 'FILM' not require developing and printing processes which are indispensable to conventional chemical photography. Sony Corp. dollars). will anser demands for high quality stereo microphones for mini-portable cassette tape recorders. August 24 1981. Model snows Sony Mavica video still camera and miniature magnetic disk which.S. The battery-powered minielectric condenser microphone.000 yen (767 U.5 lbs) without its battery pack and has a price tag of 178.48 kilograms (5. September 19 1981. The Betamovie BMC-100 weights 2. March 4 1982. May 10 1983. The Mavigraph printer embodies a unique concept. announced Tuesday it has developed a new compact video camera that loads a standard beta cassette tape directly into the camera body. 30inch Trinitron color TV set during a press conference in New York. employing a video printing method to produce color images by means of signal scanning. unveiled 3/3 in Tokyo a color video printer for making hard copy prints of near photographic quality from electronic video pictures such as a television scene or acomputer terminal display. Sony Chairman Akio Morita tells newsmen Friday about Sony's giant. January 27 1982. can record up to 50 still pictures. Sony announced in Tokyo Tuesday. which goes on sale in Japan in February for about $240.IMG00324585A PRIDE OF SONY IMG00324586A MINI STEREO MICROPHONE IMG00324587A NEW VIDEO CAMERA FROM SONY IMG00324588A IS IT A LOOKMAN? IMG00324589A Sony Corp. March 31 1982. the sale of ultra-mini stereo microphones which will go on the domestic market on April1. according to Sony. Sony's sequel to the popular walkman tape player is this pocket-size small screen Flat TV. Japan's consumer electronics giant Sony Corp. August 24 . when inserted in camera.

. Michigan is full of clean lines. 9 W. Soot deposited upon inverted porcelain evaporating dish by the burning of . July 2 1992. stands in the Yard Herrera. "when his stove exploded while he was trying to build a fire today. SOOTA WAY removes accumulated soot from heating plants and boilers. N. December 21 1974. He sure the cars are safe and free of defects. December 17 1984. car inspector.M. car inspector. Roberto Herrera. Shipp. who received only minor burns. car inspector. The last direct passenger rail link between Duluth/Superior and Chicago ended at 9.Y. stands in the Yard. Unopened package is placed in burning combustion chamber. A soot covered James Shipp. "I put too much gas on and the dern thing exploded. WIS. Prospect Av. Like many other manufacturers. Package burns and special chemical feeds on soot until the high temperature burning consumes thesoot itself. Descriptive literature and further details may be obtained from Wonder-King Chemical Corp. He makes sure the cars are safe and free of defects. 1/16 when the Soo Line train pulled into the Superior depot. Mt. wide-open spaces. Vernon. 89. managed a smile through a soot covered face. stands in the Yard. IMG00324593A IMG00324594A SUPERIOR. December 23 1984. and electronics. 10550.40 A. IMG00324595A SOOTY SMILE IMG00324596A SOOTA WAY removes accumulated soot from heating plants and boilers IMG00324597A Soot IMG00324598A Soot 1981. April 15 1965. Indianapolis explained to firemen that. Sony Corp. Herrera. car inspector.IMG00324591A Sony Gallery IMG00324592A Roberto Herrera.. Soot deposited upon an inverted porcelain evaporating dish held over a wicktype cigarette lighter for 20 seconds. January 17 1965. April 28 1968. is experimenting with a retail outail for its own products. The Sony Gallery at 663 N. Merchants and City fathers of the Twin Ports had protested the ending of the service but to no avail. stands in the Yard.

November 21 1988. Holiday B & W foods. 1-r men working on printing press. vanilla-scented sorbet for sticky days. 1st pressman. Cranberry sorbet is a refreshing blend of fresh cranberries and frozen respberries with just enough sugar for a taste-sweet taste." but now it's merely called sweet or sugar sorghum. who runs one of few sorghum mills left in area. December 11 1987. SORGHUM SYRUP. July 9 1987. IN THOUSANDS OF NORTH CAROLINA FARM HOMES. Long-Sweetenin" days in southern Illionis Grandma called it "longsweetenin. December 21 1974. you can capture their flavor in on icy sorbet rhat's mode without dairy products. August 3 1979. December 1 1993. BOILEC IN LONG TRAYS. 2nd pressman. July 16 1981. WHOLE HEIGHBORHOODS COME TOGETHER TO COOPERATE IN "SARGUM BILING" IN NORTHCAROLINA. financial reports in foregrond. THE YEAR'S SUPPLY OF SORGHUM HAS BEEN STORED IN KEGS. IS SKIMMED OF DROSS AND COOKED TO THE PROPER CONSISTENCY. inspects the tall juicy stalk that . THE STIR-OFF. Eating piece of pizza-Tewnya Goering overalls-inside & outside. Thomas Tlanda. 20paper matches. packer Bob Pacana. WITH OTHER PROVENDER. NOVEMBER 8 1939. IN COOL CELLARS. NOVEMBER 9 1969. THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE AGAINST WAR-TIME SUGAR SHORTAGE HAS BEEN FIRMLY LAID. If you start with the tastiest plums available. Ralph Shaw. ILL. JUGS AND DEMIJOHNS. Turn ripe peaches into a soothing. ray Serva.IMG00324599A Eating piece of pizza IMG00324600A Sorbet IMG00324601A IMG00324602A Sorbet Holiday B & W foods IMG00324603A Cranberry sorbet IMG00324604A Press IMG00324605A HOME-MADE LASSY IS BULMARK AGAINST WAR-TIME SHORTAGE IMG00324606A HOME-MADE LASSY IS BULWARK AGAINST WAR-TIME SHORTAGE IMG00324607A CHESTER. ONE PRIMITIVE MILL SERVING FOR THE COMMUNITY. THEN IT IS DRAWN OFF INTO JUGS FOR WINTER USE.

Shaw feeds cane into a motorized press after which the extracted juice is cooked into a table sorghum. OCTOBER 11 1955. A mule walks in a continuous circle supplying to power to the grinder. Tne cooker is in background. 72. THE TALL. 1.IMG00324608A SUMMER'S YIELD IMG00324609A SORGHUM CANE TIME IMG00324610A A SIGHT FOR SOR-GHUM IMG00324611A HOME-MADE LASSY IS BULWARK AGAINST WAR-TIME SHORTAGE IMG00324612A Sorghum IMG00324613A SORGHUM IMG00324614A IMG00324615A IMG00324616A Sorghum SORGHUM SORGHUM will produce a golden molasses and syrup. OF ANCIENT VINTAGE. KANSAS. A PICTURESQUE SIGHT IS PROVIDED BY THIS MAN AND TWO MULES OPERATING A SORGHUM MILL. POURING OUT OF THE PRESS WHICH IS GRINDING UP NATIVE MANE. October 11 1972. Ozark tourists can sample sorghum sirup made from an old fashioned. September 24 1963. November 2 1972. October 1958. Clyde Price. HERE'S SWEETENIN' FOR THE TAR HELLS' BREAD. The cane harvest started Oct. November 2 1972. sorghum mill on the Current River east of Eminence. knownin grandmother's day as "long sweetnin'. Ralph Shaw operates on of the few remaining sorghum mills in southern. SORGHUM IS A OF STORE-BOUGHT SWEETEN'. SHOCKS OF ORANGE-TOPPED SORGHUM CANE DOT THE FIELDS NEAR LEAVENWORTH. NOVEMBER 9 1939. November 2 1972. Cane juice drips from the crusher. SWEET SORGHUM IS GROWN TO FEET CATTLE DURING THE BROWN OF WINTER. OCTOBER 28 1955. mule drawn. Mo. IT MUST THEN BE BOILED. Illinois. Clyde Price skims the canrjuice is cooked five to six hours to make sorghum. PRESENTING A TYPICAL HARVEST PICTURE. . SKIMMED AND JUGGED. Sorghum sirup making was once considered a necessity by Ozark area inhabitants to supply sweetener for the winter. collects Cane stock. November 2 1972.

Hawes and Clayville Stagecoach Curator Robert Sherman (R) cut the sorghum in preparation for the Clayville fall festival where nearly 150 early American crafts will be displayed. You can't buy a bigger machine than these. October 28 1974. MARSHAL. Through sponsorship of the Natchez Trace Parkway Commission. which are shown here gathering about 104. Brassfield hooks up his one-horse. Inc. root strength is extremely important because of high winds and heavy rahs..000 pounds of sorghum per hour each.600 pounds of finished beef at the grocery counter. Four custom combiners who own the units recently joined forces to hprvesit a field of grain sorghum in Texas. September 23 1983. That means that an hour's harvest time with these machines translates into 1. MO. each of which is cutting a whopping 30-foot swath. shows each year how sorghum was processed in days past. September 27 1971.19 combines In a single field. Here's real Texae-sized harvest . In an hour's time. Miss. the 19 machines can harvest all the sorghum used to fatten 988 beef cattle to market size. That's enough cattle to yield 444. simulates hurricane weather conditions by first flooding a field. Ed Hawes)L) the big harvest in Illinois this year isn't corn or beans it's sorghum. MO To Sangamon State University Prof. All the machines are John Deere 8820's.400 quarter-pound hamburgers. Unlike other grain sorghum producing areas in the state.778.IMG00324617A Sorghum IMG00324618A Sorghum IMG00324619A SORGHUM TIME IMG00324620A SOUTH TEXAS IMG00324621A MARSHAL. October 9 1973. one-mule team to a sorghum mill that crushes the cane in preparation for cooking into syrup. here Prioneer hi-Bred International. farmer Paul Brassfield of Tupelo. June 26 1984. The demonstrations are held on the parkway near Tupelo. . then having a helicopter hover over it. In the coastal of South Texas.

Sorghum.) agricultural adviser. Two years of drenching rains have made a Garden of Eden out of the former dust bowl. The horse is turning the rollers that press the sorghum. September 26 1942. grown throughout the state.IMG00324622A Sorghum IMG00324623A Grain sorghum IMG00324624A SORGHUM IN THE CORN BELT IMG00324625A Old Dobbin Goes 'Round and 'Round on Sweetnin Road IMG00324626A Sorghum IMG00324627A STANDBY CROP OF THE PLAINS IMG00324628A Dalhart. Watson County (Ill. S. Ray V.000 bushels. sorghum are growing in this plot on the Joe Curtis farm west of Huron. H. Steve Jones of the Greater South Dakota Association is keeping a record of the growth habits and yield of each strain. holds a sheaf of grain the sorghum. cut and hauled to the sorghum mills where the juice is pressed from the stalks and cooked to make sorghum molasses. January 19 1944. The scene shows a routine ..-Coon. is generally used as silage for cattle. Grain sorghum piled high beside elevators is a familiar scene in many parts of Kansas as the fall harvest nears a close. October 17 1942.D. the Great Plains famous dry-weather crop. Tex. W. The cane crop has been stripped of its leaves. holds a sheaf of grain the sorghum IMG00324629A Sorghum mill Arthur Collins strips blades from sorghum cane on his farther's farm in Indiana before cutting stalks and haulung them to mill. Tex. demonstrates how tall Atlas sorgo grows on fertilized sandy soils. March 10 1943. November 8 1944.. Forty-six varieties of grain. ranch owner at Dalhart. but this year much of it will be used in place of sugar. It is sorghum-boiling time in North Carolina. An Equity-Liberal elevators employee piles milo into one of three stacks comprising 500. Two of his three sons wait to carry their share and dried to make turkey feed. Sorgo became popular as an ensilage forage when the AAA program limited farmers on their corn acreage. October 1 1969. November 3 1977. Sorghum.

September 16 1984.IMG00324630A IMG00324631A IMG00324632A IMG00324633A IMG00324634A IMG00324635A IMG00324636A IMG00324637A day at the Juenger mill near St. Paddles and visors from other sororities and fraternities decorate Sorority rooms most sorority rooms. Then he handles the ball on a fast break. Eisenhower's Bill Erickson. PIX SHOWS MIKE NEMETH AND TOM SULLIVAN AS THEY CONDUCT EXP: SOUTH HOLLAND SCHOOL WITH BATTERY DURING THEIR 6 GRA DE SCIENCE CLASS. Members of Alpha Gamma Delta Members of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority at the University of Illinois sing a rousing goodbye to departing sorority at the University rushees. . On defense. Banks scored 36 points to set a school record as Thornwood won 72-48. And he demonstrated his skills during Wednesday night's Class AA regional game against Blue Island Eisenhower. MARCH 10 1976. October 18 1940. he intercepts a pass. At left. There isn't anything that Thornwood's Trevor Banks can't do on a basketball court.ner 16 1984. She was asked back by 11 sororities. Septemberte. Construction construction in Lockport workers Rob Johnson (1) and Doug Janssen work on the foundation of one of the buildings. Studying on the bed is pledge Terry Corcoran gets a helping hand from Studying on the bed active Joan Stumpf. January 29 1993. Libory. September 16 1984. The orphanage will have 10 4-bedroom houses and is a substitute for Sos Children's Village under traditional foster care. September 16 1984. he shoots over Basketball court. March 7 1974. Kate Deuter sorts her preference cards andtries to decide where to return for Kate Deuter thirdstage. September 4 1984. hitting one of his 18 baskets. Members of the university's Alpha Omicron Pi chapter prepare for another Members of the university's onslaught of rushees during the second Alpha Omicron Pi chapter stage of the 10-day procedure. house president. Sos Children's Village under construction in Lockport.

Carlene Embrey 13 years old South Holland. Cottage Grove Christian Reformed Church at 166th st. Some 3 thousand were expected to attend the servioes. IMG00324643A South Holland's new $200. At left. March 10 1960. Holland. On defense. November 3 1960.holding hands in prayer in front of the huge bon fire in the baseball field at 163rd and Wausau in South Holland. July 23 1968. and Lori 3. October 17 1974. And he demonstrated his skills during Wednesday night's Class AA regional game against Blue Island Eisenhower. Their faces show a difference in point ofview when the court decree is read. kept sparkling by the 15 volunteers. and Cottage Grove is one of many serving South Holland. 246 E. somgfest. Audrey Morgan 13 years old of South Holland. March 10 1960. hitting one of his 18 basketball. . First Baptist church. October 17 1974. March 7 1974. he intercepts a pass. South Holland's new $200. Then he handles the ball on a fast break.000 municipal building at 16226 Wausau replaces the outgrown frame village hall at 16154 South Park. 15910 Cottage grove. Head shot of the six children that were bussed. It also is equipped with resusxitator apparatus. he shoots over Eisenhower's Bill Erickson.000 municipal building IMG00324644A Pride of the South Holland Volunteer Fire Department is a new. Larry 2. Banks scored 36 points to set a school record as Thornwood won 72-48. Head shots of children that bussed. 161st pl. 500-gallon pumper-ladder truck IMG00324645A Baptist church IMG00324646A Prayer meeting for schools There isn't anything that Thornwood's Trevor Banks can't do on a basketball court. 500-gallon pumper-ladder truck.IMG00324638A Basketball court IMG00324639A School Intergration IMG00324640A Intergration IMG00324641A Illinois IMG00324642A Cottage Grove Christian Reformed Church at 166th st. So. At the wheel is fireman Henry De Vries.Moisan of 15433 Dearborn street in South Holland. September 16 1968. Pride of the South Holland Volunteer Fire Department is a new. October 9 1958.

Lavona Watkins--12 years old of Phoenix. February 4 1985. October 17 1974. August 2 1992. President of the S. IND. Business drops off about 50 percent that day because of the town's blue law. Holland work on unifinished Pullman records at the S. Jessica. work in their library. S. Clarence Tunis Of Hammond.S. Head shots of children that were bussed. July 6 1992.. Watts isannounced.G. and the restaurant is a hangout for ballplayers. John Belmont 13 years old of the 8th Grade & From Pheonix. The reactions of the audience after theresignation of School Supt. School Dist. and many of the residents commute to Jobs in Chicago. Alison.G. South Holland. Genelogical Society.. Most homes in South Holland are 10 to 30 years old.IMG00324647A South Holland IMG00324648A Kathy Callahan waits on the few customers that come into Al's Diner on a South Holland IMG00324649A Betty Vander Leen and husband Al and Elizabeth. McDonald's is open in South Holland on Sundays.August 25 1992. Close-up with tag on . IMG00324650A Most homes in South Holland IMG00324651A South Holland IMG00324652A Genelogical Society IMG00324653A South Holland IMG00324654A School Intergration IMG00324655A Intergration IMG00324656A South Holland This is the South Holland Water located I70th & the Calumet Expwy with a set of praying hands and the inscribtion "A Community of Churches". but the drive-through lane is closed. and Edith Dagenhart of S. Kathy Callahan waits on the few customers that come into Al's Diner on a South Holland Sunday.S.. Members of the S. October 17 1974. 151. August 2 1992. Sub. July 23 1968. The village has excellent transportation. January 3 1986. but was turned down. & Deb. paper. For the Wed.S. one of the supporters who came with group to blood. Angus-sits at the organization's new computer. Gerol Wolatz. Head shot of the six children that were bussed. Alison. Betty Vander Leen and husband Al (right) seated outside their restauran with their daughters (front to back) Elizabeth.All play baseball or softball. Jessica.

Press. The bandits missed only some change. Laura Veldhis--12 years old of South Holland. Bailey. of the So. July 8 1968. Juanita Bailey. Hester and Mrs. October 17 1974. Pres. March 10 1951.IMG00324657A South Holland residents sit around bonfire in darkness at "community prayer meeting" IMG00324658A Illinois South Holland IMG00324659A School Intergration IMG00324660A SOUTH HOLLAND SCHOOL IMG00324661A SCENE OF HOLDUP IMG00324662A So. of Phenix.. of the O. September 17 1968. If you win just a share of a rich weekly Lotto. blood sign in backround. Head shot of the six children that were bussed. MARCH 10 1976. Holland School Ruling IMG00324663A Church of South Holland IMG00324664A South Holland Trust and Savings bank IMG00324665A Seton Peckets IMG00324666A Sotheby's International Realty dress. bank employes said. and Mrs.O. September 20.H. Holland School Bd. Ill. South Holland Trust and Savings bank where watchman was seriously wounded by bandits. and Wiersma is the Board Pres. one of the com panies specializing in . Boys watch girl students from Elisabeth Seton High school picket in support ofthe striking teachers. 1950. April 15 1968. The newly completed First Reformed Church of South Holland. the quarterly listing of Sotheby's International Realty. Watts is accepted by the school board. The audience reaction tells the story when the resignation of School Supt.E. it was a smooth operation." Included in the loot were two $1. PIX SHOWS JOE STAUDACHER AND OTHER OF HIS CLASSMATES AS THEY MAKE SIGNS FOR THEIR.000 bills and one $500 bill. Council in Pheonix. Hester. rev. were outspoken oppenants of the Boards segration policies. February 10 1934. July 13 1968. Charles B. A. South Holland residents sit around bonfire in darkness at "community prayer meeting" to protest a federal court ruling that requires integration of the school district's six schools. Lou Wiersma... July 23 1968. they obtained no money. you may want to get on the mailing list of Portfolio. Lege freshmen.

pres. was the auctioneer during Sotheby's first major auction in theMidwest area it was a tough session and called for a cold class water after it was over. The Grand Ballroom of the Drake Hotel was filled to capacity because the people came from every where in the midwestern area to buy and to look at thse who had the money to buy. is crowded in New York for the auction of items from the collection of Henry Ford I I earlier this year. September 7 For a light fluffy springtime offering.. John L. LAGERAK. a chocolate-mint souffle is impressive. of Sotheby Parke Bernet inc. These chilled high-topped souffles are . Date Dream Crescents SOUFFLE Souffle Souffle IMG00324673A IMG00324674A IMG00324675A IMG00324676A IMG00324677A selling only the best of real estate. September 9 1980. However Christie's another auction house. September 9 1980. Marion. John L. Stanley Paul/step by step of SOUFFLE preparation n. of Sotheby Parke Bernet inc. April 71960. Pizzazzy Sausage Crescent him in his kitchen. Y. of N.IMG00324667A AUCTION HOUSES BATTLE FOR NEW YORK MARKET IMG00324668A Sotheby Parke Bernet IMG00324669A Sotheby Parke Bernet IMG00324670A The Grand Ballroom of the Drake Hote IMG00324671A Sotheby Parke Bernet Inc IMG00324672A chocolate-mint souffle LAGERAK. December 28 1982. The auction floor at Sotheby Parke Bernet Inc. September 9 1980. Pizzazzy Sausage Crescent Sandwiches LABRUM. was the auctioneer during Sotheby's first major auction in theMidwest area it was a tough session and called for a cold glass water after it was over. January 1983. It is easy to make with a pudding and I filling mix. September 16 1984. Y. is making a bid for a share of the market. Souffle. Date Dream Crescents. pres. Sotheby Parke Bernet is the leader in profits and crowds for auctions in New york. of N. Marion. LABRUM. Bobbe Bendas admires a Tiffany favirile glass and bronze peony lamp that is part of the Sotheby Parke Bernet Inc auction that starts Tuesday. December 18 1978.

Chef Ted Ingram prepares a broccoli IMG00324681A Souffle IMG00324682A Souffle IMG00324683A IMG00324684A Souffle Souffle IMG00324685A IMG00324686A IMG00324687A IMG00324688A Airy top-hat souffle NATIONAL FISHERIES INSTITUTE EASTER HAM AND CREPE SOUFFLE. Cheddar cheese is melted on top the roulade which is out into slices before serving. To fold stiffly beaten egg whites into gelatin souffle mixture. Ted Ingram prepares a broccoli roulade. Stanley Paul/step by step of SOUFFLE preparation. White and dark chocolates blend in an elegant black and white souffle for the Christmas season. December 10. February 5 1987. IMG00324690A IMG00324691A A French Onion Souffle Chef Ted Ingram prepares a . Step by step of SOUFFLE preparation IMG00324689A The result of careful souffle preparation is a light and airy dessert. May 30 1985. Meatless souffle. July 15 1971. NATIONAL FISHERIES INSTITUTE. A French Onion Souffle doubles as a meatless main dish or a vegetable side for meats poultry or fish. plus him in his kitchen. This airy top-hat souffle is a delicate mix of eggs. use a rubber spatula and gently cut downthrough center of mixture to bottom of bowl. spreading in the flat pan (frame 36) the rolling the back it has cooked (fr19) and finally a sliced finished 9--owner Annie Finance in her dinning room. Easy Date Nut Crescents. January 27 1983. The result of careful souffle preparation is a light and airy dessert. December 28 1982. February 5 1987. May 8 1969. then along side and over top. MARCH 23 1978. October 15 1987. Make a hole in the souffle and fill with assorted fruits before serving. Easy Date Nut Crescents Souffle made with King crab morsels folded into a creamy light gelatin base. November 17 1972. 1987. EASTER HAM AND CREPE SOUFFLE. March 8 1968.& shrimp Brocolli. This will prevent the egg whites from breaking down. chopped cooked turkey or chicken and a few seasonings. TOMICH. What's in stok .IMG00324678A IMG00324679A IMG00324680A Meatless souffle TOMICH.

And the finished product: a sublime. September 12 1966. then along side and over top. the inexpensive. This low-cost main course may be served with asparagus vinaigrette. Refrigerate a souffle for elegant dining. lemony souffle risen two to three inches above the dish (above). December 28 1981. carrots and eggs make this golden souffle IMG00324700A Souffle roulade. Diann DeWeese Smith her table setting. The Rothschilds. souffle Rothschild. Place plastic wrap directly on souffle base to prevent lumps and skin from forming (far left). features glazed fruits soaked in brandy or cognac. spreading the micture in the flat pan (frame 36) the rolling the back roulade after it cooked (fr19) and finally a sliced finished product frace# 9-owner Annie Finance dinning room. Blueberry souffle is a gem of a dessert. highly favored this dessert which was named for them. versatile dish can easily be made for two. October 13 1966. The result of care ful souffle preparation is a light and airy dessert. October 20 1981. Cheese. carrots and eggs make this golden souffle. This souffle appears cold and coffeeflavored. November 17 1972. A well-buttered and sugared foil collar aids the ise and forms a study crust (middle). This will prevent the egg whites. July 27 1978.broccoli roulade IMG00324692A Souffle preparation IMG00324693A IMG00324694A Souffle Blueberry souffle IMG00324695A The great desserts of the grana French cuisine IMG00324696A Refrigerate a souffle for elegant dining. To fold stiffly beaten egg whites into gelatin souffle mixture. February 5 1987. February 2 1967. hot rolls and melon balls in wine souce. June 23 1977. IMG00324697A Souffle IMG00324698A Souffles IMG00324699A Cheese. . December 8 1977. use a rubber spatula and gently cut down through center of mixture to bottom of bowl. from breaking down. Don't save souffles just for dinner parties. One of the great desserts of the grana French cuisine. noted financial geniuses.

. December 28 1982. December 28 1982. A giant Volcanic clowd blasts from Soufriere 4/17 the most violent eruption yet on the Caribbean Island.IMG00324701A Souffle Creative cooks solve the lastminute souffle Air daffodil souffle Mellow. mint-colored avocado souffle is a luscious springtime entree. April 10 1972. milk and cheese. These are a few household items that will make life a lot better in the kitchen. March 8 1968. which killed 2. Prepare a special souffle treat for family or friends from canned salmon. Creative cooks solve the last-minute souffle. erupted early 4/13 and caused the evacuation or some 10. May 26 1977. which blasted boulders high into the air and covered the clear Caribbean skies with a blanket of ash seen 100 miles away. March 30 1977. Right for any time of the meatless day. mint-colored avocado souffle IMG00324702A IMG00324703A IMG00324704A IMG00324705A Cheese souffle IMG00324706A Special souffle treat for family or friends Step by step of SOUFFLE preparation IMG00324707A IMG00324708A Souffle IMG00324709A Household items Stanley Paul/step by step of SOUFFLE preparation IMG00324710A IMG00324711A Soufriere volcano IMG00324712A A giant Volcanic clowd blasts from Soufriere For a souffle that's impressive but not tricky to make. The 4. Be a Southern belle for a day and serve this delicious rebel Souffle made with grits and brown 'n' serve bacon strips on the top. March 23 1973. Smoke clouds rise high into the sky 4/13 from the eruptions of Soufriere volcano. April 10 1983.. Plus him in his kitchen. An elegant cheese souffle signifies high living on a low budget.000-foot Mount Soufriere. April 14 1979. the souffle offers complete protein from a trio of eggs..000 in 1902. .. May 3 1973. Stanley Paul/step by step of SOUFFLE preparation. try this main dish one that'sflavorful with cheese and bacon.000 people from villages in a 10-mileradius. plus him in his kitchen. Stanley Paul/step by step of SOUFFLE preparation. March 8 1968. Mellow. This lighter-than air daffodil souffle is an ideal dessert for a spring dinner.

Steam. at the northern tip of the island.means from the heart.IMG00324713A RESIDENTS FLEE LIVE VOLCANO IMG00324714A VOLCANO ERUPTS IMG00324715A FULLBACK'S SIDELINE IMG00324716A Soul Food Party for funds IMG00324717A Soul Inspirational Choir IMG00324718A Soul Kitchen thousands of residents have been evacuated from sections of the island believed to be in danger from further volcanic action. after it began to come to life without warning. April 18 1979. Sout food consistsof boiled. June 5 1969. Vincent. May 27 1970. is involved in a new pro football probe. West Indies leave the area near the Soufriere Volcano. a food carry-out. Friday.000 persons from a 10-mile ring around the volcano which began belching steam and sulphuric smoke shortly before dawn Friday. erupted Friday morning. reflects its neighborhood. Left: Soul Kitchen. Right: Jewel Delaney fixes an order of short ribs (l. Authorities were evacuating about 17. Officials of the National Football league declined comment Wednesday on a report that New Orleans Saints fullback Ernie Wheelwright was asked to give up his interest in Soul City because of questionable associations. according to the youth's definition. Staring on the list of Soul Food is that almost legendary dish. the black culture there and the desire for hearty soul dishes. Vincent. ash and rock are spewed into the air at an estimated 20. spicy dishes which have been apart of the Negro tradition. wrinkle Steaks. chit'lins). April 14 1979. April 14 1979.000 feet as the Soufriere volcano in St. May 1 1986. . Residents of St. West Indies. Soul Inspirational Choir adds its voice to the melting pot of musleal tastes that make up the annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. often called chitterlings--(pronounced. This rock bar and lounge. Soul. located near the New Orleans city limits in suburban Metairie.

Soul. ANEW SONAR DEVICE THAT FULFILLS THE LONG-TIME DREAM OF FISHERMEN AND MARINE PILOTS TO BE ABLE TO LOOK AROUND" UNDER WATER AND "SEE" AHEAD AND TO THE SIDES OF THEIR BOATS. SEPTEMBER 30 1953. February 14 1969. Soul Kitchen. HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED BY THE MINNEAPOLIS HONEYWELL REGULATOR COMPANY.IMG00324719A Soul Kitchen IMG00324720A Soul Kitchen IMG00324721A Soul Queen IMG00324722A Leonard Buss and John E. THIS ARTIST'S CONCEPTION . Jacobs IMG00324723A NEW SONAR DEVICE SCANS UNDER WATER IMG00324724A NEW SONAR DEVICE SCANS UNDER WATER IMG00324725A NEW SONAR DEVICE SCANS to r. the black culture there and the desire for hearty soul dishes. This equipment was developed by John E. Jacobs (right) of Northwestern University. right) oversees the popular buffet at the Queen of the Sea. January 30 1994. spicy dishes which have been a part of the Negro tradition. Leonard Buss (left) produces an image of his finger on a television screen by holding it in the path of sound waves. January 20 1968. a food carryout. Michigan. reflects its neighborhood. SEPTEMBER 30 1953. Rose kennedy (top. Soul food consists of boiled. owner of the Queen of the Sea. February 14 1969. Reporter Walter Morrison (farright) enjoys roast chicken at the Soul Queen. fruit cobbler and ham hocks and collard greens. The Soul Queen (above) at 2200 S. according to the youth's definition means from the heart. Mary Anderson (right). Soul Kitchen--3a and 21a ex detail alcove with candles--16a. HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED BY THE MINNEAPOLIS HONY WELL REGULATOR COMPANY. A NEW SONAR DEVICE THAT FULFITS THE LONG-TIME DREAM OF FISHER5MAN AND MARINE PILOTS TO BE ABLE TO "LOOK AROUND" UNDER WATER AND "SEE" AHEAD AND TO THE SIDES OF THEIR BOATS. won't tell her cooking secrets. February 14 1976.).

In the background is the Submarine Darter and Destroyer Calcaterra. SEPTEMBER 30 1953. Navy HS-I helicopter IMG00324728A ANTI-SUBMARINE WARFARE TEAM IMG00324729A New born babies IMG00324730A Sound Booth IMG00325610A Steeplechase IMG00325611A WATER JUMP GRAPHICALLY ILLUSTRATES HOW SEA SOANOR SWEEPS THE SEA BEFORE THE PROCEEDING VESSEL. N. ENABLING THE PILOT. Navy HS-I helicopter demonstratea a sonar detection method while S2F and P2V aircraft fly over the USS Darter (576) and destroyers USS Calcaterra (DER-390) and USS Hazlewood (DD-513).S. THE SOUNDOME.. SEPTEMBER 30 1953. Fla. Rick Johnson of Wisconsin. U. February 3 1975. Doctors now can take a picture of the infant before it is born. June 21 1960. June 21 1960. A. SONAR "EYE" OF THE SEA SOANAR.. Scott Sutherland with his huge display of used CD's that he manages to sell atlower prices. Rick Goodman of Eastern Michigan and Larry Bwanson of North Park get their first taste of the water jump in the . 1975 Tom Wessling and Bob Reef of Miami.UNDER WATER IMG00324726A ROBERT MITCHELL IMG00324727A U. Navyhelicopter hovers close to the surface as it demonstrates a sonar detection method. Naval leaders of 10 American nations saw this demonstration off Key West. during the 6/1-3 Inter-American Naval Conferenoe. his store is called the "Sound Booth" and is located 1151 w. June 6. webster. Rudy Sabbagha demonstrates the sonar the sonar method. A. Dr.. also on antisubmarine warfare missions. Most parents cannot wait to photographtheir newborn babies. IS CHECKED BY MINNEAPOLIS-HONEYWELL ENGINEER ROBERT MITCHELL AFTER ITS INSTALLATION ALONGSIDE THE KEEL OF THE DRYDOCKED TUG EUGENE MORAN IN HOBOKEN. Uath last night. July 20 1993..S. Orgon's Barger (right) beads pack en route to victory in his heat of the steeplechase competition in provo.J.S. U.

of Gregon's Gary Barger (690) leads the field out of water hazzard during the Steepleehase qulifying 6/5.000-meter steeplechase con-tinue on their way. 1951 SOLITARY POST.IMG00325612A Steepleehase IMG00325613A Steepleehase IMG00325614A Steepleehase IMG00325615A THE HIGHEST MAN IN HIS CLASS IMG00325616A SOLITARY POST IMG00325617A MAN ON' THE POLE.with a blow torch. October 1952 Lower left: He's all set on vertical pole.000-mater steeplechase at the Drake Relays Saturday. October 1952 Seteeplejack f ames E . IMG00325618A IMG00325619A IMG00325620A Lower left Lower right 3. High over Manhattan's teeming streets. he examineshis bosun's chair before using. July 21. 1975 Univ. October 1952 Lower right: With aid of rope fbstenedto roof. September 4. he swings out onto extended pole. 1948 IMG00325621A Seteeplejack IMG00325622A Seteeplejack . 1975 While two other runners in the Big Ten Track Keet's 3. 1954 A steeplejack perches near the top of an icy pole here today as he tries to remove a coating of ice from the telephone company 's radio-tele-phone antenna. June 5.400 feet above the street. October 1952 MAN ON' THE POLE. 1973 Tennessee's Les Steele (927) is atop barrier on water hazzard during Steepleehase event 6/5. all part of the excitement of the event held here Saturday. May 19. another goes splash at the water hole. Steeple-jack Pat takes every precaution. June 5. Care y waves from his 17 feet perch atop the damaged steeple of the ArlingnnStreet-Cliurch in downtown here today. 1973 Top man on this multiple use television tower atop the Empire State Building is the steeplejack who's testing airplane beacon more than 1. Pat points flogpole atop a hotel. March 2. April 28. He tests and changes the ropewith every new job. He will repair damage caused when hurricane Edna blew down the weathervane.

November 28.Joe Jr.. is the largest working vane in .19. July 12. which was built at the turn of the century by the Delaware & Hudson Railway. These cool-headed young men are coming up to work on the installation of a big clock on top of the Williamsburg bank building.for a lot of faith. of Wenops. Miss. The 145-foot. 1974 Without any safety equipment Bill Luftswings from the stern of an 800 pound weathervane. New York. recently. work from a pere 246 feet above SeatCe to repair the King St. Illinois. 1975 Charles Brunski. is painting the steeple of St. dangles in a boatswain's chair to caulk terra cotta as his father kneels atop the tower. 45. steeple is one of Erunski's smallest jobs. where they were painting the huge tower. June 18.IMG00325623A Seteeplejack IMG00325624A Seteeplejack IMG00325625A Seteeplejack IMG00325626A Seteeplejack IMG00325627A Taking it from the top IMG00325628A Seteeplejack IMG00325629A TESTING HIS REPAIR High above Wilmette. Ill.. and Joe Jr. Pa. Ill. masonrv restorers Joe Eggerling Sr. George Robare. Warren and Chris Sodt pause at the foot of a television tower near Towanda. Brunski. and isone of several Bahai volunteers assisting in the two year project of cleaning the famous Chicago north shore landmark. 1971 A painter uses a long irofio put the finishing touches on a weathe'r vano stop the steeple of the United Methodist Church at Columbus.. 1974 With ropes as their only support.. Station clock tower. 49. a replica of Henry Hudson's "Half MooN'' The 16 fact-high vane at tee top of the University Plaza building. letrick's Church in Bloomington. The job didn't require much paint but called. September 1969 Thirty-two stories above Brooklyn.. a trained steeplejack cleansthe dome of the Bahai House of Worship. Robare is a Mohawk Indian from Niagra Falls. July 18. in high on his job.

IMG00325630A Seteeplejack IMG00325631A Seteeplejack IMG00325632A Seteeplejack IMG00325633A Seteeplejack IMG00325634A Seteeplejack IMG00325635A WOMAN STEEPLEJACK IMG00325636A DANGLING STEEPLEJACK America. 1963 LAWRENCE LAWSON. JULY 25. OF WASHINGTON. Andrew's Ukrainian Or -thodox Church in the capi-tal. more than 250 feet high. Luft. Stephen's to remove a policeman's helmet placed mysteriously atop the tower on Saturday. But thitisnot the way steeplejack Edwin Gonzainz does it. OCTOBER 21. 1982 These days. June 5. November 22. Students wereblamed for the prank. 1947 A London Seteeplejack elimbs 310-foot high spire of St. is perched on the city hall flagpole during a 144-hour lookout for Santa. uses his 112-pound wife to paint poles too spindley to support man's weigh .. 44. a Seteeplejack of Paterson. ONE OF RICHMOND'S . Billie utherford paint can danglin from left boot. when a cable is broken atop a fingpote. N. DANGLES BY HIS RIGHT FOOT AFTER SLIPPING TODAY WHILE ATTEMPTING TO REPAIR A FLAG POLE ATOP A DOWNTOWN BANK BUILDING. He climbs the polethree or four times a day ~ughout the Chicago area. Her Eusband.. who last repaired the ship in 1962. 47. December 4. 1978 Seteeplejack edwin Gonzalaz practices a dying cradit as he says in the world atop a flagpole in the plaza outsite the agency Chicago.D. June 5. 1949 Washington steeplejack intatalls a newcross atop steeple of St. The spire is one of the highest of London's Houses of Parliament. replaces an 84-year-old one. according to officials. is trying to climb on board to check the new the stainless steel bearingS. head of a Los Angeles steeplejack firm. J. The new cross. 1955 Mrs . 1982 Harry Frechette. starts painting top of 70-foot flagpole. March 10. C. it usuany is fixed with the aid of a crane or "cherry-picker" lift.

1945 THIS 8-TON STEEPLE SWAYED AT 45DEGREE ANGLE FOR NINE HOURS YESTERDAY WHILE BEING REMOVED IN REPAIR PROJECT AT ST. . whoknew exactly when the moment had come. 40. 1957 ABOVE: A steeplejack rides the minute hand of a clock in the 'tower of the Traffic Court Building as he paints the clock face. 1963 A steeplejack rides the minute hand of a clock in the tower of the Traffic CourtBuilding as he paints the clock face. 1963 Indianapolis electrician Albert Fritsch finds himself on a precarious perch tri mm in g what is called the "world's largest Christmas tree. Pa. NOVEMBER 28. as a cameraman flew by the huge tower. November 20.. wave from atop a tower they were painting near Towanda. and husband. 1963 Chris Stood right. JULLY 20. 1956 AT THE TOP OF THEIR PROFFSSION. July 14. The strands of lights run from the top of the monument to the ground. November 20. Pa. D. PAINTERS ROBERT HOWARD. and the painter. (CLIMBING THE LADDER) AND LA VERN FLADIE.RIGHT: The clock tower. August 9. 44.. WON'T HAVE TO HANG OUT WET PAINT SIGNS ON THIS JOB IN WASHINGTON. Warren. has descended from his revolving scaffold.Eleven-thirty is lunch time. from one of thehighest points which is over 350 feet above the water line. 1971 Three Seteeplejack painting the suspension cables of the Delaware river damage at Philadelphia. AUGUST 10." The 264-foottall Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument there is being fitted with thousands of lights simulating a huge Christmas tree.C. 11 stories up. AUGUSTINE'S ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. November 20.IMG00325637A STEEPLE CHASE IMG00325638A STEEPLE TEST IMG00325639A Seteeplejack IMG00325640A Seteeplejack IMG00325641A Seteeplejack IMG00325642A Seteeplejack IMG00325643A Seteeplejack TALLEST STRUCTURES.

now house furniture and textile manufacturing firms. For spany years. though I never haveseen it. 1982 One of the few remaining Seteeplejack in the Chicago area. From a boatswain's chair he will work torepair the wind-damaged copper plating of the steeple. in a raffle. Howard Fieg.tories above California Street on Nob Hill. March 27. W. 1978 IMG00325647A IMG00325648A IMG00325649A Steger Fire Department THE PROUD old hook and ladder truck (above) makes one of its final public appearances with the steeger fire department.. is pictured climbing tne flagpole on the Fairmont Hotel Tower. Could you please tell me where the lotis and what value it has?-Mrs. 1960 About 60 years ago. March 22. November 26. police lockup and board meeting room. 71-year. Cicero. April 28. it's not a steeple jogging across therooftopsMt's a new steeple being lowered bym cable onto the roof of the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Konsos City. my father won a lot in the village of Ste r and gave it to me as a glit.N. July 9. 1971 Steger's municipal building at 3322 Emerald houses the village's volunteer fire department. Mo. I have been paying taxes on it. 1972 Ralph Ordar Clark. 1960 Exteriors of the new steinberg-Baua IMG00325650A Steger & Sons Piano Manufacturing Co IMG00325651A Steger IMG00325652A IMG00325653A Steger's Steinberg-Baum Co . so Clark went to work to get things back to normal.IMG00325644A Seteeplejack IMG00325645A Seteeplejack IMG00325646A Seteeplejack 1937 No. Heme (enclosed) is its real estate indes number as given on the tax bill. April 28. 1960 The main building of the old Steger & Sons Piano Manufacturing Co.san Francisco steeplejack. The large American flag had fouled at thepeak. August 11. goes about his business on his latest job--the 150-foot steeple of the Scottish Rite Cathedral at 935 N. Dearborn.

former editor of AntiquesJournal. eggshell latex paint. 1967 Developers of the year Richard Hanson (left). store (19th) at 7216 W. 1985 Finish is a versatne'and' expensive way toadd pattern and color. 1964 This is the $35 million stellarator "C" used at Princeton University's Plasma Physics Laboratory for experiments in controlled thermonuclear research. April 19. 1990 Stenoiled decoration like this one has been used in America since coloniai times. by consulting a book on the subject. 1960 Early American beer stein of enamel onpottery is on' exhibit through Thursdayat the Chicago Antique Show in theExhibition Hall of the Palmer House. both in number of Beer Stein STEINS IMG00325658A Stein IMG00325659A Stellarator IMG00325660A STENCIL IMG00325661A STENCILING IMG00325662A Stencils IMG00325663A Stenciled .crescent bronze gold paint. gold glaze paint. Admission to the show is $1. Materials: Oil stencil board. D. and get ideas for creating your own designs. Techniques provided by artist Kira Lathrop. S. 1992 Ultimate Stencils by Althea Wilson features stencils with African motifs and earthy colors. 1967 You can learn the basics of stenciling.IMG00325654A IMG00325655A IMG00325656A IMG00325657A Stein & Co. is available to give pointers tocollectors. Beer Stein COLORFUL GERMAN BEER STEINS THAT WOULD LOOK FINE BEHIND ANY BAR ARE ADMIRED BY SISTER MARY MARK. November 24. a design from a stencil book or make astencil from a pattern in a book. Grand avenue inElmwood park. It reached its xenith in the late Viotorian ora.Clarke. Julla Stasch (center) and Richard Stein of Stein & Co. June 17. One such book is Early American Wall Stencils in Color. FEB 5. from which this stencil is reproduced. October 7. June 29. (312) 528-3100. stencil brush. May 5.

1982 This stenoll of a horse and rider was reprodueed from "Early American Wall Stenosis he Color. November 17. is designed to seat 500 patrons. August 29. 1993 Unifished garage to be qquired by steppenwolf Theater. August 20.000 plant complex on the Illinois Waterway in Millsdale. October 23. sales manager Leo Chan displays some shoes at the new Stephane Kellan store at Oak Street and Michigan Avenue. 1982 How to stencil step by step.IMG00325664A Stencilling IMG00325665A Stencilling IMG00325666A IMG00325667A Stencilling Stencilling IMG00325668A Stencilling IMG00325669A Stepan Chemical Co IMG00325670A Stephane Kelian bountique IMG00325671A Steppenwolf Studio Theatre IMG00325672A Steppenwolf Studio Theatre IMG00325673A Steppenwolf Studio Theatre IMG00325674A IMG00325675A IMG00325676A Steppenwolf Studio Theatre Steppenwolf Theatre Company Steppenwolf Theatre Company oreftsmen and in sophistication of design. 1994 Function triumphs over form in the new $8. November 17. 1963 U. February 25. 1985 Loossa the tape and slowly peel the stencilaway from the design (let the point dry first)." a book of stenells. 1982 Lance Isen. December 20. September 1.28 million Steppenwolf Theatre complex at 1650 N. 1974 Stepan Chemical Co. 1994 Steve Martin. 1989 Steppenwolf Theatre Company Ensemble members Lois Smith and . February 25. near Joliet. Halsted. Friday dedicated its new $15. The building will be formally unveiled April 12-14. Steppenwolf Artistic Director and Stephen Eich.S. shown in this artist's rendering. Halsted.000. a student at Macormao Junior college. 1985 How to stancil step by step. Steppenwolf Managing Director gatheredwith benefit committee members in preparation for the once in a lifetime Gala Opening of the Steppenwolf Studio Theatre . Steppenwolf Theater Company'sp new home at 1650 N. February 2. February 25. Randall Arney. where he is learning to become a court reporter demonstrates the use of his stenotype machine.

2000. 1989. 1984 Left to right: Glenne Headly. (sested in chair ). . The beer is a local brew. Mariann Mayberry as Jane and John Malkovich as John Wilmot. Performances run throughApril 7. May 15.Moira Harris. this is where the players play. 1996 at Steppenwolf Theatre Company. . Halsted. The production opens on the Steppenwolf Theatre Company Mainstage on September 24.o credit: Lisa Ebright ' David New as Jordan and Judy Kuhn as the title character in The Ballad of Little Jo..HYSTERIA opens Sunday. Reunion of Steppenwolf Theatre Ensemble actors on stage--performed readings of early works from their careers.IMG00325677A Steppenwolf Theatre Company IMG00325678A Steppenwolf Theatre Company IMG00325679A Steppenwolf Theatre Company IMG00325680A Steppenwolf Theatre Company IMG00325681A Steppenwolf Theatre Company IMG00325682A Steppenwolf Theatre Company IMG00325683A Steppenwolf Theatre Company Gary Sinise in John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath. Ensemble member Martha Lavey in Wallace Shawn's Aunt Dan and LemonSteppenwolf Theatre Company. Mariann Mayberry as Jessica and Marc Vann asSalvador Dali in HYSTERIA by Terry Johnson. John Malkovich reeds from "True West".. June 24.. 1650 N. and Laurie Metcalfin COYOTE UGLY. and runs through . directed by Steppenwolf ensemble member Tina Landau. 1993 The scene is the Lion's Head onChristopher Street in Greenwich Village. . 1987 . a world premiere musical by Mike Reid and Sarah Schlesinger. Steppenwolf Theatre Company.. Chicago.. directed by John Malkovich. December 5. . Second Earl of Rochester in SteppenwolfTheatre Company's production of THE LIBERTINE by Stephen Jeffreys. It'sclassified as a writers hangout. but when the lights go out at Off Broadway theaters. and the cheese hurgers are better than they are on Halsted Street. Yasen Peyankov as Sigmund Freud.

1983 Items for the storso section. Chicago. Chicago. 1650 N. 1981 Beatlephones. September 25. STEREOEQUIPMENT.. October 9. 1983 Items for the stereo section.MORNING STAR opens May 2 and runs through June 20. October 9. October 9. and retail for about $13. October 9. 1981 Items for the stereo section. 2000. new stereo headset for personal listening for records. October 9. 1981 Items for the stereo section. 1987 Items for the stereo section.IMG00325684A Steppenwolf Theatre Company IMG00325685A New Products IMG00325686A IMG00325687A IMG00325688A IMG00325689A IMG00325690A IMG00325691A IMG00325692A IMG00325693A IMG00325694A IMG00325695A IMG00325696A IMG00325697A Scott Powers STEREOEQUIPMENT STEREOEQUIPMENT STEREOEQUIPMENT STEREOEQUIPMENT STEREOEQUIPMENT The Akai Compact Disc player STEREOEQUIPMENT STEREOEQUIPMENT STEREOEQUIPMENT STEREOEQUIPMENT STEREOEQUIPMENT IMG00325698A STEREOEQUIPMENT IMG00325699A IMG00325700A STEREOEQUIPMENT STEREOEQUIPMENT Saturday.88. October 9. 1981 Rich Warren with new toys. The Felderman family and friends in MORNING STAR by Sylvia Regan. lll. 1981 The Akai Compact Disc player. 1981 A $50. directed by Frank Galati. 1981 Items for the stereo section. October 9. Halsted. MAY Steppenwolf Theatre Company. andelectronic instruments are being . October 9. February 3. The steps are a product of Quality Maid Industries.000 STEREO SYSTEM. MANAGER OF CELLO CHICAGO AT RAVINEA CLASSICAL MUSIC.per request. 1999 at Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Wheeling. January 22. OCTOBER 9. WITH DAVID HOWARD. 1981 Items for the stereo section. 1973 Scott Powers:Photo of the Koss K-20 stereophone. 1981 Items for the stereo section. May 26. October 9. Upsidazy household tip-proof steps features a hand-grip safely bar for added balance and knee support. 1650 N. 1981 Items for the stereo section. Haslsted. tapes.

1988 Frank Schettini of Chatsworth. McKinley eatopresident. John Koss. . Victoria was on the throns. 1940 IT WAS around the turn of the century. Sr. This broad smile belongs to John Koss. SEATED AMONG SOME RARE OLD STEREOSOOPE MACHINES. An Austrian schoolboy named Adolf Hitler was a pretty poor scholar. October 9. October 9. Switzerland. which reproduces remarkably true sound. Full color pictures of The Beatles are imbedded in each earpiece. April 28. 1981 Items for the stereo section. America. 1988 Milwaukee's Koss Corp.. the JCK/3O0 has improvedsound quality and new infrared technology to increase its range. EXAMINES ONE OF THE INSTRUMENTS AS THE WORLD'S LARGEST COLLECTION OF RARE STEREOSOOPES AND STEREOSOOPIC SLIDE VIEWS WERE DISPLAYED AT THE SAONS AUDITORIUM HERE TODAY." . provide a unique stereosound. sang"Good-by Dolly Gray" and "In the Good Old Summnenime. February 22. Calif. son of company president. is introducing an upgraded version of its KordlessStereophone. the Spanish war over. works on the stereo system in his pickup truck recently. The headphones. 1988 MISS KAY WHITE. 1983 One of the best personal stereos is Alwa's HSPX700a. August 6. 1966 Items for the stereo section. June 5. June 12. 1981 The Revox integrated amplifier and kuner. At a suggested price of $275. Jr. December 28.IMG00325701A IMG00325702A IMG00325703A IMG00325704A STEREOEQUIPMENT STEREOEQUIPMENT Stereo Stereos IMG00325705A Stereo System IMG00325706A STEREOEQUIPMENT IMG00325707A STEREOEQUIPMENT IMG00325708A STEREOEQUIPMENT IMG00325709A Sterographs shown by Koss Electronics Inc. manufactured by Koss under exclusive license from FOMISA of Lugano. 1989 Yamaha's DSP-3000 digital sound field processor. January 6.

That was the stereoscope. April 18. 1940 Exterior shot of th Stereotapes Ltd. June 27. 1975 Fourteen-year-old Minnie Relf and her 12-year-old sister Mary Alice. 1979 Mrs. 26. say they had themselves sterilized after a company offical implied the surgery might help save their jobs at the chemical plant. In every home in the land was a magic little gadget. Where the captions are quoted. January 4. the parents have filed suit claiming that their two daughters were sterilized with out their knowledge. workers at an American Cyanamid plant. Presented here are some of the typicl stereorgraphs which enter ined the America of another age. November 13. sits beside her attorney. September 22. Ogden in Berwyn which was bombed. 1973 Nical Ruth Cox (L). No one was injured.IMG00325710A Stereotapes Ltd IMG00325711A ATERILE WOMEN IMG00325712A Mrs. 1967 These four women. at 6701 W. show reporters their bedroom in the family's apartment in a public housing project here. The result was a single picture with-magic indeeda third dimension. 1974 Mr. and Mrs. who have had a suit filed in their names claiming that they were sterilized without their knowledge or consent. A card on which duplicate pictures were mounted was stuck in one end of the gadgety and you looked info the other. Lonnie relf at left are shown with their two childern. Brenda Feigen fasteau of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). June 28. Inc. they are taken directly from the original sterographs. sits in the living room of her Pittsburgh aperment as three of her five childern have a meal in the kitchen. 12-year old daughter Mary Alice center and 14year old Minnie Relf. 36. . depth. the donble feature of Grandmother's day. Norma Jean Serna IMG00325713A PARENTS WITH STERILIZED CHILDERN IMG00325714A STERILIZED IMG00325715A Sterilization hadn't yet got to "Sweet Adeline" and the auto. Norma Jean Serna.

lnc. alleging each of them played a role in her sterilization against her will. of Montgomery. 1977 Georgia Mae Downs. Curtis (above). March 14. FEBRUARY 22. July 11. March 14. March 6. 1961 Sterno.IMG00325716A PARENTS OF STERILIZED GIRLS SPECIAL FOR THE CHICAGO SUN TIMES EDITOR REQUESTED BY PUPICH IMG00325717A IMG00325718A Sterilization IMG00325719A STERILIZATION IMG00325720A Sterling Harris Ford IMG00325721A IMG00325722A Sterling Haris Ford Sterling Haris Ford IMG00325723A Sterno IMG00325724A GLANT HEART at press conference 7/12 where the ACLu announced it was filing a $1million damage suit in behalf of Miss Cox who was sterilized at a North Carolina hospital when she was 18. 1938 (A) Used Car lot showing a few old cars. Learns there is nothing wrong with his heart during pre-induction physical .. July 10. is a deaf woman who is suing Dr. 1966 Gary Wood. of Cortland. now produces a line of moderately-priced enamelware cooking utensils with individual heat stands and a two-burner stove for use with Sterno canned heat. 1973 SPECIAL FOR THE CHICAGO SUN TIMES EDITOR REQUESTED BY PUPICH. Ala. 1961 Sterling Haris Ford missing car. MARCH 3. her father.. 22. pictured at left with her second child and husband.--(1959 Ford -March 13. 1977 USE THESE TWO FAMILY TREES AS EVIDENCE OF HOW THEY SAY STERILIZATION WOULD IMPROVE THE RACE BY CUTTING OFF NEW GENERATIONS OF CRIMINALS AND IMBECLES. attend a Senate Health Subcommittee hearing Tuesday in Washington.(B) Exterior View of bldg. 1973 Lonnil and his wife. September 11. rookie quarterback of the New York Giants of the National Football League.(C) Interior view of new car showroom showing one lone car. 1961 Sterling Haris Ford missing car. John B. her older sister and three state welfare workers for $1.5 million.

A. 1964 MICROPHONES ARRANGED AROUND THE CHEST AND NECK OF THIS GIRL "PATIENT" PICK UP THE FAINTEST SOUNDS. Samuel L. BUT SHE'S NOT LISTENING FOR HEARTBEATS. June 1. Harry Kleiman examines world lightweight champion Ken Buchanan (R) at the latter's training camp 6/21. 1972 ARTIST: Pls white out "1-26" justabove words "modern stethoscope . as they Check up on taedical ttests for the Project Head staart. sisters from 815 W. 62-orbit flight in ohich White will step out of the capsule for a short walk in space. 1965 Dr. 1953 Astronaut Edward Whi te gags with his command pilot. November 6. THREE MONTHS OLD. 1955 Patrick Callaghan. age 7 1/2 dressed as a Doctor and holds Stethoscopeat program for children.Health Commissioner Checks hearts ofElisabeth Karpiel 5 yrs Lorrette Karpiel 4 years. with a Noctor's stethoscope after their extensive physical examination at Cane Kennedy today. to prepare them for forthcoming stays. 1952 PRETTY DIANA DUNN HANDLES A STETHOSCOPE LIKE A DOCTOR. 54th St. The two Gemini astronauts are scheduled to take off hursday morning on a fourday. THREE-YEAR-OLD SILVA DE BENEDETTI USED A STETHOSCOPE ON HER "PATIENT" SERGIO ASCANT. June 22. January 6. FEBRUARY 10. SEPTEMBER 28.IMG00325725A STETHOSCOPE IMG00325726A STETHOSCOPE IMG00325727A Stethoscope IMG00325728A STETHOSCOPE IMG00325729A STETHOSCOPE IMG00325730A Stethoscope IMG00325731A STETHOSCOPE IMG00325732A STETHOSCOPE examination at Army recruiting headquarters in Syracuse today. Andelman City. . 1967 Dr. JANUARY 22. IN A DEMONSTRATION OF A NEW SUPER-STETHOSCOPE AT LONDON'S NATIONAL HEART HOSPITAL. "eulie. 1971 AS SERIOUS AND INTENT AS ANY MEDICO. Jerry DeMuth has story. James McDivitt. July 31.

September 20. May 25. Deccember 9. May 25. April 11. 'l'he Stethograph. president of the Stevens Point Brewery stands at the desk of his father. 1979 The Steve Foley Cadillac-Chevrolet dealersahip at Rush and Ontario will move out by the end of the month. behind only Wurzburger of Germany.IMG00325733A STETHOSCOPE IMG00325734A Stethograph IMG00325735A Stethgraph IMG00325736A Stetson Hat Co IMG00325737A Steve Foley IMG00325738A Stevens Point Brewery February 05. a device which enablesphysicians to see sounds too faint to be heard through their stethoscopes A key part of the Stethograph is a sensitive pickup. 1955 Dr. 1955 Gary I. developed cooperatively by the medical college and GM Research Laboratories. who is chief executive oficer. while Joseph B.Bidwell of General Motors Research Laboratories (right) operates a direct writing device that traces the heart's inaudible sounds. .. Myles Mittlewan Thursday during team physicals. records the inaudible sounds of a patient's heart with an Electro Stethograph. enables physicians to see the sounds they cannot hear with their stethoscopes. Dale Groom of the Medical College of South Carolina (left) adjusts themensi-tive pickup of the Electro Stethograph ver the heart of a patient. They and their 29 Point workers trew and distribute what one tastetesting panel rated the best beer in america and secool in the world. Felix.Dale Groom (right) of the Medical College of South Carolina at Charleston. 1974 Dr. 1992 Ken Shibilski. Rosenthal. stands in a sea of hats that have made it half way through the production line at the Stetson factory in St. resting on the patient's chest. president of Stetson Hat Co. 1973 Milwaukee Bucks star Kareen AdulJabbar reverses roles with Dr.

historic portage route of explorers LaSale. Joliet and Marquette.IMG00325739A Southwest IMG00325740A Southwest IMG00325741A Southwest Expressway IMG00325742A Southwest Expressway IMG00325743A Southwest Expressway IMG00325744A Southwest Expressway IMG00325745A Southwest Expressway IMG00325746A Southwest Expressway March 19. 1964 Walking along ti e steel teams to their workafter lunch hour. Kerner campaigntrailer was parked crosswaysacross east bound lanes of the new expway. by sheriff's deputies beforebulldozers could raze it tomake way for the SouthwestExpressway. (The Countyalso has the construction between Cicero and Harlem Avenues).000 Southwest Expressway thatis expected to be ready for traffic thisOctober. July 29. October 1964 Helicopter view shows progress on the$197. Dan Ryan Expressway comes in from the left oing southward. It took only 20 minutes to make a ruin of the 80-years-old building. Bridge is being built across theDes Plaines River at the Lawndale inter-change. Archer. is where the intersecting SW Expwy merges . 1984 Wayne Hamilton. 1964 Looking towe a the lake. 1964 Motorcade arrives at Damen Ave for Dedication ceremonies. Sum-mit. 1964 Southwest Expressway in the County section betweenHalsted Street and California Avenue. the a tructure is tte part of the ramp of SW Exer essway . Looking SW at FAI-55 (Southwest Expressway) under FAI-94 (Dan Ryan Expressway) and over Ealsted st. and Archer Avenue.Gov Kerneris retting out of car just above huge picture of himself on side of SemiTrailer.. A part of the superhighway fol-lows the Sanitary and Ship Canal. September 29. July 29. October 24.are these four nsteel workers. May 9 1964. At atmit 26th street. 31. September 15.000. . hadto be carried bodily out of hishome at 5512 S. 1964 House is a mass of rubble after buildozers smashed it down.

of the South Branch of the Chicago River. July 29. just before he wasejected by sheriff's depu-ties T uesday. 1964 Looking Sw at construction of FAI-55 (Southwest Expressway) over Archer Avenuo & Quarry St.armed with a shotgun. September 29. 1964 View looking northeast on expressway at La Grange Rd. September 29. workers have already set out lane barricades cutting outbound Stevenson traffic from two down to one on the ramsp and two lanes from three on the main roadway . 1964 Looking SW at contruction of FAI-55 (Southwest Expressway) connection with SBI-4 (FA-98) US-66.. 1964 Signifying the beginning of an interrupted sentence in pergatory for Stevenson Expressway commuters. in Chicago. Archer. hadthreatened to shoot' anyonewho tried to move himsince last Thursday whenhe was ordered to vacatethe house to make way forthe $157.. September 29. and W..000 South-west Expressway. May 22. 1975 HIGHWAYS ILLINOS Looking North at contruction of FAI-55 (Southwest Expressway) connection with the Dan Ryan Expressway (FAI-94) just S. Hamilton. over the . 1964 LEFT-Crowd gathers infront of home of WayneHamilton.000. 1964 This is looking directly north. 5512 S. 1964 Looking SW at construction of FAI-55 (Southwest Expressway) under damen Avenue in Chicago. September 29. Fuller st. September 29.IMG00325747A Southwest Expressway IMG00325748A Stevenson Expressway IMG00325749A HIGHWAYS ILLINOS IMG00325750A Southwest Expressway IMG00325751A IMG00325752A Southwest Expressway Southwest Expressway IMG00325753A Southwest Expressway IMG00325754A Southwest Expressway IMG00325755A Southwest Expressway IMG00325756A Southwest Expressway coming off the Ryan at about archer & Lowe Sts. September 29. 1964 Looking Ne at construction of FAI-55 (Southwest Expressway) under the TriState Tollway (FAI-294) under Willow springs Road at Indian Head poark..Summit. Throop st. August 10. Loomis st.

000.British minister of transport. October 26. $7. October 1964 Southwest Exereesway. saw on a tour of the multi-milliondoller Southwest highway project Tuesday. This view was taken By Alan Guntow throught the conrtesy of American Airlines. which was halted during thslwinter months.5-million roadway project. October 27. 1976 This helicopter view of the link-up of the Southwest Express-way and Dan. July 10. June 3. on the Stevenson. April 4. 1966 ILL ROAD WORKERS REMOVED STEEL FROM CENTER OF STEVENSON EXP. 1959 "STILL NO CARS" / view-traffic fron newly opened sottthwest expressway. October 24. . Aerial view of the new Southwest Exereesway showing the connection to Dan Rayan expressway. and a statism. May 6. Ryan Expressway is what Ernest Marples. The $45. near Halsted. 1964 Resurtacing work resumed on the Stevenson Expressway Saturday morning and these motorists nearing Lake Shore Dr. 1964 One car. is expected to be completed July 16. 1964 Leeking west at Califerata averne and the proposed Southwest Exereesway. Southwest Highways Illinois.IMG00325757A Southwest Expressway IMG00325758A Southwest Exereesway IMG00325759A Southwest Exereesway IMG00325760A Southwest Exereesway IMG00325761A Stevenson IMG00325762A Southwest Exereesway IMG00325763A Stevenson Exereesway IMG00325764A IMG00325765A Stevenson Exereesway Stevenson Exereesway river with Canal street on the right. got caught in the vise. Estimated cost.000. thisview illustrates the proposed exoress bus median strip operation. with plenty of Space around it.Exelusive bus lanes in the median strio of this expressway would be providedfrom a connecties with the Beuth Expressway near Ralst'et street and Cermak read to Cicere avenue south of Pershing read. 1967 Air Views of McCormcik Place withStevenson Juntion with the South Lake Shore Drive .

but there's hope. 1966 Construction workers are hurrying to get thbs section of steelworkfinished today since I.. May 19. 1982 The Stevenson Expressway . April 25. Thisis an exit ramp from the Outer Drive which will connect with theStevenson Expwy. Edgar.WEARING GLASSESMRS. November 1. 1952 MARGARET FAGGI SEA TED AT MACIDNE.ELSIE GESSE . 1966 Those famillar black and yellow barricades are up again on the Steenson Expy. Now they're squeezing traffic to two lanes in a fourmile stretch between Wolf Rd. May 28..LOOKING AT THE ALEMITE DISPIA Y IN TEE SEDWROOlNS OF THE PLANT. and Lake Shore Drive in this view from the State Street overpass. 1965 Looking northeast during dedication ceremonieg. MARCH 8. October 27. 1966 It's riddled with potholes now. 1966 Forest of wooden pilings south of McCormick Place will support roadway from South Outer Drive andparking lot while construction is going on.....KNOWLSON PRES. and Willow Springs Rd. 1994 JAES S.Piledriver operator Jack Deegan measures height of posts. Stevenson Expressway repairs proceed between the Dan Ryan Exgy. (1-55).C. 1974 Air View of McCormick Place with the Junction with the Lake Shore Drive and Stevenson Extention. AND CHAIR OF THE BOARDFRANK A . June 12.extension into S. Lake Shore is among projects halted by the engineers' strike.. train traffic is light on Sundays. the first phase of a resurfacing project.BITER SENIOR VICE PRES. THE WOMEN ARE BOTH . Crews like this one will turn their attention to the Stevenson later this month thanks to a plan by Gov. September 3.IMG00325766A Stevenson Exereesway IMG00325767A Stevenson Exereesway IMG00325768A Stevenson Exereesway IMG00325769A Stevenson Expressway IMG00325770A Stevenson Expressway IMG00325771A Stevenson Expressway IMG00325772A Stevenson Expressway IMG00325773A Stevenson Expressway IMG00325774A Stewart Warner Corp IMG00325775A Stemart Warnar Co MARCH 29.

Shown are (from left) Joan. MARCH 8. a union official said Tuesday.YRS OLD 33 YRS SERVICE. CHARLES MIDINSKI 56 YRS OLD 18 YRS SERVICE. DOTTIE FRATTOMA RGARET SCHALX. Page 31. E. Story in Business. LOCAL 1031. B.W. MARCH 10. RAY GWTETJTAUS CHIEF STEWARD OF THE I. May 24. MARCH 10. 1989 Employees of Stewart Warner Corp protest Friday at the pEnt. November 4. Now they say they are locked out. daughter Ashley and wife Jackie stand outside the StewartWarner plant on Diversey Parkway Friday. ANDREW FLORCZAK 68. 1952 Operations may be substantially scaled down at the 83-year-old StewartWarnesmanufacturing plant at 1826 W. STEWART WARNER. 1989 Robert Euriche. June 28. after the company announced it will move operations to Mexico in two years. 1941 Site of abandoned (closed/shut tered) factory. November 4. TALKS TO SOME OF THE GIRIS AS HE MAKES HIS RODHDS THE THE FACTORT.MIKLOS VOLKER 64 YRS OLD 37 YRS SERVICE.IMG00325776A STEWART WARNER WARNER ELECTRIC IMG00325777A Stewart Warner Corp IMG00325778A Stewart Warner Corp IMG00325779A Stewart Warner Corp IMG00325780A Stewart Warner Corp IMG00325781A Stewart Warner Corp IMG00325782A Stewart Warner Corp IMG00325783A Stewart Warner Corp WEARING TBE SAFETY HATSTHAT ALL WOMEN WEAR TO COVER THEIR LONG HAIR.ina Sullivan. sigttig Brown and Mrine Wade. ROSE DOMENICKLORRA INE WENK. Diversey. 1952 KATWTHW NULLIGAN. 1952 Every defense plant worker is provided with an identification card and a badge such as those shown above. 1828 W. January .hollering at workers leavingthe parking lot after the day shift. 1993 WILLIAM FEARN 56 YRS 26 YRS SERVICE. March 8. Diversey. 1989 Workers from Stewart-Warner Corp.Workers didn't'stop cars because they saidthey were not on strike till midnight.

still raised yelling. 447 Bolden. gives a small radio the last of 155 inspections. 444 Styamue. January 3. 1929 Mattie Brown.. 1989 SBIRIEY WROUT MACHINIST IN THE TURRET LATHE DEPT . 1989 A recent serial view of Stewart Warner Corpration main building where an openhouse was held December 13 in observance of the company's 35th anniversary. 1939 Stewart Warner Corp.. 24 years. May 17. Warner Bldg. 1939 Stewart. 1981 family members of striking workens at thestewart-warner corp. December 3. Ill. 1952 Ederd Bernau. BEVERLY BUSCH-19.IMG00325784A Stewart Warner Corp IMG00325785A Douglas IMG00325786A Stewart Warner Corp IMG00325787A Stewart Warner Corp IMG00325788A Stewart Warner Corp IMG00325789A Edward IMG00325790A IMG00325791A Stewart Warner Corp Stewart Warner Corp IMG00325792A Stewart Warner Corp IMG00325793A IMG00325794A IMG00325795A Stewart Warner Corp Stewart Warner Corp Stewart Warner Corp 23. 1981 Douglas Mliller . yelling. small radios such as these are better than old timemulti-tute sets.. May 17. 625 So. February 16. BETTY WROBLEWSK-27. Diversey Blvd. 822 Webster .. 1952 A recent serial view of StewartWarnerCorporation's main building where an open house was held December 13 in observance of the company's 35th anniversary.. Mattie Brown. Chicago.. pictured during ta family day. June 20. November 3.. arm raised. Tashtenn Well known Alemite lubrice tinS Products endaccessories are stewert Warner products. Because of the new tubes made today. THE MOTHER OF 11 CHILDREN WORKS ONE OF THE HUGE PUNCH RESSES IN THE PLANT. 24 years. 1939 MARGARET TATLOR 43 YRS OLD 10 YRS EMPLOYED AT S-W. o outsdie the strike trailer where they had a day of enteratinment for children and marshallow woast. . MARCH 8. MARCH 8. Here Alemite pressure pumps for gas-station use are being assembled.

A. 16. to r. Harlan Draeger. If you are looking for some-thing to do over the week-end and need a pumpkin. she says. 56. Mary F. 1984 SUN-TIMES stoffers collecting Stick-OType awards on Friday were among those honored by the Chicogo Newspaper Guild for outstanding writing.Stigmata of the cross on the hands and feet of Mrs. appeared. Char Searl and Dirk Johnson. Mrs. from left) Alex Kotz.. Mary F. Mo. John Rosso. from left) Jonothon Landman. of the Stewart coffee co. August 31. with her aunt. January 29. back row): Al Seib. photography and graphics... and see apumpkin display of nurseryrhymes . assisant pastor. Herb Gould. after she had a vivid dream of walking and talking with Christ. aho received CNGowards. 1982 STIGMATA SUFFERER. 1988 Stewart Warner Corp. AlPhillips. their StickO-Type Awards at Second City Theater. Conners. not shown. and the Rev.IMG00325796A IMG00325797A IMG00325798A Stewart Warner Corp Stewart Warner Corp Stewarts Private Blend Foods IMG00325799A Stick-O-Type Awards IMG00325800A Stick-O-Type awards IMG00325801A John Rosso IMG00325802A Mrs. Elevenother SunTimes staff members. Wis. Shane. 1981 Sun-Times staffers show off. June 18. leaves st. The winners are (I. Scholten. a suburn of st.take a drive to the Stilesvegetables and PumpkinFarm 2914 116th St. Jan Herman. Alan P.. 1950 HEMPSTEAD. L.. Conners IMG00325803A Stiles EDITH EVANS-31. Gericke. May 19. Mary Gillespie.. 1981 WART. picturedin his office with selection of their. Stewart Warner employees who will be sent to London to observe the BTR company that bought the Stewart Warner company. May 22. January 24. to r. Jerry Idaszak. Shown here are :(seated. Louis. Andrew's Church in Lemay. Henry and Roger Simon. and (standing. Joscph Rosso. Ellen Warren. inenosha. White. Adrienne Drell. front) JohnH. I. (l. Undo Wertsch and Mary Christine Bockelmann. 4035 Calment. F.

stands on stilts 13-feet from ground to head in an effort to move the handson the Marshall Fleid & Company clock on Chicacots State StreeteLaportenaclown with the circus. rainy weather to participate in the March of Dimes Walk-a-Thon. May 14. to raise money for muscular dystrophy in the name of the United States Jaycees. 1980 Twelve feet above Michigan daylight saving tiime is put to an end for anotheryear. but none took fewer. started the son walking on stilts as a boy. January 18. The farmmay be reached by takinginterstate 94 to Illinois 173. April 15. a drywail finisher. 1972 Robe Eilason.S.e26. finds making a phonecall a difficult trick while on three-foot stilts. October 6. October 87. 1966 Stiltwalker Joe Bowen. Vermont.e Stiles farm.then east to Illinois 42 (Wis-consin 32). to th. Bailey Circus and scenes fromchildren's books. 1972 It's high tiie to turn back clocks by one hour this Sunday Oct. 1973 Nearly 10. DeGarro's father.IMG00325804A EASY WAY? IMG00325805A Stiltwalker Joe Bowen IMG00325806A A stilted conversation IMG00325807A CITY GIVES WELCOME TO NATIONAL SKI WEEK IMG00325808A Stilts IMG00325809A IMG00325810A SON OF STILTMAN Stilts IMG00325811A Ringling Brothers and Barnum &.000 hikers braved cool. from Bowen. 1979 Dave DeGarro has a tall act to follow. wears a Bicentennial costume. October 24. draws a crowd Thursday as he cross street on stilts and roller skis en route to a National Ski Week demonstration before New York's Time Life Building. April 11. August 17.with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum &. or larger steps than Neff on the five-hour trip. 1975 Stilts. Harold. Bailey Circus. March 24. would rather work on stilts than scamper up and down ladders. Steve Abrahamson greets tourists riding atop a double-decker bus. 1990 Redui Wyrsch of Mount Snow. 1975 . Steve Laporte. Bowen is walking across the U. Kentucky.

a new stilt design for moon-men 7 No. Ill. Bertram. 1966 That's Denis Bosley. may be the last of hiskind.. 1968 A handy stilt ladder la used this workman to put finishing touches on the celling of the board room of the new American Hospital Assn. September 14. 1975 What's this. England. uses three foot stilts to plaster ceiling of a bank carport in Freeport. September 10. DEMONSTRATES THE STRIPED-BLACK STOCKINGS GRANDMA WORE IN COMPARISON . Lake Shore Dr. the largest operation of its kind in the world. December 23. 18. 1975 DINNA CHERYLL. is shown stringing poles atop foot high stilts at a hop farm at Kent. building at 840 N. this is Phil Gardner (R photo) drapery hanger for Coit Drapery Cleaners. 1969 An unidentified young woman scares a friend as she wobbles on stilts in Central City Park in Atlanta Thursday as the TEMPERATURE went to 76 degrees. May 26. the weapon-called the Sting RAG. February 15.IMG00325812A STILED STYLE IMG00325813A Phil Gardner IMG00325814A UP IN THE AIR IMG00325815A Time-saving stilt ladder IMG00325816A Bertram Bishop IMG00325817A KEEPING UP WITH THE TEHPARATURE IMG00325818A Stineway chain of drugstores IMG00325819A Sting RAG IMG00325820A THEN AND NOW Jim Davis. October 3. a University of Kansas junior from Dighton. 65. who retires this month after more than 40 years of stringing the poles for help plants that are used to make beer. 1936 According to its developers. The timesaving construetiondevice is strapped on and work can he done while walking around the room. co-owner of a plastering company. 1969 Bertram Bishop. By using the aluminum stils he can reach the ceiling and have more mobility than with using a ladder. January 31. Kan. 1975 THIS newest link in the Stineway chain of drugstores opened this week at 180 North Michigan avenue.can smack a rioter accurately and simartly at upo to 66 yards. May 15. spread-eagled on the stils above the small car.

Tremont. Illinois Milking Shorthorn Queen of 1963. December 4. 16yrs. C. (nothing else doing this morning . the company is picking up "temporary personnel" as part of its functioning title. McLean with his grand champion Aberdeen Angus IMG00325829A Stock Show IMG00325830A WINNER IN TER GRAND CHAMPION SALE BULL WITH THE PRESENT DAY NYLONS AT AN ANTIQUE SHOW AT THE WALDORF ASTORIA. of a 1200 1b. 1959 WINNER IN TER GRAND CHAMPION SALE BULL. December 5. made this ) William INeeson. March 13.. August 16. 1982 Stitches Unlimited in action for a Betty Washington story. Although Stivers Lifesavers will remain as the corporate name. 1946 Stirrer arm comes in two sizes 6 and 8inchdiameters. 1975 Becky Stoll. 1963 J. 1959 Garold Kepple. showingGrand Champion Guernsey Bull. prepares to present a blueribbon to Fletcher Stanley of Ingraham.. December 1. 1966 Motorized magnetid stirrer unit eliminatesneed for hand stirring. March 13. after his shorthorn. August 16. old from Ann Arbor Michigan directs towing operation. Chianina Angus steer she said they'er pretty subborn. is dropping the cameo-like symbol (left) It has used since 1965 and is adopting the logotype(right) designed by Adcraft Advertising. . Farmington.IMG00325821A IMG00325822A IMG00325823A IMG00325824A Stirrer Stirrer Stitches Unlimited Stitches Unlimited IMG00325825A Stivers Lifesavers Inc IMG00325826A Sharon Diuble IMG00325827A Stock Show IMG00325828A J.. MARCH 25. 1966 Stitches Unlimited in action for a Betty Washington story. 1982 Stivers Lifesavers Inc." was named the grand championshorthorn buH at the International LiveStock Show at the International Amphi-theatre. Ercel D Kepple.. June 14. Ill.. Ill.. "Kingsdale Adair. indicating expansion out of the office field. McLean with his grand champion Aberdeen Angus bull.. 1976 Sharon Diuble. November 26.Ill. owned jointly with his brother. C. Dor-Mac's Bardoliermere 150. WHenslee Farm Omar".

Pleasant Plains. Tolan.L. James King of Mole's Hill Farm. from Charlestown. with one of the bulls. Rmeire the 60th.mgr & partner in Bridewell Hereford RanchMrs. DISPLAYS HER HEREFORD BULL WHICH WAS JUDGEO THE GRAND CHAMPION HEREFORO BULL AT THE INTERNATIONAL LIVESTOCK EXPOSITION HERE.. proudly exhibits his shorthorn bull that won grand championship of its class at international Amphitheatre.mgr. Tolan. THE BULL WON TOP HONORSFOR THE THIRD STRAIGHT YEAR. December 2.OF UNIONVILLEONTARIO. OF WOODSVILLE. Mathers Sr.OhioBruckner wanted this Dicture for hisstory.) no other papers covered this morning.Edwin Mower..herdsman for the ROMANDALE FARMS LTD..F. SCHEDEL. December 2.Pres. 1956 John J. full and broadsides. IMG00325833A CHAMP BULL IMG00325834A STOCK SHOW IMG00325835A Stock Show IMG00325836A Stock Show 44. NOVEMBER 27. Conn . champion shorhorn Sale Bull(also Grand champion at the American Poyal Show. with "W. Kansas City Mo. 1957 L. Conquest" a May Yearling. John Van Natta."ROMANDALE REFLECTION MARQUIS".. Li erty. 1960 WmeRe(Budd) Thurber. of Dublin.IMG00325831A WINNER IN TER GRAND CHAMPION SALE BULL IMG00325832A John J. Theodore Ryan. lll.West Virginia.American Herefor Ass'n. 1959 MRS. Senator & Mrs. of Mason City. Ill. 1955 Dave Houck. December 1. Iowa. Dor-Mac's Bardolie. MARIE P.Junior champ bull 1800 1bs.Truman Lawrence. sharons.THIS IS NOT A WINNERDON BRUCKNER REQUESTED PHOTO TO GO WITH HIS STORY. OHIO. of W. November 29. 1960 Animal alone. November 28.The Grand Champion Bull of the Brown Swiss in the Dairy Show"Welcome In Supreme" owned by the Welcome In Farms. Ill. and closeup of the head. Pleasant Plains. E.bull's name .

GRAND NATIONAL AT SAN .FERGUSON OF ALBAN Y.Coxswain No.IMG00325837A Stock Show IMG00325838A Stock Show IMG00325839A LIVE STOCK SHOW IMG00325840A Bull in the ballroom IMG00325841A LIVE STOCK SHOW IMG00325842A LIVE STOCK SHOW is W. Iowa. ABOVE: While most of thefarm folk were primping their prize ex-hibits. 1971 A "guest" is escorted along a red carpet on its way to celebrate the UWonderful World of Shorthorns" in the Grand Ballroom of the Pick-Congress hotel Sunday night. NOVEMBER 26. L Hunt. 83.OREGON WITH"GILMORE" A SOUTHDOWN RAM LAMB.GRAND CHAMPION BARROW. 1971 BETSY RODIBAUGH 15 YRS OLD OF RENSSELAER. SHE FED HIM GOODIES OUT OF THE SILVER BOWL HE WON. Story on Page 2. hotel and sold at auction while the celebrants quaffed cocktails. 1971 NANCY L. you need a pretty classy event. WITH"KING" THE JR."WHITE HOPE" IS A CHAROLAIS ANGUS WEIGHING 1130 LBS. Twenty prime head of shorthorn breeding stock.H. Story on Page 28. November 30. NOVEMBER 26. such as the one above. Andjust such an affair took place Sunday evening in the ballroom of thePick-Congress Hotel. 3 TIME GRAND CHAMPION IN OREGON STATE FAIR. WITH HIS CROSS BREED YEARLING WINNER. NOVEMBER 26. 1959 Among the visitors at Thursday's openingof the International Uve Stock Expositionat the International Amphitheatre is Texasbillionaire H. He admirescharolais steer raised by Kurt King (left) ofAlgona. NEB.R. one young lady devoted her talentin another direction. IND. were taken to the MichiganAv. November 1971 TONY HULLINGER 16 YRS OLD OF STROMSBERG." part of the International Live Stock Exposition at the InternationalAmphitheatre. 1971 To celebrate the "Wonderful World of Shorthorns. 17. November 29.

November 29.. 1971 Jack Redibaugh. November 25. of Chrisman.796. taken a nap by her steer while waiting . the International Livestock Exposition's Grand Champion Barrow. During the international live Stock Exposition. 1971 To celebrate the "Wonderful World of Shorthorns.IMG00325843A John Umbdenstock IMG00325844A Ruskey.Chicago is cattlemen's country right down to theBuckingham wing of the Pickk-Congress Hotel. 1971 John Umbdenstock . 1971 Forget that cocktail party stuff. 1971 Debbie Haws. Rensselaer. Knic Overpeck and their Grand champ hngus Steer "4z" as they're surrounded by press and well winhers. Grand Champion steer at the International Live Stock Exposition Friday. NOVEMBER 28.25 total price paid for the Blue Ribbon steer." partof the International Live Stock Exposition at the International Amphitheatre.. shows his Grand Champion Barrow "Huskey" a 215 pound Chester-White Hampshire cross at the International Live Stock Show. took the spotlight. 17. Ind. 1971 Stock Show Kris Lindskog. the International Livestock Exposition's Grand Champion Barrow IMG00325845A Livestock Expo. of Prophetstown. 12/1. 11. December 1. Ill. Markvile.. December 27. at auction when be outsold the Grand Champion Steer and went for a record $41 a pound. seems to be giving last minute instructions to steer as they wait for compatition to begin at the International Live Stock Show. 1971 Mr. compared to a $8. 16.. you need a pretty classy event. Grand Champion IMG00325846A Jack Redibaugh IMG00325847A Grand Ballroom of the PickCongrees Hotel IMG00325848A Grand Ballroom of the PickCongrees Hotel IMG00325849A JUIOR GRAND CHAMPION STEER IMG00325850A IMG00325851A Stock Show Stock Show FRANSISCO AND THE PACIFIC INTERNATIONAL. parades with her Charolais-Angus which was selected Jr.. November 29. Ill. November26.815. November 29. 12/1. 1971 Ruskey. and Mrs..Just such an affair took place Sunday evening in the Grand Ballroom of the Pick-Congrees Hotel. for a total of $8.

November 28. Harry Katz. 1971 AN ANGUS SENIOR CALF NAMED "JACK" SHOWN BY LOWA STATE COLLEGE WAS NAMED GRAND CHAMPION STEER OF THE INTERNATIONAL LIVE STOCK EXPOSITION HERE 11/27. herdsman from Iowa State University. smiles after her 1. November 28. November 24. president of Stock Yards Packing Co. 1961 American Dair y Princess for 1962-1963 Miss Sandra Lee Tibeau. 1971 Debbie Haws. for $14. Bud Ewing. November 30. of Iowa State University. Washington. 19 of Auburn. 1962 George Edwards.IMG00325852A Stock Show IMG00325853A Stock Show IMG00325854A INTERNATIONAL LIVE STOCK IMG00325855A Stock Show IMG00325856A Auction of Grand Champ IMG00325857A Stock Show IMG00325858A Stock Show for the opening of the 72nd International Livestock Exposition 11/25.. 1961 International Grand Champion and 1962 Royal Grand Champion. Trucks and boxcars brought animals here from 36 states and Canada. 1971 Diane and Knic Overpeck show their grand champion steer. November 24. Ill. Vice-pres of " " " "Stanley Katz. 1961 Herefords Une their white noses alongside rail as they wait for cowboys to escort them to show pens.A. Chrisman. 1962 Dennis "Butch" Rivers and his quarter horse Showboat jump over a car in a rehearsal for the International Horse show opening today in conjunction with the InternationalLive Stock Exposition. with Jersey Cow. world series of the farm and .00 a pound. NOVEMBER 27. May Lad Wallflower. The Grand Champ steer was bought by the Stock Yards Packing Co. Bernie Pollack. November 30.200-pound charolais-Angus crossbred steer "Gadabout" was judged Grand Champion Steer 11/26 at the international Live Stock Exposition at Chicago's International Amphitheatre. S. Dr. 16.

not in area)Father is Joseph Eich. Eisenhower. at the International Live Stock Exposition. 1962 Lyle Miller has a big smile. Her husband Miller locks on. of Pilger . November 24. Rardin. GROOMING "Zephyre..IMG00325859A Stock Show IMG00325860A Stock Show IMG00325861A Stock show IMG00325862A Stock show IMG00325863A Stock Show IMG00325864A Stock Show IMG00325865A Stock Show IMG00325866A Stock Show ranch animal world. after hisAberdeen Angus steer.was named Grand Champion of the Inter-national Live Stock Expositionbut his wife Shirley is moved to tears.crowned National Pork Queen by LaVerneJohnson of DeKaib. November 26. November 26. 1962 Of special interest at theLive Stock Exposition arethese A b er de e n Angussteers from Gettysburg. 1962 Susan (SISSY) Munson 6 years old of Indianapolis. holds the halter of a steer .Brookston Indiana.78. oneof the Shetland ponies that will compete in the National Futuritytomorrow at the Stockshow. Ill. Illinois. November 23. Ill. Sissy is 46 inches high. The children were weighed and paid for at the same price as the steer $5. 1962 Thanksgiving dinner?Tommie Lee alch.. November 21. Pony is 41 inches high. is . 1962 Mrs Shirley Miller shedo a teer for hor husbands Grand Champ Top of Iowa. which he is holdini. 1962.Champion Hereford Carcass Jr. 10. The herdsman is Lloyd Arnett. Yearling winner in the backgroundgot the blue ribbon this morning. 1962 Flavian Goeller. November 30. Pa. of Twin Mapikes Farm. Neb. 1962 Kay Ann Chaney. November 27. November 30.Their owner: a well-known farmer named Dwight D. Lyle Miller 32 Owner of Grand Champion Streer Mrs Lyle Miller Mel Miller 4 Jody Miller 8 during the auction. 17-year-old farm girl of Arcola.. (father's pocket.Pong is from the Hughes Pony Farms.

grand champion steer. Iowa. of Fleminsburg. Chairman of the Board f the International Live Stock Show presents the winning cup to Geroge Edwards herdsmanof the Grand Champion Angus named Jack ( check ). December 1. The black angus "Hawkeye".IMG00325867A Stock Show IMG00325868A Stock Show IMG00325869A John Cherveny IMG00325870A Stock Show IMG00325871A Stock Show IMG00325872A Stock Show as she is crowned national Shorthorn Lassie Queen at the International Live Stock Exposition at the International Amphitheatre. presents award to herdsman George Edwards of lowa State University. proudly holds trophy over his 1. Tex..Y. November 26. 19. 1961 Albert Michell (left). 1962 Louisae Knott. N. November 27. last year's queen. November 23. places the crown on her Ysuccessor. of Mt. of sandia. Mrs. November 25. 1961 Alber Mitehell. gets a big kiss from his sister Kaye who. Sue Gray.050-pound Herefordsummer yearling after animal was chosen junior grand champion steer at stock show. who won the lst place award in theSummer Yearling Angus Class. Wisconsin. of Van Horse. 1961 Rex Pollock 10. a modern 4-H lases.Aurora. the American Dairy Princess. 15. Ky. Jo Anne Branizer of Gushing. gets is nored by the . the mother of the children looks on. 1961 A GOOD SMILE MEANS A LOT IN A CONTEST Here.. takes care of her steer's teeth with an electric teeth bruch. demonstrates her cow milking technique at the International Live Stock Exposition here with a kind assist from a Pinn cow from Haven Hill Farms in Lake Placid.Iowa. chairman of the board of the International Live Stock Show. 1961 HAPPY WINNER John Cherveny. Helen Pollock. November 28.last year wbn the Grand Champion Class with her Angus. who is standing beside Jack.

. 50 of Sheltaville.Paul S. holding flax. 1960 Crying.. of the Junior Show. November 25. 15.. Huntington. Okla. December 1. Pauls Valley. 54. Richardson Jr. 17 year old twins of Duncombe.. Creston. 1957 Corn King Charles N. 27. Indiana . Ind. National 4-2 Field Crop sinners. 1957 Walter J. November 24.000 pounds of Topof Iowa. Calif. to increasesum it brought at auction Thursday.national Live Stock Exposition. Ponca City. holding cats.Clifford Orr. for the the 28th time Indian wins. Iowa. grand champion steer of the Inter.J. of Crawfordsville. Minbrn.. holding corn. 1956 Janet Swan. of Rt. 18.. ipsil:rati.Jianie Pierce. Fireter .crosstheir fingers as they pose with their Hereford Steer.IMG00325873A Stock Show IMG00325874A Stock Show IMG00325875A Stock Show IMG00325876A Stock Show IMG00325877A Stock Show IMG00325878A Stock Show IMG00325879A IMG00325880A Stock Show Stock Show joy going on. November 23. 1961 Mel and Jodie Miller add their 95poundtotal weight to the 1. 1961 Bruce and Brian Messerly. North Dakota. when her animal is WEEDED .rides the Palamino horse that will be givento her Friday night as a gift. Harpel. with "Teddy" a Black Angus Steer. 21. displays corn that won him won in his second corn championaship at the International Live Stock Exposition in Chicago. 18. 21. 1962 Presten Cornelius. that was eliminated from the summer yearly class. Iowa. November 26. 1961 Miss Judy Storey. Fishbein story. Okla. holding wheat. Miss Storey was named rodeo queen at the International Live Stock Exposition. 16. November 29. December 2. Schiltz. They did not Nin with any certain crop. holding tobacco. Troutaan. north Carolina. Nov. Mass. November 27. he has won manh himself. 21.They are general field crop einnerso Jose of thera son with 3 or 4different crops. James M. Tracy. kolding peanuts. Rosert foulaon.Iowa. 2.

The animal will be auctioned. of Mokena. 15 yrs.leading her Hereford steer or isthe Steer leading her . 17. back in his stall.IMG00325881A Stock Show IMG00325882A Live Stock Show IMG00325883A Stock Show IMG00325884A Stock Show IMG00325885A Stock Show IMG00325886A Stock Show IMG00325887A Stock Show IMG00325888A Stock Show IMG00325889A Stock Show IMG00325890A Stock Show (correct term). 17. 1960 E Robert Hartley grooms Eileenmere. winner for the eight time grand championship carload Angus. Iowa. lowa. Iowa. November 23. 1962 Karen Spietzer 13.Tunior GrandChampion steer. probably tomorrow. Ampt. November 21. November 2. November 24. old of Cherokee. prize steer of an 1835 stock showin England. November 23. first-prize winner in summer yearling Angus competition at the Live Stock Show. whose Shorthorn senior calf has just won the reserve grand championship at the livestock show. 1960 Meanwhite. wears a long face. 1961 Karl Hoffman of Ida Grove. November 27. Illinois with "Maverick" came out of the show with a loss for its ownerwhen it was eliminated from the senior calf class this morning. isFaye Escue. of Pleasant Aug. 1962 Kaye Pollack. Linda Matasovic. of Mount Auburn. November 30. November 27. of Mount Auburn. ." defeated favorite for the grand chapionship. "Wee White. 1961 "Sugar Baby" proves a sweet treat for the youngsters of John Price on their first visit to the International Live Stock Exposition at the International Amphitheatre. 1961 Benny Powell of Ryan Iowa 11 yrabeds down his Herford steer at the showthis steer won as Champion Herford ath the Delaware county fair in Iowa. November 14 1969 Coming into the Intl. December 1. 1962 Budding over with exitement is Kaye Pollock. Illinois. with her . 19. 1961 Firly."Master Eileenmare"desk has story.

who bought the animal or his restaurants Nercy TurnerMrs. stands with Karen Ann Spitzer and herjunior grand champio nsteer Master Eileenmere.. Howard Johnson. 1962 Grand champion gets smell of silver cup.. Iowa. November 26. November 26. Penn State University Also at right. November 27. 1956 Jane Turner. 1962 Ellard Pfaelzer Jr. Ill.. November 27..derman Purdy.. in charge of pure bred live stock. duplicates a feat of hernother. November 28. was all smiles going into the final round of judging for the Grand Champion steer. in winning coveted blue ribbon for grandchanpion steer of the junior feeding contest at the International Livestock Show Nove23 at Chicago. 1963 A FAMILY TRADITIONThirteen-year-old Karen Ann Spitzer ofPleasant Plains. there was nothing in it thoughRear. after her Short-horn steer "Tubby" was eliminated just short of inclusion in the final roundof judging for the selection of the Grand Champion today.this is the 15th rear with her cattle at the show. of Plainfield Ill. are Short Horn Iassie queens. which he purchased Tuesday at the International Live Stock Exposi-tion for the projected "Farm in the Zoo" in Lnicoln Park.IMG00325891A Stock Show IMG00325892A Stock Show IMG00325893A Stock Show IMG00325894A Stock Show IMG00325895A Stock Show IMG00325896A Stock Show Iowa. ise. in the InternationalAmphitheatre. This explainsthe tears being shed by Vicki Horr. with cup.At right. of Stanwood. from United States and canada. . 1962 Mrs Naomi Lauterbach. November 25. 15. with some of her steers " Archie" & " Amigo" 2 short horn steersin the open class Summer yearlings. 1962 Bringing a steer through the preliminary rounds of the International LiveStock Exposition-and then losing out-can be heartbreaking. Thelma Turner.

.. November 25. twirl lariats in real western style to rope cattle for brand . Standing withMrs. Illinoiswith her " Elner " 18 month old Angus Steer. Harold Handley. Story on Page 3.. 19 of West Terre Haute. will be auctioned todighest bidder Thursday.. 1955 Sixteen-year-old Nancy Turner of Champaign has a hug for Julius.Champaign. November 26. November 26. Girl and the calf are to be weighed together. 1955 With her black Angus Steer. Secondino. Ill and her winning Jr grand champ Aberdeenangus summer yearling. 713 W 48th Pl coworker and partners with "Mighty" age 14 mo. who worcoveted prize over eight other steers. 26.. Julius desk has story. leading is sister Nancy .. 1955 Montena-born "cowpokes" Philip Anderson (left) 28. holdin the animal.Jane Turner age 13 of Champaigne . Ind. Sue L. Julius. December 3.. winner of the Champion Carcas on the hoof .IMG00325897A Stock Show IMG00325898A Stock Show IMG00325899A Stock Show IMG00325900A Stock Show IMG00325901A Stock Show IMG00325902A Stock Show IMG00325903A Valentine Boys Club IMG00325904A Stock Show racing ner husuanti Keith. November 30. all papers and TV Covered. Mem of Valtine Boys Club . 1955 Dave Flynn 13. winner of The Summer Yearling Hereford Class. foolowed behind by Robert Greiser . Ind. December 2. 1957 Gov.. 1957 Nand Turner 16. with aister Jane aboard the steer . 980pound Aberdeen Angus named grand champion steer of the laternational Live Stock Exposition.. named"Honeymoon". and partner William Axtell.. 501 W 46th st. December 1. manager of the Producers Exchange at the stock yards. Larry Gade 12. 1955 Walking toward the scales. December 1. 1955 Sue Secondino age 19 and her husband Pete with the Grand Champion of the Stock Show "Honeymoon" a Hereford Teerling.

Ill.Janey l3. too. of Champaign. December 1. November 29. with the best carcass animal.herdsman for Romandale Farms Ltd. Nancy's black angus which won the junior grand championship of the Interna tional Livestock show in Chicago. November 24. 1955 "P. (FOR PENNSYLVANIA STATE ) TROUSADOR. and her sister . Sue.27. 1957 Nancy Turner of Champaign has a big hug for her Grand-champion Julius . the American Dairy Princess. 16.. ofUnionville. Ont. pose etith Julius.I6.IMG00325905A Stock Show IMG00325906A Stock Show IMG00325907A Stock Show IMG00325908A Stock Show IMG00325909A Stock Show IMG00325910A Stock Show IMG00325911A Stock Show inspection. November 30." A SHORT HORN STEER WAS JUDGEO TODAY AS THE GRAND CHAMPION STEER OF THE INTERNATIONAL LIVESTOCK EXPOSITION AT THE INTERNATION AMPITHEATER HERE. Jane has a winner. won the grand championship Friday at the International Live Stock Expostition.S.NOVEMBER 29.. whose Holstein cow. 1955 Nancy Turnet (left ). 1962 Chuck Wood. 1956 Sandra Lee Tibeau.presents blue ribbon to Mac Logan. 23. 1956 Pete Secondin.Wash. AND FAMILY MEMBERS PROUDLY DISPLAY HER BLACK ABERDEEN ANGUS STEER. and hia wife. 19. NOVEMBER 27. " Honeymoon" after the steer won the Junior Grand champion title at the International Live Stock Exposition here 11/30. Indiana.000pound Hereford steer. 1955 NANCY TuRNER. age 16 of Spencer Iowa shown with his Black Angus "Senator" which won the Reserve Grand . of Auburn. display their 1...of Terre Haute. 19.RIGHT. November 27. Nov.Romandale Cora. JULIUSAFTER HE WAS CROWNED GRAND CHAMPION OF THE INTERNATIONALLIVE STOCK EXPOSITION HERE 11/29..

( Eulie has story ) November 26. Iowa. examining mouths ( teeth) of carcass steers.IMG00325912A Nancy Turner IMG00325913A Stock Show IMG00325914A IMG00325915A Live Stock Show Stock Show IMG00325916A Stock Show IMG00325917A Stock Show IMG00325918A Stock Show IMG00325919A Stock Show IMG00325920A Stock Show Championship ibbon. December 3. owner Brad Lindskog..LESTER E. Ill. Ridge and Peterson.235pound junior yearling Angus-Hereford.. of Devon. ofRoundhead. I9 of Champaign. November 28.. OhioBrown Swiss Cow LaBlossomRobert Wills. Moonlight.FISHER ZOO DIR .. DECEMBER11. 1969 CONOCO" THE 1969 GRAND CHAMPION AS MAKES HIS ENTRY INTO THE MAIN BARN AT THE FARM IN THE ZOO.. 1969 L. 1957 Nancy Turner. 1969 Stock Show. was sold to the restaurant by Gary Hullinger of Stromburg. 1969 Dr. a 1.140. Illminner in 55Janice Hullinger I9 of Manley. 17. met a steer." after the summer yearling. 19. for $5..PUTS A CHRISTMAS WREATH AROUND HIS NECK. of Prophetstown. the Reserve Grand Champion of the recent International Live Stock Expo-silion is a attraction these days in his pen outside the Town and Country Rea-urant at Calrk. November 28. ownel by Janicestands by. reflects the pride of owning a champion as he stands in ring with his steer. of Prophetstown. 11. 1957 Brand Lindskog. December 6..winner in 54'Chadwick" a senior calf. "Conoco. consisting of a hamburger and a coke.EnglandIn Dairy show at InternationaLLive Stock Exposition . while girls discuss ofer thanksgivingmeal.. ll. Angus Steer.. Neb. 1969 Moonlight. Ill. to R. November29. December 11. 1969 After auction of the grand champion steer at International Live Stock Exposition. 1969 In stall # 2265 is a man. is sad about the loss . December 2.: Lynda Shipp.

grooms one of the two steers she has entered in the show. 4. Everette Harris. 1969 Mrs.5. Hampshire lambsand other hogs. the purchaser. Scott. 17. Bonnie Oberg. 1969 Scott Sheppard on "Charlie" a Charolais-Holstein steer. skeletal structure and color patterns of the animals. of Spring-field.. 1969 A broadbrimmed-hat sets off thedistinguished Western lookof Wib Harrer.) high school student came to the city to judge carcass traits of Duroc gilts. the family chimp. November 28. 1969 What does a cowboy do when hets not showing off his steer ? Wall this youngcaught up on his kniting. president of Chicago Mercantile Exchange. NOVEMBER 27. November 29. Sandy Sheppard. Helena. 111. 1969 The stylish young blond in the bell bottoms is not checking hirdance card or trying to steal a sheep.IMG00325921A Stock Show IMG00325922A Stock Show IMG00325923A STOCK SHOW IMG00325924A Stock Show IMG00325925A Stock Show IMG00325926A Stock Show IMG00325927A Stock Show of his Conoco. cattle and sheep. 1969 Johnny. does a few cutups for the benefitof the photographer as Mrs.. November 25. November 28. December 3. Ill. 1969 CHIN DECORATIONS AND SIDEBURNS ADORN THE FACES OF THE EXHIBITORS AT THE LIVE STOCK SHOW.Mont. a Tor-rington (Wyo. takes him on a tour with her two children. While scoring trimness and soundness of body. Naomi Lauterbach of Plainfield. Charolais heifers.. and Alicia. Bonnie and her team of judges were also being ranked in the National 4-H Live Stock Judging contest at the International Live Stock Show . 1969 . November 28. congratulates Brad on the price. December 3. aboard a steer at the International Live Stock Show at the International Amphitheatre.

Wib Harrer of Helena . 1969 Stock Show.#7-8-9. . A iken..Montana wit h pille. of Hamburg. Helena. AikenS. Toses today with Angus summer yearlinz steer which she'll exhibit in open class at International Live Stock Show. November 28. Don Good. Thief River Falls.champ of . 1969 Prof. Minnesota . Chio.. 1. Livestock Feeding Contest. Chicago. Thief River Falls Minn. of Thief River Falls .S..# 16--17 Mrs Mikki Gies of Loveland. November 28... 15. # 10-11. December 3. Summer Yearling.guson...the International Live Stock Exposition is part Charolais and part Angus. . Minn.C. Gordon Ferguson. different types of hafs at the Stock Show. December 3. 1969 IEleven-year-old Brad Lindskog.265 pounds. 1966 Erika Thoing. age 9. # 14-15 . Bill Albritton of Aiken South carolina. 1969 Jack Rodibauth and his son Max with the Grand Champ and reserve Champ hogs... en the faeulty of Kansas State Univ. Ill.. Germany. 1969 Rough andready with his curled brimis Bill Albritton. poses with his grand champion steer Conoco.. looks ever some of the entries inone of the junior feeder steer contests. TOP RIGHT: Toppedwith a modified train engineer's cap is Gordon Fer-guson. Jim scott of Philo. 17.C.IMG00325928A Stock Show IMG00325929A Stock Show IMG00325930A Stock Show IMG00325931A Stock Show IMG00325932A Stock Show IMG00325933A Stock Show IMG00325934A Stock Show IMG00325935A Stock Show IMG00325936A Stock Show Rough andready with his curled brimis Bill Albritton. and judge and many livestock shows. (candids) . She is an . The mixed-breed. November 25. 70 pounds. Iowa with "Red-Eye"' blue ribbon winner in Jr. Sack Time. 1969 Mary Lou Goecke. A broadbrimmed hat sets off thedistinguished Western lookof Wib Harrer. December 2. December 1. 1969 #2 to 6.. Clemons. TOP RIGHT: Toppedwith a modified train engineer's cap is Gordon Fer. Mont.

. November 30. carrying grooming paraphernalia for her animal.Y . Days and months ofdreams and tender care behind him. sold to the Stock Yards packing Co.IMG00325937A Stock Show IMG00325938A Stock Show IMG00325939A Stock Show IMG00325940A Stock Show IMG00325941A Stock Show IMG00325942A Stock Show IMG00325943A Stock Show IMG00325944A Stock Show exchange student. NOVEMBER 25. anxiously awaitsjudge's verdict of her entry in the Suffolk Sheep class at the International Live StockExposition at the International Amphitheatre. last Chance. 1966 The moment of decision Mrs. 1966 Peggy Neal. Last Chance. Stanley Heitz of Mansfield. N. leads her Shorthorn. 17. 1966 The walk to the arena.another hopeful contestant leads hiswell-groomed animal to the judge's circle. November 30.. Ill. groom theirHolstein for . Farmer ranch garb is in style at the show. 1966 David Hammond (left) andStanton Hudson. and is residing with a farm family in Kuscatine.. 1966 Lenora Hilbert. both fromFort Plain. 1966 The reserve grand champion of the 1966 International Live Stock Exposition. La. 1966 Romance? A pretty contestant. November 30.75 a pound. 18. Iowa. December 7. November 26.050-it is steer "Bery1" after it was named Junior Grand Champion Steer of International Live Stock Exposition here 11/25.The boy carries his sheepskin jacket. November 24. willbe exhibited at the zeo through January. Ill. like son. Luverne. for $1. of Lincoln. 1966 Like father. stops to talk with a boyoutside the main judging arena. displays her 1. NOVEMBER 30. makes its way toward themain barn of Lincoln Park's Farm-in-the-Zoo. white steer to be tagged at the International Livestock Expositionat the International Amphitheatre. one of first to show a steer at the show..

Hartter holds prize silver bowl that went with Blackie's victory.R. November 24. November 28. Lyle Stine and Mrs. Stine. 13 of Lamott.IMG00325945A Stock Show IMG00325946A Stock Show IMG00325947A IMG00325948A IMG00325949A IMG00325950A Stock Show Stock Show Stock Show Stock Show IMG00325951A Stock Show IMG00325952A Stock Show IMG00325953A Stock Show IMG00325954A Stock Show Thursday'sshowing. his Champian Cup. Wisconsin. a pure bread French Charolais bull..Y . gets his sheep ready for judging at the International Live Stock Exposition. November 28. and his winning Hampshire Sheep .weighs 2. his grand champion steer. Penn. 30 months old. Minn. 15 month old Sununer Yearling Herefore steer by Karen Marcus. . 1966 L. November 25. 19 of Worthington. and his son-in-law. at the Iternational Livestock Exposition. N . 1966 Petrea Thoreson.. The breed is Ayshire. 15. Fern Acomb. Iowa dosen't like ice creen sundaethat is trying to be fed her by ralesse attached. Ind. November 26. Tom owns a farm with his father in Hartland. old ofSwea City.345 pounds.C. watches. November 25. with Blackie. 1966 Some of the wodd's most pampered animals get one more brushing from their young owners before Friday's judging of steers entered in the junior show of the International Live Stock Exposition. 1966 Maverick.. ofStafford. 20 yrs. of Valpraison Ind. Ill. Novemb er 25. Sir Sam 63rd. 1966 Patricia Kramer. 1966 Kenneth Knox of Earl Park. Iowa. 1966 William Stewart. 1966 Harvey Hartter (right) of Carldek.. 1966 Haevey Hartter and Blackie. his grand champion steer. November 30. Most of the animals were entered by members of the 4-H Club or Future Farmers of America. He was the Grand Champion at Harrisburg. November 30. 1966 Tom Dalton is shown with a day old calf which is a female and the mother is in the background. NOVEMBER 29.

December 1. Shirley of Osceoia. November 26. and Mrs. and (from left).. November 29. Most lof the animals in the show are champions. 13. 1966 Stock Show. NOVEMBER 23.Note the French beret . Iowa. 1966 Flowered jeans replacing the common blue jeans. waits for the judges to look at her steer. November 26.Miss D-4 Mischief. 1966 A young gal with her stretch tight Jeans and ruffled blouse. hisgrand champion steer. 1966 A back skin jacket and slim jeans. Cuddles. 1959 Crowd shot of the sale of the Grand Champion. 1973.of Tulse. November 23. his sonin-law Lyle Stine. November 27. a Reserve Champ in the Iowa State Fair. Iowa are shown with their Angus and shortern steers they will show in the International Livestock here 11/24. Wisconsin prepares to groom a Herford. November 23. 1973 Al wright from Barneveld.Oklae. 1973 Dale and Don Wellse of Dover. 1966 Harvey Hartter (right) with Blackie. Okla.yells at anotioneer for his highest bid on the grand ohampion steer. November 22.. of Grinnel. 1966 Overall view during the auction this morning. November 29.his daughter Susie Hartter. November 16.IMG00325955A Stock Show IMG00325956A IMG00325957A Stock Show Stock Show IMG00325958A Stock Show IMG00325959A Stock Show IMG00325960A Stock Show IMG00325961A IMG00325962A Stock Show Stock Show IMG00325963A Stock Show IMG00325964A Stock Show IMG00325965A Stock Show IMG00325966A Stock Show IMG00325967A Stock Show just two weeks ago. with her junior grand champion steer.. He is bidding for the group from Sulphur Springs who bought the steer. 1956 Michelle Gropper. .. November 19. Stine. 1966 Lyle miller and his wife.. November 29. November 26. 1973 DAN and SUE ERNST HASEN BROTHER SYSTEM. 1962 Ring man Pete Swaffer. groom one of their Angus at the International Amphitheatre Frlday for the International Live Stock Exposition Monday through Sunday.

1975 .. December 3. 18 mo.. 13. after it was named junior grand champion steer. Illinois beams with his ftrst prize Grand Champion winner " Ace High" a Chianina. 27 Davenport Iowa feeds "Hawkeye II"from championship cup after the 240-lbs SempsEire-YorksEire crossbred was selected Grand Champ on Barrow of the 1975 Internati onal Live stock Exposition 12/2. 1957 Michelle Gropper. old Cuddles.. 1973 Keith Crome's Montadale sheep Paris. 17. 1975 Dr Fisher-coaxes "Ace High" into the barn as l7yr old Greg Gruhn Who raised the steer gives a mighty tug on the rope. of Grinnel. 1973 Owner Michael Gropper. Thursday. December 1... proudly presents "Cuddles.Angust. Iowa. November 17. of Lanart. with his proud owner 17 yes. Holding "Cuddles" ribbons is judge Dr. proudly poses his Chiania-Angus at Chicago'sInternational Amphitheatre on Monday. a Chianina Angus. and the grand champion steer. 1975 17 year old Greg Gruhn from Lanark." an AngusSimmentel yearling. Minish of Virginian Polytechnic Institute. November 16.Gary L.. 1975 Glenn Keppy. 1973 Overlookling wide lawns and walks of Washington Park is this equestrian statue of George Washington at 51st st. at 74th International Live Stock Exposition. November 24. Ill.. December 1. old Greg Gruhn.. November 22. and South Park Way. of Lanark. 1975 Grog Gruhn. July 25. December 1.. 13.. Ill Duck cloth. Ill .IMG00325968A Stock Show IMG00325969A Stock Show IMG00325970A George Washington IMG00325971A Stock Show IMG00325972A Stock Show IMG00325973A Stock Show IMG00325974A Stock Show IMG00325975A Stock Show IMG00325976A International Amphitheatre IMG00325977A International Live Stock Exposition Although the livestock expendition doesn't start until Monday some of those cowhands and farmers are already here in Chicago... 1973 The 1975 Grand Champion steer Ace High. December 30..

13 . 1975 Reazan Drooks. November 27. 17. 20 yrs. 1970 Kalthy Meyer has down-to-earth talk with steer Bruno. at the International Amphitheater. November 26.around in thae lobby of the Merchandise Mart promoted the 76th International Livestock Expesition.. 1975 Over-all view of the stock show. American Saddle Bred golding. November 26.Lanark . 1975 A bit of horsing. Ill. . Ill blocking a feeder calf for theMain Barn at Lincoin Park Zoo. November 27. old from Tourlon.IMG00325978A STOCK SHOW IMG00325979A Stock Show IMG00325980A Stock Show IMG00325981A Stock Show IMG00325982A Stock Show IMG00325983A Stock Show IMG00325984A Stock Show IMG00325985A Stock Show IMG00325986A IMG00325987A Stock Show Stock Show KIDS FROM THE " "BACK OF THE YARDS JR. of Moravia Ia.. 18yrs. Rythm. hangs sing in exhibit of Blonded Aquitaine steer looking on is his father Ed Cody sr. 2. It is the second eeneceutive year that Lenna has had the Junior Grand Champion lamb. November 27. December 30.. 12 from Texas with his champion Hereford Steep SnoopyWeigts 1215 lbs. 1975 Jim Horsley. 1970 . November 21. 1280-pound grand champion steer. 15. Greg Gruhn. FOR THE GROUP PETS LAMB. 1975 Lenna Bolin. performed his danoing and otherstunts under the direction of Darrel Wallen. shows ner Junior Grand Guampion Suffolk lamb at the International Livestock Exposition and Horse show in Chicage Thursday. 1975 Shots of the competition in the bareback riding entagory . 1975 Ed Cody. Mr. shot showing the judge bitting Snoopy Showing that he's the winner general shot of the judging .(center) raised the steer. . 1975 Lincoln Park Zoo director Lester Fisher offers hay to ACe High.. . CITIZENS " JOYCE GARBACIAK. old New Richmond Wis. November 29. NOVEMBER 3. 27 to Dec.Nov.

. of Augres. 1970 Mary Jane Heinrich. 19. November 30. It is a CharolaisAngus. See story. November 28.. of Dysart. 1970 Robert Scarth. Soarth's steer was picked as the Grand Champion today. Mich. a 1. Linda.. Linda Fearth.G. She andher bovine won the class. shows a big smile and his junior grand champion steer. holds trophy after winning the sheep judging contest Sunday at International Idve Stock Exposition in Chicago. November 29. November 29. November 29. 1970 Shots of the competition in tha bareback riding Catagory. of Audubon. with Scooter.. and their daughter. Don' Good of Kansas State University inspects. Georgia.Mr. 17.IMG00325988A Stock Show IMG00325989A Stock Show IMG00325990A Stock Show IMG00325991A IMG00325992A Stock Show Stock Show IMG00325993A Stock Show IMG00325994A Stock Show IMG00325995A Stock Show IMG00325996A Stock Show IMG00325997A Stock Show Kendall Taylor. prods.. November 27.. with a crossbreed steer called U.. 1970 Susan Landsman. December 2. and poses prettily with her unnamed Black Angus Summer Yearlingsteer as Judge Dr. 1970 Kathy Meyer reassures steer Bruno prior to competition at Live Stock Exposition at the International Amphitheatre. and its name is (now get this)"Universityof Georgia Prototype. Prototype after the animal was named grand champion Monday at the International Live Stock .they just call it "steer. page 4. lowa." It has no knickname. 1970 Competing in the Steer Wrestling catagory is Diok Zaleski ." November 30. one of nine Dwyer brothers. pretties.200-pound steer named first-place winner in the junior yearling Hereford class at the International Live Stock Exposition. Robert Scarthy of Athens. Jennifer Scarth.. 6. November 29. 20. 17. 1970 Bill. 1970 Mrs. 1970 Some of the pint-sized cow-pokes watching the thing.. Jennifer. his wife. Iowa.

. prods.his 930-pound steer. 1970 Susah Landsman. December 1. Chester White "Kok" after it was named grand champion barrow of the International Livestock Exposition inChicago.... horns in as Nors Martin. 1970 "Delbert. 1970 STOCK SHOW ADVANCE.. pretties. December 2. RALPH GRAHAM OF OTTUMWA.. of Audubon. 17.. Iowa. 1972 Bold Move. after Jim entry "SEP.. DECEMBER 2. national pork queen. November 27." a Charolats-Angua summer yearling steer. Don Good of Kansas State University inspects. 15. plays a game of solitaire Thursday at Chicago's International Amphitheatre. Ind. 1970 JAMES RODIBAUGH 15 YRS OLD WITH HIS GRAND CHAMPION BARROWWINNER IN THE JUNIOR AND OPEN COMPETITION . Ill. Lyle. 1970 Ken Baumgartner.. Wednesday. 17. at Amphitheatre. 1970 Jim Rodibaugh..IMG00325998A Stock Show IMG00325999A Stock Show IMG00326000A STOCK SHOW IMG00326001A LIVE STOCK SHOW IMG00326002A Stock Show IMG00326003A Stock Show IMG00326004A Stock Show IMG00326005A Stock Show Exposition. of New Gastle. NOVEMBER 25. Ill. IOWA & DAUGHTER JOAN TACKLE THE BIG JOB OF TOENAIL TRIMMING WITH GLANT SIZED CLIPPERS. "Kok" nuzzles trophy. held by Bill Baumgartner.. November 27. holds ribbon on his 200 lb.. and poses prettily with her unnamed Black Angus Summer Yearling steer as judge Dr. 1970 Long-haired Terry Rule grooms Speedy. November 29. Windsor. November 26.." left was chosen Grand Champion Barrow of the International Amphitheatre Live Stock Show. a 13-hundred pound Simmental Hereford yearling takes a look at his reflection in the Governor's . Ken's father.. She and her bovine won the class. Looking on atcenter is Ken's younger brother..MRS. of Resselaer indiana gets a hug from Marilyn Bidner of Mahomet..

of Blackburg Va. 16yrs OF ALGONA. uses a pop bottle to give one of his sheep medicine. NOVEMBER 24. 1972 In wash PIT. Chicago Park. 1972 Warren finder. NOVEMBER 24.. 1972 A young exhibiter takes a nap beside his steer. . . CLASS OF STOCK . 18. Dr Robert H Hines (pig picker) judged and picked the Grand Champion Hog .. is pictured with his junior champion Hampshire lamb at the International Live Stock Exposition Thursday in Chicago. . Bowl....Lir WITH TEERS. November 22. 1972 Champion and Grand Champion barrows were picked this morning. THANKS BREAK IN BACKGROUND.JACK KUHRT OF McHENRY. PICTURED AFTER WINNING THE SUMMER-YEALING . ILL RILING STEER HORN. 1972 Bob Paasck..IMG00326006A Stock Show IMG00326007A Stock Show IMG00326008A Stock Show IMG00326009A STOCK SHOE IMG00326010A Stock Show IMG00326011A STOCK SHOW IMG00326012A Stock Show IMG00326013A Stock Show IMG00326014A Judging of Junior steers took place this morning at the Amphitheaatre. .Winner is Ken Baumgartner walking behind his hog.. 12.. 1972 Judge for the event was Gary Minish. Trying to get his .. 1972 MERRILL ROY WILKE OF DURBAND.. NOVEMBER 24.O. AND CHUCK BELL. Wis... He is the youngest person to over judge at this international show. November 22. 1972 WINNER RANDY TAYLOR OF HUMESTON . 1972 SLEEPING DICK MARQUARDT.K The hog is a Chester White breed. NOVEMBER 24.... He said the sheep had a sold. IOWA A AND FRED SMHLSTAG OF PITTS. . of Stoughton. ... November 28. PINNA. .. Cailfoonia. of Prophetstown. being held by owner Kris Lindskog.. ILL. Novemner 23. Ill. This was taken during the actual judging.220 K.Dr Hines is on the extreme right of the pix and the hog and owner who was picked as the Grand Champion are in the foreground.. November 27.

Alexis. FROM PROPHETSTOWN WITH "BOLD MOVE" THE NEW GRAND CHAMPION. 1972 The next best thing to a teddy bear. Party is from Walnut. Trying to get his age from the PR people out there.not to mention a groovy hot pants ensemble2. 1972 Playing cards to pass the time until the opening 11/23 of the 73rd International Livestock Exeosition are LN: Dave Ryan. and the contestents themselves actually come before the sheep in the judging. NOVEMBER 27. . November 26. 1972 Cow-poke or whatever. Minish was the owner of the O "and champion steer in 1963 International show. 12. November 25. Gary Minish the dude in the white cowbay hat.lll.November 24. 12. 1972 We could cell this the"usei cow wash". 17 year old patty cains.lll. hangs up a piace of equipment over bedded down steers. Their steers are inthe background. KRIS LINDSKOO. November 21. November 22. brother Jim.and Don Dew. Judge for the event was Gary Minish. November 23. 1972. 1972 Juding of Junior Steers took this morning at the Amphitheatre. the next step is to dry comb and clip. Patty had a little lamb. winner of the "Ladies Lead" event where the clothing. of Blacksburg Va. stands with her "assistant" following the announcement of the winners. for the showing. Judge the black Angus Junior steer class. made by the contestants.IMG00326015A International Amphitheater IMG00326016A Stock Show IMG00326017A Stock Show IMG00326018A Stock Show IMG00326019A Live Stock Show IMG00326020A Stock Show IMG00326021A Stock Show age fromthe PR people out there.from Viola..More than 3500 head of livestock are entered in the show which. Cwners wast down the animals when they arrive . I wouldn't give you a tum steer. He is the youngest person to ever judge at this International Show. 1972. l5.

HometownMrs. Bonnie and Clyde) horses) pull a 6000 dollar stage coach. THEY BOUGHT THE STEER AT AUCTION AND DONATED IT TO THE ZOO. (Maureen) Wentz. The team of horses are Bownie & Clyde and the lady on the horse is Cowgirl Maureen Wentz a rodeo barrel racer. Erin Treadway. November 8. November 27.. See Hand out attached. November 25. 1972 Mr and Mrs Charies Hunter are all smiles as they learn that the person who purchased their Championb Lamb planned to give it back to them so that the children could keep it for pet. 1974 Mrsa. 1974 Stock show urns into a "Clip Joint" as exhlbitors get their sheep ready for the opening of the show Wed night. 1974 The Mini Parade as they go down Michigan & Wacker Drive to State down state to The Cisic center. 1974 . WITH "BOLD MOVE" HER MIXBREED. DECCEMBER 8. 14. HinsdaleMrs. Zoo director weleoraes Bold Move the grand champion steer. 1972 KRIS LINDSKOG OF PROPHSTSTOWN. B AND B PACKING CO. 1972 Dr.IMG00326022A Stock Show IMG00326023A Stock Show IMG00326024A Stock Show IMG00326025A Stock Show IMG00326026A Stock Show IMG00326027A Stock Show IMG00326028A Stock Show IMG00326029A Stock Show November 24. Lester Fisher. Lockport. Joyce Suska. a rodeo barrellracer led a parade to bally hoo the Stock show coming to Chicago Thanksgiving Day. NOVEMBER 25. B. Joyce Harvat. AND B. November 22. Wm.. TRKAS.. ILL. November 25. December 3. 1972 DR. LockportMrs. ERIC HEILBRON EXEC VICE PRES. 1972 Peggy Carroll. LESTER FISHER DIR OF THE LINCOIN PARK ZOO LEADS "BOLD MOVE" THE PRIZE STEER FROM THE RECENT LIVE STOCK SHOW INTO THE BARM IN THE ZOO'S FARM LEO BONEM SEC. PACKING CO. JUNIOR STEER CHAMPION CHARLES SMITH HAS STORY.

IMG00326030A Stock Show IMG00326031A Stock Show IMG00326032A Stock Show IMG00326033A Stock Show IMG00326034A Stock Show IMG00326035A Stock Show IMG00326036A Stock Show IMG00326037A Stock Show Curt Robertson . dir. the Wagoner family from Petersburg. Ill. Chio. December 2. 11/29 takes a run around the ring with his owner.. 1974 Will Christensen. a Angus Maine Anjou named. 1974 Debble Areand of Lockport. Iowa.350 pound MaineAnjou Angus summer yearling. the grand champion steer from the International Livestock Exposition is officially presented to Lester. takes time out from grooming farm animals to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner of bologna and chicken roll. of Bayars Iova upon recieving $15. age 14 . controller for the Nat'l tea Food stores and Bob Fortman.. a 1. nibblen one of the ribbons he won as Grand Champion Steer at the 75th International Live Stock Exposition. Eister dir. with his Grand National Steer . December 2. Above. with trohys.of Bayand. makes a practive run before the barrel races. The city was bit by a heavy snow storm which dumped between 12 and 18 inches of snow. Mailiner . is from Bayard Iowa. December 10. a contestant carefully grooms his early in the stock show. November 29. Curt . 1974 At the livestock show.000 . Cart Robeitson. 1974 "Mainliner". Ill. November 27. Monday in Chicago. director of meat depts. of the International food stores who bought the steer for 20 grand. 1974 "Mainliner. one of the features at the International Livestock Exposition openingset Wednesday. December 2. of meat operations Nat'l Tea congratulate Curt Robertson 15. November 30. 15 ." just named the Junior Grand Champion steer at the International Livestock Exposition. 1974 A pedisterian plodds through heavy snow as he makes his way to work early Monday morning in Cleveland. 1974 Mainliner. of zoo from Bob Fortman.

pose with "Cyclone. that was named grand champion barrow of the International Live Stock Exposition in the InternationalAmphitheatre." a 235-pound white crossbred barrow owned by the university. October 24. 1963 Allen Christian. Bob Blsasey points auf that a pound of round steek that sold for 23 cents at the turn of the century now costs $1. December 3. November 30. December 4.IMG00326038A Stock Show IMG00326039A Stock Show IMG00326040A Stock Show IMG00326041A Stock Show IMG00326042A Stock Show IMG00326043A Stock Show after they bought Curts steer Mainliner during an auction of the prize animals at the livestock exposition. 1963 Allen Christian. December 3. who labored for 2 1/2 months on this cako that weights a hundard pounds and is four feet wide and is commemerative of the 75th ahhiversary of the Chicago Livestock show that is held at the International Amphitheatre. the National Pork Queen. a herdsman for Iowa State University. retired. 29.49. December 4. 1974 Christian. An old fashioned butcher shop in the International Amphitheatre is a feature of the 75th annual show. Chtistian hrew his Western-style hat in . as seen below. of Iowa State Universitybeing held up after he won with a Heavyweight Crossbred (Hampshire-Yorkshire) which was shown by Christian he just about passed out after winning. 1963 When he heard the announcement. The barrow took the news quite cainly but Christian's reaction. was quite different. receives congratulations as he is led to the prize-winning barrow's pen. and Linda Jackson. the Grand Champion Barrow. still a bit numbed by his joyous exertions. 1974 Looking back to 19000 when the first international Live Stock Exposition was held. 1974 Chef John Hulscher.

vice pres.. executive vice president of Central National bank. Iowa hugging his Shorthorn "Willie" weighing 1000 lbs.250 this morning. (daughter of Stanley) who made a bidRobert Ninish. grand champion steer ofthe International Live Stock Expositionafter auction Thursday at Union StockYards. 4R. December 3. Ia. of Knozvilia Iowa.IMG00326044A Stock Show IMG00326045A Stock Show IMG00326046A Stock Show IMG00326047A Stock Show IMG00326048A Stock Show IMG00326049A Stock Show the air and literally jumped for joy.. 1963 Farm Vs. Member & other Jr Farm children at left of picture. John Minnish. City Paul Vander Linden Jr. November 29. Atlantic. who raised the animal.. or $10 a pound.Mrs. winner of1st place with her Angus Summer Yearling. December 5. December 4. at right is City children getting the low down . Nov 29. to the Eentral National bank at DaSalle and Monroe. The City . Marian Minish. The 925-pound Hereford was soldto the Central National Bank in Chicagofor $9. 1963 The "Real McCoy. John Minish. Summer Yearling Hereford prize steer " Andy." grand champion steerof the International Live Stock Exposition. poses with his proud owners. 20. Iowa. 1963 Ellen Lilienthal 17. friends and other stockmen eagerly help him to his feet.. with his Jr. 1963 Selling for ten dollars per pound "Real McCoy" goes for 89. which won him theJunior Grand Champion Steer competion .250. Gary Minish (left)oand his father. Stock Yards Packing co. December 5.. buyer of the steer. daughter-in-law of JohnCarole Minish. 1963 Pix shows Chuck Shada. Bonnie Katz. nearly knocking himsdf out Here. daughter of JohnMrs.only to lose his footing and fall to the ground. of Clio.Stanley Katz.. 1963 Real McCoy. John Minish and daughter. 8. 14 of Anamosa.also shared in victory joy. Carole. wifeFrank Bauder.

shorthorn steer.cats feed from his trophy as his owners. was named Monday as champion Hereford bull.Minn. 1963 Debra Lynn Collier. won reserve shorthorn championship at Kansas City. 1963 Everybody gets. 1963 "RealMcCoy. receives her 1st prize ribbon from Anita Gibb. Lewisburg. 1963 Mrs. November 26. 1963 Steve Land age 22. with Style King. 1963 In the Live Stock Exposition. champion Ram of the Willobee Farm. November 26. November 29. of Fort Dodge Iowa.. December 4. owned by Mr. and Mrs.gets lst prize Hei'eford Summer Yearling jr class. Jeneen Reed. hugs his steer "Willie" after the summer yearling shorthorn was chosen junior grand champion steer of the International Livestock Exposition November 29 at Chicago. 1963 Duffy. 1963 Lynda Matasovic. 1963 Fourteen-year-old chuck chada of Anamosa. Va. Iowa. Hereford Queen giving plaque & ribbon to Denny Denchlau. who led her 990lb.IMG00326050A Stock Show IMG00326051A Stock Show IMG00326052A Stock Show IMG00326053A Stock Show IMG00326054A Stock Show IMG00326055A Stock Show IMG00326056A Stock Show IMG00326057A Stock Show IMG00326058A Stock Show IMG00326059A Stock Show Children are from Calumet Park. steer. 10. Miss Ill. troop 638 Brownies. Mr.2 1/2 yrs old. Iowa. John Minish of Cilo.a bath. of Morlunda .. December 3. and Mrs.B.Carlos Tone" a Junior Calf of the Hereford . to a championship in the Aberdeen Angus class. November 29. December 2. Sparky. Mor-lunda Matador No. Ridge Farm Illinois with Frosty 11. Oscar Nelson Jr.Farms. an Angus Ebonette. 1963 Ellen Lilienthal tright).Finland."grand champion steer ofthe International Live Stock Exposition. November 30. watch. W. eyes up "C. December 3. November 27. the lucky Senior Herefordsteer that was given a mattress & served ice cream by Lois Mueller.Ill.

He lives in Spaenlcer. S . Nov 29. 60 place tickling the chin. after winning the title. November 28. 1958 Chuck Wood Jr. 1963 National Shorth Lassie Queen Jenette Coufal. December 4. of Seward. 1958 An exibibit of purnima chow huge head of fibreglass. November 29. Louise Wood . Neb. Dec 2. 1958 Duroc Narket Barrows 4H livestock Judging contest 35 States competing. Indianafeeling quality of the lamb Holding : Ronnie Bruns. 1958 Left: Earl Shelburne.mother . 1958 Julie Blank 13. November 26. Iowa all paper coered.Iowa. also showing inside of the animal for viwers.Iowa." junior grand champion at the Internbational Live Stock Show. Illinoisfashing down (named by the photog)a junior yearling hereford steerOnly Daily news covered today. ALEX HCKENZING SHEPARD AT CKLAHCMA STATE. 17. DISPLAYS HIS 1ST PLACE HONORS. 16 of alburn. NOV 30. December 2. Letts.. Dakota This is during the National 4H .. Junior Division age 17 Chuck Wood.IMG00326060A Stock Show IMG00326061A Stock Show IMG00326062A Stock Show IMG00326063A Stock Show IMG00326064A IMG00326065A Stock Show IMG00326066A Stock Show IMG00326067A Stock Show IMG00326068A Stock Show class who is competing at the stock show. (no good for pix inside) Joan Halvorsen I8 of 3324 w. 1958 Winner af the Grand Champi nship. of Sheridan. of Radison. owner-winner Greg. 1963 JUDGES AT THE INTEPNATIONAL LIVESTOCK EXPOSITION HERE 11/30 GAVE THE GRAND CHMPION LAMB HONORS TO A DORSET WETHER LANS. 7 brotherMrs. OWNED BY CKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY.Spencer. with "Shorty "Hereford Steer 4-H Summer yearling Judging. terry crilly I2 of 3508 w. November 29. with "Holy Cow" Champ Angus. poses with "While. 84th St.. 1963 Washing down with soapNorman Bergquist.

displays "Perkmaster" a Poland China. girl Libby Truax. named Pete or Jack (check) with .Ohio. 1958 Walking thru.( she is Miss Pork Queen ) She does the official blue ribbon ceremony. 1958 Here are three leading types of steers that will appear in the International Live Stock Exposity opening today in the Inter-national Amptinheatre. 1957 Gerald Anderson. shown is a southdown market lamb.winner of Grand Champ Jr Steer. 17. Leland. Sue Secondino at having to part with the animal. Spencer Iowa. Ezra T." does not fully as-suge the feelings of.S. The Shorthorn. November. Illinois. 1958 Ecretary Agriculture. November 26. the Aberdeen Angus. other papers covered too. after the animal was named grand champion barrow at the International Live Stock Exposition's junior feeding centest in Chicago. white and roan (a mixture of red and white.Benson auto gphs.. December 1. December 5. a white-faced animal and the most numerous type of cattle on U. November 29. November 30. 16-year-old high school junior from Deland. I7 of Fiatt. and the Hereford. 1958 Gerald Anderson. 1957 The Grand Champion black Angus steer. such as the animal shown here). November 28. 1958 Even the record $31. an all-back. December 3.IMG00326069A Stock Show IMG00326070A Stock Show IMG00326071A Stock Show IMG00326072A Stock Show IMG00326073A Stock Show IMG00326074A Stock Show IMG00326075A Stock Show Live lock Judging oontest. extremely meaty animal with almost no neek.Ill. with "Skeezix" a junior hereford being led in. which cornes in three colors-red. Ill. Mrs. used in this contest.050 she get fromArthur Godfrey for her grand championsteer "Honeyymoon. ranges.29.cast of Chuck Wood. and his Grand champion barrow (Pork Master) 215 lbs Isabelle Harner.16 of New Vienna.

.University of Nebrasks sophomore. herdsman for Iowa StateUniversity poses with school's hog "Cyclone" which was chosen December. Lyle Miller and his wife. Among 18 steers in the round . Spooner. Wisc... Herdsman for Iowa State Univ. Down the chain go cockleburns and farm sod accumulated over many months. Aberdeen Angus gets a bubbly bath before vying for a blue ribben. of Mount Auburn. 3 as Graad Champion Barroe of theInternational Live Stock Exposition at Chicago.. 1961 Blaine Breidenstein. Nelsonville.1 at the InternationalLive Stock Exposition in Chicago. Iowa. 1962 George Edwards. Wisc.Rudy Erickson.IMG00326076A Stock Show IMG00326077A Stock Show IMG00326078A Stock Show IMG00326079A Stock Show IMG00326080A Stock Show IMG00326081A Stock Show IMG00326082A Stock Show IMG00326083A Stock Show herdsman George Edwards. 1963 Kaye Pollack. "Top of Iowa. 1962 Allen Christian.Willard Blackron. 20. .. doll up their pride and hope "Duke. December 1. 17. 14. December 3. 15. Kenoshe. 1963 Nineteen-year-old Jeanette Confal.Gale Gordon. 1962 Two happy people. Shorthorn and Angus classes-she had two entries. was all smiles going into the final round of judging for the Grand Championsteer. Wisc. 26.six each from the Hereford. November 27. poseswith "Willie." junior grand champion steer. November 23. 1961 Washday at the stock show. November 27.. Radison.after she was named National ShorthornLassie Queen December. November 27. with "Jack" and Aberdeen Angus Senior Calf. 33. November 24. 19." a Hereford steer. pose with their Aberdeen Angus steer. and Dewey Gravois." after the animalwas named grand champion of the International Live Stock Exposition. November 26. 1962 Diana Graugnard. Grand Champion of the show.

1959 Hercy. of Remsen. in winning coveted blue ribbonfor grand champion steer of the junior feeding contest at the International Live Stock Exposition. 15. 15. of Mount Auburn. December 4.. Wis. December the showh at auction Thursday where he was sold for a whopping $14 a pound. of Chiappetti Packing Co. is held by owner Roy Manns. December 1. November 24. 1961 MARY KAY CHERVENY 19 YRS OLD GIVES HER BROTHER JOHN CHERVENY 15 YRS OLD A BIG KISS AFTER HE AND HIS STEER"WEE WILLIE" A HEREFORD WON THEGRAND CHAMPICN HEREFORD JR SHOW. Iowa. who bought 96-1b Southdown lamb for $6. Iowa..75 a pound. November 30. 1960 Jack. 26. and alternate. 21. 1957 Grand Champion Lamb exhibited byAime F Real. Madison.. 1959 Kaye Pollock. the grand champion steer of the International Live Stock Exposition. glamorous grand champion steer of the International Live Stock Exposition. James Olson. with her Grand Champion Junior . Wisc. 3810 S Halsted.. grand champion steer of the International Live Stock and Horse Show. and Alternate.000 silver dollars used as partial payment to owner Kaye Pollock. 1962 Black Jewel. Mrs. 1961 Thirteen-year-old Karen Ann Spitzer ofPleasant -Plains. Sarah Ann Spitzer won the same bonor in 1930. appears to be counting out $13.. Crown is made of Lami Chop. December 4.60 a pound in Chicago December. Coach Rear: crowing Ernest Briskey. Iowa. of Mount Auburn. TexasByron Dixon. Colfax. duplicates a feat of hermother. Ill. Kerrville. 2O. after it was auctioned for $21. 1. NOV 25.IMG00326084A Stock Show IMG00326085A Stock Show IMG00326086A Stock Show IMG00326087A LIVE STOCK SHOW IMG00326088A Stock Show IMG00326089A GRAND CHAMPION STEER SOLD IMG00326090A Stock Show Wisc.

8037 S Albanylooks over some of the awards to be given at the Live Stock Exposition. NAMED IN HONOR OF A NOTED BEEF CATTLE BREEDER. 1955 Hercy. December 1. 1932 Caryl Ann Russell." November 25. 22. 5 years old. Mich.25-Dee 3." 1035-POUNO GRAND CHAMPION STEER. John Plain Farm.. "American Dairy Princess".6O-A-POUNO)IN AUCTIONAT INTERNATIONAL LIVE STOCK SHOW HERE 12/1. shown by Dean Spesard. AT THE INTERNATIONAL LIVESTOCK . 1959 "BLACK DEWEL. 1960 Carl Becker. 23. December 4. 2. the Hereford steer poses with dignitaries of the International Livestock Exposition here 11/28 shortly after thejunior yearling was named Grand Champion of 1960. Gary.HOWARD JOHNSON RESTAURANTS. DEC. STEER WAS SOLD TO HOWARD JOHNSON. held in connection with the International Live Stock Exposition. Snover. November 22. 1959 BONNIE ARLENE MACWILLIAMS HELPS PURE-BRED SCOTCH COLLIE TOFFEE TRY HIS LORD ELGIN TROPHY FOR SIZE. Nov 28.JR.. November.BROUGHT $22 356 ($21. 1960 Mary Sue Hodge.IMG00326091A Stock Show IMG00326092A Trophies Show IMG00326093A Caryl Ann Russell IMG00326094A Stock Show IMG00326095A Stock Show IMG00326096A Stock Show IMG00326097A Stock Show Yearling Hereford Steer named "Hercy. of St Elmo and A University of Ill Senior holding the traveling trophy that the University will hold for the year and the personal trophy for himself that he won in the collegiate Livestock judging contest.""Brutus Dale Great Oaks Betty". pins ribbons on Grand Champion Guernsey Cow. manager. THE TROPHY. 1957 Trophies íshown here are to bel awarded during the IIth National Club Congress. WILL BE AWARDED TO THE EXHIBITOR OF THE GRAND CHAMPION STEER.PRES. November 18. Illinois. DEC 1. to the two national 1932 achievement champions.

Shepard for Willobee Farms. 1962 Sandord Sndy Belden. 1952. 1963 John Judy 30 of Columhus Ohio. with"OSU 953" a so thdown wether lamb. December 4. 1954. of Baton Rouge. wife of shepard." her Southdown lamlyquench its thust at a drinking fountain at the International Live Stock Exposition.. Libertyville.. famous breeder of AberdeenAngus cattle.helps "Cotton..IMG00326098A THE DIVIL YE SAY --I'M IRISH MESELF IMG00326099A Stock Show IMG00326100A Stock Show IMG00326101A Stock Show IMG00326102A Stock Show IMG00326103A Stock Show IMG00326104A Stock Show IMG00326105A Stock Show IMG00326106A Stock Show EXPOSITION IN CHICAGO. of CloutierviHe. Scotland. November 27. Sheila Shannon Mc Mackin makes the best of a purely Scotch situation. Ill. 1961 A sheep that obviously wishes it were somewhere else gets a grooming before competing in the livestock show. December 2. 1962 Style King. shepherd at Oklahoma State Univ.both from Willobee Farm. Robert Reed.Zack Owens. La. with ram is Mrs Jeneen Reed. 16.grand champion wether of the show:He is a shepherd of Ohio State Univ.. 260 pound Reserve Champion Ram. Hon. with his Grand Champion Dorset Wether Lamb. in pens at the stock show. 1957 Garb of sheep. 19yr. NOV 29. 22 yrs. The trophy is named for for the Rt. Okla. Nov 22. lendsa band. 1962 Pix shows Alex McKenzie. November 23.. November 30. La. 15. old of Purdue . Libertyville Ill with Champion Ewe Lamb (Hampshire ). Stillwater. November 22. Earl of Kincardine. She's hanging on to the Lord Elgin trophy that will be awardeed to the grand champion steer exhibitor at the International Livewstock Exposition here Novemberember 26 through December 4. 1963 Ppggy Robbins. Reserve Champion Ewe (yet unamed) with shepard Bob Reed. November 23. oldand Tom Rusk.

9. Baker. December 3. this Hampshire lamb is notin a pillory. of Norman 111. The Sheep took two blue ribbon championship and a reserve championship at the International Live Stock Exposition. Illinois. Burnell Hayes of Elkhorn. November 21. 1961 Champion Hampshire Ram shown and fitted by James Davidson(left) of Univ of Wyoming. November 25. all papers coverse except the News. November and carding fleece of awether sheep. of Ottumwa. 1963 . Wis and Robert Reed of Willohee Farms.His head rests on a special block that enables his owner James Boyd to clip him for showing. Nov 28. 1962 Sona Stahl. defending champ best time 2 :minutas and 13 seconds They shared three sheep appioce.. November 26. Alex McKenzie of Oltlahoma State University holds cup and his winner. November 26. of Downers Grove.secreitary of the A merican Hampshire Sheep Assn.. assisted by R V Hogg(right). Iom.. November 23. 1957 Prize winning Manapshire sheep frein WiHobee Fanns in LibertyviOe are exhibited by (left to riglity:Koy A. and professinalChester F.Ram's name is "Laramie Lad". 1962 Pix shows Al Dixon. ouner with a pen of 3 Cheviot's sheep from the NevmR Idle farm.. December 6. reaching over fence to pet one of the prize sheep. 1961 THE GRAND CHAMPION in the Wether Class. 1960 George Baxter. Swaim.State University showing off his Grand Champion wether. Gilman. Viriginialast time : 3 minutes and 58 secondsand Charlos D. 1961 Winner of tha 4h contest. sheppard at Iowa... 1959 No. of Po..lmyra.IMG00326107A Stock Show IMG00326108A Stock Show IMG00326109A Stock Show IMG00326110A Stock Show IMG00326111A Stock Show IMG00326112A Stock Show IMG00326113A Stock Show IMG00326114A Stock Show U.

December 2. age 21 of Dublin Ireland with a Shropshire Sheep . 1955 Ann Gustafson 19. Darrell Stops of Sharpsville. Tex.PEN . 1960 Shepherd Carroll Shaffner of Pennsylvania State University exhibits a Hampshire wether lamb "Penn-Lad" which was named Grand Champion of the International Live Stock exposition at Chicago's International Amphitheatre. plants a kiss on Real 901 after 95pound animal was judged the grand champion weather at the stock show. trimming an Oxford Ewe (who looks in a mirror ) just before the show. Minn. 1959 Libertyyille's Willobee farm lamb thast won the queity lamb contest at International Amphitheatre is shown by the farm's head shepherd. 1960 Bill Harrison (left) and Garol Leitner. Bruckner has story on wire. November 22. of Goodhue. of Lake Zurich. NOV 23. WITH HER 7MO OLDHAMPSHIRE LAMB THAT WAS RAISED IN THE CITY IN A 12 FT SQ. 1960 ANN TARLETON 13 YRS OLD OF LAKE CHARLES. groom their Hampshire lambs for competition in the stock show.. LA.a lightweight Southdown whether . November 27. Robert reed. 1960 Aime Frank Real. November 26. November 26. Okla..IMG00326115A Stock Show IMG00326116A Stock Show IMG00326117A Stock Show IMG00326118A Stock Show IMG00326119A LIVE STOCK SHOW IMG00326120A Stock Show IMG00326121A Stock Show IMG00326122A Stock Show IMG00326123A Stock Show nick Walter Luhman. world series of agriculture. 1960 Tom Rusk of Purdue George Truster of Purdue shown grooming Shortie . 19yrs. 1939 Patricia McGloughlin. December 1.. 1956 .Ill. November 27.Miss McGloughlin is MTop Sheep Man" in Collegiate judging contest at International Livestock Show. the 4-H winner of the sheep shering contest and the professionel winner. November 23. 31. of Kerrville. Future Farmersof America from Kingfisher. Ind....

21 of Remsen. Iowa.PK. 1960 Black Jewel. 1959 Midgret mules raised by "Butch" Rivers (left) of Camdenton. November 23.L.IMG00326124A LIVE STOCK SHOW IMG00326125A Stock Show IMG00326126A Stock Show IMG00326127A Stock Show IMG00326128A Stock Show IMG00326129A Stock Show IMG00326130A Stock Show IMG00326131A Stock Show IMG00326132A LIVE STOCK SHOW 1959 Kaye Pollock.who won the Grand Champion AwardStanley Anderson.. 1960. W. III. December 4.followed by his girlfriendto the scales.. 139 summer'yearling aberdeen angus.DR. opening Friday. November 27. 1959 Midget mules raised by "Butch" rivers (left) of Camdenton.THE TWO VETS ARE EIAMINING THE ANIMALS TO LOOK FOR UNETHICAL FITTING. will goon public display next week at The Sun-Times Building.BURCH UNI OF WISC . pull "chariots" rigged up by the two in a race in the International Amphitheatre. 1960 ELAINE SHEEHAN 12 YRS OLD ORLAND. where the mules will be exhibited as part of the International Live Stock Exposition. after selling his steer Roy Maass. of Remsen. NOV 25.. 1959 Close-up of Black Jewel.MICH. with her Grand Champion Junior Yearling Hereford Steer named "Hercy. Mo. and Bob Armbrecht of Round Lake. Iowa.ILLWITH "BIG BOY" GRAND . FISHBIEN HAS STORY. judge.M. Iowa.. Mo. of Mount Auburn. Ill. Walking away from the shed. November 28. grand champion steer of the International Live Stock Exposition. 15. 1959 Roy Maass 21. opening Friday. pull"chariosts" rigged up by the two in a race in the International Amphitheatre." November 25. winning steer No.. December 1. and Bob Armbrecht of Round Lake.CROPSEY (GLASSES) CASSOPOLIS. November 23.14 ANIMALS WERE DISQUALIEFIED IN THE JUNIOR CLASS. where the mules will be exhibited as part of the International Live Stock Exposition.C.

"Nat'l Pork Queen" crowns Donald Huber 2O. an Aberdeen Angus. 18 Rochester. shows Lucllie Serritella. mo. U. Silver King 8125. looks on as Janice Hullinger (center). after winning blue at International Live Stock Exposition. with pork crown as Top Pork Judge.. November 26. of Rochester. 1960 JUNIOR CHAMPION steer "Hercy" gets a hug from owner Kaye Pollock. how to milk a cow... 18.C. In. Iowa. president."BROWNIE" .IMG00326133A Stock Show IMG00326134A Stock Show IMG00326135A Stock Show IMG00326136A Stock Show IMG00326137A Stock Show IMG00326138A Stock Show IMG00326139A Stock Show IMG00326140A Stock Show IMG00326141A Stock Show CHAMPION SO COOK COUNTY FAIR. 1959 Three pictures showing how the Royal Navy Field Gun Crewcan move a cannon in a matter of seconds. American Hereford Assn. November 25. is owned by Mrs. November 25.. . November 29. Richmond.O'Dell Gelvin. Illwith the champion Hereford Bull. mother is behind Cow. of Mason City. . gives a "Lux bath" to Black Jewel. Peoria. herdsman from the Northern Pump Farms. Grand Champion steer. Remsen.Earl Monahas.P.. Ill. Illinois. of Hyanass. England. December 3. Auburn. 15. 1959 Galf that was born last night. of Mt.. New Holland.Chosen in nationwide competition byNational Swine Council. who'is Miss Hereford Queen. SHORT HORN. 1960 Jack the mascot dog seems to betaking it all in as he rides to the horseshow with his master. 5245 S. Chicago.. winner of the 1954 Grand Champion Steer award. NOV 25. IndianaNational Pork Queen. Nov 28. "Rollihg Acres" is near Elgin. 21.full name. 1960 Linda Lukens.They're from Lee On Solent. Iowa. 1960 Roy Maass. Nov 27. HEREFORD. of Wisc. 1959 Lynn Miller. Neb. Illand the farm. Jhn Shoup. 1960 Linda Lukens. Nov 23. Harris. 1960 Pat Bruch.. "N.. of River Forest... Gertrude McNaught.

. Nov 25. 9. Edwin Mower. 1960 Overall of the Junior Summer. after animal was chosen reserve junior grand champion steer of the International Live Stock Show here today. November 27. with a Shropshire Ram wearing a blanket and hood that halps keep them clean and wards off the cold. Lake Forest . NOV 29.Thiem has story . Asst. 3632 N. 1964 Larry Keppy of Eldridge. Jr . . MrsF. . .IMG00326142A Stock Show IMG00326143A Stock Show IMG00326144A Stock Show IMG00326145A LIVE STOCK IMG00326146A LIVE STOCK IMG00326147A Stock Show IMG00326148A Stock Show IMG00326149A Stock Show IMG00326150A Stock Show December 1. Truman Lawrence. 1964 Les Haller. R. November 27. 1960 THE GRAND CHAMPION POLLEDBULL OF THE 61ST INTERNATIONAL LIVE STOCK EXPOSITION IS SHOWN AFTER FINAL JUDGING HERE 11/29. President of Hereford Asso.yearling hereford steers . OF today. November 25. Kanager of farm Charlestown . Coxswain'' John Van Natta. Mr . 1964: Jacquel ine Grossman. NOV 29. feeding contest. nov 25. November 30. of Eniver Farm. 1964 Miss Charolais.White Tornate. Osceolla Aveand Leonard S . hugs her senior shorthern salt. 1959 COLLEN RAE CALLAHAN. Iowa. Florsheim. Shepherd at Penn State Univ. West Virainia. 1960 This is 1960-and no longer are junior steers in the International Live Stock Exposition judged just by sight and touch. H. Blorsheim. Judge. 1960 Sue Holden of Otterbein. Inte. ILLINOIS IS SHOWN WITH HER HAMPSHIRE BARROW WHICH WAS NAMED GRAND CHAMPION AT THE INTERNATIONAL LIVE STOCK EXPOSITION HERE 11/29. ouner of Caampion Hereford Bull " W. poses with his 235-pound cross-bred hog which wonreserve junior grand champion barrow title at Internatignal Live Stock show. 1960 Budd Thurber. 18.

1964 JANET PERRING AND CHARGERTears for the Junior Grand Champion.S. Hartman. 16.IMG00326151A Stock Show IMG00326152A Stock Show IMG00326153A Stock Show IMG00326154A Stock Show IMG00326155A LIVE STOCK SHOW IMG00326156A Stock Show IMG00326157A IMG00326158A JANET PERRING AND CHARGER Stock Show owner of the animal . winner and owner of "Charger" the Grand Champ of the Show Frank D. 1964 Janet Perring. of Leroy. age 15. 1964 James P. The breed will make its first shing officially at the shows competitions. Central National. Nov 28.of AgricultureJanet Perring. 1964 Miss Florence McCracken (center) of Forestburg. chief of Live Stock and Meat Production DivisionForeign Agricultural Service. 1964 Owner of steer Janet Perring gets stopped on by her steer and goes down into the strew.. president. Dec 17.D. 15. holds a sign beside her shorthorn calf "WhiteTornado" reserve grand champion of the International Live Stock Exposition.ILLJANET OWNS "CHALGER" WHO PON THE JUNIOR CHAMPION STEER JUDGING. as she learns her 1. crying as she led herGrand Champion Angus Steer around the auction ring. December 3. while other prize animals were being auctioned off.050pound Aberdeen Angus is grand champion steer at the International Live Stock Exposition today Chicago. Illinois. S. is of the Charolais breedhailing from France.AND IS A BLACK ANGUS. Ind. of Otterbein. NOV 27. November 24.. 1964 Gue Holder . December 3. December 3. 1964 Emotional outburst comes to the Janet Perring. November 30. U. in Chicago today. Dept. 1964 GAIL PERRING 11 YRS OLD AND HER SISTERJANET PERRING 15 YRS OLD BOTH OF LEROY. Sue decided to take the animal back home and possibly show the animal in other expositions. chosen 1965 . Bauder.

and Lawrence Burris of the university team. showed the junior grandchampion barrow. The the new queen is a freshman at the University of SouthDakota. "Lambrier. From left: Dr. of Otterbein. and Linda Bunker of Platteville.LEROY. Esell.2601b. in Chicago today. 1964 ANOTHER Illinois youngster. Murray and Burris judged. of Austin. Ill. Melten Esell. Gail Carr. Ind. Minsen and Alexander were alternates. December 3.ILL. 1964 . poses with runners-up Bonnie Baker (left) of Fairmont.. L. of McNabb. in trot to lasso a calf. 1964 Bob Reed. November 28. Nov 24. holds a sing beside her shortorn calf "White Tornodo" reserve grand champion of the International Live Stock Exposition. NOV 27. R. shepard. Wis. November 30. 2. Jerry Alexander. 12. 16. of Willobee Farm. December 2. Ind. 15. 1964 A strip Bob Steiner..BREAKS OUT IN TEARS HERE 11/27 AFTER HER ABERDEEN-ANCUS WAS NAMEDCHAMPION JUNIOR STEER OF THE INTERNATIONAL LIVESTOCK SHOW. 17. animal science professer. Vernem Minson. Texas." a 2 year & 7 month old Charolais breed Bull. November 27. Nearickson. MIRERRING'S "CHARGER'WILL BE ELIGIBLEFOR THE GENDCHAMPION HERE.with a pen of 3 Hampshire Wether Lambs. 1964 JANET PERRlNG. Liberty. 1964 Sue Holder. Virgil Murray. herdsman of Lathrop Missouri..IMG00326159A Stock Show IMG00326160A Stock Show IMG00326161A Stock Show IMG00326162A Stock Show IMG00326163A Stock Show IMG00326164A Stock Show IMG00326165A Stock Show International Shorthorn Lassie Queen at theInternational Live Stock Exposition at the International Amphitheatre. 1964 Meat judging winners from Oklahoma State University are served the cookedvariety at lunch today in connection with the Internatiemal Live Stock Exposition at Chicago. 11/30. Nov 27. 1964 Eugene Bailey.

shows White Tornado. her AberdeenAngus that was selected as the grandchampion steer of the International Live Stock Exposition. 15 years oldof Leroy. 18. with her 1. November 30. 1964 Janet Perring. December 1. Ind. president of the LubbockSwine Breeders of Lubbock. 1964 Janet Perring and Charger. 1964 jKaye Wright. 1964 Janet Perring breaks fato tears after Charger.020 lb Black Angussteer Charger . her AberdeenAngus. 1964 Vet on left Mks teeth to determine age of steer. November 27..IMG00326166A Stock Show IMG00326167A Stock Show IMG00326168A Stock Show IMG00326169A Stock Show IMG00326170A IMG00326171A Stock Show Stock Show IMG00326172A Stock Show IMG00326173A Stock Show IMG00326174A Stock Show James Cretcher of Michigan State University proudly shows his Southdownwether after the animal was named grand champion sheep in the International Live Stock Exposition at the InternationalAmphitheatre. Ill. was selected as the grand champion steerof the Bgetaational Live Stock Exposition. November 28. December 2. November 28. both of' won the grand championship of the Internatioiltal Live Stock Exposition. November 26. 1964 . December 1. 14. herfirst-place shorthorn calf. 1964 Euel Liner.. and her sistetiBobbie Wright. December 1. 1961 Snout in feed tray--as say selfrespecting pig should--the grand champien swine of the International Live Stock Exposities is unnindful of all the hullaballo today in Chicago. andBuster. Wisconsin Their charge is "Lucky" a Junior Yearling hereford steer who watches them munch hot dogs and sodas on this National Holiday. 1964 Sue Holder of Otterbein. Tex. his 215-pound crossbred hog that was named grand champion barrow of the International Live Stock Exposition. Trib coveredtoday.

by picking the best animal several types. November 27. 1964 Bob signals that calf is tied securely.The students have to gain points for their school. November 27. November 26. hampshire pige..yer twisting my arm!"Bob Steiner.with some 36 Colleges and Universities entered. 1964 What are these people looking at?Gandid strip of people outside the window of Central National Bank on LaSalle St have mixed emotions about "How Much is That Black Angus in the Window" general views show how the steer in being exhibited at the bank. Charger.IMG00326175A Stock Show IMG00326176A Stock Show IMG00326177A Stock Show IMG00326178A Stock Show IMG00326179A Stock Show IMG00326180A Stock Show IMG00326181A Stock Show IMG00326182A Stock Show IMG00326183A Stock Show Smiling after her grand champion.500is Janet Perring. December 3. 1964 Teen-agers tensely await deasion of the judge as they display their prize calves. 1964 "Hey!. in the foregroundtaking place is the Collegiate Live Stock Judging Contest. 1967 Some of the college judges. just lassoed the calf. December 7. 1965 One of the yonger contestants hurridly combs the coat of her yearlingshort horn as the judge is viewing the . is beingtirred in this event. was auctioned for $17. competing in a school verses School contest. hogs in foregroundare of a mixed breed with white belts around them. November 20. 1964 Plenty of activity here for a Saturday Morning. 2. November 24. exhamine Hampshire pigs. Time: 25 seconds. In the backgroundthe goings on is hereford steers summer yearling class being judged. Crowning of the grand champion steer on Monday will highlightthe 10-day show. 1964 Old acquaintances are renewed as iarmersgather in the cattle area to exchange pleasantries at the International LiveStock Exposition in the International Ampitheatre. Nov 28. here.

33 years old sheppard of Purdue U. Ill. HARRIS. John Reel. Ruckinghan.IMG00326184A Stock Show IMG00326185A Stock Show IMG00326186A Stock Show IMG00326187A Stock Show IMG00326188A Stock Show IMG00326189A Stock Show IMG00326190A Stock Show IMG00326191A 66TH INTERNATIONAL LIVE STOCK EXPOSITION animals.015 LB. Illinois.. 1965 MIRIAM HULLNGER. November 27. 1965MIRIAM IS A HHHSCHOOL SOPHOMORBo Frank Bouder.DavenporteIowa whose barrow. with Angus "Someday"handing cup: Otto Nobis. November 30. . after selection was announced. 1965 National Pork Queen Linda Barrett of Grangereiowa congratulates fellow Iowan Roy Keppy. . pullingGrand Champion. WEARS A HAPPY SMILEAFTER HER 1. HARRIS . 1965 1st Place Hereford. ANGUS SENIOR CALF "H. by Tohnny Rook. . with champion Wether Lamb."Glendale's Pride" won the Grand Champion barrow contest here 11/30. WEARS A HAPPY SMILE AFTER HER I. exclusive. . 17. November 26. November 26. 15. president of Live Stock Exposition animal weighed in at 1. 15." a thousand yound hereford. November 28. this morning. 17. 1965 Jim Osborne.all papers covered. O15 LB. 1965 John Reel. 15 .040 lb. 1965 Steve Givens. sold for $10. Angus steer called "Someday". with "shorty. MO. December 2. of Congerville.The Hampshire-Yorkshire hog we ighed 210-pounds.A TARGET" WAS NAMED THE CHAMPION JONIOR STEER AT THE 66TH INTERNATIONAL LIVE STOCK . ANGUS SENIOR CALF "H. MO . TARGET" WAS NAMED THE CHAMPIO STEER AT THE 66TH INTERNATIONAL LIVESTOCK EXPOSITION AT INTERNATIONAL AMPHITHEATRE HERE 11/26.A. 1965 MIRIAM HULLINGER. Congerville.. NOV 26. Toma . 8 years old of 5219 N. November 29. president of Central National Bank. Ludlamafter watching all the cowboys at the stockshow tries on a cowboy hat for size.

of Penn State Unive:esity . 15. 15 . At-left is Prof.Only American covered . Mo. 15 years old of Harris. Target. A. 1965 Miriam Hullinger. Angus Assoc . of New Palestine. 1966 As one of the female college judges marks down her decision. Iowa.IMG00326192A Stock Show IMG00326193A Stock Show IMG00326194A Stock Show IMG00326195A Stock Show IMG00326196A Stock Show IMG00326197A Stock Show IMG00326198A Stock Show IMG00326199A Stock Show IMG00326200A Stock Show EXPOSITION AT INTERNATIONAL AMPHITHEATRE HERE 11/26.The father and the two sons are all co-owners of the animal. Fairview .."someday" tips the scale at 1. the Herfordwhich she ind others are judging . The calfts meal however was . November 22. of the Amer . and his sisterAlice Ferris. Ill . Nov 26. Indianawith NBoudy" a senior shorthorn calf for company. (the boy that showed the steer) holds the steer and Leslie Reel. holds the cup as the steer licks it. Nov 29.. 14 . Allan A . 1965 This is the overall scene. . 1965 Ron Kerris. Herman Purdy. Illinois with his Black Angus "Someday" after it was named Grand Champion Steer at the International Livestock Exposition here11/29. 1966 Merle Reel (Father ) .050 lbs. 1965 Vance Johnson. with her champion Junior GrandChampion Steer H. 1965 One of the pretty contestants in the Short Horn yearling division. showing the judging going on thi s morning.. 1965 Jolm acel. drying his Elack Angus . Pres . Ryan... 1965 Wayne Erickson. November 29. ((R) . November 27. the judge who named the steer Gramd Champ."Orville ". 17. NOV 26. November 22. ey es her suspiciously?? November 27.both stanf by while John Reel 17. Britt . 22. after washing.. November 26. .. of Congerville.. scrubbing down his Hereford Carcass . getting her ribbon from one of the "Short Horn Kassies" who are completing Miss Short Horn. 21..

shire. Novemberember 23. Paisley. of Maineville. December 7.. 19. Paisley. MIN. 1965 The 68th annual International Live Stock Exposition. bringing 1000-lb shorthorn steer . ambles down ramp at Lincoin Park's Farm in the Zoo. of Ill. from truck into barn at zoo. as the young bulls are lined up to represent the different type of cattle.. November 28.. November 30. right. gets the affectionet attention of Paul Lamb's ford named "Shorty" from the U. Three Pix series. a 1. SMILES HAPPILY AFTER TWO ANIMALS SHE IS SEDWING WERE NAMED BEST IN THEIR CLASS AT.. thereserve Grand Champion of the stock show. NOV 26.IMG00326201A Stock Show IMG00326202A Stock Show IMG00326203A Stock Show IMG00326204A Stock Show IMG00326205A Stock Show IMG00326206A 66TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL LIVESTOCK EXPOSITION IMG00326207A 68TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL LIVESTOCK EXPOSITION the same as always. Leslie Reel. 11.York. 1965 Kenneth A Johnson. Johnson. a 220-pound Hampshire. 1965 Led by Kenneth A. The 1. president of the Lincoln Meat Co.. Chio. war chosen National Shorthorn Lassie Queen International Live Stock EWxposition today. MAGNOLIA.000-pound Shorthorn is on . 66TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL LIVESTOCK EXPOSITION HERE 11/26. 1965 Jill swanson.. as if it weren't Thanksgiving day. December 6. looks at a silvercup heldly its owner.. So is the grand champion barrow. 1965 Soineday. November 25. Trib co ered today. 1965 CHERIL KRMER. 1965 Any Jane Sigg. Ill. got under way at the International Amphitheatre . watches as her port short named"Royal Tartan Amigo" from the purchasers for exhibition at the zoo farm.050-ppund Angus namedgrand champion' steer of the InternationalLive Stocg Exposition. the reserve grand champion steer of the Inter-national Live Stock Exposition. president of the Lincoln Meat Co. 17. world's biggest and longest running stock show. heard.

Iowa. Marlene Wiseman. November 20. 17. an Aberdeen Angus steef owned by Marlene Wiseman (right). 1967 Anita Bulfer. 1967 Being a contest al the International Livestock Exposition here is no fun at all-judging from the appearance of thissquealer. both of Gilman. November 21. 17.IMG00326208A 66TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL LIVESTOCK EXPOSITION IMG00326209A 66TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL LIVESTOCK EXPOSITION IMG00326210A Stock Show IMG00326211A Stock Show IMG00326212A Stock Show IMG00326213A Stock Show IMG00326214A Stock Show IMG00326215A Stock Show IMG00326216A Stock Show yesterday for a 10-day run. Bestowing a busson the cheek of Ellard Pfaelzer are Mariene Wisemans andAnita Bulfer. spruc Black Angus steer with terested observers are and his son. November 17. is grand champion of the 1967 . of Valparaiso." who was named the Grand Champ of the Steek Show. of Hartford City. Pres. of Gilman. and his Grand Champ krrrmr cross-bred barrow named "Mr. 1967 Modern. with his Angus steers & his dog Susie that follows him & his steers around the show. Besides. the feeding. the other owner of the steer. Indiana." his champion lamb in the juior livestock feeding contest at the International Livestock Show at the International Amphitheatre. November 20. 17. grooming and glory of the judging ring is dubious compensation for what usualy follows. and Anita Bulfer. November 19. and Anita Bulfer." November 21. 1967 William Stewart. 1967 MARLENE WISEMAN. Ind. November 21. Co-owners of "Modern. 1967 Mark Love. proudly poses with "Creekside the 2d. 17. Iowa. Hippie. 20. 1967 Ron Zolecki. November 21.bidder who bought the steer. of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Jerry. Segal Hess. Everette Harris. 1967 Steve Grinde of Shadewell Virginia. 20. 20. of Gilman. Even a man who lost in the bidding for the grand championsteer gets a kiss from the steer's owners. 16. Iowa. 19.. one of the owners. Auctioneer Roy Johnson.

November 17. Over all view of judging. but he has certainly won the attention of these two pret bitiw he renewal of old friendships and the making of new friedes is always a highlight of the exposition.lowa shown with his Aberdeen-Angus steer named Finally .) He is blocking "White Tornado. 1967 Children from the Highland Elementary School in La Grange view a champion bull at the International Litestock Exposition. 1967 An entry watches intently as he tries to guide his animal into position during judging in the Junior Division of the mixed breed hog competition. named Maur-Mar crusader. Ill. Holding the bull. of New Boston. November 18. Maurice Peterson of Walworth Wis. with her grand champion Aberdeen Angus. November 21. of Gilman. Iowa. 1967 Calvin Wiseman of Gilman.IMG00326217A Stock Show IMG00326218A Stock Show IMG00326219A Stock Show IMG00326220A Stock Show IMG00326221A Stock Show IMG00326222A IMG00326223A Stock show Stock Show IMG00326224A Stock Show IMG00326225A Stock Show International Livestock Exposition. November 20. November 18.000-1bs. of Louistown. November 15. can you tell what this man is doing? He's Bill Carter. 1967 Prentty Marlene Wiseman 20. Illinois.after winning the Junior GrandChampionship of the 68th annual International Livestock Expositionat the International Amphitheatre here 11/l7. 1967 A neat line of cattle awaits judging at the international live-stock Exposition . end he's a cattle berber (and auctioneer. 1967. 1967. 1967 This young man may not have wona top prize. is its owner." November 21. November 21. November 17.Pinally weighs 1." who is owned ty 11 year oldBette Ann Bear. Crowd watches as Hereford steers are lined up in the arena for judging in the livestock contest. "Modern. 1967 Judging f rom this picture.

1967 Among the 6. of Gilman. of Albin.. Wye.D. Justine Jentes 2lmnthd 1824 N Lincoln Ave Keeper . November 29. 1968 Tom Getzelman with his steer. a lariat twirler with the Westernaires. 2O. Iowa. 16. 14. . December 3. December 3.0001bs which was named the Junior Grand Champion steer at the 1968 International Live Stock Exposition . scene of the 1968 International Live Stock Exposition. 1967 Pat Peterson. 1967 Anita Bulfer.. right. of Gilman. gives a demonstration of her skill at the Inter-national Amphitheatre.15. Walter. 1968 Mike Miller. watch as Naomi Lauterbach (withhat) and Evelyn Hunter groom a Herefordcalf for display. of Highmore. 1967 Judging of the Black Angus class. Colo. and his-brother Mike. of Golden. 1968 Charle's Urbanek. and the grand champion steer. Iowa. nov 20.of Alta.Marlene Wiseman. Co-owners of "Modern. who are appearing in a rodeo at the International Live Stock Ex-position. S. waschosen Lassie Queen at International Live Stock Show today in Chicago. November 23.00 spectators watching the colorful judging eventselais this group of intent colorful spectors wearing10-gallon hats. December 2. 1968y: Gregory Arendt. l7. Bob MasekJunior Grand Champ of above donates & exhibited. December 6. November 18." who was named the Grand Champ of the Stock Show. Black Jack. November 20. 17. on his pony Barney. 1968 Marsha Lowry.IMG00326226A Stock Show IMG00326227A Stock Show IMG00326228A Stock Show IMG00326229A Stock Show IMG00326230A IMG00326231A Stock Show IMG00326232A Stock Show IMG00326233A Stock Show IMG00326234A Stock Show IMG00326235A Mike Miller which opened Friday at the Amphitheatre. November 17. lowa with "Dlue Again" a black shorthorn-angus crossbreed senior calf weighing 1. 1967 baby.

Hood. 14. December 5.makes his Yule requests duringa visit to the Live Stock Exposi-tion at the international Am-phitheatre. 1959 W. after a surprise thrillin finding Santa Claus dressedin a cowboy hat and boots. December 3. . before bidding begins Tuesday on the auction block at tlie International Amphitheatre. M. December 8. gegre. December 5. 1968 . Novamber 7. 16. 15. December 3. . and Gregory. in a Lincoin Park Zoo.Sitting on rail. Peter. is owner Mike Miller. a sheepand a doggie. 1968 Santa Claus was entered in theparade class atop Hig Bad Johnhe won a 3rd prize. In front are Harold Arendt. 1968 A calf that had headed for a soft drink machine when eattebuyer Steve Penesek was trying te put en a reping demon-strationllies lassoed by hist before i eaa get its dime into aslot. father of Al. 1968 Creg Arendt . who purchased steer for Peavey ProducersService. a cow. Iowa. "Blackjack"after being proclaGrandchampion. and Roy Johnston. 1968 Kim Murray. 14 leads his prize winning steer. 1968 "I want a horsie. November 29. 1968 Owners of grand champion steer happily pose as purchaser and auctioneer shake on $10 a pound deal. Minneapolis. 1968 Showing off "Blue Again. November 30. in the International Amphgitheatre. auctioneer of grand champions for 34 years." 4-year-old AdamMirowski. of Alta. 1968 The Arendt brothers groom their grand champion steer. Black Jack.IMG00326236A Stock Show IMG00326237A Stock Show IMG00326238A Stock Show IMG00326239A Stock Show IMG00326240A Stock Show IMG00326241A Stock Show IMG00326242A Stock Show IMG00326243A Stock Show 11/29. December 2. 12. In back are Elard Pfaelzer." crossbreed Shorthorn-Black Angus that was champion junior steer at the International Live Stock Exposition.

Vagabond . Okla... Gregory Arendt. Alternate is Judy Freemas. fromleft. champion hereford bull from Stryker Hereford Ranch. show their 1. and judge Harland Ritchie . of Columbia. A1. 17. Tenn. center of Sentinal. 12 and Gregory Areadt. Gregory'stwo brothets. helped raise the chmpas a 4H project. Illinois' entry Ann McLouth. 14100-gound Angus.IMG00326244A Stock Show IMG00326245A Stock Show IMG00326246A Stock Show IMG00326247A Stock Show IMG00326248A Stock Show IMG00326249A STOCK SHOW IMG00326250A Stock Show Many of Athe farm animals get an individual beauty treatment before entering the judging arena. December 3. (Storyt onPage 24. December 2. December 3. of Clemmons. 1968 Debbie Scott. of .ilowa. 1968 WRAPPED IN BURLAP BAGS THESE SHEEP LAY AROUND IN THEIR PEN AS THEY WAIT FOR THE JUDGING. 1968 Three Highmore. Iowa. Aloysius. 1968 Black Jack.14. December 2.. S.Grand Champion of the Interna-tional Live Stock Expositipn. left. Iowa. Fredonia. associate professor of animal husbandry at Michigan State University. tilmk a tuff on her Hereford. after the victory. Kans.which won the Reserve championshipat the Live Stock Exposition at the International Amphitheatre. 14. linda Goecke. 1968 It's the tender loving care that often pays the rich dividends for farm youth. 1968 Staring each oth er do wn are S . brothers.poses for the cameras with itsproud owner. 16 andPeter. sprays the tail of hissteer with some hair lotion.) December 3. trims a mons. NOVEMBER 28. Dennis Uthofof Fenton.100-pound Aberdeen Angus "Black Jack" that was chosen grand champion steer at the Internatianal Live Stock Exposition today in Chicago. was named Lassie Queen today at the International Live Stock Exposition in Chicago.D. 16. 16. zeter. 17.

November 29. 1962 Don Hale age 20 of Clinton Wisconsin. Ohio. Tex. 1968 Tom Phillips of Mt.from Mnt Vernon IowaBerkshire Champion. Millford. . sheers the coat of one his Corriedale sheep .. November 23. 1968Opens Sunday Walter Steizig of Schulemberg. brushes her Hampshire hogs. November 25. Vernon. Chicago's two self-styled city slicker hog raised. with champion overall Yorkshire Barrow. 15.This morning session gave him the honor ." her Poland Chinapig so he will look handsome for his appearance before the public. 1960 George Mc Guire. for the International Live Stock Shgow. herd three of their Poland China pigs into a pen at the International Amphitheatre.IMG00326251A Stock Show IMG00326252A Stock Show IMG00326253A Stock Show IMG00326254A Stock Show IMG00326255A Stock Show IMG00326256A Stock Show IMG00326257A Stock Show IMG00326258A Stock Show IMG00326259A Stock Show IMG00326260A Ipada. 1961 Champion on the hoof carcase contestBarrow Mild Wolrad. 1957 Colleen Callahan. December 1. named "Champ" a 230 pounder and 6 months old. 15 from Golden Coloradopractices her riding.La. 9. December 1. of the Westernaires. 19. 1968 Suzie Coffey. November 30. November 24.. . does a trick ride on her quarter horse Donnie at the International Live Stock Exposition. does bookwork amoung his Shropshire sheep in a paen at the International Amphitheatre where the 1968 International Live Stock Exposition got under way today. combs "Elmer. November 26. of McGuire Hamshire Farm Wisner-Nab. November 26. Ill. Collen is the youngest enhibitor in the hog show..all papers covered. 1955 Hal White (left) and Hots Michels. 1968 Linda Millican. holds feins of Shorthorn heifer. November 29. with the Champ . 1968 Cindy McCloskey. of East Baton Rouge.

A.Illinois hugging her Hampshire Barrow which was picked as theGrand Champion. 1962 Pix shows 9 year old Colleen Rae Callahan.The judges of thelive stock also are be-ing judged. and J. Brewer." at International Live Stock Exposition." a 230-pound barrow being exhibited through the month of December at the Museum of Science and Industry.. smiles as she poses with her Poland China barrow "Champ. . for Jewel Food Stores. NOVEMBER 29.. 1960 Polaroid believes the inventors should do all the work. November 24. 1960 ADMIRING OWNER Martha Foster of Greenfild. 9.. vice president of meat merchandising and meat-operations for Jewel Food Stores. which openedhere Friday. 1960 GENERAL VIEW OF THE NATIONAL 4-H LIVESTOCK JUDGING CONTEST AT THE INTERNATIONAL LIVESTOCK EXPOSITION HERE IN THE INTERNATIONAL AMPHITHEATRE HERE TODAY. which placed the animal in the museum's Food and Life Exhibit. 1962 Scene in main arena of International Amphitheatre during judging by 4-H Club members of Junior steers and Mouthing Open Class steers at the International Livestock Exposition.. November 29. It was purchased by Swift & Co. Ind. vice president of Swift and Co. 1957 Pix shows Colleen Rae Cailahan. 1955 George Swift (left). was named grand champion of the International Live Stock Show last week. raised by Roy Keppy of Davenport. look at "Hawkeye. December 2. November 25. November 27.. Iowa.. of Milford.IMG00326261A Stock Show IMG00326262A Stock Show IMG00326263A Live Stock Exposition IMG00326264A Stock Show IMG00326265A Stock Show IMG00326266A Stock Show IMG00326267A LIVESTOCK JUDGING CONTEST OPENS IMG00326268A Stock Show Burrow ( Pig) ... They devised a pushbotton operation. November 26. 1960 It isn't just the livestock that are beingjudged at the Interna-tional Live Stock Ex-position. The porker. December 7.

WITH HIS PURE BRED HAMPSHIRE "WINNER OF THE GRAND CHAMPION JR SHOW. 16 of Davenport. . . when judge Herman Purdy. Bratcher officially proclaims the 975pound animal the grand champion steer. 1957 Slapping the rump of the Angus. 1961 Scene from overhead." NOVEMBER 25. November 24.with her hampshire barrowshe is not feeding him nails like the box says but he will eat almost everything else. La... 15 of Leland. Ezra Taft Benson.F. ..IMG00326269A LIVE STOCK SHOW IMG00326270A Stock Show IMG00326271A Stock Show IMG00326272A Stock Show IMG00326273A Stock Show IMG00326274A Stock Show IMG00326275A Stock Show IMG00326276A Stock Show IMG00326277A IMG00326278A Stock Show Stock Show ofMilford. a " Poland China" Grand Chamrion Barrow. ( tnis is an authentic shot of the slap that was followed by cheering of audience) December 2. of Agr. November 22. 1956 The Collegiate Judging of Livestock held in the Arena of theAmphitheatre.Automation" and shoom by the . November 26. about 2nd balcony. Iowa with his grand champion barrow alongside of it the reserve champion alsoowned by Glen. 1963 This is the judging soene of Juniorother papers probably covered this. a 4 H and F. Penn State University. 1963 Grand Uhamp Barrow. .. Ill. with"Gerald's Pride" 205 los. December 4.. .. Penn slaps the winning animal on the rump.With her is Sec. 1961 Pix shows Glen Keppy. 1962 Overhead view of the Sumeer Yearling judging this morning at the Stock Show.. 1960 EDWARD JOHNSON 15yrs OLD CLAKS HILL. Illinois with her Hampshire Barrow which was picked asthe Grand Champion. IND. 15 yrs. November 24..A. 1960 Rosy Williams. November 29..K. November 27. November 29. old of Shreveport. . 1961 This 220-pound Hamushire hog named "U. Gerald Anderson. University Park.

s. November 25.D-Ohin. addresses a aroun of arotestors on the stens of the CanitolFriday. 1937 Joseph Germano. Febuary 9. of Lake Charles. 2. June 1. April 23. 1963 National 4 H Livestock Judging contestEliminating Process of the Junior calves. December 9.000workers by the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Co. February 9. reading offvote results as they come in.Simkinel . chairman of this district. 1965 Sen. 1960 Voters lined up outside the mobile unit at about6:10 AM. 31 LaRue Rushakoff. 7 yrs.IMG00326279A Stock Show IMG00326280A Stock Show IMG00326281A Stock Show IMG00326282A Steel workers IMG00326283A Steelworkers IMG00326284A Steelworkers IMG00326285A Steelworkers IMG00326286A Steelworkers IMG00326287A Steelworkers University of Kentucky. vice president of Swift and Co. 1959 Olympia Athas. 16. 1965 Memorial day parade for strike riot dead. Chicago. November 28. old of 3224 S. This afternoon vote counts came in from only a few districts. The oeople are part of a group protesting the planned. 1937 . May 20. Pulaskiwith a Cyclone" champion barrowshe was a little afraid of him watching is Edward Swift. met with the United Steelworkers Union's (USW) top negotiators here 4/23 in an attempt to get joint sessions underway again in stalled steel talks. was named grand champion barrow at the International Live Stock Exposition in Chicago Dec. sittingin the balcony watching the judging of the JuniorYearling Hereford Steers.seatect center. general clerk and typist. Rioting was at Republic steel plant. Louisiana. Bethlehem Steel. 1965 PHOTO ABOVE shows a Jones & Ldughlin steel worker castinghis ballot today at Aliquippa. lavoff of sone 5. noother papers covered. John Glenn. 1958 Jane Todd. December 2. September 24. Pa. 1977 chief Federal Mediator Willime E.

MAY 30-THIS IS GENERAL VIEW OF SCENE JUST BEFORE RIOT BEGAN TODAY NEAR SOUTH CHICAGO PLANT OF REPUBLIC STEEL CORP. February 14. 9008 S. STRIKERS START TO PARADE AND ARE LEAD BY OFFICERS OF DUTY UNTIL 0NE BLOCK FARTHERON WHEN THEY MET REINFOREMENTS. MAY 30. 1957 J. MORE THAN 100 POLICEMEN LINED ROADSIDE AS NEARLY 2. at headquarters. July 23. JULY 1937 REPUELIC STEEL CORP. Charles Owen Rice (lower left) known as Pittsburgh's labor priest. January 3. president of the United Steelworkers Union. JULY 1937 CHICAGO. shakes hands with I. 1977 FIRST PICTURE OF EDWARD AND WALLY AFTER THEIR WEDDING WILL BE SENT BY RADIO AND WIRE TO THE DAILY NEWS THURSDAY. 1960 Some 170 pensioned steelworkers came out of retirement yesterday to dramatize their demands for better pehsions. JUNE 1. 1937 REPUBLIC STEEL PLANT MEMORIAL DAY RIOT 1937 TIMES PHOTO. listening to speeches made yesterday at a rally .W.. left. 1937 REPUBLIC STEEL PLANT MEMORIAL DAY RIOT 1937 TIMES PHOTO. JUNE 30. Johnson. local65 shown voting for International Officers of theirUnion. Pa.B.IMG00326288A Steelworkers IMG00326289A DON'T FORGET US IMG00326290A Steelworkers IMG00326291A Steelworkers IMG00326292A FIRST PICTURE OF EDWARD AND WALLY REPUBLIC STEEL PLANT IMG00326293A IMG00326294A SOUTH CHICAGO PLANT IMG00326295A REPUBLIC STEEL PLANT IMG00326296A REPUBLIC STEEL PLANT IMG00326297A Steel Workers The Rev. Commercial.000 DEMONSTRATORS MARCHED FORWARD. chief negotiator for the steel industry. 1937 A part of the huge crowd of steel workers at Home-stead. 1959 United Steel Workers of America AFLCIO . THEN RIOT STARTED. addresses a gathering of United Steelworkers today at Memorial Hall in Oakland.Abel. February 12. . as union and management negotiators sat down to write a new three-year contract Monday in Washington.

" December 29. December 29. butI don't like to go on strike. these employees-to-be sit .Steel South Works. East Gary. all the centive pay. S.544 Virginia Gady. watchman as they vote at Carnegie steel Co. July 13. 1945 Casimer "CASEY" Marczewski 39. Steel Gary and prices. IMG00326299A IMG00326300A Steel Workers IMG00326301A Delbert Zinn IMG00326302A Steel Workers IMG00326303A Steel Workers IMG00326304A Martin Faitak IMG00326305A Steel Workers IMG00326306A Steel Workers held in an effort to resist the unionization drive.does his share ofwalking the picket line at the 88th street gate of the U." December 29.S.He is in front of line . Herbert Thomas (left) is telling his co-worker. 1961 Martin Faitak. "I'd like to have more money. Faital pay. November 28.50 an hour but I've beenworking only three or four days a week. "I think they should leave things stay as they are-to keep prices down and economic situation as it is. the U. January 1. a shear operator at Republic Steel Corp's Union Drawn Steel Division.on strike on not to strike. it. of 8704 Manistee. 1959 Another dine-hol} qvocate is DelbertZinn. Principalsteel companies have band together tonight for the continuance of the open shop. 1962 "I average $2."he said. July 6. 1962 Unemployed steelworkers wait in line to pick up compensation checks at State Unemployment Office. March 1937 Waiting in line to be interviewed and examited after being called back to work. July 31.IMG00326298A Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. All three employed in the open hearter departtment. 1938 Sign indicating conditions of work after steel strike atIndiana Harbor plant of Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co. 1937 ArtGetz 20 of 6350 Blatimore av cer repairman and Ed C Phillene of 6947 Peoris av. 1962 There'll be plenty of eating tabacco as well rch 15.

marketeers watch and wait for the market's move. 1970 Stock-price watching has become a Loop preoccupation of many persons. 1962 Once again. 1977 STEEL STRIKE mourners at triple funeral for men slain in Republic steel riots in South Chicago. December 29. Romanski. Septembar 14. Septermber 23. when the Dow Jones average slumped 10. it is the season for annual excerise in corporate democracy-the stockholders meeting.DOhio. May 26. May 11. June 3.m.000 persons out of work. 1432 Connecticut." He averages more than$30adayin wages. John Glenn.20 points. meeting with Ohio steelworkers in Washington Friday. 1964 With the ever scanning eage eye glued to the big board. Romanski IMG00326308A SPECIAL TRANSMISSION FOR THE IMG00326309A STEELWORKERS IMG00326310A STEEL STRIKE IMG00326311A Investor Pete Harpster (right) with brocker Lyle Turner IMG00326312A The stockholders meeting IMG00326313A The stockholders IMG00326314A The stockholders reading. 1937 Investor Pete Harpster (right) with brocker Lyle TurnerHe ligares to hold on lar a recovery. At EAgle Hall. February 16. Steel. The workers are protesting the closing of Youngstown operations. Fenner . The fourpersons pictured above were photographed watching a window display of stock pricesTuesday. 1939 Edward M. chatting as labor booms sweeps south side. Pierce. South Chicago. 1962 This soecial shows Sen. electrician for the Gary sheet and tin division of U. 1977 STEELWORKER M Youngstown Sheet and Tube in Ohio board one of five buses at 5 a. urged: "Open the'contract on everything-if you're notbargainingyou're not getting anythnig. Gary. which will put 5.S. At right are an unidenti-fied man reacting to Wednesday's big gain and Merrill Lynch. Friday to start a journey of protest endieng at the White House. September 24.IMG00326307A Edward M.

Line extends around Wabash Ave . 1966 Watching the quotesboard is not just aman's game. Pierce.IMG00326315A The stockholders IMG00326316A The stockholders IMG00326317A The stockholders IMG00326318A IMG00326319A The stockholders The stockholders IMG00326320A The stockholders IMG00326321A IMG00326322A IMG00326323A The stockholders The stockholders The stockholders IMG00326324A The stockholders IMG00326325A The stockholders IMG00326326A The stockholders IMG00326327A Nylon &Smith broker Arnold J. May 28. Fenner & Smith they stock board in the show window. February 5. but. January 19. 1970 With the ever scaaning people eye glued to the big board. 1966 Up.000 figure.." February 5. shows line of "would-be" nylon hose purchasers . Freund giving a customer the happy news. March 2. to Washington St. 1946 Crowd of eager women clamor for nylons in Lane Bryants store after sweating out long line.. 1955 Looking East down Randolph St. Febuary 21. from Wabash Ave. 1970 "Maybe Ishould haveleft it in thepiggy bank. May 27. February 21. things are getting hot. January 19. 1966 Two investors watch electronic board asDow Jones industrial average flirts with record 1. May 26. marketers match and wait for the market's move. 1970 In the black-with a spot of leopard. 1966 General scene where suboriptions from general Motors stockis processed. January 19. to entrance of Lane bryants. 1968 Happy faces outside Merrill Lynch. 1968 It may be colpoutsige. September 26. up-4 the. East down Washington St. Hartung has . inside. telling them that all the nylons have been bought already. up. 1946 LONG QUEUE OF HOPEFUL BUYERS WINDS ALONG STREET HERE TODAY FROM HOSIERY SHOP THAT PUT NYLON STOCKINGS ON SALE.bull jumpover the barrier? January 19. 1945 Policeman shooes away angry crowd.

3218 W. Mrs. November 29. 1945 Machine gunner Ed Staulcup warns the ladies as they " attack and stt upon" guard Clayton Price as he leaves Brinks Express Co armored car. THIS CITY.' lavishmusical.ELISABETH WARKENTLEN.000 PAIRS OF PRE-WAR NYLON STOCKINGS WERE PLACED ON SALE. 1942 The first SIX to recieve nylons. Miriam Kaye. HERE'S YOUR NYLONS IMG00326331A NYLONS AGAIN IMG00326332A Nylon IMG00326333A FORTUNATE WOMEN TRY ON NYLONS IMG00326334A LUCKY STARS SOX HAVE GONE TO WAR story. JUNE 2. Mayer . 5123 Kimbark . Mrs. Hel en Hradsky . Ann Merva. Mrs. 7049 Vernon.. John Hormel . 1945 MANY OF AMERICA'S YOUNGER SET WHO DOFF STOCKINGS ON HOT SUMMER DAYS MAY NOW WEAR SIMULATED HOISERY--" HOISERY " PUT ON WITH A PAINT BRUSH OR A SPRAY GUN. Mrs. Jean G.IMG00326328A STOCKINGS IMG00326329A Nylon IMG00326330A LADIES. 1945 ELEANOR LAVINE OF 2041 EAST HUNTINGTON STREET. WORKS AT A LOOPING MACHINE IN THE MAKING OF NYLON STOCKINGS. Clark . 1946 W0MEN CROWD AROUND A COUNTER AT A DOWNTOWN STORE TODAY. AUGAST 18. THEY WERE IN A CROWO OF WOMEN NUMBERING IN THE THOUSANDS WHICH STORMED A HOSIERY MILL HERE WHEN 12. 13th. "Thank Your Lucky Stars" have given up their silks and nylons to the war effort. That's why they're . Febuary 11. 8426 GreenbayPeter H. SEPTEMBER 25. 2920 N. FEBUARY 21. (LEFT) AND MRS. 8424 Mackinaw. they had gotten in line a little before 7 a. November 29.Mrs.m. Vasselos. 1945 "Lucky Star" girls in Warner Bros . REVEAL SHAPELY LIMBS AS THEY TRY ON NYLON HOSE SOUGHT HERE YESTERDAY. AN EMPLOYEE OF THE GOTHAM HOSIERY CO. AS THE MUCH-ANTICIPATED NYLONHOSE WENT ON SALE AGAIN. 1946 MISS ELAINE JORGENSEN.

FEBUARY 21. Feburary 15.AND EXPECT BEDLAM TO FOLLOW.IMG00326335A LADIES. FEBRUARY 21.NYLON . casual shoes bound for country or town. YEARS THAT THE QUICKEST WAY TO WIN FAVORFROM THE WOMENFOLK AT HOME IS BY PRESENTING THEM WITH NYLON HOSIERY. 1946 Open mesh gives a see-through look to Bonnie Doon's over-the-knee Butterflypattern hosiery. NOT ALONE WILL THE WOMEN TRAMPLE OVER YOU. April 4. FOR THE MEN SAVE LEARNED DURING THE WAR. They're all wearing the paintedon hose in the picture. July 21. A. HERE'S YOUR NYLON IMG00326337A Stockings IMG00326338A Feather-stitch IMG00326339A Stockings IMG00326340A Stockings IMG00326341A Stockings getting a quick air-brushing over as they prepare to go into a dancing scene. Stevens atthe end of the mounth. named "Tom Jones. By Berkshire. HENRY OF 4148 EUNGAN ST. TESTS SOME NYLON ON A PREBOARDING APPARATUS. THIS CITY . In black or taupe apair is $2 and will be available soon athas. 1943From: Warner Bros."are of Du Pont stretch nylon and keep in step with all the low heeled. TOO. Stevens & Co. 1946 THE LAST STAGE IN THE PRODUCTION OF NYLON STOCKINGS IS THE TESTING OF THE FINISHED PRODUCT. HERE. A. 1965 A stretch of texture or color continuing . In sand and black. 1985 Feather-stitch design is proclaimed fashion right for fall sports events. Anilable at Chas. they are exclusive at Carson Pirie Scott.$2. These. THE MEN WILL. February 15. StudioBurbank . HERE'S YOUR NYLONS IMG00326336A LADIES. MARGARET M.. Calif ornia MENTION THE MAGICAL TWOSYLLABLE WORD . 1959 New leg cover-ups in textured stocking walk off with fashion honors this fall and winter. 1964 Gauzy diamonds sheath the leg with Bonnie Doon's Fiesta. August 10.

mint green ($2 and $2. At right. mint green ($2 and $2. white. navy.50 and will be available atCarson Pirie Scott & t Saks. 1955 A network of criss-crosses is used inBelle-Starmeer's Nanette design. 1968 In olden days aglimpse of stockingwas looked upon assomething shocking.yellow.brown or taupe. February 19. Clear vinyl-lie shoes by HerbertLevine at Joseph's.bone. 1967 A stretch of testure or color continuing the look of the costume is the fashion hit of the season. $5. 1967 The liquid look of sparkling champagne is being touched for after-five wear in the new season. Stockings are by Kaysor.IMG00326342A Stockings IMG00326343A Stockings IMG00326344A Stockings IMG00326345A Stockings IMG00326346A Stockings IMG00326347A Stockings the look of the costume is the fashion hit ofthe season. Sparklestockings are by Be-witching.white. August 21. yellow. hot and light pink. 1967 .50) at Saks Fifth Avenue. light blue. March 23.light blue. hot and light pink. At left chocolate brown fishnet stockings worn over opaque hosiery match an outfit.Now the whole leggoes shimmering in gliner hose. Feburary 15. Each comes in orange. Everyone fromteen-agers to grand mothers is wearing them. the stockingsare $2. April 21. At left chocolate brown fishnet stockings worn over opaque hosiery matchan outfit.Each comes in orange. sandle-foot nylon by Bryan. another importantleg covering: leotards embossed with a design like this lucky coverleaf with skirts. bone. At right. March 23. 1967 Pattern of black Chantilly-type lace and rhinestones makes a buckle effect on sheer. 1965 The big catch of theseason in hosierythefishnet weave in pristinewhite.50) at Saks fifth Avenue. April 5. Inblack. another important leg coveing: leotards embossed eith a lucky coerleaf.

1969 The snea engravagans legwork for fall was done by David Evins who designed these jewel-encrusted stocking boots for a medieval tunic and mini-pants ensemble by Oscar de la Renta.IMG00326348A Stockings IMG00326349A Stockings IMG00326350A Stockings IMG00326351A Stockings IMG00326352A Stockings IMG00326353A SYMBOLIC STOCKINGS IMG00326354A Stockings IMG00326355A IMG00326356A Stockings Stockings IMG00326357A Stockings If you're temptedto wear one ofthe see . Belle. 1956 Here's something forthe leg watchers de-signed by Rudi Gern-reich for McCallum Boutique hosiery. Itcomes in small. A DICE MOTIF. August 10. ribbed nylon. 1950 LEFT: "His and hers" Argyle sox are favorite of the walking shorts set. Febuary 19. Bonnie Doon's knitted nylon knee socks have "Vote" knitted into the red-andnavy-striped borders. March 29. 1968 Cynthia Albritton. They are available in coton as well as conventional wool. green and black and are sold at Marshall Field & Co. 1967.. August 21. age 17 of 1948 E. 1964 PLAYFUL PATTERNS ARE THE GAME MOTIFS EMBROIDERED ON THESE STOCKINGS BY WILLYS OF HOLLYWOOD. They're $1. MARCH 21.Shermeer'sopeque Bodicestocking might bethe answer. LEFT TO RIGHT : "TICTAC-TOE" DESIGN. 1959 Angle Length end.throughstyles but haven'tmustered up thecourage. January 6. Knee Length ankle socks. AND A CANASTA PATTERN. The campaign them is big news in accessones during this election year. August 13.medium andlarge. White daisies are screen-printed on Hanes' Leglites panty hose which come in bright yellow. September 4. 1972 The power of flowers is stronger than ever for spring. orange.78th stwith Laced stockings.Fishnes stockings withSwiss cheese cutoutsare .50 a pair at Carson Pirie scott & Co. 1955. This "English country stocking" isfashioned from wool. April 23.

colorful knee socks with shortpantsuits or casual walking suits. March 2. De-signed by Mary Quant for BonnieDoon. 1959 Patterned socks for fall are knitted and printed. or more basic designs that boast a single blossom in the front of theleg just over the ankle. December 3. 1968 University ofChicago student. 1967 Summer legs used to be tan. black or pastel shade.IMG00326358A Stockings IMG00326359A Stockings IMG00326360A Stockings IMG00326361A Stockings IMG00326362A Stockings IMG00326363A Stockings IMG00326364A LEGS SHEATHED IN MESH IMG00326365A Stockings IMG00326366A Stockings wornover opaquehose. The airy. 1965 You can really sock it to 'em this springwith kicky leg coverings. 1968 If this Peter Conte fashion is any indication. hosiery designers have turned out stockings at feature posies from toe to thigh. 1967 Legs encased in "Funny Lace" design byHanes can be white.Panty hose are at Carson Pirie Scott & Co. You can pairshimmering opaqe stockings with dressychiffons. in green. August 21. A. September 7. Now they aresheathed in mesh hose to go with shortskirts. 1969 Crunchy boucie pattern in stretchnylon hose gives a crystalline ap-pearance with a slight sheen. blue. bisque. or decorate the area directly above the heel.orful leg protection is provided with flower-om-broidered stockings by Miricas of Rome. 1966 If you like flowers. designed to flatter heavy. Feburary 15.Judy Hasencampchose greenfishnet stockingsto blend withher jumper. 1967 Co. wine. Left to right: chicken leg patriotic Mickey Mouse Toulouse Lautrec poster print geometric with . andmatte finish pantyhose with the latest glenplaid ensembles being shown iorEaster. Janurary 22. openwork hosiery are pre-ferred in white or beige for summer. April 4. June 25. next season's hosiery outlook is good. winter hosiery. At Chas.Stevens & Co. December 22.

footprint pattern. gold. red and white stripes and Liberty Bell. September 7.Hose by Victor havea flocked decorationjust below the topband which is meantto be seen. Hosieryavailable at Sears. September 7. Ariadne in burgundy. Laura Aponte calls her newest sportswear accessory hosiery "craze-sport". 1966 The choices sre endless. Hose by. May 23. side zigzag. By Round-The-Clock. 1955 Here's one way tosolve the problem ofa skirt that hikes upwhen you sit down. 1975 Stockings take a ribbing and a fishnet design. 1966 Women havetaken a tip fromtheir chorine sis-ters and donnedfishnet stockings. since the bows are snapped on and can be removed for washings. beige. August 16. Jewel-heeled shoes from Joseph's. white is a favorite forwear this springand summer. and batik pattern. this isn't as impractical as it looks. blue or green with gray are at Marshall Field & Co. August 25. April 21. horizontal stripes with separateloes. in white. 1966 Italians have gone sportive too. 1977 The leggy look continues to ride high in fashion and patterne stockings draw even more attention to shapely limbs.Roebuck & Co. A sheer edition (left) for a more sophisticated occasion. 1966 . Stripes running vertically down a leg have a slenderizing effect on it. a patterened two-tone beige for the sportive event. oatmeal. clouds and baloon. navy.Although theycome in justabout everycolor.IMG00326367A Stockings IMG00326368A Stockings IMG00326369A Stockings IMG00326370A Stockings IMG00326371A Stockings IMG00326372A Stockings IMG00326373A Stockings separte toes. 1963 These sheer stockings call attention to pretty ankles with a tiny black velvet bow on the seam of each. russet or black at Marashall Field & Co. May 9. July 19.

25.gelman Jeffries design. here obviously is .. FEBRUARY 9. January 24. which comes inone size to fit all. May 24. Stretch sox in wool or cotton combinations are made by Cooper and sold in 100 Chicago retail stories. 1965 A revolutionary idea in men's hosierynew overethe-calf socks that stay put." This capitaalist at the annual meeting of Union Tank Car Co. June 16. 1966 Two-way stretch sock byHoleproof. part of the cuff acts as garter.and Nunn-Bush Shoe Storesaf $1. not sleazywith this outfit by Guess for fall. attracts no favorable attention when partially exposed. 1954 Fishnets look chic. 1991 Harmon Motch. November 23.. socks are $1.Note the larger holes in thenetting... December 6.Lloyd Green story. with his battery operated heated socks. 1961 Gloria Cerny stretches argly sock made of cotton and dtretchable nylon. February 16. stays inplace and returns to itsorginal shape when re-moved. however handsomely proportioned. Daily News Classified Advertising Dept. 1955 It appears to be the consensus that a maleleg.A perfect Father's Daya gift. September 11..Called "Gart-R-Top" with a built-in gar-ter they are available for the first time this week at Carson's.. of the Sun-Times. 1966 Not all stockholders are "well-heeled. Available at Mau-rice L. 1966 Athletes and men with large calves now have chanceto wear comfortable wrinklefree stretch socks.IMG00326374A STOCKINGS IMG00326375A Stockings IMG00326376A Stockings IMG00326377A Stockings IMG00326378A Stockings IMG00326379A Stockings IMG00326380A Stockings IMG00326381A Stockings IMG00326382A Stockings IT'S THE SAME OLD THING IN STOCKINGS--LEGS--BUT THE HOSE ITSELF IS PRETTY STARLING AT THIS FASHION SHOW IN PARIS. In Fo. Rothschild & Co.75 exclusiveat Carson Pirie Scott & Co.

white and blue. $160.00). 1971 Men may find the same snags women do if they add pantyhose to their wardrobes.IMG00326383A Stockings IMG00326384A Stockings IMG00326385A Stockings IMG00326386A Stockings IMG00326387A STOCKS IMG00326388A Stockings IMG00326389A IMG00326390A Baseball and football players Stockings in the market for a new pair of socks. by Robert S. The peace symbol is repeated over-all 'in the Peacesock--in red.SOCKS THAT HAVE POCKETS FOR KEYS AND A CREDIT CARD. April 10. April 27. Antique-inspired cuff links (approx. naturally. Sdeks are $1. make great stocking stuffers. $5. heelsand tops. the latest way for men to update their look. . 1971 interwoven says it's a "sock at pollution" in describing its "Eco Now" novelty sock (left). BLAZER STRIPES are featured at Christian Dior for Camp Hosiery. 1990 A RETROSPECTIVE MOOD in jewelry is created by Wideband.75 a pair. January 18. September 2.75 apair. 1994 Socks. 1984 Baseball and football playersagree: acrylle socks make fordrier. at Karoll's. at Karoll's. This 55% mercerized cotton/45'% nylon sock in taupe is accented with a brown/cream stripe (approx.. $50.00) . 00 ) and tie tack(approx. The yare nylon and havestretch toes.. more comfortable feet. April 21. Socks are $1.. The peace symbol is repeated over-all in the Peace sock-in red.even purple.00) in 14 karat gold are paired with a 14 karat gold collar bar (approx. 1969 Patterned see-throughsocks from Interwov-en come in severalstyles and colors. coming to Karoll's men'sstores. Fisher. white and blue. coming to Karoll's men'sstores. naturally. 1971 POCKLT SOCK. AUGUST 3. 1969 interwoven says it's a "sock at pollution" in describing its "Eco Now" novelty sock (left).. a member of the Men's'Fashion Association.. January 1. $270 . April 21.

by Gilbert Hosiery.. $1. 1990 Fall accessories."Only a Rose" (f. July 31. selfaddressedenvelope to Pattern Dept. A few designers showed knickers in casual collec.95 a pair atMandel Brothers. December 19. This model by Esquire Socks. natch.From left multicolored cotton sock in a sweater pattern.. quick drying nylon. but here's whatmay be coming in cam-pus leisure wear. December 19. $20. 1990 The stockings are hung by the chimney with care. with a different type of knit for variety. PK 7362. 1955 RIGHT: Don't looknow. August 1. 1984 Sock patterns can be conservative enough to blend in with a business suit or wild enough to stand out in a crowd. July 31. The socks are cotton. from Coogi Hosiery by Gillbert. December 6.and ask for Leaflet No. The over-the-calf lengan socaksstretch nylon.. August 31.. December 19. 1990 It's still not too late toknit a favorite man somesocks for Christmas and here's an interesting pat-tern to get away from the usual Argyles. 1990 These socks for men are guaranteed to start conversations..IMG00326391A Stockings men IMG00326392A Stockings IMG00326393A Socks IMG00326394A Stockings IMG00326395A Stockings IMG00326396A Socks IMG00326397A Socks IMG00326398A Socks IMG00326399A Socks December 11. Chicago 6. A cowboy face and indian patterns decorate acrylic/nylon/spandex socks.tions this fall. sellfor $1. 1981 Casual socks in Ban-Lon. Directionsgiven in sises l0 1/2 to 12. A golf cart is kitted into a pair of black cotton/wool/nylon scoks by polo/Ralph Lauren.To obtain them. 1981 "Crazy " Legs" sockscome in two patterns.The Sun-Times. lll.. .. sendstamped.25. $20. and "Strawberry Patch" has yarn straw-berries. $16 from Mark Shale. By Jerks Socks/Wovenright.) sports a wool yarn posy.. 1955 Going up..

From left. $30. Miller. 1974 THIS. De tDuck and Sylvester. 1952 Fence stradding is something old in poiltics but sets a new fashion in poiltical socks like these that have appeared in the 1956 campaign. four-in-hand and bow ties to solve the problem.IMG00326400A Socks IMG00326401A Socks IMG00326402A Socks IMG00326403A Socks men IMG00326404A Socks IMG00326405A PRLUDE TO DISASTER IMG00326406A Socks IMG00326407A Socks Theseare by Greta Plattry.Textured leather shoes are by 1.combustion engineer assigned to research into whats in the air.shown making examination of piece of hosiery which has tiny holes being to . 1953 Trouble matching color and pattern of tie and socks? Interwoven is now showing a correlated group of colors and patterns for socks. 1956 A cartoon can ilgMen up a serious business outm. Blue acrylic/nylon socks show Mickey Mouseon the golf course. GRAVELLE HAS MADE A VOCATION OUT OF AMICROPHOTOGRAPHY HODDY . January 9. AND HAS REVEALED MANY UNKNOWN SECRETS AOOUT EVERYDAYLIFE. LADIES. 1992 Panty hose have become a pain in the leg to many women who complain that runs. comic strip watch by Aretitron. IS THE WAY A RUN IN YOUR SILK HOSE LOOKS WHEN MAGNIFIED 13 DIAMETERS. November 7. $28. Sak es sesituring BugeBunny. PHILIP O. Studio stores. December 13. The DisneyStore. 1955 A new sock made of elastic nylon yarn solves the. $7. 1962 Edmund Kosciuch." March 20. rips. 1937 Theresa Perkins displays her stocking with the mysterious "runs. June 5. December 23. snags and sags cause them to spend what they consider too much money on hosiery. JULY 19. August 29. Both at Warner Bros. problem of sock sizes for people who are vague about such things.

a machine which knits the footto the leg. AUGUST 8. April 12. November 17. the toe and heel must te closed with a smooth. You can see why a closely-sitched fight knit would be more resistant to snags. Air Force Aeronautical chart and Infortia-tion Center in St. a close view of which is shown in the first picture. MAX SCHENKE. (Register and Tribune Syndicate Photoservice) January 16. WHERE PRODUCTION OF POSTWAR NYLON STOCKINGS WAS BEGUN TOOAYS PUTS SOME OF THE . even stitch. 1947 Here's how the stitches in your stockings look under a microscope. 1953 Mrs. After the foot has been knitted to the stocking. a secretary at the U. which completes this operation. The operator here is shown "looping" the toe of a stocking to the machine. January 16. Louis.IMG00326408A SHEER TORTURE IMG00326409A Socking IMG00326410A Sockings IMG00326411A SILK STOCKINGS IMG00326412A SILK STOCKINGS IMG00326413A INVENTS "SNAG RESISTANCE" TESTER IMG00326414A ON THE SHELVES BY CHRISTMAS tear into the sock. 23. SHOWN MAKING A TEST AT THE BURAU YESTERDAY. (desk must have story on this) April 4. When finished. You can see why a microscope. S. CO-INVENTOR OF THE NEW MACHINE WHICH IS BEING USED AT THE BUREAU OF STANDARDS. it is almost impossible to tell where the foot and leg are joined. These machines. 1939 A WORKER IN THE GOTHAM HOSIERY PLANT HERE. 1956 THIS IS WHAT THE STOCKING TESTS ARE SUPPOSED TO PREVENT--THE DISASTED OF NYLONS GOING BAD JUST WHEN YOU'RE ALL DRESSED UP FOR A BIG DATE--OR EVEN ON LESSER OCCASIONS. completethe legs of the hose. changes her stockings after a noon walk. Up to 21 miles of silk thread are usedin each s tocking. Judy Vance. 1938 The "Looping"Machine'. They are now ready to be transferred to the "footer" . 1966 The "Legger" Machine. OCTOBER 22. 1938 E.


on a special type of sewing machine. The knitting machines turn out 24 stockings at a time.300 silkworms is required to produce a single pound of. so sheer that it's impossible to tell it from ordinary seamless nylon (right). May 17. Skilled operator s transf er the completed stocking legs to the needle bars of the "footer" machine. silk . brown or navy these 60 gauge stock-ings sell for $1. 1943 To flatter feet and legs and highlight the new spring and summer shoes BulMil Cameo introduces lmp-Print. January 1938 SEE ANY DIFERENCE BETWEEN THESE PAINTED-ON STOCKINGS AND "HEEL PATCHES" AND THE REAR .. which features a new sole shape. It requires 31minutes to knit the leg of a stocking and 15minutes for a foot.50 at Carso Pirie Scott & Co. in Chicago. The combined spinning of 2. JANUARY 14. January 1938 The Full Fahioned Soon along the aole and up the back of this type of tocking is done by . preparatory to knitting the feet of the stockings. (Register and Tribune Syndicat e Photo service) January 1938 Dyeing Vats. THESE ARE THE LEGS OF JOHN BARCLAY WHO ADMIRABLY DEMONSTRATES THE ASSETS OF THE FACTOR "HEEL" METHOD. An extra half inch is knitted on each stocking leg to simplify and speedup the transfer to the needle bars.skilled operators called seamers. calledFling.. guarantee proper fit along with addifional leg support. 1952 A new support stoding (left). They remain in the dye solution from 1 1/2 to 2 hours.IMG00326421A SILK STOCKINGS IMG00326422A SILK STOCKINGS IMG00326423A SILK STOCKINGS IMG00326424A "HEEL PATCHES" IMG00326425A FOOT FLATTERY IMG00326426A FLING The "Footer" Machine . Support hose. They areplaced in special mesh tags to protect them against snags or other damageduring the proce before being put into the vats . Available at . is being introduced this month.The stockings are dyed 150 dozen at one time. Available with black.

at Bongit. IMG00326602A Carson Pirie Scott & Co. 1984 THE AUSTRALIN BALLET. with notoo reinforcement. THE AUSTRALIN BALLET. Teacher Joy Dembski and teacher aide Debbie Rake show autistic children at valley View School Romeoville. Karan hoslery. November 3 1975. .IMG00326427A All-In-One Look IMG00326428A Stockings IMG00326429A Stockings IMG00326430A Stockings Women IMG00326431A Stockings IMG00326599A IMG00326600A IMG00326601A THE AUSTRALIN BALLET. February 24. 1994 at Uffimo. The welthis a four-inch organdy cuff. Not allthese stockings are availablein Chicago. 1955 Metallic hose from designer Donna Karan were strong sellers this spring. $18. worn withPancaldi gray andblack suede pumps. January 1971. Autistic children at valley View School.$139. The feetare completely sheer. April 10. 1964 LEFT: Glamor is at the topin these dress hose. November 3 1975. LEFT:The leg takes onspecial interest inMaya black lacestockings. 1982 Art Institute fashions with students in Fashion design and other areas of the school Contact sheet 6. June 8. April 21. Teacher Joy Dembski and teacher aide Debbie Rake show autistic children at valley View School. January 12. ribbon orjewel trim. atJoseph. 1962 Nylon stockings that attach without garters are the newest things in hosiery that eliminates revealing bumps under clinging fashions. Sophmore with her foot on chair.Strips 1 and 2 on the ladder is Judy Ledgerwood Strips 3 and 4: with dual fishnet hose from England isJulianna Jensen. January 1971.are available in many department and specialty stores. or with frilly tops. a juniorStips strips 5-6 with leather skirt is Sherry Melichar Last strip is Debbie Doyle. is an integral part of the designer's collections. produced through alicensing deal with Sara Lee subsidiary Hanes. THE AUSTRALIN BALLET.scalloped and embroideredin pink and white. August 12. Autistic children at valley View School. but similar styleswith face inserts.

AUTO ACCIDENTS. September 14 1972. IMG00326605A IMG00326606A Autistic children. Chase ends in crash. November 1 1975. Children classified. July 25. Jean Blackler is now able to cuddle her autistic son Christopher. 1992. Teacher Joy Dembski and teacher aide Debbie Rake show autistic children at Valley View school.year-old unable to take. The autistic children whose parents are slowly realizing a goal. IMG00326604A Autistic children at Valley View school. Tijuana. Junior Ray. April 9 1987. Rosalind Oppenheim with autistic children in class. June 11 1992. February 26 1992. AUTO RACES. . A car driven by tony Bettenhausen of Speedway. an autistic 15. AUTISTIC CHILDREN. May 11.IMG00326603A AUTISTIC CHILDREN. Auto Accidvars. By Sandra Pesmen AUTISTIC CHILDREW. 1993. November 3 1975. Chicago Patrol Officer Lou cella takes measurements. May 10 1992. A police officer surveys the wreckage of a yellow Cab Co. January 29. 1992. Autistic. Autistic children. October 10 1976. A police officer inspects the wreckage of a car that crashed on the South Side. AUTO RACES. works at a computer with Byron School special education teacher Kathy Chapin. 14. Cecilia and Michael. Three-time world driving champion Nelson piquet slides throught the fourth turn. Tijuana. March 23 1982. Chicago firefighters and paramedics treat two Joliet nuns after. April 6 1984. sounds are muffled. IMG00326607A IMG00326608A IMG00326609A IMG00326610A IMG00326611A Autistic children. March 12 1992. AUTO ACCIDENTS. IT'S SNACK time for Rob. Mrs. May 7 1977. IT'S SNACK time for Rob. AUTISTIC CHILDREN. four of five autistic children whose residence north. Ramiro. Cecilia and Michael. March 23 1982. SOME CLINICIANS consider autism the most severe form of childhood schizophrenia. The Myth of the Hyperactive child and Other Means of Child Control. four of five autistic children. Their vision is clouded. Noah is the autistic boy whose first five years. IMG00326612A IMG00326613A IMG00326614A IMG00326615A IMG00326616A IMG00326617A IMG00326618A IMG00326619A IMG00326620A Autistic.

July 29.IMG00326621A IMG00326622A IMG00326623A IMG00326624A AUTO ACCIDENTS. 1991. AUTO ACCIDENTS. A paramedic for a private ambulance company aids a man trapped in his car. 6 injuries. March 28. 1992. Auto Accident IMG00326636A Auto Accident IMG00326637A IMG00326638A IMG00326639A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident After an accident that sent 22 people to five hospitals Friday. Austin District Tactical Officer Timothy Walter is lifted into a vehicle Sunday. whose car veered off the 76th Street overpass Friday. December 13. Accidents are one of the factors used by insurers to set rates. 1992. 1993. January 22. 1993. Chicago firefighters attempt to remove . February 29. AUTO ACCIDENTS. IMG00326625A AUTO ACCIDENTS. 1991. Wreckage litters the roadside Monday morning after Janyce R. IMG00326628A AUTO ACCIDENTS. IMG00326630A IMG00326631A IMG00326632A IMG00326633A IMG00326634A IMG00326635A AUTO ACCIDENTS. IMG00326626A IMG00326627A AUTO ACCIDENTS. Checchin. Firefighters tend to an injured person Thursday. AUTO ACCIDENTS. 61. March 10. October 17. Students return to Southeast School in Sycamore on Friday. Scene of the tragedy. 1992. 1992. Four people were killed and one was critically injured Friday night in a fiery one. Willie Anderson. 1991. EMS PLAN-3 30+ AUTO ACCIDENTS. Beatrice muse. AUTO ACCIDENTS. Workers examine the wreckage of a car involved in a fatal crash Thursday. March 23. February 5. Wreckage of a stolen chicago police car and the car it ran into is strewn in the 2000 block of West Morse Wednesday night. near Pulaski. May 1 1992. Prospect High School student Amy Ryan lights candles Thesday. 1991. December 15. IMG00326629A AUTO crash on the Stevenson Expy. The championship race driven by Hiro Matsushita slides. 1992. 1992. AUTO ACCIDENTS. February 28. January 31.10 1992. June 5. September 17. AUTO ACCIDENTS. AUTO ACCIDENTS. 1991. waits for a Fire Department ambulance after crashing into a three-flat Tuesday. Melrose Park man killed in crash. 2 ambulance. AUTO ACCIDENTS. 1992.

May 1 1992. Passersby look at the wreckage of a car that crashed into a McDonald's resturent at 752 E. 1991. January 16. Van Crashes Off Of Overpass Injuring 12. At least 20 cars were invoved. State troopers examine the wreckage after an accident Monday on the Stevenson Expy. but serious injuries were reported State Police Said. REBECCA WESTAKE VICTIME IN HERE CAR ACCIDENT. Chicago FireFighters was down the scene where a Illinois Armored Car. March 2. 1991. April 21. Paramedics remove an injured woman from the scene of a nine-car pileup on Lake Shore Drive. 1993. Crash on Edens. in which two people were killed. 1992. 1993. Fire Deperment officials check a dameged ambulance on the Dan Ryan Expy. Car filps on Skyway. January 15. February 14. May 20 1993. 1993. Anidentyfied man died Monday night when his car collided with a tractortraier on the Dan Ryan Expy. Police were looking into how the accident. June 25. May 12 1991. AFTERMATH OF CAR VS CTA TRAIN CRASH. Bike Hits Car in Loop. Firefighters inspect damage at a accident that killed two men Satureday afternoon on the Chicago Skyway. Chicago firefighters remove James Weathers. December 27 1991. January 12. June 18. February 6. December 21. February 14. 1993. .IMG00326640A Auto Accident IMG00326641A IMG00326642A Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00326643A IMG00326644A IMG00326645A IMG00326646A IMG00326647A IMG00326648A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00326649A Auto Accident IMG00326650A Auto Accident IMG00326651A Auto Accident IMG00326652A IMG00326653A IMG00326654A IMG00326655A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00326656A Auto Accident crash victims from their auto. from his auto after an accident. 1993. 1993. June 10 1993. 1993. at 55th street. 1993. 1993. 88. May 1 1992. March 11. Resce workers hurry toward an ambulance with injured child as stunned byt unhurt childern are led away from the crash site.

in St. April 29. April 29. Veronica. as they watch the burial Monday of their daughter. 1988 A crowd watches as paramedic treat the injured at McCormic School. April 29 1988 A student is embraced by a teacher at the scene of the accident. Mary's Cemetery in Evergreen Park. 1988 Another injured McCormick pupil is kept warm with a firefighter's jacket. of Elgin. McCormick Elementary School. April 30. and Racine. 1988 Vernon Dukes. 1988 A tearful student is embraced by a teacher at the scene of the accident. May 3 1988 Marta Pacheco is comforted by Maria Robledo as the two women are consoled Friday by Eleida Gomez. 1979 Fire fighters hose down a smoldering car that was wrecked while the driver was being pursude by Carpentersville police for a traffic violation. July 9 1979 That was no viaduct Jerry Perry started to turn into Tuesday at 14th St. April 29. April 29. July 18 1979 An auto is pulled from the Little . 21.IMG00326658A Auto Accidents IMG00326659A Auto Accidents IMG00326660A Auto Accidents IMG00326661A Auto Accidents IMG00326662A Auto Accidents IMG00326663A Auto Accidents IMG00326664A Auto Accidents IMG00326665A Auto Accidents IMG00326666A Auto Accidents IMG00326667A Auto Accidents IMG00326668A Auto Accidents IMG00326669A Auto Accidents IMG00326670A IMG00326671A Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Rescue workers rush a child to an ambulance as a crowd watches. 1988 The tragic accident in which a runaway car careened through a Southwest schoolyard claimed its third victim Friday. 1988 An out-of-control car plowed into a Southwest Side elementary school Thursday as children were being dismissed for the day. 1988 Firefighters comfort an injured child Thursday after a plowed into the Cyrus H. April 29. October 25. 1988 Eliseo Marguez comforts his wife. stands beside the auto that he drove under a semitrailer truck. April 29. April 29. lmelda.

This is the scene on the dayn ryan. April 9. October 25. 1979. IMG00326683A Auto Accidents. Two accidents that took place on Chicago expressways Saturday. IMG00326682A Auto Accidents. Slayion was killed instantly. That was no viaduct Jerry Perry started to turn into Tuesday at 14th St. July 17. December 24. freight train containing corn kernels are derailed Monday. March 20. 1979. and Racine. Auto Accidents. The dark colored car on the right was the subject of a very active. March 20 1979 Two people burned to death after they were trapped in their car. Tuesday after it plunged into the water. September 29. Dense for and rain-slick-ened roadway triggered a 50 vehicle pileup behind two trucks that crashed. December 26. Wreckage of trucks in ditch beside Northwest Tollway near Elgin.IMG00326672A Auto Accidents IMG00326673A Autos Accidents IMG00326674A IMG00326675A IMG00326676A Autos Accidents Auto Accidents AUTO ACCIDENT IMG00326677A IMG00326678A IMG00326680A Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents. 1979 DRIVER OF CAR WEST BOUND PASSING IN NO ZONE ACROSS DOUBLE YELLOW LINE. Auto Accidents. August 30. IMG00326681A Auto Accidents. July 17. 1979. 1979. 1979. October 21. Six cars of an lllinois central Gulf R. May 23 1979 TRUCK DAMAGED IN ONE OF THE FIRST OS A SERIES OF ACCIDENTS. March 1979. March 21 1979 an injured guard is lead from his armored car to ac ambulance after an accident in which the Ill. IMG00326684A Auto Accidents. March 19 1979 Dense fog and rain-slick-ened roadway triggered a 50-vehicle pileup behind two trucks. Five cars involved in an accident at 50th and Lake Shore Dr. 1979. October 2. 1979 A fire Department helicopter and ambulance rushed to the scene. Calumet River at 130th St. 1979 Car crashes into home. Auto Accidents. 1979.R. IMG00326685A IMG00326686A IMG00326687A IMG00326688A Train derailment. 1979. block the northbound lanes of the drive Friday morning. after .

Accidents averaged one a minute in Chicago during Wednesday. and Charlene Neuman. IMG00326695A IMG00326696A IMG00326697A Auto Accident. draw bridge as it . An auto accident at archer & Keeler. Auto Accident. September 20. Princeton. happened at 2am. 1960. 32. 1962. IMG00326693A Train Car Crash. 1979. Autos Accident Chicago Auto Accident Chicago Auto Accident Chicago Phillip J. 54. may be a fatal. 1961. Firean works to subdue flames leaping from car of Mark Jones. Frances Harris. Pix shows Buick sedan after it struck a ford going north at 124-Ave.O'Connor Accident car driven by HO YONG JUNG of chicago was charged. January 26. Crushed auto lies under Belt Railway Co. May 20. Crews work to remove a car that was caught in the wells St. Auto Accident.IMG00326689A Auto Accident IMG00326690A IMG00326691A IMG00326692A Auto Accidents. 1951. August 30. 1963. 1976. 1961. IMG00326694A Auto Accidents. 1961. 1962. Stolen car lies wrapped around light pole at 86th and Anthony after accident Thursday. Warren Blvd. 1960. 1963. IMG00326699A IMG00326700A IMG00326701A IMG00326702A IMG00326703A IMG00326705A IMG00326706A Auto Accident. 1962 JUST ANOTHER hihgway accident. IMG00326698A Auto Accident. Pix shows five car crash that was caused when street car hit truck. Auto Accidents. A auto crashed into window of store. July 17. March 11. both of 9731 S. April 1965 A high-Speed drag race between high School students may have triggered the four-car. February 20. Mrs. after colliding with CTA bus. 2639 W. Auto Accident. 1947. July 9. April 6. August 19. July 26. 1960. July 12. Auto of Fields Clark. coal car at 100th and Commercial. May 5 1957 The photo grapher was not late in turning in his accident. A man and a woman were seriousyyinjured. Accident at Touhey and Manheim Road. October 31. Pix shows undientified nirse who was passing cidnet at Augusta and Sacramento helping driver of car. Auto Accidents. August 25. April 14.

S. 26. had just left her auto to sign a gas slip at Nick's Gas Station at Busse and Northwest Hwy. Friday. Rescuers rush to right a cab and free its occupants Sunday night on the Dan Ryan Expressway. of Grayslake. Fire fighters work to free two persons pinned in a car that skidded through a guardrail on a ramp to the Chicago Skyway. April 11. January 12. Mrs. August 15 1963 Police officials move in to examine wreckage of accidents at Fullerton. After hitting another car on the corner Natchz & Wabansa. February 22. August 31. March 9. Mrs. January 4. Extricated from her overturned auto on U. 1977. November 8. Carlee Foote. February 19.. 43d Pl. February 1. October 9. June 28. of Mount Prospect. Firmen working to cut a body from a single car accident. 41. after .IMG00326707A REBOUND CRASH FELLS GAS PUMPS IMG00326708A Chicago Skyway IMG00326709A IMG00326710A IMG00326711A IMG00326712A Accident with death Accident Car in Backyard Pool Accident IMG00326713A Accidents IMG00326714A Accidents IMG00326715A ACCIDENTS IMG00326716A Accidents IMG00326717A Accidents IMG00326718A IMG00326719A IMG00326720A IMG00326721A Accidents Accidents Accidents Accidents was closing during monday's evening rush hour. June 7. 1975 Auto in which one person was killed and several others injured after it crashed near 98th and Cottage Grove early Monday. 1978 Slick pavement and a heavy downpour obscuring vision were blamed by police for a crash involving two motorists saturday morning. 1972 A car rests half inside Mary Baldwin's basement. 502 W. Mrs. 1978. Lutishia Strothers. 38. 1973 One man was killed and four injured when two tractor-trailers. Francis Shea.was doing what many people do on Satuday. south of Buckley Rd. 1974.. 1972. 1977. 1976 Car lies crushed on sidewalk after collision at 69th St. 1960 An auto crashed through a median strip's wire fence on the Eisenhower Expressway. 1970. May 30 1975 A tow truck prepares to remove an auto from the entrance to the Hartford Plaza Bank.

1978 Fire fighters hoist an auto from 20 feet of water Wednesday after it plunged into Chicago Harbor off North Water St. August 19. August 10. September 1 1971 TWO CAR ACCIDENT AT THE INTERSECTION OF ROUTE 64 AND SCHMALE. Holsted.IMG00326722A ACCIDENTS IMG00326723A ACCIDENTS IMG00326724A Accidents IMG00326725A IMG00326726A Accidents ACCIDENTS IMG00326727A Accidents Auto IMG00326728A IMG00326729A IMG00326730A Accidents Autos Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00326731A Auto Accident IMG00326732A Auto Accident IMG00326733A Auto Accident IMG00326734A Auto Accident IMG00326735A Two Car Accident going out of control and jumping the curb. November 8. May 25 1974 Firemen working to save a person from car that wrecked into a light pole. Injured driver of overturned auto waits for ambulalance. 1976 Auto ended up in this predicament while heading north acros the Wells St. 1977 An auto. 1978 These are three of te cars involved in a rush hour accident in the southbound lanes of Lake Shore drive. November 7. January 12. train view auto torn in two by an IC commuter train at 72d and Exchange. October 15. 1975 . June 3 1975 This was the scene early Wednesday morning after a garbage truck 10 cars parked in the 7700 block of s.. 1977 Minutemen work to right an overturned auto on the Dan Ryan at 43rd Street as the driver looks on. March 4. May 30 1975 Overall of scene of accident at Michigan and Wacker. 1978 Firemen from the 2nd datt. May 8 1978 Car hop at parking lot.R. Wabash ave got carried away a little. Crashed by the upraised north span of the Wells St. 1978 Trainmen from a late Illinois Central R. Pull a late model car from the river at Lerrabee and Erie after the car with the driver. February 12. September 27. after crashing into wall sending bricks down to sidewalk. 157 N. 1977 Two tractor-trailers and three autos crashed on the in bound Kennedy Expressway near Hamlin. south of Navy Pier.

September 20. struck a stoplight and was severed on impact.h chase by police in the northbound lanes of the Dan Ryan Expressway ended abruptly Tuesday when the Pursued auto rammed the near end of a truck. 1976 A 70-m. 1978 Scene of accident at sacramento avd and the Kennedy Expressway. unable to move because a traffic signal had fallen on it. 1976 Fireman as they work yo get the car out of the dress shop Driven by Dr joseph H Weiss . 1976 An auto that moved through a .p. July 16. April 4.IMG00326736A Auto Accident IMG00326737A Auto Accident IMG00326738A car smashed by metal facing IMG00326739A Auto Accident IMG00326740A Auto Accident IMG00326741A Auto Accident IMG00326742A Auto Accident IMG00326743A Auto Accident IMG00326744A Auto Accident IMG00326745A Auto Accident IMG00326746A Traffic Light Falls on Car IMG00326747A Auto Accident IMG00326748A IMG00326749A Multi-car crash Auto Accident The Driver of this car tryed to make it between the lamp post & The Cemetary wall and found the car was about 8 inch's small. October 15. 1977 Even as the front end of an auto juts through the wall of his basement recreation room Friday. 1974 Auto of Alexander Lumpkin is pulled from Lake Michigan. September 12. August 30. Multi-car crash in northbound lanes of LSD at 62nd Female victim in car. 1977 A CCIDENT SCENE ON LAKE SHORE DRIVE CAUSING DELAY IN TRAFFIC NORTH BOUND CAR BURNS FOLLOWING ACCIDENT. May 8 1972 Two car after hitting head on car in foreground driven by a women south bound. July 17 1978 This auto sits in the middle of the intersection of Lake & Mich. 1976 Front and rear ends lay yards aport on 18th and Canolport after anauto spun out of control. July 23. Auto accident resulting from a car traveling at a high rate of speed. Demoished car parked at 316 S. Wabash were X large piece of metal facing fell 45 stories from CNA South Tower under construction across Wabash av. August 31.

As car circled he was knocked down by car door and run over. June 24. February 21 1994. Fireman cuts through the roof of a crushed auto in an effort to reach its five occupants. Glenn Grimpe of peoples Gas examines a car that smashed into a Nothwest . 1973. State Police investigate a car-bus accident. November 15. 5001 W. 1994. Fire Department divers and spectators watch as an auto in which a girl drowned early. June 13 1974. Fire personnel help a man injured. October 14. Passersby view auto that came to rest in the living room of Mrs. 1972. A van with nine occupants went out of control on the Edens spur to the TriState. 1994. July 20. May 2 1982. August 06. October 3. March 17. Buckhorn trailer pk. This truck-auto crash July 7 on the Dan Ryan . An injured child is rushed to an ambulance.IMG00326750A Truck-Pedestrian accident IMG00326751A Truck accident IMG00326753A Auto Accident IMG00326754A IMG00326755A Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00326756A Auto Accident IMG00326757A Auto Accident IMG00326758A IMG00326759A IMG00326760A IMG00326761A IMG00326762A IMG00326763A IMG00326764A IMG00326765A IMG00326766A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident lakeshore parking lot Tuesday rommed two boats docked at a Diversey Harbor pier before the car plunged in to the water. 1979. Gladys Plantz. Two Killed in lke Crash. lying by his turned over car. 1996. 1968. June 13 1978 Pedestrian hit by truck. November 9. 1975. 1976 Photos depict removal of two several injured people hurt when a car traveling north onthe southbound lenes of the Dan Ryan about 3:00 am crashed int three other vehicles. 1971. July 14 1977 The driver of this car was nowhere in sight after auto plunged through railing of Ohio Street exit to Kennedy Expressway . January 11. April 28. knocked to stret. April 3. 1992. One of the cars involed in a Lake shore Drive accident Sunday came to rest against a tree.

It was a game of highway cat and mouse on a Mchenry County highway. of Blue island. A FireFighter house down the car after the accident in Harvy. driver of the Honda Prelude. Fred Hagedorn holds a piece of metal. November 2.IMG00326767A IMG00326768A IMG00326769A IMG00326770A IMG00326771A IMG00326772A IMG00326773A IMG00326774A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00326775A IMG00326776A IMG00326777A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00326778A IMG00326782A IMG00326783A IMG00326784A IMG00326785A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00326786A IMG00326787A Auto Acccidents Shalmon Sanford Side building. Edward and Cindy Raddatz hold a photo of thir son. Chaff was listed in critical condition with head injuries at the University of Chicago Hospital. It was a game of highway cat and mouse on a Mchenry County highway. Johnson. November 2 1995. Matthew Muhammed. November 26 1994. 49. 1995. killing the driver. August 9 1989. Accident scene or I-57 with multi ple fatalities and injuries. March 29 1983. Icey Duanne covars her eyes as the wreckage of a head-on collision which killed her boyfriend. August 3 1989. of the 8200 block of South Colfax. The Aftermath of a police chase. A stalled car caused a train to hit the van. October 19 1994. Milwaukee County Sheriffs Department Sgt. November 26 1994. December 28 1994. and her son Farrad Spears. . February 9. 17. The driver of the truck. Danielle M. A police officer inspects the car of Gloria Olenick. October 3 1994. Eileen Morrison jumped to safety. April 20 1995. A police officer interviews people after a fatel crash invoiving and car Wednesday morning. October 19 1994. May 1 1989. October 19 1994. A van with nine occupants went out of control on the Edens spur to the TriState. Hights. 1995. 20. August 19 1994. April 6 1989. Alisa M. November 9 1994. Tuba City tow truck operators work Tuesay morning. was in fair condition.

which occurred around noon in the inbound lanes at kedzie backed up traffic and L service. DERRCK NICHOLAS 29 PULLED WOMAN FROM THE CAR. LOCKPORT. A hospital spokesman said an unidentified third man was undergoing surgery and was fighting for his life. May 17 1989. which around noon in the inbound lanes backed up traffic L service. The Inquest was held Thursday in Waukegan. The car was driven by Wesley Hall. A 1988 CORSICA WHICH HAD A CHUNCK OF CONCRET DROPPED FROM . July 30 1989. November 21 1989. The accident. March 30 1990. Pienta was treated at Souyh Chicago Community Hospital and released. January 13 1989 Moments after the crash. Three of the injured were in serious or critical condition. DIVISION AND THERAIL ROAD CROSSING. January 19 1989. January 19 1989. April 30 1983. The accident. January 13 1989. 29. More than 500 accident have occurred at the Clavey Road. A driver fell asleep at the wheel after a trip home was delayed several hours by a family dispute. June 30 1989. the tow truck arrived. This is all that remained of the car in which four men died. the tow truck arrived. January 19 1989. A workar boards up a gaping hole in the wall of an apartment complex garage wednesday after a car crashed through the building. April 13 1989. Moments after the crash. December 3 1989. July 1 1990.IMG00326788A IMG00326789A IMG00326790A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accidents IMG00326791A Auto Accident IMG00326792A IMG00326793A Auto Accident Auto Accidents IMG00326794A Auto Accident IMG00326795A IMG00326796A Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00326797A Auto Accident IMG00326798A IMG00326799A IMG00326800A IMG00326801A IMG00326802A IMG00326803A IMG00326804A IMG00326805A IMG00326807A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accident Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accident Theaccident occurred when the driver fell asleep at the wheel. Injured were van driver Willam Greene. of De kalb. Divers rescued four other children in the car. April 30 1989. February 3 1989.May 1 1989. May 29 1989.

August 12 1990 Jay Wroblewski tried not to weep. View from inside the building. because he had something to say. September 2 1954.IMG00326808A Auto Accident IMG00326809A Auto Accident IMG00326810A Auto Accident IMG00326811A Auto Accident IMG00326812A Auto Accident IMG00326813A Auto Accident IMG00326814A IMG00326815A IMG00326816A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00326817A IMG00326818A Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00326819A Auto Accident IMG00326820A Auto Accident IMG00326821A Auto Accident IMG00326822A IMG00326823A Auto Accident Auto Accident AN OVERPASS CRASH THROUGH THE WINDSHIELD. because he had something to say. July 1 1990 Jay Wroblewski tried not to weep. The Stanchin car after the collision. May 13 1965. which brought death to Mrs. July 18 1965. August 2 1965. Crash at Rand and Dempster. 66 mark the spot whers seven persons died. August 21 1990 Six people were injured on the Kennedy Expy. Traffic was tied up for half an hour by the accident. June 24 . December 24 1964. Three soldiers escaped from this auto before it became wrapped in flames. Policeman Wendell Roberts was rescued from wreckage of his small auto. Auto involved in collision with bus at Rool and Wentworth. July 1 1990 Firefighters free a woman apped in her car after a truck crushed her car and the car behind hers. because he had something to say. Roberta Trevino and her daughters. January 27 1990 An auto polwed into four children walking on the sidewalk. Des Plaines. Demolished vehicles on U. July 1 1990 Jay Wroblewski tried not to weep. May 15 1965. because he had something to say. September 7 1990 Four person's were injured along with a 1 1/2 year old baby Girl. May 30 1990 EASTBOUND FIRE AMBULANCE ( ON 74th) STRUCK BY SOUTHBOUND AUTO ON LOOMIS. July 1 1990 Jay Wroblewski tried not to weep.S. August 15 1966.

was killed on Caldwell near Tonty. Overturned auto that collided with another car at the corner of Bell and Byron. October 8 1965. Wreckage of autos after head-on collision on Edens Expressway near Touhy. hitting a group of children and striking a building. April 24 1965. September 16 1965. September 2 1954. March 3 1964. 36. 17. A mass of twisted metal is all that's left of car after it was struck. Automobile with the front end wrapped around a light pole at Central avenue. Close up of car in crash at 88th Harlem. September 2 1964. caught fire in the northbound lanes. Accident happened at Edens Exwy near Petersen. TWO CARS COLLIDED ON THE IKE APPROX 6. September 2 1965. July 6 1965. June 11 1980. of 3636 Bosworth ave.45 A. Cars involved in patal accident at Montrose & Outer Drive. March 12 1964.M. February 1 1965. Wreckage of car in which Paul Freese. Police and firemen view an auto that was demolished by a tractor-trailer . Photo-diagram shows how two Chicago school girl were killed. was injured Thursday when her auto struck a light pole on the south-bound lane. December 31 1965. The auto of Karl Talpai. July 13 1966. Wreck car that flipped over and burst into flames. March 30 1965. LINCOLNWOOD CRASH KILLS WOMAN DRIVER. October 26 1969.IMG00326824A IMG00326825A IMG00326826A IMG00326827A IMG00326828A IMG00326829A IMG00326830A IMG00326831A IMG00326832A IMG00326833A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00326834A Auto Accident IMG00326835A IMG00326836A IMG00326837A IMG00326838A IMG00326839A IMG00326840A IMG00326841A IMG00326842A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident 1965. TWO HURT IN SOUTH SIDE CRASH. Lake Forest. August 3 1965. After jumping the curb. Car smashed against post on outer drive at Belmont Ave. Margaret Smith. December 1 1965. September 1 1964.

1969 The engine of one of five cars in smashup on S. 1980. 1967. 1967. 1964. The swings are still as the sun sets Friday in the backyard of the Hoffmeister home in Woodridge. March 6 1966. November 11 1968 The driver of the bumped car tries to break up a fight between his buddy. April 25. June 21. Another seriously injured in a fiery chain reaction accident involving seven vehicles early. 1964. ABSTRACT OF DRIVERS RECORD. September 1 1964. was ripped from body by impact. Firemen pour water on upside auto that plunged down an embankment from the Stevenson Expressway near 47th. Firemen work in the wreckage of one of more than 40 vehicles involved in chain-reac-tion pileups. September 7. September 8 1967. 1966. Broken line shows where John Leonard's auto plunged 30 feet. 1965. June 11. Rampaging auto plowed through front booths. May 21 1966. July 21. trapping him for nine hours.IMG00326843A IMG00326844A IMG00326845A IMG00326846A IMG00326847A IMG00326848A IMG00326849A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00326850A Auto Accident IMG00326851A Auto Accident IMG00326852A Auto Accident IMG00326853A Auto Accident IMG00326854A Auto Accident IMG00326855A Accidents IMG00326856A Accidents IMG00326857A IMG00326858A Accidents Auto Accident truck. A four-car chain reaction accident on the Eisenhower Expressway. Car that crashed through gaard rail and onto rails of "L". April 16. Lake Shore Dr. September 9. November 10. August 13. March 8 1965. Looking East from Normandy and Irving Park rd. A passing motorist and a nurse come to the aid of one of two women injured. Photo showing Fireman pulling the car out of the River. Donald Mcelhaney. 1968 A two-car crash on Ohio near Wells late Tuesday afternoon sends one auto . June 1. who lives across street from cross street from crash scene. 1967.

August 13. Lutishia Strothers. 38. April 18. Speck back to Chicago. 1970 "This is the culprit. May 17 1969 Mrs.IMG00326859A Auto Accident IMG00326860A Auto Accident IMG00326861A Auto Accident IMG00326862A Auto Accident IMG00326863A Auto Accident IMG00326864A Auto Accident IMG00326865A Auto Accident IMG00326866A Auto Accident IMG00326867A IMG00326868A IMG00326869A IMG00326870A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00326871A IMG00326872A Auto Accident Auto Accident careening toward a 7-foot wrought iron fence. 1967 Flames engulf one of three autos which collided Monday in the northbound lanes of the Dan Ryan Expressway." james Bragg. February 1. was doing what many people do on Saturdaysleeping late. March 9 1970 The driver of the first car is caught up in the fight as he takes on a friend of the man from the second car. September 8. 1968 Police and firemen examine wreckage of a car that left the slippery Kennedy Expressway at Kimball. April 25. 1969 One auto mishap led to another Wednesday on the Kennedy Expressway at Mannheim. February 12. seems to say as he stands. 1967 Two persons were killed and a third was seriously injured in a two-car collision. 1969 A car is in flames after being rammed by a truck during the Monday morning rush hour on outbound Kennedy Expressway. August 13. September 9. 1967 Mrs. 1969 Police car caravan bringing Richard F. September 30. Virgini Runions leaped from an auto following the family camping unit to rescue. October 2. July 14. 1968 Spectators watch anxiously as car is pulled from Diversey Harbor early Monday afternoon. 37. May 5 1969 Head-on crash killed lone driver of convertible and nine persons in station . 1967 Crash site was in outside eastbound lane of four-lane Maple west of Downers Grove near Belmont Rd. 1969 Four members of a Kansas City family were fatally burned in this camper.

June 14. of Buffalo Grove. September 11 1980 An auto driven by Randolph Brandt of Hanover Park lies upside down in the median strip. of Warsaw. 1980 MULTI CAR ACCIDENT ON THE INBOUND EXPRESS LANES OF THE KENNEDY. 1980 The wreckage of a car driven by Robert Lavere. July 23.IMG00326873A Auto Accident IMG00326874A Auto Accident IMG00326875A IMG00326876A IMG00326877A Accidents Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00326878A IMG00326879A IMG00326880A Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents IMG00326881A Auto Accidents IMG00326882A Auto Accidents IMG00326883A Auto Accidents IMG00326884A ACCIDENTS IMG00326885A Auto Accidents IMG00326886A IMG00326887A Auto Accidents Auto Accidents wagon. 1980 Midlothian police comfort Marsha Singer after an auto crash in the southwest suburb Thursday. July 24. 1980 A car lies upside down late Friday on inner Lake Shore Dr. August 14. 1980 A police officer investigates the scene of a crash at 770l S. 1967 Passenger sits in damaged auto after collision involving six cars. September 17. June 21. 1980 The wreckage of a police car sits on the sidewalk at Diversey. July 9. Sawyer. September 10. 21. October . 1967 Firemen work in the wreckage of Saturday's chain-reaction pileup on Interstate 55. 1980 Police said Robert Gillespie. 18. 1980 A collision on the Eisenhower Expressway east of Loomis. April 9. 1980 THE AUTO driven by Lamoyne M. 50. of 5846 W. plunged 40 feet from a ramp at 200 E. September 8. July 4.. Fawley. 1980 Store workers on lrving Park between Elston and Lawndale pick up their wares Friday. August 14 1980 An auto driven by John L. will be charged with negligent driving. after being bumped from behind by another car. ind. January 4. 1980 Four autos tangled on the southbound lanes of Lake Shore Dr. August 19. Grand. Williams rests on the sidewalk outside the South Central Community Health Service building at 8607 S.

was demolished after it hit a pothole.IMG00326888A Auto Accidents IMG00326889A Auto Accidents IMG00326890A Auto Accidents IMG00326891A Auto Accidents IMG00326892A Auto Accidents IMG00326893A Auto Accidents IMG00326894A Auto Accidents IMG00326895A IMG00326896A Auto Accidents Auto Accidents IMG00326897A Auto Accidents IMG00326898A Auto Accidents IMG00326899A Auto Accidents IMG00326900A IMG00326901A Auto Accidents Auto Accidents 21. plunged 40b feet from a ramp at 200 E. Army Pfc. 1980 CRASHING THROUGH a guard rail of an overpass at 4100 S. December 18. an auto fell 30 feet into the railroad yard below.23. March 12. June 7. 1980 THE AUTO driven by Lamoyne M. of Warsaw. August 13. 1980 A three-car accident on Chicago west of Halsted Thursday evening killed one person. Nadine Dunter.. September 9. 1980 Rescuers worked for two hours to cut away wreckage of two-car crash to extricate Mrs. 1980 The wreckage of a fatal auto accident Tuesday blocks the southbound lanes of Illinois 83 near North Ave. Damen. near Burton Wednesday evening. 1980 A demolished hood and engine severed from an auto lies on Randall Rd. 1980 A three-vehicle crash on the Dan Ryan Expressway at 52nd Wednesday. December 11. Fawley. 1980 A woman lies on the southbound lane of Lake Shore Dr. 1980 Chased by police after he sped through a red light. April 10. 1980 Yacht owner Andy Kuzmanich surveys the damage inflicted to the bow of his boat at Burnham Harbor by an auto. November 27. Ind.50. April 1. 1980 A southbound auto on the Chicago Skyway crashed through a guardrail. 1980 HEAD-ON collision on the Northwest . April 11. December 18. 1980 The car of Cathy Rainieri. 1980 A three-vehicle crash on the Dan Ryan Expressway at 52nd Wednesday. October 25. November 29. of Westmont. involving two autos.

Police inspect damage caused by an auto that crashed into a building Saturday at 440 S. 1981. January 11. Lake Shore Dr. of 431 W. 1981. paramedics use a heart pump on Patricia pack. 1980 Firefighters aid a woman whp was trapped in a car after an accident Sunday at Route 83 and thorndale. 1981. February 22. Winneconna. Morton Grove. after the car she was driving went out of control. 1980 A mass of metal litters the 3700 block of N. 1980 First aid is administered to the occupants of an auto that crashed into a tree at Cumberland. September 15. is removed from the wreckage of car Monday. October 22. February 24. one mile east of Barrington. April 28. October 7. December 27. 1980 Sylvester Cargill. 33. 1981.IMG00326902A Auto Accidents IMG00326903A IMG00326904A Auto Accidents Auto Accidents IMG00326905A Auto Accidents IMG00326906A Auto Accidents IMG00326907A Auto Accidents IMG00326908A Auto Accidents IMG00326909A Auto Accidents IMG00326913A Bensenville IMG00326914A Police inspect damage IMG00326915A Cen ter constrution site IMG00326916A IMG00326917A IMG00326918A IMG00326920A Chicago Skyway Community Hospital Patricia pack Auto Accidents Hwy. 1980 Police squad car is hoisted from lake after skidding in while on patrol.m. February 28. 1980 A car bridges a construction hole three stories deep Sunday at Manor and Wilson. September 30. 1980 THE AUTO in which 12-year-old Erika Pedersen was killed is examined by police in suburban Hoffman Estates. Friday night on the Chicago Skyway. 1980 A car used by one of three men suspected of abducting. following a seven car pileup shortly before 7 a. The crane involved in the Dec. December 12. July 21. Three cars are badly damaged on S . November 8. Bensenville. 1981. 1980 A car burns furiously Sunday at 75th and Story island. Jannuary 18. 11 accident that killed five workers at the State of State of lllinois Cen ter construction site tested wednesday.

Spestators view a car lying upside down after it struck. An accident that claimed the lives of a mother and her son. April 30. This cars was killed in a head collision on lake Shore Dr. 1981. 1981. An unmarked police car comes to an abrupt Half Tuseday. 1981. May 28 1981. Man. November 2 1981. A truck crushed a car. July 22. 1981.IMG00326921A IMG00326922A IMG00326923A IMG00326924A IMG00326925A Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents IMG00326926A Auto Accidents IMG00326927A IMG00326928A Auto Accidents Auto Accidents IMG00326929A Auto Accidents IMG00326930A Auto Accidents IMG00326931A Auto Accidents IMG00326932A Auto Accidents IMG00326933A IMG00326934A IMG00326935A IMG00326936A IMG00326937A IMG00326938A Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Lakh Share Dr. Police Inspect the wreckage after a car drven by suspected bank robber smashed. November 25. 1981. . Side collision. 1981. Half of a car lies in the middle background and the other half in the foreground after the car wastorn a part in an accident. April 15. 1981. Police car rammed by truck. 1981. January 19. bady killed in S.1500 N. A truck cushes a csr Wednesday after a four-vechile collision. September 3. February 26. Fatal crash Barrington.he walks away. February 7. His auto flips. November 11. 4-Car crash kills two on SW Side. 1981. June 2. Explains to a police officer how his car happens to be upside down. October 15 1981. 1981. January 21. 1981. 1981. The top of an auto was nearly sheared off Tuseday when the un identified southbound matorist ran the vehicle under a truck. A victim of an auto accident on Lake Shore Dr. November 1. April 30. October 17. September 1. Man . near 59th. 1981. Accident aftermath. October 24. Woman die in Barrington Collision. near Belmont is placed aboard a helicipter after being removed from his vehicle. 1981. 1981. 1981.

February 27. An auto that jumped a curb. March 12. in a traffic accident. February 9 1982. Paul Stuart Chisholm and his wife. Department scuba divers and other rescuers Friday. A car smokes on Southbound Lake Shore Drive. 1988. July 2. August 26 1988. Paramedice aid Gregory Beverly. 1982. 20. 54th. Fire department scuba divers maneuver a rowboat into position near diversey Harbor Friday. September 13. Belmonte and two railrood worker were in reported in good cindition at Layala University Medical center. of 811 E. 1982. 20. of 811 E. Paramedice aid Gregory Beverly. one traffic accident. Autos Accidents. 1982. Thursday. February 18 1982. 1982. hi a light pole and rammed this building. December 31. October 3. Thursday. Workmen inspect an upside down car as they prepare to right it Sundat night. September 1 1988. Auto Accident IMG00326953A Auto Accident IMG00326954A IMG00326955A IMG00326956A Autos Accidents. 1982. Pedestrain hit downtown. March 12. police officers and others gather at . Dr. 1982. A tow truck lifts a sation wagon from the pool in the Daley Center Plaza Monday.IMG00326939A IMG00326940A IMG00326941A IMG00326942A IMG00326943A IMG00326944A IMG00326945A Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents IMG00326946A Auto Accidents IMG00326947A Auto Accidents IMG00326948A Auto Accidents IMG00326949A Auto Accidents IMG00326950A IMG00326951A IMG00326952A Auto Accidents Accidents. 1982. Six people were injured. Sheriff's police officer James Glenn examines concrete-filled milk can that caused on traffic accident resulting in the deaths of three people on Christmas Day. Autos Accidents. September 22 1982. August 29. Six people were injured. one seriously. Kristine. 1982. June 23 1982. 54th. February 27. JOSE' DOFSN'T LIVE @ THE HOME HE RENTS IT OUT. And the driver walkd away unhurt. A parkimg garage attend shows a patol officer an auto that plunged into an elevator shaft. Killed in a Kennedy Expy. crash Thurseday.

December 25. Firefighters extract a driver from a car involved in one of two pileups on the rain-slicked north. Autos Accidents. May 19 1982. October 13. September 22. After the Museum of Science and industry. IMG00326963A Autos Accidents. and surveys the damage to his new cadillac after a weekend accident. . the auto driven by Liborio chavez. in northfield Tuesday. 38. 1982. A policeman checks his report on a car that spun out of control on Frontage Rd. When the gas pedal in Carmen lacullo's car stuck Sunday. IMG00326962A Autos Accidents. IMG00326969A IMG00326970A IMG00326971A IMG00326972A IMG00326973A Autos Accidents. February 9.IMG00326957A IMG00326958A IMG00326959A Autos Accidents. THE REMAINS of a stplen sar in which 16-year-old Harold G. June 30 1982. a funny thing happened to Clint Snow before he got to work. Wilson died Saturday. 21. firefighters attempt to cut a man free from his car. December 24. January 8. April 12. Paramedice aid Verlean Plater. of 1851 N. repairman John Lobont peers through the window at the damage caused when this car. Firefighters train a hose on a car that burst into flames tuesday. December 10.. 1982. IMG00326966A Autos Accidents. the car but not the driver suffered in a collision late Friday. Autos Accidents. 1982. IMG00326964A IMG00326965A Autos Accidents. 1982. Grady Johnson sits on a lane divider on Lake Shore Dr. Part of the auto driven by Wilburt Summers lies beside the railroad tracks near 111th. March 28. 1982. Michigan and Madison. A car lies in a vertical position in an elevator shaft after crashing through a wire gate Thesday. 1983. IMG00326960A Autos Accidents. IMG00326961A Autos Accidents. June 1. 1982. Autos Accidents. February 20. 1982. Autos Accidents. of 2034 E. IMG00326967A Autos Accidents. 1982. 93rd St. July 13. Autos Accidents. October 20. 1982. May 5 1982. Albany. 1982. Autos Accidents. in Jackson Park. Car crash on southbound. 1983. 1982. Autos Accidents. after her car. A compact auto is pulled from Lake Michigan at lawrence Tuesday morning. IMG00326968A Autos Accidents.

November 17. chicago & North Western Ry. Police said the driver of this auto was forced off the street by hit-run. Behind the shattered glass of his windshield. Firefighters and police officers rush an injured person into a waiting helicopter Friday. Auto Accidents. Auto Accidents. stranded cars rest on the concrete divider that separates traffic on the "S" curve. A two truck prepares to remove a car that plunged 40 feet off the Canalport exit ramp. 1983. May 31 1983. 1983. Auto Accidents. 1983. before police and firefighters arrive on the scene. 1983. December 1. 1983. Auto Accidents.IMG00326974A IMG00326975A IMG00326976A IMG00326977A IMG00326978A Autos Accidents. Auto Accidents. December 16. IMG00326990A IMG00326991A IMG00326992A Auto Accidents. IMG00326983A IMG00326984A IMG00326985A Auto Accidents. worker Tony Costa repairs. worker Tony Costa repairs. rescue workers help the occupants of a recreational vehicle that overturned on the Kennedy. Auto Accidents. June 17. June 17. November 13. A police officer directs traffic around a demolished car. Larry Jackson allegdiy was drunk when . Chicago & North Western Ry. December 25. 1983. 1983. 1983. September 14. June 30. Auto Accidents. Auto Accidents. 1983. A car rests on the bumper of a CTA bus Wednesday. Auto Accidents. Auto Accidents. Auto Accidents. IMG00326986A IMG00326987A IMG00326988A Auto Accident Auto Accidents. December 2. andrea Belzberg retrieves her purse from her overturned car Wednesday. 1983. 1983. 1983. April 29. IMG00326979A IMG00326980A IMG00326981A IMG00326982A Auto Accidents. 1983. October 19. Donald Nelsen sits amid wreckage in the Sirtoin House. Rescue personnel work to free plainclothes police officer. a wrecker waits to haul away the mangled remains of a car. Four patrol officers were injured slightly on the West Side early Wednesday. July 24. December 3. 1983. 1983. March 6. May 21 1983. IMG00326989A Auto Accidents. April 16. A car lies lodged in the window of a Jewel supermarket on north Ave. 1983. in Oak Park Sunday. Autos Accidents. behind the shattered glass of his windshield.

Terry King is the drunken driver of the car that rammed into the front of a store. Auto Accidents. 1990. The front end of a car is wrapped around a tree after the driver lost. 1983. January 18. Auto Accidents. a tow truck prepares to remove an auto that crashed into a railing on the kennedy Expy. September 6. IMG00327005A IMG00327006A IMG00327007A IMG00327008A IMG00327009A IMG00327010A Auto Accidents. IMG00327004A Auto Accidents. April 11. November 27. Auto Accidents. IMG00326999A Auto Accidents. 1982. Auto Accidents. The driver of an auto that was hit from . Shots of the three cars that exploded in fire. Police technician inspects the charred remains of a Ford. 1984. 1984. June 3. September 3. September 6. September 6.IMG00326993A IMG00326994A IMG00326995A IMG00326996A IMG00326997A Auto Accidents. Auto Accidents. A police officer looks over the wreckage of a car. IMG00327000A IMG00327001A IMG00327002A IMG00327003A Auto Accidents. Police sort out the scene following a collision between two cars. 1983. 1984. Police say this car flipped crossing the median at about 2600 north on Lake Shore Drive yesterday. December 30. September 3. December 22. Auto Accidents. Auto Accident Auto Accident he rammed this heavy-duty pickup into a ponto. 1985. November 23. 1984. Auto Accidents. Auto Accidents. 1983. A fire truck racing to an extra-alarm blaze at 4655 S. August 20.September 15. 1984. olice inspect the wreckage of a car. 1984. Shots of the three cars that exploded in fire. Gail fisher and Romaine Johnson died in this Pinto. 1985. August 30. IMG00326998A Auto Accidents. Firefighters carry away a woman was riding in a car Monday. July 15. Alcohol levels were "sky high" in three adults killed in a Lake Shore Drive car. Shorts of the three cars. 1983. state collided with a car Sunday. Auto Accidents. 1983. Auto Accidents. 1984. Alcohol levels were "skyhigh" in three adults killed in a Lake Shore Drive car. Helen Billups of Dolton was exiting the Dan Ryan Expy.

Three killed by hit and run driver. 1984. August 31. Two persons killed (burned to death) were killed in this car accident. April 17. 1984. A white Lincoln Continental jumped the sidewalk. A policeman helps a driver on Lake Shore after a multi-car pileup. January 12. then flipped onto sidewalk. September 25 1985. 1984. A Car overtruned in an accident. 1984. An overturned car slammed into two pedestrians. September 19. 1984. June 4. August 10 1985. 1984. Driver Escape Crunch. 6. July 9 1985.IMG00327011A IMG00327012A IMG00327013A IMG00327014A IMG00327015A IMG00327016A IMG00327017A IMG00327018A IMG00327019A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00327020A Auto Accident IMG00327021A Auto Accident IMG00327022A IMG00327023A IMG00327024A IMG00327025A IMG00327026A IMG00327027A IMG00327028A IMG00327029A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident behind on the Kennedy Expy. A Ambulance and two Cars were involed in a Auto Accident. Car accident resulted in the death of 1 passanger. 1984. December 26 1985. 1984. February 3. October 17. August 6 1985. hit a car. November 22. 1984. Firefighter extinguishing fire and Men remove vehicle from trucks. Dorothy Goldman and Victoria Mayberry comfort each other after their car was struck from behind by a truck. November 1. TWO PEOPLE WERE KILLED IN AN AUTO ACCIDENT. The auto killed two young boye when it jumped a curb. Manuel Cardona. October 6 1985. January 29 . Thsi car was responsible for hitting six people. Tommy Walker waits for an ambulance after his car's steering column broke. October 7. July 9 1985. Two passenger were killed in a Car Accident. 1984. A Datsun sports car broken in two pieces after crsahing into a lamp post. killed by Car Accident. Passerby eximine a car that samshed through the front wall of a home.

March 24 1986. his car wasn's so lucky. Citizens help accident victims south Lake Shor Drive nea 46 st. A police officer examination a wreeked car in Berwyn Saturday. good condition at the University of Illinois Hospital. September 1 1985. The Driver apparently lost control. Driver of car was killed and ten kids taken to hospitals with injuries. gets ready to remove an abandoone car from the Dan Ryan Expy. April 7 1985. 1985. was in serious condition. December 8 86 Willie Sims. of 4357 S. October 25 1985. September 9 86 She said her brakes faild she said. April 1 1986. February 12 1986.IMG00327030A IMG00327032A IMG00327033A IMG00327034A IMG00327035A IMG00327036A Auto Accident Auto Accidenrs Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidentes IMG00327037A Auto Accidents IMG00327038A Auto Accident IMG00327039A Auto Accident IMG00327040A IMG00327041A IMG00327042A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00327043A IMG00327044A IMG00327045A Auto Accident Auto Accidents Auto Accidents IMG00327046A Auto Accidents IMG00327047A IMG00327048A Auto Accident Auto Accident 1985. David was in the school van that collided with an auto in Schaumburg Fridy. August 16 1986. Injured men in the ambulance being worked on by parameds. May 16. May 5 1985. a city tow truck operator. March 20 1985. November 29 1985. July 21 1985. A taxi is an unwelcome customer after it slammed into the side of Bennigan's restaurant at 225 N. January 9. Chicago FireFighters remove the victim from a Car Accident. Firefighters and paramedics move an injured pedestrian to an ambulance. 1986 A passenger in the auto was killed and . Greenwood. Scene of 3 car accident with shootings. Marty metzger. March 25 1985 Both of the cars had persons die in them. 33. Michael Hrdlicka. January 24 1986. Car overturned on front lawn of apt building owned by Theresa Divello.

Firemen help a woman injured in a Dan Ryan Expy.IMG00327049A IMG00327050A IMG00327051A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00327052A IMG00327053A IMG00327054A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00327055A Auto Accident IMG00327056A Auto Accident IMG00327057A Auto Accident IMG00327058A Auto Accident IMG00327059A Auto Accident IMG00327060A Auto Accident IMG00327061A IMG00327062A IMG00327063A IMG00327064A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident four people were injured.. The victim of a car crash signals to suburban burnham firefighters.TUE NOVEMBER 11.van and aauto general vilews of accident. 1986 Railroad wrecker removes the remains of a car.MON MAY 26 1986 Dr. also on the slick EisenhowerExpy.TUE SEPTEMBER 16. March.SAT AUGUST 30. 1986 Car thru fence between inner and out ter N. FRI DECEMBER 12. 1986 Freak Car Collison on Outbound Kennedyat Canfdeld Avenue Injured 3 Young men. involved fourcars. 1986 A car protrudes into living room of an apartment building. Chicago Patrol officer John Manhon comforts Nin Kang. February 15. 1986 Four pedestrains were hit by a runaway car near the corner of Chestnut.Dec 26 7 56 PM '1986 This accident. riding in this car. August 4 1986. 1986 This car overturned on thedan Ryan Expy. 1986 Two woman.Lake Shore Dr. 1986 Stephanie Carroll. 30. of Chicago was killed and four of her children were injured. 1986 Brenda weatherly being Assisted by police and paramedics after auto turned over.Car. September 4. 1986 bad accident at 59th and Damen involving CTA bus .December 8. Rita Cydulka speaks to the media about the nature of injuries. . July 12 1986. SUN JUNE 1. December 9. September 13 1986. Three people were injured Saturday When this auto rammed into a stopped CTA bus at California and Le Moyne. 1. were killed and a 14-year-old girl was critically injured. June 4 1986.

December 15 1986 Firefighters pull victims from an overturned car at the intersection of Oak and Michigan Sunday night. September 25. 1987 Drinking and driving became more than . November 13. 1987 A lincoln Park woman was killed Monday by a car that veered out of control and crashed through the front door of a Clark Street. David Gruber & Gina Grise was in christ Memorial Hospital in oak Lawn.May 71987 Amy . 1987 Drinking and driving became more than a classroom lecture at Batavia High School Thurs day as students mourned three seniors who were legally drunk. December 22 1987 Driver diesn lake plunge. 1987 Officials inspect the reckage of a Wilmette police car stolen by a handcffed shoplifting suspect who sped off in the car.October 20. October 27.then died when it slammed into a tree.a woman helps a man who was injured yesterday morning on the northbound Edesn Expy .IMG00327065A Auto Accident IMG00327066A Auto Accident IMG00327067A Auto Accident IMG00327068A Auto Accidents IMG00327069A Auto Accidents IMG00327070A Auto Accidents IMG00327071A Auto Accidents IMG00327072A IMG00327073A Auto Accidents Auto Accidents IMG00327074A Auto Accidents IMG00327075A Auto Accidents IMG00327076A Batavia High School November 20 1987. November 2 87 Two men were slightly injured Friday when their cars crashed through the front of Wal's Flower Shop and Greenhouse. 1987 Kathy Gemell comfors Amy Poper in Crystal Lake Wednsday as they look the wreckage of a car in which their friends died. Firefighters examine the wreckage of a car pinned under a semitrailer truk's cab after a crash on the Dan Ryan Expy. December 21. As flames and somoke pour from two cars. Fire and police officials Inspect the damege to a car struck Monday morning by an inbound Chicago & North Western commuter train near Barrington.Edwin Darr.

who was seriously injured May 30 1987 Michael Vorhees So Curwin and five other Crystal Lake Youths headed out for a drive early. January 2.IMG00327077A Auto Accidents IMG00327078A Auto Accidents IMG00327079A IMG00327080A IMG00327081A IMG00327082A IMG00327083A IMG00327084A IMG00327085A IMG00327086A Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents a classroom lecture at Batavia High School as students mourned three senior who were legally drunk. March 31 1988 Jack and Lilian Russel place a wreath sunday at clavey Road and the Edens Expy. 1988 rescuers finish work at scene of fatal accident Saturdayon Lake Shore Drive near Wilson Avenue.June 30 1987 Amotorist was killed in a fiery in Hammond early Friday as his auto was being chased by police . June 11. examines her crumpled auto resting at the curb at 2425 W. stopped and climbed up on the truck to help the driver. June 10 1987 Morgan Johnson. 1988 Investigators check the car involved in a fatal accident on the Kennedy Expy. December 11. 1989 A black . Lee Loving sufferednumerous cuts brusies after being pinned in when this car hit the guard rail. the dead woman's husband. 1917 Ford Model T touring car rests on its side Monday after colliding with anther car in Elgin. September 25. 1988 Kenneth Ezebuiro. June 10 1987 Eight people suffered minor injuries when this car collided with a bus . Ken Curwin Kevin Linak Kenneth Peters. September 25. 1987 Headshots from yaarbook of 3 Batavia High boys Killed in car crash. September 7. 1987 LIndorff was driving on the Eisenhower when she saw the crash. Congress Pkwy. at Miwaukee Avenue Tuseday Auto Accidents IMG00327087A Auto Accidents IMG00327088A Auto Accidents IMG00327089A Auto Accidents IMG00327090A Auto Accidents IMG00327091A Auto Accidents IMG00327092A Auto Accidents .

19 kicks and pounds the car in which he was riding when it filpped over after hitting a parked car at August. 1992 Firefighters attend to a person who was injured when a car in reverse crashed onto a sidewalk and into the County Building.IMG00327093A Auto Accidents IMG00327094A Auto Accidents IMG00327095A Auto Accidents IMG00327096A Auto Accidents IMG00327097A Auto Accidents IMG00327098A Auto Accidents IMG00327099A Auto Accidents IMG00327100A Auto Accidents IMG00327101A Auto Accidents IMG00327102A Auto Accidents IMG00327103A Auto Accidents IMG00327104A Auto Accidents IMG00327105A Auto Accidents rning. May 8 1981 GRIM . March 24 1988 They were the three who "did everything together". April 30. May 17 1994 IIinois State Trooper Charies Thurman reports on an injured man in one of four cars that collided . 1988 Rescue workers hurry toward an ambulance with injured child as stunned but unhurt children are led away from the crash site.FACED but thankful their doughter wasn't injured any more seriously. October 25. June 23 1994 Alfonso Herrera.August 9 1994 One person was killed and four were injured in three accidents on the Esienhower Expy. a mther and father leave the . car kills pedestrian at Darke Hotel. November 4. May 1 1992 A steel girder lies under a Souh Side bridge wednesday morning after the car at right hit a bridge column and sent the girder crashing. May 24 1988 The scene of Wednesday fatal auto accident at the Chopin Elmentary School. 1988 Firefighters clean up glass broken by a car that went out of Thursday morning and smashed through a window at lake Shore National Bank in the John Hancock center. on Tuesday night. 1988 Divers and firefighters maneuver Ritha Chaff's overturned car closer to the shore of Lake this photo testifies.November 22. March 8. 1989 A car on the sidewalk drention Monday afterit crashed into the County Building on Clark Street.

Mary of Nazareth Hospital. May 8 1981 ANXIOUS MOMENTS as a child gets plasma. 28.IMG00327106A Auto Accidents IMG00327107A Accidents IMG00327108A Accidents IMG00327109A Accidents IMG00327110A Accidents IMG00327111A Accidents IMG00327112A Accidents IMG00327113A Auto Accidents IMG00327114A IMG00327115A Auto Accidents Auto Accidents IMG00327116A Auto Accidents IMG00327117A Auto Accidents IMG00327118A Auto Accidents IMG00327119A IMG00327120A Auto Accidents Auto Accident hospital after the girl was treated. one of two girls killed when a car plowed into a crowd of children outside Chopin Elementary School. September 2 1964 Kathleen Mc-Goven fastaided ny nurse Emma.11 at Nrth Hospital. January 3 1993 Fifteen Fire Department ambulances were sent to the scene. involving 40 cars on the Kennedy Expy. April 7 1993 Nurses attend injured Kathy McGovern . Jing Jing Zahag. Saturday's crash. Paramedics help one of the 21 people at the scene of a 40-car accident on the Kennedy Expy. near Addison. .May 7 1981 TWENTY FEET of fence was ripped up by the car. died Sunday of crash injuries. Firefighters and paramedics remove one crash victim from the accident scene. hangs onto her father as her carries her from St. was one of the most dramatic and chaotic automobile mishaps in chicago. 27 was in critical condition.May 7 1981 CARMEN GARCIA. Saturday. January 4 1993 cars litter the express lanes on the inbound Kennedy Expy. May 7 1981 MAYOR BYRNE talks at St. her head swathed in bandages. May 6 1981 REAR OF THE CAR that struck the children after it crashed through schoolyard fence at Chopin Elmentary School. May 7 1981 Twenty-one people were injured in a 40-car crash on the Kennedy Expy.control car Wednesday. Mary of Nazareth Hospital with families of children struck by an out .. Her husband . Zikang Pan. May 7 1981 CLASSMATES of Angelica Avila. 6 .

August 11 1985 Rescue workers remove an injured passenger from the CTA bus. August 9 1985 SPRINGSTEEN CONCERT 1985 Firefighters and a construction crewman work. August 9 1985 Family members get a consoning word from the Rev. August 10 1985 Kemberly Dow. October 24 1985 . August 12 1985 Danial Dow. a monk at the Holy Protection Monastery in Oklahoma City.out wreckage of car. Ronald X W. August 9 1985 Rescuers work to renuve the bodies of seven people in car. July 12 1985. Geieving parents and friends of one of the seven victims of the CTA. 21 also of 608 Ca-Crest. August 19 1967 Six persons Were injured yesterday when fuel in this 1917 Stanley Steamer auto. Dean LaBarbern. Kristtin Behrens killed in bus-crush. Shorewood. August 11 1985 A construction worker directs rescuers to lift the CTA bus off the Cadillac. of 608 Ca-Crest Dr. mother of one of the seven Joliet teenagers killed in Friday's crash. April 28 1969 Firefighters remove bodies from burned. Victims of a fatal car-bus cresh Friday.IMG00327121A IMG00327122A IMG00327123A IMG00327124A IMG00327125A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00327126A IMG00327127A IMG00327128A IMG00327129A IMG00327130A IMG00327131A IMG00327132A IMG00327133A IMG00327134A IMG00327135A IMG00327136A IMG00327137A IMG00327138A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00327139A IMG00327140A IMG00327141A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Carolyn Sula. Joliet. August 11 1985. August 11 1985. August 9 1985 FATEL CAR/BUS ACCIDENT ON THE LSD. 16. June 3 82 Brother Menas. August 10 1985 Afirefighter wipes his brow as he works to free five young women and young men. August 11 1985. December 29 1985 SPRINGSTEED CONCERT 1885 The arm of Glenn Mersh rests on the fender as the side of the car. Smith.

June 2 1992 Most drivers complain about road construction work. Good. December 1 1991 Trys to stay warm as he looks over some of the 100 Vehicles involved in an accident.old Thomas Filidoro sits on the remnants of his bed inside the bedroom of his family's North Ridgeville. December 22 1979 Man sits in car sandwiched between two large trucks on Interstate. July 6 84 Two women escaped from their car. 21.year. November 15 1994 B. October 21 1979 Two people Suffered minor injuries when this Van Veered off the road. of Bryan. October 2 1991 Some of the more than 100 Vehicles involved in dust storm.year old Daughter. weeps on the hood of the family car Friday after his mother. Smith III. October 27 1978 A local fireman halps a person trapped inside a van carrying alleged illegal aliens Tuesday in Temecula.J. March 20 1992 Rescue personnel treat Victims who were struck by a car in New York's . September 20 1979 a traffic division investigator from the Westminster. October 6 82 Auto Accident National Pictured are the charred remains of a six. January 17 1982 Twelve . Texas.IMG00327142A Auto Accident IMG00327143A Auto Accident National IMG00327144A Auto Accident IMG00327145A IMG00327146A IMG00327147A IMG00327148A IMG00327149A IMG00327150A IMG00327151A IMG00327152A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident National Auto Accident National Auto Accident U. October 20 1979 FIFTY. April 9 1983 on the point of brain death. Auto Accident National Auto Accident Auto Accident National IMG00327153A Auto Accident IMG00327154A IMG00327155A IMG00327156A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00327157A Auto Accident IMG00327158A Auto Accident IMG00327159A IMG00327160A Auto Accident Auto Accident JOAnn Reed carries her jured six .NINE CAR PILEUP. February 9 1979 A woman pinned in her car after an accident. March 28 84 Robert L. and his brother Cory. May 2 1985 TIMBERI A car came to a crashing halt as it slammed into a free feiled by strong winds Sunday in Longmont.fellow.S.

May 30 1992 Foremen walk from the scane of an accident on Interstate 465 in Indianpolid. 27 of Youngstown.December 28 1998 Passenger of a overturned vehicles waits somewhat impatiently. 20. left. July 1 1988 At least 6 people died and 15 others injured in a 23 car and semi truck pileup on I-74 East of st. December 31 1988 Two trucks begin clearing vehicles following 67-car pileup in frog on icy I215 Tuesday. March 12 1990 Emergency workers removethe body of one of two girls killed when a front stoop and archway of an apartment building. January 201987 Joseph M.IMG00327161A IMG00327162A IMG00327163A IMG00327164A Auto Accident Accident Volkswagen Beetle Auto Accident IMG00327165A Auto Accident IMG00327166A Rescue persinnel work IMG00327167A BUILDING COLLAPSE IMG00327168A Mid Morning Frog IMG00327169A Auto Accident IMG00327170A Auto Accident IMG00327171A WRECK VICTIMS IMG00327172A HELPING VICTIMS IMG00327173A INDIANAPOLIS IMG00327174A WRONG TURN washington Spuare park Thursday afternoon. Ohio took angle Parking to the extreme when his car went up a guy wire on a power pole. June 8 1987 An employee of a tow-truck Company looks at car balanced on guardrail on Interstate 70 on the east side of town 1/19. May 17 1991 Motorists came ot the rescue yesterday when Amy E. October 24 1989 Unidentified firefightters search the interior of an overturned vehical submerged in Five Mile. May 17 1989 Pedro Soto. 70. awaits rescue after his car Jumped a parking lot curb . a junior at Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais. March 20 1989 Renee Ziegler. April 23 1992 Relatives of four people killed in a head. November 1 1990 Paramedics attend to victims Thursday after a car crashed through the wall of a Department of Motor vehicles. Gammon. November 10 1989 Rescue persinnel work at the scene of a 40 car crash on the Interstate 43 Tower Drive bridge in Green Bay Monday.

May 26 1986 Car hangs by its rear Two unidentified men rescue Michael schraut. October 15 1984 A Department of water and Power worker tries to shut off the water of a sheared off fire hydrant after ancout of control. April 4 1987 A woman walks from Hibernia National Bakk on Wednesday after a car drove through the brench's plate glass window and hit a tellers. October 25 1987 Emergency prsonnel work on the leg of KING Television reporter Mike Olling after a sports car slammed through the front door at KING Brodcasting Co. 52. W. May 7 1986 Charlestown. March 1 1985 Seventy -six year old olive Pugh of Pottsville views the results of a simple act Friday outside a Pottsville shopping center. December 26 1987 Limousine that was carrying member of a wedding party to a reception awaits arrival of a wrecker late 4/3 after it was hit by another car. fireman Corbett Puffenbarger surveys the damage after an unidentifed driver drove his car. May 5 1981 Pain shows on the face of a woman as firemen try to free her and a . April 22 1987 One man escaped injury when his car crashed through a fence and a concrete. February 27 1985 Rescue workers in the Town of Colonie work to free Donald Gleason. Va. August 30 1984 A dazed man stood among the wrecked cars on a high-rise bridge on Interstate I94 10/14 after a massive chainreaction.IMG00327175A Auto Accident IMG00327176A Auto Accident IMG00327177A Auto Accident IMG00327178A Auto Accidents IMG00327179A Auto Accidents IMG00327180A IMG00327181A IMG00327182A Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents IMG00327183A Auto Accidents IMG00327184A Auto Accidents IMG00327185A HOUSE CRASH IMG00327186A Auto Accidents IMG00327187A Auto Accidents Thursday and ended up in a creek at Memphis. frim the front seat of the car. 27 after he has involved in an accident. September 3 1986 Emergency workers treat two state prison inmates who were hurt Sunday in a wreck in which two other inmates died.

Park policemen.. October 7 1985 Vchicles are piled on top of each other following a massive chain-reaction accident on Interstate 5 which claimed the lives of eight persons and left 43 injured. April 18 1985 An 83-year-old woman sits inside a nortnwest Tucson Arizone Bank branch office after her auto crashed. October 7 1985 A Pine Bluff. August 7 1985 Guenn Saunders. May 30 1985 The car of gary Bettenhausen of Monrovia. October 16 1985 Five people were injured when two cars collided two miles south of Muscle Shoals on state road 157. in Brea Monday.IMG00327188A Auto Accidents IMG00327189A Auto Accidents IMG00327190A Auto Accidents IMG00327191A Auto Accidents IMG00327192A Auto Accidents IMG00327193A Auto Accidents IMG00327194A IMG00327195A IMG00327196A IMG00327197A Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Auto Accidents IMG00327198A Auto Accidents IMG00327199A IMG00327200A Auto Accidents Auto Accidents companion from the wreckage of one of the more yhan 30 vehicles involved in a companion from the wreckage. and Deborah Simmons after their car. Jeanne . in satisfactory condition. 21. August 19 1985 A West virginia State Police officer inspects the wrecksge. is comforted by a friend after learning her husbsnd had been killed in the crash of his auto. background. Ark. February 4 1988 Firefighters work to free Bruce Foskey. woman created a new drive-through Tuesday at a branch of National Bank of Commerce. July 22 1984 Work men view an unusual sight 8/6 after this auto. left. May 24 1985 Jean Meyers. September 11 1985 Two infants are comforted by sisters Dorothy.left. 30 from his crashed car atop a flat-bed truck.October 8 1985 Firefighters rescued an elderly couple from the waters of Tampa Bay 4/17 after they became confused an elderly couple from the waters of Tampa Bay. October 14 1985 Talking to U.S.

March 1 1983. Jacksonville firefighters battle flames from a wrecked car. Code 4.January 30 1985. May 21 1982. 78. November 21 1985 In over his head . Rosa Lopez. Ocala fireghter hoses down a hot spot. A Sherman. Mellon is helped frim his police car Monday after his potrol car. was killed at 8:50 a. Bernel Favaro.. August 7 1985 Greeley policee sgt. Mimami rescue workers pull an unidentified man from his overturnedcar. March 14 1982. Police and firemen look at wreckage of a van that was hit by a passenger train. 84 sits in her living room with a rather unruly four-wheeled visitor Momday night. 48.fireman power water on a smoldring state police car Thusday morning. October 31 1985 Muffin. A car was that driven by Ted sattergen.February 20 1982..Smoke eaters will go to almost any length to there job. a 10-year-old part-schnauzer.m Friday whem the conpany.IMG00327201A Auto Accidents IMG00327202A Auto Accidents IMG00327203A Auto Accidents IMG00327205A IMG00327206A IMG00327207A IMG00327208A Auto Accidents Auto Accident Auto Accident Accidents Autos IMG00327209A Auto Accident IMG00327210A Auto Accident IMG00327211A IMG00327212A Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00327213A Auto Accidents IMG00327214A IMG00327215A IMG00327216A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00327217A Auto Accident Baker.J.March 29 1982. W.December 4 1982. Metreopolitan District Commission divers work to free Chauncey Chambers.September 4 1982. December 17 1885 An injured father waves for help as he holds his clown-dressed. February 24 1984. April 29 1983. had some explaining to do to Waynesboro policeman Mike Grove. ill. April 3 1982.September 9 1983. February 21 1982. Jack Flexman of Lap Vegas eacaped in jury Thursday night. It. of bourbonnals. of Portland rests atop another . Signal 7x4. A paramedic carries fereshteh Bazari. Ac barber goes right on giving paul Morrison a haircut even after a car smashed through a window and the shops. .

Darrel good of Winchester. August 20 1983. the cabaret lounge.. August 25 1983. Tupman and Richard Mills. speed demons! Young Tupman leads the field around a curve. March 13 1983. July 1 1983.. August 6 1983.61.. Catif. fight for the lead going around a turn. harriet Randolph checks furnishings in her bar. leans over the body of his father Teodore Edwards.vehicle pile-up. November 27 1985. A man peers from the door of a baptist church in philadelphia Saturday afternoon at a car.:John Willam Andre. August 17 1982. 38. California Highway Patrol officers begin there invesation of a school bus crash that Killed three high school students. N. San angelo police officers had the opportunaty for some creative report writing Wednesday evening. Douglas do papas San Marino. April 13 1980. February 28 1983 Rita Fiedler. escaped with only bums and bruises during early rush hour traffic. Lass Cruces. Ind. Hold your hates. Calif. Four people were killed and 27 were injured in a 20 . Well. March 12 1939. of Camel.IMG00327218A IMG00327219A Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00327220A Auto Accidents. of Stephens City. youthful stars of "Boys ' Speedway" at San Marino. What should have been an unforgettable wedding day lucy ibanez. and Charles Wright. Emergency workers inspect the aftermatch of a crash Thurday involving three carsand a bus in a tunnel. March 12 1939. have build race track for sons. . June 24 1984. 61.M. February 18 1984. IMG00327221A Auto accident IMG00327222A Auto accident IMG00327223A Auto accident IMG00327224A Auto accident IMG00327225A Auto accident IMG00327226A Auto accident IMG00327227A Auto accident IMG00327228A Auto accident IMG00327229A Auto accident IMG00327230A Auto accident IMG00327231A Auto accident IMG00327232A Auto accident Auto Accident. April 25 1980.Lawrenceburg Tenn.

Minn. American Airlines stewardess. Jaunty six Year old racer Gordy Jacobson takes his jacket from his mother. January 21 1964. " stage revue of the auto show beginning March 13. Downers Grove tries out his go-cart on the clay track at the Santa Fe Speedway. 35. Some of the Karts go 60 miles an hour. champion of boys of boys' track. Buzzy Tupman. and 6 foot tall finds himself blocking. June 01 1980. Senator Joseph McCarthy smiles. Jerry Jacobson of Bloomington. Fageal's boy tromps on the gas. stands in front of Elko. Go-Kart at Soldier Field. This is a Kart--a frame. coudn't wait for spring to try out their vehicles. NEW INOVATION IN SPORT THRILLS IS THE GO-CHRT ON ICE.IMG00327233A IMG00327234A Auto accident Auto Accidents IMG00327235A IMG00327236A IMG00327237A IMG00327238A IMG00327239A IMG00327240A IMG00327241A IMG00327242A IMG00327243A IMG00327244A IMG00327245A IMG00327246A IMG00327247A IMG00327248A IMG00327249A IMG00327250A Auto Accidents Robert Remmel Jerry Jacobson Gordy Jacobson Gordy Jacobson Gordy Jacobson Gordy Jacobson Go-cart racers Soldier Field Kart--a frame North Jersey karting Club SPORT THRILLS Theodore S. sits at wheel. Six year old Gordy Jacobson on Bloomington.March 12 1939. April 19 1954. a motor and four wheels. S. Go-cart racers in Sioux Falls. March 12 1939. Crowd studies planelike tail of General Motors experimental XP-21 Firebird. Minn. July 9 1960. An official of the North Jersey karting Club. Wheels of Progress. July 9 1960. minn. The winnah ! Mr. Minn. March 12 1939. . and snatches victory. Six year old Gordy Jacobson of Bloomington. spurts down the stretec. June 2 1959. 200 pounds. Gordy Jacobson. January 12 1961. Rau Kart race Karts Auto Go Karts Downers Grove IMG00327251A IMG00327252A IMG00327253A IMG00327254A General Motors experimental AUTO SHON teedy van epps Miss Rogers park Victor claims his spoils as jackie Lyons present. teedy van epps. Robert Remmel sits in the 85-pound. July 20 1960. August 20 1959. Auto Go Karts Bill Moery. April 26 1954. December 19 1947. 6. Theodore S. D. Rau.

Here is part of the crow that attended the Gm Motorama Sunday.IMG00327255A IMG00327256A IMG00327257A IMG00327258A IMG00327259A AUTO QUEENS Chicago Auto Show General Motors Auto Show MOTORAMA IMG00327260A The Auto Show IMG00327261A IMG00327262A Chicago Auto Show Auto Show IMG00327263A Auto Show queens IMG00327264A Auto Show IMG00327265A IMG00327266A IMG00327267A IMG00327268A IMG00327270A IMG00327271A IMG00327272A Auto Show Auto Show Auto Show Auto Show Auto Show Auto Show Auto Show IMG00327273A IMG00327274A Auto Show Art Show February 27 1954. March 14 1954. Chicago Autobobily Show in the International Amphitheatre. April 25. January 101955 Who will appear at the auto show. New cars produced by the mammoth auto manufacturer. December 10 1955. . AUTO QUEENS . December 18 1954. March 20 1954 New Art Show In Rogers Park. International Amphitheatres Auto Show . February 18 1961. Look at all the room in this Hudson Rambler Cross-country station wagon.The first of have been selected by the judges. February 29 1954. The Auto Show at the International Amphitheatre proved too tiring for 20month-old Glenn Smith. Beautiful model Chicago Auto Show. Chicagi Auto Show. Chicago Auto Show January. April 1954. The Interested stop to take a Peek at an open desplay of the Buick. Chicago Auto Show in the International Amphitheatre Jan. Chicago Automobilw Show in the International Amphitheatre is Sam Frame. December 16 1954. December 15 1954 On display at the Chicago Automobile Show in the International Amphitheatre. January 11 1955. March 17 1954. ADDING GLAMOR to the auto show will be these seven Auto Show queens. January 15 1955. Auto Show. January 13 1955. December 22 1955.February 25 1954 FOUR BEAUTIES smile happily after being chosen to repersent their communities.

Sleek models at Chicago Auto mobile show. February 23 1962. CANDYLAND DREAM comes true for little Philip Wiener. Auto-happy spectors filter around gleaming new exhibits at Chicago auto Show in McCormick Place. Exhibit is part of Chicago Automobile Show in McCormick Place. Boasting of high-horsepowered sports car. Curtain goes up Saturday. February 19 1961. February 22 1961. February 17 1961. February 18 1962. The show is being watched closely as first majore trafic test. February 16 1961. Jean Sanders. pending their apperance. February 22 1961. February 22 1961. February 15 1962. February 16 1962. As 53d annual Chicago Automobile Show is opened to the public at the lake front McCormick Place. February 20 1961. March 4 1954. The cars on the cover above were photograph. Stake bodies on the 1954 Cherolet trucks displayed at the Auto Show. Workmen are busy around the clock getting exhibits ready for the big 53rd annual Chicago Auto mobile Show. February 17 1961. TO SEE THE AUTO SHOW. Three girs visitors to the Chicago Auto . February 21 1962. in top hat and tails at Chevy display. Gardens 'grow" ovenight to brighten auto display. LONG LINE WATING TO GET INTO McMCORMICK PL. February 23 1961. Toby Deane points to one of two propellors.IMG00327275A IMG00327276A IMG00327277A IMG00327278A IMG00327279A Art Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show IMG00327280A IMG00327281A Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show IMG00327282A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327283A IMG00327284A Chicago Auto Show Cherolet trucks IMG00327285A IMG00327286A IMG00327287A IMG00327288A IMG00327289A Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show IMG00327290A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327291A IMG00327292A Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Stars of the big show are kept under wraps. March 31 1993. February 22 1961. Penny Schoroder gives out with sex appeal and information the 62 Cheveolet.

February 18 1961. February 18 1961. back in the main exhibition hall. Ranna and Lori linder lean against a display panel. Cousins through coins in whishig well at Dodge Exhibit. February 13 1961. One of the attraction to capture the interest of the Washington's Birthday crowd at the Chicago auto show. February 17 1962. Overhead view Auto Show at McCormick Place during prees preview. February 22 1961. Joy Monti . February 20 1961. 1962. The Scout introduced by International Harvest in January. February 27 1982. The rumble seat which still brings back tender. Audery takes Dan for ride in 1898 Renault. Meanwhile. February 17 1961. dreaming of warm summer. Here is afloor plan of xhibits at the 53d annual Chicago Automatic Show. There were a number of real fane y autos to be seen. February 17 1961. in clown costume at Chevy display.000 it can make you a .IMG00327293A IMG00327294A IMG00327295A IMG00327296A IMG00327297A IMG00327298A IMG00327299A IMG00327300A IMG00327301A IMG00327302A IMG00327303A Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show IMG00327304A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327305A IMG00327306A IMG00327307A IMG00327308A Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show IMG00327309A IMG00327310A IMG00327311A IMG00327312A Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Show . February 17 1961. Chicago Auto Show. LOOK INTO ONE OF THE EXHIBITS. The eveing -rush crowd at auto show mills around exhibits in McCormick Place.000 AT UTO SHOW PREVIEW. February 16 1961. A COUPLE OF JACK IN THE BOXES TRY OUT A CORVAIR TRUNK FOR SIZE. February 22 1961. March 1 1982. Pat ponce gets a Porsche ready for the show for 40. February 15 1961. February 18 1961. February 23 1962. February 24 1962. February 12 1961. Somewhere in this picture three's real person. Overhead shot showing the 1961 auto show. Co-operation timing and patience were the watchwords. February 15 1961. 25.

walks through the McCormick Place display area. COCA_COLA truck driver John Hobson eyes the price on a $163. Triplet sisters Colette. A custom-mode. February 8 1984. Spectators tour the Illinois State Firegrounds. Workers Construction build a display for the Mercedes Benz exhibit at the Chicago Auto Show in McCormik Place.fiberglass version of a 1927 Model T Ford. February 21 1981.000 Ralls Royce at the Chicago Auto Show. Visitors to the Chicago Automobile Show.IMG00327313A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327314A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327315A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327316A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327317A IMG00327318A IMG00327319A Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show IMG00327320A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327321A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327322A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327323A IMG00327324A Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show IMG00327325A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327326A IMG00327327A Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show proude owner. February 27 1983. February 21 1981. February 10 1984. IT WAS HANDS off time at the Chicago . Laurent adds the final touchs to his gleamin Buick Turbo "Indy Pace". February 25 1982. A camera-carrying visitor to the 73rd annual Chicago Auto Show. February 26 1982. Phil St. The Soceity of Automotive Engineers International Congress. Ross Kelsey . June 22 1984. February 28 1981. As the 75th annual Chicago Auto Show is prepard to open Sayurday in Mccormick Place. Andree and Margo Chippi stand inside the Pontiac Fiero demostration model. February 8 1984. February 27 1984. A woman tests the springness in a spring at the Chicago Auto Show in McCormick Place. Jayne Buecher dances with K481. a robot brought to Chicago by the Chrysler Crop. November 30 1981. February 24 1981. February 15 1984. general manager of the Chicago Auto Show. A crowd gathers around a Buick Riviera convertible Sunday at the 74th annual Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place.

February 7 1992. . February 5 1993. Corvette at the Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place. Workers Thursday prepare the huge McCormick Placeexhibit hall for the 84th annual Chicago Auto Show. Chicago auto show sets up at McCormick Place had workers hurrying about getting everything ready for the big show. Ford pitchman Reavis Graham tests out an Auto Show crowd-pleaser. February 15 1991. Dodge highly touted Viper Which is a V10 cyclinder.IMG00327328A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327329A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327330A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327331A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327332A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327333A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327334A IMG00327335A Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show IMG00327336A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327337A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327338A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327339A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327340A Chicago Auto Show Auto Show in MCcormick Place. February 9 1991. Auto Show manger Jerry Cizek III check out a Mustang model Wednesday at the Ford area. December 26 1990. PEOPLE AND AUTOS HEADING TOWARDS THE PREVIEW NIGHT OF THE AUTO SHOW. Car show at McCormick Place throngs of people came to view the cars. March 2 1983.NOW AT THE McCORMICK PLACE WITH SOME OF THE MANY NEW FEATURE DESIGN AUTO'S. February 12 1991. February 7 82. February 4 1993. February 10 1990. The tuseday afternoon crowd at the Auto Show were very learg as the pix shows shoulder to shoulder folks looking at the new and beat. February 8 1992.000. February 8 1990. February 12 1991. Even kids have licence to look over the cutting-edge new and antique old vehicles at the Chicago Auto Show Starting tomorrow. 10-year-old Adam Blains Checks out a $45. Wheels. CHICAGO AUTO SHOW . David Jakush puts his back into a crowbar Wednesday at McCormick Place. wheels everywhere at the Chicago Auti Show opening Saturday at McCormick Place. February 10 1993.

February 7 1993. February 7 1993. and Dwayne Bell. The rains family of Joliet finds the most basic sets of the wheels. Alfa Homeo hostess Laurence Perin points out highlights of anew modle to auto show attendees in Paris. 12. The Glitter of Chrome And Fashion. get personal with a 1957 Chevy at the Chevy/Vettefest Nationals show Sunday at Donnelley Hall. Patrick Wallerand and four year old Jack Teague check out a Russian-built UAZ sport vtility vehicle. February 7 1993. February 8 1993. TAIPEI May 6-.a VCR and a CD player with headsets. Elaine Ayala is ecstatic to find her dream machine. February 9 1991. February 7 1993.000 cars and light trucks will be featured at the Chicago Auto Show. April 4 1994. a Jaguar. February 11 1995. November 19 1990. Car show at McCormick Place throngs of people came to view the cars.Visitors to an international auto show in Tapai.IMG00327341A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327342A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327343A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327344A IMG00327345A Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show IMG00327346A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327347A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327348A Chicago Auto Shows IMG00327349A Chicago Auto Shows IMG00327351A IMG00327352A IMG00327353A IMG00327354A Chicago Auto Shows Chicago Auto Shows Chicago Auto Shows Chicago Auto Shows IMG00327355A Chicago Auto Shows IMG00327356A Chicago Auto Shows John Miller of Trrell. Leroy and Rosa Thomas of Chicago Heights think American and look at the Ford taurus and GM Saturn on Sunday. texas. Fiat provides head-to-toe cloths and accessories for its host esses. Passengers are Maurice Cathey . Oldsmobile concept car features entertainment center with video games . February 14 1990. . At the recent North American International Auto Show in Detroit. More than 1. May 6 1993. February 8 1993. February 7 1993. February 7 1993. February 10 1992. FASHION Auto Shows' Live Modles.

February 8 1991. uses an immaculate cloth to polish the engine of his father Steve's Corvette Sunday. Ralph Hundrieser hammers wheel wedges in place so the car does not roll off the exhibit. June 8 1987. Chicago Auto Show. . CHRYSLER 300AND MODEL D. MercadesBenz was still working out the bugs as show began at 11 today. the stars will be the new cars. Muscle cars and their admirers fill the hall in an automotive lovefest. Auto Shows.MADSEN AT THE AUTO. February 7 1991. That collecting autographs is one of the oldest hobbies. MADSEN AT THE AUTO SHOW. January 24 1991. A customer buys a cup of coffee. February 7 1994. Workers roll out the carpet at McCormick Place for today's opening of the Chicago Auto Show.SHOW. Proud shows of her prize. gleams in the McCormick Place lights. February 15 1991. 1993. CHRYSLER 300AND MODEL D. Peter Stanislaus of Lindenhurst .J. a concept car.IMG00327357A IMG00327358A IMG00327359A Chicago Auto Shows Chicago Auto Shows Chicago Auto Shows IMG00327360A IMG00327361A IMG00327362A Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show Chicago Auto Show IMG00327363A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327364A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327365A Chicago Auto Show IMG00327366A Auto Shows IMG00327367A Auto Shows IMG00327368A Auto Shows IMG00327369A Auto Shows IMG00327370A IMG00327371A IMG00327372A IMG00327373A Auto Shows Auto Shows Auto Shows Auto Shows Custom cars are lined up here and there on the floor of McCormick Place. Don Kessinger's autograph in his bible. January 23 1991. September 29 1980. 1993. February 9 1992.J. February 23 1980. January 19 1969. Although the Chicago Auto Show will offer family fun. Electricians Tom Roberts and Mike Denby act as through they are holding up the new GMC Jimmy truck as they prepare the display. February 6 1993. November 19 1990. December 28 1992. A Neon Expresso. February 15 1991.

Peter Niskach of Chicago prepares a new drill press at Automatic Electronic Co. Vending 'Island'In Production. Inspectors James Halik and Henry Hester give rigide check to GTE Automatic Electronic Inc. inspects what appears to be models of a modern high-rise deveolopment. September 23 1972. May 29 1975. Making The Cicuit at Automatic Electronic Laboratories. New Development in industrial feeding combing advantages of automatic.IMG00327374A IMG00327375A Auto Shows Automat IMG00327376A IMG00327377A IMG00327378A IMG00327379A IMG00327380A Automat Automat Automat Automatic Automatic IMG00327381A Auto Shows IMG00327382A IMG00327383A IMG00327384A Automatic Automatic Electric Inc. Octoberober 12 1962. August 19 1960. IMG00327389A Automatic Electronic Inc. Archite of newAutomatic Electronic Co. IMG00327388A Automatic Electronic Inc. A new coil-winding machine that handles 12 coils at once hasbeen installed at Automatic Electronic . Helen Rogers operates mechanized rotary file in the drafting deparment of Automatic Electronic Co. is producing 30. January 2 1969. Serving one of the last slices of pie to go through an automat window. Patron at Third Avenue Automat fills up on coffee. Automatic CAnteen Co. Howard Johnson of Automatic Electronic Co. IMG00327390A Automatic Electronic Inc. Playing different tune. Formosa Gets Time from A Girl Here. Eddie Rodino . IMG00327386A IMG00327387A Automatic Electronic Inc. The leargest gold electroplating baths in an automatic plating line are made up at GTE. Marie Schell the German film actress i the movie "The Brothers Karamazov". pulls a sandwich from a case. August 11 1972. January 3 1970. April 19 1969. September 29 1961. buildings is dominated by name. December 20 1960. March 6 1971. IMG00327385A Automatic Electronic Inc.000plastic cups. February 22 1958. February 26 1965. Automatic Electronic Inc. April 24 1971. Automatic Electronic Inc.who manages the Automat .

Computer controlled device automatically wires. The latest advance in automation is an automatic toll-taking machine. Semi. Novemberember 1968. November 23 1961 AUTOMATION MAY REDUCE MANTUL LABOR. Automation. BUT IT'S DOING THE OPPOSSITE FOR BRAINWORK. This veow was afforded passengers the demonstration today of general Electric's. September 23 1959 Mary Januarye Clark. A. September 12 1958. July 5 1958. acting as a patient. Narrator Russ Reed explains to visitors at the SMI-Pepsi Store. IMG00327395A Automatic Electronic Inc. an automatic storage machine.IMG00327391A Automatic Electronic Inc. January 24 1964. Automation. IMG00327396A Automatic Electronic Co. IMG00327394A Automatic Electronic Inc. December 24 1964 Totally computer-controlled. Automation. November 1972. August 14 1958 Driverless truck makes a turn in AllisChalmers Manufacturing Co. Co. IMG00327393A Automatic Electronic Inc.foreman of the menterial handling deperment of Automatic Electronic Co. Automation. IMG00327392A Automatic Electronic Inc. February 20 1971 Low-silhouette display screen on top of Selta keyboard. May 18 1958 Automation Conference exhibit.August 15 1961. September 25 1973. Daine Goldstein. Computers are doing more 'automat thinking" for Western Electric in steadily widening areas of application.Keypunch operator at GTE Automatic Electronic Co. March 19 1958. An example of automation is seen in a new Ford Chassis parts plant in Sterling . J. Production manager one of two men. This is one of three giant. Smlth. April 6 1961.finalists in " General's Lady" contest at GTE Automatic Electronic Co. September 1955. . IMG00327398A Atomation IMG00327399A IMG00327400A IMG00327401A IMG00327402A Automation Automation Automation Automation IMG00327403A IMG00327404A IMG00327405A IMG00327406A IMG00327407A IMG00327408A Automation Automation.

A law student who hobby is auto race photography. Augustust 26 1948. Attendants came to the rescue and unsnerled the hot rods. The fear organized labor feels in the growing trend toward autmation is expressed here in a cartoon. FLORENCE SCOTT OF THE STAFF OF CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL. Blocks of dry ice automatically manufactured. CHARLIE STEWART OF INDIANA POLISE TAKES A ATEEP BANK ON THE NORTHEAST TURN DURING A RACE HERE. Septembertember 1955. Auto Races IMG00327425A Soldier Field event IMG00327461A Belmost Stadium IMG00327462A Auto Accident IMG00327463A IMG00327464A IMG00327465A IMG00327466A IMG00327467A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident Association. June 30 1947. Automation. Automation. Auto Accident. August 26 1985. IMG00327411A Automation. Ed gustisha's hot rod reels then executes barrel roll in soldier Field event. Little guys race again. May 28 1964. Association. The Automotive Parts & Accessories. March 12 1958. August 26 1985. April 27 1965. Automation. September 1946. June 10 1948. At Belmost Stadium last night Bo Boshion somersaults after his midget racer climbed over the right front wheel. Septembert 21 1959. Models sharon Weber and Kimderly Moore. Association. The "cook" above is merely matching orders. Automation. August 26 1985. AN AUTOMATIC inspection station for "air gaging" cylinder bores. With the aid of this specially designed Link-Belt. Junee 8 1950. June 21 1955. Automation. Automation. The Automotive Parst & Accessories Association. A time-saving production system. HE WAS HOPITALIZED WITH A FRACTURED SKULL AND CHEST INJURES. March 29 1959. March 20 1959.IMG00327409A IMG00327410A Automation. IMG00327412A IMG00327413A IMG00327414A IMG00327415A IMG00327416A IMG00327417A IMG00327418A IMG00327419A IMG00327424A Automation. Here's an example of the modern factory. The 1997 Civic LX Sedan combines .

Performance. Honda. . Honda Civic. 1992 Honda Civic VX Haqtchback.IMG00327468A IMG00327469A IMG00327470A IMG00327471A IMG00327472A IMG00327473A IMG00327474A IMG00327475A IMG00327476A IMG00327477A IMG00327478A IMG00327479A IMG00327480A IMG00327481A IMG00327482A IMG00327483A IMG00327484A IMG00327485A IMG00327486A IMG00327487A IMG00327488A IMG00327489A IMG00327490A IMG00327491A IMG00327492A IMG00327493A IMG00327494A AUTO TYPE. October 16 1995. 9192 Civic Si is clearly the performance leader of the new Civic Hatchback. Honda Civic. 1993 Honda Civic LX Sedan. The 1995 Honda Civic EX Sesan features. Dec 5 1992. September 12 1969. 1993 Honda Civic EX Coupe. The all-new 1996 civic Sedan raises. 1992 Honda Civic Si Hatchhback. Honda Civic. October 2 1995. 1993 Honda Civic del Sol Si. Honda. value. 1993 Honda Civic del Sol Si. 1995 Honda Civic EX Coupe.InShort Supply. 1992 Honda Civic VX Hatchhback. Honda. Honda. Fodr's Torino. 1993 Honda Civic VX hatchback. November 5 1994. Honda Civic. Honda. May 10 1926. Honda. 1993 Honda Civic Si Powered. Also available on Cougar is the 5. 1993 Honda Civic DX Coupe. Honda Civic. 1997 Honda Civic EX Coupe. Honda Civic. Honda. Honda Civic. Honda Civic. Honda. 1995 Honda Civic VX Hatchback. Honda Civic. Honda Civic.0.liter engine with an industry-first sequential multi-port fuel injection system. February 6 1988. Auto Accident IMG00327495A IMG00327496A Auto Accident Auto Accident styling. 1991 Honda CRX Si. Honda Civic. 1994 Honda Civic Si Hatchback. 1994 Honda Civic del Sol Si. Honda. 1994 Honda Civic EX sedan. Honda Civic. AUTO TYPE. 1990 Honda Civic VX Haqtchback. January 4 1995. Honda Civic. economy. 1992 Honda Civic EX Sedan. September 23 1967. July 3 1993. Honda Civic. Honda Civic. April 8 1992. 1993 Honda Civic del SolS. New high-back buckets seats with ComfortWeave knitted vinyl trim are available. 1988 Honda Civic Hatchback. The Civic lineup offers a choice of bodystyles.

Dec 28 1991. Geo METRO. The one-piece rear bumper of the 1972 Gran Torino is formed to continue. April 6 1994. August 23 1992. equipped with an array. Geo METRO. Geo METRO. 1995 Geo METRO SEDAN. The Ford Windstar minivan. 1997 GEO METRO LSi SEDAN. The Geo Metro is among the top economy cars. Auto Accident. This two-door Gran Torino has a unique front end treatment which differntiates. IMG00327503A IMG00327504A IMG00327505A IMG00327506A IMG00327507A IMG00327508A IMG00327509A IMG00327510A IMG00327511A IMG00327512A IMG00327513A IMG00327514A IMG00327515A IMG00327516A IMG00327517A IMG00327518A IMG00327519A IMG00327520A Auto Accident. With automakers suffering sales slumps. luxury offering in the Torino lineup. August 17 1970. Whether you're off for a day on the links. AUTOS TYPES. September 12 1967. Auto Accident. Chicago Auto Show Ford Torno for 1973 has new front appearence. August 17 1971. Geo METRO. The 1995 Ford Windstar minivan.DOOR. Geo METRO. Ford Auto Accidents Auto Accidents Geo METRO. 1995 Geo METRO SEDAN. AUTOS TYPES. May 6 1992. 1995 FORD WINDSTAR. 1992 GEO METRO 2 . Ford Motor Co. The first shipment of new Fuegos. . February 9 1982. Dec 28 1994. opened its Atlanta productions. November 23 1981. The auto industry will be watching sales of Ford's. September 14 1970. Aug 17 1971. The 1971 Torino Brougham. The 1995 Chevrolet cavalier Sedan. AUTOS TYPES. Geo METRO. 1992 GEO METRO 2-DOOR. Geo METRO. July 11 1972.IMG00327497A IMG00327498A IMG00327499A Auto Accident Auto Accident Auto Accident IMG00327500A IMG00327501A IMG00327502A Auto Accident. 1995 Geo METRO SEDAN. September 15 1972. 1995 Geo METRO COUPE. March 24 1994. 1995 Geo METRO LSi COUPE W/EXPRESSION PACKAGE. Ford will discount the 1995 Windstar minivan in preparation. Ford's new Torino GT fast back brings a smart flair to the intermediate car market in 1968. January 1995. Geo METRO. Geo METRO. January 21 1995.

HYUNDAI SONATA. September 20 1958. 50-YR-OLD HUEMOBILE WILL TAKE PART IN GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY HOMECOMING. HYUNDAI ELANTRA. February 4 1990. Auto. HYUNDAI HYUNDAI. HYUNDAI. THE AMERICAN fascination with cars never seems to end. 1990 HYUNDAI SONATA GLS. HYUNDAI. March 18 1939.IMG00327521A IMG00327522A IMG00327523A GEO METRO. The new Hupp standard six has three boby types. 1992 HYUNDAI ELANTRA. 1993 HYUNDAI SCOUPE TURBO. November 10 1991. Here for 56th annual meeting of the American Automobile Assn. Crank handle Crank handle Crank handle HYUNDAI ELANTRA. 1995 HYUNDAI ELANTRA. HYUNDAI. 1995 HYUNDAI SONATA. Flowing lines and driving luxury mark the entirely new Hupmobile sixes. HYUNDAI SONATA. October 20 1990. HYUNDAI ELANTRA. October 6 1960. HYUNDAI. January 6 1991. Julyy 11 1953. 1993 HYUNDAI SONATA. September 8 1997. September 16 . AUTOS TYPES. 1991 HYUNDAI SCOUPE LS. 1992 HYUNDAI SONATA. Assuming the role of dictator in its commercial empire. Dec 31 1976. Deft new speed-line touches distinguish. 1995 HYUNDAI SCOUPE. April 9 1994. 1994 HYUNDAI ELANTRA. LeRoy Kurtzeborn uses the "crank handle" to start up his 1910 Hupmobile. HYUNDAI ELANTRA. AUTOS. 1992 HYUNDAI ELANTRA. March 6 1993. Junee 29 1957. July 22 1933. 1991 HYUNDAI SCOUPE. February 19 1992. 1993 HYUNDAI ELANTRA. HYUNDAI SONATA. 1994 HYUNDAI SONATA. February 2 1992. 1995 HYUNDAI ELANTRA. LeRoy Kurtzeborn of 1358 Sedgwick st Chicago. This is an old 1910 Hupmobile. GEO METRO. Septembert 22 1957. Chicago Auto Show IMG00327524A IMG00327525A IMG00327526A IMG00327527A IMG00327528A IMG00327529A IMG00327530A IMG00327531A IMG00327532A IMG00327533A IMG00327534A IMG00327535A IMG00327536A IMG00327537A IMG00327538A IMG00327539A IMG00327540A IMG00327541A IMG00327542A IMG00327543A IMG00327544A IMG00327545A American Automobile Assn Auto. HYUNDAI SCOUPE.

Frazer automobile. KAISER AUTOMOBILE. 1994 GEO METRO 2. GEO TRACKER. GEO METRO. The Geo Prizm four-door is one of best cars in the under-$12.000 field. 1929 Franklin Limosine. October 24 1969. Kaiser Frazer. 1991 GEO TRACKER LSi CONVERTIBLE. July 19 1946. GEO TRACKER. .DOOR. GEO PRIZM. 1997 GEO TRACKER 4-DOOR. GEO MOTRO 4-DOOR. 1994 GEO PRIZM LSi. 1995 Geo TRACKER LSi 4WD. Geo PRIZM. July 10 1933. 1995 Geo PRIZM LSi. 1977. GEO TRACKER. 1994 GEO PRIZM LSi. 1994 GEO MOTRO 4-DOOR. The annual Lake Forest Academy antique car. JOSEPH W. Geo Prizm. January 11 1995. GEO PRIZM. Style leader of the 1949 Kaiser-Frazer sedans is the Frazer Manhattan. Geo PRIZM. 1992 GEO STORM GSi. Old Cars. Frazer Manhattan. GEO STORM. GEO PRIZM. The Geo Prizm has a high consumer satisfaction rating. 1996 Geo 4-Door Tracker. Frazer Manhattan. 1993 GEO PRIZM LSi. July 15 1967. With an upper body of rich metallic Hickory brown. beauty and oerformance are claimed for this newest addition to the Frank-lin cars. mar 23 1947. Geo PRIZM. 1994 GEO TRACKER CONVERTIBLE 2WD 1994 GEO TRACKER 4WD. GEO PRIZM LSi. internationally known custom car designer. Geo TRACKER. FRAZER AND HENRY J. August 10 1994. Frank-lin cars.IMG00327546A IMG00327547A IMG00327548A IMG00327549A IMG00327550A IMG00327551A IMG00327552A IMG00327553A IMG00327554A Car show. KAISER STAND IN FRONT OF THE KAISER AUTOMOBILE. November 13 1995. IMG00327555A IMG00327556A IMG00327557A IMG00327558A IMG00327559A IMG00327560A IMG00327561A IMG00327562A IMG00327563A IMG00327564A IMG00327565A IMG00327566A IMG00327567A IMG00327568A IMG00327569A IMG00327570A IMG00327571A IMG00327572A IMG00327573A Geo Prizm. GEO TRACKER. KAISER FRAZER. Smartness. Looking over first Frazer automobile to arrive. 1997 GEO PRIZM LSi SEDAN. November 11 1995. December 27 1945. 1995 Geo PRIZM. styled by Howaed A. GEO TRACKER. 1994 GEO PRIZM LSi. 1995 Geo PRIZM LSi. POWERED by a new 100-horse power Continental engine. GEO PRIZM. Darrin. October 26 1991. 1946.

GEO METRO. Rudy Deschenes cruises down a phoenix sidewalk. November 6 1937. September 15 1984. 1992. Graham. 1993 GMC TRUCK SUBURBAN. GEO METRO. GMC TRUCK. Japanese go-cart racer Yasutoshi Sugaya (3) flips over as Hong Kong's. 4-door Sedan with trunk. January 14 1933 GRAHAM SUPERCHARGER ADDS POWER. Keith Griffiths. New 1937 Graham Supercharger Series 12. 1992. Aug 8 1975 . Graham. June 9 1965. New Graham Convertible Coupe. 1993 GEO METRO CONVERTIBLE LSi. GMC TRUCK SUBURBAN. GMC TRUCK YUKON.IMG00327574A IMG00327575A IMG00327576A IMG00327577A IMG00327578A IMG00327579A IMG00327580A IMG00327581A IMG00327582A IMG00327583A IMG00327584A IMG00327585A GEO STORM. Grahams GRAHAM GRAHAM GRAHAM IMG00327598A Auto accident 1993 GEO STORM. It's the first Paigo over built. 1992 GEO TRACKER CONVERTIBLE 2WD. 1993 GMC TRUCK RALLY VAN.1993. GMC TRUCK. of Mequon shows the Wisconsin license. 18. GMC TRUCK RALLY. The 1984 GMC S-15 Jimmy is at home on and off the road with 2. November 14 1936. GMC TRUCK JIMMY. February 1 1936. Here's the grand-daddy of all the Grahams. December 1 1980. American Motors Corp. CRAHAM LEADS BIG FIELD IN ECONOMY RUNS. GEO TRACKER. GMC TRUCK GMC TRUCK GMC TRUCK GMC TRUCK AUTOS IMG00327586A IMG00327587A IMG00327588A IMG00327589A IMG00327590A IMG00327591A IMG00327592A IMG00327593A IMG00327594A IMG00327595A IMG00327596A IMG00327597A AUTOS AUTOS AUTOS AUTOS SUPERCHARGER Graham Graham. August 26 1981.and 4-wheel drive models available. GMC TRUCK JIMMY SLT. Although we haven't as yet figured out how the baby is going to learn. May 01 1923. 1992 GEO METRO XFi. February 20 1938 GRAHAM SEDAN. ' way back in 1909. May 15 1937. 1992. GRAHAM. 1993 GMC TRUCK SAFARI. is concentrating on engineering refinements for all its 1976 models to provide improved economy.

1895. November 21 1969 Haynes-Apperson of 1902 is equipped with stick instead of conventional steering wheel. January 8 1949 The 1960 Hillman line includes this stylish Minx convertible. January 12 1972 American Motors' new two-door subcompact Gremlin is the first U.p. January 6 1991 Honda Motor Co.g in simulated highway driving.S. Volkswagen of America. January 4 1958 THREE-way styling converts this Hillman Minx from a closed sedan into a coupede-ville. January 16 1980 THIS IS THE new Hillman Minx deluxe sedan. 26064. the CRX HF is the highest mileage 4-cylinder car sold in America. designed. October 2 1947 MR. November 17 1959 Sporty. March Auto accident Autos Auto accident IMG00327607A IMG00327608A IMG00327609A IMG00327610A IMG00327611A IMG00327612A Autos Autos Autos Autos Autos IMG00327613A AUTO IMG00327614A Autos IMG00327615A 1991 Honda CRX HF IMG00327616A Auto Accident IMG00327617A Autos IMG00327618A Honda Accord . February 19 1970 Auto accident. first of the U. February 6 1975 The all-new mid-size Accord EX Wagon offers the versatility of a wagon. January 7 1985 Auto-100 mile contest. one of Rootes Motors' 1960 lineup.January 30 1988 Noel Phillips. President and chief operating officer. yet highly fuel efficient. Sandra Sobotka. old looking at 1951 Henry J. will offer a 304 CID V-8 engine package for 1972. subcompacts. 5 yrs. October 22 1991 A Honda Civic-27 miles per gallon in simulated city driving and 39 m. Wide swinging doors that Permit easy entrance and exit. May 21 1971 HILLMAN MINX is a British auto made by the Rootes Group. HAYNES IN CHOCAGO.IMG00327599A Auto accident IMG00327600A IMG00327601A IMG00327602A IMG00327603A IMG00327604A IMG00327605A IMG00327606A Auto accident Auto accident American Motors' Gremlin. unveiled this experimental car Wednesday.S.

1993 Honda Motor Co. 1993 The Integra 4-door GS offers the performance.2. February 12 1994 Japanese built Honda automobiles are shown on the dock at Port Newark in Newark. 1993 The 1993 Legend Sedan L is powered by a 3.October 24 1985 The 1986 Honda CRX Si features . aerodynamic hoodline gives the Coupe a sophisticated. 1993 The high-performance Integra GS-R is powered by an advanced. Honda 1993 Acura integra GS-R. May 9 1989 The distinctive Acura Legend is one of the first cars from American Honda Motor Co. Oct 10 1988 The 1990 Integras are totally redesigned and come in two body styles. August 3 1986 The top-of the line Legend Coupe LS integrates state-of-the-art safety technology with luxury and comfort. Honda HONDA INTEGRA 1986 Honda CRX IMG00327631A IMG00327632A IMG00327633A IMG00327634A IMG00327635A 5 1991 At the top of the all-new Civic lineup is the 1992 Civic EX Sedan.litter. April 11 1985 An operator checks instruments below as a Honda Accord moves overhead. January 2 1989 The all-new 1994 Honda Passport 4WD LX combines V-6 power. roadability and refinement. July 29 1989 The new Acura Legend sedan blends power. September 24 1993 The 1989 Accord SEi Coupe brings new luxury and style to the Accord line with exclusive colors.IMG00327619A Honda Civic IMG00327620A Honda IMG00327621A Honda Passport IMG00327622A HONDA IMG00327623A HONDA IMG00327624A HONDA IMG00327625A HONDA ACURA IMG00327626A HONDA ACURA IMG00327627A 1989 Honda Accord LXi Coupe 1990 ACURA INTEGRA 3-DOOR GS AND 4-DOOR LS American Honda Motor Co. February 2 1992 Motor Trend magazine named the 1988 CRX Si its Import Car of the year. handling and styling of a true sports sedan. minus its Honda nameplate. March 13 1986 The Accord LXi Coupes's low. July 13 1991 Acura Legend. will debut later this month. IMG00327628A IMG00327629A IMG00327630A 1993 Acura Legend Coupe LS. Honda 1993 Acura Legena Sedan L. Honda 1993 Acura Integra 4-Door GS .

functional look. SOHC. 1991 Japan's Honda said Thursday it would market its new "City" model. May 6 1979 The 1985 Honda Civic Wagon is a truly versatile family wagon with lots of cargo room. March 8 1986 The New 1986 Honda Accord LX 4-Door Sedan is a completely re-engineered. 16-valve . 1980 Honda Civic GL. The Honda Prelude presents a sporty.6 liter. December 29 1985 The New 1986 Honda Civic Si offers the practicality of a hatchback.IMG00327636A New 1986 Honda Civic Si New 1986 Honda Accord LX 4Door Honda Civic Honda Civic Honda Civic 1979 Honda Prelude Honda Civic Honda Honda Accord LXi 4. Honda's first entry in the luxury sedan market. May 6 1984 HONDA ACCORD LX . October 24 1977 Recent visitor to Honda motor Co. January 9 1986 Honda GRX SI powered by a 1. market in July. March 24 1986 The Honda Civic may be the perfect urban car. October 29 Honda's new modal. May 9 1975 HONDA CIVIC CVCC 5. July 25 1986 THE HOTTEST PRODUCTS OF THE YEAR . December 1 1948 The legend. . January 18 1988. May 12 1986 The first Honda Civic mass-produced. June 29 1981 Honda lants to sell its first station wagon in the U. October 16 1979. October 8 1977. June 25 1983 The forst Honda car manufactured at the Japanese company's Marysville. The 1988 Honda Civic LX four-door has improved performance.Door Sedan Honda GRX SI Honda CITY Honda THE FIRST HONDA Honda Civic Honda HONDA ACCORD LX Honda Honda HONDA HONDA HONDA IMG00327637A IMG00327638A IMG00327639A IMG00327640A IMG00327641A IMG00327642A IMG00327643A IMG00327644A IMG00327645A IMG00327646A IMG00327647A IMG00327648A IMG00327649A IMG00327650A IMG00327651A IMG00327652A IMG00327653A IMG00327654A IMG00327655A IMG00327656A Honda's Programmed Fuel Injection With its 1. Nov 2 1982 Best gasoline mileage ever. November 28 1990 1979 Honda Prelude.S.5 liter. October 22 1985 The new 1986 Honda Accord LXi 4Door Sedan is a completely reengineered.

1992 Honda Accord EX Wagon. 1996 Honda Accord EX Wagon. 1996 Honda Passport LX SUV.IMG00327657A IMG00327658A IMG00327659A IMG00327660A IMG00327661A IMG00327662A IMG00327663A IMG00327664A IMG00327665A IMG00327666A IMG00327667A IMG00327668A IMG00327669A IMG00327670A IMG00327671A IMG00327672A IMG00327673A IMG00327674A IMG00327675A IMG00327676A IMG00327677A IMG00327678A IMG00327679A IMG00327680A IMG00327681A IMG00327682A IMG00327683A IMG00327684A IMG00327685A IMG00327686A IMG00327687A IMG00327688A IMG00327689A IMG00327690A IMG00327691A HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA Honda Accord HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA HONDA The new Honda Civic comes. Honda Accord Lxi. 1994 Honda Accord EX Sedan. December 23 1989. 1996 Honda Civic EX Coupe. The 1984 Honda Accord 4-Door Sedan. The Honda Accord and Ford Taurus tied for the No. 1997 Honda Accord LX V-6 Sedan. 1993 Honda Accord LX wagon. December 14 1972. March 11 1992. The Honda City. Honda's Civic del Sol. 1992 Honda Accord EX Coupe. 1995 Honda Accord LX Sedan. 1996 Honda Civic HX Coupe. September 2 1993. October 4 1990. The Honda SSM (Sports Study Model). 1996 Honda Accord Coupe. 1992 Honda Accord LX 4-Door Sedan. HONDA ACCORD. April 20 1994. 1996 Honda Prelude VTEC. September 30 1990. . 1994 Honda Accord EX Coupe. March 10 1984. 1992 Honda Accord LX Coupe. Honda Accord. The Honda Accord was the top seller in 1990. February 4 1993. 1995 Honda Accord EX Coupe. 1992 Honda Accord EX Wagon. 1994 Honda Accord EX Sedan. 1990 Honda Accord EX 4-Door Sedan. 1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe. Honda of American manufacturing associates put the final touches. 1996 Honda Accord LX V-6 Sedan. March 25 1979. 1994 Honda Accord EX Wagon. Honda Accord LX Wagon. January 16 1982. 1993 Honda Accord EX Sedan. February 08 1996. 1 position.

A special fashion-oriented Sportabout is a highlight of the American Motors'1972 Hornet compact line. 1995.5 Honda Passport. Honda EV (Electric Vehicle) 1997 Honda Odyssey LX. 1995 Honda Odyssey. The 1985 Prelude. 1991 Prelude Si with Anti-Lock Braking System Option Package. May 23 1992. 1997 Honda Passport 4 WD LX. aerodynamic styling and high performance. February 25 1973. Honda CR-V Sports Utility Vehicle. 1994 Honda Passport 4WD LX. 1997 Honda Prelude Type SH. American MotorsCorp's new Hornet GT idea car features different side. This is American Motor Corp's new Hornet. December 28 1994. which officials say was created for the sub-compact auto market of the 1970s. 1995 Honda Prelude VTEC. 1992 Honda Prelude Si. March 23 1996. 1994 Honda Passport EX. . 1992 Honda Prelude Si with 4-Wheel Steering Option Package. 1995 Honda Odyssey EX. August 14 1969. Honda's Sporty 2+2. Cadillac uses a race-style V-S from its sporty modeis in the new Deville sedan (above). 1997 Honda Prelude. 1992 Honda Prelude Si. May 25 1995. 1997 Honda del Sol VTEC. offers both sleek. September 11 1991. 1994 Honda Prelude VTEC. 1995 Honda del VTEC. The new Honda Prelude Si. 1995 Honda Passport EX. 1993 Honda prelude Si. 1995 Honda Odyssey EX. 1997 Accord Sedan Special Edition.IMG00327692A IMG00327693A IMG00327694A IMG00327695A IMG00327696A IMG00327697A IMG00327698A IMG00327699A IMG00327700A IMG00327701A IMG00327702A IMG00327703A IMG00327704A IMG00327705A IMG00327706A IMG00327707A IMG00327708A IMG00327709A IMG00327710A IMG00327711A IMG00327712A IMG00327713A IMG00327714A IMG00327715A IMG00327716A IMG00327717A IMG00327718A IMG00327719A HONDA HONDA HONDA Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda IMG00327720A Honda IMG00327721A Honda 1997 Accord Coupe Special Edition.

April 4 1992. 1971. 1995 HYUNDAI ACCENT 3-DOOR. A BILLBORD AD FOR THE HUMMER. 1997 HYUNDAI TIBURON SPORTY COUPE. AUGUST 26. 1994 HYUNDAI EXCEL 4-DOOR.000 to $65. April 24 1995. An all-new front wheel drive subcmpact from korea. which manufactures the military Humvee. called the Hyundai Excel. October 3 1992. October 1 1985. 1996 HYUNDAI ELANTRA SEDAN.000. February 08 1996.IMG00327722A Honda IMG00327723A Honda IMG00327724A Honda IMG00327725A IMG00327726A IMG00327727A IMG00327728A Honda Honda Honda Honda IMG00327729A Honda IMG00327730A Honda IMG00327731A IMG00327732A IMG00327733A IMG00327734A IMG00327735A IMG00327736A IMG00327737A IMG00327738A IMG00327739A IMG00327740A IMG00327741A IMG00327742A IMG00327743A IMG00327744A Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda An all-new four passerger two-door Hatchback has been added to American Motors' compact Hornet line for 1973. 1995 HYUNDAI ACCENT 3-DOOR. The civillan version of the Hummer goes for $45. dual air bags. 1996 HYUNDAI ELANTRA WAGON. 1986 HYUNDAI EXCEL GLS Four-Door . AM General Corp. will be producing a civilian version of the all-purpose vehicle. FOR PM RELEASE THURSDAY. September 11 1974. side impact beams and rear-window defrosters. FOR PM RELEASE THURSDAY. 1994 HYUNDAI EXCEL 3-DOOR. but most changes are concentrated in engineering improvements. 1997 HYUNDAI ELANTRA WAGON. The 1995 Hyndai Accent 3-door and 4door come with features which inciude front wheel drive. 1996 HYUNDAI ACCENT 4-DOOR. May 31 1993. American Motors' Hornet Sportabout has a new grille for 1975. AM General Corporation. 1996 HYUNDAI SONATA. 1996 HYUNDAI ELANTRA SEDAN. August 3 1972. 1971. 1997 HYUNDAI ACCENT 3-DOOR. AUGUST 26.

Volkswagen Cabrio. 1996 INFINITI Q45. 1992. . 1949. Volkswagen Beetle Makes First Trip To U.Musem of Contemporary Art. Volkswagen Jetta GL. 1992. 1995. 1995 INFINITI Q45. Infiniti Preview/ Fund raiser. February 14 1988. HYUNDAI HCD -II. 1995 INFINITI G20. 1997 Infiniti Q45t. 1988 HYUNDAI EXCEL GS. Volkswagen Fox GL. 1996 INFINITI G20. September 12 1996. 1994. Volkswagen GTI. 1995 INFINITI J30t. 1993. 1996 INFINITI 130. July 27 1982. 1993 HYUNDAI EXCEL. 1996 INFINITI I30. 1996 INFINITI 130t. 1997 Infiniti J30. 1996 INFINITI J30. Volkswagen's experimental Scooter is a cross between a sports car and a high performance motorcycle. 1996 INFINITI I30. 1997 Infiniti 130t. 1997 Infiniti 130.IMG00327745A IMG00327746A IMG00327747A IMG00327748A IMG00327749A IMG00327750A IMG00327751A IMG00327752A IMG00327753A IMG00327754A IMG00327755A IMG00327756A IMG00327757A IMG00327758A IMG00327759A IMG00327760A IMG00327761A IMG00327762A IMG00327763A IMG00327764A IMG00327765A IMG00327766A IMG00327767A IMG00327768A IMG00327769A IMG00327770A IMG00327771A IMG00327772A IMG00327773A IMG00327774A IMG00327775A IMG00327776A IMG00327777A IMG00327778A Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Honda Volkswagen EuroVan Autos Autos Autos Autos Autos Autos Autos Autos IMG00327779A Volkswagen Beetle SEDAN. 1997 Infiniti Q45. 1997 Infiniti j30t. 1996 INFINITI 130t. Volkswagen Jetta GLI 16V. GM's Impact might be its electric car.S. 1994 INFINITI J30. April 19 1990. 1994 INFINITI J30. February 25 1995. 1994 HYUNDAI SCOUPE TURBO. 1992. Volkswagen EuroVan GL. Harold Skramstad (L) President of Henry Ford Museum. 1992. November 23 1987. Volkswagen EuroVan GL. February 3 1993.

8-litre. four-cylinder engine that is supposed to go from 0-60 m.000 pricetag. in 7.000.IMG00327780A Autos IMG00327781A Autos IMG00327782A Autos IMG00327783A IMG00327784A IMG00327785A IMG00327786A IMG00327787A IMG00327788A IMG00327789A IMG00327790A IMG00327791A IMG00327792A IMG00327793A IMG00327794A IMG00327795A The New Beetle Autos The New Beetle The New Beetle The New Beetle The New Beetle The New Beetle The New Beetle The New Beetle Autos Autos Autos Autos IMG00327796A IMG00327797A IMG00327798A VOLKSWAGEN Autos Autos IMG00327799A Autos IMG00327800A IMG00327801A Autos Autos This early VW ad from Doyle Dane Bernbach attracted attention by calling one of its cars.750 that can be carried by the Volkswagen ship Evelyn Bolten.S. Volkswagen's Beetle. 1998.000th Volkswagen to be built in the U. January 23 1987. . January 13 1991. The 1. unlike the Rabbit it replaced. October 11 1975.p. The New Beetle. The Volkswagen Golf. The Volkswagen Fox has a 1. September 12 1980. February 6 1988.1998. The New Beetle. one of 1. 1998. The New Beetle. December 17 1990. The car is familiar. The New Beetle. Production of the first generation VW Bus (top left) began in 1950. 1950. The New Beetle. January 31 1986. Volkswagen figures sales of its twodoor Fox will be limited. November 1980. May 13 1962. A VW Beetle. The overall winner in the EPA annual rating was one again the Volkswagen Rabbit Diesel at 42 Miles Per Gallon. like its under$2. Volkswagen GTI 16V. The New Beetle. is a victim of rising inflation. 1998.Richard Thomburgh celebrating the event with a free ride. 1998. VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT GL.1998. RABBIT "L". comes off the assembly line with Pennsylvania Gov. November 14 1985.9 seconds.h. July 13 1987.1998. The New Beetle. March 18 1984. The 1987 Volkswagen GTI has a 16valve. 1998. but the fittings are new. The New Beetle. represesnted an evolutionary rather than a revolutionary change.

IMG00327802A IMG00327803A IMG00327804A IMG00327805A IMG00327806A Autos Autos Autos Autos Autos IMG00327807A IMG00327808A Autos VOLKSWAGEN IMG00327809A Autos IMG00327810A Autos IMG00327811A IMG00327812A IMG00327813A IMG00327814A IMG00327815A IMG00327816A Honda Autos Volkswagen Golf Autos Autos Autos IMG00327817A Autos IMG00327818A IMG00327819A IMG00327820A Autos Autos Autos four-cylinder engine.p. Volkswagen officials and workers gather around the 5 millionth VM "Golf". Cars in Volkswagen's top-of-the-line 411 series. October 5 1977. available in two.SCOOTER. August 1972. This Volkswagen Rabbit. April 30 1971. When the Environmental Protection Agency released its 1975 fuel economy list. August 1973. August 10 1986.and four-door version has an engine.. January 10 1973.a sportily styled fastback -. Mike Renshaw with his Solo II VW. February 25 1982.features an energyabsorbing steering. Volkswagen's 1977 Rabbit hatcback.. October 6 1985. water-cooled engine. Volkswagen's operational research vehicle. The first new VW design since before World War II. 1995. March 3 1961. Volkswagen's front-wheel-drive Scirocco16V goes 0-60 m. The Volkswagen Quantum Syncro. Volkswagen Golf GL. June 16 1986..h. adapted to house the G+W ELECTRIC ENGINETM unit.h. Volkswagen's Type 3 -. January 21 1987. October 13 1985. in 7. Chevrolet protested when Volkswagen planned with the familiar song. May 17 1983. March 27 1991. the descendant of the Kuebelwagen. October 30 1974. VW's new Rabbit hatchback is a . the first four-door sedan VW has made. The Volkswagen Rabbit has a potent. This is the Volkswagen Safari land car. VOLKSWAGEN . Volkswagen's idea of a "big car" is this 411 sedan. June 15 1980..p. May 26 1984.7 seconds and can hit 122 m. The Volkswagen Jetta is differentiated from the popular VW Golf by its "notchback" design.

Volkswagen Passat GLX. Volkswagen Jetta GL. 1997. Volkswagen Golf GL. 1997. Volkswagen GTI 4-cyl. Volkswagen Passat TDI. Volkswagen Jetta GL. Volkswagen Jetta GL. Volkswagen of America unviled a high powered version of its Jetta Sedan 9/28. 1993. 1997. 1997 WOLSWAGEN GOLF Trek. 1997 VOLSWAGEN JETTA GLS. 1995 Volkswagen GTI VR6. Volkswagen Passat GLX. 1991. 1997. 1995. Volkswagen Jetta GL. This is a handout photo of the newly developed wing-door VW Future. August 7 1986. Volkswagen GTI 4-cyl. Volkswagen Jetta GL. Volkswagen Driver's Edition GTI-VR6. March 4 1984. February 21 1976. 1997 WOLSWAGEN JETTA GLX. Volkswagen Jetta GLS. Volkswagen Fox GL. Volkswagen Golf GL . 1991. . Volkswagen Golf GL. 1997. 1990. Volkswagen Cabrio. VW WOLFSBURG LIMITED EDITION JETTA GLI. Volkswagen GTI-VR6. 1997. Volkswagen Jetta GLX. 1997. Volkswagen GTI VR6.IMG00327821A IMG00327822A IMG00327823A IMG00327824A IMG00327825A IMG00327826A IMG00327827A IMG00327828A IMG00327829A IMG00327830A IMG00327831A IMG00327832A IMG00327833A IMG00327834A IMG00327835A IMG00327836A IMG00327837A IMG00327838A IMG00327839A IMG00327841A IMG00327842A IMG00327843A IMG00327844A IMG00327845A IMG00327846A IMG00327847A IMG00327848A IMG00327849A IMG00327850A IMG00327851A IMG00327852A IMG00327853A IMG00327854A IMG00327855A IMG00327856A Volkswagen Golf Volkswagen Golf Volkswagen GTI 4-cyl. 1992 Volkswagen Golf Gl Volkswagen Jetta Gl. September 28 1983. Volkswagen Passat GL. Volkswagen Golf GL Volkswagen Volkswagen Volkswagen Volkswagen Volkswagen Volkswagen Volkswagen Autos Volkswagen Volkswagen Volkswagen Volkswagen Autos Autos Autos VOLKSWAGEN JETTA WOLFSBURG LIMITED WOLSWAGEN GOLF Trek WOLSWAGEN JETTA GLX WOLSWAGEN JETTA GT VOLSWAGEN JETTA GLS VOLSWAGEN JETTA GL Karmann-Ghia Convertible Volkswagen Fox Volkswagen Golf Gl Volkswagen Jetta Gl Volkswagen Jetta GL Volkswagen Jetta GL Volkswagen GTI VR6 Volkswagen Jetta Volkswagen Jetta GL "companion car" to the famous Beetle. 1997. Volkswagen GTI 4-cyl. Volkswagen Golf GL. 1997. 1997. 1992 Volkswagen Fox. Volkswagen Passat GL. 1997 WOLSWAGEN JETTA GT. 1996. 1997. 1997 VOLSWAGEN JETTA GLS 1961 Karmann-Ghia Convertible. Volkswagen GTI-VR6. September 8 1989. 1984 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA.

January 23 1974. 1993 Volkswagen EuroVan MV. 1996 Volkswagen Passat GLX Wagon. 1996 Volkswagen Jetta GLS. Slump in auto sales is apparent in this backlog of Volkswagen. 1990 Volkswagen Passat GL. August 6 1982. Volkswagen's rabbit convertible sold in this country. may 30 1954. 1997 Volkswagen Jetta Trek. 1996 FORD TAURUS WAGON. 1996 Volkswagen Cabrio. October 15 1965. Sandy MacArthur . The new Volkswagen Dasher is a complete break from tradition. A car dealer has here made a modern sculptur by burying six old Volkswagen cars. Pit crew for Sandy MacArthur of Lake Forest picnic beside his car. 1996 Volkswagen Jetta GLX. 1993 Volkswagen Cabriolet. April 26 1981. November 12 1972. Kathy Hood and Sharn Metcalf ride along the beach at Daytona. . 1996 Volkswagen GTI. Volkswagen Golf GL.IMG00327857A IMG00327858A IMG00327859A IMG00327860A IMG00327861A IMG00327862A IMG00327863A IMG00327864A IMG00327865A IMG00327866A IMG00327867A IMG00327868A IMG00327869A IMG00327870A IMG00327871A IMG00327872A IMG00327873A IMG00327874A IMG00327875A IMG00327876A IMG00327877A IMG00327878A IMG00327879A Volkswagen EuroVan Volkswagen Passat Volkswagen Cabriolet Volkswagen Corrado Volkswagen Volkswagen Volkswagen Jetta Volkswagen Cabrio Volkswagen cars Volkswagen Volkswagen Jetta Volkswagen Volkswagen Passat Volkswagen Volkswagen Passat Volkswagen Passat Volkswagen Jetta Trek Volkswagen Volkswagen VW super beetle Volkswagen Volkswagen Volkswagen IMG00327880A Volkswagen IMG00327881A IMG00327882A IMG00327892A IMG00327893A IMG00327976A Volkswagen Volkswagen Car of tht week. 1993 Volkswagen Fox GL. Volkswagen Passat GLX. Volkswagen's new fastback sedan has a rear window that opens and two luggage compartments. 1986 Volkswagen GOLf. FORD TAURUS WAGON. December 1984. 1993 Volkswagen Corrado SLC. 1996 Volkswagen Passat GLS. The 1985 Volkswagen Golf hatchback has the VW Rabbit. September 20 1966. July 12 1976. Volkswagen says its car looks a little ditterent than it did last year. 1973 VW super beetle. 1995 Volkswagen Cabrio. The stock four cylinder engine has been beefed-up. 1990 Volkswagen Passat GL.

Dieter Dengler. Frank W. Cletus F. Ford's changes to its new Sable. "He came out of sessions a with the old Ed Weiss ad agency. and Mayor Richard J. FORD TAURUS FORD TAURUS FORD TAURUS FORD TAURUS FORD TAURUS IMG00327999A Super Plate IMG00328000A The Sword of Loyola IMG00328001A Stricth award IMG00328002A Sword of Loyola IMG00328003A The Sword of Loyola IMG00328004A DEAD SUPERMAN SPURS SALES 1996 FORD TAURUS SEDAN. with the book expected to smash 011 records for . Col.75--the superhero's sortof sulansong--arrive in stores nationmide Wednesday. James A. The 1996 Ford Taurus makes its Auto Show debut with a radically new look. Newell 1966 STritch Medal Awardee handout attached. Connelly. December 18 1974 Timothy J. Most Rev. An astimated 3 million copies of Superman No. Marley Meredith. 1996 FORD TAURUS . January 3 1995. 1996 FORD TAURUS . now Lee King and Part-ners. July 17 1996. bad Doomsday. J. NOV 24 1964 The slaying o uperman t the hands of big. November 22 1966 THE KNEELING KNIGHT. which will be presented to Astranaut Lt. A statue located in Loyola University's Administration Building Chapel. Lt. "It's difficult to remember Super Plate's exact beginnings but he's all Chicago. 1996 FORD TAURUS . November 19 1965 very Rev James F. January 3 1995.G. DIRECTOR OF THE FBI. Daley shown with the The Sword of Loyola. has spurred anuprecedented demand for the comio book. IS THE RECIPIENT OF THE NEWLY CREATED "SWORD OF LOYOLA" AWARD OF LOYOLA UNIVERSITY. ODonell and Dr. J. Maguire. He's blond "Super Plate wholeaps over tall buildings and rounds up customers in Inland Steel ads. McDivitt.IMG00327977A IMG00327978A IMG00327979A IMG00327980A IMG00327981A IMG00327982A FORD TAURUS SEDAN. EDGAR HOOVER. depicts the dedication of Saint Ignatius Sword to God." says DickKillelea of Chicago-based Inland. CHICAGO HAS A HOME-TOWN cartoon hero who rivals Superman in a quiet way.

.. manager for National Periodical Publications. A charcoal gres casket draped uiith an original Superman cape from the first movie sits in the foreground....... Super-man has fired the dreams of thousands ofboys and girls. Paul Luthern Church.. NOV 18 1992 Ever since he was created in 1933.. in the casket. New York..or adult . and still super...IMG00328005A IMG00328006A IMG00328007A Superman in the '30s Superman Superman IMG00328008A FIRST EDITION OF SUPERMAN IMG00328009A SUPERMAN MEMORIAL IMG00328010A Sol Harrison IMG00328011A THE SUPERMAN COMIC IMG00328012A Up in the air: Superman's creators IMG00328013A THE SUPERMAN COMIC BOOK publisher DC Comics.." December 12 1992 Sol Harrison . inas anote: "Greetings Friends. James Walker. NOV 18 1992 . AUG 4 1973 Rev..has not wanted to befaster than a speeding bullet. of St.... Superemen. Inc.. holds two original covers on Superman magazines. May 22 1973 APPROXIMATELY 150 PEOPLE CROWED THE TOONTOWN COMIC COMPANY TO GET A COPY OF THE SUPERMAN COMIC BOOK IN WHICH SUPERMAN DIES. December 25 1971 Superman..... more powerful than a locomotive or able to leap tall buildIngs at a single bound? November 16 1975 APPROXIMATELY 150 PEOPLE CROWED THE TOONTOWN COMIC COMPANY TO GET A COPY OF THE SUPERMAN COMIC BOOK IN WHICH SUPERMAN DIES.. November 17 1992 Superman in the '30s and the '70s. From resovely young maidens to savior of flower children. In his place. Not without reason. June 30 1986 Superman CLARK KENT (FOR REAL) LOOKS OVER FIRST EDITION OF SUPERMAN COMIC BOOK 1939 WORTH $1000 AT NOSTALGIA SHOW IN PICK CONGRESS. Ill.. Whatyoungster . I'll see Sou in the comics. reads Superman's eulogy at a memorial Saturday to a small crowd in front of the Massac County Courthouse in Metropolis.

THE DEATH OF A HERO IMG00328019A IMG00328020A MAY SCAR BACK TO FACE Kirk Alyn as Superman IMG00328021A Kirk Alyn as Superman IMG00328022A IMG00328023A ACTION COMICS FAVORITE SON Mike Boyd. January 28 1975 It's not a dream or a hoax. October 25 1972 Mike Boyd. IMG00328024A IMG00328025A IMG00328026A IMG00328027A Superman and Mohammad Ali meet for the first time in this prelimary sketch for the "Superman vs Muhammad Ali. Richard B. SUPERMAN #75 presents the devastating conclusion of the "Doomsday" series.IMG00328014A Superman vs. blows out candles on his cake to celebrate the 50th birthday and kick off Metropolis 10th Superman Celebration on Thursday. in which. June 12 1988 Christopher reeve as "Superman" actor. the first Superman. with copy of Superman comic book. February 10 The creators of Superman are going to give the man of steel a midlife mega hero makeover in preparation for his 50th anniversary in 1988. on Wednesday. June 5 1972 Kirk Alyn as Superman is the 1950 serial "Atom Man vs. Ill. December 14 1978 Technician Allan LaMagna makes final critical adjustments on the Syndrome's ultrasonic lighting and sound systemwhich has been named the "Eye". Superman". Superman saves Metropolisand dies in the struggle! Mayo Kaan. blows out candles on his cake to celebrate the 50th birthday Christopher reeve as "Superman" actor Technician Allan LaMagna makes final critical adjustments on the Syndrome's ultrasonic lighting and sound system GRAND FUNK RAILROAD. Ogilvie received a superman award in Metropolis. after the most brutal battle of his career.. October 1970 The stage under construction at the Chicago Coliseum (home of the . March 18 1974 Kirk Alyn as Superman. Gov. displays a 1936 photo of himself as the movie and comic book hero. IT'S A MAKEOVER IMG00328017A Superman Comics IMG00328018A SUPERMAN #75. Mohammad Ali IMG00328015A SUPERMAN AWARD IMG00328016A IT'S A BIRD. December 21 1987 ACTION COMICS Bob Westerfield stands beside a painting Superman whose hometown is Metropolis. Ill. November 5 1985 Pix of Joe Sarno.. IT'S A PLANE.. Superman first appreared in Action Comics in 1938 doing one of his favorite things. comic book dealer..

1963" as "Miss Lchoy" is wrapped in the arms of a plastic dragon at the LaCboy exhibit at the Super Market Institution at McCormick place. April 25 1966 Donnalynn Froud. miles from any store. shows us a work which is in the obby foyer. or maybe even end down as we see this cart on its side in the grass parkway. "Miss Chgo. mAR 1977 Automated checkout counter allows checker to pass items across slot in counter with one hand and bag purchases with the other. Lazarus story. or maybe even end down as we see this cart on its side in the grass parkway. October 1970 The Chicago Coliseum (home of the Syndrome) is known for the many art pieces which grace its walls. Jack Mayfield. October 1970 Celebrating the opening of trade in Super Food Service stock. executive VP Paul E Ware president.building superintendent . John Moore looks over a suburban stores self service turkey stock. Here. March 19 1977 5-6 now how will this cart end up. February 22 1966 Armour & Co.IMG00328028A The Chicago Coliseum IMG00328029A SUPER FOODS JOINS MIDWEST IMG00328030A Armour & Co. December 6 1967 Estella Walker of 1148 S. Haines. April 25 1966 Donna Shercsky. April 25 1966 Plenty of bread at the National. November 24 1952 Education Corner is presided over the IMG00328037A IMG00328038A IMG00328039A 5-6 now how will this cart end up. John Moore looks over a suburban stores self service turkey stock Education Corner is presided . exhibit at Super Market Institute at McCormick Place IMG00328031A Super Market Institution IMG00328032A Donna Shercsky. Ashland SUPERMAN COMICS IMG00328033A IMG00328034A IMG00328035A IMG00328036A Super Markets Syndrome) which will have its Grand Opening on Octoberober I6th. Miss Mountain Dew Super Market Estella Walker of 1148 S. listed on the Midwest Stock Exchange Monday. miles from any store. are William E. Mrs. financial vice president and treasurer of Super Food. Ashland March 14 1977 SUPERMAN COMICS. John Trim. State. featuring GRAND FUNK RAILROAD. exhibit at Super Market Institute at McCormick Place. N. Miss Mountain Dew drinks from the jug with the Pepci Cola exhibit in the background. January 1970 Mrs. 1120.

Joseph Mech enjoy a quiet shopping tour at Wally's Supermarket. it at all. HOw many of these will be gone tomorrow. IMG00328048A home economist Allene Burtis. January 1970 All in a row and ready to go. Electronic scanning system automatically reads UniversaI IMG00328041A IBM's computerized supermarket system IMG00328042A Super Market IMG00328043A Mrs. explains Fred Davis. September 28 1971 THE EYE HAS IT. IMG00328047A IT REQUIRES PUSH. Good Luck O Fatihfull Servant of Mankind. May 28 1978 This vast supermarket here is a typical of the air conditioned stores across the US which now take in about 70 percent of total grocery sales yearly. NCR Corporation. IMG00328040A THE EYE HAS IT. Dolton. Robert Kausal and Mrs. Dolton. in a field overturned in water. you push left. October 16 1958 . NOT PULL If it were not for the German Signs. Joseph Mech enjoy a quiet shopping tour at Wally's Supermarket. Robert Kausal and Mrs. IBM's computerized supermarket system displays the name and price of each item as it is registered at the chekout stand. or even in that mens room at the opera. November 19 1976 If it were not for the German Signs. But for most items in a supermarket there is no way to tell how the government graded them. Calif. but no place for a shopping cart. the leading supplier of thesystems. this store would look like Chicago area supermarkets. This vast supermarket here is a typical of the air conditioned stores across the US 8 or the faithfull old cart may even end up near a people sanctuery IMG00328044A IMG00328045A IMG00328046A Good Luck O Fatihfull Servant of Mankind. left. 17 an experienced cart jockey at a long Beach. August 21 1973 Mrs.over the home economist Allene Burtis. renorted a more than fourfold increase in the number of its systemsinstalled during 1978. April 13 1964 8 or the faithfull old cart may even end up near a people sanctuery. August 27 1977 Most people are familiar with such labels a sUS prime meat and US grade A butter. To go right. January 1970 Its like backing a double trailler. left. this store would look like Chicago area supermarkets. Electronic scanning system automatically reads UniversaIProduct Code (UPC) symbol on package label as merchandise is moved overwindow in base of checkstand.

August 20 1973 Mrs. Laura Stoolmiller and Mrs. Tom Stembert of the Star Market chain displays no frills packaging of some items they are selling munus brand names in their stores. QUONSET 40 ADOPTED AS A SUPERMARKET. Store manager. Supermarkets The price tag in the pictures shows the price per once right next to the regular price Hyde Park. July 20 1973 Carel Pence. Badonna Reingold found several freezercase thermometers were broken or missing. King of Co-ops Mrs. Dorothy Tillman does her Grocery shopping at Hillmans in Lake . Terry and Alfred dDancona do chair month's grocery from shopping at Tresure Islands. February 4 1969 Hyde Park. milk produce and many others food across the US. November 21 1972 Terry and Alfred dDancona do chair month's grocery from shopping at Tresure Islands. there was little real evidence of any loading up at this supermarket. IMG00328058A IMG00328059A Mrs. December 26 1978 Automated checkout counter allows checker to pass items across slot in counter with one hand and bag purchases with the other. Despite climbing prices for poultry. November 30 1977 The price tag in the pictures shows the price per once right next to the regular price. Electronic scanner in slot reads code on packages and prices appear on display screen. King of Co-ops. Badonna Reingold found several freezercase thermometers were broken or missing. September 28 1971 Customers go through checkout line at supermarket here. Cheryl Berry and IMG00328052A IMG00328053A IMG00328054A IMG00328055A Customers go through checkout line at supermarket here. June 5 1978 INTERIOR. MICH. IMG00328061A . September 8 1986 Magdalena Montenegro and her mother Guadalupe shop the Jewel food store at 26th and PUlaski on Chicago's southwest side. Magdalena Montenegro and her mother Guadalupe shop the Jewel food store at 26th and PUlaski on Chicago's southwest side.IMG00328049A IMG00328050A IMG00328051A Mrs. Mrs. IMG00328056A SHOPPER'S END IMG00328057A Electronic scanner in slot reads code on packages and prices appear on display screen. boxes groceries for Elsa and Ralph Pence. Mrs. Laura Stoolmiller and Mrs. April 17 Robin Moulder a Kroger employee shows shopper. GREEVILLE. pork. June 9 1978 Pix of shalves of non grocery items at above. Dorothy Tillman does her Grocery shopping at Hillmans in Lake SUPERMARKET IMG00328060A NO FRILL PACKAGING Robin Moulder a Kroger employee shows shopper.

Co. 1993.. now offers Super Stuff. Sep 30 1993CREDIT: flP by RON HEFLIN SLUG: COLLIDER SENATE (NOTE: SEPT. I. 1993. in WAxahachie. 30. 8 IMG00328062A GROCERY STORES IMG00328063A Super Stuff IMG00328064A Superconducting Super Collider project manager Ricky Richards poses IMG00328065A BUSH VISIT SUPER COLLIDER SITE IMG00328066A The Superconducting super collider IMG00328067A George Schramer of Aurora and his wife Lisa IMG00328068A George Schramer of Aurora and his wife Lisa IMG00328069A IMG00328070A SUPERIOR BANK Superior Tea & Coffee Co her son Joseph. Texas. director of the laboratory. West Germany. Sept. left. on Sept. 1.Cheryl Berry and her son Joseph. May 7 1967 Superconducting Super Collider project manager Ricky Richards poseswith a Sient boring machine is the tunnel of the hiSh-tech project ear Maxahachia Taxas. October 5 1988 George Schramer of Aurora and his wife Lisa hollaring holding sign and general shot of crowd reacting public hearings environmental impact of super Cell. 8 how to use the new chekout system in the Kroger grocery store. agreed to fund the controversial program for another sear. The Superconducting super collider proposed for Chicago's western suburbs has drawn the opposition of some nearby residents. Wham O Mfg.. 1993. The Senateon Thursday. October 7 1988 FORMER LYONS OFFICE NOW DISPLAYING "SUPERIOR BANK SIGN. which previously offered the Hula Hoop and Super Boll. NOTE. APR 26 1989 New pushbutton grocessing equipment . October 9 1988 George Schramer of Aurora and his wife Lisa hollaring holding sign and general shot of crowd reacting public hearings environmental impact of super Cell. August 12 1986 GROCERY STORES. THE OLD NAME DOES NOT APPEAR. July 30 Physicist Gustav Voss is shown inside a tunnel at the DESY atom smasher in Hamburg. MAY 13 1987 Just the thing to keep the kids out of mother's hair on Mother's Day. FILE PHOTO) (PEN RFH) President George Bush tours the construction of the superconducting super collider with Roy Schwitters.

Mr. Universe. Universe IMG00328079A SUPER SECOND BASEMAN recently installed at Superior Tea & Coffee Co plant here automatically carries green coffee beans through ducts. November 14 1977 Lou Ferrigno. Bahamas. September 27 1967 On a recent trip to Superior Tea & Coffee Co 2778 N. laughs as he talks with Cincinaati Reds second baseman Joe Morgan. Mr. I witnessed exactly what happens from the time the raw beans arrive at the plant until they leave as ground coffee. November 12 1977 . Jul 26 1968 Maiak and Nathan Otto take time out during the Supermarket Industry Convention at McCormick place on Tuesday to display their machine that dispenses recipes and coupons to shoppers in supermarkets. defeated regining champ Kyle Rotto in the tennis event. recently. Universe IMG00328074A MUGGERS IMG00328075A SEAGREN TAKES 100 YARD DASH IMG00328076A In the first day of the Superstars Men's Finale Peter Snell of New Zeland IMG00328077A REGGIE WAITS FOR THE VERDICT IMG00328078A Lou Ferrigno. August 13 1974 In the first day of the Superstars Men's Finale Peter Snell of New Zeland. Bob Seagren. February 29 1976 Second baseman Joe Moroan of the Cincinnati reds bats a tennis ball Friday during the Super Star Competition. right noses out the world's indoor polo vault record holder Steve Smith. during Superstars competion in Freeport. November 11 1977 Olympic gold medal winner in the pole vault. sighning autographs. left.IMG00328071A Superior Tea & Coffee Co IMG00328072A Supermarket Industry Convention IMG00328073A Lou Ferrigno. Mr. for Superstars 1975. Elston. May 3 1994 Lou Ferrigno. February 19 1977 New York Yankees outfielder Reggie Jackson. Mr. Universe February 29 1976 Philadelphia Phillies relief pitcher Tug McGraw and Los Angeles Dodgers first baseman Steve Garry mug for the camera after competing against each other in the tennis event o fthe Super State Contest. former world class miler. Garvey won the match.

IMG00328080A CLOSING IN IMG00328081A CHANGES OF PACE IMG00328082A ALL AROUND ATHLETE IMG00328083A Both Holum and Cutter went to win those events in The Women Superstars telecast New York Mets star Dave Kingman starts to fell after failing to lift 225 pounds IMG00328084A IMG00328085A THE SUPERSTAS Kyle Rote Jr and Dave Defusschere in the half mile SUPERSTARS RACE IMG00328086A IMG00328087A SUPERSTARS WARM UP IMG00328088A Buffalo BIlls star running back O. February 23. left. right to win his heat of the bicycle event of the Super Star Competition. California. February 1975 New York Mets star Dave Kingman starts to fell after failing to lift 225 pounds during Superstars competition. in Rotunda. jos along with his girlfriend Pat McGriff and Reggie Jackson are warming up for the superstars competition to be held in Freeport. November 11 1977 Buffalo BIlls star running back O. January 24 1974 Both Holum and Cutter went to win those events in The Women Superstars telecast. takes the lead coming into the final straight away to the finish line her Tuesday to win the 1 mile bike .J. on Tuesday. February 1975 Defending Superstars Champion Bob Seagren returns a volley during the tennis competition. January 30 1974 Brooks Robinson who is used to playing baseball. makes a change of pace as he takes part in the Super Star Competition. in Rotunda. right. Fla. Superstars Competition 1974 IMG00328089A IMG00328090A SUPERSTARS ON WHEELS Football's Roger Stanbach. February 22 1975 SUPERSTAR RACE Olympic long jump record holder Bob Beanon (L) of San Deigo. closes in on auto racer Jody Scheckter.J. March 1974 Dutch spped skating champion Ard Schenk. February 23. Simpson will be shucking his helmet and pads for tennis whites and a track suit Sunday. Fla. Simpson will be shucking his helmet and pads for tennis whites and a track suit Sunday. January 28 1974 Pitcher Jim Palmer of the Baltimore Cricles in surrounded by three of the items he will meet in next weeks 10 event Super Star Competition. Bahamas. January 6 1975 THE SUPERSTAS Kyle Rote Jr and Dave Defusschere in the half mile Rote rinished 4th in this race but outpointed the Steelers Lynn Swann 33 29 to capture his record overall superstars champioship.

Pat Duggins put three apple seed on her forehead. one of his four black cats. IMG00328102A Here. August 13 1974 Yvan Cournoyer. hockey player for the Montreal Canadians. IMG00328100A IMG00328101A Diana Brown chooses her boy friends with the guidance of a lighted match. November 11 1977 He may take a bad fall this way. A person has to believe or it will not work she said. November 15 1947 A gift with sharp points is supposed to cut friendship unless the receiver pays penny for each point. The seed that IMG00328093A IMG00328094A He may take a bad fall this way. but at least he's avoiding the 'bad luck' that might come from going under ladder. Pat Duggins put three apple seed on her forehead. Bahamas. 3505 W.IMG00328091A THE ICE MAN COMMETH IMG00328092A RETIREMENT TENNIS race during the semifinal round for Superstars 1975. November 151947 Diana Brown chooses her boy friends with the guidance of a lighted match. naming each after a different . April 22 1964 Here. but at least he's avoiding the 'bad luck' that might come from going under ladder. The burned head will fall toward the home of the boy who is best for her. A gift with sharp points is supposed to cut friendship unless the receiver pays penny for each point. November 15 1947 Juanita Fgueroa displays some of the good luck oils and candles she sells at Botanica Yamaya. August 14 1974 Recently retired Baltimore Crickles third basman Broocks Robinson tries his hand at tennis during Super Star Competition Friday in Freeport. Prevalent among smokers is the "no three on a march" bugaboo. One empty. February 13 1976. Joe was born on Friday. January 13 1989 Linda Hughes takes three bowls. Only a brave lass will open an umbrella in the house. April 28 1954 Prevalent among smokers is the "no three on a march" bugaboo. swings for a solid 2 point hit here Tuesday in the semi finals of the Superstar baseball hitting competition. naming each after a different boy friend. November 15 1947 Jim Schlack shares his 13th birthday with Joe. LUCKY 13 Only a brave lass will open an umbrella in the house. one with dirt in it and one with food. Juanita Fgueroa displays some of the good luck oils and candles IMG00328095A IMG00328096A IMG00328097A IMG00328098A IMG00328099A Linda Hughes takes three bowls. according to the old Ozark superstitution. Holding it from the bottom she lets it burn out. North.

provided this silhouette of a surfer against a rough sea. Chicago Park District officials said the city has 14 of the new chairs. July 23 1992 High winds churning up the surf in Miami Beach. Oak Street. As soon as school was out at home. Herb headed for the Islands to improve his surfing skills this summer. l2th Street and South Shore beaches." April 28 1954 Joe Nyderak and Mary McCourt background are the others in old times suits with their picket signs. and at Humboldt Park and Douglas Park beaches. April 28 1954 Pat Duggins puts three black hairs on a piece of paper. Fla. JUL 1954 HAWAII OWES A GREAT PART OF ITS FAME TO ITS SURFBOARD RIDRES. pushed by companionColleen Reardon at e Beach. The surf chair is not selfpowered: Bring a friend to do the pushing. . IMG00328104A Joe Nyderak and Mary McCourt IMG00328105A HANDICAPPED BEACH CHAIRS IMG00328106A SURFING SILHOUETTE IMG00328107A Herb Stone of Chicago Ill.boy friend. is built oflightweight plastic p ounted on big tires that don't mire easily. If. July 28 1963 Gladys Deber takes to the sun and sand in a surf chair. they can be reserved by phone at Loyola. Dec 13 1975 Herb Stone of Chicago Ill. but the surf chair ented by a Florida lifeguard. North Avenue. Sandy shores aren't wheelchair friendly. etc. which she then folds. THESE UNIQUE SURF BIDING CRAFT SEEM TO BE A COMBINATION OF WATERSKI AND SPEEDBOAT. June 9 1965 POWERED BY OUTROADS MOTORS. IMG00328103A Pat Duggins puts three black hairs on a piece of paper. in the morning the hairs from an "N" they mean "No-don't marry him. shows his surfing technique at Waikiki Beach here IMG00328108A HIGH SPEED MIDGETS IMG00328109A ROUTH RIDER OF THE DEEP sticks to her head longest indicates which is the best of her three suitors for her to date or walk with down the wedding aisle. She then places the paper under her pillow and sleeps on it. Saturday. shows his surfing technique at Waikiki Beach here. which she then folds.

IMG00328110A LAKE MICHIGAN SURFER IMG00328111A Terry Fitzgerald of Australia slides down the face of a 10 to 12 foot wave IMG00328112A STAYING OUT FRONT IMG00328113A SURFING OFF NORTHWESTERN CAMPUS IN EVANSTON IMG00328114A May be it is not legal. 53 degree autumn weather gave Joe Westphal. December 24 1986 . oct 20 1973 Terry Fitzgerald of Australia slides down the face of a 10 to 12 foot wave at Oahu's Sunset Beach during Monday's qualifying heats of the $12100 World Pro Am SUrf meet. takes a ride in the tube at the Banzel Pipeline break at Sunset Beach on Oahu's North Shore during Competition wednesday.. September 6 1964 Nearing Shore. but surfer Mobie Alter set a new surfing mark here 4/29 by riding the wake of a sportfishing boat "Freedom" from Pierpoint Landing in the Port of Long Beach to Catalina Island. one sail the wind and the water all contribute man's quest of leisure time activity. April 30 1964 When Captain Cook stumbled upon the Hawaiian Island in 1778 he probably never dreamed that Polynestians.. riding waves into shore on 16 foot boards. June 13 1981 May be it is not legal. 19 of Shorewood a chance to do some surfing our lake Michigan's chill water Friday. his wavepower runs out and Peacock settles into the water. September 8 1965 Brisk and bracing weather does not put a damper on this surfer's enthusiam Sunday. Calif. December 15 1975 One man. October 31 1977 Christ Frobof of Manhattan Beach. SEP 2 1932 Sunny. November 16 1976 This young surfer balances himself on his board as he tries to stay in fron tof a churning breaker at Miami Beach. Windsurfing was a thought to originate in the Mediarrenian area and. but surfer Mobie Alter set a new surfing mark here 4/29 by riding the wake of a sportfishing boat "Freedom" IMG00328115A When Captain Cook stumbled upon the Hawaiian Island in 1778 IMG00328116A SURFER OFF SOUR SHORES IMG00328117A NEARLY NOVEMBER BUT IMG00328118A PIPELINE TUBE WHOSE SKILL IS KNOWN THE WORLD AROUND. would produce a cult in 1960 California devoted and dedicated to the world of surf.

27 IMG00328121A Grace Fanive struggles on a windsailing board IMG00328122A SNOW ON THE BEACH IMG00328123A The surfer's board is his treasure . "Its still the greatest" says Thomson. at a beach near Los costs $100 to $200.J. October 10 1976 Peter "Pan" Parangiottis. July 9 1984 With snow still showing on Higgins Beach in Scarborough. May 19 1985 "Its still the greatest" says Thomson. August 21 1948 Twentyfive foot waves spawned by a . IMG00328124A HIGH SEAS IMG00328125A A surfer rides a giant wave off the coast of Africa in a scene from "The Endless Summer". September 8 1965 RIDING THE WAVES on a surfboard at Santa Barbara in Southern California remains a popular sport for the next several months. March 13 1977 Grace Fanive struggles on a windsailing board. November 7 1965 Adam Marks tests his skills in the chuming waves off North Miami Beach this week. fit the stereo type of surfing enthusiasts. May 25 1984 A surfer rides a giant wave off the coast of Africa in a scene from "The Endless Summer". RIDING THE WAVES Surfs up IMG00328126A IMG00328127A IMG00328128A IMG00328129A IMG00328130A IMG00328131A IMG00328132A A lone surfer takes advantage of Hurricane Belle's high wave aftermath in Highland Park. rolling up toward the beach. Tuesday. Maine. March 30 1967 The surfer's board is his treasure . 27 wearing a wet suit gets out of the water after winter surfting. Surfers who live near Lake Michigan have only about five days a year to enjoy their sport. in which two young surfing acrobats search the world for the perfect wave.IMG00328119A ENJOYING HURRICANE AFTERMATH IMG00328120A Peter "Pan" Parangiottis. February 15 1953 Seven surfers ride the wave off Huntington Beach in southern Califronia. April 1970 Pretty girl skims across frothy surf at San Diego. grimacing as she try to fight the wind and current woman is Gabrialle costs $100 to $200. these surfers dont seem to mind as they get an early workout in preparation for warmer weather. INSTANT SURFING Surfers who live near Lake Michigan have only about five days a year to enjoy their sport. May 7 1967 The latest thing in surfing is a five horse power engine called the sea horse. This surfer and his girl. Pretty girl skims across frothy surf at San Diego. Seven surfers ride the wave off Huntington Beach in southern Califronia. rolling up toward the beach. N.

December 29 1980 At left. January 13 1962 The countdown of Apollo 12 is underway. November 10 A surfer rides a wave at South Beach. as exciting shot of the champion surfers at Makaha Beach.. With the sun overhead. TOWO BATHERS RIDE THE CREST OF A WAVE BACK TO THE BEACH AT HONOLULU. December 27 1992 Favorite spot of travelers visiting Hana on the island o Maui is Hamoa Beach where the rolling breakers of the blue Pacific produce excellent surfing. May 1954 Debbie Melville of Lajolla. August 8 1987 Three members of a California amateur youth surfing team chat with a Vietnamese fish seller Sunday along Dannag's China Beach. Colelge sutdents are descending upon . IMG00328141A MIAMI BEACH north Pacific storm brought out the big wave experts at Waimen Bay on Oahu. this surfer appeared to be walking on water at Santa Monica.IMG00328133A AUSSIE SURFER IMG00328134A SURFERS FROM CALIFORNIA IMG00328135A Hawaiian Island IMG00328136A SURFING IMG00328137A CROUCHED ON THEIR NARROW SURF-BOARDS. 11/4. this surfer prepares to get in a last few days of surfing before the beaches become crowded. Calif. While much of the country endured freezing temperatures Sunday. At left. January 5 1977 CROUCHED ON THEIR NARROW SURFBOARDS. a spot frequented by young surfers. rides to a third place finish in the women's division of the Lancers World Cup Championship at Sunset Beach TUesday. and the lift off is slated for Friday morning. January 30 1978 Australia's Barton Lynch rides the waves Saturday at the Op Pro surfing Championship in Huntington Beach. JAN 9 1935 While much of the country endured freezing temperatures Sunday. IMG00328138A IMG00328139A IMG00328140A The countdown of Apollo 12 is underway. and a warm Florida day with seventy degree temperature. which was enjoying its usual winter weather. Calif. about an hour's drive from Honululu. and the lift off is slated for Friday morning. Calif. as exciting shot of the champion surfers at Makaha Beach. this surfer appeared to be walking on water at Santa Monica.

December 16 1962 Surfing good off Florida's East Coast. Operations are usually done in complete silence. machine control temperature and flow of liquid nitrogen see lieterature. Pa. and will be featured in a contest at Port Pierce on Jan 17 and 18. formerly of Naples. Technical representative.. Linda Co. THE OLDEST IN THE NATION. Technical representative. Smit. June 1962 "Before" and "After" pictues of a young woman who had been affected with dystonia. Florida. demonstrates frozen ball at tip of surgical rod called "cold knife". Cryogenies Engineer. turned Southern California beaches into a surfers paradise today. which prevented her from standing straight. NOV 12 1948 Surgery "Cold Knife" Technique. Cryogenies Engineer.IMG00328142A TWAS A GREAT DAY FOR SURFING IMG00328143A A pretty Florida Surfer IMG00328144A SNOW SURFING IMG00328145A Protection from the waters IMG00328146A Surgeans IMG00328147A Early OPERATING SCENE IMG00328148A Surgery "Cold Knife" Technique IMG00328149A Surgery "Cold Knife" Technique IMG00328150A Henry J. June 30 1959 IN THE LATE 80S AND EARLY 90S. Smit. Linda Co. puts his fsurfboard to good use as he surfs on the snow near his granparents Waynesboro.J. MANY OPERATIONS AT NEW YORK'S BELLEVUE HOSPITAL. If you visited a real operating room chances are that you would never hear them. January 28 1988 Breakwaters are lowered form a helicopter Monday along the north shore of Lake Michigan in Glence. WERE PERFORMED IN THE WARDS WITH OTHER PATIENTS LOOKING ON.. June 26 1962 Henry J.J. hoe Tuesday following a snow fall. IMG00328151A H. showing the cold point of the Florida's blamy beaches for thei annual spring break. Smit. June 26 1962 H. April 12 1977 Huge breakers. Smit. December28 1969 Brian Martin. showing the cold point of the Cryosurgery . March 30 1982 SCALPEL! Suture! Oxygen! These words ring out loud and clear in most movie and television operating room scenes. the biggest in years.

contorting her face and causing her physical and mental pain IMG00328158A NOW HE LOOKS FORWARD TO CHRISTMAS IMG00328159A The excess skin removed from a female patient's sagging upper lid (top) during cosmetic surgery IMG00328160A The excess skin removed from a female patient's sagging upper lid (top) during cosmetic surgery System. June 17 1988 "Before" and "After" pictues of a young woman who had been affected with dystonia. left.where the excess skin was excised (right). a facial surgeon at New York Hospital Cornell Medical Center and a after the operation. which prevented her from standing straight. August 24 1978 Sareh Abed. Stanley Behrman. will be stitched closed eliminating snagging. answer questions during a press conference Wednesday in Los Angeles. were unveiled Friday in Atlanta. contorting her face and causing her physical and mental pain. The oval-shaped area of the upper lid. June 2 1962 Henry J Smit and Arnold Kiczales pouring liquid nitrogen into machine that regulates temperature and flow of liquid into surgical rod. is shown prior to reconstructive surgery performed by Dr. September 1 1978 Five singers. who have undergone plastic surgery to look like deceased rock singers. June 26 1962 Five entertainers. December 16 1976 The excess skin removed from a female patient's sagging upper lid (top) during cosmetic surgery was almost three quarters of any inch wide in the center. as he appeared when he arrive in the US last January. who underwent plastic surgery in an effort to resemble deceased rock stars. whose jaw gradually began to malform in her early teens. December 26 Ten years old Padraig McKenna. June 26 1962 Ann Marie Kane and Pamela Jean Cragin keep in shape before embarking on a 4300 miel bicycle ride to raise public awareness about Parkinson's Disease. whose jaw gradually began to malform in her early teens. is shown. November 2 1978 "The excess skin removed from a female patient's sagging upper lid (top) during cosmetic surgery was almost .Cryosurgery System IMG00328152A Henry J Smit and Arnold Kiczales IMG00328153A Ann Marie Kane and Pamela Jean Cragin IMG00328154A Surgery "Cold Knife" Technique IMG00328155A BEFORE AND AFTER IMG00328156A REFACED IMG00328157A Sareh Abed.

Robinson and Dr. and they can't give you Wonder Woman's face. November 2 1978" . But surgeons are not superman. Mexico. 22. and New York City Council President Paul O'Dwyer. At right same patient 8 months after facial fat grafting. Robert E. give present to padraig McKenna a pre Christmas party at the hospital Thursday. patient with Congenital Hemi-facial Atrophy. will be stitched closed eliminating snagging. Francis Memorial Hospital. and they can't give you Wonder Woman's face. member of the plastic surgery staff of St. The oval-shaped area of the upper lid. center. IMG00328166A IMG00328167A The excess skin removed from a female patient's sagging upper lid (top) during cosmetic surgery three quarters of any inch wide in the center.Even before faces begin to look like a map of earthquake faults. John Converse.where the excess skin was excised (right). right. head of the Institute of Reconstructive Surgery at New York University Medical Center. will be stitched closed eliminating snagging. S. June 7 At left. August 17 1978 "The excess skin removed from a female patient's sagging upper lid (top) during cosmetic surgery was almost three quarters of any inch wide in the center.IMG00328161A Face quake IMG00328162A PEOPLE CALL HIM MONSTER IMG00328163A SOMETHING TO BE THANKFUL FOR IMG00328164A DEFORMED FACE REPAIRED IMG00328165A At left. November 21 Dr. talks to Dr. taken shortly after the operation. November 2 1978" Face quake . December 16 1976 Rose Delorenzo. patient with Congenital Hemifacial Atrophy. The oval-shaped area of the upper lid. March 21 1986 But surgeons are not superman. Her eyes are still swollen in this photo.where the excess skin was excised (right). August 22 1971 Dr. men and women are flocking to plastic surgeons in hopes of regaining their looks. looks at the partially repaired face of 9 yr old Joel Banualos of Mexicali. Mark Gorney. Anthony Wolfe after successful surgery to repair her congenitally deformed face.

Wei-jan. Rosenbaum explains the sophisticated diagnostic tools that furnish new insights into the brain. Goldman for story. July 23 1976 Plastic surgeons can. with the team assembled the operation is underway IMG00328176A Brazillian Students IMG00328177A VISITING CHINESE DOCTOR WATCH OPEN HEART SURGERY Deeply immersed in Japanese culture and tradition. center. February 13 1975 Dr. October 18 1972 . caring for a patient in an operatinig room. M. "Lifeline". June 25 1985 Neurosurgeon Thomas Rosenbaum and assistants perfor delicate brain surgery. Paulo Roberto DeSouza. IMG00328173A As his assistants look on. April 18 1985 This team of doctors. the daughter of American's living in Japan. Dr. August 4 1978 Surgery begins.IMG00328168A Deeply immersed in Japanese culture and tradition. August 15 1978 Patient Barbara Ross with Dr. Jose DeAlmeida. peers over shoulder of a US doctor Tuesday during open heart surgery at New York's Montefiore Hospital. July 23 1976 Catherine Luke. she went all the way and had her face lifted medical professionals shown as they work in real life situations during the episodes of the innovative series. Dr. May 14 1987 As his assistants look on. Eduardo Paulino. At right Dr. June 26 1983 Celso Braga. and magnetic resonance imaging which gives an even more detailed look. as they are commonly known) which provided layer by layer scans of the brain. for example tighten up a sagging neck. Lukes. such as the electro encephalogram computerezed axial tomography (CAT scans. Wu. Maria Ester Fonseca and Raimundo Fazio observe open heart surgery at Presbyterian St. is in love with a Japanese man. Ronald Young prepares to biopsy a brain tumer with the aid of the world's first surgical robot 4/11. with the team assembled the operation is underway. are among the real . Catherine Luke IMG00328169A IMG00328170A IMG00328171A Reality Plastic Surgery Story IMG00328172A Neurosurgeon Thomas Rosenbaum and assistants perfor delicate brain surgery. Ronald Young prepares to biopsy a brain tumer IMG00328174A REAL DOCTORS AT WORK IMG00328175A Surgery begins.

of eliminate facial tremors. to whatever Chamber part of the operating table they may be needed.IMG00328178A IMG00328179A IMG00328180A IMG00328181A IMG00328182A IMG00328183A IMG00328184A IMG00328185A IMG00328186A Dr.. Wednesday during the last leg of A MEN LOOK FOR IDA an eight hour operation to correct a congenital disfigurement that had put the young girl's eyes twice as far apart . December 17 facial tremors. roundup. gets shots of botulism toxin to Robert Chamberlain. of Northbrook. PRESSURE CHAMBER Septemberciallist adminsters pure oxygen to patient. chambers. December 11 1941 Doctors at St. Scott. Charles L. January 10 1963 A view of the inside of the Chamber. Baker of Bellevue the last four years with about 80 Hospital percent succes. January 12 1955 Robert Chamberlain. Instruments in office of Dr. displays a Russian made instrument STAPLING "GUN" USED IN used to staple the esophogus and RUSSIAN SURGERY which be says can shorten drastically the time it now takes to perform some major operations. 5041 s.Dr. W. Ore. Charles L Sacks a surgeon at holds a Russian made surgical stapler Philadelphia's Hanemann which can be used to reduce drastically Hospital the time it takes to perform major operation. Charles L Sacks a surgeon at Philadelphia's Hanemann Hospital Dr. or high pressure. botulism toxin to eliminate who had neck injections.W. January 10 1963 Microsurgeons Wiliam Shaw and Daniel Microsurgeons Wiliam Shaw and C. A light can be fitted into any of the A view of the inside of the "porthole" to direct rays. Machael Delakey makes final Dr. April 21 1966 Dr. July 15 1979 Dr. Scott. ashland seized in abortion seized in abortion roundup. December 6 1968 Two members of a medical team huddle over Ida Mays. Sacks. of La Grande. Michael Northbrook. W. 15. Barnabas hospital conduct surgery in one of the twin hyperbaric. 1992 Instruments in office of Dr. Baker of Bellevue Hospital have re attached 75 limbs and extremities in Daniel C.W. ashland 5041 s. surgeon at Philadelphia's Hahnemann Hospital. Machael Delakey makes final adjustments 4/21 on an artificial heart adjustments 4/21 on an artificial being implanted in 65 yr old Marcel De heart being implanted Rudder. gets shots of Razak Checks Karla Rowe of Palatine.

IMG00328193A A female patient is prepared for surgery in the Surgery Brain Research Pavillion at the 8 of Chicago. it would appear. 15. from San Pedro Sulas. Joseph Hospital after undergoing surgery to reconstruct her upper left eyelid as a result of dog bite. Elaine Mezich. is recuperating here 2/7 from an appendicities operation IMG00328188A Microscope in sterile wraps permits new surgery. July 3 1977 . 42 who fired random shots into an home for the aged here 8/6. 15. as normal. MISPLACED FORCEPS IMG00328189A IMG00328190A IMG00328191A IMG00328192A Christian Rivera. October 23 1960 Artificial heart implant patient Marcel DeRudder lies unconecious in an intersive care room at Methodist Hospital in Houston 4/23. x ray technician at West Essex Gen. but gained a six inch key chain that he had apparently swallowed in infancy. it would appear. August 6 Kay Anderson displays an x ray negative of her sister. Mullen as he performs craniotoy at Surgery and Brazil Research Medical Center. is delighted as she reaches for Christmas tree ornaments at St. June 27 1978 JOhn McAndrew shows surgical clamp he carried around in chest for seven years to Carole Wenny. Honduras. Honduras. April 23 1966 On the operating table in critical condition after bein shot police is Kyrol Csupirczik. arouses a more irresistible voyeuristic impusle than the medical profession. Close-up hands of Dr. February 8 1966 Microscope in sterile wraps permits new surgery. from San Pedro Sulas. Mullen IMG00328194A IMG00328195A GOT IT OFF HIS CHEST IMG00328196A Only the primal scene. John F. John F. July 27 1978 Close-up hands of Dr. Doctors said the chain was entwined about and grown into the appendix. May 20 1976 Randy Garrison. See Master Caption and also. is recuperating here 2/7 from an appendicities operation where he lost his appendix. January 8 1963 Only the primal scene.IMG00328187A Randy Garrison. December 26 1978 A female patient is prepared for surgery in the Surgery Brain Research Pavillion at the 8 of Chicago. Artificial heart implant patient Marcel DeRudder lies unconecious in an intersive care room at Methodist Hospital On the operating table in critical condition after bein shot police is Kyrol Csupirczik. March 9 Christian Rivera. arouses a more irresistible voyeuristic impusle than the medical profession. Hospital.

IMG00328197A Surgery IMG00328198A SURGEONS OPERATE IN STERILE "GREENHOUSE" IMG00328199A SURGICAL STAPLES IMG00328200A KNIFELESS SURGERY FOR CANCER IMG00328201A COLD KNIFE SURGERY IMG00328202A DR. is ready for surgery. The instrument and the control unit shown here were specially designed for use with a new surgical freezing technique recently described at the American Medical Association meeting in Chicago. March 18 1970 Bill Welmer.. at Los Angeles Hollywood Presayterian Hospital yesterday. neurosurgical technician at St. Barnabas Hospital in New York. and Arnold Kiczales of Union Carbide Corporation. a 3M process development engineer. July 15 1984 Surgeons and nurse in plastic suits and helmets work inside a maply sterile plastic greenhouse as they install an artificial him in a patient. Both gadgets are undergoing tests to get federal approval. bloodless surgical technique developed at the Univ. RICHARD PRINZ USES A LAPARASCOPE DURING GALL BALADDER.. which provides the controlled cold. inspects surgical staples designed to replace traditional sutures. March 15 1986 A brain tumor in a 70 yr old patient is treated successfully recently in this new knifeless.A new zipper to improve healingof surgical wounds and an electricbandage to mend hard-tohealwounds are promising new ways ofhandling old problems. of California.. JUN 1 1992 . June 1962 DR. RICHARD PRINZ USES A LAPARASCOPE DURING GALL BALADDER Surgical stitches and bandages may be going the way of highbutton shoes. A test is made with gelatin to make sure that the equipment. May 9 1975 Unearthly cold of 150 degrees below zero Fahrenheit produced the frozen gelatin on the tip of the unique surgical instrument being examined here by Chirlaine Dupree. The new technique makes use of liquid nitrogen to freeze brain tissue for treating Parkinson's disease. PRINZ IS FAR LEFT.

R. Edward Brunder anesthesiologist. Edward Brunder anesthesiologist. PERMITS A VICTIM OF A BONE FRACTTUE TO WALK AGAIN WITHIN 48 HOURS. anesthesiologist at Childrens Memorial hospital overseas an operation on a young patient in the operating room. FLOSSMOR. HERBERT SCHWARTZ. OCT 3 1994 Barbara Morreale. August 1 1985 DR. she is acting operating room director. Steven Hall. R. Bruce Reider.. BRUCE REIDER PERFORMED ARTHROSCOPIC SURGERY ON JOHN CLIFTON. ARNOLD GRISWOLD. Steven Hall. BRUCE REIDER PERFORMED ARTHROSCOPIC SURGERY Evanston Hospital Adminstrator Jeff Hillebrand and Mark Tatgo discuss Tatogo's hospital bill Dr. Bruce Reider. September 11 1992 DR. of Chicago Medical Center IMG00328207A IMG00328208A IMG00328209A BEFORE NOTED SURGEONS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD IMG00328210A PATIENT SURGERY RECOVERY ROOMS IMG00328211A SURGERY Dr. Joseph Szokol during knee surgery Robert Chamberlain. September 14 1992 Robert Chamberlain. IN THE CLINDODAL AMPHITHEATRE OF THE LANKENAU HOSPITAL PHILADELPHIA. of Chicago Medical Center peers through an arthoscope into the knee of a patient during surgery.N. NEWLY INDUCTED PRESIDENT OF THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SURGEONS. August 7 1985 HERE ARE GATHER DISTINGUISHED SURGEONS FROM ALL PARTS OF THE US.. chief of sports medicine at the Univ. gests shots of botulism toxin to eliminate facial tremors.. and Dr. OCT 27 1940 . gests shots of botulism toxin to eliminate facial tremors Dr.IMG00328203A IMG00328204A Dr. OF PHILADELPHIA. WATCHING A DEMONSTRTATION MAJOR OPERATION BY DR. AUG 1985 Evanston Hospital Adminstrator Jeff Hillebrand and Marchk Tatgo discuss Tatogo's hospital bill. Joseph Szokol during knee surgery. DEAVER. and Dr. chief of sports medicine at the Univ. December 17 1992 Dr. TOGETHER WITH KNIGHTED WIELDERS OF THE SCALPEL FROM ENGLAND AND FAMOUS CONTINENTAL DOCTORS. Checks on a patients. HEAD OF THE DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISVILLE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE. ASSISTED BY DR. JOHN B. REPORTS THIS SPECIAL CAST CONSISTINIG OF STEEL RODS THROUGH THE BODY AND A PLASTAR OF PARIS CAST. anesthesiologist at Childrens Memorial hospital IMG00328205A IMG00328206A DR. July 26 1985 Dr.

Nguyen Loc. November 9 1969 Marilyn Golick of Syracuse reads to her daughter. July 31 1983 Heart surgeon Michael DeBakey begins surgery which ended in the implant of an artificial heart (white dome shaped object bottom center). Calif.IMG00328212A VETERAN OF 14 OPERATIONS IMG00328213A Attorney Herman B. June 26 1983 Drs. April 21 1966 Nurse Anesthetist Debbie Ungar studies a readout on a machine display board during surgery. October 18 3M enginner Bill Weimer closely examines the company's Precise brand Skin Stapler. Shapiro has proved to be an effective in open heart. chairman of the personal injury section. as the child awaits treatment in the surgery center of IMG00328214A Scrubbing for surgery is one of the early morning chores for Loyola medical student John Berlin Not unlike staplers that carpenters use IMG00328215A IMG00328216A MEDICAL STAPLER IMG00328217A EXACT SPOT Heart surgeon Michael DeBakey begins surgery which ended in the implant of an artificial heart Nurse Anesthetist Debbie Ungar IMG00328218A IMG00328219A IMG00328220A Drs. veteran of 14 operations although he is only 7 yrs old. Nguyen Loc. March1986 A surgical nurse points out the exact spot on the fetus head as it is shows on the ultrasound monitor. American Trial Lawyers Association. March 19 1965 Attorney Herman B. a disposable surgical stapler being used widely in hospital surgery. James Deckard. Jules S. Katherine. Glaser. November 1980 Not unlike staplers that carpenters use the Staplizer invented by Dr. 9 who suffering contractions of skin under the arms from severe burns which cover half her body. displays a variety of surgical instruments and fabrics which were left in patients bodies after surgery. emergency rooms and physicians offices in place of traditional sutures. Glaser. chairman of the personal injury section. brain and plastic surgeries. manages a smile for the photographer at his home near Santa Anna. 34 and John Mahie 35 from Michigan IMG00328221A BUT NOT AS LONG . February 26 1972 Scrubbing for surgery is one of the early morning chores for Loyola medical student John Berlin. 34 and John Mahie 35 from Michigan are performing skin graft on Tran Thi Lee.

JOHN SHAY. April 3 1976 Surgery. Wesley Lisa stephens. April 25 1959 L. the series which will focus on the professional and private lives of real doctors. August 26 Patient. July 31 1983 Surgery beings with the team assembled the operation is underway. August 5 1983 Expectant mother Katherine Riley rests after undergoing the operation of the baby she carries. REAL DRAMA IMG00328226A IMG00328227A IMG00328228A Surgery Surgery. IMG00328233A ANCIENT SCALPELS CrouseIrving Memorial Hospital. Adrien Hannus.IMG00328222A INTO THE BRAIN IMG00328223A FINALLY OVER IMG00328224A Surgery beings with the team assembled the operation is underway IMG00328225A REAL PEOPLE. and Mrs. underwent colon surgery Thrusday after persuading doctor to use volcanic impressed with . February 16 1984 A production supervisor inspects a partially assembled ultrasound probe used in brain surgery. March 11 1957 DR. identified only as a middle aged chauffeur. A monitor of the fetus heart best shows that it doing fine after having a tube inserted into its brain to relieve pressure caused by accumulated fluid. an archaeologist for internorth Inc. November 1980 Surgery. Ohio. IN SURGERY IMG00328230A IMG00328231A TAKING THEIR LUMPS TOGETHER IMG00328232A Patient. identified only as a middle aged chauffeur. JOHN SHAY. Luke's Hospital DR. AUG 26 1985 Side by side in sickness and in surgery are Mr. NEEROSURGEON. undergoes lung cancer surgery in the first operation of its kind over performed on television. of Dayton. IN SURGERY. 14. has reason to feel happy as she recuperates from surgery in Jewish Hospital here. April 16 1976 The scene in surgery room in St. color television was used to show operating technique. June 28 1983 Surgeons prepare to help a patient in this scene from one segment of "Lifeline". Wesley REASON TO SMILE IMG00328229A St. NEEROSURGEON. Lukes Hospital as closed circuit. Henry Smith when similar injuries brought the couple to a Detroit hospital for surgery on the fingers of their right hands Wednesday.

November 21 1979 .. October 24 1979 Fashionable surgical collars by Fashionable surgical collars by Dr.Y. 34.D.... March 15 N. Hauck. DeWitt Fox DeWitt Fox. September 9 1976 PATIENT WOULD NOT GIVE I.Y. Morman N.. risky operation to relieve pressure on the brain of an unborn child. 1977 UNDER THE LATEST TECHNIQUE FOR BROKEN JAW TREATMENT. Elizabeth Collier displays a pair of surgical forceps similar to a pair which Mrs..IMG00328234A IMG00328235A IMG00328236A IMG00328237A IMG00328238A IMG00328239A IMG00328240A IMG00328241A IMG00328242A IMG00328243A IMG00328244A the performace of the blades.. 1983 Dr. JUL 24 1943 Doctor Looks thru probe near hellyDoctor Looks thru probe near button and cuts tubes with another helly-button and cuts tubes with probs. DeWitt Fox DeWitt Fox.. October 24 1979 A neurosurgeon in Southern A neurosurgeon in Southern California California has found a way to has found a way to make medicine make medicine fashionable at fashionable at least for whiplash least for whiplash victims. July 31 1983 Mrs. Shunway. 34. March 11 Doctors and surgical personnel fill the operating rooms at Northwestern Memorial Hospital as the doctors begin READY TO OPERATE a rare. J.D... BEGIN TREATED. Rochester. Rochester.. November 21 1979 Fashionable surgical collars by Fashionable surgical collars by Dr. AS NEW BROKEN JAW TREATMENT PRACTICED AT THE RECENTLY . Nov victims.. Elizabeth Collier displays a was accidentally left in the right lower pair of surgical forceps similar to quadrant of her stomach some 20 yrs a pair ago during an operation for atubal pregnancy. JUN 6 1982 In a first of a kind operation. Dr. SHE IS THERE GETS ANOTHER BUNCH BEGIN TREATED NEEDLES WHICH SMOOTH OUT WRINKLES & BAGS UNDER EYES. J. J. whole thing took about 15 another probs mins. N. surgeons surgeons stopped the circulation stopped the circulation of Donald of Donald Hauck. US PROBLEMS & AS LONG AS PATIENT WOULD NOT GIVE I. In a first of a kind operation... near Los Angeles. February 8 1972 A neurosurgeon in Southern California A neurosurgeon in Southern has found a way to make medicine California fashionable at least for whiplash victims. Dr. J. left professor of surgery and head of cardiovascular OPEN HEART SURGERY surgery at Stand for Univ Medical Center.

Fashionable surgical collars by Dr. J. ARE 50 LANDING CRAFT KEPT IN A SPECIAL AREA. October 24 1979 he truck being loaded is also a gov surplus item. DeWitt Fox.KEEP CLEAR. October 24 1979 A huge crane in operation in the gravel pit in Carpentersville. The truck being loaded is also a gov surplus item. DeWitt Fox.IMG00328245A 21 1979 Fashionable surgical collars by Dr. THE NAVY SOON WILL SELL 700 OF THEM. January 6 1945 PART OF AN ESTIMATED CROWD OF 60000 VETERANS AND THEIR FAMILIES MILL AROUND THE WAR ASSETS ADMINISTRATIONS RETAIL SALES STORE ON NAVY PIER IN CHICAGO. AMONG THE CRAFT IN THE NAVAL BOAT POOL HERE. DEC 7 1946 Navy Pier Thousands upon thousands of unused surplus tires lie rotting where they have IMG00328246A IMG00328247A VETS CAN BUY THEM IMG00328248A BARGAIN SALE IN BOATS IMG00328249A BARGAIN SALE IN BOATS IMG00328250A SURPLUS TRUCKS FOR SALE IMG00328251A FIVE TO A CAN IMG00328252A US SELLS WAR PLANT SURPLUS IMG00328253A VETERANS THRONG WAA RETAIL STORE IMG00328254A IMG00328255A Navy Pier . Du Page County. AUG 15 1947 THIS CLOSEUP SHOWS PART OF THE 2000 CRAFT IN THE BOAT POOL HERE. AUG 15 1947 These vehicles at an Ordnance motor pool had outlived their usefulness to the military services. Illinois. May 22 1948 NOT FOR SALE. March 15 1958 Packed like Maine sardines. J." THEY TOOK PART IN THE ATOM BOMB TESTS AT BIKINI LAST SUMMER. DECLARED SURPLUS. DEC 7. March 27 1959 Part of 5499 surplus trucks and trailers which the War Assets administration has put on sale for veterans holding priorities at the Port Heuneme Naval Base. these surplus Navy patrol craft wait their turn to go under the burners torches in basins of the East Yard of the former South Portland shipyard. SURROUNDED BY SIGNS WHICH READS "RADIOACTIVE -. Calif. January 17 1960 Farmers claim purchases at auction of small tools at Bloomingdale.

January 12 1948 Standing beneath one of their unorthodox signs at their circus tent surplus property store at sEattle are Buford Seals. Gerogia.000. typical of that to be seen on many of our forward bases in the Pacific. Nov 10 Chinese. majority of whom are black marketers IMG00328257A WAT TO BUY A SUB CHASER? IMG00328258A SLAP-HAPPY PROMOTERS IMG00328259A MARSHALL ISLANDS IMG00328260A Sale of Surplus Goods at the Voorheavilley Army Depot IMG00328261A Each part of the planes which once performfd in war missions IMG00328262A IDLE ARMY CARS lain for more than a year. is depicted by this view of mobile units rotting away on Majuro Island in the South Pacific. scraps of wood.S.010 pounds of secondary aluminum ingojse EAP photos hem the U. Navy. These alumi-num sections awaitshipment and final processing in a program which is designed to produce 35. July 8 1947 Junked war material. cosmetics. September 25 1946 After the first process along the line of disposal the aircraft are just piles of sorted materials. Nov 10 This may not llok like a line of railroad flatears. Each part of the planes which once performfd in war missionsall over the world has been placed in its proper group along the line. May 28 1946 THESE ARMY CARS ARE AMONG THOUSANDS OF VEHICLES WHICH ARE . for use.IMG00328256A Chinese. put a run on US surplus goods buying up all the canned goods. so they improved with flatcars. The war Assets Administration needed display counters for a sale of Surplus Goods at the Voorheavilley Army Depot. and now on sale to veterans of World War II. and dressing material within first hour of sale here. September 7 Some of 23 war surplus which the US Martime Commission have put on sale for $1500 each are shown at anchor at the Curtis Bay Coast Guard depot at Baltimore. deteriorating in the sun. rain and salt spray of Okinawa. majority of whom are black marketers. now too weatherbastin. but it is. cloth.Maine and Don Wallace.

July 20 1980 Sol Schreck. wearing army clothes one of the exhibits. wearing army clothes one of the exhibits. general views of exhibit.IMG00328263A WANT TO BUY A MULE? IMG00328264A AIRPLANE SALVAGE HEAP Two Army trucks lie in the yards of the Stefen Cor. Paul.A. Mike Malone 12 yrs of Flosmoor wear a German Gas Mask. Minn with Mickey Mouse Marine boot used in Korea. with cowboy hats Cherie-Sweeland from Athens Alab. Mike Malone 12 yrs of Flosmoor wear a German Gas Mask. DAVID B. general views of exhibit. in Carpentersville. SEP 12 1947 Two Army trucks lie in the yards of the Stefen Cor. S. Ill.A. July 20 1980 Sol Schreck. July 20 1980 Sol Schreck. Kratish of L. with cowboy hats Cherie-Sweeland from Athens Alab. Calif. October 20 1965 NAVY LT.. March 27 1959 Sol Schreck.. Mike Malone 12 yrs of Flosmoor wear a German Gas Mask. S. Ill. Minn with Mickey Mouse Marine boot used in Korea. Will Swerdlick of St. BLAINE SURVEYS SALVAGE HEAP OF AIRPLANES AT THE NAVAL AIR STATION HERE YESTERDAY. general views of exhibit. in Carpentersville. July 20 1980 NUZZLED TO THE GROUND LIKE OSTRICHES. Paul. DEFUNCT P-40'S WAIT THE WRECKER'S TORCH AND HAMMER. wearing army clothes one of the exhibits. Minn with Mickey Mouse Marine boot used in Korea.A. MAY 11 1946 Nat Romanzo checks long line of discarded Navy tractors often called mules on aircraft in warehouse in Philadelphia. Kratish of L. Will Swerdlick of St. . Calif. Paul. S. Will Swerdlick of St. Kratish of L. Calif. German Gas Mask IMG00328265A IMG00328266A IMG00328267A German Gas Masks IMG00328268A AMMO BOXES IMG00328269A GERMAN GAS MASK IMG00328270A DEAD WARBIRDS STORED AT THE ATLANTIC ORDINANCE DEPOT AT NEARBY CONLEY. Mike Malone 12 yrs of Flosmoor wears a German Gas mask. with cowboy hats Cherie-Sweeland from Athens Alab.

poems. and art. Littlerature. NOV 28 1945 SURREALISM. MAY SURREALISM SURREALISM SURREALISM SURREALISM The American photographer painter Man Ray's famous "The Violin of d"ingres appeared in Andro Breton's magazine. October 20 1942 Lee Grathmen and Marilyn Dahm takes ride on one of the carriage in building t 4932 Dempater. was published in Paris in 1950 and contains works by many loading writers. the Belgian painter.IMG00328271A IMG00328272A IMG00328273A IMG00328274A IMG00328275A IMG00328276A SURREALISM SURREALISM SURREALISM SURREALISM SURREALISM SURREALISM The American photographer painter Man Ray's famous "The Violin of d"ingres appeared in Andro Breton's magazine IMG00328277A IMG00328278A A characteristic Surrealist ink drawing by Rene Magritte. The factory built of Rendix Home Systems are assembled on the home sites to Surrey Hills Estates in Zion. "Humour Poetique". poetry. prose. The cover art is by the Spanish painter Joan Miro. August 11 1978 Sleuthing for buggies and reconditioning them for sale is a new wartime Industry begin developed in northwestern Illinois by Roy Smaltz. from Paul Kluard's "Voir". and poetry was one of the leading Data periodicals. The painter Picabi's famous "391" with its fantastic art. MAR 1978 SURREALISM. and poetry The fantastic graphic poetry of Dada is illustrated in this page from Pierre Albert-Birot's book IMG00328281A IMG00328282A Surrey Hill Estate IMG00328283A Sleuthing for buggies and reconditioning them for sale is a new wartime Industry Lee Grathmen and Marilyn Dahm takes ride on one o Abbe Nelson 4 y7r old seated in IMG00328284A IMG00328285A AFTER VALIANT SERVICE IN THE EARLY MONTHS OF THE WAR. THESE PLANES WERE SUPERSEDED BY HEAVIER. where Surrealism was born in 1922. June 21 1942 Abbe Nelson 4 y7r old seated in front . an anthology of Surrealist prose. The fantastic graphic poetry of Dada is illustrated in this page from Pierre Albert-Birot's book published in Paris in 1924. and drawings. an anthology of Surrealist prose IMG00328280A The painter Picabi's famous "391" with its fantastic art. and composers. published in Geneva and Paris in 1948. IMG00328279A "Humour Poetique". A characteristic Surrealist ink drawing by Rene Magritte. MORE POWERFULLY ARMED PURSUIT AIRCRAFT. painters. prose. paintings.

these modern-day babymakers get paidfor their services.No flickering candles. Larry 5. a group of Illienois and Kentucky women are doing for childless coupledthroughout the nation.IMG00328286A IMG00328287A front of the surrey Eddie Pacuinas driving the rigg Ruth Basier Larry 5. October 8 1962 Kathy Rizzo and groom Joseph Stefoni Cheked out Bill Lesko's renovated 1875 finged surrey a few days before their wedding. May 15 1963 Ruth Basier. April 27 1980 There's nothing very romantic about the way babies ar.. III."What the maid did for Abraham and Sarah. . December 22 1959 Special race between a horse & surrey and a 1904 rambler Hawthorne Race Course. Four of the organization's stand-in mothers already arepregnant. In what is believed to be the first such enterprise of its kind.Abraham wanted an heir but his wife Sarah was 76 year old. No sweet-nothing . Vehicles This surrey with the fringe on the top is scaled just right for the Kinzer children. And. physician and a feminist lawyer have established a Surrogate Parenting Association to help childless couples have children. a Louisville. "Abraham went in unto Hagar and she conceived. Ky.. May 12 1978 It's a story as old as the scriptures. Hagar. They were artificially inseminated with sperm fromthe husbands of women unable to conceive UNDER TERMS OF carefully drawn dontrants-dontractsbelieved to be without precedent in legal history-the childless couples will adopt the babies delivered by the surrogate inothers this fall. So Sarah gave Abraham her young maid. made at the Surrogate Parenting Center in Louisville. But unlike Hagar. No champagne toasts. from Utica. Laura 7 and Januarye 4 Special race between a horse & surrey and a 1904 rambler Hawthorne Race Course Kathy Rizzo and groom Joseph Stefoni Cheked out Bill Lesko's renovated 1875 finged surrey IMG00328288A IMG00328289A IMG00328290A Surrogate Parents IMG00328291A Surrogate Parents of the surrey Eddie Pacuinas driving the rigg. Laura 7 and Jane 4. as the authors of Genesis put it.

which has been named Surtsey. lift a damaged nuclear fuel rod assembly out of its storage bin early 5/9 to attempt to wash it down. is collected in asterile glass Jahin a quiet examining room. reaching to 30000 feet in the atmosphere IMG00328298A VOLCANOES CONTINUE TO ERUPT NEAR ICELAND A Signal from Neptune? IMG00328299A whispers. the North Atlantic just 75 miles southest of here. September 26 1975 This is an aerial view of the Island of Surtsey.In this high-rise medical suite. of the husband who. May 9 1979 This is an aerial view of the Surrey Nuclear Power Plant. where the FBI is investigating what could be attempted sabotage.IMG00328292A Surry Nuclear Plan IMG00328293A SABOTAGE SUSPECTED IMG00328294A Octominions a Surrey Park in northwest suburban IMG00328295A Condomination is the Surrey Park development in Arlington Heights IMG00328296A This is an aerial view of the Island of Surtsey IMG00328297A This giant cumulus cloud formation. near Iceland. with his wife. The semen. born of volcanic eruptions in Nov 1963. October 9 1976 This giant cumulus cloud formation. the doctor prepares the woman who will bear the child for insemination. April 27 1980 Technicians at Virginias at Virginia Electric & Power Co. reaching to 30000 feet in the atmosphere was formed by the heat of creation of a new island in the Westman Island Group some seven miles off the south shore of Iceland. will adopt the surrogate's baby. June 25 1976 Condomination is the Surrey Park development in Arlington Heights have a view of a three acre manmade lake. in another examining room down the hall. May 8 1970 Octoberominions a Surrey Park in northwest suburban Arlington Heights are two story buildings. The buildings are designed in French mansard and chalet styles. Nov 27 1963 Clouds of smoke and steam continue to rise from Atlantic Ocean around the new volcanic island. December 14 1964 New volcanic Ven that poked its way . The jar is kept at room temperature while. procreation is strictly proforma. Surry Nuclear Plan.

was formed la November of 1903. seen la the backgrosed. an island rose from the ocean. The lava appears to be ferming a new island. stretching from Spitzbergen southward to the Azores.B.a mile long. It ispart of a chain of volcanic mountains. ash and einders 1.000 feet into the sky in the North Atlantic southeast of Reykjavik. Balaski are doing as they boot home the I. is a spectacular indication of the growth of the Atlantic Ocean. just as the island of Surtesy. June 1972 Four thousand Icelanders living on the island of Westman witnessed a strange and rare occurrence : the birth of another island. Nov 27 1963 With automobile tires what they are the gasoline threatening to be the phrase may not be very far off. Mayer entry of Samaritan and Dear Judy to a two victory in yesterday's first race at Arlington. mostly under water. in this caul. moves in as close as possible to the Volcanic Erupts near here. 11/15. as a new volcante vent in the ocean floor spews bot inva. Steve Kearns surveys the land under Lake Shore Drive not for the straightened S curve but for new . Iceland. A giant cloud of smoke and steam arose and. with scientists aboard. Nevertheless thats what JOckeys R Nevers and I. Nov 16 1963 GIANT BOILING POT ends clouds of steam.IMG00328300A The Volcanic island of Surtsey IMG00328301A ISLAND EMERGES FROM MOTHER EARTHS WOMB IMG00328302A Stepping on the oats IMG00328303A Volcanic Eruption IMG00328304A Volcanoes Surtsey IMG00328305A Steve Kearns surveys the land under Lake Shore Drive out of the sea some 75 miles southwest of here late last week is just a quarter of a mile away from the far island of Surtsey. which can be seen on the right. June 23 1965 The Volcanic island of Surtsey. On November 14 there were first violen volcan wexplosions beneath thesea. July 14 1942 Danish Coast Guard vessel albert. which suddenly arose off the coast of Iceland in 1963. It is about half.

IMG00328306A ELECTRONIC SURVEYING IMG00328307A Getting ready to Start work on outer drive IMG00328308A SURVEYING RESUMES IMG00328309A Five Illinois Colelge students are in the fourth day of their planned week of living the caveman's life IMG00328310A NO DRY RUN IMG00328311A bROUGHING IT IMG00328312A Survival Mission IMG00328313A Five Illinois college students emerge from Marvel Cave Jack Wilhite. 43 yr Lt colonel in the National Guard and pilot for IMG00328314A condominums. June 8 1967 Members of a survey crew work noth of Grove City Monday following last weeks cout order which allowed surveying to resume. MAR 1959 Gao. England. Dorset. August 13 1960 Jack Wilhite. Nov 26 1960 Zachery Agran and his family of four cook in the outdoors of a stable near the 4 bedroom home close to Homestand. January 2 1972 Five Illinois college students emerge from Marvel Cave near here after spending a total of seven days of living like cavemen. 43 yr Lt colonel in the National Guard and pilot for Frontier . Feitl. Julyy 18 1980 TAKING A HIGHWAY SURVEYING OUT OF THE ROD AND CHAIN ERA. Carry their own gear as they leave the drop zone just below the 11000 foot level of the Big Horn Mountains. October 24 1976 Five Illinois Colelge students are in the fourth day of their planned week of living the caveman's life. Fla. headquartering 20 stories beneath the surface of the earth in the rugged Ozark Mountains of Missouri. and Jim Tonoko. March 2 1977 Seven of the eight men from varied backgrounds who recently volunteered for four day survival mission in northern Colorado's snow covered Rookies. MODERN INNOVATIONS SHOWN HERE ENABLED ENGINEERS TO COMPLETE A TOUGH HIGHWAY LOCATION JOB IN WEST VIRGINIA IN ONE TENTH THE TIME ORDINARILY REQUIRED. August 10 1960 Officers and men of the Royal Navy settle down on Iniated life rafts for 24 hr survival test conducted this week in Portland harbor. They are taking elevations on light post. in preparation for work to start Monday morning on resurficing the North outer drive.

Centger. has been husing in Cambodia. with of the kits they have developed. March 29 1977 Nicole Rowle. Center. Pfau is teaching a class in survival at the school and what better place to practice what they have learned in making the 130 mile long trek from Badwater to the slopes of Mt. McLeod. an instructor at LaSalle High School in Pasadena. Nov 25 1980 Brown. January 30 1972 Marchvin G. IMG00328315A Survival IMG00328316A Survival Instructor IMG00328317A SURVIVOR IMG00328318A Nicole Rowle. uses a primitive fishing rig in an effort to catch trout through a hole in eight inch thick ice on a frozen beaver pond. 7 waves to media representing to show she is fine 12/1 after being lost at sea for 20 days aboard a homemade submarine with James Ringrose.. left teaches Michael Liones to use a bow drill Airlines. Calif. they spent the week making one of the most difficult hikes in California. January 30 1972 The city of Lone Pine on the slopes of Mt. in charge of disaster relief for WRC IMG00328320A Brown. pauses with this students during an unusual class project in Death Valley.. January 2 1972 Paul Pfau. Whitney is the end of the line for these students from Pasadena's LaSalle High School. a family of four survival kit that . Whitney. 27 tells of his two day ordeal clining to a capsizsed boat in 10 foot waves in the Gulf of Mexico. A tool kit and its in a bucket. shows Raymond McWherter how to feel on animal track . 7 waves to media representing to show she is fine 12/1 IMG00328319A Bishop .in this instance that of a raccoon in Grant park. Dec 1 1979 Bishop . Paul Pfau. left teaches Michael Liones to use a bow drill to a start a fire . not shown.Frontier Airlines.. at Indianapolis International Airport Sunday when he arrived home to hero's welcome natioanl Airport sunday. August 25 1980 Tom Brown Jr. May 30 1982 John A Fountain 19 of Indianapolis is kissed by his mother Eda. showsRaymond McWherter how to feel on animal track IMG00328321A AFTER THE CANYON IMG00328322A Tom Brown Jr.. in charge of disaster relief for WRC. Along with their survival instructor.

October 2 1976 Eleven year old DArven Miller visits with his mother. Madras is the newest trend suspenders.IMG00328323A to a start a fire the Indian way. Josephs Hospital. January 22 1963 For the conservation well dressed man. And the popular fabric may induce some men to wear suspenders for the first time. 14 displays nuts and berries and pinecones like those he ate while lost four days on the San Carlos Indian Reservation in eastern Arizona. Utah. February 9 1986 Madras is the newest trend suspenders. Fla IMG00328331A White Suspenders. Augustine. December 3 1981 He wears his heart on his sleeve. HOOD IMG00328327A DISPLAYS SURVIVAL FOOD IMG00328328A Pilots test Survival Invention IMG00328329A SURVIVING WELL IMG00328330A Missing crew survivors Wallace Thomas of St. February 7 1988 Red Silk suspenders will add color to his wardrobe. and his stepfather Donald Minto at St. SUSPENDED ADORATION IMG00328333A IMG00328334A the Indian way. so why not accesorize him with John Henry's red and magenta heart printed silk tie. Dariene Minto. December 25 1979 Dave Paulson. Augustine. and Robert Kidd from Rhode Island share a smile after being rescued from the frigid Gulf of Alaska. Robert Brooker 32 talks to newsmen after he and wife. Hood. Nov 8 1974 Two Naval pilots plan to set sial to Hawaii from San Francisco to test a survival kit they have invented for shipwreck victims. Rescued at Sea last Friday IMG00328324A AFTER THE ORDEAL IMG00328325A RECOVERING IMG00328326A SURVIVE 16 DAYS ON MT. Fla. Sue 29 survived five days of sub freezing temperatures in the Rocky Mountains following the crash of their small plane on Sunday. July 7 1974 Luther and Kathy McLaughlin of Provo. $1 and Braces red and white suspenders. . Valentine day fashionable gifts. take time out from their studies for a tender moment. January 16 1976 Kelley Warren. May 30 1982 Rescued at Sea last Friday. talks in the first aid room at Timberline Lodge with three youths whos tayed alive in snow caves for more than two weeks on Mt. IMG00328332A Red Silk suspenders will add color to his wardrobe. second from right. June 28 1971 Missing crew survivors Wallace Thomas of St.

September 2 1973 It was heavily overcat. and eventually we hit a downpour as a representative of Nations Home Corp. May 20 1983 Suzuki Violin recital at Orchestra Hall The big moment going in early to practice for thee big moment. September 2 1973 An untucked shirt sets Michael Harvey apart as he plays along with other Suzuki Oriff School of Music students during a performance at Daley Center yesterday. offers wooded site on lats averagin. A brick front enhances the entrance. sped us down expressways and highways to Sussex Woods near Hobart. Ind.IMG00328335A Aimed at attracting the man who wants to lend color and design to his wardrobe are these IMG00328336A Sussex Woodsin Hobard IMG00328337A Sussex Woods IMG00328338A The L shaped ranch Hawthrone separates the bedroom wing from this living area IMG00328339A Suzuki-Orff School of Music IMG00328340A Suzuki Academy of Performing Art IMG00328341A Suzuki Academy of Performing Art IMG00328342A Suzuki Violin recital at Orchestra Hall Suzuki Academy of Performing IMG00328343A tastefully and subtly stripped suspenders sport leather tabs and come with the buttons needed. April 27 1985 Haag Leviton Suzuki Academy of . January 22 1963 Sussex Woodsin Hobard. Ind. May 30 1976 Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of ayoung Suzuki musician before he or she go on stage to perform Well some of them take in the merits of a good book or you might find some of the girls playing a game of patty cake just before fingering their instruments bu there is always one or two that can be found calming a bad cans of nervous stomach with a good thumb suck. August 24 1983 Aimed at attracting the man who wants to lend color and design to his wardrobe are these suspenders imprinted with drawings of the Tower of London. October 28 1986 The remarkable young violinsts of the Suzuki Academy of Performing Art perofrom Saturday and Sunday nights at Orchestra Hall. David Tyler De mars concentrates on his piece. The L shaped ranch Hawthrone separates the bedroom wing from this living area.

May 28 1983 Haag leviton Suzuki Academy of Performing Arts concert in orchestra hall on Saturday Afternoon. April 28 1984 Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of ayoung Suzuki musician before he or she go on stage to perform Well some of them take in the merits of a good book or you might find some of the girls playing a game of patty cake just before fingering their instruments bu there is always one or two that can be found calming a bad cans of nervous stomach with a good thumb suck. May 28 1983 Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of ayoung Suzuki musician before he or she go on stage to perform Well some of them take in the merits of a good book or you might find some of the girls playing a game of patty cake just before fingering their instruments bu there is always one or two that can be found calming a bad cans of nervous stomach with a good thumb suck. including performace by the chamac orchestra. cellists and the Violinists. June 31 Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of ayoung Suzuki musician before he or she go on stage to perform Well some of them take in the merits of a good book or you might find some of the girls playing a game of patty cake just before fingering their instruments bu there is always one or two that can be found calming a bad cans of nervous stomach with a good thumb suck. .Arts IMG00328344A Suzuki Academy of Performing Arts IMG00328345A Suzuki Academy of Performing Arts IMG00328346A Suzuki Music Academy IMG00328347A Suzuki Academy of Performance Arts IMG00328348A Suzuki Academy of Performing Arts Performing Arts conecert in orchestra Hall on Saturday afternoon.pianists. May 28 1983 A noontime crowd soaks up the sun and a sweet serenade by 9 yr old Thomas Martwick yesterday as members of the Suzuki Music Academy performed at DAley Center Plaza. including performance by the Chamer orchestra.

. August 8 1989 . May 24 1984 Suzuki violin recital at Orchestra Hall.IMG00328349A Kan. speak by phone with their father before leaving O'Hare Airport for New York. the kids concentrate on listening while the parents take notes... and this is the morning between classes (a scene will over the campus) Bart Rotberg plays for his mother Betsy Totbert (of Chicago). September 14 1994 Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of ayoung Suzuki musician before he or she go on stage to perform Well some of them take in the merits of a good book or you might find some of the girls playing a game of patty cake just before fingering their instruments bu there is always one or two that can be found calming a bad cans of nervous stomach with a good thumb suck. September 4 1983 In this classroom. father FErando Siaba and Sleeping beauty Marta.Northfield Suzuki Academy Students:Music for Strings andPiano.. which performs tomorrow night in a classical concert at Carneglie Hall.. IMG00328354A IMG00328355A IMG00328356A Its a long day for parents and children pianists. 3 and her sister.. September 4 1983 Its a long day for parents and children and here a father returns to dormitory with sleeping child... They are members of the Haag Leviton Suzuki Academy of Fine Arts touring company. Solomon. returning for afternoon recital. June 14 1983 Under the Picasso. 4 was taking his first lesson at the institute. the kids concentrate on listening while the parents take notes.. Elizabeth. cellists and the violinists. April 28 1984 Solomon Goodman has more troubel keeping his trousers up than keeping up with the scene at the Suzuki Ottawa University in Ottawa. 8 budding violinists from glenview. Ill. 4 yrs from Belivdere.. May 28 1983 Angela Kim. 4 was taking his first lesson at the institute. IMG00328350A Northfield Suzuki Academy Students IMG00328351A Suzuki Academy of Performing Arts IMG00328352A Suzuki Academy of Performing Arts IMG00328353A Suzuki violin recital at Orchestra Hall Bart Rotberg plays for his mother Betsy Totbert (of Chicago).. In this classroom. Solomon... April 27 1985 On the hill theres music in the air. Kan.

and watching the teachers and this is what TIFFANY BRANACH. to words. October 27 1971 Chicago Audubon Society member Jerry Sullivan and his daughter Eleanor. 4 of Palatine. Heather Olsen perform piano solo concerts Friday at the Chicago Public Library Cultural Center. August 8 1983 Once they stood full and proud. August 17 1987 A sure sign of fall is the large brown ripe cat-tail along the slough areas and lakes. so who can blame them if a few yewns sneak out Heather Olsen perform piano solo concerts Friday at the Chicago Public Library Cultural Center IMG00328358A IMG00328359A Suzuki Academy of Performing Arts IMG00328360A Kirsten Johnson perform on the violin Thursday at Daley Center Michael Hsu perform on the Violin Thrusday at Daley Center IMG00328361A IMG00328362A TIFFANY BRANACH. waving over so slightly in the breeze that blows across McGinnes Slough in Orland Park. pouts as the band plays on Thrusday during the kick off of the Museum of Science and Industry's What Makes music? exhibit. Junee 29 1970 Scientist Gerould Wilhem cheks plants from the marshland area he is building. so who can blame them if a few yewns sneak out? September 4 1983 Grant Moffest perfomrs Friday morning at the Cultural Center. 6rs from Carol Stream. February 2 1990 Kirsten Johnson perform on the violin Thursday at Daley Center. IMG00328363A They have had their glory days IMG00328364A Jerry Sullivan and his daughter Eleanor IMG00328365A King of the pond IMG00328366A Scientist Gerould Wilhem cheks plants from the marshland A sure sign of fall is the large brown ripe cat-tail along the slough areas and lakes JOHN VOEIZ & GIRLFRIEND DIANE BUDRESKI IMG00328367A IMG00328368A Suzuki kis are kids like any others. Kate and Eric Chen 4 of Addison joined other musicians from the Betty Haig Suzuki Academy of Performing Arts. October 27 1983 Michael Hsu perform on the Violin Thrusday at Daley Center. spot redwings and grackies in the marsh near 122nd Torrence. September 8 1976 JOHN VOEIZ & GIRLFRIEND DIANE BUDRESKI WALK THRW MARSH IN . February 25 1984 Kate Demars. February 4 1985 A lone duck surveys his kingdom of water and weeds in a small swamp pond along Illinois 82 near Elmhurst. October 27 1983 It takes a lot of listenings to sounds.IMG00328357A Suzuki kis are kids like any others. north of Burnham. Ill.

five audacious young men eluded police and from the tenth story lower. Such size such speed. September 15 1971 MILKWEED. April 15 1969 Swamp buggy race in Naples.ed one of their groupone story lower to where the consulat'e had hung a large Nazi IMG00328375A IMG00328376A SWASTIKA FLAG TORN FROM CONSULATE FLAG STAFF IMG00328377A Nazi Flag IMG00328378A THOUSANDS CHEER AS YOUTHS TEAR NAZI EMBLEM . Walter R. Fla GOING. NINE STORIES ABOVE THE STREET. IMG00328374A CHICAGO.IMG00328369A MILKWEED. now located in Italy. B. Zoremba 25 of the 760th Tank Bat. Union Ave. Fla. . JAN 18 1994 Frances Meleski 3001 So. Jubilently dances a caper or two with Nazi flag sent to her and her brother Sgt. May 26 1975 SYLVON SKECTICH PUTTING TOGETHER CINNAMON RAISIN BEER BREAD . JAN 12 1995 Shown is a controversial painting of an American Flag with a Nazi swastika in place of the 50 stars. everyone that saw it was amazed.. January 14 1978 When "Bo Hawg got going.. April 24 1944 San Franc isco . Co. . May 14 1968 TWO RIOT CALLS BROUGHT POLICE TO THE GERMAN CONSULATE HERE ONE DAY AFTER SEVERAL YOUTHS RIPPED A SWASTIKA FLAG FROM THE CONSULATE FLAGSTAFF. GROWS ALL OVER THE PLACE. WHICH ACCORDING TO THE KIDS IS A PRIME FOOD FOR MONARCH BUTTERFLIES. While thousando of people jammed the street downtown in front of the building where the GermanConsulate is located here. GROWS ALL OVER THE PLACE Three weary and tired Tampa policemen search swampland IMG00328370A IMG00328371A The race begins and at this point the swamp buggy looks more like a boat IMG00328372A IMG00328373A Swamp buggy race in Naples.GOING SYLVON SKECTICH PUTTING TOGETHER CINNAMON RAISIN BEER BREAD Shown is a controversial painting of an American Flag with a Nazi swastika in place of the 50 stars. SEP 15 19 Three weary and tired Tampa policemen search swampland where an armed bandit was chased as be fled from a dairy market. WHICH ACCORDING TO THE KIDS IS A PRIME FOOD FOR MONARCH BUTTERFLIES.Nov 2 1966 The race begins and at this point the swamp buggy looks more like a boat than a four wheeled vehicle as it plows into the muddy waters of the Sunshine Sppedways one quarter mile oval moat.

OLD AND NEW IMG00328382A GET IN POSITION IMG00328383A SWAT TEAM RUSHES CHILD TO SAFETY IMG00328384A SURRENDERS AFTER 24 HOURS IMG00328385A SWAT TEAM CAPTURE GUNMAN IMG00328386A GUNMAN SURRENDERED mir swast ika flaga in honor of Fioundat ion Day in Germany. JAN 18 1941 DISPLEASURE OVER NAZI ACTS OF OPPRESSION LED FOUR ARIZONA INIDAN TROOPS A FEW YEARS AGO TO FORSWEAR THE USE OF THE INDIAN SWATIKA DESIGN ON THEIR BALNKETS AND BASKETS. GERMANY. May 16 1985 Mental patient Wayne Wilson has led away from a building by Coral Gables. Seizing the emblem. OCT 16 1944 THE SWASTIKA HAS BEEN USED BOTH AS A RELIGIOUS SYMBOL AND AS AN ORNAMENT FROM THE DAWN OF MAN'S CIVILAZATION. OCT 16 1944 THE COAT OF ARMS OF THEODORE HAGEN.. WHICH ADORNS THE PORTAL OF THE ABBEY AT LAMBCH. he tore lt to shreds. Fla.AN EVIL PERVERSION OF THE SYMBOL WHICH ONCE STTOD FOR GOOD LUCK AND PEACE. February 12 1977 A member of the Yuba City Police Department SWAT team rushes to safety one of four children held hostage by a father who said he would kill them and himselft. SWAT team members after holding a woman hostage for 24 hours. September 17 1976 Los Angeles SWAT team escort a stocking masket suspect to an awaiting police car after he surrendered inside a super market in North Hollywood Friday morning. ABBE OF LAUBACH. December 24 1976 Police SWAT team members wearing gas masks arrest a man suspected of holding his ex-girlfriend hostage with a shotgun for more than four hours .IMG00328379A INDIANS BAN SWASTIKA IMG00328380A HILTER'S INSPIRATIONS? IMG00328381A SWASTIKAS . OCT 16 1944 Two armed members of the Cicinnati SWAT team take up positions nearby where a shotgun wielding man barridaded himself and eith hostages. IS SAID TO HAVE GIVEN HITLER THE IDEA OF ADOPTING THE SWASTIKA AS THE EMBLEM OF THE NAZI PARTY .

October 20 1977 SWAT team members from the South San Francisco police make a careful check down an alley beside the apartment where a robbery suspect identified as Michael Guile holds three hostages. February 12 1977 Nashville "Unique Situation Tean" members rush Fernice Wilson to safety after she excaped an intruder at her home 8/24. February 10 1977 This calico cat stopped dead in its trucks as it rounded a corner and faced an armed member of the New Orleans Police SWAT team Tuesday. Police were combing the Bordeaux area of Nashville for a man broke into a house just before daybreak and terrorized two sisters with a sawed off shotgun. March 17 1977 Members of the Indianapolis Police Department SWAT unit move to take up positions near the building where Anthony Kiritsis is holding an Indianapolis real estate executive hostage. September 23 1981 A member of the Cincinnati SWAT team gets direction from a police car while a shotgun wielding man barricaded himself and eight hostages in a room at a home for unwed mothers in Cincinnati.. Fla.IMG00328387A SWAT TEAM BRIEFING IMG00328388A CAREFUL GUARD IMG00328389A TAKE POSITIONS IMG00328390A SWAT POLICE AT HOSTAGE SCENE IMG00328391A CURIOSITY GOT CAT IMG00328392A GETS DIRECTION IMG00328393A Nashville "Unique Situation Tean" IMG00328394A POLICE WAIT Monday night in a Northwest Dallas club. wait behind a patrol car with rigles ready whiel a . Nov 27 1979 Members of the Atlanta SWAT team and FBI members have a briefing near the parked hijacked Frontier Airlines airplane at Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta Thursday. August 24 1976 Police in Coral Gables. February 8 1977 Two SWAT policemen walk past residents returning for possesions at the apartment complex where Anthony Kiritsis is holding mortgage company executive Richard Hall hostage.

she starts . We used the contrast color for the knittedshort sleeve pullover which is worked in an eyelet pattern. September 17 Wayne Wilson is rushed into the Coral Gables. called "pheromones". whether he is grammer school or prepschool age. August 18 . January 6 1985 All women love to be fashionable.IMG00328395A SURRENDERS AFTER HOLDING HOSTAGE IMG00328396A 'SWAT' TEAM MAKES ARREST IMG00328397A Human sweat will attract misquitoes. IMG00328399A SWEATNESS CHILDREN IMG00328400A Sweaters are always on important part of any young boy's back to school wardrobe former mental patient holds a hostage in a building across the street from the police station. As soon as a girl learns thenames of her favorite colors. September 18 1976 Members of the Los Angeles Police Department SWAT team arrest a man identified as Stphen Coats. September 22 1976 Human sweat will attract misquitoes.. after he fled from a Fairfox district house Tuesday. but will it lure the opposite sex? Chemist and 'chief nose" Nancy Hayden. but will it lure the opposite sex? IMG00328398A This electrical device can temporarily turn off the flood of excessive sweat for people who suffer from hyperhidrosis. Police say Wilson held social worker Stephanie Hirsch hostage in a building near the police station for more than 24 hours. has helped develop the first fragrances based on animal scents that are found to attract.being choosy about. police station after surrendering to police. Fla. even the tiniest toddler. July 7 1981 This electrical device can temporarily turn off the flood of excessive sweat for people who suffer from hyperhidrosis. The vest is crocheted in one main color with contrasting edging and buttons. 22. Here's a three-piece set toknit ag crochet for the young fashion sophisticate in your life. The bonnet is crocheted in shell titch squares of two colors with crocheted flowers trim andchin ties. February 8 1976 Sweaters are always on important part of any young boy's back to school wardrobe. the clothes she wears. of Chicago's JOvan purfume company.

blazer stripped cardigan with zip front. January 10 1952 Capt. It comes in a number of colors in sizes 8 to 12 for $5 at Sears. Roebuck & why not knit him a sweater that he wiligtreasure for a long time? Today's pattern contains complete instructions for making V-neck or crewneck sweaters in either cowboy. astronaut or toy soldier motif. make a good accessory for youngsters. This one is worked in worsted weight yarn with a round neck. June 28 1965 The Kick-the-can set is all for the bright. August 18 1964 The apples of your eye? Of course they are. astronaut or toy soldier motif. June 14 1976 Sweater styles patterned after those worn by Dad are just as popular with the younger set. Dagenkelb of the Los Angeles country fire prevention bureau ignites one of the explosive sweaters . July 8 1969 One of the inflamable "brush rayen" sweaters that have caused a small scals natinoal scare goes up in flames in less than a minute after being ignited outside manufacturer's place here. September 22 1966 The apple of your eye? Of course he is. raglan sleeve sweaters for them. John G.IMG00328401A Knitted why not knit him a sweater that he wiligtreasure for a long time? Today's pattern contains complete instructions for making V-neck or crewneck sweaters in either cowboy. June 28 1965 "The apple of your eye? Of course he is. October 21 1965 Boy's pullover calls for a double strand of the sam weight yarn while the girl's pullover is the Aran isle type knitting. Sweater styles patterned after those worn by Dad are just as popular with the younger set Two Classic Sweaters For Children IMG00328402A IMG00328403A IMG00328404A Sweaters Boys IMG00328405A Sweaters Boys IMG00328406A Sweaters Children IMG00328407A Boy's pullover calls for a double strand of the sam weight IMG00328408A EXPLOSIVE SWEATER BURNS WITH A RUSH IMG00328409A EXPLOSIVE SWEATER 1964 Knitted Popovers. So show your favorite youngsters ho w much you care by knitting either of these classic. laced up the sides.

The regimental stripes in the scarf and matching scar pullover come in navy and white. White cashmere sweaters made in England. April 23 1966 Stripped knit blazer with three flap pockets and wide lapels comes in a number of color combinations. also by Heritage with raglan shoulders includes broad chest stripe that continues to sleeves. Crewneck pullover. September 19 1967 A sweater and scarf combination sets the style for the campus and skating rink Sweaters goes around and around. Oct 14 1969 The life the turtle . Buttone down shirt with 3 F C collar . The one shown heere is the semi turtle variety. Nov 22 1966 Testa's sweater sets with bloused boot pants as seen at Esquire magazine's European fashion trends show.IMG00328410A Federal Trade Comion chairman Paul Rand Dixon watches the immolation of a sweater here 4/21 IMG00328411A Sweaters Men 1966 IMG00328412A Sweaters Mens IMG00328413A Sweaters Mens 1967 IMG00328414A Sweaters Mens 1967 IMG00328415A The ubiquitous long leans belled sweaters IMG00328416A Whatever your man's taste in classic sweaters. January 11 1952 Federal Trade Comion chairman Paul Rand Dixon watches the immolation of a sweater here 4/21. July 14 1970 Whatever your man's taste in classic sweaters. IMG00328417A Sweaters Mens 1967 IMG00328418A Sweaters Mens 1969 IMG00328419A Sweaters Mens 1967 which have turned up in many parts of the country. Nov 28 1967 Classic cardigans are going great guns. you can make it for him yourself. The bizarre fire ritual was staged to publicize an FTC crackdown on the manufacturer of the sweater. October 36 1967 The ubiquitous long leans belled sweaters. White sweater with six cable stick front or the bulky brushed wool and mohair are good buys for casual wear and easy going comfort. which Dixon said flunked the FTC safety test. August 24 1967 Cable panels accent huskier texture this season. Todays leaflet describes round neck or dartlenck pullovers with set in sleeves or a V neck cardigans with the extremely popular saddle shoulder. are used here for formal dress and pour is sport.

Curved raglan shoulders and semi bell sleeves distinguish a Robert Bruce. This one is supposed to go everywhere . Nov 5 1968 "Classique" has full fashioned raglan styling. a short sleeved sweater for warm weather. cardigan of Nomelle.can add a little color to the sport. "Winter Flame" is a companion tothe women's style. Nov 12 1963 A solid colored knit laminated to polyfoam for extra insulation and body warmthfeatures the racing collar. August 22 1969 A smartly fashioned machine-washable sweater of Shetland wool and Kodel. All ski fashionsshown are by White Stag. and is priced at $15 at Benson-Rixon and Carson Pirie Scott & Co. July 25 1967 Bulky turtleneck model with multicolored diamonds of the cable stick and sleeves with rows of cable. is a favorite design of the Gino Paoli current collection. Nov 12 1963 If it's bright it should be easy to spot andthis jacquard knit crew neck cardigan is just the type that. ribbed crew neck. IMG00328425A A solid colored knit laminated to polyfoam for extra insulation and body warmth IMG00328426A If it's bright it should be easy to spot and IMG00328427A A short sleeved sweater for warm weather under the front of buttoned down part for size is predicted to be a campus favorite. The linkbuttons are antiqued silvered coins. NOV 12 1963 It seems like a good idea. December 13 1966 The Sweater coordinates with a matching mock turtle shirt. The set-in vertical pockets of the "Dollar Mountain"model have leather triangle reinforcements. a soft orlon fabric. August 22 1969 The long waist and long cuff put Robert Bruce's touch on a v-neck cardigan and a boldly striped crwneck pullover. It comes in 12 seasonal colors. this turtleneck pullover by Brentwood features a full-fashion saddle shoulder. IMG00328424A "Classique" has full fashioned raglan styling. narrow tube knit cufs and bottom band in the zip cardigan.IMG00328420A Sweaters Mens 1966 IMG00328421A The Sweater coordinates with a matching mock turtle shirt IMG00328422A Both sweaters are machine washable IMG00328423A A smartly fashioned machinewashable sweater of Shetland wool and Kodel.

perfeet for cool resort evenings anywhere. . . is a good choice for the teen age boy. September 20 1954 A wool sweater.50. December 9 1966 New dimentional textures have masculine look. beige and blue. December 7 1952 Double knit V neck pullover of pure wool features batwing sleeve with gussel by Himalaya. January 12 1965 Matching sweater sets like these V neck styles by Catallina are available in bright colors as well as gray. Nov 12 1963 Here's project for ambitious young hands. lightweight fiber blend sweater . March 16 1965 Colorful. casual cardigan of Alpine IMG00328429A KNIT A SWEATER SEND FOR FREE DIRECTIONS IMG00328430A Sweater Men 1965 IMG00328431A Sweater Men IMG00328432A BRIGHT. WARM BOYS SWEATER IMG00328433A Sweater Men 1965 IMG00328434A Sweater Men 1965 IMG00328435A BOLD COMBO IMG00328436A Sweater Men 1967 from beach to barbeque to fairway and it can be dressed up with an ascot. About $13 at Sears. available in many bright color combination. casual cardigan of Alpinedesign is of wool. Dimensional aprt stich with inside tile patters glows lit multi color brightness on this deep pullover . according to the American Institute of Men's and Boy's Wear. Knit a sweater for yourself and or the man in your life. it comes in wide range of colors for about $22. knit by Himalaya is $35 and has matching ski cap. October 26 1965 Interesting combination of suede leather and full.95. Mohair and wool ina lightweight crepe stitch.It comes in two four-color combina-Etons at $12. bodied wool knit has cable stich trim which ends in bold patch pocekts.IMG00328428A Colorful. September 23 1955 This young man looks capable of deciding how to spend his own allowance. He's wearing a striped. mohair and nylon. October 26 1965 For sea of ski. five button cardigan in knitover knit patters features ambre effect in all colors.

The price is $30. camel and light blue at $16. September 24 1966 High V cardigan. with heavy brushed shaggy effect. however. The Irisbh one is of pure Bainin wool in horizontal stripes. Jacquard plaid pullover has contrasting sleeves and mock turtleneck in novelty rib. Chicagoans. By Heritage. September 19 1967 Bulky and bold sweaters for the boys. yellow . is of mohair and kodal polyester by Braintwood. About $7. September 6 1967 Turtlenecks. and require only a knowledge of knit and purl to make them. gray. will be campus favorites this season. are used here for formal dressand pour le sport. Nov 28 1967 Damon International's belted W wool knit pullover comes in an intricately . July 30 1968 The big-man-on-campus goes casual. August 25 1964 White cashmere sweaters. All over ribbing and saddle shoulders give helthy look a cardigan with shawl collar. About $19.95. HisMadras shirt has button-down scollar.95. prefer the new fook in tricot or broadcloth turtlenecks.IMG00328437A Sweater Mens 1967 IMG00328438A Sweater Men 1967 IMG00328439A Sweater Men 1968 IMG00328440A The big-man-on-campus goes casual IMG00328441A Sweater Men 1966 IMG00328442A Sweater Men IMG00328443A Sweaters Men's 1967 IMG00328444A Sweater Men's withneck turtile inset by jantzen? September 19 1967 Interesting patterns and textures are abundant in wool sweaters this fall. which zip at neck and serve two purposes. They are in blacck and white. made in England. Matching pullovers $14. Its the new look of London and is just the ticket for the college boys collection. The V'd pullover is a mohairwool blend. The cable front by Alan Paine comes in bone for $40 at Baskin's. It coming in alive. July 6 1965 Brace yourself for the blustery chill of the season with this bi crew neck sweater with saddle shoulders. imported from Ireland (left) and England. longsleeves'and tapered body.

brushed look in wool this season. The "crew" in the new camel color is a favorite on any school campus for casual wear. The tooled silverbuttons go all . DEC 6 1970 Two-button sweater jacket comes in double-knit white with blue andburgundy trim. $50. An Italian import. The brushed look and suede patches are also featured in thisCatalina pullover style. This cardigan features the soft. The jacket has three patch pockets. Priced $45.50 at Erie Clothing. October 8 1963 Two of the classics in sweater fashions are the crew neck and the six-button cardigan. Nov 22 1966 This zip-fropt cardigan features suede elbow patches. Featured is long pointed collar and belted look. October 8 1963 Side vent and wide lapel are among the festures of this thresbutton sweater. The popular brushed effectis interpreted in a blend of wool and camel's hair. Oct 8 1963 The crew neckin a blend of wool and camers hair is one of the sweater stylesout this season. blue. it retails at $42. Comes in white. Nov 2 The brawny look (left) is in a bulky cabled Himalaya pullover with the high aturtle-neck that's great protection against the wind. cutaway front and shawl collar. By Himalaya. From Catalina's "Bold Look" sweater collection designed byMaurice Levin. Oct 8 1963 Along more tailored lines is this 8button cardigan (right) in a mid-weight knitted wool.IMG00328445A Sweater Men's 1966 IMG00328446A Sweater Men's IMG00328447A Sweaters Men's 1963 IMG00328448A Sweater Men's IMG00328449A Sweater Men's 1963 IMG00328450A Sweater Men's 1963 IMG00328451A Sweater Men's engineered box plaid in shades of camel and blue. side vents. with or without suede elbow patches. an important new look of fashion. banded with contrasting colorand paneled to the neck with light-dome buttons. black and burgundy with brass buttons.

IMG00328453A Sweater Men's 1971 IMG00328454A Sweater IMG00328455A Sweater IMG00328456A Sweater Men's 1971 IMG00328457A Sweater Men's IMG00328458A PIG 'N' WHISTLE IMG00328459A Stripes take an unusual route up the side and down the sleeve of this five-button cardigan the way to the neck and illustrate the chain effect at the top.95. hair long and styled and bold bold stripes. September 19 1961 A sweater to fit any cold-weather occasion is the Pig 'n' Whistle model by Himalaya. They are both made for men. August 13 1963 On the bright side in new pattern styles is the blazer stripe cardigan in colorful combinations and graduatedshades and the diamond pattern which is featured in "his or her'' sweater sets for couples.95) is j avala ble in four colors. It also comes in pullover and cardigan styles. August 13 1963 Shinny-ribbed sweater. belt geometric patters. August 24 1985 . Done in an airy stitch of all wool by Jockey. it is priced at about $19 at downtown stores. Available in eightcolor combinations. MacGregor's done white model withleather buttons $13.95 also comesrin four colors. December 30 1970 Ski pullover sweater in tiger tones blended with beige and gray and pullover sweater with combination chest stripe contrasted color shoulder. Rib-knit (left) withbuttons by Glasgo ($19. Nov 20 1962 Cabled tennis cardigan. April 25 1961 The look's the same and so are the sweaters. February 23 1971 All-wool cardigans with button front arein high style for fall. Rothschild. She is wearing it just to match his.They are available at Maurice L. DEC 3 1963 Stripes take an unusual route up the side and down the sleeve of this fivebutton cardigan. It is a blend of mohair and pure wool designed in zippered model of muted plaid.IMG00328452A Sweaters shown are from Lython's. trimmed with contrasting bends of color. Sweaters shown are from Lython's. is easy to knit. Both blazer stripes the cardigan is $10. About $18 at Benson Rixon.

Mar 24 1964By Revere.Serenade to a summer sweater from the small fry set.95 at Body Builder Sport Shop. Nov 29 1964 RIGHT . in the "St.IMG00328460A TUTLENECK SWEATERS PUT TIES IN NOTS IMG00328461A Sweaters Men 1964 IMG00328462A CARDIGAN sweater of wool and Orlon has metal buttons and is completely washable IMG00328463A Summer Sweaters IMG00328464A Sweaters Men 1964 IMG00328465A Sweaters Men 1964 IMG00328466A Sweaters Men 1963 Examples of new men's fashions at left and right show them wearing turtleneck sweaters for daytime and evening wear and snubbing the necktie and bow tie. Airy-light wools and mohairs arenaturals for active sports because they provide warmth without extra weight and the bouncy fibers flex with every movement. May 8 1962 Leisure hours spent touring the New York World's Fair call for something comfortabe to wear. A cardigim model that features short sleeves and collar is trimmed with charcoal gray and white stripes on abright yellow background. The young troubador is wearing a six button red cardigan in Orlon. Price $11. An item easy to pack for any vacationer would be this orlon acrylic sweater. about $13. December 18 1967 TOAST-brown pure Orion cardiganhas toast color shell with four stripes in contrasting colors. and The Fell Co. January 14 1964 Two attractive styles for the ski look includethis heavy wool V-neck sweater with a vertical stripe designed by Violaine. Andrews" Style. hers with a convertible windbreaker hood and his with a dramatic Aztec motif emblazoned on the front. Comes in four sizes in blue. Nov 29 1964 CARDIGAN sweater of wool and Orlon has metal buttons and is completely washable. The hooded ski sweater by Glatigny is designed with one narrow . gold and camel at $13. There's a gay winter carnival air about these wool and mohair ski pullovers by Pinata Party. By Robert Bruce. at For Men Jr.95 at Erie Stores for Men. Available at the Caravan Shop in Old Town.

December 24 1963 A cardigan Sweater. December 27 1961 The new look in sweaters owes a lot to the old classics. September 24 1963 The collection of French imported sweaters illustrates some of this season's styles. September 10 1961 Seven tone stripes of apaca by designer David Churchil is typical of models Sweater's Men designed for the men who likes color.IMG00328467A IMG00328468A IMG00328469A IMG00328470A IMG00328471A IMG00328472A IMG00328473A IMG00328474A IMG00328475A horizontal stripe around the chest and sleeves. By Robert Bruce. September 10 1961 . What's in A cardigan Sweater. Carson' Pirie Scott & Co. Here. September 19 1961 A new version of the cardigan. for example. December 27 1961 T square contrasting stripe is detail design of orlon acrylic. $15 The Fair. This sixthe Peerfield. A hound tooth check in Sweaters Men 1963 the six button cardigan features a shorter jacket length. By Kandahar. styled with seven buttons is knitted of shape Sweaters Men 1963 holding Orlon acrylic in red. white and black. by Sportswear.. the sweater is priced at about $13. Five semibulky cardigan by Erwin and button style is novel blend of wool and Siegel linen. This six-button model is called according to the Wool Bureau. worm with red turtleneck bib. is a V-neck with -ribbed waistband and cuffs done in an imaginative argyle The new look in sweaters owes pattern with a brush knit of Orlon a lot to the old classics acrylie fiber. Puritan Sportswear. knit pullover by Sweaters Men 1961 Westwood Knitting Mills. October 3 1963 Ski patterned cardigan. made of pure lamb's wool processed so that it can be washed and dried automatically. It comes in several shades.95 at. $15 The Fair. What's in the the name? name? April 3 1962 Hand knit look disguiss semibulky Hand knit look disguiss cardigan by Erwin and Siegel. $12. by Puritan button model is called the Peerfield. September 24 1963 Five bright colors are blended in this Norweigian patterned zip neck pullover Sweaters Men 1963 of orlon acrylic.

August 22 1967 The Shanon London fisherman's knit in creamy oyster white is going great guns this season. Her sweater is a v-neck pullover. It is traditional in style and comes in same heather tones. Glorgio features many of these rugged combinations in his collection for G. IMG00328482A Items for the fashions christmas gift guide. JAN 12 1984 Benetton store owner Nina Terzian working in her downtown store . August 22 1967 Giorgio's use of opulent sportswear fabrics and textures is well illustrated by this combination of heavy wool cable knit in sweaters worn with lavish. wide-walecorduroy in jeas. Nina Terzian working in her downtown store Benetton with Sweater's Men. The sweater comes in a comfortable. Pedrini of Treviso.acable knit tennis cardigan . Italy. October 29 1989 CLOTHES FROM BENETTON. September 26 1977 Items for the fashions christmas gift guide. blue.IMG00328476A Sweater's Men The traditional favorites . chabills peach and pale burgundy. Italy. Nov 2 Stack up these classic crew neck cableknit shertlan sweaters for men in holiday or resort partial shades of rose. Both about $75. a companion to the cardigan. IMG00328483A Wool Gathering IMG00328484A Sweaters IMG00328485A IMG00328486A Sweaters Misc. Jeans about $50. is leading sales in back to school accessory styles. which comes to green.has been up dated this year. gold and chocolates brown.The traditional favorites . August 22 1967 Shertland "Cru Neck". soft.acable knit tennis cardigan . B. has two pockets and ribbing at the cuffs and bottom. now $36 each. regularly $48. open mesh stich in the new Orlon Sayelle synthetic fiber. Lee's is a 9" turtleneck. May 8 1962 Cardigan of Shetland wool.has been up dated this year IMG00328477A IMG00328478A Cardigan of Shetland wool IMG00328479A Sweater's Men IMG00328480A Sweater's Men IMG00328481A Glorgio features many of these rugged combinations in his collection for G. B. Pedrini of Treviso. September 21 1961 Left . October 18 1981 A playful kitten bathing at a Christmas tree branch adds a whimsical touch to this knit sweater vest that's perfect for the holidays.

You canbe right up to the minute by making any one of the designs. Be a "Val" with this Chicagoadi-tion " Valley Girl" kweat I he mufflerare made from recycled materials and are vintage furs at reasonable : prices. features a contrasting brown stripe pattern.98. save an ultrathin plastic slicker with hood from The City Child for a rainy day. on sale at The Jewel Box. Made by Twinco Products Co. Suggested resell price is $2. May . April 22 1981 Diamond studio earings for pierced ears. Calif. September 2 1981 Say hello to the cooler days ahead with An acrylic yarn sweater that features an easy leaf stich/ September 18 1988 Inspired by the handsome fishermer sweaterof girierations among all ages on the Emerald isle. old daughter Kristy. old daughter Kristy. January 4 1984 CLOCKWISE FROM ABOVE: These tooth some stocking stuffers are fouride formulated and come in a varietyof flavors. The collection of toys is from Jambosree and is designed by mothers who know the importance of durable toys. the gjpadiover a to hold it. August 4 1982 Knit a seamless with a rounded yoke worked in a sunburst of mock cables with the same simple pattern titch used for bands and ribbings. let glitter go to your head with hair combs.her 13 yr. January 23 1982 Style is in the bag with this sweater and quarter of socks. in place. Aug 30 1965featured in Liaflet 8410. This model of arlon acrylic fiber. February 26 1967 Cardigans for men and boys are being fetured in solids with stripes. IMG00328487A Shop watch items IMG00328488A Style is in the bag with this sweater and quarter of socks Knit a seamless IMG00328489A IMG00328490A Sweaters IMG00328491A An acrylic yarn sweater that features an easy leaf stich IMG00328492A Inspired by the handsome fishermer sweaterof girierations among all ages on the Emerald isle IMG00328493A Sweaters IMG00328494A Seater's Men Benetton with her 13 yr. picks and ponytail holders from the Paint Shop. Twinco Sweeter Meid en ihet be hung up indoors or out: Ali flowing through bark sides speeds drying. these knits are now taking this country by storm. San Francisco.

rounded necking. July 27 1986 Knit in these beatiful designs jacquard. C. Nov 15 1985 Marisa Christina's red and black stripped pullover is in rayon and cotton shot with metallic thread for nightime glitter. has a U neckline.laiborne's earth-tone bold textrued oversized cotton pullover sweater. $54 of Fields. Both have region sleeves. It's a no nonsense. Murray Graff of Karolls Hildegard Weiler Murray Graff of Karrolls IMG00328496A IMG00328497A IMG00328498A IMG00328499A IMG00328500A Sweater's Men 1964 IMG00328501A Sweaters IMG00328502A IMG00328503A IMG00328504A This classic cardigan sweaters Woolly Lamb Sweater Sweaters IMG00328505A Knit in these beatiful designs jacquard. Deck the shole family out in great holiday colored sweaters. September 20 1954 Below .it has all the ingredients to be one of the most popular sweaters of the coming season. Button up neck is shown of left: V neck at right. February 4 1981 His and her sweaters and matching shirts by Nik Nik are in bloom.IMG00328495A This bolero look sweaters Circular yaked pullovers make a hit on the slopes. January 14 1964 If it's sleeveless and belted. His and her sweaters and matching shirts by Nik Nik are in bloom.Star performer in any outdoor man's physical fitness program is this bulky and tweedy wool pullover by Himalaya with its chin . at Marshall Field's. June 27 1979 . February 9 1992 Circular yaked pullovers make a hit on the slopes. August 20 1970 This classic cardigan sweaters can be knitted in sizes 12 through 18 or 44 through 48. and is a skinny ribbed knit . January 18 1976 Murray Graff of Karolls Hildegard Weiler. September 28 1976 75. IMG00328506A Sweaters IMG00328507A Marisa Christina's red and black stripped pullover 2 1963 This bolero look sweaters features three-quarter-length sleeves and a wide. August 9 1978 Woolly Lamb Sweater. Gift Guide items. September 20 1954 Murray Graff of Karolls Hildegard Weiler of the models studios.high turtleneck and smug ribbed cuffs. $120. up and stride type of sweater with its air of hearty wellbeing. April 17 1996 Liz.

At home on city streete or slei slopes. What's up is down the down sweater. June 27 19 Big top bounty of Miya and Yoshi. January 14 1964 For him and her.IMG00328508A Sweaters IMG00328509A Chloe's bolero sweater with lace applique on cotton loop knit is a keepsake IMG00328510A From French sweater queen Sonia Rykiel IMG00328511A Belt an ivory string knitt sweater by It's Pure IMG00328512A Sonia's azalea pink chenille sweater IMG00328513A Big to Beauty IMG00328514A Circular yaked sweater made if fluffy brunswick Eleganzo yarn IMG00328515A Sweaters Men 1964 IMG00328516A Sweaters Sleevless peach shakeknitt sweater in cotton yarn by Perry Ellis is a perfect shell for summers black suit and will double as a vest in winter. at Marshall Field & Co. suffs and waist.a classic V neck cardigan for him and a jumper type knit for her. these sweaters in unusual dolors and patterns with horizontal thannel quilting are designed. The big top for men and women is for lightweight warmth and comfort. hand-dyed and mantfattered by the husband. June 27 1979 Belt an ivory string knitt sweater by It's Pure Gould for a lean and clean summer look that will travel into fall. black cotton sweater in black striped with blue is for all hours and seasons. matching Aron isle designs. that is. June 27 1979 Chloe's bolero sweater with lace applique on cotton loop knit is a keepsake that can be worn in different ways. 2. $130. $168. $375. June 27 1979 Sonia's azalea pink chenille sweater with scalloped finish is definitely a collector's item.and-wife . knitted inserts and banding at the neck. June 27 1979 From French sweater queen Sonia Rykiel. at Sales Fifth Avenue. $24. Nov 4 1980 Circular yaked sweater made if fluffy brunswick Eleganzo yarn. January 4 1971 . August 18 1980 Natural light weight warmth and bright. splashly outdoorsy colors are the fashion cues for cutting a sprace figure on the ice. at Marshal Field & Co. at Field's. with raglan or set-in sleeves. shoulders.

December 31 1968 Matching His and Her sweaters with the bold look are sure to be seen on every college campus this fall. To be worn for avariety of occasions. December 147 1955 You can deal yourself a pretty fashion by cutting out felt figures and tkling to a plain sweaters. to after-ski celebrations. IT'S ALL NEWSI The cardigan sweater fashioned from safron. Sizes 40 to 46. April 25 1961 These traditional sweaters are made with a lighter weight yarn than the usual Irish yarn. vertically striped bulky Orlon pullover sweater is fringed. October 5 1961 For the collector. Dec 26 1958 Sweater's Women. Aug 3 1967 You will feel proud as a peacock when your entire family steps out in sweaters you have made for them yourself. so now is the time to start your needles clicking. pink or black. from an evening of entertaining at home. $14. December 27 1961 NEW. $15 at Wieboldt's. a sweater that shows her wealth with a jingling of golden coinery strewn all over the front of this black wool full-fashioned sweater. NEW. has a small silver thread embroidered collar.98 at Lane Bryant. Soft orton cardigan dotted with pearls and brilliants. and worn with wonderful figure-making stretch pants IMG00328522A IMG00328523A IMG00328524A IMG00328525A You can deal yourself a pretty fashion by cutting out felt figures and tkling to a plain sweaters Sweater's Women Sweaters Sweater's Women IMG00328526A Sweater's Women IMG00328527A NEW. September 14 1961 The perfect cover for everything in a resort wardrope .IMG00328517A Sweaters IMG00328518A These traditional sweaters are made with a lighter weight yarn IMG00328519A His and Her sweaters IMG00328520A Sweaters Family IMG00328521A Sweaters Preview of 1961 cold weather clothing shown at Operation Upturn includes colorfull all wool striped his and her cardigans by Milwasukes knit. IT'S ALL NEWSI . October 28 1955 Sweater's Women. September 29 1966 Women of every age will always welcome a jeweled sweater. in white. in the newest Italian manner . NEW.

December 14 1962 Shetland type sweater is fashioned in a "baby shaker" stitcR with cardigasi neckline and zipper front. tant lines. at Sears. The stirrup anchors firmly under the foot -. The hand-knit comes in shades of blue and green or blue violet and black.about $11. in a blend of wool and Kodel polyester fiber. December 27 1961 . The yarn by Laines Du iuin creats its own nubby. It's also available in solid colorsat the new import boutique shop in Highland Park. October 7 1962 Gay sweater in a magnets.IMG00328528A The ultra amphistears important tennis sweater top with drift of Chiflon IMG00328529A SHETLAND SHAKER IMG00328530A Gay sweater in a magnets. La Jolie Femme. IMG00328531A KNITTED WITH A NEW YARN IMG00328532A Sweaters IMG00328533A Sweater's Women that never lose their trim. for about $35. Designed by Yrenne of California $165 at BluVogue. The other: the blend of stretch nylon yarns and wool. January 14 1963 Chanel type sweater jackets were knitted with Papotage. Little nothing sleeveless sweater with V neck knit of 100 per cent green wool is used as pullover with osft silk chiffon print in fashion of colors.95. is by Foxwood.that's one of the secrets . Sweater. The sweater . a recently introduced yarn produced in Paris. loop effect when knitted. January 14 1963 The casual bulky knit for leisure wear has an argyle check. In wonderfully bright colors . September 14 1961 The ultra amphistears important tennis sweater top with drift of Chiflon. about $6. white and black has a wide cowl collar and comes with a matching stocking cap sweater by sa of Italy retails for $59. Nov 4 1962 Sweater girls on ice are wearing an aqua ribstitched style (left) with aqua and white cowl collar and attached hood by Mirsa of Italy($49395) and white style with red border pattern and scarf by Marvienne of Austria. the pants.

WARM. September 20 1954 Left. THANS TO ORLON. large stitches make work go . January 14 1962 Inspired by this tennis sweater look. Flaring cape with attached hood in a bold black and white plained is certain to steal the fashion show on ice. January 14 1963 The twin-sweater set is'back. and a cardigan teaming chevain a n d boundstoothpatterns. January 5 1964 Matching sweater sets like these Vneck styles by Catalina are available in bright colors as well as gray. February 22 1963 Sweater's Women 1970. a white overblouse bands its edge and V neck in pink and red ties at the waist with cord belting. HAND SEWN BEADING IN A GRADEFUL LEAF MOTIF.IMG00328534A Sweater's Women 1971 IMG00328535A Lacy Weave IMG00328536A Inspired by this tennis sweater look Sweater's Women 1970 IMG00328537A IMG00328538A CHILL CHASER IMG00328539A FUZZY IMG00328540A Sweaters IMG00328541A Sweater's Women 1963 IMG00328542A Sweater's Women's 1971 IMG00328543A CROCHET A STYLISH SWEATER: SEND FOR FREE INSTRUCTIONS The latest girls sweaters. October 7 1970 A LUXURIOUS CARDIGAN OF SOFT 100 PERCENT SPUN ORLON IS FURTHER GLAMORIZED BY INTRICATE. beige and blue. By Spur Knitting Mills. September 27 1971 The bulkier the better-that's the latest fashion wod on sweaters. AND LONG WEARING. Oscar de la Renta's set combines a chevron-weave tank top. LIGHTWEIGHT. And. are made to order sweaters with telephone number knitted on the front. of course. but it looks different today than it did in the 19305. THE PREMIER SWEATER WILL HOLD ITS SHARE AND FIRAY SOFTNESS THROUGH COUNTLESS WASHINGS. DEC 1953 Bulky knit cardigan in a fuzzy blend of Creslan acrylic fiber and mohair combines an airy rib-stitch with a cable pattern. September 17 1971 Lacy stitched V nec sweater by Old Colony an example of the trend toward novell weave knitted this season sweator. WITH NO BLOCKING NEEDED.


Sweater's Women's 1964


Sweater's Men


Sweater's Womens











fast.To receive instructions for crocheting this dolman-sleeve sweater, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope to Pattern Dept., The SunTimes, Chicago 6, Ill., and ask forr Leaflet .No4 107.2. June 12 1955 Turtleneck dickeys are the newest fill ins for V neck sweaters. Black ribbed knit sweater with cotton suede neckline lacing retails for $12.95. July 13 1964 Right - Stripes seem to come alive in this blazing Blazer cardigan. It's the Canadian's Cardigan by Jantzen. March 25 1963 THREE CHEERS for these autumn favoritest Three cheers for the big and bulky, full-fashioned acrylic cardigane..and another rousing three cheers for the stirruped stretch slacks of Millikents "Royal Adagio." And three cheers for the low prides... 7.97 eache ..available now at Robert Hall. August 9 1964 Sweater outfit is typical of the fashions that travel South at this time of the year. Outfit by Ser binteams a red, white and blueorlon cardigan with an acetate sharkskin knit dress. January 26 1964 Salt and pepper tweedlik sweater a bulky knit is an Italian import designed by Pantino. Long style has V neck and long sleeves. July 29 1962 Knitting instructions can be obtained from the National Yarn Assn., Room 1860A, 15 E. 26th St. New York City. Send a self addressed envelop. December 10 1961 Knitting instructions can be obtained from the National Yarn Assn., Room 1860A, 15 E. 26th St. New York City. Send a self addressed envelop. December 10 1961 Westshugging sweater can' be knit in either wool or heavy cotton. Tweedy mixture shown is black and


The art deco sweaters


The thoroughly sweater is a throwback to the flapper era.




Super sweater


Sweater's girls of the Seventies

spicecotton, with a metallic strand running through the yarn. Directionsare,given in s'ptisl4, I6xend 18. To obtain the seed a s ped, selfate essetenvelope to PatternDepsament, , un-TimesiChicago 6, Ill., and ask for Leaflet No S 724. September 4 1955 The art deco sweaters, warn by the chorus in the Broadway musical No No Nanette are being reproduced by the Sportwhirt sportswear firm and will soon be in stores across the country. March 1 1971 The thoroughly sweater is a throwback to the flapper era. You will be tempted to break into the Charleston too in Jack Winter's belted mazi sweater of white wool boucle, warn with a plaid kilt skirt. August 14 1967 Sweater in popular long, alim line has novel button closings at sides as well as front. Hipband outlines the bottomedge and neckline and wrists are ribbed for snug fit. To obtain knitting instructions, send stamped, self-addressed envelope to Pattern Dept., The Sun-Times, Chicago 6, Ill., and ask for Leaflet No. PK 8158. Nov 4 1955 A crocheted doily that gets out of hand canibe turned into a super long sweater.. Sweater Bee by Banff hand acrochets beige wool into a tank-style slipon. In sizes 243 40 it's, $16 at Carson Pirie Scott & Co. December 14 1969 They call them "shrinks."Or just plain "tiny sweaters."Or even "accessories. "That's how some of the stores refer to those diminutive tops that, on a hanger, appear destined for the children's department. They're snug little knits that merely require an ablebodied, usually braless young female, plus a longish skirt or pants, and a few extras to give them a very with-it,, European-type casual look. October 7 1970


The little shrink is big now


Sweater's Women's 1965






Sweater's Women's 1970


Sweater girl


Sweater's Women's 1970


Sweater's Women's 1970

The shrink is the new sweater look. Thestyle on the left is knitted while the oneon the right is crocheted. Pattern 754gives directions for both in sizes small,medium and large. For a copy, send 75cents - plus 25 cents for airmail postageand special handling - with your request to Laura Wheeler, The SunTimesNeediecraft Department, Box 161, OldChelsea Station, New York, N.Y. 10011.Please include the pattern number de-sired and your name, address and zipcode. September 12 1971 The flamenco dancers of Spain inspired a short sweater with exaggerated sleeves. The bare-midriff topper of Orlon acrylic, comes in moss, lemon and turquoise. $16 at Horse of A Different Color. January 3 1965 TALKING IN THE FEAST FOR THE EYES THAT IS BEFORE HIM IS THE AIR FORCE'S SGT. ROBERT WOLF, ONE OF THE JUDGES AT THE PIN UP SWEATER GIRL CONTEST AT THE FRENCH CASINO IN NEW YORK. SEP 1952 THE WINNER OF THE 1954 SWEATERS QUEEN CONTEST POSES WITH RUNNERS-UP AFTER THEY WERE SELECTED AT THE WALDORF-ASTORIA HOTEL, SEPTEMBER 20TH. SEP 1954 Sweater's Women's 1970. October 7 1970 Sweaters get longer while skirts get shorter. The turtle will be out in force on sweater girls modeling informally at theChicago premiere of "De La Vega," opening Friday. Originals, fine silks, cottons and wools for men and women are a feature of the new Mexican shop. Nov 16 1967 A great way to pull together separate parts is to add a shrink. Glentex's tiny pullover is done in tritoned horizontal stripes. December 6 1970 At the paul b. stores on Rrush, Broadway and Highland Park, these


Sweater's Women's 1967


A rib-knit midi sweatar ess was made from

IMG00328567A IMG00328568A IMG00328569A

Sweater's Womens 1970 Sweater's Womens 1970 Sweater's Womens 1970






Sweater's Womens 1965


Sweater's Womens 1965


Sweater's Womens 1965



little sweaters ($7 to $18) are called "shrinks". December 30 1970 The trim "skimpy" look features a crow neck and is done in Orlon knit. about $12. March 26 1967 A rib-knit midi sweatar ess was made fromMcCall's Pattern No 2486. It's part of the Fashion Wavelength collection available at Wieboldt's. The style shown here is made from Cohama's ribknit wool, rabbit hair and nylon rib-knit, which retails for $9 a yard. July 13 1970 Sweater's Womens. October 7 1970 The only "mini" available at Ultimo on Oak is the way Sant Angelo top ($11) warn with his knit co ordinates. Oct 7 1970 Sweater's Womens 1970 ABOVE-Tassels take a turn toward fall.Here they trim the sleeves and edge of theraglan sleeve sweater. $17. From the Shaker collection by Joyce soon to be availabl at Carson's. July 23 1965 The tweedy total look. Sox up to the kneeshave a two-tone effect to inatch the handcrocheted cardigan sweater. The sheathskirt is done in a soft flannel. Sweater is$15, skirt is $12, sox are $5. To be avail-able at Carson's. July 23 1965 A bulky Orlon sweater gets a nautical touch with a drawstring dosure at the neck. The daffodil knit is candy-striped in khaki and aqua. In sizes 36 to 40, it is available for $11.98 at Kaufman's. January 3 1965 RIGHT - The poor boy look takes cum laude honors. The ribbed sweater ofcreamy wool slides down to its gray flannel hip-hanging skirt. $40. At Saks Fifth A venue. August 10 1965 PASTEL flowers trim a longsweater in blue wool and nylon blend. P u l l o v e r handmade in italy retailsfor $85. From Studio 4, Carson Pirie Scott & Co. Nov 28 1965 All signals are "go" on this wool


Sweater's Womens 1967


Sweater's Womens 1965


Sweater's Womens 1965


Sweater's Womens 1967


Overgrows sweaters are the rage for fall


This superb casual women sweaters


Dalton's extra-long cashmere


Sweater's Womens 1968


Sweater's Womens 1969

boatneck sweater scattered with chenille circles, squares and triangles. About $10.99 at E.J. Karvette stores. December 20 1966 Short sleeve, turleneck rib slipon, back zip in White, Navy, Post Pink, Panay Purple, String Green, Torrid Turquoise, Orange Peel, and Yellow Bird. March 26 1967 What better way is there to start off National Sweater week, which begins September 20, than to put a sweater to test as shapely Jeanne Dequine of St. Petersburg is doing. September 14 1965 Blue lines intersect a white wool pullover (right) with a ribbed turtleneck collar and ribbed cuffs. Both sweaters cost $30 at Best & Co. October 31 1965 Just right for apres ski. "Rich Boy" pink or yellow has matching hat and interchangeable collar. "PUssywillow" is a blending of yellow and gray, with its collar convertible as a headband. December 6 1967 Overgrows sweaters are the rage for fall. Right, The slouchy cardigan gets the Art Deco treatment from Maurice Albray for Voguester, Jr. The jigsaw like patterned sweater dress in Orlon acrylic knit can be worn alone or teamed with pants. August 13 1969 This superb casual women sweaters features an eyelet pattern on only one side and itts opposite sleeve, adding interest to summer knit suit. Dalton's extra-long cashmere pullover, called Dodi, has a narrow self-belt above two hip pockets. It comes in sizes 34-40 for $35. October 28 1968 An all-wool chenille cardigan by Daiton of America closes with a big industrial zipper. The sweater comes in sizes 3440 for $21. February 5 1968 Overgrown sweaters are the rage for fall. The slouchy cardigan gets the Art Deco treatment from Maurice Albray


Stretch pants create their own ensemble.


Sweater's Womens 1965




Sweater's Womens 1968


Sweater's Womens



for Vogueser, Jr. The jigsaw like patterned sweater dress in Orlon acrylic knit can be worn alone or teamed with pants. August 13 1969 Stretch pants create their own ensemble. These ot Millikin's Royal Adagio in blue, black, brown, red or beige are matched with a white handknit Italian cardigan. Sweater, $9.97. Stacks, $7.97. Aug 9 1964 Shaggy, bulky sweaters are very popular in the sportswear field and with good reason. All that material is a protection against winter winds. A plaid mohair pullover (left) has a shawl collar and is fringed at both collar and hem. In blue and red blue and brown, brown and red or multi color. October 31 1965 If she has diamonds on her mind, give her this fluffy hand knit wool mohairnylon sweater with criss-cross diamond pattern. In orange and violet, or yellow and black, About $8.99 at E.J. Korvette stores. December 4 1966 Sweatersh that resemble those worn by fishermen, inhabiting the Irish seacoast are being worn by more fashion-conscious, all-American girls than ever. The outdoors look of the fisherman knit wool gives a new lift to the classic look of the cardigan and pullover. January 7 1968 The bulky layered look is rapidly being replaced by a single slinky garment thisfall, Some call it a cat suit, others a body sweater, body stocking or a full leotard. But whatever the term, it's, still a sweater and hosiery conveniently wrapped up in one garment that's geared to beworn under a jumper, miniskirt or trousers. August 3 1969 Left, a Nehru-collard cashmere cardigan is trimmed with brass buttons and a brassbuckled self-belt. It's $45. A turtleneck pullover has deep ribbing as an accent at the neckline and hemline. It's $40. Both sweaters are by Hadley.


Sweater's Womens 1968


Sportempos red wool maxisweater with self belt and gold buckle trim is the bee's knees


Sweaters Men


Sweater takes a ribbing


Bold graphic sweaters show up in positive and negative patterns for fall '88 at Sans Tambours ni Trompettes


Sweater's Men


Sweater's Men


Items for the fashin christmas gift guide

October 28 1968 Dalton's short-sleeve pullover has aslanted buckle closing. that runs inthe left shoulder's reglan seam. Itcomes in sizes 34-40 for $20. February 5 1968 Sportempos red wool maxi-sweater with self belt and gold buckle trim is the bee's knees. A red, green and white plaid kilt skirt completes the Roaring '20s look. Sweater is $19; skirt, $12. (Shirley Hamilton Model, Biene.) August 14 1967 THE CARDIGAN, popular with the men, has become more popular with the girls. This one, worn so aptly, is ofbrushed mohair and wool. By Jantzen. March 26 1963 A honeymoon in the mountains calls for rib knit sweaters. Wippette's long undershirts top is a stripped green heather tweed. The decron polyester and wool knit is $14 at Junior Sportswear of Marshal Field & Co. August 24 1969 Bold graphic sweaters show up in positive and negative patterns for fall '88 at Sans Tambours ni Trompettes. Left the black and white snowflake jacquard turtleneck in boiled wool. Right, the optical illusion jacquard turtleneck sweater in black and white merino wool. Both are worn with narrow double knit wool trousers. February 24 1988 Italian men have never been shy about pattern and color. This cloud pattern crowneck in fine Italian wool has amulticolor jacquard on blue, gray or brown background, $55. September 16 1984 Extra-heavy sweaters to battle the eiernents are a new genre of men'sclothing being produced for this fall. This outerwear sweater was handcrafted in Ecuador. July 29 1981 Items for the fashin christmas gift guide. Nov 22 1983


Sweater's Men


Sweaters Men 1964


Sweater's Men 1963


Sweater's Men 1963



The leisure baseball sweater in a California ideas from the Don Loper people Larry Steele, 20, Jr. fashion designer major wears a borrowed sweater designed by fellow student Tim McDonald.


Sweater's Men




Sweater's Men


Sweater's Men

CLOTHES FROM BENNETTON. Reversible sweater to front or back in Ivory wool angora, $90, tops a red wool shirt $77, and black hip wrapped scarf, $19. December 6 1984 Sidewalk superintendents, ready with late-summer and early fall alpaca and wool sweaters, watch construction in the Loop. V-Neck sweater (left) is in natural with diamond pattern in black, blue and charcoal. July 28 1964 Gift sweaters are as attractive this year as they are practical. Among the newest styles is this boiled wool sweater jacket with contrast trim and rich pewter buttons. The wool shuns moisture and has high insulating qualities. By Aspen Skiwear. December 10 1963 Pullover, another Nordic design, is in. black, Burgundy and white. By Munsingwear, it is made of Orlon Sayelle acrylic and priced at $13 in most stores. December 24 1963 The leisure baseball sweater in a California ideas from the Don Loper people. March 9 1975 Larry Steele, 20, Jr. fashion designer major wears a borrowed sweater designed by fellow student Tim McDonald. April 17 1984 This handknit ski sweater from the current Polo outerwear conection harks back "to the Sun Vadey of the '40s. Ralph Lauren describes the outerwear collection ai being "in the spirit of Ernest Hemingway;" who lived and died a mile or so from idaho's Sun Valley Lodge. Nov 2 1983 Items for the fashion christmas gift guide. Nov 22 1983 Bodymap's black and white cotton knit baggy double bred sweater with black cotton jersey insert on the back, $205, at Jean Charles. March 21 1986 Clock wise from upper left, Neil Norman's pure cashmere.pullover (with


Colorblock Pullover


Sweater's Men


Sweater's Men


Sweater's Men


Sweater's Men


Sweater's Men


Sweater's Men

long sleeves), $49, gives suit the vested look: Tricots St. Raphael's blue tweed crew, made in Uruguay, is $50; hoodedouterwear bulky from same manufacturer is navy blue trimmed in camel, $70. October 21 1976 Colorblock Pullover sweaters. August 28 1996 It's easy to get crazy about cables with this all cotton V neck sweater in assorted colors for $19.88. March 27 1984 Three colors of yarn are used to make the Slip Stitch Classic. August 28 1995 Clockwise from upper left, Neil Norman's pure cashmere pullover twith long sleeves), $49, gives suit the vested look; Tricots St. Raphael's blue tweed crew, made in Uruguay, is $50; hoodedouterwear bulky from same manufacturer is navy blue trimmed in camel, $70; cream-colored, all- wool cableknit by Arthur Richards Sport has zippered hood lined in camel and cream houndstoothcheck, $62. All styles are from Bigsby & Kruthers. October 21 1976 "Clockwise from upper left, Neil Norman's pure cashmere pullover twith long sleeves), $49, gives suit the vested look; Tricots St. Raphael's blue tweed crew, made in Uruguay, is $50; hoodedouterwear bulky from same manufacturer is navy blue trimmed in camel, $70; cream-colored, all- wool cableknit by Arthur Richards Sport has zippered hood lined in camel and cream houndstoothcheck, $62. All styles are from Bigsby & Kruthers. October 21 1976 David Shapiro design d this novel sleeveless, nubb sweater witha ring neck and ribbed waist for Ursel of Italy. February 13 1980 "Clockwise from upper left, Neil Norman's pure cashmere pullover twith long sleeves), $49, gives suit the vested


Sweater's Men


Sweater's Men


Beckman gives the classic varsity sweater


Fredric Stuart wearing a bulkknit pullover sweater from Greace






The Baggy look may let a man dress like Kevi Costner in Bull Durham, A rugby look sweater blue and white is one of the many stripes available to American men


look; Tricots St. Raphael's blue tweed crew, made in Uruguay, is $50; hoodedouterwear bulky from same manufacturer is navy blue trimmed in camel, $70; cream-colored, all- wool cableknit by Arthur Richards Sport has zippered hood lined in camel and cream houndstoothcheck, $62. All styles are from Bigsby & Kruthers. October 21 1976 An argyle sweater (right) in bright color combinations is just the thing to wear now into a Chicago spring. January 18 1984 Pearson's cotton sweater is inspired by automobile racing flags. January 25 1984 Beckman gives the classic varsity sweaterslightly unconventional attitude intion for CoxMoore of Nottingham, England.He does the cabled body in peach wool and trims it in burgundy and white with hand knitted V neckline. Nov 17 1982 Fredric Stuart wearing a bulk-knit pullover sweater from Greace ($15) under a hanastitched leather jacket from Boutique 33, 27 Tayyare Coddesi, Kusadasi, Turkey ($55). July 3 1977 This Aran-style crochet sweater, ideal for men and women, is simple enough for a novice to complete. March 18 1996 Wool sweaters are moving into outerwear in a big way with husky sweater jackets in many variations. One of the outstanding styles is this safari jacket by Ralph Lauren for Polo in rich all American Shaker knit wool. August 27 1974 The Baggy look may let a man dress like Kevi Costner in Bull Durham, but that does not mean he look like Kevin Costner. August 5 1988 A rugby look sweater blue and white is one of the many stripes available to American men, sweater is $10 from






Sweater's Mens 1972


Sweater's Mens 1973


Sweater's Mens 1972


Sweater's Mens 1972



Richmon Brothers. January 4 1976 These all cotton sweaters are for the Popeye in all of us. Both are available in assorted spring colors. The crewneck is $17 boatneck sweater $22.50 at Royal Knitting Mills Outlet Store. April 9 1984 Here's whateveryman needsinhiscloset towear with or without a shirt for casual occasions, a simple lightweight wool sweater in a choice of fall colors. It's availale in crew or V-neck styles, $45, and is shown here with 100 percent wool pleated trousers available in several colors, 549.90, both at Davis for Men, 1547 N. Wells. September 9 1983 Open wool crochet sweater, with masculine textured look, comes with Uneck that frames turtle pullover. By Lord Jeff, the style won a 1971 Woolknit Design Award. It comes in nine colors and a range of sizes and costs $22 at Benson-Rixon. January 6 1972 What do sweater lovers say about them? David Smelko wears a sweater vest witha shirt and tie because, "I just like the look."Jan Geitz, in the striped ,turtleneck, says " wear sweaters a lot because they're. comfortable." Peggy Gorman, in a cardigan over her turtleneck, says; 'I like looking likeColleen Collegiate in sweaters. They're comfortable and fashionable. Nov 19 1973 Break Away for Revere Lamplighter knit top, style, Kansas, knit in a belnd of 85 per cent Dacron and 15 percent Orlon. April 4 1972 Classic fisherman's knit (left) bulky cable knitt turtleneck from Towne and King, a division of Ratner, are $18. They are available at Leonard STern and several outlaying man's stores. July 25 1972 Add a little glitter and glamor to your holidays with a pullover sweater

February 13 1997 For a great spring-into-summer sweater set. try knitting this pair in a smooth synthetic with the look and feel of silky cotton. September 96 1990 The light and airy English Mesh lace pattern is used to stitch this sweater. a metallic wrapped acrylic paired with soft mohair.IMG00328631A IMG00328632A IMG00328633A IMG00328634A FAIR ISLE PULLOVER CIRCULAR SUMMER TOP Sweater's Women QUICK CABLES SWEATER IMG00328635A HIGH STYLE SWEATER IMG00328636A INVESTMEN IN LUXURY VEST IMG00328637A IRISH BEAUTY SWEATER IMG00328638A TOP CHOICE PULLOVER IMG00328639A IMG00328640A IMG00328641A Sweater's Women Classic knitt cowl pullover. February 9 1986 This cotton knit sweater is understated enough to wear with just about anything. Nov 12 1989 Branched cables adorn the front and back of this knitt sweater. January 6 1991 This classic sweater has sculptured cables bordered with knot stitches a lacy panel of eyelet diamonds. yet the styling is casual enough for day time wear. August 16 1992 The Variegated Pullover features a cable panel on the front. Lacy cardigan sweater IMG00328642A Sweater's Men IMG00328643A IMG00328644A CHENILLE CABLE PULLOVER Full. December 2 1990 This sweater vests works well for holiday parties. which features handy front pockets. December 19 1986 Lacy cardigan sweater. Nov 18 1991 Classic knitt cowl pullover. April 1 1995 Full. February 25 1995 Circular Summer top. Take your choice of plain or fancyeither sweater can be made with or without the pattern stitch. May 29 1996 Lacy Border Pullover. March 20 1984To ohinin A--" Chenille Cable Pullover. rolled edge sleeves and a surplice closing make this easy to knit sweater up to date. rolled edge sleeves and a surplice closing make this easy to knit sweater up to date COTTON CLASSIC IMG00328645A knitted with two yarns. October 23 1995 THis one piece pullover sweater features mock cable stitches. The V-neck pullover with short sleeves is striped in a lacy pattern stitch that is deceptively simple to create. October 14 1990 The fair isle pullover features three colors. August 6 1989 .

This technique gives you a lightweight yarn thatworks to the same gauge as knittingworsted and. Regularly $75. The yoke and border designs are the traditional Fair Isle snowflake and tree motifs while the yarns combine the best of U. now $35. in four natural shades of luxurious mohair and alpaca imported from Scotland. highlighted by diagonal cables outling a moss-stitch center triangle designed to be made. Broadway. Adolfo il tan fedora at Bonwit Teller." so resolve to knit a sweater as your Srat project of the year. and Liz Claiborne turquoise felt fedora with black band. knit a sweater combining the best of all worlds. $100. April 17 1984 .has the softness of natural wool.S. over an oatmeal wool tweed sweater. $87. $430. Was $52. September 7 1983 Michael Kors keeps it clean and simplewith a white mohair poncho. Here's a real eye-catcher. January 18 1984 This black sweater in a cotton polyester blend is and knitted and trimmed with wooden buttons.IMG00328646A This seamless sweater with a sunburst yoke of mock cables IMG00328647A Sweater's Women IMG00328648A SHADES OF LANA TURNER IMG00328649A Sweater's Women IMG00328650A Geometric cable pullover IMG00328651A Sweater's Women This seamless sweater with a sunburst yoke of mock cables is knit all in one piece on circular needles. $160. and matching slim skirt. at Hit or Miss. technology with the Swedish Flere Troder system of using multiple strands of thin yarns. August 31 1983 This black angors-lambswool sweater (top) adds a touch of femininity to your wardrobe. although it is acrylic. ABOVE: Take it from thetop. $28. Directions are written for sizes 8 through 16. September 7 1983 Fashion has proclaimed 1984 asthe "Year of the Sweater. 3124 N. Frank Olive black telt hat (ciockwise from upper (left) with forehead band in red leather. all at Marshall Field's. April 24 1984 For fall and winter. Andrea Carrano camel and taupe pumps at Smyth Bros. Available in red or green.

at Marshall Field's. Nov 27 1985 ABOVE: Left. August 7 1986 Cheap looks didn't make it at 1 Magnin.IMG00328652A Sweater Women IMG00328653A Sweater's Womens IMG00328654A K-Factory's white hand knit alphabet sweater with bright accents. LEFT: Oray and winter white windowpane pullover withsnatching scarf and full. Country Shop Norfolk handknit mohair sweater with country scene in shades of green and brown. Country Shop Norfolk handknit mohair sweater with Beefeater and London scene. LEFT: Oray and winter white windowpane pullover withsnatching scarf and full. cuffs and waist. Magnin. February 3 1985 Anne Pinkerton clothes. February 8 1984 From spring '84 lines Klein's geometric look sweaters Ellie's Australian influenced Werribee dots and Port Elliot stripes. Left:. $250. cropped pants in lightweight wool. at I. September 28 1984 Cover: A wool shetland sweater takes on the heather tweed look. September 13 1985 Wrap up a black ensemble: Snap up a black cashmere sweater with Oscar de la Renta's floral printed gold lame scarf. RIGHT: Tweed and fur-biend pullover and tweed sweaterknitshirt in gray and winter white. IMG00328655A Sweater's Womens IMG00328656A Sweater's Womens IMG00328657A IMG00328658A Sweater's Womens Anne Pinkerton clothes IMG00328659A update your holia by wardrobe IMG00328660A Women's fashions from britain IMG00328661A Cheap looks didn't make it at 1 Magnin. $18. and Miyake's retwisted canvas jacket. September 24 1984 "Kasper's sweaters and sweater dresses are sellouts for fall. $90. This seasonless sweater has a tweedy diamond design and a butterfly pattern stitch on the collar. at I Magnin. RIGHT: Tweed and fur-biend pullover and tweed sweaterknitshirt in gray and winter white. $250. Right. Cotton raime black sweater with multicolor intarsia. Nov 1 1984 Kasper's sweaters and sweater dresses are sellouts for fall. February 22 1984 K-Factory's white hand knit alphabet sweater with bright accents. cropped pants in lightweight wool. .

$19. $53.The easy silhouette of 45 male-type sweaters looks great when teamed with tailored trousers or skirts and casualshirts. The three-piece ensemblepictured here is an example of how men's wear knits have influenced women's lines over the years. $77. and a white wool-angora scarf. The outfit combinesa tailored ribbed knit cardigan with trousers and a sporty shirt. December 6 1984 What do sweater lovers say about them? David Smelko wears a sweater vest with a shirt and tie because " I just like the look". $46. The alabaster/stone tweed stripe goes polo. says " I wear sweaters a lot because they are comfortable". April 3 1984 ABOVE: Reversible sweater to front or back in ivory wool angora. Jan Geitz. LEFT: The Benetton geometric shetland wool sweater in white and turquoise. tops a reTwool skirt. February 3 1985 CLOTHES FROM BENETON. February 3 1985 If you can't sleep.IMG00328662A Limelight fashion show IMG00328663A IMG00328664A IMG00328665A Sweater's Womens Sweater's Womens Sweater's Womens IMG00328666A COUNTING SHEEP IMG00328667A Sweater's Womens IMG00328668A Sweater's Womens 1973 IMG00328669A Sweater's Womens December 28 1986 Robin Wishman puts funky patterns on oversized handknit geometric sweaters in charcoal and pearl gray for fall. Nov 11 1987 Raglan sleeves give a wool alabaster sweater a big look. similar to styles fathers might wear when they relax at home. over a pair of navy and green striped wool-polyester trousers. It's by Butte Knit in ablend of Daeron polyester and wool . in the striped turtleneck. DEC 6 1984 Above: This handknit wool shetland sweater will soften any outfit. try a sweater covered with sheep. $10. Fleecy white sheep on a purple background decorate this folk art sweater. $90. and blaok hipwrapped scarf. Nov 19 1973 Cardigan sweaters. aretopping lots of women's sports outfits.

Purple and white tweed and red sweater are $150 each. AG at Marshall Field& Co. $35. linen. Joseph and Littman sweaters are available on special order by telephoning 664-6441.IMG00328670A Those fluffy things to cuddle in IMG00328671A This sweater appears to be a short sleeved design worn over a long sleeved style. September 12 1979 Summer crew sweater striped in white and brights is $16 at Marshal Field & Co. February 2 1980 Great looking hand knit sweaters. Actually it's just one sweater. Bass mesh oxfords. pairs off withkhoki cotton jocket by MVI. April 16 1980 Little sweaters in royan. complete with hood. December 1 1987 Ango sweaters are so soft and cuddly that you almost expect them to purr when you touch them. silk and cotton yarns that don't scratch are great spring friends. The current angora craze is not a brand new thing in fashion. never out of fashion are more important than ever this year. $19. IMG00328672A Sweaters IMG00328673A Sweaters IMG00328674A Sweater's Women IMG00328675A Sweater's Womens IMG00328676A Sweater's Womens IMG00328677A Sweater's Womens and the sweater has roomy patch pockets and a self-sash. January 28 1981 Topestry knitt sweater with hand knitted topestry body and crocheted . Fluffy sweaters had their heyday back in the 1940s when sweaters girls like Lana Turner wowed our boys overseas in bosom clinging knit tops made primarily of Angora rabbit fur. February 5 1980 This scooped neck sweater is made of three different shades of tweed yarn in a textured pattern stitch. Choose a tweedy heather yarn to knit a classic cabled pullover. March 27 1977 You don't have to be Irish to take pride in wearing an authentic Irish fisherman knit with sculptured cables and bobbles. October 15 1972 At first glance. Khoki side-slit skirt (right) by Schwartz sportswear of Boston. this sweater appears to be a short sleeved design worn over a long sleeved style. $18.

Sweaters that flatter a full figure are found at Lane bryant. February 6 1977 A bulky wrap sweater can be worn with pants or a bodysuit. January 1 1974 The coat length sweater is shown here in a snowflake and diamond design. $350." Peggy Gorman. It helped create the legend of Lana Turner. Three sweaters. Saint laurent's styles include a marble tweed cardigan with solid banding as trim. . Sweater's Women IMG00328685A Sweater's Women's IMG00328686A Sweater's Women yoke and sleeves is in rose and neutral tones."" Jan Geitz. ln a cardigan over her turtleneck. They were wrong. Pic of two belts. Some fashion experts thought its popularity reached its peak last year. says. says "I wear sweaters a lot because they'recomfortable. January 28 1981 What do sweater lovers say about them? David Smelko wears a sweater vest witha shirt and tie because. it is continuing to gein momentum. April 11 1973 1. The sweater boom hasn't fizzled. It kept 'people toasty warm in drafty castles. September 30 1975 Cardigan sweater coat has a mathcing hat with pompons. February 28 1977 Sweaters will be more important than ever next fall. They'recomfortable and fashionable. September 14 1975 This classic pullover is given a new dimension with a panel of sculptured cables and crosses. in the striped turtleneck. It's kept a lot of fashion tirms in business during the last few years. 2. 3. Pair of earrings." Nov 19 1973 Who would have dreamed that a mundane garment for sweating nut a coldcould wind up as one of the most du-rable stars of fashion? The sweater: It's had a checkered career. 'l like looking like' Colleen Collegiate in sweaters. "I just like the look.IMG00328678A Sweater's Womens IMG00328679A Sweater's Women IMG00328680A IMG00328681A IMG00328682A IMG00328683A IMG00328684A Sweater's Women Sweaters Women's 1973 Sweater's Women Cardigan sweater coat has a mathcing hat with pompons. January 31 1977 Sweater's growing and gaining. If anything.

March 2 1976 A friend wears sweater knitted for daughter (Eiffel Tower in background). August 5 1981 . by Donna Karan for Anne Klein. White or black. February 28 1976 A. January 28 1981 No machine could equal the beautiful texturing of this stunning pullover weater ith cable stitched front panel. The sweater set you can crochet in a hurry is one based ont h e s i m p 1e' doublecrochet stitch combined with a rib-knit border. bold stripes turn this basic V neck sweater. with matching hat. Perhaps the most popular style is the sweater set . into a cowversation piece. Chirstmas is a peasant sweater. sometimes matching. Put yourself in the picture with this three color. August 27 1974 Hand-knit sweaters are among the women's clothing and accessories at Degage. December 9 1980 Every girl is a sweater girl this year. diamond yoke pullover with crew neck and ragian sleeves. Nov 13 1977 Big. August 29 1974 Single strands of belly yorn are used to make this easy and quick to make hooded contigen. gray and deep red. $500. So soft and feminine in a pointells knit of washable acrylic. sometimes only a harmony ofcolors and motifs. August 19 1975 Directions for this Pat Trexier original are written with the novice in mind. March 9 1975 Ida Joseph and Ethel Littman's patch work jacket (below) combines topestry knit with crochet in shades of blue.IMG00328687A Sweater's Women IMG00328688A Hand-knit sweaters IMG00328689A Sweater's Women IMG00328690A Sweater's Women IMG00328691A Sweater's Women IMG00328692A Sweater's Women IMG00328693A Sweater's Women IMG00328694A Sweater's Women IMG00328695A Sweater's Women IMG00328696A Sweater's Women August 31 1982 Poodle loop sweater jacket zips to high junnel collar. The sweater scene for 1981 promises to be the most colorful yet. It's a year for sweaters and more sweaters in any wardrobe. a shop specializing in new designers and "cottage industry" goods.

The stylesin a wool and acrylic blend each retail for $35. August 19 1975 Women's fall fashions. Geoffrey Beene usesa ribbed turtleneck style with jumpers curved on the bodice for the womanwho likes to experiment with fashion. Thesetsweaters from her fall line are room a collection which is exclusive in Chicago at the Paul B. Three hundred plus fashions were presented. August 14 1972 There's big push toward classic sweaters for fall. August 14 1972 Fluffy sweaters in baby pastels are important for the new season. The gray and white sweater by Erica Budd. August 14 1972 A brushed mohair sweater with puffy sleeves is paired with a shirt for a layered look. This pink mohair acrylic style with lantern sleeves is edged with white crocheted trim by Erica Budd of London. September 7 1983 Sweaters are important factors in fall fashion. and the sportswear thatJacqueline Jacobson designs for it is innovwith-it.sportswear look.which is what his ideal customer does. They can be mixed with pants. stores. says the designer. October 18 1972 . August 26 1973 Sweater styles geared for the warm months are usu all y sparse and done in cool knits. September 26 1981 Dorothee Bis is one of the swinglest boutiques in Paris. June 17 1973 Fendi Fashioned Show at the Palmer House. Glentex's clingy openworkversion is cut back f rom the shoulders halter fashion. which focuses on a casual. it's $7. in S-M-L. at Wie-boldt's. A line skirts or swirly ankle length wook shirts for casual affairs.IMG00328697A IMG00328698A Sweater's Women Sweater's Women IMG00328699A Sweater's Womens 1972 IMG00328700A Sweater's Women IMG00328701A Sweater's Women IMG00328702A Sweater's Womens 1973 IMG00328703A Clingy and cool IMG00328704A Sweater's Women IMG00328705A Sweater's Women 1972 The simplest knitting skills can produce this elegant three piece suit in the Chanel tradition.

IMG00328706A French look in sweaters womens 1973 IMG00328707A Sweater's Women IMG00328708A PRETIEST NEW DRESS-UP SWEATER IS THE BUBBLE SHOP IMG00328709A Sweater's Women IMG00328710A Sweater's Women IMG00328711A Sweater's Women IMG00328712A THE COLORS OF FALL Clingy sweaters can be the center of attraction in a girl's wardrobe. easy to wear style. August 19 1981 One of the most innovative sweaterl shapes of the year is this delightful little bubble top by Bonnie Cashin. at Limited Express. it can be worn with either skirt or pants. It's paired with a shirt and trousers but would look Just as great worn over bare skin and mated with a casual A-line floor-length skirt. The vertically ribbed sweater vest pictured here was inspired by styles popular in France. One of the great new sweater looks for dress-up or leisure. ruffled mock turtle pullover with ruffle rimmed triangle is gathered at the waist in soft and puffy fullness. October 25 1977 Get ready for fall with crew-neck shetlands in numerous vibrant colors and striped oxford shirts dyed to match. WaterTower . August 27 1974 This classic cardigan captures the ever popular look of Chanel in an easy to knit. Wool hetlandsare two for $30. Cotton-polyester oxfordsare two for $28. September 7 1976 Sweater's for fall and winter sea sons go indoors or out. There's so muchyou can do with them that one style can take on many faces. Wearit alone or put it over or under other fashions. April 15 1975 This sweater is worked back and forth on circular needles so that there are no sleeves to set in and only under arm sleeve seems to be sewed. August 27 1974 Salt dressed up sweater set by Scott Barrie. It's by Rosanna and has a row of tiny buttons and a pair of little pockets. Instead of stopping short at the waist it's 21 inches long which takes it well below the midsection. Hand-knit in an unusual nubby and slubby wool tweed.

IMG00328716A Sweater's Women IMG00328717A IMG00328718A IMG00328719A IMG00328720A Sweater's Women For Sweater's Women Sweater's Women IMG00328721A DECO DELIGHT IMG00328722A Sweater's Women IMG00328723A Sweater's Women IMG00328724A IMG00328725A Sweater's Women Sweater Place.. January 20 1987 Tailored shirt sweater in denim look yarn makes a perfect topper for jeans. with yarns in a variety of grades and colors. other sportswear. Its lambswool and angora and available in pink or black $69 at Luv Boutique. 2106 N.IMG00328713A Sweater's Women IMG00328714A Sweater's Women IMG00328715A Tailored shirt sweater in denim look yarn makes a perfect topper for jeans. skirts. 845 N.done in fair isle knitting . May 2 1976 This sweater's pointelle lace pattern is designed to flatter any outfit. pants. August 27 1980 Q. other sportswear. October 9 1976 A cool sweater set to wear with shorts . When is it appropriate to tuck sweaters into pants or shirts and when should they be left out? A.. March 7 1976 This ultrafeminine beade sweater will pretty up a skirt of pair of slakcks. IT'S APPROPRIATE to tuck them in when you are slim enough to do it without looking like a stuffed cabbage. are available through the mail.. gets an added dimension with loop stitch frings at the caller and cuffs. October 6 1982 WAYNE ROGERS DESIGNED SWEATER OUTFITS FOR FALL. September 26 1976 These easy to work pieces for knitters include a cardigan. AUG 18 1975 For . July 26 1973 This lacy cardigans of brushed mohair fits a spring mond. The look can be varied depending on the neck pattern and yarn. Patterns and kits. February 15 1976 Brushed tweed look high lights a handknitted wrap sweater of acrylic nylon. skirts. Michigan. January 17 1978 The candlelight Cardigan . pants. Make these in your favorite tweed. cap and appropriate wherever your fancy takes you.a beautiful pattern to wear over either casual or dressy styles. July 11 1983 A stylish icicle cardigan . July 21 1983 This classic crocheted cardigan in a natural or eggshell color. Clark.

that's often given a touch of class with fur trim at the collar and cuffs. January 28 1981 Last year's ribbed trutleneck sweater can be used to create a new look this fall. The variegated colors make it a match for just about every basic color in your wardrobe. Cardigan tops a camisole top for more comfort on cool days. It's a long. CONTAX TO BARBARA VARRO. August 1 1975 Their white sweater worked with metallic gold yarn for Ultima is a combination of topestry knit. $500. . Joseph and litlman sweaters are available on special order by telephoneing 664-6441. linen. Worn over a shirt or turtleneck the sweater gives extra warmth without weight. modeled by Bonnie Burkley. December 12 1979 This mock cable cardigan looks complex but its classic design in easy to master.IMG00328726A Sweater IMG00328727A Sweater's Women IMG00328728A Sweater IMG00328729A Pull Sweater Fashions IMG00328730A Sweater's Women IMG00328731A Sweater's Women IMG00328732A Sweater's Women IMG00328733A IMG00328734A Sweaters Sweater's Women at the beach or with a skirt in the city is the basis for a summer wardrobe. with or without sash. August 12 1976 A tweedy pullover is a most versatile sweater for casual wear with pants and skirts. silk and cotton yarns that don't scratch are great spring friends. roomy cardigan. crochet and weft looping. a Rosemary Ann Yanson design for Roine Russel. September 22 1972 Wayne. August 14 1972 Sweaters.Roger's designed sweater outfits for fall. Team if with a style such as this fuzzy yheloow vest with white trim by Louis caring. December 28 1975 The jacket of the hour is really a sweater. January 28 1981 Little sweaters in rayan. both Chicagoans. July 11 1976 Documented print portraying heroism of women of history decorates this cardigan sweater. Purple and white tweed and red sweater are $150 each.

Available in men's and boys sizes. nice considered the dullest of slop-around the-house clothes for men. February 15 1977 Binocular and tricolor versions of the sweat shirt illustrate the new look. Classic style with laced neckline comes in vivid pumpkin cotton knit. Creslan with multi color accents. Long white pullover is trimmed with four different color pockets. for both men and women. which has come to the old fabric favorite.98. Hip-length styleretails for $8.IMG00328735A Sweater's Women IMG00328736A Binocular and tricolor versions of the sweat shirt illustrate the new look IMG00328737A Fashion IMG00328738A Sweats Shirts IMG00328739A Fashioned sweat shirts IMG00328740A Sweater wearing members of Girl Watcher's Club are picketed by the objects IMG00328741A FOLLOW THE SWEAT SHIRTS IMG00328742A Sweat shirts IMG00328743A THE PERSONAL TOUCH August 02 1973 Bulky yarn and big needles are all you need for this knitted Scandinagvian pullover and matching cap. April 11 1962 You'd hardly recognize the old campus sweat shirt with its spring glamorizing. May 23 1962 Bright orange sweat shirts shape pockets. in color and styling.fancy fashion items. April 11 1962 SWEAT SHIRTS. Not even the needle spray of the shower can penetrate the treated fabric. This guide is black cotton. Each costs $8. have suddenly emerged as bright. $18. available in several colors. May 26 1962 You won't get to Oz but you will find your way around Lincoln Park. August 17 1983 This self inflicted drenching is not recommended unless the sweat shirt you are wearing is one of the new Shed Ali" rains resistant fashions by Healthknit. Shown with cotton jean Paul Germain pants. January 24 1962 The latest craze of the teen set in southern California is head painted .' provides a teenager with enough tote space to satisfy even her.98. April 11 1962 Sweater wearing members of Girl Watcher's Club are picketed by the objects of their attention on Michigan Av. says the manufactur.

but daughters would probably prefer sweatshirts. To make everyone happy." FEb 22 The longer an ethnic community lives in . outgoing president of the Anderson ville Chamber of Commerce. Calif. August 28 1981 Surprise a peanut butter kid with a new sweatshirt. Sweatshirts IMG00328746A Items for the shopwatch colume. the mother daughter duo of Elaina and Linda Levinson have created hand painted sweatshirts adorned with metallic stars. June 23 1972 Guests Paul Frederickson and Karen Jeurgens patiently wait for swedish hostess Ingrid Benson to serve her husband. before samping the noble dinner finale. May 5 1967 Sweatshirts with a difference are made and painted to order in your choice of color." said WiggoSterlov. May 22 1971 VAsa Children. April 8 1982 Dancing around the Maypole in the Civic Center Plaza highlighted the Swedish Midsummer Festival at noontime today. Sweatshirts IMG00328747A Sweat shirts IMG00328748A Sweat Shirts IMG00328749A Guests Paul Frederickson and Karen Jeurgens patiently wait for swedish hostess IMG00328750A Swedes IMG00328751A Swedes Chicago IMG00328752A Swedes hold on in Andersonville personalized sweat shirts like the one above worn by Carolys Hoertsch of Riverside.IMG00328744A CLOTHING A MEDIA OF COMMUNICATION IMG00328745A Shopwatch Items. to celebrate the Swedish Midsummer Festival. June 23 1972 "EVERYTHING CHANGES. "What can you do? You certainly can't go around ringing doorbells asking people to become Swedes or Danes. Contributing his talents to the spreading fad is George Smith. Summer bags are attractive buys. singing a selection of Swedish and American songs. Teen agers and buinessmen have taken to the garment in a big way to convey messages. May 6 1982 Mothers may picture their tots in lace.Cure the ugly hair blues with these colorful ponytail holders. Stlg. June 20 1961 Here is a sampling of the sweatshirts that the youth of America is wearing today. royal desert.

of 5339 N. January 13 1961 Swedish in Chicago. Linda Roos practice the TRE KARLS POLSKA (Three Boys Polka) background are others with the Swedish Flag. Stony Island. The grandmother is working in the milk booth. their teacher and leader. July 22 1962 The faces of three elderly women reflect delicious reminiscene as they listen to a chorus at the Augustana Home for the Aged.. February 23 1972 Irene Strom. June 25 1967 James Tilfor. IngridKaev. F. June 2 1968 Britta Egbert. 9. holds Swedish flag as other members of the Varblomman (Spring Flower) Ninging Club practice for participation Sunday in the Svenska Flaggans Dag (Swedish Flag Day) program at North Park College. his sister Dana.. the harder it is to keep its traditions alive. Emil Lundeen . Paul Park in Morton Grove. 10. dishing out food to friends and relatives. passing out program to guess. 7542 S. They are standing before three Swedish flags. After years of practice. 21. all in the Unity Lodge #41. Sonja Haak. Selma Jacobson can turn out perfectly balanced braids. Damen Avenue. DAvid Joheneson. and Gary Hamrin.IMG00328753A SWedes Chicago IMG00328754A Breads with a twist are a favorite in Swedish homes IMG00328755A Illinois Svithiod Day outing IMG00328756A Swedish Flag Day IMG00328757A Rehearsal to Swedish Day IMG00328758A Swedish Picnic IMG00328759A IMG00328760A The faces of three elderly women reflect delicious reminiscene as they listen to a chorus at the Augustana Home for the Aged Swedish in Chicago IMG00328761A Svithiod Day Outing IMG00328762A Svithiod picnic Chicago. May 19 1935 Center of attraction here is Mrs. They are early arrivals. 11. June 5 1971 Breads with a twist are a favorite in Swedish homes. Members of group are (from left) Brian . Swanson. June 1 1964 Pix shows William Erickson and his grand daughter Beth Onderdonk. 9. 13. 10 of Park Ridge sharing a carton of milk a the Swedish Picnic. Joan Wessman. March 12 1971 This Swedish Newcomers Society performing Swedish Folk dancing at the 42nd Annual Illinois svithiod Day outing held at St. June 22 1952 Kathleen McCarthy.

June 19 1974 This sculptured bronze urn will be presented to city of Stockholm by the Swedish Club of Chicago. December 9 1978 Kristina Kartisson from Luther High school as she is crowned Queen of Lights. June 25 1972 Vass children dnce next to a Raypole to the accompaniment of the Orchestra from the Academy of Music and Art in Joukoping. 4. May 4 1953 Louisa de Vre. Karl Olasson. June 7 1965 M Selma Jacobson making swedish christmas crafts for JANE GRECORY STORY. June 23 1968 Eva Classon offers a slice of cheese at Wikstorm's Scandinavian American Gourmet Foods. both of Chicago. Sweden during Swedish Midsummer Festivities in the Plaza. June 24 1951 DR. Kathleen serving Silloch and Potatis at Picnic. Bo Jarnstedt with Swedish flag presented to college by the Susan Thufvasson. Ruth Thullen. April 17 1988 Devon DeMoss. coat the salty Swedish herring with flour and bread crumbs. JUl 20 1973 Greta Sesshore and Elin Nordquist. Donna Golkowaki. 5247 N.IMG00328763A Swedish Flag Day IMG00328764A M Selma Jacobson Kristina Kartisson from Luther High school A Swedish midsummer festival during the noon hour Tuesday on the Civic Center Plaza brough this young violinist Swedish Club of Chicago IMG00328765A IMG00328766A IMG00328767A IMG00328768A Louisa de Vre IMG00328769A Svithiod Day picnic IMG00328770A Swedish herring break fast IMG00328771A Swedish Midsummer Celebration IMG00328772A Svithiod Picnic IMG00328773A Eva Classon offers a slice of cheese at Wikstorm's A WINNER'S TEARS IMG00328774A and Arthur Hanson. December 13 1977 A Swedish midsummer festival during the noon hour Tuesday on the Civic Center Plaza brough this young violinist and hundreds of other persons out for music and dancing. June 8 1974 Swingin time for all ages at 48th annual Illinois Svithiod Day outing. of Chicago frying the Herring. 16 and Karen Pollock 15 both of Chicago. for the herring breakfast. tearfully marches in the Kingsburg Swedish Festival parade . 3 coyly peers from behind the Maypole during the Swedish Midsummer Festival at the Civic Center Plaza Tuesday. June 18 1974 Mrs. Clark.

SHE HAS BEEN WITH THE HOP FOR 23 YRS AND IS A NURSES AID. from 3:30 to 5:30. IMG00328781A Swedish Conenant Hosp.IMG00328775A Von Schneidsus mural of Swedes setting foot on American Soil IMG00328776A Four Larsens IMG00328777A Swedish Covenant Hospital IMG00328778A EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR IMG00328779A Swedish Convenant Hospital. stand proudly behind their sods during a coffee break where all participated in this doctors room. Larson. California Ave. which is being dedicated in public ceremonies Sunday afternoon.m. Staci Person. 3 had won first prize in the Swedish costume category. Elson. December 19 1973 The dietary staff at Swedish Convenant . Mr Nils Christian Larsen Fathers both are carpenters. and Our Lady of Leurdes. 5145 N. Mr Carl Lerson. February 18 1940 Sculpture in lobby of new addition to Swedish Convenant Hosp. July 1957 Russell A. September 1976 Swedish Conenant Hospital file and Convenant Home. July 1961 Anderson Diagnostic Center is the addition at sSwedish Covenant Foster and California Avenues. Dr. IMG00328782A Swedish Conenant Hospital IMG00328783A Swedish Conenant Hospital IMG00328784A IMG00328785A Swedish Conenant Hospital INTERDENOMINATIONALMENU unaware that he and his partner. Dr. July 14. Dahistrom.30 p. New addition to Swedish Conenant Hosp. DEC 21 1960 Queen of Angela. Nov 9 1965 This S730000 addition to Swedish Covenant hospital will be dedicated at 3. Administrator of Swedish Convenant Hosp. September 1976 Sculpture in lobby of new addition to Swedish Conenant Hosp. Erik Larsen. Chairman of Hospital Board. famed semi religious institution IMG00328780A Swedish Conenant Hosp. June 20 1972 Von Schneidsus mural of Swedes setting foot on American Soil. New addition to Swedish Convenant Hosp. contains an X ray department. Edward Y. whick lies just cast of the community 4640 Ashland. 2230 Sunnyside. Paul R. July 11 1957 MR AND MRS OKE OSTROM WHO WERE PICKED AS EMPLOYEES OF THE YEAR AT THE HOSPITAL.

Born Jan 30 1945 Jill Jarrett 2307 W. Rachel Hamilton and Peg Upstrom. Margaret Lane. a protestant denomination that considers itself more of a fellowship than a denomination: Eileen Delana. are from left: Carol Nakamura. fArragut Born Jan 31 1945 three girls born in Swedish Covenant Hospital looking at Graduate Nurses pin that will receive Monday when they graduate from the hospital nursing school.AT HOSPITAL IMG00328786A Swedish Covenant Hospital IMG00328787A Employee of the Year IMG00328788A Nurses Home IMG00328789A Bibbon Cutting Ceremony IMG00328790A 80th Anniversary IMG00328791A Four nurses born at Swedish Convenant Hospital Hospital. ment contents sealed in cornerstone is apr 12th issue of SunTimes and other local alleged newspapers. representing various nationalities and religious denominations. Minne Rudine. and Mrs. Lucille Walker. Randall Foraberg. Chiarman of Benevolence Swedish Convenant Hospital cutting ribon and in the brackground is intern staff building with guests watching the ribbon cutting ceremony. The staff. Benjamin orndoff who was dressed in the dostors get up used back in the 1880s. September 20 1966 Winona Lundgren. Arthur A. June 8 1965 GUST NORDLING. California.R. October 24 1962 Andrea Lundberg International Falls Minn. is an example of what might be called interdenominational team work. and Faith Wunsch gigle to each other as the Horse and Buggy guided by Dr. July 9 1961 Two student nurses: Janell Lindman. Baptist. April 13 1948 Pix shows Mr. PAUL W. Plymouth Brethren. 5145 N. . Farwell Born Feb 26 1944. Roman Catholic. BRANDEL AND MISS OLGA LANGEL SEE HANDOUT FOR STORY. Lynn Nystrom 1907 W. December 20 1962 Laying coinerstone for the Swedish Covenant Hospital school of nur(ing at 2745 winona ave.Nelsonsupt of Hospital standing above with nurses is shown supervising the job.

January 31 1979 IMG00328805A Schivaroli House IMG00328806A Schivarelli House IMG00328807A IMG00328808A Ornate work on home owned by Peter Schivarelli at 503 Wrightwood. December 18 1973 Fire place. May 25 1968 Sophie Schultz. 3rd Floor Ballroom. fancy figures above the windows and an iron gate.IMG00328792A IMG00328793A IMG00328794A IMG00328795A IMG00328796A IMG00328797A IMG00328798A IMG00328799A IMG00328800A IMG00328801A IMG00328802A IMG00328803A IMG00328804A Employees of Year Remembering when they were small. . Licensed Practical Nurse. Ornate work on home owned by Peter Schivarelli at 503 Wrightwood. January 31 1979 IMG00328809A Schivarelli House IMG00328810A IMG00328811A IMG00328812A Two huge stone statues Two huge stone statues surrounded by extravagant ornamentation form theentrance of the Dewes Mansion. Fire place 3rd Floor Ballroom Parlor Fireplace Parlor Fireplace Side of Door to Hall Side of Door to Hall. named "Employee of the year" received wrist watch. fancy figures above the windows and an iron gate. The mansion has fancy iron work on the windows. stained surrounded by mosaic. stained surrounded by mosaic. The mansion has fancy iron work on the windows. January 31 1979 Ornate work on home owned by Peter Schivarelli at 503 Wrightwood. The mansion has fancy iron work on the windows. fancy figures above the windows and an iron gate. stained surrounded by mosaic.

" Over Door CEILING The Dewes House is one of 41 officialChicago landmarks that you can first visit byreading a new booklet published by thecity's Commission on Historical and Architectural landmarks. whichhas been described as "an exciting record of a time when we reached theheights of extravagant expression. December 8 1936 Lovers and cupid are united in the iron and marble well in foyer of the mansion. Lovers and cupid are united in this fountain/wishing well of sculptured ironand marble in the front hallway of the Dewes Mansion. by all means passby the house at 503 W. May 14 1978} Wright wood Swedish Engr's Building. at 503 Wrightwood. It is framed by marble-like columns and intricate gilded metalwork. who live in the house until the end of the World War. relief moldingsand cornices emblazons the ballroom of the Francis J. Dewes. June 4 1978 This ornate three story mansion at 503 Wrightwood avenue was built by Francis J.Two photos of the house and the other 40 sites are also exhibit at the part of anDaley Center. A two story stained glass window exends from the main stairway landing to the second floor ceilling. And after you've thoroughly backgrounded yourself. The building is new the property of the Swedish Engineer Society. a leading German American brewar of the 90 s. This exquisite ceiling mural with hand sculptured figures. Dewes Mansion. Francis J Dewes House.IMG00328813A Lovers and cupid are united in this fountain/wishing well later purchased by the Swedish EngineersSociety of Chicago. June 22 1973 IMG00328814A IMG00328815A This exquisite ceiling mural with hand sculptured figure IMG00328816A IMG00328817A IMG00328818A Over Door CEILING IMG00328819A The Dewes House is one of 41 official IMG00328820A Swedish Engr's Building IMG00328821A Swedish Engineers Society IMG00328822A Swedish Engineers Society of Chicago .

000. Hodge cut ribbon to open new Woolco store in VillaPark. From the classic mansard roofline to the ornate statued entry. The . January 31 1979 There are many and varied charms about the suburbs in the spring but there also are considerable attractions to living in the heart of the city. The home has been described as "anexciting record of a time when we reached the heights of extravagantexpression. regional vice president of Woolco Department Stores. The mansion has fancy iron work on the windows. Parker School will present 11 splendid examples in the form of its Inurbia Tour 1967. fancy figures above the windows and an iron gate. an event designed to appeal to the public's insatiable curiosity about how other people live and to make money for the school's development fund in the bargain. Dewes Mansion whichis being offered for sale at $300. later purchased by the Swedish Engineers Society of Chicago.Ten private residences of distinction will be opened for the project. On Saturday the Francis W. T. L. J. An added starter will be the school's resale shop. stained surrounded by mosaic. Parker's Bazaar. relief moldingsand cornices emblazons the ballroom of the Francis J. Two huge stone statues surrounded by extravagent ornamentation form the entrace of the Dewes Mansion. May 19 1967 In ceremony (ABOVE).IMG00328823A Swedish Engineers Society of Chicago IMG00328824A Swedish Engineers Society of Chicago IMG00328825A Swedish Engineers Society of Chicago IMG00328826A Schivaroli House IMG00328827A The Swedish Engineers Society of Chicago IMG00328828A New Openings This exquisite ceiling pural with hand sculptured figures. Arnold (left). the 77 yr old Dewes mansion is a masterpiece of Victorian architecture. June 7 1974 Ornate work on home owned by Peter Schivarelli at 503 Wrightwood. watches store manager J.where a special collection of Victorian treasures will be displayed in an appropriately gingerbread setting.

IMG00328832A IMG00328833A IMG00328834A WAYNE VACUUM SWEEPER ROARS DOWN JET RUNWAY AT 25 MILES PER HOUR division of F. June 3 1929 Patient Anita Sturm pets her visiting dog. . Gust Field. LEFT.Miniature cyclones created by jet engines suck rocks. also opened store in Homewood last week. opens one of first ne w accounts for Karl Henrik Andersson. Stanley Eniund (left). Aegis at Rockford's Swedish American Hospital's new pet room. Pomona. Taffy Henry. teller supervisor at new Swedish Home Division branch of First Federal Savings & Loan Assn. June 3 1929 Swedish Old People Home.000 Air Force research and development contridt. with 2. look on. First Federal chairman. March 15 1975 Swedish Old People Home. Mis o Nurse and Ama Johnson. Close-up portion ofthe photo shows the 10-foot vacuum nozzle. Resulting damage to . The 25-to sweeper picture here in action. wood and other foreign objects into planes engines. June 3 1929 Swedish Old People Home. under a $100. was designed by the Wayne Manufacturing Company. Judy Johnson watches as a giant "broom" sweeps up 800 pound pice of iron on runway of Midway Airport. BELOW.000. in illinois Center. nuts and bolts. The sweeper is Wayne's answer to a unique jet-age problem costing American taxpayers an estimated $25.IMG00328829A IMG00328830A IMG00328831A Swedish Old People Home Swedish Old People Home Swedish Old People Home Patient Anita Sturm pets her visiting dog. W. October 6 1985 Judy Johnson watches as a giant "broom" sweeps up 800 pound pice of iron on runway of Midway Airport. Calif.000 times the suction power of a home vacuum cleaner. and Grover Hansen.000 annually. president. in foreground. October 24 1957 A vacuum sweeper capable of sucking up objects as large as 3-inch steel cylinders while roaring down jet runways at 25 milesper hour has been developed for testing by the United States Air Force. consul general of Sweden. into which runway debris is drawn.. Woolworth Co.

leading out as sweepers and trucks start the cleaning of the expressway. November 1956 The woman of the house may some day have a sweeper like this one whichsweeps 100. Sweepers. Sensible styling and a lustrous satin finish create unusual beauty for fabie service.000 square feet per hour and dumps a 700-pound load of dust anddirt in 30 seconds. Dir of the III Dept. shows its abilities during a news conference Monday Tokyo. Jan.IMG00328835A The woman of the house may some day have a sweeper like this one which IMG00328836A FLOOR SWEEPING ROBOT IMG00328837A Child Sweeper IMG00328838A CArpet Sweeper IMG00328839A Sweepers Carpet IMG00328840A Start of Cleaning the Expressways IMG00328841A IMG00328842A Clean up parade New Forestry Equipment the jet engines sidelines countless planes for costlyrepairs every year.2 meter (3. May 26 1956 New street Sweeper and towar trucks just acquired by the city for use by the . of Public works and Buildings in the cab of Street Sweeper. 1.9 feet) high and 70 centimeters wide Sweepy can make up to 480 square meters of filthy floor shine in an hour. This latest in factory sweepers is en exhibit at the Plant Maintenance & Engineering Show whioh opens today fMonday. Lorenz. January 7 1954 Bissell's nonelectric Gemini Sweeper cleans all floors. This lightweight Grand Design Sweepermaster has a slim jim handle perfect utility. the 1. February 1954 A battery-powered "Auto Sweepy" produced by Toshiba Corp. March 14 1963 Line up of Street Cleaning eqpt. 25/at the International Amphitheatre and runs through Thursday. The attraotiveoperator is Miss Marlene Reilly. show departs entirely from traditional shapes. Eva Carpet Sweeper can be beautifull. Using its computer brain. February 15 1963 A set of stainless steel fatware selected for the Grand Design.6 feet) long. December 18 1985 Child Sweeper a study miniature of the full size article. of Chioago.4 meters (4. February 26 1967 Francis S. is just right for stair capeting.

on the test where metal was used it picked up all of the metal. March 31 1958 New street Sweeper and towar trucks just acquired by the city for use by the Bureau of Forestry are parked on LaSulle St. arter which atintervals airt is p oked un by truck. Mayor Daley tries his hand at the new vacuum cleaner used for picking up leaves. Mayor Daley inspected them. four "packmasters" and two "bombers".Paul Chiarello operates a mechanical sweeper doing cleanup duty nightly through 48th ward . Sweeper picks up dirt and tieposits it in rear of machine .IMG00328843A Sweeper IMG00328844A Child Sweeper IMG00328845A New Patrol Sweeper IMG00328846A Sweepers IMG00328847A Street Cleaning machines in operation IMG00328848A SWEEPERS IMG00328849A Mayor views new leaf vacuum cleaner IMG00328850A Street Cleaning IMG00328851A OPERATION SWEEP Bureau of Forestry are parked on LaSulle St. rocks and sand were used for this test. It picked up nearly all of them. August 20 1947 Lattest addition of the fleet of Park District st. Mayor Daley inspected them. March 7 1974 Thomas Grippo and Rocksie Cirullo. and 5 more new ones on the way. BUT THESE STREET SWEEPERS ARE TAKING TO THE STREETS OF CHICAGO.the test. which includes four such sweepers. The men are looking over the new "sweeper" the City has they now have 5 of the old type. March 22 1950 THIS LOOKS LIKE A MOVE SCENE. October 11 1966 A never ending job for 7th Ward Superintendent James Rilley is sweeping the 60 miles in streets in his ward. side of City Hall. side of City Hall. and other trash. March 7 1974 the Sweeper shown as it is making a pass at some of the Debris that it'must pick up to pass. Webash Ave. 5 of the new type. June 6 1967 OPERATION SWEEP . Brown lives at 5245 S. sweepers. May 1956 Driver of Mechanical Sweeper working out of Ashlend and Urightwood gerege is Sylvester L.

July 24 1955 Members of the North Kenwood Oakland Community Conference are teaming up with city workmen in a . North AVe. cars on both sides of the street were ticketed. shoveling up some of the dirt that accumulated in the neighbourhood. April 21 1948 This is an Austin Western Mechanical Sweeper driven by Anthony Duoba. 4164 So. Known to Europeans is the horror of huge. Astro Industries. is shown at work on parkingot of Oakbrook Shopping Center in the suburb. sweeping between the cars in the 2100 block of Hudson Ave. for the Bureau of equipment other papers covered these earlier this morning. Cars in rear are all ticketed.IMG00328852A New Street Sweepers IMG00328853A Chicago street mechanical sweepers IMG00328854A Brushless Sweeper IMG00328855A James Buffalo Inaugurates of vacuum cleaner like gadget IMG00328856A Chicago Scenes Reminiscent of War-Torn Europe IMG00328857A Street Cleaning Autos ticketed IMG00328858A Street Cleaning ticketed IMG00328859A Above Marshal Malley. the "Little Shark" which will replace the traditional brush and broom in the cleaning of Loop streets. October 14 1963 James Buffalo Inaugurates of vacuum cleaner like gadget. July 24 1955 Percy Massey. July 1 1940 William Jollands 639 W. June 26 1958 The war fever that is spreading through the world had its effect on our photographerand these are the warlike views he saw through his ground glass as he roved about Chicago. smashing tanks and flame throwers of a ruthless foe. July 7 1955 LIKE TANKS. Lyons. examines the chores of bureau ward sweeper streets.S. Drexel street cleaner. street cleaner in the 43rd ward. March 21 1950 Brushless Sweeper. making all out attack on dirt on Chicago street mechanical sweepers roll out of the city garage at Wrichtwood and Ashland ave. 4th ward superintendent. Much like these behemoths of death are such "armored tanks" as this that daily sweep into action as they conduct a blitzkrieg against the dirt of Chicag streets. built by U.

APRIL 21 1951 The man with a broom still has a job to do in keeping Chicago clean . sweeping the street at Wacker and Wabash. DOUGLAS MAcARTHUR HAS NOT ARRIVED IN CHICAGO. Elsa CArlson.. 813 So. Mayor Kelly and L. This is the second bomb in four days in the loop area. Martha Kodl gie Spieth. a city laborer. YET. Pix shows Kelly giving it the once over..even in this age of mechanical street sweepers improved snaitation equpipment. 4th ward superintendent.M. Jeannie wartheki. With his nose is the air.YET IMG00328866A WARD 3001 IMG00328867A SWEET ANDELINES. Marian Moore. OUTING spring cleanup of their community. examines the chores of bureau ward sweeper Willie Pitts. INC. July 11 1965 Charles Monsaco.. Here Tony Scianna. wearing a new straw hat while working today. Men are Glen . August 6 1955 A workmen sweeping up broken glass in front of the 404 S. April 23 1959 Dan Inendino. cleans up the gutter in front of the joint offices of the 39th and 40th ward at 3512 montros.Lucile Murphy. Alhony. 4545 n. March 19 1945 Mounted Police. TODAY'S PARADE MARKED THE OPENING OF CLEAN UP WEEK IN CHICAGO. Margaret Henlel. Ella Roche. PHOTO SHOWS CHICAGO'S FINEST STREET CLEANERS MARCHING IN STEP SOUTH ON MICHGAN BLVD. Inga Fleming. Jeanne Loveless. January 19 1977 NO. Frankill building where a bomb blast shattered windows for a block slong Frankln st. GEN. he feels like "high society". Above Marshal Malley.Willie Pitts. from the 1st ward santitation dept. Johnson commissioner of streets and electricity. Jane Borg. IMG00328860A Hot Jobs IMG00328861A 2nd bomb blast hits loop area IMG00328862A Street Hat Day IMG00328863A IMG00328864A New street cleaner Mounted Police IMG00328865A MACTHUR NOTE HERE--. Rita Baumover. May 15 1967 Operator James Merlo. Margret Condon. Gladys Wolff. Racine. June 6 1957 Seated -. L to R Scotty Edwards.

the deadline for entires in the Fannie May candy companys annual "nicest people" contest. Chicago's Patrick T. April 20 1981 LOCAL CELEBS. October 17 1975 MRS. May 16 1973 Fresh sweet rolls get a special touch when served with butter balls made with a melon baller. River Forest's Diane Petersen is dressed as a mermaid for the In-Water Boat Show at Burnham Harbor. from Los Angeles California. JEANNE BROWNEPRESENTS SWEETEST DAY AS HE PRESENTS A BOF CANDY TO MAYOR RICHAR DALEY. ("It's hard to take two-indh steps. Oct 15 is Sweetest Day. (She's Mrs. 15 "Nice People Recognition Time"in Chicago.Joseph Laspesa-Robert Bernero left to right on truelc.IMG00328868A IMG00328869A IMG00328870A Sweet Alice in Wicker Park Seept Lips Lounge Home based maple pecan rolls take honors in the gentle art of rounding them up for breakfast. .3443 N. play the roles of clowns as they saranade Penni Panda in preparationg for Sweetest Day. September 26 1993 Seept Lips Lounge --. September 23 1977 Ronald Richter--Joseph Geraci.g Qua Aparo and Penny Savage (randa) members of the Chgo. and Jack Baumhover. October 19 1964 ANTHONY (tony) PIEGARI Sweetest . who. especially for ahipster hangout. Murphy. . . IMG00328871A Fresh sweet rolls IMG00328872A Sweetest Day IMG00328873A MAYOR'S OFFICE IMG00328874A Who's fairest of all? IMG00328875A Sweetest Day IMG00328876A ANTHONY (tony) PIEGARI Calhoun. reportedly may split. Lincoln Ave. Les Darocher and wife. October 15 1971 Three sweet-toothed fairies began a search Thursday for the nicest people in the Chicago area at the office of Mayor Bil anaic. . Other equipment can be used to mold other shapes. Mae Chost of Shields Senior Center Daley at City Hall Thursday. The Mayor proclaimed the period up to Oct. st ' . .") . August 14 1960 Sweet Alice in Wicker Park has a cozy feel to it. December 29 1976 Home based maple pecan rolls take honors in the gentle art of rounding them up for breakfast. ex-Chicago . Fire Dept.

February 1980 The atrium lobby of Cinetronics. Pollans winners in sweepstakes. 1028 N. Velma Maxwell. Most notable trend among the restaurants is exposure to light and greenery as at this class enclosed sidewalt cafe at Sweetware. The bank as offering the candy to its customers as a reminder to "Remember Someone on Sweetest Day". and his brother Ben H.Sweetest news vendor of the year PENNY the PANDA. WHO WAS CHOSEN SWEETEST BUS DRIVERS. OCTOBER 13 1960 Quiet diners not Sweetwater may be interrupted by the noise. IMG00328877A Free Candy IMG00328878A SWEETEST DAY IMG00328879A Sweetwater IMG00328880A Sweeter Restaurant IMG00328881A Sweetwater IMG00328882A IMG00328883A Sweetwater Restaurants The atrium lobby of Cinetronics IMG00328884A Irish sweeps winner IMG00328885A IMG00328886A Sweepstake winner Sweepstake winner news vendor of the year PENNY the PANDA. "and also my premise that the test of a restaurant is. Pollans. proclaimed for Saturday. December 24 1976 The geometric separation of booths at the Mavin shows up on the seating chart of owner Dick Lovi and Maitree D charles Christ." he says. Rush. July 1 1976 Sweetwater. received negative review from critic James Ward shortly after it opened-and his evaluation remains the same. of Forest Park. "It seems to contradict my oft stated thesis that restaurants change. they . the restaurant has some good ideas. whether it delivers what it promises. showing her winning ticket in the Irish Sweeptakes. after learning she won $120. October 14 1965 Customers partake of free candy being offered bhy O'Hare International Bank. But in theory.000 in the Irish Sweepstakes. Henrietta Drenner. October 17 1970 PENNY SAVAGE " THE SWEETEST DAY PANDA" WITH KELLY GILLO 48 YR OLD. July 2 1980 Mrs. June 28 1969 Mrs. Ted P. being congratulated by her co workers at Wiebold's in Oak Park." February 24 1980 Sweetwater Restaurants. The stage of Cinerronics.

The ENVELOPE THEY ARE HOLDING IS . December 27 1973 Steve Polewski. May 25 1939 Roy J. Jun 11 1940 Big Tom. De Novo. top prize $140 000. THEY WON $140000 dollars. lucky mascot of the Irish Sweepstakes.000 others.. This ticket. however is a phony Some counterfreiter pocketed the purchaser's $ 2. along with 6. It's genuine. WINNER OF $48000 IN IRISH SWEEPS. 57 having his ciagar lit by fellow postmen at the Post office . of 6419 S.. 33 who was abig winner of Irish Sweepstakes Money. will be run off at Arlington authorities here dec lare it is illegal to send payment for the tickets through mail.000. November 4 1963 A Merry Christmas indeed for Fred E Beyer.50. The ticket he is might be a winner also ..000. so the stub did find its way into Dublin's golden drum.. he borrowed it for the picture. lucky mascot of the Irish Sweepstakes IMG00328894A Sweepstakes winner IMG00328895A IMG00328896A ROSA RICHARDSON SWEEPSTAKES WINNERS won $56.IMG00328887A Sweeps Winner IMG00328888A Seeps ticket IMG00328889A Sweepstakes Ticket IMG00328890A Sweepstakes Ticket IMG00328891A Wins Sweepstakes IMG00328892A Sweepstakes ticket for relief of NIcaragus IMG00328893A Big Tom. March 21 1964 ROSA RICHARDSON. Trustee Safety Chairman for the Taxi Cab Union was a winner in the Irish Sweepstakes.. winner in the sweepstakes. Hoyne Ave who found ticket worth $47 000 in 6 tons of garbage. he is shown in his office after learning the good news. December 27 Genuine "'Purchaser of this sweeps ticketat least got a semblance of run for his money. March 21 1964 Alfred Holloway. to make a trans continental tour to Visit President Roosevelt. has landed in Los Angeles just prior to the Grand National Sweeps.. Winner of Irish Sweepstakes a single man he is surrounded by his relatives backrow.. Ray Barthel. March 25 1970 Sweepstakes ticket for relief of NIcaragus. JUNE 27 1971 MR AND MRS EUGENE AND IRENE RACZKA. His is at home in a safe place.. FAKE .

000 and four Chicago area ticket holders won $48. he also holds the telegram that notified him of his win. OCTOBER 15 1966 Winners of $120000 in the Irish Sweepstakes are Carrie and John pitts of 556 E. home address 6102 Evans are. Haley with his fellow workers at Premier engravers. March 26 1969 His sister Besse Zych. 37th st. MOFarland shows off the winning ticket that won him the $160000 prize in the Irish Sweepstakes.. OCTOBER 15 1966 Rowan J. December 27 1973 Lillian Bettenhauson $120000 Irish Sweetstakes winner is greated by roommates Dolores Dale. Edward STancik his brother in law Edward Zych congratulation Edward on Winning $125000 in sweepstakes drawing Hough has story. March 27 1971 K. Oak Forest. December 29 1970 A young suburban woman won $120. Chicago. SHE BOUGHT TWO TICKETS AND ONE CAME IN FOR $140000.R.old Lillian Bettenhausen. who phoned the glad tidings to Lillian in Wisconsin early Monday. 74 with head in sink as her hair dress plants a kiss on her he is Mike Beldzikowski of Charlottes Coiffures Belmont Hotel. June 30 1968 MRS LILLIAN STEVENS.a ticket clerk for the Rock Island R. December 28 1970 .5017 W. Edna Dilou. 68 and daughter Rose 19. 156th 'St. June 29 1974 Bernard McCauley. Neighbors reported she was in Wisconsin on vacation. July 1 1972 Mrs. March 26 1969 Winner of $2400000 William Acklen. of1.000 in the IrishThe big winner was 22-year.000 in Sweeps THE ONE SHE PUT THE TICKET AWAY IN AND AT THE TIME WROTE THEY DAY OF THE RACE AND THE AMOUNT SHE WANTED TO WIN.K.IMG00328897A Sweepstakes Winner IMG00328898A Sweepstakes Winner IMG00328899A IMG00328900A Sweepstakes Winner Sweepstakes Winner IMG00328901A Sweepstakes Winner IMG00328902A Irish Sweepstakes winner IMG00328903A Sweepstakes Winner IMG00328904A 1st Place Winner IMG00328905A Sweepstakes IMG00328906A Girl wins $120.

December 29 1970 Irish Hospitals Sweeps Stakes Drew on Irish Sweeps Lincln 1971.IMG00328907A Irish sweepstakes winner IMG00328908A Sweestakes IMG00328909A $120000 toast . December 28 1970 Its fantascic. opening highlights of the flat Racing season in England. Drawing of $200000 Super Prize which was the 1st event on the draw programe. March 1971 Sweepstakes winner Walter Thompson waves telegram that brought the news of his good forture. Jeannine Osuch. a North who learned TUesday that her Irish Sweepstakes ticket is worth $130000 is coming it. Bernice Coachara won $48000 in Irish Sweepstakes."It's the first time I ever went to the storeand came home to more money than wentwith. said Lillian Bettenhausen repeatedly as she exclaimed about her winning $120000 in the irish sweepstakes. March 1971 Dublin 24th March 71 Irish HOspitals held sweeps on the Lincoln. July 1 1973 Mrs. 21 who won 290006 dollars.. Irene Svoboda." Svoboda said when he learned thatwhile he was shopping Tuesday his wife had won $130. Joseph Wieclawek. Laurie Wieclawek and Patricia Wieclawek winner of $48000 in Irish Sweepstakes.000. Dorothy Bingley learned this morning that she won $52000 in Irish Sweepstakes on a horse named Downtown Charley. Irene Svoboda IMG00328914A IMG00328915A IMG00328916A Suddenly Otto has rich wife IMG00328917A Irish Sweepstakes Winner Mrs. Irene Svoboda and one of her daughter Mrs. Dorothy Bingley Susan Wieclawek. between girls IMG00328910A Irish Sweepstakes IMG00328911A Irish Sweepstaker IMG00328912A IMG00328913A Father of 11 can build now Irish Sweepstake winner Woman Wins $130000 in Sweeps Irish Sweestakes Winner Mrs. Total value of prizes 1899250 Pounds. its fantastic. June 27 1971 Don Simpson.. December 28 1971 Otto Svoboda went to the grocery stare andcame home to a bundle. December 2 1971 Irish Sweestakes Winner Mrs. December 28 1970 It was a jully family scene at the Stanley Crochara home Monday as Mrs. March 25 1972 . December 29 1971 Mrs.

December 27 1973 Mrs. during the Irish sweepstakes horse race Tuesday at Leopardstown. Jancauskas. WARNER. HE WON 45000 DOLLARS IN THE IRISH SWEEPS. of Grand Haven. December 27 1971 The Jancauskes family winner of $115000 in Irish Sweepstakes. his aright to smile today after being notified that he won the Irish Sweepstakest super prize of 6500. AVE. is neck and neck with favored straight Nov 7 Carburty up. Ethal Cohen of Beverly Hills holds aloft her winning Irish sweepstakes ticket here Thursday. Olmetti. September 30 1972 John M. Welley. Krause. find it easy to smile Saturday after they learned that they won $150000 Irish Sweepstakes. but returned home because of the congratulations. of Grand Haven. with kids: Gwen. Olmetti was still at work. Calif. holding the winning ticket. Tarry and dog king Mt. April 5 1982 Kenneth Householder a 38 yr old San Francisco architect. He returned to work. ribbing and commttien. 38 in copy photo winner of $120000. Ireland. December 23 1976 Winner of $2400000 William Acklen . March 26 1976 Master Monday.00 IMG00328919A SWEEPS WINNER IMG00328920A Sweeps Stakes Winner IMG00328921A Sweepstakes Winner IMG00328922A Sweepstakes Winner IMG00328923A Sweepstakes Winner IMG00328924A Sweepstakes Winner IMG00328925A Smile means $800000 IMG00328926A LUCKY TUESDAY FOR MASTER MONDAY IMG00328927A IMG00328928A HAPPY SWEEPSTAKES WINNER Irish Sweepstakes Winner Ronald Radikopf. has reason to smile Thrusday he won the Irish Sweepstakes jackpot prize of $800000. Only two other Americans have ever won the superprize. John M. Mr. BIlly 2 Mike and Marty.000. MARCH 24 1973 Walter H. June 28 1972 CLARA AND OTTO ZIEGLER OF 2132 W. won the Irish Sweepstakest super prize of 6500. December 28 1976 Mrs. & Mrs. Not pictured are som Freedie 14 Johnny 12. and Debble and his wife in the background. Olmetti with her son Alex. March 23 1974 Don and Evelyn Coy of San Diego.IMG00328918A Ronald Radikopf. left ridden by Lian Quirke.

Thomas Cloonan. December 29 1970 Mrs. on phone trying to reach her sister Judy both share the winning sweepstakes ticket she was unable to reach her while I was them but they were going to keep trying her parents look on. is congratulated by his wife Mary after learning that his $4 Irish Sweepstakes ticket had won him $425000. Alyee. winner of the first prize in the Irish Sweepstakes winner kisses her husband who holds their three month old daughter. a secretary for the police dept. Saturday after he won one of the big prizes of the Irish Sweepstakes. June 24 1977 John F. April 8 1978 Richer by $45000 Stanley Corchara gives all the credit to his wife Bernice. March 26 1969 Irish Hospitals Sweepstake Ticket. a 34 yr old crane operator.000 TO START THE NEW YEAR Mrs. Ethal Cohen of Beverly Hills holds aloft her winning Irish sweepstakes ticket here Thursday. July 18 1939 UNDER THE EYES OF A POLICE SUPERITENDENT NURSES DRAW TICKETS OUT OF A HUGE DRUM FOR THE IRISH NATIONAL HOSPITALS SWEEPSTAKES ON THE GRAND NATIONAL STEEPLECHASE. Jona Pittis with $120000 winning ticket. December 26 1969 Mrs.IMG00328929A HAPPY SWEEPSTAKES WINNER IMG00328930A IRISH SWEEPSTAKES WINNER IMG00328931A SWEEPS WINNER'S SECOND REWARD Stanley Crochara won Irish Sweepstakes winner IMG00328932A IMG00328933A $120. March 27 1971 Mrs. Albert F Kaleta and Robert Wilcoski read telegram them that ticket that they share won $140 000 on Ragusa winning horse in Saturday's Irish derby. Jona Pittis with $120000 winning ticket Irish Hospitals Sweepstake Ticket IMG00328934A IMG00328935A IMG00328936A SWEEPSTAKES DRAWING IMG00328937A 3 share winning sweepstakes IMG00328938A 2 sisters share sweepstakes IMG00328939A Irish Sweepstakes Winner home address 6102 Evans Ave. December 23 1976 Gordon Curran. June 27 1970 One hundred and forty thousand dollar . MARCH 20 1968 Albin R Gielicz. June 29 1963 Audrey La Bash. Murphy of San Francisco is kissed by wife.

according to Swift & Co. May 8 1991 The remnants of Packing town are being demolished. Razing of three buildings that were owned by Swift and Co just west of the old Union Stock Yards should be completed by the end of the week. on of IMG00328948A winner Rowan Haley photo engravar for Premier Engraving 320 N Dearborn st. May 8 1991 A front end loader with demolition bucket looks menacing on the job.000.000. building. May 8 1991 An estimated 450. The steel rods were used to reinforce floors.S. The meat company's home economist. March 26 1969 Albert Koois. building. displays a note saying how much he won at the super prize winner in Wednesday Irish Sweepstakes draw $48000. is enough to make 3 million cheeseburgers. flavor-tests 10 .000 pounds of turkey. June 5 1971 Demotion of the eight-story Swift and Co. May 8 1991 The remnants of Packing town are being demolished. on ofwhole birds. 53. of Gillespie. April 10 1991 The remnants of Packing town are being demolished. Razing of three buildings that were owned by Swift and Co just west of the old Union Stock Yards should be completed by the end of the week. will grace dinner tables on Thanksgiving Day. nearly half the annual U. It cleared away rubble. The Next stop is slicing and packaging.S. Mary Metag. May 8 1991 The arc of the wrecking ball. That 90 miles of cheese. Ill. March 24 1970 Some 90 miles of cheese slip off these giant chilling drums each day at Swift & Co's cheese plant in Green Bay.IMG00328940A SWEEPSTAKES WINNER IMG00328941A Miles of Cheese IMG00328942A Demotion of the eight-story Swift and Co. Wis. the company said. An estimated 450. Razing of three buildings that were owned by Swift and Co just west of the old Union Stock Yards should be completed by the end of the week.000 pounds of turkey. nearly half the annual U. The steel rods were used to reinforce floors. A front end loader with demolition bucket looks menacing on the job. IMG00328943A Swift and Co IMG00328944A Swift and Co IMG00328945A Swfit & Co IMG00328946A IMG00328947A The arc of the wrecking ball.

head of the processed meats section at . service organizations and charities. power supply and a heliport (dish-shaped tlanding nott). which is sponsoring the event. used by Swift & Company 's petroleum group operating in the Gulf of Mexico. shown in the foreground. The platform provides living quarters. November 14 1970 Three jacks are big for a raise--mor e than 100 feet that is-as this oil-and-gasdrilling rig. Its three triangular jacks project themselves 100 feet to floor. George Struyf (left) and Ronald Patrizi of the Park Forest Plaza Shopping Center. eleveting the platform well clear of the surface. May 21 1970 ESwift & Company's food scientists compiled the information for the firm's extensive nutrition data bankSSe-insis of actual analyses of food products as they would be prepared in the home for consumption. November 23 1969 Ninety miles of cheese comes of giant chilling ribbon each day at Swift & Companys Paule Cheese plant here en route to automatic slicing and packaging equipment. power supply and a heliport. it lowers three triangular legs 100 feet to the gulf floor and jacks itselfclear of the water. June 8 1971 This platform used b Swift & Co petroleum group of the Gulf of Mexico exploratory oil and gas wells. October 28 1970 The only full-scale replica of the 1855vintage meat wagon used by Swift & Co to sell meat door-to-door has been transported from the Chicago stockyards P k Fo t to be sold in a charity auction to benefit 23 church groups. Towed by barges to drilling sites.Here. is towed into position recently. Theplatform provides living quarters.IMG00328949A Swift & Companys IMG00328950A Ready for action IMG00328951A Three jacks are big for a raise-mor e than 100 feet that is-as this oil-and-gas-drilling rig IMG00328952A Old red meant wagon IMG00328953A Swift & Company turkeys all time at bwift's Martha Logan kitchens in suburban Oak Brook. inspect the wagon. Hugh Bolin.of the gulf.

fat. those for Swift Foods and Swift's Premium products. Robertson. Early Swift & Co general office which burned in 1903 IMG00328958A IMG00328959A James W. 3 GM The two logntypes at'thecJeft will sapplant the ones at the right as Swift Processed Meats . Ill. June 15 1972 "Two of the nation's beet-known logotypes. monitors thecomputer output of the firm's nutrition data bank which will provide detailed information on moisture. May 29 1955 James W.IMG00328954A Swift & Co IMG00328955A Say juice IMG00328956A Swift & Co IMG00328957A Swift Agricultural Chemicals Corp. Lorraine Berger. are being changed.vitamins and minerals in the company's major food products for consumers and others who request it. energy. head of the experimental statistics division at Swift & Company's research and development center. May 1 1962 Swift Agricultural Chemicals Corp. head of the experimental statistics division at Swift & Company's research and development center IMG00328960A "Two of the nation's beetknown logotypes. mines phosphate in Florida. the first full line packing plant built by the meat industry in more than 40 yrs recently got a thourgh inspection by Swift directors. andMs. those for Swift Foods and Swift's Premium products. protein. June 15 1972 Swift & Co announced TUesday it has developed a new canning process that keeps the home cooked taste in canned foods and enables foods previously considered uncannable to be proceed without loss of quality. Robertson. Swift's research and development center. Martha Logan. heat Brown 'N Serve Sausage which will be subjected to j variety of exacting tests. which is a major suppller of the mineral used as a nutrient in fertilizer. Phyllis Nelson applies a touch of soybean derivative to dish at Swift & Co. carbohydrates. March 26 1976 Early Swift & Co general office which burned in 1903. July 2 1969 Swift & Co new meat packing plant in Rochelle. research and development center in suburban Oak Brook. supervisor of the test kitchen r the company's home economist.

said Tuesday they have developed a new process for canning food that eliminates prolonged heating. of Kansas City. at this end of the "submarine. temperatures. a monument to the tremendous expansion of acreage . Thecans coming down on the right have been fed into the chamber through overhead looks. A public address systemis used to talk to workers inside the "submarine. Inc. Inc. Over-all view of the facilities for "Flash 18"new continuous canning process at Trenton Foods. and Trenton Foods Inc. IMG00328963A Trenton Foods. Mo. February 18 1961 This maze of pipes show the complex piping that carries the processed foot into the compression chamber and to the filling machinery. " An interior view of the Trenton Foods." February The cans are filled and sealed inside the compression chamber. Ingherforeground employee is ehecking the continuous. The pipes that control the pressurizing are also shown.IMG00328961A Swift & Company IMG00328962A An interior view of the Trenton Foods. conveyed up to the roof and fed into the pressurized chamber through specially designed looks. IMG00328964A Swift & Company IMG00328965A Swift & Company IMG00328966A Swift & Co. July 9 1973 The cans are stacked outside of the chamber. and rate of flow of the food at each critical point during processing. The tile side of the control room and the entrance/exit of the compression. Swift & Co. The control room is adjacent to the canning chamber. A battery of instruments and gauges regulate and monitor.thepressures. and Trenton Foods Inc. chamber where pressure is 18 pounds above normal atmospheric pressure. IMG00328967A Swift & Company IMG00328968A SOYBEAN OIL MILL trepacliages its line this summer. Inc. Inc. February Processing and storage plant of Swift & Co at Champaign.chamber can beseen. One of the portholes is seen at upper left.

December 17 1943 George Struyf . the original date (1855 ) of Swift & Company old red me at wagon. Swift when he sold meat door-todeor in Barnstable. April 17 1977 The empty offices Tuesday of Swift. It will be one of several hundred items auctioned May 23 and 24 in Park Forest. fund-raising event sponsored by the shopping center and twenty-three church groups. Henke & Co office. Henke & Co office. The empty offices Tuesday of IMG00328977A IMG00328978A devoted to the Oriental regume in the Middle West. March 1 1962 This is a working model of a steel mill which Swift & Co operates at its research and development center in subruban Oak Brook to evaluate now lubricating formulas on a variety of metals. charities and service organizations. November 21 1983 This was the scene Tuesday at Chicago's Swift. is the only replJca of the used 115 years ago by Gustavus F. July 1955 The lagest full line meat packing plant built in the last 25 years will be put in operation Monday by Swift & Co at Ruchelle. May 1970 Three untanied elevator shift outside the building which are old g. September 6 1969 Exterior of warehouse at 57th & LaSalle sign shows Swift Records Storage workmen putting in new sidewalk. Swift & Co Fatty Acid Plant. in storage at the company ' s Chicago stockyar s plant for the past several years. at a charity bazaar.IMG00328969A Only replica of the original one IMG00328970A IMG00328971A IMG00328972A IMG00328973A Swift & Company Swift & Co Fatty Acid Plant FIRST SWIFT PACKING PLANT Swift & Company IMG00328974A Swift & Company IMG00328975A Miniature mill IMG00328976A Swift Records Storage This was the scene Tuesday at Chicago's Swift. . about 80 miles west of Chicago. swift s idea of safety first. FIRST SWIFT PACKING PLANT. Massachusetts.t. The wagon. Park Forest Plaza Shopping Center maintenance supervisor shows Ronald Patrizi resident of the center ' s merchant association. JULY 1960 Swift & Company.

August 31 1979 The flags of Japan. son of Mr. Australia. June 20 1994 36 yrs Frank Styzek with son Michael 4 yrs old. March 31 IMG00328982A Swimming IMG00328983A LAST ONE IN'S A. learned to swim before he could walk and leads the todler pack around the pool including the two unidentified buddies shown. Margaret Boccio. Anthony Falls Monday to begin a 700 mile swim to st. Alan Jones. It is Canadians Helen Vonderbuirg and Kelly Kryczko in a duet synchronized swim event in the World Cup Swimming Meet in Tokyo. Pool. Jackson. January 1 1978 Margaret Boccio. near Nashville. June 18 1994 Contestants whip the waters to a froth off Navy Pier Tuesday as they plunge into lake Michigan begining of the Chicago Park District's 18th annual two mile swim.Swift. Pool 36 yrs Frank Styzek with son Michael 4 yrs old IMG00328979A IMG00328980A IMG00328981A Henke & Co. Henke & Co. James Elsd of Donelson.. Great Britain and West Germany parade the length of the Portage Park pool in the international swim meet's opening ceremony. August 17 1962 Marine Capt. the United States. October 21 1978 A Jubilant Santa Clara Swim Club toss their swim coach George Haines into the pool after their team came in 1st with 113 points. Tenn. IMG00328984A World Cup Swimming Meet in Tokyo IMG00328985A COLORS AFLOAT IMG00328986A ON TO ST. 175 W. 73 early bird swimmer every morning at Jefferson Pk. Louis as a Elcentennial Gesture for physical fitness. and Mrs. July 28 1987 He is only 15 months old but fearless Michael Klad. May 24 1976 WALTER SKWAREK TAKES WHAT COULD BE THE LAST PLUNGE OF THE SEASON. LOUIS IMG00328987A SWIMMER A Jubilant Santa Clara Swim Club toss their swim coach George Haines IMG00328988A . 73 early bird swimmer every morning at Jefferson Pk. July 18 1964 But this is no mirron image... right waves to friends and press as he and former Marine Wayne Thompson step into the waters of the Missisippi River near St.

as he leaps from the water after momentum from a ten foot deep dive. is buoyant and can be assembled from kit form in a few minutes. daughter its inventor. Hwse dass suo taal -imot ou fbco:aaers at Indianapolis over dw North Anly weekend. Feel like you are just treading water? Moon Huffstetler of Belmont. IMG00328993A Moon Huffstetler of Belmont. July 5 1967 RUTH WARBURG. does and he is trying to regain his first place status in the Guinness Book of World Records for his efforts. SEPTEMBER 1954 The remarkable propulsive power of the Aqueon is dramatically demonstrated by its inventor.C. The Aqueon is a new mimming ropulsion device that enables a swimmer to propel himse on e surface or underwater at high speeds with minimum effort. is made largely of wood. IS OFLIGHTED WITH HER NEW PROGMAN FLIPPERS. merely by doing quarter-knee bendso Gongwer holds in his hands a planing board used for diving and climbing underwater which is equipped with slingshot-looking water peedometer-another of his inventions. IMG00328990A That Old Swimming Hole IMG00328991A FIN FEELING IMG00328992A A new swimmin propulsion device. is displayed by pretty Jean Gongwer. June 6 1980 . A 22 YR OLD GUILFORD NURSE.which may be used with or without skin diving and scuba equipment.IMG00328989A Aqueon.C. and even colog to the OMwinnning hole is frowned upon usieutherek a lifeguard arounds lint Jill Armstrong and Iris Williams show their independence here by finding this cool spot where the water was not too deep for their swim. N. The Aqueon. Gongwer. a new swimmin propulsion device. N. This very efficient swimming unit can propel a swimmer at high speeds on the surface or underwater with minimum effort by simply doing quarter-kneebends. is displayed by pretty Jean Gongwer. a new swimmin propulsion device. weighs 15 pounds. does and he is trying to regain his first place status Aqueon. Calvin A.

practise starting. it is available at pool supply centers. merely by doing quarter-knee bends. Jean Myquist. shows the underwater capabilities of this new swimming ropulsion device by powering herself through the water.' Alarm is made by Falcon Alarm Co. Inc. as they sit on an old covered bridge in Vinton County. snapped in mid air.07081. Kuss. Exdusive "Adjustomatic Control" permits the owner to pre determine the water disturbance required to set off the alarm. Alarm safeguards pools from 8 to 80 feet long. August 19 1947 A ttrac tive Jean Gongwer. August 22 1980 Kevin comes up for air . Springfield. Eileen Kriegar. The country pond was popular during the long.J. Pack lasts about one season. . June 7 1975 Pat Healy. Priced about $60. 36 Stern A v. August 15 1952 Teenage boys try to get the attention of two young girls. All of watching lake swim club Plainfield.J. N.. Pool Alarm Division. September 10 1967 Clowns jump form diving board. daughter of the Agueon inventer . N.and a big surprise. Daughter of its Inventor. Calvin A Gongwer.IMG00328994A Swimming IMG00328995A Water Carnival IMG00328996A LOOT AT ME IMG00328997A Swimming IMG00328998A National AAU meet practise IMG00328999A New Swimming propulsion device IMG00329000A The Aqueon is Demonstrated by Jean Gongwer Automatic swimming pool alarm works without outside wiring or batteries. Dolores. "Falcon Swim Pool Alarm" operates on a self-powered Du Pont Freon Power Pack which screws into the bottom of the unit. hot summer. Janet Timken and Bobby Doerr. Designed to float in an idle pool. Held in her outstretched hands is a planing board for diving or climbing underwater.. The Aqueon is Demonstrated by Jean Gongwer. unit triggers a piercing alarm when a child or pet falls into the water. The slingshot-looking water speedmeter onthe end of the board is another invention of her father.

A planing board held in extended arms isused for diving and climbing underwater. August 6 1977 Patsy Willard sof the Dick Smith Swim Club executes dive. but before you go into the water take a few minutes to review the basic rules of safety. July 14 1987 Approx. a new swimmin propulsion device.. 1 playoff spot. 120 swimmers dive of pier for two miles swim race above. sass. No arm action is necessary for propulsion with Aqueon. 120 swimmers dive of pier for two miles swim race above. Gongwer. a three time Olympic Gold medal winner. enables a swimmer to propel himself through the water at high speeds with minimum effort. demonstrates training aid called "Sea Hands" during news conference here 5/27.. Ind. Calvin A. swear of otherwise act in an unbeacoming manner. 7 yr old Laurie Bordley decides to hibernate in her towel at the public pool in Battleground. is buoyant and can be assembled from kit form in a few minutes. Also pix of swimmers in water.IMG00329001A The Aqueon IMG00329002A She'll sit this one out IMG00329003A A view from under the blue in the Public League competition at Chicago Circle's Pool IMG00329004A Swimming IMG00329005A Taking the plunge IMG00329006A Pools are fun Approx. February 20 1975 Swimmer Rick Carey. weighs 15 pounds. Carver won the Red South basketball No. demonstrates its underwatercapabilities. May 27 1967 Before you do. The race is a 200 yard individual medley prelimanary Menawhile. July 14 1967 Pools are fun. merely by doing quarter-knee bends. its inventor and one ofthe nation's top hydrodynamicists. take a few minutes to review the basic rules of water safety. The unit is made largely of wood. She finished sixth in . Swimming and Wining IMG00329007A IMG00329008A October 30 1965 The Aqueon. With an overboundance of rules reminding swimmers not to splash. June 17 1982 A view from under the blue in the Public League competition at Chicago Circle's Pool.

15 months old. Photo shows West Germany's Heidrun Waymann during the 400 meters respirator diving event. July 10 1994 Swimmers take their laps in the conventional Portage Park Pool. Sandy beach is in background.IMG00329009A Swimming Misc IMG00329010A IN THE SWIM IMG00329011A The first underwater swimming world championship IMG00329012A BETTER START FOR BACKSTROKERS MARSHA HOOKER IS AWARDED A TROPHY BY JANE PERKINS. Bob Keller. Nov 26 MARSHA HOOKER IS AWARDED A TROPHY BY JANE PERKINS. July 10 1991 Michael Elad. NO WINGS three meter event. July 27 1981 With her mother. Champaign High. August 15 1979 The first underwater swimming world championship are currently underway at Hannover. Margaret Boccio. January 10 1961 The Bensenville Water Park was the nation's first family aquaticas center. September 1976 A newly developed starting block was approved last month for 25 yard backstroke races by the American Athletic Union. is a regular early bird swimmer at Jefferson Park pool. July 10 1994 Huge Lasauskas . June 18 1994 Kids swim to and dive off a raft at Centennial Beach Park in Naperville. completing a back Senville Park District Pool IMG00329013A IMG00329014A IMG00329015A IMG00329016A Kids swim to and dive off a raft at Centennial Beach Park IMG00329017A Washington Park Outdoor Pool IMG00329018A Huge Lasauskas IMG00329019A Swimmers take their laps in the conventional Portage Park Pool IMG00329020A LOOK MA. looking on 2 yr old Chelsey Coyte swims underwater during the first Diaper Dip Derby at the cowntown YMCA in Leuisville last weekend. leaves the diving board at the pool at the Nashville suburb of Donelson as his . FEBRUARY 16 1975 Bob Keller. Champaign High. 6 finds refreshment in the seal's water spray at the Skokie Water Playground. 73. completing a back. August 20 1962 Organizers of a local mass swimming show a sense of humour swimming with umbrellas after the event as was cancelled because of rain. features a huge rectangular swimming area and the only water slide in the city. 5531 S King Dr. June 30 1994 Washington Park Outdoor Pool. Stacey Coyte.

eats her lunch in comfort as fish swim by her for entertainment. Howie Massey looks like either a short coupled swimmer or a contortionist. unbearable. courtesy of North ave beach guards. Here. and underwater performer. waits in the water. is an advanced Diaper Dip Swimming class. James Elad. IMG00329026A SPOUTING ABOUT THE HEAT IMG00329027A WHAT A RIDE IMG00329028A Julie Sheldon. January 7 1954 And all three ways lead Nancy Happel. 17 into the water near Oak St. standing at right. April 20 1977 Julie Sheldon. Jan Moyer. August 17 1967 Two year old Anne Moyer catches a ride on the back of her mother. Mrs. July 25 1957 . Jeanette. Annie Laurie Alexander dives into the water and comes up smiling beside her teacher. Lauralee Thompson and Mary Ann Catlino watch cool diving technique from the shore. packed a picniclunch and went to the bottom of a pool to keep cool. July 23 1939 Squirting a stream of water into the air while cooling off in a pool. Tex. says her grandmother and swimming coach. the kids and grownup whoop it up for the photo in the water. October 8 1969 Bill Hess. 7506 Keeler winner of 33 yrd breststroke. August 27 1953 Jeanette A dair. Crystal Scarborough. in Los Angeles. July 18 1964 With nary a trace of fear. 16. two months old moves like this under water for distances up to 10 feet IMG00329029A 3 ways to keep cool IMG00329030A Nove Swim Meet mother Mrs. two months old moves like this under water for distances up to 10 feet. July 25 1957 Up to their necks in water this pix was taken from a life guards boat. SHE LOVES THE WATER IMG00329022A Novice Swim Meet Up to their necks in water this pix was taken from a life guards boat IMG00329023A IMG00329024A Underwater Picnic IMG00329025A Forest Park's oval 840000 gallon pool accumind for sizeable slice of $425000 spent for recreational center. 4554 Central Park winner of 33 yard backstroke. July 18 1963 Forest Park's oval 840000 gallon pool accumind for sizeable slice of $425000 spent for recreational center.IMG00329021A AT FIVE MONTHS. August 5 1953 Fred Herzon. finding the sweltering 100-degree temperatores of San Marcos. Jen Loven.

IMG00329033A IMG00329034A Swimming Competitions IMG00329035A UNIDENTIFIED FALLING OBJECT IMG00329036A A NEW TWIST AT THE OLE SWIMMING HOLE IMG00329037A This photograph was selected by judges at the Iowa Press Photographers Short Course in Iowa city Despite warnings from railroad officials. May 23 1972 This photograph was selected by judges at the Iowa Press Photographers Short Course in Iowa city over the weekend as "best depicting the beauty of Iowa. Aug 12 1973 Chris Lankes. About 250 swimmers raced from nea Ohlo st. . beach to Oak st. boat. Martha Jahn and Sean Scanlon of South Yelloand was 1st place and finnish. June 17 1968 Despite warnings from railroad officials. genrations of Bay City youths have used the Detroit & Mackinac Railroad birdge over the Kawkawling River. February 23 1990 It's a 50 foot drop from the platform on the railroad trestle bridge off Interstate HIghway 35 to the waters of Lake Dallas.IMG00329031A It's going swimmingly IMG00329032A IHSA Boys State Swimming Prelims: Chicago Park District Fun Swim was 2 miles in distance and started at Ohio st. genrations of Bay City youths have used the Detroit & Mackinac Railroad birdge over the Kawkawling River IMG00329038A IMG00329039A Swimming Holes IMG00329040A These boys show different ways of getting into the splash via the swining rope at the Tamiami Swimmers splash into 65 degree Lake Michigan Tuesday at the start of the Park District's 2 mile open swim. June 19 1971 These boys show different ways of getting into the splash via the swining rope at the Tamiami Canal. north of Bay City for instant relief of summer's heat. August 1 1990 IHSA Boys State Swimming Prelims: Fremds Tyler HOlcomb competing in the 200 freestyle. February 25 1994 Chicago Park District Fun Swim was 2 miles in distance and started at Ohio st. Having used it for a float. 9 of Austin discovered still another use for the innertube. swing and see saw. August 2 1989 Swimmers show different takeoff styles as they start a heat in the state championship Friday at New Trier. Chris positioned it above some wooden stairs leading into Onion Creek. these boys named a lagoon bridge in their own springboard. near Miami. and back. July 19 1979 Away fromt he crowded beaches. The farm may not be Olympic but the splash they make is refreshing.

that Palma Sola Bay doesnot have a diving board. June 30 1970 Defending champ of annual lake marathon. A fiftee foot drop makes a natural side for curefree boy's. June 30 1970 Shoes and other things are on highway rail in foreground as boys prepare to jump into the Tamiami Canal. 400 swimmers expected to enter race.Canal IMG00329041A PORTABLE DIVING BOARD IMG00329042A Sliding on Aqua makes the youths enjoy summertime down by the old mill pond IMG00329043A As temperature into the 80's a group of high school students found an unusual of beating the heat. August 25 1970 Bob Wadman. Like lemmings the arctic rodents which each spring begin a mass migration to the sea. IMG00329044A LAST ONE IN IS A IMG00329045A IN SHORT. Fla. 16 defies rain during marathon swim. August 8 1972 As temperature into the 80's a group of high school students found an unusual of beating the heat. dives into the Niels Park District pool to help the district's swimming team set a new world's outdoor marathon swim record of 320 miles. From to bottom are Phil McGaw. June 30 1970 It does not bother Paul Devlin of Bradenton. John Kinsella. August 18 1970 120 swimmers dive into the water on the north side of Navy Pier to participate in the Chicago Park District . THE OLE SWIMMING HOLE IMG00329046A Swimming IMG00329047A IMG00329048A Winner was Charley Groen 25 of River Forrest CHICAGO PARK DISTRICT ANNUAL TWO MILE SWIM IMG00329049A Swimming Marathon IMG00329050A IMG00329051A Swimming Marathon 120 swimmers dive into the water on the north side of Navy Pier Fla. June 10 1974 It's great to be young and on't there kids show it at the old swimming hole near miami. July 6 1986 Danny Jensen 7. the teeners leaped off Greebrae Bridge into the murky waters of Corte Madera Creek below. July 6 1986 CHICAGO PARK DISTRICT ANNUAL TWO MILE SWIM. Eddie Reeder and Mike McKiernan. Fla. August 22 1975 Sliding on Aqua makes the youths enjoy summertime down by the old mill pond. is closely followed by Marwyn Ghazazzawai of Egypt after first mile of 10 mile race. Fla. Approx. near Miami. 22 of Oak Brook. August 24 1975 Winner was Charley Groen 25 of River Forrest.

scene as swimmers jimps into water to swim to starting point for the "Park District Lakefront swim. 17 yrs of giffith. August 5 1977 Bob Wadman has every right to be proud of himself for he was seeing his brain child a swimming marathon come to an end. Young Wodman 16 organized the event after hearing about a Colorado swim club set a world's record of 505 miles so he went to the powers that be in Niles and asked to help in organizing the marathon in an effort to beat out the Colorado Club well after five days of constant swimming they did it by beating the Colorado group by 15 points. which was won by Chris Lovin. Oakton and Milwaukee. July 27 1982 As other swimmers wait their turn. February 26 1978 . August 7 1984 OLYMPIC STYLE SWIM MEET. She is a freshman western springs. MCDONALD'S MIDSUMMER CLASSIC IMG00329059A Swimmer Meets sponsored two mile swim.. July 10 1981 Mary Andrea Patton of the University of Illinois in diving action. Swim Champ IMG00329053A Swimming Marathon IMG00329054A The Annual 2 Mile Swim IMG00329055A Swimming Marathon IMG00329056A Swimming Competition IMG00329057A Swimming Competition IMG00329058A OLYMPIC STYLE SWIM MEET.. Bob Wadman 16 splashes along under an umbrella during marathon swim at the NIles Park District pool. and its a big splash toward the two mile annual swim off navy pier by the Chicago park dist. Swim Champ.. August 24 1970 The Annual 2 Mile Swim.... MCDONALD'S MIDSUMMER CLASSIC. START WAS NOT A MASS . Swim Coach Ed Field of Glen Filyn gives his girls a pep talk.IMG00329052A JONAS ZYMANTAS. August 18 1981 The race is on. August 19 1970 and they are off. August 5 1977 JONAS ZYMANTAS. Ind. Each member of the marathon team was given a trophy. Winner of the Chicago Park District's two mile swim long the north side of Navy Pier is Jones zymantes..

February 24 1990 Timer shouts encouragement as swimmer nears finish. Charles in the butterfly race. July 11 1981 Nanci Smith of Principia College leads during butterfly leg of 200 yard individual medley. December 23 1982 KANELAND'S Jim Watson makes his final dive in the state meet saturday. Swimmers Meets IMG00329066A Summer Meets IMG00329067A Swimming Meets THOMAS JAGER of Collinsville wins 100 yard butterfly in boys meet OLYMPIC STYLE SWIM MEET. Charles in the butterfly race. splash toward victory in the Olympic 200 meter butterfly trials in Munich Monday. track and swimming are a sample of sports scheduled inthe Prairie State Games. Jane Keating comes out of the water after beating top seeded Lynn Dubrunz in the girls senior. McDONALD'S MIDSUMMER CLASSIC IMG00329068A IMG00329069A IMG00329070A Swimming Meets IMG00329071A Swimming Pools More than 500 swimmers take the plunge at the start of the annual Waikiki Rough Water Swim of 2. September 3 1979 Starter Bud Reagan gets things going in the 100 yard backstroke. Augustust 28 1972 Mike Edmondson of St.IMG00329060A Swimmer Meets IMG00329061A Starter Bud Reagan gets things going in the 100 yard backstroke Swimming Meets IMG00329062A IMG00329063A SPLASHING THEIR WAY TO VICTORY IMG00329064A IMG00329065A Mike Edmondson of St. 400 meter freestyle race. and Gary Hall bottom. Robin Backhaus. February 24 The new swimming pool in Arlington bghts.3 miels alongside Waikiki Coast. McDONALD'S MIDSUMMER CLASSIC. OLYMPIC STYLE SWIM MEET. February 24 1980 Judges hold up cards to show their scores on the final dive for Jim Watson of Koneland. also shot of the pool for kids one to seven years of age desk has story. February 24 1990 Gymnastics. Bret Phillips of Honolulu had the best overall time of 48 minutes and 2 seconds. February 25 1978 THOMAS JAGER of Collinsville wins 100 yard butterfly in boys meet at Downers Grove South. center. . She finished second in heat to Eileen Weber of Chicago Circle. February 25 1984 California US Olympic swimmers Mark Spitz. top.

Augustust 24 1971 There is work as well as play connected with a swimming pool. diving and Dorothea Schwilk. Some requirements are shown. June 2 1956 Kids playing in the pool behind the fire dept. April 14 1961 TETANUS SHOTS ARE GIVEN TO EACH ONE WHO TOOK THE TEST. July 7 1967 Mayor Daley attended the dedications of three more city swimming pools Monday. Edel Nickell and Art Johnson. with Dave Cicero taking part of drowning subject and putting strangle hold. October 20 1982 Youngsters of the Bushwick area of Brooklyn enjoy a neighborhood swimming pool that was not there yesterday. May 20 1972 Swimming Pool. here. They were part of the Relay Team that placed inthe .IMG00329072A Tug O War IMG00329073A IMG00329074A Kids at play in the pool Swimming Pools IMG00329075A Swimming Pool IMG00329076A TETANUS SHOTS ARE GIVEN TO EACH ONE WHO TOOK THE TEST IMG00329077A TOUGH TESTS FOR LIFEGUARD POSTS IMG00329078A IMG00329079A Life Guard Tests Swimming Pool IMG00329080A Swimming Pool IMG00329081A PORTABLE POOL IMG00329082A Swimming Team June 16th 1956 George Madsen 17. June 6 1967 750 young men showed up Sat at Eckhard Park Pool to take the Chicago Park District Life Guard Test. The Portable Pool mounted on a flatbed truck. The Joilet Jets swim team had a great time this morning rompping in the 4ft waves of the new Bollingbrook Park District indoor pool. MAY 23 1970 Applicants must underogo rigorous tests before they may quality for Chicago Park District lifeguard posts. July 18 1980 The village of Bolingbrook has a first 136 ft indoor swimming pool with 4 ft wave. Spencer Namyst. Here Dabi skims leaves from surface a daily chore. began its rounds of the city's deprived areas Tuesday. swimming. boys playing tug o war with life saving pole. July 7 1987 Practicing relay team swimming is Loretta Schwilk.

. Ward begins rescue operation by breaking hold by Cicero. here.. June 6 1967 Some tricks in life saving methods in the water pre illustrated by Larry Crabbe. Applicants must underogo rigorous tests before they may quality for Chicago Park District lifeguard posts. with Dave Cicero taking part of drowning subject and putting strangle hold. here. with Dave Cicero taking part of drowning subject and putting strangle hold. here... former Olympic swimming champion now appearing in Paramount's "Thrill of a Lifetime. Hill. with Dave Cicero taking part of drowning subject and putting strangle hold. October 1937 Some tricks in life saving methods in the weber are illustrated by Larry . June 6 1967 Applicants must underogo rigorous tests before they may quality for Chicago Park District lifeguard posts. Ward holds victim under chin. April 2 1969 Swimming Pools. Some requirements are shown. his "downing" subject. . and Don St. July 11 1936 Applicants must underogo rigorous tests before they may quality for Chicago Park District lifeguard posts.IMG00329083A Swimming Pools IMG00329084A TOUGH TESTS FOR LIFEGUARD POSTS IMG00329085A TOUGH TESTS FOR LIFEGUARD POSTS IMG00329086A TOUGH TESTS FOR LIFEGUARD POSTS IMG00329087A Riis Park Swimming Pool IMG00329088A TOUGH TESTS FOR LIFEGUARD POSTS IMG00329089A LESSONS IN SAVING LIVES IMG00329090A LESSONS IN SAVING LIVES regional recently in Detroit. June 6 1967 Applicants must underogo rigorous tests before they may quality for Chicago Park District lifeguard posts. and pulls him to surface. Some requirements are shown. Some requirements are shown. June 6 1967 Riis Park Swimming Pool. Some requirements are shown. These pictures were taken at Eckhardt Park Pool.Key to success is getting behind victim. here. with Dave Cicero taking part of drowning subject and putting strangle hold. beach life guard.

May 8 1969 The Pools 4 foot was can give a swimmer the look and feel of a dip in the ocean. former Olympic swimming champion now appearing in Paramount's "Thrill of a Lifetime. and Don St. October 1937 Some tricks in life saving methods in the water pre illustrated by Larry Crabbe. and Don St. beach life guard. Hill. October 1937 Some tricks in life saving methods in the water pre illustrated by Larry Crabbe. Swimmers can stand on the sandless indoor "beach" if they only want to get their feet wet. beach life guard. not the city's beaches.IMG00329091A LESSONS IN SAVING LIVES IMG00329092A LESSONS IN SAVING LIVES IMG00329093A LESSONS IN SAVING LIVES IMG00329094A Life Guard Tryouts IMG00329095A Bobbie Goodman IMG00329096A Swimming Pool IMG00329097A Swimming Pools IMG00329098A YOUNGSTERS beat the heat in a Crabbe former Olympic swimming champion now appearing in Paramount's "Thrill of a Lifetime". The park will present its annual watr carnival in its pool at 8 p. May 25 1968 Bobbie Goodman goes to the "rescue" of another would be lifeguard. beach life guard. Having slipped free and turned the instructor arround.m. the applicant tows the instructor. July 31 1958 YOUNGSTERS beat the heat in a city . Hill. chosen will serve on duty only at pools. and Don St. without the undertow. former Olympic swimming champion now appearing in Paramount's "Thrill of a Lifetime. Evelyn LOueff. Girls. October 1937 #4 in the Series. Octoberober 24 1982 Swimming is one of the most popular activities at Abbott Park. Hill. former Olympic swimming champion now appearing in Paramount's "Thrill of a Lifetime. 49 E 95th St. and Don St. beach life guard. Hill. October 1937 Some tricks in life saving methods in the water pre illustrated by Larry Crabbe.

Ohio."The fort Street Plant's planned closing was rescineded by the new agreement... DETROIT.. JAN 1937. Joe Pecoraro and Bob Bielinski. light 8 Mike Costigan. Mich. March 22. June 20 1953 TEAR GAS. Workers leave the first shift Wednesday afternoon at the General Motor Corp assembly plant in Moraine.M. 1982.. with underwater camera. Alonzo Bryant is very happy 3/22 with the tentative agreement between the United Auto Workers Union and General Motors. April 2 1969 Ed pool at 52nd and Union IMG00329099A Swimming Team IMG00329100A Life guard tests IMG00329383A TEAR GAS IMG00329384A General Motors Corp IMG00329385A GM WORKERS IMG00329386A MOTORS PRODUCTION WORKERS IMG00329387A Alonzo Bryant"s Happiness IMG00329388A WAITING FOR JOBS pool at 52nd and Union. Some of the nearly 2. Some of the group had been waiting as early as 2 A.ROBINSON.. to apply for the jobs which will become a reality when GM opens their new .year employee of the Fisher Body. Fort Street Plant in Detroit said.. 1995.The 17.000 job applicants waiting in the early morning cold to apply for 650 new jobs at General Motors. show their spirit and cheer for a photographer. MEETS TO PONDER POSS. CHERYL. Dark 11 Rocky Hinton.. The two fellows taking the test are towing the instruction. April 3. 1991. JAN 9.. who act as victims. its got to be good. July 20 1980 Water polo team during scrimage. A security guard directs a vehicle through striking General Motor Corp. Bob Stack. The future of the plant remained in doubt after the automaker announced it intends toshut down 21 plants over the next four years. Dec 18. GEN MOTORS PRODUCTION WORKER. 1982. employees on the picket line during fourth day of a strike at the Pontisc East Truck Plant in Pontisc. "if it saves jobs.. CONTRACT RENRGOTIATIONS. LOCAL 163.

February 2. October 1964. Workmen at General Motors Boxwood Road assembly plant near Wilmington. Smith. 1964. Fisherbody Division crowd around as water is pass around it was a hot day walking the picket line today.W and General Motors failed to reach agreement on a new contract by the 10 a. Members of Local 558. A. collect final pay checks covering wages earned before they and other GM workers went on strike. union deadline.602 President George J. Mich.Del. Applications are being taken throughout Februaryruary and GM expects nearly 15.IMG00329389A LINE UP FOR JOBS IMG00329390A Contract Dispute with general Motors IMG00329391A PICKET DEMONSTRATION IMG00329392A FINAL PAY CHECK IMG00329393A THREATEN GAS TO DISPERSE Coopersville.000 applications. After today. October 2. March 13. although vehicle production is down. Obeying orders of Fisher Local No. 1981. U.Union members walked out when the U. their only pay will be stike benefits which they may collect until United Auto Workers reach a contract agreement with General Motors.m.A.THE CROWD DISPERSED WITHOUT DISORDER. Persons seeking jobs at the General Motors Aeembly Division Plant formed a long line in Janesville this week. W. 1981. plant in the fall of 81. September.11. The one-day employment drive was conducted to replenish GM's employment application file. POLICE EQUIPPED WITH GAS MASKS AND TEAR GAS BOMBS ADVANCED ON A CROWD WHICHGATHERED AT THE CITY HALL HERE LAST NIGHT TO DEMAND THE RELEASE OF TWO UNITED AUTOMOBILES WORKERS UNION MEN HELD AFTER A FIST FIGHT. NO GAS WAS . Fisher Body Lansing Plant workers marched for an hour in front of the stike-bound factory Friday Morning before reporting to their union hall to sign up for picket duty.1961.

Michigan. IMG00329396A IMG00329397A TROOPS AWAITS EVICTION ORDER IMG00329398A IMG00329399A IMG00329400A Mich Nat'l guard.. Mich. 1937.O.strikers warm themselves over fire at schoolhouse in Flint Michauto sit down strike. AND STRIKERS THREW ALMOST ANYTHING THEY COULD LAY THEIR HANDS ON. HEAD OF THE ALLIANCE. Mich. 1937. Automobile workers at Flint. Guard watches over plant at Flint Mich. Jan 4. THESE MEN ARE SIGNING MEMBERSHIP CARDS IN HEADQUARTERS OF THE FLINT ' !rlty on a "board of strateg ' to call a generalikj n General Motors Corporation gg~ : ppy With their machine guns trained on Chevrolet Avenue. January 14.1937. Frank Murphy will again attempt to bring about a peaceful conciliation between General Motors officials and leaders of the C. . January 8. January 14. Mich.. arriving at Flint. BOYSEN. SAID IT WAS GAINING MEMBERS RAPIDLY. awaiting their official order to evict Motors. USED. nat'l guard. February 9. 1937. where they are quartered quartered in old school House. THIS IS A VIEW OF CHEVROLET AVENUE TODAY AS STREET WORKERS AND VOLUNTEERS CLEANED UP AFTER AFTER THE RICTING LAST NIGHT WHEN POLICE THREW TEAR GAS . A NEWLY-FORMED GROUP OPPOSING THE UNITED AUTOMOBILES WORKERS UNION SRTIKES IN TWO FISHER BODY PLANTS HERE. negotiations were continued until tomorrow when Gov. January 9. February 2.I. Mich Nat'l guard. 1937. 1937. 1937. "No Man's Land" of the sit-down strike zone in the Flint. Guard watches over plant at Flint Mich.IMG00329394A "VOTING" AGAINST STRIKES IMG00329395A CLEANING UP AFTER RICT. Mich. GEORGE E. jan 12. watch the bulletin board erected by the United Automobile Workers of America for latest union delegates conferred authority on a "board of strategy" to call a general strike in General Motors Corporation Plants. 1937. arriving at Flint.

fEB 11. .F.Mich. Mich. 1937. 1937. AUTO STRIKERS meeting at Flint. Governer Frank Murphy and James.during sit-down strike. FRANK MURPHY HAD ARRANGED WITH OFFICIALS OF THE UNITED AUTOMOBILE WORKERS UNION TO DROP THEIR RECOGNISED ISSUE.. Knudsen executive vicepresident. ALTHOUGH IT WAS ANNOUNCED THAT GOV.000 MEN OUT OF WORK IN ITS PALNTS IN VARIOUS CITIES. soldiers put up machine guns at strategic points lin flint mich during sitdown strike. finance chairman and John Thomas Smith. STAND IDLY BY WHILE ONE OF THEIR NUMBERS HAS HIS HAIR TRIMMED IN FRONT OF ONE OF THEIR RELIEF SHACKS IN THE VICINITY. IMG00329405A Pickets marching in front of G. AUTO STRIKERS meeting at Flint. 1937. Willian S. John L. IMG00329403A SIGNATURES ON THE SRTIKE TRUCE IMG00329404A STRIKERS PICKETING THE FISHER BODY. February 11. February 3. chief counsel. Donaldson Brown. offices. Above is the original copy of the strike truce signed by representatives of of the General Motors Corp. IMG00329406A IMG00329407A THESE SIGNATURES AMRK THE END OF A GENERAL MOTORS STRIKE THAT SPREAD FROM COAST TO COAST AND COST AT LEAST A MILLION DOLLARS A DAY IN WAGES FOR MORE THAN A MONTH. Soldiers put up machine guns at strategic points in flint mich during sit-down strike. Mich. Dewey federal conciliator.. Lewis Wyndham Mortiner and Lee Pressman signed for the union. signed for the corporation. with posters. Michigan patrols Chevrolet plant during auto strike at Flint.C. Pickets shown marching up and down cass st & West and Blvd in front of the General Motor's bldg. the United Auto Workers. CHEVROLET PLANT OF GENERAL MOTORS HERE. MEANWHILE THE CORPORATION OFFICIALS HELD OUT LITTLE OR NO HOPE OF AN EARLY SETTLEMENT OF THE WALKOUTS WHICH HAVE THROWN ABOUT 52. Jan 1937.. 1937.IMG00329401A THE STRIKE ENDS IMG00329402A Michigan troops patrol chevrolet plant during auto srtike at flint.M. January 24. February 3. 1937.

1937. Hit by car crashing the picket line. Mich. ARE SHOWN AS THEY LEFT THE FACTORY THIS MORNING. Threat to break 10-week-old picket line at General Motors Electro-motive diesel plant near La Grange fails to materialize. AUTO STRIKERS at flint.500 EMPLOYEES OF GENERAL MOTORS IN FISHER BODY AND CHEVROLET PLANTS LOCATED HERE SHOWN FRATERNIZING IN UNION HEADQUARTERS AFETR THE PANTS WERE SHUT DOWN. February 2. February 3. IMG00329408A PLANTS SHUT DOWN. 1937. WILLS AT 500 DISPERSED AFTER POLICE THREATENED TO USE TEAR GAS. 1938. looking at Bulletin board. 1937. FIVE HUNDRED SIT DOWN STRIKERS WHO HAD SPENT ALL NIGHT IN THE FISHER BODY CORPORATION'S ASSEMBLY PLANT HERE. IMG00329414A GENERAL MOTORS IMG00329415A La Grange Pickets hold that line. uNION oFFICIALS SAID THEY EXPECTED AN EARLY SETTLEMENT OF THE STRIKE. Only incident to mar the peace was the overturning of an auto when three supervisory em-ployees .Mich. EMPLOYYES AND PALNT OFFICIALS AGREED PLANTS SHOULD CLOSE UNTIL GENERAL SETTLEMENT OF GENERAL MOTORS LABOR TROUBLES. January 5. 1937. PART OF THE 2. 1937. PICTURE SHOWS PART OF A CROWD WHICH MARCHED TO THE CITY HALL HERE LAST NIGHT SND CALLED OUT FOR THE RELEASE OF TWO UNITED AUTOMOBILW WORKERS UNION MEN HELD AFTER A FIST FIGHT AT THE CHEVROLET PLANT. Changing of guard at flint mich st down strike AUTO STRIKERS IMG00329412A SIT DOWN STRIKERS LEAVE PLANT IMG00329413A WORKERS MARCH ON CITY HALL. THE CROWD ESTIMATED BY POLICE CHIEF JAMES V. fOLLOWING A BRIEF SIT-DOWN STRIKE. NOVEMBER 19. Troops patrolling fisher body plant in strike at flint mich. Changing of guard at flint mich during sit-down strike. January5. January 6. BUT PICKETS WILL BE POSTED ABOUT THE PLANT UNTIL AGREEMENT IS REACHED. 1937. JANUARY 8. IMG00329409A IMG00329410A IMG00329411A troops patrolling fisher body plant in strike at flint mich.

000 workers at 89 CM Plant across the country.failed to sign a new contract by a 10 a.1961. 1964.652 pickets to keep moving as U. President.Louis area joined the nationwide strike.SEPTEMBER 25. where do we sign?" Contract negotiations between General Motor .but they didnt appear.M. Members of the United Automobile Workers Union are leaving the Chevrolet Plant here 9/25. SEPTEMBER 24.W. failed to identify themselves to the pickets.m.IMG00329416A WILDCAT STRIKES. The UAW called a strike by more than 260.W. George J. It is unlikely that auto industry negotiators will read the 43-page list of contract demands the United Auto Workers has drawn up and say. members walked out of the Fisher Body Division General Motors Lansing Plant Friday morning when the U. deadline. and G. IMG00329421A FIRST OF THE TWO DISPATCHERS.Two veterams promised to crack through with spearhead of "100 veterans back to work" drive. FEB 1. DETROIT Workers at General Motors Flee twood plant in Detroit walk in picket line 9/25 after the united Auto Workers Union and General Motors Corp failed to reach agreement on a new contract."okay. Here wirkers at the General Motors Plant stand before a gate after walking off the the St. 1964.SEPTEMBER 25. 1964. IMG00329417A DETROIT WORKERS AT GENERAL MOTORS IMG00329418A PICKET AT FISHER BODY IMG00329419A GENERAL MOTORS WIRKERS ON STRIKE IMG00329420A NATIONWIDE STRIKE BY THE AUTOMOBILE WORKERS. MOre than 6000General Motors employees .A. SEPTEMBER 9. Members of United Auto Workers Union employed at the Cadillac assembly plant in Detroitwalk out of the plant into bright sunshine today when strike deadline was reached today without a contract settlement.tells Fisher Local No. 1964. Wildcat strikes by Auto workers halted production and and idled more than 11.000 men in the greater Cleveland area. 1946. Smith.S.

Detroits Most of General Motors Corporations. 52-feet-long and eight feet wide . This was the scene as GM and UAWCIO concluded a marathon bargaining session and agreed on a new contract covering 375.A G. is being installed in the fifth floor bargaining wing of the General Motors Building.M spokesman pointed out that "All the installation work" is being done by UAW workers. Shown below is the halted chassis line at GM's Cadillac plant in Detroit. Total employment of GM is 310. oNLY ONE PLANT VOTED AGAINST BEING REPRESENTED BY ANY UNION.000 WORKERS IN 49 OUT OF 59 PLANTS. SEPTEMBER 11. PLANTS.1973. Newsmen make notes as they ask questions in the crowded room. JUNE 13.W.IMG00329422A MEMBERS OF UAW WALKED OFF THEIR JOBS. COMPLETE UNOFFICIAL RETURNS SHOWED LAST NIGHT THAT THE CIO UNITED AUTOMOBILE WORKERS WILL HAVE BARGAINING RIGHTS FOR 130. STRIKES IMG00329426A GENERAL MOTORS NLRB ELECTION and U.000.000 workers in 89 GM plants across the nation to walk off the job. The new table. 1955. COUNTING BALLOTS HERE YESTERDAY IN THE NLRB ELECTION IN GENERAL MOTORS CORP.A. Pickets walking in front of plants at E. ONLY FIVE PLANTS WERE WON BY THE AFL UNION.M. 103rd. RUN-OFFS WILL BE .st. this summer will be conducted around this new bargaining that was built in a non-union shop. SEPTEMBER 26. A foreman checks off cars along the final assembly line at theCadillac Motor Division of General Motors 9/25 after the United Workers Struck the General Motors Corporation early 9/25 causing 260.JULY 5. 129 plants in 17 states closed 9/11 when members of the UAW walked off their jobs. IMG00329423A FOREMAN CHECKS OFF CARS IMG00329424A NEWSMEN GET DETAILS OF NEW CONTRACT IMG00329425A G.000 wage earners represented by Union and GM officials are standing and seated at far end of table.

1958. APRIL 1940. main building in downtown Detroit 5/4. Civil rights demonstrators picket the General Motors Building in Detroit today. A friendly handshake between Louis G.000 General Motors Workers. MARCH 25. 1964. DETROITS Members of the United Auto Workers and General Motors bargaining teams pose for photographs 3/25 prior to actual start of negotiations on a new contract covering 350. Top man for the UAW is Walter P.1 plant.000 General Motors Workers. G.m. Reuther(right)starts off the first meeting 3/25 of union and company negotiators on the new contract covering 350.President(3rd from right). The General Motors team was headed by Louis. the picketing began at noon and was scheduled to continue for 6 hours. Reuther. MARCH 25. Only a few pickets showed up 5/2/64 today as the first of a series of a demonstrations against General Motors plants got underway here at the Fisher no. MAY 5. Vice President in charge of personal (extreme left). MAY 4. FEBRUARY 5. 1964. 1964. The demonstration is scheduled to last six hours from noon to six p. Seaton(left). The NAACP had expected a larger turnout. . Pickets in an NAACP sponsored protest against General Motors alleged job discrimination march and chant in front of the General Motors Corp. 1958. and United Auto Worker's President Walter P.IMG00329427A PICKET S IN AN NAACP SPONSORED PROTEST IMG00329428A GHENERAL MOTORS BUILDING PICKETED IMG00329429A MEMBERS POSE FOR PHOTOGRAPHS. Seaton. General Motors Vice President in charge of personnel. Almost all the pickets carried signs charging discrimination in hiring at General Motors. Sponsored by the National Association for the advancement of colored people. AND IN ONE THE MECHANICS EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY WON. IMG00329430A FRIENDLY HANDSHAKE BETWEEN THE PRESIDENTS IMG00329431A GRAND RAPIDS NECESSARY IN THREE PLANTS.

1964. Earl R. PIX SHOWS DENNIS ZULL AND BOB WICKLINE OWNERS OF THE GENESEE DEPOT RESTAURANT AT THE ABOVE ADRESS. a genesco subsidiary. Bramblett. MARSHALL SPACE Top officials of United Auto Workers and General Motors Corp. The laser system was developed for Genesco by Hughes Aircraft Co. PIX SHOWS BOB WICKLINE OWNERS OF THE GENESEE DEPOT RESTAURANT AT THE ABOVE ADRESS.53rd IMG00329434A A NEW THREE_YEAR NATIONAL CONTRACT IMG00329435A GENESCO IMG00329436A GENESEE DEPOT IMG00329437A DINING SPOT IMG00329438A GEORGE C. NOVEMBER 9. confer in Detroit today as contract negotiations began. Laser-cut suits roll from a first-of-itskind system that Genesco. 1977. 1964..M.. 53rd. director of Labor Relations for G. 1971. holding Union proposals. Mello Yellow 1508 E. Reuther(centre) as Leonard Woodcock(Right) head of the UAW's GM division looks on. put into operation in March at Fredericksburg (Va.. AS THEY PREPARE FOOD FOR THE EVENING MEAL ALL THE ITEMS ARE HOME MADE FROM SCRATCH.) factory of L. DECEMBER 29. . DETROITS Representatives of General Motors and United Auto workers are shown as they signed a new three-year national contract 11/9. AS THEY PREPARE FOOD FOR THE EVENING MEAL ALL ITEMS ARE HOME MADE FROM SCRATCH. GM's Vice president Louis Seaton. OCTOBER 12. JUNE 30.IMG00329432A CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS BEGIN AT GENERAL MOTORS. . IMG00329433A Mello Yellow 1508 E. world's largest apparel company. Leonard Woodcock. and UAW President Walter Reuther. Aerial view of a portion of the facilities here which are to be transferred to the National Aeronautics and Space . From left .covering nearly 350.000 workers signing for GM is Louis Seaton(left) . UAW Vice President and director of the Union's GM department.Greif &co. vice president for labor relations and UAW president Walter P.

Sister Emma talks to Sweetie. occupied by 10 laboratories headed by Dr. Mike watches TV and tries to make up his mind wether to change channrls by ringing bell in his cage. rambling building which serves as the corporate center. Len Adams. 1984. It will be known as the George. BICHARD MAUREL. THE KAKARIKI. MARCH 15. 1980. Grace. AT HOME IN WOODSIDE. a friend .IMG00335995A Parrot IMG00335996A IMG00335997A IMG00335998A Len Adams THE KAKARIKI Children's Memorial IMG00335999A FEEDING TIME IMG00336000A TOOTHPECK IMG00336001A Bird changes channels on TV IMG00336002A A FRIEND Administration 7/1 under terms of a presidential proposal announced last october. February 7. 1961. Bernice Ardell 916 W. N. a parakeet gets fed by her owner 11-year-old Dana Jenkins of Martinsville. Wernher Von Braun. The facilities.C. from the youngsters tongue. Benji. NICKY THE PARAKEET BEAKS INSIDE HIS YOUNG OWNER. Emma. January 2. Sister M. one of the state's top breeders of parakeets. 1960. a modern. Francis. Ashland as they get together at the societys headquarters. When he rings bell in his cage the set changes stations. training area and retirement home for sisters of the Third Order of St. 1959.000. N. 1965. is one of the oldest nuns at the Motherhouse. August 2.000. 1976. 1960. THE PET BIRD HAS RICHARD'S OPEN MOUTH.Marshall Space Flight Centre. "Mike". June 8. her pet parakeet.J. The bird has been with the family for about a year.Y. are valued at about $100. gets fed this way most of the time and is allowed to fly freely about the house. Anti-Cruelty's favorite parrotdiscusses problems of a young parrot found at 4400 N. August 28. 92. 7. APR 11. Hart puts his four budgies through their paces before of two dozen patients at Children's Memorial. LONG ISLAND. March 2. ACTING A LITTLE DOWN IN THE MOUTH. Mike is owned by Mrs.

3-month-old budgy of Gerry Alarie IMG00336005A "BUT CAN YOU SING?" IMG00336006A Pet birds such as this redheaded amazon parrot IMG00336007A It could cuss a dozen chihuahuas IMG00336008A Grandma IMG00336009A BIRD DETECTIVE who kept her company while she was recovering from a broken hip and wrist. June 5. cat and horse owners. 1953. presented by the Denver-based Morris Animal Foundation. August 29. Need some help while playing cards? "Larry". 1995. Pet birds such as this red-headed amazon parrot are susceptible to a number of viral. Grandma. also includes seminars for dog. veterinarians will tell bird owners how to protect cherished. while two parakeets at Montrose and the lakefront rely on each other. MULTI-COLORED AND MULTITALENTED PARROTS PERFROM WITH EASE AS THEY MAKE THEIR DEBUT WITH THE MEDRAND CIRCUS IN PARIS. In a seminar at the Animal Health Conference June 11. August 13. will be the Animal of the Month there for October. an all-green parrot with a loud voice at Lincoln Park zoo. valuable pets against infectious diseases and other health problems. bacterial and fungal diseases that are often difficult to treat. 1979. The conference at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare. September 28. is more than willing to give a extra "hand" when difficulties occur. 1954. Baby the yellow-headed Amazon parrot with his family Mike and Tobys Madison and son Noel after the bird helped confirm burglary suspects by mimicking the robbers conversation . It could cuss a dozen chihuahuas. He might not be classified as an expert yet. 1953. January 5. ONE FELLOW MANS THE BIKE WHILE THE OTHER MAKES THE HIGH WIRE TRIP ON THE TRAPEZE. 1971. DEC 13. MAY 1978. 3-month-old budgy of Gerry Alarie.IMG00336003A Two parakeets IMG00336004A "Larry". but he is learning pretty fast. A North Michigan Avenue pedestrian relies on a mask to keep his face warm.

What's that you say. on African gray parrot and former Chicagoan who is learning to communicate at Purdue University. farmer who died here last Januaryuary at 71. A BIRD IN THE HAND. Jessie Huffman at 4607 Sheridan Rd. Feeley. Tobye and Noel Madison saying "Come here. 1945.IMG00336010A African gray parrot IMG00336011A A well-educated bird and very mannerly is Polly IMG00336012A HE'LL STAR ON LONDON STAGE IMG00336013A "POLLY" IN THE PHILIPPINES IMG00336014A Mrs. echoes to a spirited conversation. the parrot.Texas show their admiration for their parrot "Baby. a retired Hampton. Mike (L). 1939. Ditto. It's greeting and comment exchanged by Mrs. NOV 26. the parrot takes its food with a spoon. a 54-year-old parrot. 1949. Madison reported to the police. seaman 2/c. Mott. April 2. since it was given to her by her parents during a visit to Mexico. Huffman and her talented pet parrot. has to say upon his arrival at a Coast Guard base in the Philippines. who has had the bird 45 years. Sidney. Ia. Researcher lrene Pepperberg gest down to business with Alex. September 7. December 15. a parrot owned by Miss Victoria Barrett. 1963." after the talking bird linked a suspect to the burglary of their home. A well-educated bird and very mannerly is Polly. March 5. 1984. 1938. All the crackers she can eat for a long time to come is the pleasant prospect for Polly de Rplli (above). Polly? Coastguardman Thomas H. of Boston listern attentively to what Polly. The Madison's were away from home 1/3. come here Ronnie" which Mrs. a 10-year-old parrot. George A.. when burglars broke in and stole . 467 Deming street. apartment of Mrs. 1981. Besides being versed in Spanish. September 24. She was bequeathed $300 in the will of her late owner.Tobye (Top-R) and Noel Madison of Baytown. January 20. March 3. Every morning. Jessie Huffman IMG00336015A A BIRD IN THE HAND IMG00336016A LIFE IS JOLLY FOR POLLY DE ROLLI IMG00336017A Mike. Robert.

1979. 1952. August 80. Red Eye who he says woke him up and he was able to get out of his 3rd fl. Carle Coolidge of Kenosha Wise." THE PARROT IMG00336023A THE RED-SIDED ECLECTUS PARROT IMG00336024A Keith Hospodar IMG00336025A PROFESSOR IRENE TEPPERBERG WITH HER PARROT "ALEX" PACO QUIERE UNA BESA IMG00336026A IMG00336027A Mike. The Puerto Rican Parrot.holding his pet parrot. In either language. 1990. 1984. has another role at the ad firin-as keeper of he vice president. FEB 16. Texas a kiss recently." THE PARROT. Nov 9. the bilingual parrot gives owner Wynter McFatridge of Commerce. Keith Hospodar. Sinbad. January 21.IMG00336018A Sinbad. Pix shows Miks the Anti-Cruelty Society's talking parrot and official mascot celebrating her 25th birthday. J. was Vincent Price's nemesis in "Champagne for Caesar. Parrot owners of America held protest in front of US Fish & Wildlife Office. PROFESSOR IRENE TEPPERBERG WITH HER PARROT "ALEX". 1992. Paco. 1986.. grimly hangs on in a battle for survival. the flighty executive in charge of cordiality. December 1952. Caelie Skalniak os Mt Prospect.. the 25 year old parrot Tom Sapp. He cares for B." the Ronald Colman Comedy in which the colorful bird drank plenty but kept his bag bill shut. Jacquline Kratky of Mendota. February 15. Only 32 are known to still be living. 1965 AT THE CHICAGO PARK DISTRICT LINCOLN PARK ZOO. 1992. a 31-year-old parrot was stolen from a couple's Northwest Side home Thursday. September 6. a 31-year-old parrot IMG00336019A The Puerto Rican Parrot IMG00336020A Parrot owners of America IMG00336021A NEEDS SCOTTISH ACCENT IMG00336022A "CAESAR. Mediatech's manager of distribution. "CAESAR. AUG 19.000 worth of property. Tom Sapp. l-r in group shot of 4 are Birgitt Peterson (Yorkvile Illinois & Press Contact). THE RED-SIDED ECLECTUS PARROT ANIMAL OF THE MONTH FOR AUGUST.holding his pet parrot IMG00336028A $9. McCoy. September 24. THIS IS THE BRAZILIAN BLUE PARROT WHO NEEDS A TUTOR WITH A SCOTTISH ACCENT. August . one of the 10 rarest birds in the world.

" a pet peacock kept 19. Ingraham and Mortimer run a business in which they rent.. Nov 10. train. 1961.IMG00336029A IMG00336030A Rick Freed. adoption 2 certificate. 1982. house. 1984. Rick Freed and his wife Lynne and their daughter Dara an afternoon snak of tea and girl scout cookies of their pet birds. 1994. Irene Pepperberg converses with her research partner Alex. The "adoption" includes a photo. Braving the beastly hot weather. She breeds them in her home. 21. especially after she passes 40. so 41 year old Mike (she's a girl with a boy's name) weight in before deciding whether to eat a piece of her birthday cake. his young Amazon parrot. This weather is for the birds. The Brazilian bird actually rides untethered on the motorcycle's handlebars. for a price. Nov 16. Gary Mortimer founded. 1982. pet lover Keith Pollitt takes Cindy. through a park in Allantown. 1980. and see potential future applications to human problems. Lynne and Dara Birds IMG00336031A John Ingraham is surrounded by parrots in his store IMG00336032A LOVE BIRDS IMG00336033A Keith Pollitt IMG00336034A Judy Marczak with her parrots IMG00336035A Irene Pepperberg converses with her research partner Alex IMG00336036A 41 st birthday for "Mike" the parrot IMG00336037A "Birdie Boy. Judy Marczak with her parrots. 1987. July 9. 1974. A gal has to watch her weight. "parrotise. teach." which he and a friend. feed. "Birdie Boy. Birds. John Ingraham is surrounded by parrots in his store. and generally do anything that can be done with parrots. February 6. Pa. August 17." a pet peacock kept by .. February 10. She then sells them to pet stores. 1981. Brookfield Zoo is holding e Valentine's Day special: Adopt two love birds for the $20 price of one. Nov 5. Scientists around the country are focusing on both sides of human-animal communication. information about the small parrots and an invitation to the parents picnic in May. The offer is good through February. October 19..

. its hot and early days of summer. PETER AND POLLY ARE A PEACOCK AND PEAHEN OWNED BY DR. guinea fowl. Only the males have the characteristic regal plumage. Peahen and Chicks hatched at zoo. A hen peacock seeks safety in the rafters of a barn belonging to Clarence and Josophine Muskey. "DOC" BINYON HAS A LARGE ESTATE ON LAKE WASHINGTON. J. 1973. June 23. at Brookfield Zoo. Looking line a many-eyed monster this peacock at the Cheyenne Mountain zoo is just doing his thing strutting around the yard. all four chicks died. September 13. September 11. JUN 20. Colling off. and bantam chickens. 1943. December Heinie Edler IMG00336038A Peahen and Chicks hatched at zoo THE EYES HAVE IT IMG00336039A IMG00336040A Josophine Muskey IMG00336041A Peacock IMG00336042A A hen peacock IMG00336043A SPREADING ITS BEAUTY IMG00336044A PETER AND POLLY IMG00336045A The wandering peacock with the broken tail Peacock struts in all its colorful glory IMG00336046A Heinie Edler. BINYON. who makes a hobby of raising peacocks. and them only during the mating season in late spring and early summer. July 15. R. Josophine Muskey points at and looks up into the barn rafters where her peacocks roost when disturbed by intruders. its using nature fan. but for this Peacock. Heinie. July 25. 1953. Peacock struts in all its colorful glory. 1978. 1971. is shown tweaking one of the dazzling feathers in Birdie Boy's tail. June 7. 1989. became a father recently when his mate marched home with four day-old chicks after hatching them in a nearby woodlot. AND THE BIRDS ROAM OVER IT AT WILL. 1979. retired Elkhart Lake tavernkeeper. Unfortunately. SEATTLE OPTOMETRIST. The wandering peacock with the broken tail feathers eyes them in his isolation quarters at Lincoln Park Zoo. Beauty of the zoo rookery is sure . who raise 40 of the colorful birds. June 1. A peacock at the Honolulu Zoo covers a wide range as it displays the beauty of its plume.








Peacock struts in all its colorful glory






PETER AND PAUL, white pelicans





Brown pelican


Pelicans moving their wings




A pelican




Pogo the pelican from Chessington zoo

IMG00336061A IMG00336062A

Pelican Delta This is one of six injured brown

than a decade which took place at Grand Terre Island, La., in 1971. July 1, 1977. Set for takeoff. Getting ready for his first flight, airplane flight that is, is this year-old brown pelican, safely held by Audubon zoo worker Jamie Primm in the cockpit of a U.S. Fish and Wildfire plane. The bird, considered an endangered species, was found hurt near Avondale, La about three months ago. Nursed by the zoo, it was flown to Grand Isle for release 3/10. It looks like the sun is making them sweat-- Pelicans moving their wings at Frankfurt zoo on a hot summer day. June 4, 1985. Pogo the Pelican after being fitted with an artificial leg at Chessington zoo on Friday. May 24, 1985. A pelican is held still after undergoing beak replacement surgery at the Crown Valley Animal Hospital in Laguna Hills, California Sunday. Several pelicans have had their top beak sawed off, preventing themselves from eating. October 25, 1982. A white pelican opens wide to catch a fish recently at Florida's Cypress Gardens Ocean and wading Bird Exhibit. The exhibit is home to several species of Florida waterfowl that have been injured or hust visiting for foor. The injured birds are rehabilitated and, when possible, retuned to the wild. August 24, 1990. Pogo the pelican from Chessington zoo, tries out his artificial leg at the zoo near London today. Pogo lost his leg after an accident and surgeon's today fitted the artificial leg for Pogo's comfort. May 24, 1985. Pelican Delta, a major dreeding ground for pelicans, which faces extinction in making room for fisheries and farmland. 1986. This is one of six injured brown pelicans




















Hungry pelican




Pelican at the Vijas Park zoo open their beaks as they are ready to catch fish



IMG00336075A IMG00336076A




PROUD. PROBABLY STUCK UP ABOUT HIS LOND BEAK. APR 12, 1954. Monterey Country SPCA Humane Inspector Trisha Aljoe shows slashed pouch from beak to neck of pelican here. Twenty pelicans have been slashed or stabbed in the chests during last 2 weeks by unknown assailant. October 7, 1983. Hungry pelican gather for their daily feeding. The birds weigh on average 7 or 8 pounds and have a 7- foot wing spread. Since the Keltons started the infirmary three years ago, they have treated nearly 400 pelicans. March 22, 1983. NOT THE PRETTIEST SIGHT IN THE MANGROVE THICKET, THESE SIX-WEEKOLD PELICANS ARE TAKING A SUN BATH TO HELP THEIR FEATHERS AND THEIR BEAKS BLOSSOM. SOMEDAY, WHEN THEY'RE FULLY GROWN, THEY'LL FLY ALL AROUND THE EVERGLADES. AUG 31, 1954. Pelican at the Vijas Park zoo open their beaks as they are ready to catch fish thrown to them at feeding time 6/26. The pelicans have little trouble getting the fish in the giant catchers' mitt mouths. June 27, 1966. QUITE A FISHERMAN HIMSELE, THIS PELICAN AT THE LONDON ZOO HAS APPARENTLY PICKED UP THE ANGLER'S PASSION FOR FISH STORIES, AS HE SEEMINGLY DETAILS THE SIZE OF " THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY" FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHER. MAR 10, 1957. Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago. July 1946. Veterinarian Sid Curtwright treated Phred the pelican for a broken wing. It's healed and the bird leaves Monday for California- by jet. October 25, 1985. Bronx Zoo officials row boats and nets started their annual round-up of the zoo's five pelicans for transfer to the birds winter quarters. Some officials had to attire wading boots and go in






A wonderful bird is the pelican







the water after the birds which were not fully cooperative in the seasonal move. Nov 19, 1982. This is Paul, the pelican of St. James's Park in London. Paul is the lone survivor of three pelicans which used to swim and roam in the park. The others died. In the House of Commons yesterday, a Scottish farmer who is a member of Parliament, arose and asked the Ministry of Works to get a mate for Paul. April 12, 1963. Jamie, one of the 14 mutilated pelicans found along the Southern California coast, displays her new black fiberglass beak with a new appetite 1/5. January 5, 1983. A wonderful bird is the pelican. March 1952. Dr. Heather Miller a psychopathologist, said "A Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality is chopping beaks off pelicans." At least ten of the mutilated birds have been seen in the harbor. October 19, 1982. Paul the pelican lived a lonely life in St. Jamesis Park, London, after one of his companions died and the other was hospitalized with a broken wing. A Member of Parliament raised the question in the House of Commons of what the government was doing about it. Then the Emir of Bahawalpur, Pakistan, sent four pelicans by piane to London. Paul did not take to them at first, but is now friendly. Here Paul (center) is showing them how to scream when they are hungry and then be ready to catch fish the keeper throws. They are catching on fast. August 23, 1963. THREE NORTH AMERICAN WHITE PELICANS SEE THEIR RIPPLING REFLECTIONS IN THE POND AT ST. JAMES PARK AS THEY MAKE THEIR DEBUT BEFORE THE LONDON PUBLIC. THE LONG-BILLED BIRDS WERE A GIFT















FROM THE UNITED STATES. SEP 26, 1953. MOST PELICANS USU THEIR LONG BEAKS TO CATCH FISH AND OTHER CHOICE MORSELS OF FOOD. BUT WHEN THIS PELICAN, WHO RESIDES AT THE GENEVE ZOO, BECAME PERPLEXED BY THOSE RUFFLED FEATHERS WAY DOWN THERE ON HIS CHEST, HE JUST LOWERED THAT LONG NOSE AND STRAIGHTENED THEM OUT. JUN 5, 1936. It takes a lot of "poosh" for the awkward looking pelican to get off the water. December 31, 1972. RESTING ON A PIER PILING AT ST. PETERSBURG, FLA., AN EASTERN BROWN PELICAN WAITS PATIENTLY FOR A TOURIST. IN THIS PORTRAIT THE COMEDIAN OF THE BIRD WORLD SHOWS OFF HIS ARRESTING FEATURES. THE POUCHED BILL, THE ROLLING EYES AND WHITE HEAD. FEB 27, 1948. Jamie, a pelican who had his maimed beak restored with a prosthetic device, is beakless again at his new home in Sea World arine Park in San Diego Wednesday. January 12, 1982. Adult pelican sits on rock off the Coronado Islands near San Diego and feeds on fish. Almost faced with extinction when food contaminated with the pesticide DDT softened their egg shells to the point they all broke during nesting, the pelican is making a comeback in California waters. July 18, 1975. Pelicans are often thought of as ocean birds but when spring arrives, thousands of white pelicans settle on islands in northern prairie lakes where they nest and raise their young. Their chicks mature in about six months - just in time to head for their winter homes on the coasts of Mexico andCalifornia. Bronz Zoo officals using nets attempted Friday their annual round-up of the



zoo's pelicans from Cope Lake. Zoo officials outfitted hip boots waded into the lake after the birds to move them to their winter; the pelicans dis not fully cooperate in the move. Nov 20, 1982. Bronx Zoo workers attempt to scoop up a pelican from a lake in the New York zoo Friday. Workers round-up the resident pelicans annually and move them into their winter quarters. Nov 18, 1983. Chicage Park District's 1924 Series of concerts in the Parks.. The free cencert was conducted by Frank York at Lincoln ParkZoo. Two Pelicans keep tempe to the concert entitled "Breadway comes to Lincoln Park. July 22, 1984. Teo pelicans, center of picture, one on the reck, both 40 years old. Oldest animals in the zoo. January 10, 1946. Pelicans. September 30, 1967. Salisbury zookeeper Jim McNeal examines an artifical beak implanted on Paul the relican by Washington vets. The beak was male from fiberglass, and is as good as new. February 8, 1980. A yellow-crested macaroni penquin gets a checkup Thursday from Frank Twohy, assistant curator of birds at Sea World marine park in San Diego. The sub-Antarctic bird was found stranded on a beach in New Jersey last Saturday. September 3. A helicopter seems to get the brush-off treatment as it flies over these penguins and seals in the Antarctic. Searcely a beak turned to view the visitor on a photographic mission to Crozet Island in the French Antarctic territory. December 31, 1957. Queenie cranes neck far over to look at egg, after cracking it. Tip of bill touches egg. Note hole in egg. August 8, 1958. This new arrival in London's zoo, a macaroni penguin, seems to have a



Frank York at Lincoln Park

IMG00336094A IMG00336095A

Oldest animals in the zooPelicans Pelicans






A helicopter seems to get the brush-off treatment as it flies over these penguins

IMG00336099A IMG00336100A

Queenie cranes neck far over to look at egg IS SOMEBODY GIVING ME THE BIRD






Duke, male King penguin









chip on its shoulders (and what shoulder!). As a former dweller in the Antarctic, he now may be poles a part from his new British neighbors, but the penguin seems to be maintaining considerable dignity of its own. March 16, 1950. A GROUP OF EMPEROR PENGUINS ON THE ICE SHELF ARE UNINTERESTED AS THE U.S.S. GLACIER, ONE OF THE SHIPS ON OPERATION DEEPFREEZE, GOES ABOUT ITS TASK OF BREAKING UP ICE IN THE ANTARCTIC. THE DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE, WHICH RELESED THIS PHOTOGRAPH IN WASHINGTON, DID NOT IDENTIFY WHERE IT WAS MADE. FEB 18, 1956. No wonder these King Penguins are able to keep their 'starched', white 'dickeys' from wilting these hot days at Brookfield zoo. August 26, 1948. Duke, male King penguin, takes his turn at helping to hatch at Brookfield Zoo. June 5, 1956. Inquisitive penguin checks over a couple of strange "birds" that set down on his icy domain in the Antarctica. Taking part in Operation Deep Freeze are the Navy's P2V Neptune, largest plane ever to be equipped with skis for landing on snow, and another Antarctica work horse, the Otter. June 1, 1957. Magellan Penguins from Costa Rica dont like Chicago's "North Pole" alimate. December 9, 1948. Emperor penguins looking like first nighters in full dress appear to be exchanging comment on the actors taking part in the Navy's "Operation Deep Freeze." Appearance of groups like this one provide lighter moments for the tough job being performed by members of the Navy's expedition in the Antarctic. December 15, 1956. This Emperor Penguin chick solves its heating problem in the Antractic with


Jack Marks, director of zoo in Portland


How Not to Keep Cool


Humboldt Penguins











the help of "Mommie". The chick neatles on the feet of the mother, even as the adult walks arounds near Elisworth Station in Antaratica's snow and ice. February 21, 1958. Jack Marks, director of zoo in Portland, Orestuffs an Emperor Penguin in a bag following capture of the bird on the sea ice near Butter Point, 25-miles north of Operation Deepfreez headquarters here. The penguins captured on the hunting expedition will be shipped to zoos in Portland and San Diego. Nov 10, 1957. Is shown by a King penguin at Brookfield Zoo, yearning for his frigid home near the Antaractic Circle. By flapping up a breeze (left), the big bird quickly beats himself into a soggy picture of exhaustion (right). April 30, 1951. Humboldt Penguins, which inhabit West Coast of South America. October 12, 1950. THE ADDITIONS TO THE BROOKFIELD ZOO BIRD HOUSE POSE FOR THEIR FIRST PHOTOS. THEY ARE BEARDED OR RINGED RENGUINS. JUL 14, 1951. WITH DIGNIFIED DISAPPROVAL, THREE PENGUINS STUDIOUSLY IGNORE SOME LESS-FORMALLY DRESSED INTRUDERS AT THE U.S. BASE AT MCMURDO SOUND, ANTARCTICA. NOV 18, 1958. WITH THE UTMOST COURTESY MR. PENGUIN MAKES HIS BOW TO MRS. PENGUIN AS HE STROLLS ABOUT THEIR PEN IN THE BERLIN ZOOLOGICAL GARDEN. MAR 8, 1937. THIS GROUP OF PENGUINS WITH STRANGE HEAD- FEATHERS GETS USED TO THE FRANKFURT ZOO AFTER AEEIVING FROM TRISTAN DA CUNHA ISLAND, SOME 1,700 MILES FROM CAPETOWN IN THE ATLANTIC. MAY 1, 1955. A KING PENGUIN AT THE LONDON ZOO, SHELTERS HIS ONE-DAY-OLD CHICK AS

















The Adelie Penguin appears dubious as to the number of eggs


New Arrivals of penguins at the zoo




Garfield McPenguin Queenie, a King penguin, looks at her reflection in glass window






WEATHER IS JUST RIGHT FOR THE BEACH. THOUSANDS OF PENGUINS CROWD THE WATERSIDE ON MACQUARIE ISLAND NOT FAR FROM THE AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL ANTARTIC RESEARCH EXPEDITION STATION. MAR 13, 1955. The Adelie Penguin appears dubious as to the number of eggs present as he carefully scrutinizes his rocky nest on the shore of MaMurdo Sound. The Adelies are much smaller than the Emperor Penguin and they nest in the Summertime whereas the Emperors lay and hatch on the midwinter ice. December 17, 1957. These jobs are the Adelie Penguins, just arrived from Tokyo. Inhabitanns of the antarctic, they are a smaller specie. April 20, 1956. AS FORMAL-LOOKING AS EVER, THESE ANTRACTIC EMPEROR PENGUINS POSE FOR THE CAMERA OF A RUSSIAN PHOTOGRAPHER. SOVIET SCIENTISTS ARE INCLUDED PARTS OF THE WOULD STUDYING THE FROZEN BOTTOM OF THE WORLD AS PART OF THE INTERNATIONAL GEOPHYSICAL YEAR. MAY 18, 1957. Garfield McPenguin, TIMES TAKIES. April 9, 1939. Queenie, a King penguin, looks at her reflection in glass window of her cage at Brookfield Zoo, as she seeks to hatch egg she laid May 15. July 3, 1957. DAD AND MOTHER PENGUIN ADMONISH THEIR BROOD TO BE CAREFUL AS THEY DESCEND THE STEPS TO THE WATER'S EDGE IN THE REGENT'S PARK ZOO, LONDON, ENGLAND, FOR THEIR DAILY BATH. STEP BEING SOMETHING OF AN EXCEPTION IN THE LIFE OF THE CRDINARY PENGUIN, THE BROOD SEEMS INCLINED TO TAKE THEM WITH GREAT CAUTION. JUN 28, 1934. SLEEK AND WELL-FED, A GROUP OF

1947. West Germany. A keeper weighs a small Rock Hooper at the Duisburg. Standing in the wings. 1957. Two 14 month old Magellan penguins arrived at the Regency Hyatt hotel this morning and registered for their stay in . June 1980. AN OTHER BIRDS OF THE SAME FEATHER. MAR 14. January 1969. "Antarctica: Because It's There" is the title of this WORLD WE LIVE film on the variety of scientific studies being conducted at the South Pole. HE'S CERTAINLY CATCHING THE CICKENS FOR IT. SHOWN HERE WITH HER EGG. Appearing as if they're getting ready for a Veterans Day parade. S.FROM "PERCY". FOR THE THIRD TIME A JACKASS PENGUIN HAS LAID AN EGG AT THE ZOO HERE. 1941. WHILE GEORGE. so to speak. BUT AS YET NO YOUNG PENGUINS HAVE BEEN RAISED IN ITS AVIARY. 1983. THE BIRD. OF ALL KING PENGUIN PERSONS. APPARENTLY UNIMPRESSED BY ANYTHING THEY SAY. these four Emperor Penguins present a military bearing as they march across the sea ice near Butter Point. COWED BY A HULKING BULLY. JUN 21. WITH HIS BACK TO THE WALL. 25. MAY 2. HAS A NOTE RESEMBLING A BRAY. is a group of penguins. February 20. STANDS THERE EGGING HIM ON. 1935. WHATEVER IT IS THAT THIS LITTLE FELLOW HAS DONE. ANTRACTIC SERVICE. Zoo recently.IMG00336130A PROBABLY WOULDN'T EAT HIS SPINACH IMG00336131A PENGUIN LAYS AN EGG IMG00336132A Four Emperor Penguins IMG00336133A Penguin IMG00336134A Penguins IMG00336135A WEIGHT WATCHING IMG00336136A Magellan penguins EMPEROR PENGUINS PAY A CASUAL VISIT TO WEST BASE OF THE U. Penguins. THEY EYED ALL HANDS WITH COMPLETE INDIFFERENCE. OR HAS NEGLECTED TO DO.miles north of Operation Deepfreez headquartes here. Various birds and animals were being weighed for record keeping purposes. Nov 11.

May 10. PENGUINS ARRIVE IN A LIMO TO PLUG FUTURE PARK IN ORLANDO. 1981. CHICAGO. Fisher. 1989. 1985. September 16. SHOWS A MENU TO ONE OF THE THESE PENQUINS VISITING THE WESTIN O' HARE.Sea World Research Institute Antarctic Penguin Center at Sea World Tuesday in San incubation . Lester E. February 6. MAR 26. is out in front in a little game of "follow the leader. A chinstrap penquin. Lester E. 1987. So bird curator Frank Twohy is handraising the little Emperor. 1987. Peeks out from its father's protective abdominal folds in the Hubbs. The exhibit opens to the public on Sunday. The tuxedoed Adelie Penguin is among the 15 species of birds in the Antarctic that nest in the spring. PENQUINS AT LINCOLN PK ZOO. was underweight and wasn't being fed by its parents. May 14. 1981. feeding a bird in its new home. Penguins hatched in the zoo's incubator are fed every 4 hours. Fisher IMG00336144A FOLLOW THE LEADER IMG00336145A IT'S A FIRST Chicago. September 30. The chick was hatched early Tuesday morning after a 67. said to be the first of its kind ever bred and hatched in captivity. An emperor penguin chick. are animal keeper Tina Kill and zoo director Dr. FEB 5. the first penguin to hatch at Sea World's "Penguin Encounter. A 3-week-old penguin." with an Adelie penguin playing catchup behind. 25. named for obvious reason. They're two of six species on display at Ohio's new Sea World Penguin Encounter complex in Aurora. 1973. MAR 26. in incubator care takes liquified fish from a syringe at London Zoo IMG00336140A IMG00336141A LIGHWEIGHT--KO IMG00336142A PENQUINS IMG00336143A Tina Kill and Dr." exhibit. 1983. They are from Sea World in Orlando Florida.IMG00336137A PENGUINS IMG00336138A IMG00336139A Adelie Penguin PENQUINS AT LINCOLN PK ZOO A 3-week-old penguin. MICHELINE KOS. Lightweight-ko. ON THE ICE. in incubator care takes liquified fish from a syringe at London Zoo recently.

1980.IMG00336146A School's for the birds IMG00336147A PENGUINS PAMPER RARE EGG IMG00336148A ZOO SOCIETY AND END OF SET IMG00336149A No wounder these two male penguins in the Aalborg Zoo IMG00336150A Emperor penguins IMG00336151A THE KING AND HIS COURT IMG00336152A Gentoo penguins period. July 5. No wounder these two male penguins in the Aalborg Zoo. LONDON. Gentoo penguins can be identified by the white feathered area around their . Aren't you glad you live in the big city? Where else but the Shedd Aquarium could you watch penguins try hard to learn? Psychologist William Myers works with three Humboldt penguins in one-hour sessions three times a day to teach them to respond to light signals. and a light on a control panel tells it if and when it will get minnows to eat. 1987. Tiny uses his beak to roll the egg under his feathers. They'll be fathers in about 60 days. the mother of the first penguin egg ever laid at the Shedd Aquarium. joins his stately king penguin friend in the new $13 million Penguin Encounter at Sea World of Florida. 1966. Baby is scheduled to hatch Easter sunday. September 17. NOV 20." opening today at the Museum of Science and Industry's Omnimax. BEAKS POINTED ALOFT THE KING PENGUINS CONTINUE TO REGISTER INDIFFERENCE AS THE SHELLDRAKE MOVES AWAY TO SEEK OTHER COMPANIONS. Sea World curator and marino biologist. October 18. IT HAPPENED AT REGENT'S PARK ZOO. The aquarium's school for the birds lasts through Tuesday. in Copenhagen seem to assume poses. Frank Murru. 1991. Emperor penguins near Cape Washington make an appearance in "Antarctica. 1973. The penguin wiggles a plastic fish. They're sitting on eggs while the females are away. weddles to lunch Wednesday as papa Tiny prepares to take over. 1968. December 5. Melissa. the largest and most technically advanced exhibit of its kind in the world. March 21. FEB 1948.

and what fun they are. are on the ice in the new penguin house watching the penguins playing in the water of their new house. May 15. 1985. the latest species. 1981.IMG00336153A Emperor penguins IMG00336154A HOW COLD WAS IT? IMG00336155A WHICH WAY TO THE POND IMG00336156A "MOTHER" INSPECTS HIS CHARGES IMG00336157A Penguin transmits IMG00336158A SITTING PRETTY IMG00336159A Baby penguin IMG00336160A Its a new home for the Penguin IMG00336161A The first hour is their new home eyes. The first hour is their new home. 1982. January 11.New year holiday when the mercury dipped to minus 18. who tend to stick together as a group. curator of mammals and birds for Ohio's Sea World in Aurora. Wired for sound. Zoo director. February 1984. Blackie. Lester E. Represent one of six species which will occupy the $3. Ohio. 1984. on the ice and under the water. a penguin transmits information on cardio vascular adjustments during Antarctic exercise in tests conducted by three University of Washington scientisrs. tommorow will be opening program for the public of the new $1. Emperor penguins.. 1983. February 8. 1985. February 15. this is the scene penguins . one of the Fort wayne Children's Zoo 14 penguins suffered frostbite during the Christmas. Zoo keeper Denise Conwers escorts a group of penguins through the grounds at the Cincinnati Zoo Wednesday morning.5 million structure. January 13. Chinstrap penguin chicks snuggle together in the protective enclosure at Sea World Park in San Diego where hundreds of eggs brought back from a expedition to the Antartic have hatched in the past three weeks. Its a new home for the Penguin. September 14. 1972. Baby penguin. 1991. inspects some of his charges in the new Penguin Encounter habitat. The clannish birds. just opened. May 15. December 2. Stan Searles. pose for a group portrait at Ohio's new Sea World in Aurora. here Tina kill animal keepre and Dr.2-million habitat. Fisher.

Antarctica's largest and most extraordinary penguin species. The Adelie penguins at the Milwaukee zoo have a good reason to hold their heads high. British cinematographer Cindy Buxton is surrounded by down-coated infants while photographing king penguins on South Georgia Island. September 30. is expected to hatch in about 35 days. They stand about 3 ft and weight about 30 to 40 release attached. May 31. A real snowbird. September 16. 1989. ." June 19. The Adelie penguin is the star of "Icebird. Sunday on Wttw. 1981. 1966. makes his first aquantance with the Eperor. June 19. September 16. In Arizona. The first hour in their new home. Peter wilkinson. 1983. 1987. 1981." a "Nature" presentation that will air from 7 to 8 p.m. Two new King Penguins Odie & Bill they are on loan from the Milwaukee Zoo. The female (R) became the first to lay an egg in an American zoo. The egg." December 3. records the growth of 'KO'. winter tourists are commonly referred a\to as "snowbirds. flew into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport for appearances Saturday in a Maryvale Mall promotion. 1983. 1983. Greenspeace Expedition co-ordinator.IMG00336162A Frank Twohy IMG00336163A King penguin IMG00336164A King penguin IMG00336165A The Adelie penguin IMG00336166A Two new King Penguins Odie & Bill IMG00336167A The first hour in their new home IMG00336168A EMPEROR MEETS GREENEACE REPRESENTATIVE ON 'ANTARCTICA DAY' IMG00336169A SNOWBIRD LANDS IN PHOENIX IMG00336170A The Adelie penguins are full of play. December 8. Glad against bitter wind. assistant curator of birds at Sea World of San Diego. the first penguin hatched in the new exhibit at Sea World and the first penguin to be hand raised from 24 hours on. twice the size of a chicken egg. Frank Twohy. jan 31 1986.Channel 11. May 2. 1983. Penny the penguium. Two native inhabitants on the island of South Georgis share a tender moment in "King penguin: Stranded Beyond the Falklands.

has been ideal for the penguins. scientifically known as Spenicus Humboldti. JAN 6. 1982. is growing up. aug 2. The chick hatched 7/3 was the first to be hatched in captivity. They stand approximately 2 feet high. are reduced to strong narrow flippers covered with smallscale-like feathers. 1966. THE MATED PAIR ARE FROM THE SHEDD AQUARIUM. . Their tail is short and set far back on their body.BUT THE EMPEROR PENGUINS ARE FAVORITES WITH BIRD LOVERS. The chick . THE STUFFED SPECIMENS WERE COLLECTED BY AOMIRAL BYRD AT THE SOUTH POLE. "Little America". APR 28.. Penguin Nine king's penguins take a stroll along a snow-covered path recently at Munich's Hellabrunn Zoo. Fisher. Humboldt's Penguin. April 1968. have a white breast which gives them a frock-coated appearance.. The Penguins.IMG00336171A RARE BIRDS IMG00336172A Penguin IMG00336173A PENGUIN PARADE IMG00336174A HUMBOLDT PENGUIN IMG00336175A Penguins IMG00336176A Penguin chick IMG00336177A Humboldt's Penguin IMG00336178A UP IN THE CLOUDS THESE BIRDS AREN'T SO RARE. which may be seen in the northeast corner of the Bird House. HUMBOLDT PENGUIN HATCHING IS HELD LINCOLN PARK ZOO BIRD HOUSE.heavy snow and subzero weather-. which was hatched 7/3 at the Milwaukee Zoo. the first Adelie penguin ever hatched in captivity. Their wings. The recent climate in West Germany. Lester E. December 11. has been designated as the Animal of the Month for Aprilil by Dr. 1966. Just like any other honrymooners. 1980. 1944. "Little America" the Adelie penguin chick at the Milwaukee zoo may bot be beautiful but it's famous. Director of the Chicago Park District Lincoln Park Zoo. THREE OTHER EGGS ARE IN THE INCUBATOR READY TO HATCH. hasn't grown the makings of it's patents which are shown in the background. which do not fold. August 1.

over-sized white-tie and tails birds. Molly. Tiny uses his beak to roll the egg under his feathers. August 21. The birds are being ged smelt fish. 1963. May 21. Germany. APR 28. the mother of the first penguin egg ever laid at the Shedd Aquarium.. 1980.Ben a Blackfooted penguin with the family members of Chicago's BlumKolver foundation Ray Simon Pres of Park. 1968. Director of the zoo in Brookfield. it was revealed today by Robert Bean. A tiny Adelie penguin peeked over an egg under one of its parents at the Milwaukee Sountry Zoo. 1948.IMG00336179A HUMBOLDT PENGUIN IMG00336180A PENGUINS PAMPER RARE EGG IMG00336181A Penguin IMG00336182A Tina Kill IMG00336183A Kevin Bell IMG00336184A A tiny Adelie penguin IMG00336185A The King penguins IMG00336186A Emperor penguin inspects a these penguins stare off into space in this love scene photographer at the Hagenbeck Zoological Garden in Humburg. MAR 21. will escape the-blistering blasts of summer heat by virtue of a modern air-conditioned cage. The birds are being fed smelt fish.. Curator of Birds Kevin Bell feed some of the 14 Rockhopper Penguins in their special air conditioned quarantine quarters. The King penguins. THREE OTHER EGGS ARE IN THE INCUBATOR READY TO HATCH. Melissa. Baby is scheduled to hatch Easter Sunday. The chick hatched 7/15 is the fourth hatched at the zoo since the first one hatched in captivity in 1966. Chicago Zoological Park's new. June 7. 1981.. July 16. 1982. March 18. THE MATED PAIR ARE FROM THE SHEDD AQUARIUM. (They take turns sitting in 12-hour shifts). Zoo atendant Tina Kill (girl) feed some of the 14 Rockhopper Penguins in their special air conditioned quarantine quarters. March 18. 1970. Emperor penguin inspects a helicopter . waddles to lunch Wednesday as papa Tiny prepares to take over. 1981. HUMBOLDT PENGUIN HATCHING IS HELD LINCOLN PARK ZOO BIRD HOUSE.

January 20.helicopter pilot and his ice pickax at the South Pole IMG00336187A PENGUINS PAMPER PARE EGG IMG00336188A SAFE AND WARM IMG00336189A Dr. Fifteen penguin chicks have hatched in the past two weeks. as they let the penquins out of their cage and into the pool. stand behind some of the Emperor Penguins whose body temperatures they are probing under a National Science Foundation grant here at McMurdo. Lester E. Lester E. of Borg-Warner Co. Byrd in 1935. December 1939. Melissa. MAR 21. 1963. 1980. 1968. Barry and Hana Pinshow. Pheasant. This is one pen in the 40-acre bird- . and eight of them are being reared in public view by their parents in the Penguin Encounter. A large cock Pheasant sits in a field and blends in with the surroundings. waddles to lunch Wednesday as papa Tiny prepares to take over. NOV 1946. One of nine emperor penguins purchased by Brookfield Zoo from Rear Admiral Richard E. Penguins there have little fear of humans. June 1981. because the birds nave no land-based predators. The specimen shown is onexhibition at Field Museum of Natural History. 1972. Jerry Isham. 1984. December 29. Dr. July 1. 1974. Emperor penguins rally around Sea World bird. This bird became extinct in 1906 due in part to the destruction of its nests following the introduction of cats to its island home. the mother of the first pengum egg ever laid at the Shedd Aquarium. 1948. Pheasant. of Israel. April 29. Fisher and Jerry Isham LOVE SONGS FROM HOME IMG00336190A IMG00336191A Barry and Hana Pinshow IMG00336192A One of nine emperor penguins IMG00336193A THE GUADALUPE PETREL IMG00336194A IMG00336195A IMG00336196A IMG00336197A IMG00336198A RINGNACKED PHEASANT A large cock Pheasant Pheasant Pheasant PHEASANTS GALORE pilot and his ice pickax at the South Pole. December 20. RINGNACKED PHEASANT. April 25. Fisher. August 14. Nov 10. 1983. Adelie penguin chick finds a safe and warm spot beneath its mother at the Sea World Penguin Encounter Monday in San Diego. zoo director. 1930.

Saturday. Inc. Nov 6. 17. For some unknown reason the pheasant rushes out of nearby woods and chases all milkmen as soon as they park their trucks in area. . 1946. Nov 13. Pheasant in the Palos forest preserve. 1962. October 24. 12 pheasant season.000 ringneck pheasants are being held for release on the permit shooting grounds during the Nov. helped by Don Saga. They will be released on Illinois public hunting grounds when pheasant season opens Nov. 1 game bird. 18-December. 1991. March 17. January 15.000 leatherbooted Illinois hunters will stalt several million acres of corn and soy bean stubble after the state's No. the ringneck pheasant. Caster Park.. part of 42. March 3. July 28..IMG00336199A Pheasant in the Palos forest preserve IMG00336200A Ringneck pheasant IMG00336201A Ringnack pheasant IMG00336202A IMG00336203A IMG00336204A Slick chicks Golden Pheasants Don Saga. rears hundreds of baby pheasants(below) in Elk Grove township in Illinois. Nov 10. An Unidentified pigeon crosses the finish line a length ahead of Our Town (9) ridden by jockey L. 57th Place (S. 1962. February 4. Still more birds are let go by Price. These ringnack pheasant.000 behind chicken wire at the Des Plaines Wildlife Area. Jones in the fourth race at the Fair Grounds here today. Tens of thousands of them survive the winter in the Chicago area preserves.. 250. 1951. Over 30. 1964. 1953. Channahon (left) and Chuck Brewer. Otto Huebner 3619 W. 55 miles southwest of Chicago. look suspiciously at the camera. at 12 noon. Golden Pheasants. 1954. Pheasants Unlimited. 1959. Channahon and Chuck Brewer IMG00336205A PHEASANT CHASES MILKMAN IMG00336206A PIGEON BEATS HORSE BY A LENGTH Bacing Pigeon Derby IMG00336207A rearing unit on the State's Des Plaines Wildlife Area. A pheasant beats its wings in pursuit of milkman Jack Crawford making his rounds in the Weymouth Heights section here.

Stanley Kansas 5438 S. flies 1. Side). as he records readings on tapes of their timers by Jim Prusa 3034 S. Jimmy Ruzek with clock ready gets ready to catch pigeon as he enters loft through drops after returning from 300 mile pigeon derby from Ames. or about 40 miles per hour. Jimmy Ruzek 2239 S. Iowa.Side) enters his choise for the Derby this year Kittle won the Derby and Young Bird Championship last year. Samuel S. Keeler (S. Side) holding Jim's Champ. September 23. Side)as Edward Kittel 1644 Jullian (N. And now comes the good news for some all-out pigeon owner-they're getting ready to announce the winner.IMG00336208A Racing pigeon Derby IMG00336209A Eacing Pigeon Derby IMG00336210A Racing Pigeon Derby IMG00336211A the good news for some all-out pigeon owner-they're getting ready to announce the winner Side)acts as Sec.Side). 1947..Side) checks band number of pigeon. 1947. While Blomaert gets 2nd place on the Derby and wins top honors on race held in conjunction with Derby. Another unusual result of race was Ruzek wins derby and also gets 2nd place on race held in conjunctionwith Derby. as he records numbers of pigrons being countermarked by: John Kaminski 3647 Belmont (N. Frank wierus. September 23. 5246 S. Henry Scianni 6225 S. Bill Bolda 2312 W. 1947. (S. September 23. Augustust Blum operates calculator to determine which bird made fastest time as anxious pigeon flyers await a results. Greenview (N. Highland Ave. Other club members look on. Side). andJimmy Ruzek 2239 S. Winning pigeon. Hamlin Ave. Kilbourn (S. Rice (N. Winchester (S. September 23.. Albert Blomaert 11232 Parnell Ave. owned by John Benedict. winners on Derby race look over shoulders of Chester Brown 2701 W.140 29/100 yards per minute. Side) Derby bird checking committee comes over to Ruzek's home same evening to put final ckeck on Jim's bird being home. . 47th St. Highland Ave. 1947. Alongi 2743 N.

1946. Pigeon officials get busy at South Side concourse. 1946. John Siska (l) has his entrant countern arked by Otto Huebner (center). John Siska (l) has his entrant countern arked by Otto Huebner (center). August 4. Eugene Lipski records time which pigeon is clocked at on report sheet while John Benedict. 1946. Charles Scejkovsky (right) registers bird's bandnumber. July 31. owner of winning bird. Charles Scejkovsky (right) registers bird's bandnumber. Pigeon is shown finishing ahead of one Iron (5) . Countermark is taken from bird's leg in stall trap. Racing pigeon is seen in unusual picture crossing finish line is sixth place during running of second race at Suffolk Downs in Boston today. 1946. looks on to see that there are no mistakes made in its time. July 31. Walter Smalarz (right) reads off time that is stamped on paper roll taken from timer clock. August 4. these fanciers stage race with as much efficiency as at major horse race plant. August 4. Bird enters loft after identifying mark is removed. who operates machine which stretches bit of rubber so it fits over pigeon's leg. Jpseph Lanick (l) puts one of his entrants into shipping crate as Ed Havel checks again. Jpseph Lanick (l) puts one of his entrants into shipping crate as Ed Havel checks again. At right. 1946. Proving that pigeons do other things than coo and cutter up Loop Lplatfroms. 1946. At right. these fanciers stage race with as much efficiency as at major horse race plant. Left. Proving that pigeons do other things than coo and cutter up Loop Lplatfroms. who operates machine which stretches bit of rubber so it fits over pigeon's leg.IMG00336212A Pigeon officials get busy at South Side concourse IMG00336213A Bird enters loft after identifying mark is removed IMG00336214A Operation pigeon race IMG00336215A Countermark is taken from bird's leg in stall trap IMG00336216A Operation pigeon race IMG00336217A ADDED STARTER August 4. Left.

gallops across the finish line to win the finish race at New York's Aqueduct Friday. 1966. a student. which was not officially entered in the race. (the pigeons nest) I Well the pigeons layed on these hens eggs until Thursday Sept. May 12. The pigeon. of Northfield.IMG00336218A PHOTO FINISH IMG00336219A Racing Pigeon Derby IMG00336220A Wilbur E. Holmes IMG00336221A Diane DeFalco and Joel Doti IMG00336222A IMG00336223A Pix of Pigeon in nest in bedroom Pigeon IMG00336224A Pigeon and quiet Interlude. Various stations around the loop will be placed for the purpose. Laminate. Rice checks in bird of Frank Metelec 5434 w. September 19. Birds will later be humanely disposed of. A shampoo to get the gooey substance off. Melrose Park. Pix of Pigeon. Holmes. looks at cage just posirioned for trapping the birds. 1958. Joel Doti. a student. 1956. Bonnie or Pigie Boy. 1952. Calumet City. did not get credit for second place. Place to make sure bird is basketed with both markers before being put into creat for shpment to race. So as this trap door was opened a Hen got up there and ate thepigeons eggs. 2312 W.40 for each $2 win bet. "Platform man" Wilbur E. June 5. Bird is owned by Frank Metelec. Laminate paid $6. Pix of Pigeon in nest in bedroom of Mrs Tucker at 4-Lincoln Ave. About three weeks ago my pigeons had two 4 eggs above the hen House. and I happened to leave the trap door open fora few days . and layed two of her own eggs in its place.. 22nd. March 5. Diane DeFalco. I have had a miracle happen to me and the way it happened I think you may like to print it. Nov 26. 1947. With his pants. only a neck ahead of a low-flying pigeon. though. 1971.. No mutuel prices were posted on the bird. 1954. February 28. This pigeon by the way took 3rd place honors among the 220 Derby birds entered. April 28. ridden by Jockey Eddie Belmonte. 26th 1940 and two chicks were . Norb Bolda 20.

July 25. October 31. Nov 17. 2619 So. Pigeon builds nest atop eagle's head at Burnside Police Station.d also the pigeons.. a student. found hens egg and hatched same bringing forth one fine little chick which they now are nursing as their own. after the shampoo. Ruth Sylvester. 1958. Bunch of them flew in when peanut vending machines were being filled get all but two of them out were there all right and they are still there. Edna Harris Shown . Photo of two baby pigeon's in their nest of rusty nails on the 13th floor of Mandel Bros. student operator. June 13. They will be ready to fly in about a week or so. with the pigeon and gooey glue from the window ledge. The pigeons are a pair of checked Commons. I have the chicks an. but this bird really got stuck. 1219 Flournoy.. of 4718 N. Danny Mazzola. Brown IMG00336230A Chick IMG00336231A Pigeon gets beauty treatment IMG00336232A Pigeons IMG00336233A Danny Mazzola IMG00336234A Pigeon hatch by these two pigeons. 1954. Pigeon builds nest and lays eggs inside screen door of Mrs. Pulaski Rd. 1955. Mrs. the pigeon was held under a hair dryer. May 27. James W. Ray DeYoung. Mama "Buzzy" and Papa "Buzzy" with their newly hatched chick Baby "Buzzy". of Harvard. Ill. 1949. 1949. see mamo attached. 1998. Owned by Mr and Mrs Dovgin of 5916 S. Alice Meseck. 1958. and the chicks are I Barred rocks. Normal Blve the Buzzy couple. Winthrop. This is the stuff that's supposed to chase pigeons away. Brown. February 28. an instructo.. workers from National Bird Control Laboratories spreading "Rosst No More" on perching areas on the Randolph St. 1954... A pair of band-tailed pigeons. Pigeons. 1957.IMG00336225A Pidgeens IMG00336226A IMG00336227A IMG00336228A A pair of band-tailed pigeons Pigeon builds nest Pigeons IMG00336229A Ray DeYoung and James W. March 31. platfrom. September 19. February 28.

AS FAR AS ZOO DIRECTOR FLETCHER REYNOLDS AND OTHER EXPERTS KNOW. January 23. 1956. 1953. Rubber lizards were hung in the windows and outside of the Milwaukee Courthouse to ward off pigeons that flock around the building. Lo & behold. 1955. later another call came through. Having small garden party of their own. 1954. Birds couldn't possibly know Queen Elizabeth ll authorized serving the hot dogs at London reception for American Bar Assn. that the man was screaming. August 3. Washington. 1959. so two squads were sent over. A dummy placed on ledge of roof at 4957 W. with an instinct for doing things right built her nest on a window ledge in the maternity division od Deaconess Hospital here. 720 Michigan. The police get a call that a man is on roof.IMG00336235A Pigeons IMG00336236A A dummy placed on ledge of roof IMG00336237A FEAST FIT FOR A QUEEN IMG00336238A A BIG FIRST FOR THE CLEVELAND ZOO IMG00336239A A mother pigeon IMG00336240A Nancy Beck hereleaving nest thru hole in screen. THESE CROWNED PIGEONS AT THE CLEVELAND ZOO HAVE HATCHED AND ARE REARING A SQUAB IN FULL VIEW OF VISITORS TO THE BIRD BUILDING-FIRST TIME SUCH AN EVENT HAS OCCURRED IN CAPTIVITY. county employee looks at one of the lizards hanging in a window. Mrs. More squads were sent over. Nurse Barbara Van Dusen keeps a watchfull eye on the situation after one of the two pigeon's eggs hatched on 5/3. Michigan Av. NOV 22. three pigeons peck away at frankfurter on wall outside offices of British consulate. A mother pigeon. March 13. March 24. May 5. they find the MAN to be a dummy. Nancy Beck. 1957. The other egg is visible in the nest." She first noticed the nest and the eggs outside her secondfloor window ledge at 5226 Michigan a week ago. January . Edna Whaley calls it "the miracle of S.

June 23. July 22. crooks beat the rap while others sweat it out hoping to be set free a tri-colored pigeon sits it out in the heat and the warm air of the outdoors on the ledge of a confortable looking window still of the criminal courts Building.IMG00336241A PIGEON MOTHER STILLS WHEELS OF INDUSTRY IMG00336242A PUNCTURED PIGEON IMG00336243A PIGEON PERMANENT IMG00336244A Pigeon IMG00336245A Lincoln Park Zoo IMG00336246A Jerry Lantis 13. AUG 20. A mother pigeon peers from her crude nest inside a mammoth hotplate used by the National Geographic Society to dry paper for 10 million maps a year. Jerry Lantis. While murderers and murdersses await srial and sentencing. A 5-YEAROLD TUFTED GOURA DOMICILED AT THE VINCENNES ZOO IN PARIS. Lantis is the 11th best pigeon racer in the world. paralyzed 10 years ago in a fall. 1952. . 1953. where if things were different or if wouldn't have gotten cought. A large white pigeon with an 18-inch arrow protruding from its back pauses for a drink of water from a gutter in the southeast portion of the city. MAIN PROBLEM. Her selection of the strange homesite prompted officers of the Society to order the machine shut down until she hatches her eggs and teaches her brood to fly. sits while some of his racing pigeons take wing. 1982. May 4. June 8. its inmates would also be free. MANY A GIRL WILL ENVY THE SPLENDID HAIRDO OF THIS PIGRON. tried and sentenced. 1964. 1956. June 1. Boys and girls ignore the caged creatures to chase the feathered intruders in the park. and overlooking the basetille of the House of correction. Hundreds of animals vie for attention at the Lincoln Park Zoo but the lowlypigeons seem to be the big attraction for these youngsters. OF COURSE. 1964. IS KEEPING THE COIFFURE IN SHAPE DURING A STORM. 1958.

May 25. This man may be enjoying the spring weather. He has been feeding his friends whole wheat bread and peanuts for years and has gotten to know his regular customers well. sitting on a bench in Grant Park feeding the pigeons. August 21. offering a peanut to a friendly squirrel. Even the pigeon have a problem staying warm. and they get a little help from people bringing food. 1985.. March 31. love is sharing.. Richardson spent about 15 coaxing the pigeon to accept the food from his hand while eating a late breakfast in the Sun." THE ARMY AIR FORCE PIGEON WHO HOLDS THE . October 7.Times Plaza. 1985.. 1986. 1976. October 5. Rickey Richardson's patience pays off when a pigeon eats crumbs from his hand. For Chris Massa. 1986. January 19. but anyone who takes in the great Chicago outdoor these days is inhalling a certain amount of pigeon excrement. 1984. THIS IS "PATHFINDER. For chris Massa. 1984. March 21. Pigeons flock around Larry Zaccone on the Daley Plaza yesterday as he shares his rolls with them under the warm Octoberober sun. 1974. knowing some of the birds and squirrels by the names she has given them. love is. Every Sunday Howard Wilson comes to Field Park on Foster Ave. 1983.. to feed the pigeons and squirrels. even naming some of them according to the personalities.IMG00336247A FOR THE BIRDS IMG00336248A Pigeons flock around Larry Zaccone IMG00336249A This man may be enjoying the spring weather IMG00336250A Even the pigeon have a problem staying warm Pigeons IMG00336251A IMG00336252A Howard Wilson IMG00336253A Rickey Richardson IMG00336254A Love in the park IMG00336255A IMG00336256A Rudy Campbell SOME BIRDS An unidentified man finds himself the center of attention Tuesday as he proves a worthy perch for pigeons at Los Angeles' MacArthur. Betty Jones feeding pigeons at Madison & Wells. August 5. In the glistening sunlight that covered the city Rudy Campbell feeds the birds at Daley Plaza. October 28...

STRAPPED TO HIS LEFT FOOT IS THE PLASTIC CAPSULE WHICH THE ARMY USES TO CONTAIN MESSAGES. 1964. Kelly Keane. his pigeon pet. dives into some breakfast Fred.907 AIRLINE MILES AT AN AVERAGE SPEED OF 813. 1992. The birds go right through the windows. December 18. Victor Cavada. 7. 1981. Pa. January 3. She says that she or her husband feeds sunflower seeds to birds and squirrels in the park every day. They have broken thousands. A protestor who ran onto the firing range of the annual pigeon shoot as a sign of protest in Hegins. AROUND HIS RIGHT FOOT IS A BAND BEARING HIS ARMY SERIAL NUMBER. September 3.81 YARDS PER MINUTE IN COMPLETE DARKNESS AND DRIVING RAIN. feeds the pigeons every day near the North Ave beach house. Nine-year-old Don Pinkston of Columbus. September 3. DESCRIBED AS A TYPICAL AAF PIGEON. May 7.they are in danger of taking over the sidewalks!!! September 25. . on Monday is carried away by Pennsylvania State Policemen and arrested. Haruko Aoyama greets pigeons near the Lincoln Park Conservator on Tuesday. HE FLEW 176. is frightened by the pigeons who swarm around her in the Daley Center Plaza as she feeds the birds popcorn. 1990.IMG00336257A Pigeon IMG00336258A Victor Cavada IMG00336259A STICKING CLOSE IMG00336260A Flighty friends IMG00336261A PIGEON SHOOT PROTESTOR ARRESTED IMG00336262A Kelly Keane IMG00336263A Closed windows don't keep the pigeons out of or in the buildings RECORD FOR SUSTAINED NIGHT FLIGHT IN THE RAIN. Pigeon swarm around on the sidewalk along state street-. keeps an eye out from his perch on the youngster's head. He and his friend. OCT 30. Eleanor Arens feed the birds 800 LBs of bird feee and 300 loaves of bread per week. 1983. Ohio. 1990. 75. 1991. Closed windows don't keep the pigeons out of or in the buildings. 1944. March 2.

AND I DID CHILDISH THINGS. as she make friends with the pigeons in the daley plaza. Most Chicago motorists will agree the parking situation in Chicago is the birds. she gets a flight in her mothers arm. 15 mons. THE BIBLE READS. Robert Phillips with his homing pigeon.. OF CHICAGO. and when it was all over. I THOUGHT AS A CHILD. LITTLE ERIN BOWA RD. B. these youths found chasing the more fun. it slopes from middle toward each bird. 3 YRS. August 19. ENJOYS FEEDING THE PIGEONS AND DOES SO EVER GRANT PARK. 1969. AND TRIED TO CATCH A FEW. This is the scene in the Daley Plaza. MAY 20. 1993. who obviously is one of socisty's senior citizens. F. WHEN I WAS A CHILD.IMG00336264A Pigeons This is the scene in the Daley Plaza IMG00336265A IMG00336266A Pigeon IMG00336267A Enter rise feauter IMG00336268A A child doing childish things IMG00336269A Parking IMG00336270A IMG00336271A PIGEONS PIGEONS IMG00336272A Marisa Geoghegn IMG00336273A FAST BIRD Trying to reduce members of pigeons roosting. NOV 11. 1982. This gentls old man found that noon time is also time for pigeons to eat as well as humans. 1985. The two birds shown here have been taught to bat the ball back and forth across the table.. October 30. 1990. 1973. who taught pigeons to punch the right buttons to get their dinner. also taught them to play ping pong. 1977. Its a child's world for little Marisa Geoghegn. February 10. December 23.. AU86. March 14. BUT SHE COULD NOT RESIST. So that the ball will not stop on the table. SAW THIS GUY ENJOYING HIS PIGEONS. 1987. but while most folks enjoyed Christmas tree. Ohio. PIGEONS. DR. WHILE SEEING THE OTHERS FLY. 1973. UNDERSTOOD AS A CHILD. SKINNER. October 8. that flew 350 miles thru storms from Chicago to Lithopolis. truly enjoying himself the noon hour is learnedby the old man. to bring word that he won a night on the . JUL 25. CINDY SURRATT.

The pigeon flight was part of a stunt by the Chicago Tourism Council. FEb 5. Pigeons circle Victor Cavada as they swoop for snacks Saturday near the North Avenue beach. Ill. April 14. at home with one of her two adopted crippled pigeons. The coldest day of the this year the pigeons at southeast corner of the Daley Center Plaza were together just trying to keep warm. UNDERSTOOD AS A CHILD. 72. 1973. December 12. 1987. 1979. SAN THIS GUY ENJOYING HIS PIGEONS. Bob Adolph keeps approximately 300 pigeons at his rural home in Oakwood. 1977. M. AND I DID CHILDISH THINGS. GRAVES. MAR 7. WHILE SEEING THE OTHER. 3 YRS. LITTLE ERIN HOWARD. The rains during the past few days left many puddles around the area. PUFFING OUT ITS CHEST. L. WHEN I WAS A CHILD. THIS STREET PIGEON GETS A CHECK-UP FROM DR. 1986. MEMPHIS HEALTH OFFICER.IMG00336274A Weather IMG00336275A A child doing childish things IMG00336276A The coldest day of the this year the pigeons IMG00336277A Victor Cavada IMG00336278A Imogene Hamoric IMG00336279A PIGEON MAN IMG00336280A WATCH THE BIRDIE IMG00336281A VETERAN HOMING PIGEON BURIED WITH MILITARY HONOPS town in the windy city. AND THIED TO CATCH A FEW. "Old Anchor" (left) veteran homing pigeon of the United States navy. September 30. may soon be evicted from the apartment she has lived in for 20 years because of the birds. OF CHICAGO. A pigeon shows off his reflection in one of the many puddles. Adolph is president of the Illiana Pigeon Club. 1990. September 15. THE DOCTOR IN MAKING TESTS TO DETERMINE IF THE BIRDS "ACTUALLY CONSTITUTE A HEALTH MENACE IN MEMPHIS" BY BEING CAPABLE OF TRANSMITTING VIRUSTYPE INFECTIONS TO HUMANS. BUT THE COULD NOT RESIST. died yesterday of old age (21) and was . MAY 20. 1960. I THROUGHT AS A CHILD. Imogene Hamoric. THE BIBLE READS.

September 25. May 16. facilities coordinator for the Phoenix. You've heard of bird watchers? These birds are people watchers.they are in danger of taking over the sidewalks. The bird collection is a step taken by the city to combat the current encephalitis epidemic. December 20.they are in dander of taking over the sidewalks. with his championship racing pigeon Powerhouse. 1975. Friday's cool weather didn't keep Victor Cavada (left) and Eleanore Arena from feeding the birds at the lakefront. stands near a rubber snake which has been successful in scaring off pigeons which had roosted on the newly constructed police building. Ariz. 1990. Maintenance Services Department. 1990. 1963. . April 15. David Ariols. October 19. Dar Willis. 1983. October 2. On the coldest day of the this year pigeons at the southeast corner of the Daley Center Plaza were huddled together just trying to keep warm. Pigeon swarm around on the sidewalk along state street. 1962. 1982. April 11.IMG00336282A City employees are shown capturing pigeon in Williams Park IMG00336283A FAKE SNAKES SCARE OFF PIGEONS IMG00336284A David Ariols IMG00336285A Pigeons IMG00336286A On the coldest day of the this year pigeons IMG00336287A Temperature is for the birds IMG00336288A Pigeon IMG00336289A Victor Cavada IMG00336290A Pigeons buried (right) with full military honors here. Pigeons swarm around on the sidewalk along state street-. 9. Several city trucks and crews worked throughout the city today collecting the birds. The 59 cent snake helps save $100 a month a cleaning costs. Victor Cavada feeds the pigeons Saturday near the North Avenue beach. September 7. 1996. December 6. Petersburg. Today will be warmer. City employees are shown capturing pigeon in Williams Park located in downtown St. This was the only place in the loop area i could find any pigeons.

1955. THATS LOVE FOR CHRIS MASSA. April 22.IMG00336291A A mother stork huddles IMG00336292A BEATRICE CASTANUEHA AND MARIA ORTIZ IMG00336293A Pigeons scatter as a little boy walks towards them IMG00336294A BIRDS GOTTA FLY IMG00336295A Katharina Baumgartner IMG00336296A A flock of fun IMG00336297A Sharing lunch IMG00336298A BOTTLED PIGEON IMG00336299A Pigeons on 'L' Platfrom IMG00336300A PIGEONS September 25. LOVE IS. Pigeons scatter as a little boy walks towards them.moves toward them. June 1. A mother stork huddles over her brood in the nest built atop a house here. 78. WHO SPEENDS ABOUT $6. 77. 1970. It isn't surprising that she comes prepared. 1978. 1970. 1983. L-R BEATRICE CASTANUEHA AND MARIA ORTIZ BOTH HAVE DIFFERENT VIEWS ON FEEDING THE PIGEONS. Grant Park was the scene of this youngster's festival of fun. THEY BOTH ENJOY THEIR LUNCH IN DALEY CENTER PLAZA AND ARE COUNTRY CLERKS. Mary Suegolden pauses to feed the pigeons in Grant Park on a rainy Chicago Monday afternoon. 1982. 1993. FEEDING PIGEON. Pigeons spending the afternoon in Daley Plaza scatter as a young boyapparently startied by the sudden flight of the sidewelk birds.00 . Today. 1970. 1990. January 19.years old. April 24. Joys of childhood are simple ones. Pigeons on 'L' Platfrom at Clark and Lake at also shot of pigeon with leg about to snatch peanut in flight. Nov 15. NOV 10.. September 17.000 a century ago. feeds a pigeon from an open bottle of bird seed in a Chicago park Friday. only a few specimens of Denmark's national bird are left. Septembert 17. 1983. October 19. Katharina Baumgartner. such as chasing pigeons in the park.. has been coming to the Lake Michigan beachfor 53 years. The boy didn't expect them to respond in that fashion and he appears startled by their sudden flight. there were 10. SHARING WITH THEM IN THE PARK. John Ryan. SOUIRRELS.

W. has been coming to the Lake Michigan beach for 53 years. October 21. 78. February . 1978. It isn't surprising that she comes prepared. Mass. has been coming to the Lake Michigan beachfor 53 years.truly enjoying himself the noon hour is passed with delight.. It isn't surpnising that she comes prepared. 1969. The birdman of Skid Row feeds his friends in a vacant lot. It isn't surprising that she comes prepared. Medeiros. SEP 28. October 30. 1978. and U. 78. who obviously is one of society's senior citizens. "Kaiser. has been coming to the Lake Michigan beach Story wind on Equitable Plaza this morning. John is in Chicago while his father attends the American Institute of Baking before retruning home of Arkansas. home. September 17. Katharina Baumgartne. 4. This gentls old man found that noon time is also time for pigeons to eat as well as human-. blames jealousy on the part of his neighbors as the reason for his present legal crisis. S. Manuel Medeiros has until January 22 to get rid of his 500 or so stray pigions or face legal action. Katharina Baumgartner. April 23. has been coming to the Lake Michigan beach for 53 years. 1970. 1968. Army Signal Corps attaches said this made him the oldest carrier pigeon in the world. March 3. BREAD ETC. September 17. 78.IMG00336301A Katharina Baumgartner IMG00336302A Katharina Baumgartner IMG00336303A Katharina Baumgartne IMG00336304A IMG00336305A Women feeding pidgeons Equitable Plaza IMG00336306A Enter rise feature IMG00336307A John Ogden IMG00336308A The birdman of Skid Row feeds his friends in a vacant lot IMG00336309A ORDERED TO STOP FEEDING PIGEONS IMG00336310A MAKES PIGEON HISTORY DAILY FOR 'BIRD SEEDS. marked his 30th birthday today. 1973. 1975. who began mass feeding the birds at his Fairhave. Katharina Baumgartner. J. Ogden chases pigions on Michigan Avenue. January 15. perhaps a sense of accomplishment and need is learned by the old man. 1978. John Ogden.. son of Mr. 78. Katharina Baumgartner." captured from the germans in World war 1. 1974. and Mrs. September 17.

carry home pix of "Boys Town Behind Bars. THOSE WINGED MESSENGERS THAT MANY THOUGHT OUT MODED BY MODERN METHODS OF RAPID COMMUNICATION. D.aback pigeons cover assignment at county jail. One of 350 8th Army pigeons gets ready for journey home as Pvt. 1942. HOMING PIGEONS.. ARMY SIGNAL CORPS UNIT OF THE AMPHIBIAN ENGINEERS AT TRAINING PIGEONS FOR SUCH VITAL WORK AS CARRYING SMALL MAPS. August 10. The aluminum message tube is held . Times pix. August 23.aback pigeons cover assignment at county jail IMG00336314A Times pix. RELIABLE LITTLE FLIERS ARE BEING USED TO GET MESSAGES THROUGH WHERE OTHER MEAIS HAVE FAILED. 1947. May 26. Part of its eye and the head can be seen silhouetted against the whiteness of the underwing in the background. 1948. THESE PHOTOS WERE TAKEN AT FORT ORD. 1943.S. Times pix. Flock of pigeons from Pentagon Building in Washington. Thomas Mongeuzzi of Long Island City. C." May 26. ARE STAGING A COMEBACK IN WORLD WAR II. It isn't lone before our feathered friends are shaking off dust of the road in front of "home" on Times building. Y. CODED MESSAGES AND PICTURES OF POTENTIAL BOMBING TARGETS. June 8.aback pigeons cover assignment at county jail. In this striking photograph the homing pigeon's wings are shown during their powerful sweep for forward motion. THE COURAGEOUS. carry good news to "Kaiser. prepares to put the bird in a shipping crate at Seoul. 1939. OCT 27. N. " they take off." famous homing pigeon captured from Germans during World War I. Bearing Times Photos of Boy's Town Behind Bars.IMG00336311A DUTY ENDED IMG00336312A WARRIOR PIGEONS IMG00336313A Times pix. WHERE A U.aback pigeons cover assignment at county jail IMG00336315A Pigeons IMG00336316A Pigeons fly message to pigeon IMG00336317A "TROOPS" WITH WINGS 27. 1939.


GRETEL. S. 1958. MAY 18. March 17. sometimes called a tammy. CARRIER PIGEON AND FORMER MEMBER OF THE GERMAN WEHRMACHT. 1976.4. the Victoria cross of the animal kingdom. October 1. 21st pl. 1946. Army homing pigeon is invested with the Dickin Medal for Gallantry. Jee. S. PFC. " G. This bottle. Me. PIGEON IMG00336329A Prairie chicken hens IMG00336330A Prairie chichen IMG00336331A IT'S A PUFFIN MOTORIZATION.IMG00336325A Missing Pigeons IMG00336326A FEATHERED WAR PRISONER IMG00336327A Pigeon IMG00336328A HIGH CEREMONY FOR U. Nov. 1983. Nov 8. of 2344 w. October 28. almost ignored the cameraman. Nothing like a cool drink as pigeon natives of Grant Park flock to fountain near Washington and Michigan. April 14. Some Missouri prairie chicken hens will be wearing special bibd this spring." A U. The bibs will hold tiny transmitters which will send information on their habits to Department of Conservation wildlife managers. 1945. With all the pomp and circumstance attendant upon such honor. 1947. Captured by Perkins off Boothbay Harbor. the puffin is . Department of Conservation wildlife biologist Richard Canon is looking for the location of prairie chichen "booming grounds" in most of south Missouri (south of the Missouri River). I. MARSHALL BOUGHT HANSEL AND GRETEL IN THE CITY OF LUXEMBOURG FOR $25. FEB 17. at the Tower of London. RAD 10 AND THE AIRPLANE. Pix shows Fred Semro 37.billed bird.norie. STILL DEPENDS UPON THE LOWLY PIGEON. 1986.. CANT POSSIBLY BE BEMOANING HER FATE AS SHE TO OOOS TO HER OWNER. holding message carrier and note which was sent back with one of the 37 homing pigeons that were stolen from a garage loft. ONE OF THE EARLIEST FORMS OF COMMUNICATION. JESSE RALPH MARSHALL. PFC.

spring brings not only showers and flowers. September 3. Griggsville claims the thetallest purple martin house in the country as a "whirly. those bluish. 1946. On farms nationwide and in some cities. 1974. 1975. 1977. DEC 18. William J.up on telephone lines near Nike missile site in Chicago. April harbingers of spring due to arrive in Quincy soon.for the lucky oncs iot also signals the return of the purple martin. 1931. A new 80 room apartment house is readied for martins. bird apartment. August 13.a zoo prize because sea-parrots are rare in captivity and are hard to catch. lensequipped camera he uses to photograpg the purple martins in montrose Harbor. 1965. May 4. The westcentral Illinois town earned its title as purple Martin Capitol as a result of publicity attending the efforts of the Jr.bird" puts the last house on the 40-ft. WHOSE GENERAL APPERANCE MIGHT INDICATE A CHRISTMAS TOY. 1951.250-mm. September 1. 1965. September 9. IMG00336333A THE SEA PARROT IMG00336334A Martin's IMG00336335A Martin house IMG00336336A On film IMG00336337A Purple Martins returrn to area IMG00336338A Purple martin IMG00336339A BIRDS HAVE THEIR OWN PARTY LINE IMG00336340A 80 ROOM APARTMENT HOUSE . OR SEA PARROT. July 12. Russell Milbert (top right) with the help of three feiends. IMG00336332A ONE OF THE MOST UNUSUAL BIRDS PHOTOGRAPHED BY MEMBERS OF THE EXPEDITION WAS THIS TUFTED PUFFIN. Pix shows Martins coming into the Martin Mansion which is set up just north of the Little Red School House Nature Center at 98th and Williw Springs Road. Story concerns how number of Martins coming back into the area in recent years has dropped. Martin's. There's perching room only when flocks of purple martins stage srowde line. Chamber of Commerce to rid their town of mosquitoes without poison fogging. Beecher (left) shows the 1.

The owner has named them Malcom. This television antenna near the Muskegon channel. August 28. each measuring 6X6 inches. 1971. 1971.IMG00336341A People watchers IMG00336342A Purple Martins Feature IMG00336343A TV ROOSTERS IMG00336344A James Schacht IMG00336345A It's feeding time and this Purple Martin IMG00336346A REALLY FOR THE BIRDS IMG00336347A THESE OUTSTRETCHED NECKS stretches four guy wires to the house to hold it erect. April 9. Purple Martins congregate on high power wires. May 3. apparently to watch workmen dismantle the Nike site near Belmont Harbor. Members of the Junior Chamber of commerce today pulled the corks from 500 round doorways which prevented earlier nesters such as starlings. claims to have built the biggest bird house in the world. Kenosha.Scott and Carpenter after the astronot. 1966.Herald caught this shot of the bird approaching the anxiously waiting babies. Ill. Thousands of Purple Martins put on a show every night at Montross and Lake Shore Drive. May 25. August 15. six feet high and 8 feet long. The structure rises 40 feet high. Wis. 1977. With gaping mouths yearing for more food belong to three baby robins found in a nest inside a garage. . Occupants of the house say TV reception is not affected by the roosters.dwelling any time now in Griggs Ville. July 23. 1969. They settle in the low elms. James Schacht... Migrant purple martines can move into this multiple. The structure is 4 feet wide. March 12. than takeoff in droves. July 19. It's feeding time and this Purple Martin comes in right on time to feed its waiting young in a nest in a guard.m. The martins stay about an hour and then resume their darting flight for insects. Schacht's purple martin house has 502 rooms. has become a popular roosting place for a flock of purple martins each evening a bout 6 p. Photographer Dennis Holt of the Birmingham Post.. 1967. grackles and sparrows from moving in.

Wired for sound. December 29. has selected the Quezal as May Animal of . Newly. a Bobwhite quail is equiped with a tiny radio transmitter by Southern Illinois U. July 6. March 21.eventing as it really is in Quaildom. August 22. In six months they will be full grown and will be forced o roam the fields woods of the state. graduate student David Urban.Quail.AM I ON TIME? IMG00336352A Springfield game farm IMG00336353A A new brood of quail just hatching from its tray IMG00336354A LUNCH. State Game Farm. A new brood of quail just hatching from its tray.IMG00336348A Purple Martin's IMG00336349A David Urban IMG00336350A Bird Raiser Feature IMG00336351A HELLO FOLK. A scene showing a number of quail laying pens at the Springfield game farm. Urban wired 35 youngquail for sound last spring and summer and released them. Pictureed here is one of the many thousand Vally Qyail that are born yearly. director of the Chicago Park District's Lincoln Park Zoo. The Quetzal from Costa Rica. 1951.born Valley. 1930. 1934. 1936. Blessed. July 7.TIME IN QUAILDOM IMG00336355A IMG00336356A IMG00336357A New Arrival at Zoo The quetzal Quezal 1962. wherethe greatest hatch of quail in the history of game breeding in the state is expected thisyear by Charles F. Thompson. state director of conservation A total of 12. Marlin Perkins. These chicks are about 48 hours old. at the Calif. The quetzal. 1934. 1970. Purple Martin's flying around the trees at Montrose ave beach.000 birdswill be produced for restocking the state. they are roosting here enroute to the south land. 1955. just making their debut in a brooder. July 6. 1969. 1952. Soon these chicks will be delighting the hearts of many a sportsman. About 50 chicks are placed in each brooder at one time. Qauils which are being raised by Ross Campbell of matteson Ill. June 23. March 21. Nov 5.

A FEMALE DARWIN'S RHEA. a rhea from . is back in its pen at the Lincoln Park Zoo after flying the coop.LAYING SPREE. The common Rhea. is being honored as Julyy's " Animal of the Month" at the Chicago Park Lincoln Park zoo. A SOBER LOOKING BIRD IS THE QUETZAL. A RARE SOUTH AMERICAN OSTRICH AT THE BRONX ZOO. 1955. The Quetzal. A BACHELOR COMMON RHEA. SHOWN HERE POSING IN PROFILE FOR THE CAMERAMAN AT THE ST. The Quezel is one of the most beautiful and brilliantly colored birds to be found anywhere. April 9. LOUIS ZOO IMG00336359A The Quetzal IMG00336360A EGGING HIM ON IMG00336361A RHEA MOTHER IMG00336362A DRAFTED INTO TRIANGLE IMG00336363A EGGING HIM ON IMG00336364A Rhea IMG00336365A Rhea IMG00336366A IMG00336367A IMG00336368A South American raga Darwin. SHE IS PRODUCING TOO MANY EGGS FOR HER MATE TO SIT ON. SO ZOO OFFICIALS ARE TRYING TO COAS A BACHELOR COMMON RHEA TO SIT ON THE EXTRAS.S Rhea FREAK OF NATURE? the Month at the Zoo. OCT 9. This ostrich. April 1957. SNIFFS SUSPICIOUSLY (LEFT) AT SOME EGGS LEFT IN HIS PEN. 1953. The Bronx Zoo's bachelor rhes stands over dummy eggs which the keepers are trying to get him to sit on. April 17. A RELATIVE OF THE DARWIN'S RHEA. 1966. IS ON AN EGG.S Rhea born 6-20-66 city news attached. The youngest Darwin. a South American Rhea. RHEA MOTHER. LOUIS ZOO WHERE IT RECENTLY ARRIVED CAPTURED IN PANAMA. 1953. A RARE SOUTH AMERICAN OSTRICH. 1953. APR 18. APR 18. The 1st Darwin. AUG 20. July 1973. June 27. IT IS FIRST ADULT QUETZAL EVER TO BE BROUGHT ALIVE TO THE UNITED STATES. The bachelor's plight came to light because the zoo's female rhea. Big bird. is laying more eggs than her husband can bird. a distant cousin of the ostrich. 1934. the largest bird found in the western hemisphere. 1966. 1972. 1940. September 2. September 2.IMG00336358A RARE BIRDS JOINS ST.s Rhea born 724-66.

. A roadrunner with lizard in its bill. M. U. 1955. to surprise of San Diego zoo officials who say they never heard of one doing it in captivity before." presents the First Lady with a replica of a Road Rummer the state bird of New Mexico. nature lover and artist. "The Sandpiper". July 25. September 16. Mrs. "Mrs. April 7. April 22. a fleet. S. 1979. Which is faster. N. 1969. at least. A road runner. July 14. But actually these are two rheas. S. Joy Berlemann IMG00336371A THE WINNER IMG00336372A IMG00336373A IMG00336374A A roadrunner with lizard in its bill A road runner Curlew sandpiper IMG00336375A The Sandpiper IMG00336376A RARE BIRDS. 1985. a rare bird also known as Anhima Cornuta. Joy Berlemann. it was announced 3/24. Ash even wants to build his bedroom in the branches of a tree. .footed roadrunner. Big Foot. 1988. as they enjoy life in the sanctuary. Fla. This bird poses with his prey on a branch of a tararisk tree near Casa retreat north of Saugatuck. outdid herself by laying another egg after picture was taken. The screamer hen.. nature lover and artist IMG00336370A Richard Noxon and Mrs. Savings Bonds. the nod goes to the roadrunner. Two South American Horned Screamers strut around egg the female (right) laid. looks like it has a spare noggin to strick in the sand.and who becomes as confused with his freedom when he faces its dangors as the film's famous heroine Elizabeth Taylor.IMG00336369A Lynn Ash. or a scurrying lizard? This time. Richard Noxon is to be honorary chairman of the National Women's Activities for U. Saving Bonds. Ariz. 1955. John James Audubon painting of a curlew sandpiper. 1979. 1977. in his own garden of Eden at Thonotosassa. a rare bird spotted for the first time in Chicago. Lynn Ash. March 24. March 13. RARER EGG South America.. Las Cruces. gets a friendly peck from his rhea. August 31. the fragile little bird symbolized in the title-. one coming and the other going.

and there's not much food for them in cold weather.. A friendly seagull swoops down to swipe a french fry from a rider on the Ocracoke to Hatteras ferry recently.feathered penguin. The West African bird hunts reptiles. MAR 15. January 22. once a week feed the Seagulls they said the felt bad about throwing away food. December 9. 1967. This bird. Seems that all seagull are friendly when food is in the offing. Here he holds his choice as the glamor bird . 1988. sometimeswhile they are still living.. SEP 21. rodents and other birds on foot. a particularly violent bird of the family Laniidae.LEGGED CHAPS FROM SOUTH AFRICA. said the things she likes most is: "what I like. KURT BEHLING OF MELROSE PARK." and Anastasi and her husband Stanley Dawiec. ANASTASIA DAWIEC.IMG00336377A A friendly seagull IMG00336378A Seagull IMG00336379A SEAGULLS IMG00336380A Secretary bird IMG00336381A SERPENTARIUS SECRETARIUS IMG00336382A Northern shrike IMG00336383A HE DOESN'T GO FORMAL December 27. 1985. 1968.ARRIVED IN NEW YORK MARCH 15 AT A SUURBAN ANIMAL FARM.SCIENTIFICALLY DUBBED SERPENTARIUS SECRETARIUS BUT COMMONLY KNOWN AS SECRETARY BIRDS-. so-called because of the feathers resembling quill pens stuck behind its ears. THESE LONG." will often impale small insects and often other smaller birds on thorns or on barbed wire. June 8. to see them come in. FINDS TIME EVERY DAY TO FIND THE PIGEONS AND SEA GULLS ON THE LAKEFRONT TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF SUMMER 1988.. AMONG FRIENDS.. 1991.. Carl Eklind doesn't go for the storied and formally. I like when I throw it up. 1955. 1938. July 20. I like than. The Julyy Animal of the Month at the Lincoln Park Zoo is the secretary bird. also nicknamed"the butcher. I suggest that the bee shown in the Daily News photo (Junee 1) was the victim of ashrike.

Dusky seaside sparrow. on hood of car. is one of 201 birds. 1980. 1958. March 23. March 24.stick fence around eggs making it impossible for Orin Winters. A postal clerk noticed the bird inside a paper bag which had been put in the mail bag. a .winged skybird into shelter of his hangar. The birds nest in a stop lite at south west corner of Jackson & Columbus drive. Beechers 24 power telephoto lens. January 12. 1980. to move his single. 1978. February 19.IMG00336384A IT'S ONE BIRD AGAINST ANOTHER IMG00336385A IMG00336386A Weather Birds nest on stop lite IMG00336387A IMG00336388A Birds nest in the stop lite Dusky seaside sparrow IMG00336389A SPOONFED SPARROW? IMG00336390A Singing field sparrow IMG00336391A This little sparrow IMG00336392A ENDANGERED SPARROW IMG00336393A SINGER of the polar continent of Antarcticathe south polar skua.. May 4. government as endangered. Nov 26. animals. reptiles and plants formally classified by the U. March 26. A song sparrow's singing is delight enough. 1947. Rudolf Marton. 1983. mail bag in Philadelphia's main Post Office 11/26 after arriving in it on a scheduled mail run from New York. How the bird got there remains a mystery. 1980. Friends post four. 1955. Singing field sparrow caught with Dr. August 3. Standing guard over four speckled eggs she nested smack in front of hangar at Harlem airport. Iron. Lunch time crowd. but William Wynne. mother Snipe challenges anyone to move' em. The Dusky Seaside Sparow. S. January 6. The birds nest in the stop lite at Jackson & Columbus Drive. found this hungry baby sparrow in her garden apparently fallen from the nest. 3333 S. This little sparrow sits on a U. 1955. fish. a tiny inhabitant of the marshlands around Cape Canaveral on Florida's East Coast. The wife of Brussels Le Soir photographer. 1975. insects. March 31. S.

1975. Fla. 1973. Ernest P. found himself moved both by the song and the perch. 1986. June 20. 1967. A baby sparrow nestles on the glasses frame of its rescuer and provider. who found the bird near death on the sidewalk in front of his optical business in Redwood City. One of Britain's commonest birds. March 27.IMG00336394A ODD PLACE FOR A PERCH IMG00336395A Sparrows IMG00336396A LAST DUSKY SEASIDE SPARROW IMG00336397A Birds IMG00336398A A Bird's Eye View of SpringHome IMG00336399A HAIR CURLERS FOR STATUE? IMG00336400A LATEST IN GLASS HOUSES photographer for the Cleveland.inevitable extinction of the bird. Birds in terminal during building. 36. This is a 1984 file photo of the last pure Dusky seaside sparrow that died Tuesday on Discovery Island at Wait Disney World's Magic Kingdom attraction near Orlando. 1962. The death of this male individual completed the long. Sparrows stack waiting clearance to land as others feed from a friendly hand in London's St James's Park today as snow and ice hit the city. 1966. sparrows will gather readily for winter scraps. January 23. Calif. Paul street corner and promptly set . A small amount of electric current keeps the birds off. APR 25. Plain Dealer. 1987. Spring has this little homemaker hopping about. January 7. What appears to be hair curlers on the head of a statue representing Painting on the upper cornice of the District Building in Washington proves otherwise. Ohio. This mother sparrow found what amounted to a "For Rent" sign in the broken glass of this are light over a St. Potthast. The mother starling. June 17. flitting about from branch to the photographer edmund Jarecki from a window of his west suburban home. Insulating posts and thin wires are part of an anti-starling wiring system. New terminal #2 at O'Hare field. June 10.

shrubs and grounds several months ago..was once dangerously close to extinction. August 9. Nov 9. M. 1959. Spoonbills are on exhibit in an introductory area in Tropic World at Chicago's Brookfield Zoo. Bodley of Portland as they search for room to land.. the African spoonbil gets its name from the flattened bill that expands toward the tip to formthe shape of a flat spoon. September 22. Spoonbills shown carrying their own table ware in the shape of their peculiar bills. 1951. Thousands of starlings circle holly orchard owned by R.. Roseate spoonbills in Everglades National Park. The birds inflicted considerable damage to the Capital. 1952. April 4.. February 25.. that calls the O'Hare airport USO area home. The ubangi of the bird world-the roseate spoonbill. 1955. Secretary of State Ben W. March 13. Birds are playing have with trees and making life generally miserable for residents in area. and South America. 1986. The veteran plane watching bird. An ailing roseate spoonbill made a "forsed landing" on Pigeon Key and was droopy and lonesome until a mirror was placed in front of him. THE STARLING. Asia. The starlings are visiting the Georgia Capital again. trees.IMG00336401A MIRROR FOOLS LONESOME SPOONBILL IMG00336402A IMG00336403A Roseate spoonbills Spoonbills IMG00336404A Spoonbills IMG00336405A African spoonbil IMG00336406A THE STARLING IMG00336407A The starlings are visiting the Georgia Capital again IMG00336408A Resident Bird IMG00336409A STARLINGS INVADE ORCHARD IMG00336410A DEAD STARLINGS RAIN FROM about building a nest in it.. DEAD STARLINGS RAIN FROM THE SKY . is shown firing Roman candles at the birds Monday night.. An unusual looking bird. It feeds on the packaged food in USO lounge area below the sign on which he's perched. 1968. Tropic World features 15 species of birds in simulated rain forests or "jungles" of Africa. 1945.. May 18.City press sent a story on the bird. 1964. 1972.. February 1.. Fortseon Jr. January 22.

The bill would authorize a bounty of five cents for starlings and two cents for pigeons. dEC 1963. 1960. might be victims of bounty hunters should a bill introduced by Rep. The DC-8 bound for Philadelphia and Miami had 107 passengers and a crew of eight. Nov 17. January 12. WERE OPEN WARFARE HAS BEEN DECLARED ON THE THOUSANDS.MAYBE MILLIONS OF THE PESKY BIRDS BESEIGHING THE AREA. Boston. The mother starling. which Raymond Montecino's German Shephered brought home to . Peter L. Spring has this little homemaker hopping about. Flitting about from branch to photographer Edmund Jarecki from a windoe of his west suburban home. McGrath. makes an ideal roost for birds. January 1. Nov 18. 1961. A starling. said ornithologist Mark Spreyer. used for current improvement projects. 1959. Starlings which are perched on wires and storage tanks at Baltic Mills in Vincennes. The scaffolding. of Evensville. They multiplied and headed west. Starlings first nestled in Chicago in the eaves of the American Museum of Natural History. March 27. Starlings are shown as they swarmed over the statue of Freedom atop the Capitol Building at dusk 12/31. June 6. become law. Take off of an Eastern Airlines jet plane was halted at Logan International Airport.THE SKY IMG00336411A A Bird's Eye View of SpringHome IMG00336412A Capitol Building IMG00336413A STARLINGS HALT AIRLINER IMG00336414A STARLINGS IN THE SKY IMG00336415A Mark Spreyer IMG00336416A OPPORTUNITY FOR BOUNTY HUNTER IMG00336417A HEY. Starlings almost blackout the twilight sky as they wing their way above the Capitol dome tonight. 1993. THAT'S FOR THE BIRDS AS SLECTED MARKSMAN ARMED WITH 12 GUAGE SHOTGUNS BLAZE AWAT OUTSIDE THE GEORGIA CAPITAL. 1967. today when the big craft collided with a flock of starlings. might be victims of bounty hunters should at Baltic Mills in Vincennes.

1947. at Brookfield Zoo. JUNE 9. which inhabit tropical Africa. 1962.4000. August 19. 1987. 1950. 1981. "THE PGOTOGRAPHER INSISTED THAT I POSE FOR A PROFILE SHOT TO SHOW OFF MY EIGHT-INCH BILL. VALUED AT $1. June 3.Zoo workers ses food in the stork's natural habitat has become scarce as swamps low grounds have become dried out over the hot summer. Shoebill Stork. near Philadelphia.IMG00336418A THE STORK WHO CAME TO DINNER IMG00336419A IMG00336420A Animals Storks IMG00336421A CARICATURE BY A STROK IMG00336422A IMG00336423A IMG00336424A IMG00336425A STORKS BIRDS ANIMALS Shoebill Stork Zoo animals make New Years resolutions IMG00336426A $1400 SHOE BILL IMG00336427A PROFILE OF ABU MARKUB Maple Glen. A SHOE . June 25. 1969. 1950. JANUARY 9. October 12. tells off the dog in no uncertain terms as the dog eats from a food dish. 1956. COMES FROM THE UPPER PORTIONS OF THR NILE RIVER. 6 MONTHS OLD STILL FIND THAT THEIR STILT LIKE LEGS ARE PRETTY HARD TO MANUEVER. Black necked Stork Australia. THE SHOE. July 12.BILLED STROK. A stork. YOU MAY NOT KNOW ME IF YOU HAVE NEVER . unhurt in its mouth. The Saddle-Billed Stork. 1953. LOOKING OVER THE PHILADELPHIA ZOO SOON AFTER IT CHECKED IN AS A PERMANENT GUEST. Thr dog found the bird a month age and ever since them they have become fast friends. The Shoe-billed stork "Bubblels" resolves to. The bird began showing up at the zoo last spring and has been keeping a daily dinner date ever since. ONE OF THE MOST VALUABLE BIRDS IN THE WORLD. LOOKING VERY MUCH LIKE A CARTOON VERSION OF A CROCHETY OLD SCHOOLMASTER MANAGING A SLIGHT GRIN IS THIS MARABOU STORK FROM AFRICA AT THE LONDON ZOO. named Adebar by workers at the Frankfurt Zoo. NOV 10. picks up a dead mouse they put out for him. 1947. MARCH 2.BILLED STORK. Decemberember 31. STORKS BIRDS.

It's lunchtime in the jungle country of western New Guinea and camera records the eager an ticipation of openmouthed wood swallows greeting mother who has once again "brought . Julyy 7. 1961. The new nests have been specially buikt by the zoo keepers to encourage a visit by the stork to the storks. New Bedford (Mass. The shoebill stork.headed stork. 1956. March 7. This peculiar bird is from Africa is the only known representative of its family. June 28. feels very strongly about what the passersby have to say. A new design in stork nests is being inspected by this couple at the Whipsnade Zoo. England. to be one of the most intelligent animals in the world. or shoe. thensnares it. Chase. A marabou stork waits to catch a ball. Two black. 1957. in photo taken by Lywood M. MARCH 26.and broughtanother strok. Everybody's got some remark about mu nose and mouth. 1954. 1951. from Africa.) nature photographer. one of the most picturesque old towns of Denmark. 1966. Chase said he has found this breed of stork. Painted stroks who just arrived from heart of India. August 18. it is a familiar sight to see storks nesting on the roof tope as seen on this picture. June 23. Bedfordshire.bill in new exhibit at Field Museum of Natural History. August 1941.IMG00336428A The shoebill stork IMG00336429A STORKS IMG00336430A THOSE VISITING STORKS IMG00336431A A marabou stork IMG00336432A 2 Storks Arrive At Brookfield Zoo IMG00336433A Stroks IMG00336434A Stroks IMG00336435A 'WHAT'S FOR LUNCH?' BEEN TO THE WHITE NILE REGION OF THE SUDAN WHERE I WAS BORN. The grotesque whale. The birds are five feet tall and have red legs and foot-long bills. In Ribe. The stork arrived Friday at Brookfield Zoo. 1950.necked storks were uncrated at the Zoo after a long trip from India. April 15. I AM ABU MARKUB ALIAS THE SHOEBILL BIRD ALIAS THE WHALE HEAD BIRD.

Wash. V.. NOTHING NEW ABOUT THIS ANTENNA WHICH IS COMPLETELY COVERED WITH MIGRATING SWALLOWS WHICH CAUSED ONLY BREIF INTERFERENCE FOR T. SPRING SEEMS TO HAVE SPRUNG IN BRITAIN WHERE THIS AUSTRALIAN BLACK SWAN IS PICTURED ON THE . NOVEMBER 22.Mother Swallow shown returning thru door to nest. Many of the legendary swallows of San Juan Capistrano are now building their mud nests at the community hospital in Mission Viejo. six miles north of their old favorite site. Decemberember 8. 1953. 1973.. 1983.. June 30. 1961. These barn swallows are singing for theie lunch from a nest attached to a storefront at Glacier. VIEWERS BY REMANING OVERNIGHT IN CYPRUS GARDENS IN FLORIDA.. The swallow is nesting on a shelf at the home of Mr. Swallows at Hidden Brook Farm take turns hustling food for their little brood of five. JULY 10. August 9. EVERY ONE OF THESE HOLES HOUSES A PAIR OF BANK SWALLOWS THOUSANDS OF THE BIRDS NEST IN THE BANKS NEAR OKAWVILLE. 1958.. 1965. BARN SWALLOW SWOOPS AT PHOTOGRAPHER. BELIEVE IT OR NOT. It won't be long until they will be getting their own lunches. 1952. ILL. 1952. Seven wild swans. June 19. and Mrs." January 10. on the way to Mount Baker. near vancouver. Mama Swallow feeds the five little ones while Papa Swallow watches for intruders.. JUNE 10. resume southward journey at sunset. 1964. Mrs.IMG00336436A Swallows IMG00336437A NEW T. Swallow almost loses her head in the never ending battle to keep junior well fed. March 18. Mun Hope of North Surey. V. June 19. having finished feeding in flooded farm land north of Salem. 1980. ANTENNA? IMG00336438A BIRD WATCHERS IMG00336439A Swallows IMG00336440A WHEN'S LUNCH? IMG00336441A UNDERGROUND FOR THE BIRDS IMG00336442A DIGGING RIGHT IN IMG00336443A SWALLOWS NEW HOME? IMG00336444A WILD SWANS IMG00336445A SING OF SPRING home the bacon..


1961.IMG00336453A IMG00336454A IMG00336455A IMG00336456A IMG00336457A IMG00336458A APPROPRIATE NAMES CHARLES. starting with the eggs. mARCH 18.. Their mother is in the foreground in the view here. Queenie. Then. waited patiently at a SWAN WITH EIGHT HEADS! suburban estate for this mother swan to steer her eight 11-day old cygnets into the center of a pond so he could get a picture of the entire family. a female swam that -as it later was learned . Charles Jensen holds Australian black swan he rescuse from bay at Australian black swan Waukegan.had strayed from a flock at Peoria. Mama and papa will hiss warnings and PROUD PARENTS beat their wings to shoo away any who may be interlopers. 1953. a factory at 6201 Swan Howard. 1960. April 13. found her way to a pond on the grounds of Croname Inc. has been a matter of interest to commuters on the Milwaukee division of the North Western Railway are visions of grace Those Fluff Balls Are Growing Up and beauty these days as they glide across their pond in Rosehill Cemetery. The four cygnets whose progress. 1956. The black swans on the pond at Louisville's Cave Hill cemetery proudly herd their siblings over the still waters but woe betide anyone coming near. August 26. ANNE AND ANDREW. FOR BRITAIN'S ROYAL CHILDREN. Last October. THE SWAN FAMILY LIVES AT GAGE PARK ZOO. Niles. 1966. August 9. She immediately became a great favorite with the firm's employes. Walter Stein. . JUN 30. Black Swan October 30. Black Swan's in the Zoorookery. who had her pinioned and kept her as a company pet. 5800 N. Associated Press photographer. At first glance you might think this swan has eight heads but you'd be wrong. Ravenswood. 1961. The cygnets are now a light gray but as they grow older they become as black as their parents.

HITCHING A RIDE ON MOTHER'S BACK. October 25. guards five eggs in her nest. 1956. Australian black swan. DESPITE THEIR CLOSE ATTENDANCE. the mother hen ducked her head into the water at the instant the picture was snapped. THIS TINY CYGNET GETS AN AFFECTIONATE PECK FROM "LIZ". This flock was near Mount Vernon in a scene dominated by Mount Baker. April 11. THEY ALREADY KNOW ALL OF THEM. FLANKED BY A PARENTAL SAFETY GUARD. THESE TWO-DAY-OLD CYGNETS GET THEIR FIRST LESSON IN WATER MANEUVERS ON THE PLACID LAKE IN ARUNDEL PARK. April 14. 1979. These swans were found in the Chicago area until the late 19th century. These whistler swans. MAY 21. SUSSEX. which have brightened Washington's Skagit Valley fields since Decemberember. temporarily left unattended.IMG00336459A Swans IMG00336460A MODERN VOYAGE IMG00336461A A couple of black swans IMG00336462A STOWAWAY IMG00336463A Light green eggs IMG00336464A Australian black swan IMG00336465A SWARM OF SWANS IMG00336466A Heralding their return IMG00336467A COMING UP SHORT just to be contrary. since three more are expected to be laid as usual by this variety. Swans. As cloudy skies give way to a sunny weekend the newborn cygnets Millersville University pond were quick to take advantage of the balmy . 1954. 1985. 1955. March 1953. the largest North American waterfowl. 1963. February 22. will be leaving next month for their nesting grounds in Canada. MOTHER AND FATHER SWAN REALIZED THE INEVITABLE YOU CAN'T TEACH A NEW SWAN OLD SWIM TRICKS. are returning to the Middle West. 1963. but were driven nearly to extinction. laid by a white swan. Trumpeter swans. MAY 10. Light green eggs. A SWAN AT A LAKE IN WEMBLEY. April 11. June 22. A couple of black swans swimming among the dead leaves in the zoo Rookery. ENGLAND. 1957.

. April 10. A flock of tundra swans. 12 trumpeter swans were released into the cooling pond at Fermi Lab this morning.IMG00336468A DAD TAKES OVER IMG00336469A Swan IMG00336470A A flock of tundra swans IMG00336471A Diana Brough IMG00336472A A swan IMG00336473A Feeding the swans on a northwestern Michigan lake IMG00336474A Trumpeter Swans get physical exams at Brookfield zoo weather. brookfield Zoo and the Bronx Zoo. so father swan.. 1981. of Naturalresources. some with wingspans of up to 7 feet. or cob.. Dept. A swan on the lagoon in Lincoln Park kicks one leg high and flaps a wing in a ballet pose as another swan and two ducks appear to be enjoying the wet and foggy weather Wednesday.C. Diana Brough sits near area where the dead swans were found. immediately assumed the duties of motherhood and has been sitting on the eggs. November 8. 1 apparently shot. 1994. Conn. The swans were a gift from bird raiser Graig Mendee. The eggs normally take five weeks to hatch. Two of the birds will leave the zoo at the end of the month toto be released in May into the wild of Minnesota by the Minn. where they have become pests. 1987. 1978. June 14. 1971. Feeding the swans on a northwestern Michigan lake is a popular activity for children. In background is the remaining male swan. June 13. 1974. November 11. October 13. . Trumpeter Swans get physical exams at Brookfield zoo soott Schiller holds a trumpeter Swan as it awaits a physical exam Friday morning. Its mate died after laying five eggs. This male black Australian swan keeps a busy schedule at the Marinelife Aquarium in Mystic. N. fly over Lake Mattamuskeet near Swan Quarter. Under the watchfull eye of it's father Miller and mother Seville one little swan is already stretching his neck for a little extra seed. father of the dead babies. June 10. 1989. Dead Swans. 2 babies also found dead. Januaryuary 13.. 1992.

1984. 1983. The Milnes arecustodians of a "Swan Account" that townspeople started at a local bank to assure that the needs of the birds are met. with six potential siblings still in the shell. Johnsgard to be published June 30. Calif. October 1968. Ill. Missouri soon will be the winter home for a family of trumpeter swans. Mother's Day was more like Mother's Week this year for this European Mute Swan from the Henson Robinson Children's Zoo. careful to stay near mother. From "Waterfowl: Their Biology and Natural History" by Paul A. Milne feeds a slice of bread to Agatha as Alfred waits his turn.largest North American waterfowl. 1968. May 4. Just as Queen Elizabeth has official swan Keepers to watch over her birds.95. $ 8. Six new cygnets. Two baby swans were hatched 5/3. take their first swim two days after being hatched by the lake at Hollywood Park race track. HereMrs. Missouri has seven new trumpeter swans to go with two adults left from a stocking of five last year. Bewick's swan and whistling swan. a mother swan. 1983.wood. August 16. The ConservationDepartment is trying to reestablish a wintering flock of the birds. May 20.The huge birds once nested in Missouri. 1977. by the University of Nebraska Press. but have been only occasional migratory visitors for many years. September 26. . keeps a watchful eye on her offspring as they swim in a pond recently at Sunset Memorial Park in Danville. 1977. June 29. June 5.IMG00336475A SPRING'S CHARMING SIGHTS IMG00336476A LIFE WITH MOTHER IMG00336477A Just as Queen Elizabeth has official swan Keepers to watch over her birds IMG00336478A Swan IMG00336479A Bewick's swan IMG00336480A Swans IMG00336481A Missouri soon will be the winter home for a family of trumpeter swans Nellie. Ingle. The young swans were hatched on May 6. the townspeople of Durham conferred on Margery Milne and her husband theofficial title of "Keepers of the Swans" and all the responsibility the honor entails.

is depicted in two airplane replicas at Boeing's developmentral center in Seattle. a Boeing B & W-1A. Lincoln park. The large aircraft is a mock up of a 1966 design for Boeing's variable-sweepwing supersonic transport. THE PRE-COMPLETION OF MAJOR SECTIONS OF EACH AIRPLANE BEFORE FINAL ASSEMBLY IS ONE OF THE MORE IMPORTANT FACTORS ACCOUNTING FOR THE RADIO TURNOUT OF THE BOEING B-29 SUPERFORTRESS. 1944. THE ACCOMPANYING PHOTOGRAPHS. August 10. This is one of three giant. IMG00337566A Boeing Airplane Company IMG00337567A Boeing Co. November 1953. SHOW THIS MANUFACTURING PLAN IN ACTION IN THE PRODUCTION OF THESE GTANTS OF DESTRUCTION. was the first built by the company. plant in Everett. . 1958.IMG00336482A Black Swan IMG00337564A SUPER-PRODUCTION IMG00337565A Boeing Aircraft Co. plant of Wichita. Kas. Black Swan. IMG00337568A UNHAPPY WITH THE OFFER 1982. New destinations for the planes are being manned by American war leaders in the Pacific. 1944. NOW FOR THE FIRST TIME APPROVED FOR RELEASE BY THE WAR DEPARTMENT. The small plane. Fifty years of aeronautical design progress by Boeing Co.800 miles an hour for the SST. March 19. Karoline Polson. AUG 8. an interior assembler at the Boeing Co. the world's first heavy jet bomber to serve as a launching platform for supersonic guided missiles. Long lines of huge B-29 Superfortrees the type of American might that recently smashed at industrial targets in Japan near completion at the vast Boeing Aircraft Co. The B & W had a crusing speed of 70 miles an hour compared with about 1. electronically-controlled skin mills now being used at Boeing Airplane Company's Wichita Division for production of the new Boeing B-52G. December 6 1966.

Wash. workers voted to go on strike for the first time since 1965. February 5.. including about 19. 1986. plant at Wichita. Production of the 737s is expected to reach a 10-a-month rate by mid-1968 and to rise to the 14a-month level by early 1969. Inflatable slides. are being tested in Seattle. 1977.000 Boeing employees. 1967.'s phase of the extensive Boeing and Federal Aviation Administration flight test program.IMG00337569A Escape slides IMG00337570A STRIKE VOTE IMG00337571A SHORT-RANGE JETS CROWD THE GROUND IMG00337572A BOEING PLANT BUSY AGAIN IMG00337573A Stop-and-Go in Big Aviation Plant Wash. capable of evacuating passengers and the crew of the 747 super-jet in 90 seconds. Each 747 will be equipped with slides by the plane's manufacturer. booed and clapped along with other Boeing workers as union leaders outlined the proposal to nearly 20. Kas. May 7. Stanley Jenson. 1948. With traffic as heavy as at many a downtown city corner. addresses a membership meeting Monday at which Boeing Co. 1969. The first six 737s produced have completed the Boeing Co. October 17. fill the east bay of the huge final assembly area in Boeing Airplane Co. She tore up the offers.000 employees. October 4. Boeing Co. The union represents nearly 24. Northwest general vice president of the Aeromechanics Union. the Boeing Airplane Co's plant at Wichita. holds up a copy of the company's new contract proposal at a union meeting in the Kingdome Friday afternoon. Kas. has . Just three weeks ago the plant was almost empty. October 3. B-29 Superfortresses. Twelve new Boeing 737 short-range jet transports fill the Seattle final assembly buildings as they are completed for delivery to airline customers later this year and in 1968.000 in the Seattle area.. flown in for modernization in connection with the nation's new long-range security program.

Production rate of the Advanced 727. Section of the body of Boeing Co. opens to allow front-end loading of the airplane. Boeing's Standard light Rail Vehicle generally resembles trolley cars in some European cities. 1942. Late this month. A worker walks into the Boeing plant in Wichita. plant where the airplane was assembled. left. February 19. July 23. the first 747 freighter built by Boeing. April 26. Messengers with light parcels move along with vehicle as large as the black semi-trailer shown at the right. August 23. Rollout of the plane.'s new short-to-medium range 737 jet airliner are joined together to make the fuselage of the first plane. Nose door. notably Amsterdam.300 miles. will go from 7 planes a month to 11 by mid-1978. It is 71 feet long. December 1. Deliveries will begin in late 1967 after flight testing. Assembled 747F.'s Renton (Wash.) plant hints at the firm's soaring fortunes. but is jointed in the middle to bend around 42-foot-radius curves.000 workers in the next eighteen months in the Wichita area. 1975. Washington. Freighter is windowless. 1966. its sweptback wings will be attached and later the jet engines. 1977. which is again concentrating on passenger aircraft. on both the main and upper decks. designed to carry up to 99 passengers on flights of 100 to 1. 1993. is sheduled for yearend. The final assembly line at Boeing Co. rests in its joining fixture at the Everett. Kan. measuring 8 by 12 feet. .IMG00337574A NEW BOEING JET IMG00337575A A trolley for today IMG00337576A Boeing going IMG00337577A LAYOFFS PENDING IMG00337578A Boeing Company installed guards and traffic control at busy intersections. Boeing announced Thursday planes to layoff 7.. Diversification efforts have not been successful at Boeing. Boeing sells more commercial planes than Lockheed and McDonnell Douglas combined. Friday during the morning shift changes.

cast their ballots on the contract as they leave stadium today. The Boeing Company's new 707 aircraft continues growth in its Sverett. Wash. 1982. 1963.. 1971. 76. April 17. Chicago Hair Dressers Guild Anna Krajicek. Beatrice Sugerman. 1971. The shops are on a 24-hour basis as work is rushed to complete "flying fortresses" and stratoliners. body-joining for the first craft. March 24.000 employes will have to be laid off. This is the central library where programs. Some of the hundreds of men employed in the Boeing Aircraft Company's plants at Seattle are shown as they changed shifts with a new natch of workers. Four worried lokking Boeing employes peer from the cockpit of the SST mockup and listen as company spokemen announce the Serate's vote 3/24 against the program.IMG00337579A BOEING CONTRACT VOTE IMG00337580A Hundreds Added to Plane Factory's Pay Roll IMG00337581A SEATTLE IMG00337582A NEW PLANE GROWS IMG00337583A DATA CORRIDOR IMG00337584A Buying old ground not enough IMG00337585A IMG00337586A Chicago Hair Dressers Guild DEDICATE NEW INFERMARY FOR November 1971. September 11. January 25. Machinists Union members. Their faces reflect some of the celings they must have ascompany officials state that 7. Group of teens from the Holub-Vares . 1955. files and data bases are stored electronically at the Boeing Computer Services Center in Bellevue. which already is in state hands. Mary Medlik. The Illinois Nature Preserves Commission has urged the state to acquire Wilson and Brandenburg Bogs for safekeeping along with nearby Volo Bog. plant as three forward fuselage sections near fina. Wash. hundreds of whom booed and walked out of a meeting in Seattle High School Memorial Stadium while union officials tried to explain a recent contract agreement with the Boeing Co. February 23. giant aerospace firm.. 1939. November 20.

1952. 1939. Vapor Heating Corp. November 19. K. Tillie May. Getting her hair sprayed to keep it in place. Elementory Bohemian mate. 1952. Janavsky Johns. Entrance to Bohemian National cemetery in North Park. 1960. Sara Tem Boer. Geil Lynn Dietz 2 1/2 years old of Cicero. with teer in their listen to the dedication. 1952. was so proud of the largest single order for its package type steam boiler that the company lined up the units in its front yard to photograph them. The sole purpose of the Home is to supply independence. Mrs.power units are capable of producing 57. Anna Kral. dignity. Marie Slama. September 21. September 10. 1961. contentment. V. ard the clinic on its south end. I11. The eleven 150horse. from Weshchester. Mrs. and security for people in the golden years of their lives. Marie Vatava IMG00337594A Geil Lynn Dietz IMG00337595A Vapor Heating Corp IMG00337596A The boiler room of the building Dancers. 95. May 29. February 23. Marie Vatava 85 year Standing Mrs. The boiler room of the building at 773 . Seated with hankie to face Mrs.000 pounds of steam per hour.000 six-room homes. Bohemiar Home. seated on the steps of the Memorial.THE AGED IMG00337587A IMG00337588A Anna Kral Bohemiar Home IMG00337589A Bohemiar Home for the Aged IMG00337590A IMG00337591A IMG00337592A Bohemian National cemetery Elementory Bohemian mate Melinda Boucek IMG00337593A Mrs. and loving care in times of sickness or health so that our residents need never feel rejected or unwanted by society. He administrators and patrons of the Bohemian Home for the Aged are dedicated to an ideal that of providing happiness. 1988. Melinda Boucek as she pulls the string to unvail the memorial. 1955. September 21. September 1958. Mrs. Mae Marik. August 22. do a ballet routine for the thousands that turned out for the dedicating seremonies for a new Infermary for the aged at Foster and Pulaski. September 21. enough to heat 1.

860 square feet of heating surface capable of generating 700 horsepower. 5900 N. OCT 31. 1951. March 1971. Meadow Brook Apartments. Poll . IT IS IMPORTANT TO AVOID WASTE. 1940. I11. Carl Anderson of Bloomington. they are possibly the largest boilers of the type ever installed here. Containing 3. His contribution was a suggestion radiators be placed under porch steps to melt sleet and snow. April 3. One of three Scotch-type boilers installed recently at Senn High School. 1942. January 3. They will replace equipment which has served the school of the century. inspects the gauge. It guides itself around the walls inside when the curved handls is manipulated. October 27. Dropping in on model boiler. dwarfs an average automobile. The million dollar display will be open free to the public. Appliances. heated. model Marchion Collier of East 773 California Terrace IMG00337597A HOW TO CONSERVE FUEL OIL IMG00337598A IMG00337599A Engineer Ben Helke Boiler IMG00337600A Scotch-type boilers IMG00337601A Marion Collier IMG00337602A NEW TWIST ON CLINKERS IMG00337603A Bolingbrook Corporate Office Park BOLINGBROOK IMG00337604A California Terrace. The boiler will be on display at the National Oil Heat Exposition opening Monday at Navy Pier. THESE PHOTOS ILLUSTRATE STEPS TO BE TAKEN TO GET THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT OF HEAT FROM THE RATIONED SUPPLY. March 30. got tired of doing things the old way and invented this new twist on clinker removing. 1988. Mid-Continent Builders has completed the first building in its 138-acrs Bolingbrook Corporate Office Park. 1 and 2 bedrooms. Glenwood (background). Boiler. 1946. Engineer Ben Helke. WITH MILLIONS OF AMERICANS FACING THE WINTER MONTHS WITH THEIR FULE OIL SUPPLIES CUT AT LEAST ONE-THIRD.. He plans to market it.

old doing her school work in earth space capsule. neutral background to accentuate the activity center. Fireman Paramedic George Finkbeiner (center) and a neighbor. 1973. March 14. June 2. May 24. Wheatcolored carpeting creates a quiet. I11. May 15. 6 yrs.IMG00337605A Bolingbrook IMG00337606A Oak View School IMG00337607A IMG00337608A IMG00337609A Oak View School Oak View School Oak View School IMG00337610A Illinois Bolingbrook IMG00337611A The School children IMG00337612A A single-family attached home IMG00337613A Fireman Paramedic George Finkbeiner Near Stevenson Expressway and Illinois 53. one of 15 to be auctioned March 21. The brightly-lighted bookcase at one end wall serves as a showcase for an intriguing array of far eastern accessories in the living room at the Glenbriar model at Woodleaf. The Glenbriar is one of three models in the new Bolingbrook community of 111 homes now being developed by the Hoffman Homes division of The Hoffman Group. May 14. Diane Hunter with her class of 2nd & 3rd graders. 1973. will have an opening bid of $25. Derla Damanta. February 25. Barbara Diana who arrived . 1983. General view of Kindergarten. A.000. Inc. 1982. May 15. 1973. February 17. 1979. A single-family attached home. 1978. 1973. offers the young family a place of their own at a price they can afford. September 28. A separate writigg area has a heavy antique table with two Queen Ann pull-up chairs. Ken White comfort Mr. It also forms the background to a conversation area created by a large 36-inch cocktail table that anchors the sofaand two chairs. General view of interior of Oak View school in Bolingbrook. such as the Arlington at Country Manor in Bolingbrook. School children walk along open farmland on the way from home to North View Elementary School. This home in Bolingbrook. 1977.

Bold print fabrics were used for sofa and chair. June 13. June 11.IMG00337614A Robert Koenig IMG00337615A CRECHE CONTROVERSY IMG00337616A 1. a 530-square foot unfinished lower level and attached garage. Inc. 1977. March 25. Most buyers have taken the Briarwood.000 at Hickory Oaks in Bolingbrook. 1979. with a complementary cinnabar shade selected for throw pillows and floor pillows. 1977. pattern and accessories make the recreation room at the Glenbriar model a great entertainment area with its L-shaped bar and Captain-style bar stools. 1. June 14. 1993. Bolingbrook Mayor Roger Claar kneels in front of a nativity scene located at the town's city hall complex. a new community now under development in Bolingbrook by the Hoffman Homes division of The Hoffman Group. 1989. A lucite table adds a contemporary dash to this room with its international collection of accessories. Tuesday.144 square feet of living space. Finished recreattor room is a buyer option.700-square-foot Randolph plan IMG00337617A The pioneer model trilevel IMG00337618A Artful use of color IMG00337619A Cherrywood in Bolingbrook home to find firemen putting out a fire in her garage. Glenbriar is one of three models at Woodleaf.or 2bath home with 1. The 1. S. Robert Koenig (center) shakes hands with George Workman who along with George Finkbeiner (right) saved his life on a call they made in May. December 12.700-square-foot Randolph plan is priced from $132. the most popular model at Cherrywood in Bolingbrook. The village is being threatened with a lawsuit by atheist Rob Sherman unless they pack away the creche. The pioneer model trilevel at Pacesetter homes in suburban Bolingbrook is a 3-bedroom. without having U. Koenig dropped in at a tation on the way home from a check up at the hospital to thank the paramedics. . 1979. Artful use of color. September 28.

Housing starts in Bolingbrook this year have outnumbered those in Chicago. The new tri-service uplisted men's highrise barracks at Bolling Air Force Base. . 1972. one of the principal dancers of the magnificent BOLSHOI BALLET which returns to Chicago after a decade for a limited engagement at the Arie Crown Theatre. 1-5. rises 130 feet into the air and is the tallest existing structure in the Bolling/Anacostia Complex. Single-family homes offered in the four major Hoffman Rosner communities are sold from model-home parks and sales pavilions like this one at Indian Oaks in Bolingbrook. Aug. September 1967. 1500-man apartment-style barracks. Pictured are Aleksandr Vetrov. Irek Mukhamedo Home finish the family room and second bath. 1977. 1-5. October 22. this modern nine-story. Ekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vasiliev will appear in "Stars of the Bolshoi Ballet and Company" at the Arie Crown Theatre tonight through Sunday. 1991." Pictured is Irek Mukhamedov. C. D. Nina Semizorova and Mark Peretokin (behind) in a scene from "Swan Lake. November 22. October 2. March 30. June 15. Washington. 1975. Cleaning and a band aid took care of her problem. 1975. McCormick Place onthe-Lake. George Workman consoles a small girl who suffered a scratch in a nearby park and walked into yee fire station for treatment. McCormick Place on-the-Lake. August. Built under the direction and guidance of the Chesanpeake Division of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command. The magnificent BOLSHOI BALLET returns to Chicago after a decade for six performances only at the Arie Crown Theatre.IMG00337620A Single-family home IMG00337621A George Workman IMG00337622A Housing in Bolingbrook IMG00337623A Bolling Air Force Base IMG00337624A Stars of the Bolshoi Ballet and Company IMG00337625A BOLSHOI BALLET IMG00337626A BOLSHOI BALLET.

Qalina kozlova. April 30." Act III. April 12. Alexsander godunov. 1959. 1959. The company. Liudmil Bogomolva. The ballet company from Moscow will present "Romeo and Juliet" in its inaugural appearance at the Met Thursday. San Francisco. April 15." Castro is in Russia for talks with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. Maya Plisetskaya. BOLSHOI BALLET SCHOOL. making its debut here. BOLSHOI DANCERS MAYA PLISETSKAYA AND VLADIMIR VASILIEV EXECUTE A PAS DE DEUX IN A SCENE FROM . Raissa Struchkova. Nicolai Fadeyechev as Prince Siegfried and Maya Plisetskaya as Odile in "Swan Lake. Six Russian ballerinas. Nicolai Fzaayachev and Maya Plisetskaya in Act III of "Swan Lake. AUG 1974. 1963. THE BOLSHOI BALLET. JUN 1966." BALLET COMPANIES IMG00337637A Six members of the worldfamous Bolshoi Ballet troupe IMG00337638A BALLERINAS AND THE BEARD IMG00337639A BOLSHOI PERFORMANCES TAPED BALLET COMPANIES. June 1966. wearing his usual fatigue attire. Nicolai Fadeyechev as Prince Siegfried and Maya Plisetskaya as Odile in "Swan Lake. members of the world-famous Bolshoi Ballet troupe." June 1966. Tatiana golikova. Los Angeles. Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro. August 1974. Members of the chorus of the Bolshoi ballet swirl about Metropolitan Opera stage Yesterday during rehearsal." Act III. Marina Kondratieva.IMG00337627A BALLET COMPANIES IMG00337628A BOLSHOI BALLET REHEARSES FOR PREMIERE IMG00337629A IMG00337630A IMG00337631A IMG00337632A BOLSHOI BALLET SCHOOL Ballet Companies STARS OF THE BOLSHOI BALLET COMPANIES BALLET COMPANIES IMG00337633A IMG00337634A IMG00337635A IMG00337636A BALLET COMPANIES THE BOLSHOI BALLET Maya Plisetskaya and Nicolai Fadayachev in "Swan Lake. June 1966." JUN 1966. poses at the Bolshoi theatre in Moscow last night with ballerinas following performance of the ballet "Swan Lake. Montreal and Toronto. Maya Plisetskaya and Nicolai Fadeyechev in "Swan Lake. will play in New York. STARS OF THE BOLSHOI BALLET COMPANIES. June 1966. smile for the camera on arrival at Idlewild Airport here 4/12. The girls are: (L-R) Ekaterina Maximova. and Nina Timofeyeva. JUN 1961.

who had the title roles in "Romeo and Juliet." MATTHEW FOX. evening at 8:30. 3 at the B&K Coronet and Terminal Theaters. Eighteen minutes of unbroken.IMG00337640A STARS TAKE A BOW IMG00337641A BOLSHOI BALLET IMG00337642A BOLSHOI BALLET IMG00337643A Bolshoi Ballet IMG00337644A IN LINE FOR BALLET TICKETS IMG00337645A THE BOLSHOI BALLET OF MOSCOW IMG00337646A BALLET WINS GLITTERING "STONE FLOWER. 1959. DEC 1966. DEC 1966. Coronet. PARAMOUNT PICTURES "BOLSHOI BALLET 67" COMING TO THE ESGVIRE THEATRE FRIDAY. matinee at 2:30. JUN 11. December. November 1958. PARAMOUNT PICTURES "BOLSHOI BALLET 67" COMING ENGNIRE THEATRE FRIDAY. Reminiscent of a World series game is this lineup of ballet enthusiasts making themselves comfortable outside the Metropolitan Opera House today awaiting opening of general admission ticket sale for tonight's performance of Russia's Bolshoi Ballet. Paramount Pictures "Bolshoi Ballet 67" Coming to the Esgwire Theatre Friday. Wednesday. Scene f rom one of the balle ts presented by "THE BOLSHOI BALLET OF MOSCOW" in their new feature f ilm which has a one day only showing. matinee at 2:30. take a curtian call as applause rocks the Metropolitan Opera House. Stars of the Russian Bolshoi Ballet . 1959. December 1966. OCT 21. 1966. evening performances 7:30 and 9:30. right. OCT 21. October 21. April 16." last night's American premiere of the Russian Bolshoi Ballet. 1959. April 17. RECENTLY INVESTEDABOUT A MILLION AND A HALF DOLLARS FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF TAPING FOUR HOURS OF DANCING BY THE SOVIET BOLSHOI BALLET. Terminal. Galina Ulanova and Yuri Zhdanov. 1966. 1966. thunderous applause gave the verdict of the capacity audience that ranged from students to society leaders. WHO OPERATES THE SKIATRON PAY-TV COMPANY.

two of the principal dancers in the Bolshoi troup.ACCLAIM IMG00337647A IMG00337648A IMG00337649A IMG00337650A IMG00337651A IMG00337652A IMG00337653A IMG00337654A troups step to the front of the stage of the Matropolitan Opera House last night to take one of several curtain calls following the troup's American premiere performance of Sergei Prokofieff's "Romeo and Juliet. rehearse 6/30 for their opening night performance at the Vitali Artyushkin and Tatyana Metropolitan Opera later in the day. Standing behind the Soviet and American flags. 1990. Steps of the Bolshoi Ballet 1974." Occupying box to right of Hurok is Soviet Ambassador Mikhail Menshikov and his party. Golikova With the 6/30 premiere performance at the Met. BALLET AUG 2. 1975. 1987. 1959. JEWISH DEMONSTRATION AGAINST 'RUSSIAN BALLET' AT CIVIC OPERA JEWISH DEMONSTRATION HOUSE." April 17. impresario Sol Hurok acknowledges ovation of audience at Metropolitan Opera House 4/16 before Russia's Bolshoi Ballet Company made Soviet and American flags its American debut with the presentation of "Romeo and Juliet. April 14. BALLET OPENING Members of the renowed Russian . Steps of the Bolshoi Ballet. the Bolshoi Ballet an historic 9-week cross-country United States tour. April 17. August 25. Vitali Artyushkin and Tatyana Golikova. 1959. LUDMILA SEMENYAKA will dance the role of Katerina in THE BOLSHOI BALLET'S production of "THE STONE BOLSHOI BALLET FLOWER" at the Arie Crown Theatre. Many children from the school go on to become regular Bolshoi performers. June 30. 1978. McCordick Place. Pupils aged 12 and 13 of the Bolshoi Ballet school in Moscow show off their prowess at a recent exhibition BOLSHOI SCHOOL performance. JUL 8. SHORT PRACTICE OF SWAN LAKE SHORT PRACTICE OF SWAN LAKE BALLET OPENS TONITE NINA SEMIZOROVA PLAYS ODETTE & ODILE. September 1979.

1979. 1962. 1948. a member of the Bolshoi-Grigorovich ballet company. and other in cars. at the Boston Conservatory of Music for the opening of a six-week United State tour in Boston tonight.IMG00337655A THE BLOSHOI BALLET IMG00337656A RUSSIANS TAKE BOAT TRIP AROUND NEW YORK IMG00337657A Soviet dancers IMG00337658A Soviet dancers IMG00337659A Ludmile Semenyska Maris Liepa IMG00337660A FANCY FOOTWORK IMG00337661A AMERICAN IN BOLSHOI Bolshoi Ballet as they practice under the supervision of the Bolshoi Ballet master Asaf Mikhalovich. prior to an appearance by the troupe later in the evening. right. Shannon. pictured leaving the essex hotel. the . and other in cars. 1974. November 23. to become a world-class dancer. August 27. looks at costumes Wednesday at suburban Washington's Wolf Trap theatre. The Bolshoi Ballet featuring Yuri Posokhov. August 28. 1979. pictured leaving the essex hotel some for a walk down Michigan Ave. right. 1990. American dancer Michael Shannon. This world-renowned company visits the United States for an 11-week. left. who left home at 14. with Soviet Bolshoi Ballet dancers. 1990. brother of Alexandre. and Alla Mikhalchenke. The lower Manhattan skyline serves as a backdrop for members of Russia's Belshoi Ballet during boat trip around New York today. Aggie Wrangler Shawn Strahan. left. at a recent reception in College Station. July 22. Taxes. later became a member of the Bolshoi. 7-city national tour Julyy 10th through September 13. Dancers members of the 'Bolshoi Ballet'. 1990. LArissa Tiembodeskay and Dmitry Begah. May 13. teaches some fancy western footwork to Alexander Mischenko. September 16. From left are Alexandre Begah. Ludmile Semenyska Maris Liepa. Katia Bezirkani. some for a walk Michigan Ave. August 12. and Mariana Ryshkina. Dancers members of the 'Bolshoi Ballet'.

kills Mercutio. April 16. Raissa Struchkova.IMG00337662A The Bolshoi Ballet IMG00337663A THE BLOSHOI BALLET IMG00337664A Bolshoi Ballet IMG00337665A BOLSHOI BALLET REHEARSAL IMG00337666A Bolshoi Ballet IMG00337667A DUELING SCENE IN BOLSHOI BALLET PREMIERE IMG00337668A BOLSHOI CONTINUES TOUR IMG00337669A Jews Demonstrate Against only American in what many considerthe world's most prestigious ballet company. Yuri Zhdanov as Romeo. played by Yaroslav Sekh. Ludmila Semenyaka as Katerina and Leonid Koslov as Danila dance in the Bolshoi Ballet's production of "The Stone Flower. 1959. in turn slays Tybalt." August 30. July 13. Maris Liepa and Marina Leonova will dance in the Bolshoi Ballet production of "Chopiniana" both Saturday afternoon and evening at the Auditorium Theater. left. This is a dueling scene in the second act of "Romeo and Juliet. foreground. 1989. played by Konstantin Rikhter. 1979. and Aleksei Fadeyechev of the Bolshoi Ballet rehearsal "Raymonda" at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York Friday. The Bolshoi Ballet stars take curtain calls after tonight opening performance of "The Stone Flower". commander McLaulin that they cannot carry on their demonstration . August 28." tonight as the famed Bloshoi ballet company staged its American debut at the Metropolitan Opera House. Semenyaka plays the part of Raymonda and Fadeyechev is cast as Jean de Brienne. 1979. 1973. dark costume. center of trio. Bolshoi Ballet practing with dorrowed costumes. Lyudmila Semenyaka. In this fight Tybalt. July 10. May 25. The work is well-known in the United States as "Les Sylphides." August 8. August 29. Members of the Bolshoi Ballet board from buses at New York's Kennedy Airport early Monday for a flight to Chicago where the Russian ballet company continues its American tour. 1987. 1979. Jewish community leaders are told by 1st dist. 1989.

Two members of the bomb squad of the 50th Ornance Detachment. AUG 1973. every movement he makes with fingers. Suits permit them to work 30 minutes in poison-gas laden air. June 1966.. JUN 1966. August 25. Send the Roboteer upstairs. after the hijack was slain by FBI agent. June 1972. STARS OF THE BOLSHOI BALLET. D. elbows and arms are duplicated by the tractor-mounted Roboteer. open combination locks and defuse the bomb. Current hopes no one sends any current. JOHNGAFF explains on Wednesday the capabilities of a bomb disposal machine that will be sold for $25. January 27. Nicolai Fadeyechev as Prince Siegfried and Maya Plisetskaya as Odile in "Swan Lake. of discussion some of it very pointed the demonstraters did leave the building. From that moment on. The tracked vehicle was part of an exhibition of latest in law enforcement equipment at the convention of the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Denver. If the expert likes. June 1963. I11. 1975. 1979. 1972. September 18. wrists. August 28. A bomb disposal expert ''Wears" the "Slave" arms and hands while watching his TV monitor screen. Lt. Granite City. 1974. work to find a simulated poison gas bomb--part of their training exercises." Act III. Dutchess County Sheriff Larry Quinlan stands beside the bomb disposal unit as his deputies load the hijacker's "bomb" into the unit. AC or DC down the wire . THE BOLSHOI BALLET. open doors. hands. Stars of the Bolshoi Ballet. YET inside the lobby of McCordick Place and they must go outside. After several mins.IMG00337670A IMG00337671A IMG00337672A IMG00337673A IMG00337674A Nicolai Fadeyechev and Maya Plisetskaya THE BOLSHOI BALLET STARS OF THE BOLSHOI BALLET THE BOLSHOI BALLET Stars of the Bolshoi Ballet IMG00337675A PROTECTION AGAINST BOMBS IMG00337676A MOHAWK "BOMB" DISPOSED IMG00337677A BOMB DISPOSER IMG00337678A A bomb disposal expert IMG00337679A NO CURRENT. C. AUG 1974.000. THE BOLSHOI BALLET. the Roboteer will bring the bomb to him.

bank vault Friday. 1947. October 16. found in a downtown department atore Friday and termed by a police official as "apparently" a bomb. 1969. A police bomb expert is escorted to basement vault by bank guards after he A police bomb expert stepped from escalator at the Northern Trust Bank. authorities pull out the pieces. 1972.500pound German bomb from pit in TAKE 'RIP' OUT OF 'VAN WINKLE' crowded Grafton Way district of London Yesterday named "Rip Van Winkle. 1970. Standing before massive safe deposit vault. Bomb and arson squad member Bomb and arson squad member prepares to descend to Northern Trust Co. 1949. police and Army oednance experts prepare it. Bombings Bombings.IMG00337680A IMG00337681A IMG00337682A IMG00337683A IMG00337684A IMG00337685A IMG00337686A IMG00337687A attached to the blasting cap he placing into an explosive charge to detonate an ols navy bomb. January 8. Royal Engineers sappers hoist 2. 1972. It was necessary to drill open bank box there because a key was . a police lieutenant inspects the remains. January 8. September 22. Top DEVICE EXPLODED left." July 18. 1972. live bombs are buried by a bulldozer at the Savanna Ordnance Depot in Illinois. And bottom right. is exploded in a special container in an open field. January 7. Top right. it blows. David Charles Current heads an explosive disposal unit at Pearl Harbor where his navy pale call him "live wire. Their "resurrection" contemplated only in case of national emergency. LIVE BOMBS BURIED Due to shortage of storage space for large quantities now on hand. 1972." October 31. A safe deposit box ar the Northern Trust Bank of the type and size in which A safe deposit box an explosive device was found. Bottom left. A ticking device in a shoe box. January 8. Continental Illinois Bank auditor William Plechaty displays a box of the Bombing type in which a bomb was found and deactivated by bomb and arson squad experts.

1972. . 1972. shows space from which Box 47440 was removed. Hoffman tells how bomb expert used a piece of twine to slowly lift cover of safe deposit box containing bomb. 231 S. John Reihel. The four-page letter received by The Daily News claiming "prototype" bombs have been placed in three Chicago banks. January 8. At the First National Bank. also was the name used by a man who rented an apartment in this building at 560 W. chief of security. 1972.IMG00337688A Bombing IMG00337689A Apartment building IMG00337690A William Plechaty IMG00337691A Bombings IMG00337692A First National Bank IMG00337693A First National Bank IMG00337694A First National Bank IMG00337695A Bomb experts IMG00337696A Christopher C. according to handwriting expert hired by The Daily News. January 7. Apartment building (center) at 560 W. banks. vault supervisor Robert A. Using a box similar to the one in which bomb was found. the name signed to rental slips for safe-deposit boxes found to contain time bombs. 1972. La Salle. Arlington was used as an address by terrorist suspect Christopher Charles Mohr when he rented safe deposit boxes in which bombs were found. 1972. January 9. 1972. chief of security at First National Bank. Slot from which bombloaded safe deposit box was extracted at the First National Bank is pointed out by John Reihel. S. January 8. January 7. Christopher C. January 7. 1972. Mohr. Mohr not available. auditor at the Continental Bank. William Plechaty. one of three Chicago banks mentioned as targets in a letter sent to the Daily News by bomber. Bomb experts on way to vault of the Continental Bank. 1972. 1972. January 8. The same man wrote the signature at left and the note send to news media describing bombs planted in U. January 8. stands at the door of bank vault with a box similar to one in which bomb was found. January 7.

1972. Investigators gather outside the entrance to the Dirksen Federal Building's underground garage. Officials do not find a bomb onboard. He first said the device was strong enough to kill somwbody. July 6. 1995. Ohio. The parcel.IMG00337697A Security officers IMG00337698A The plane IMG00337699A Bomb threats IMG00337700A IMG00337701A IMG00337702A Barbara Jenks Bomb Scare Bomb search IMG00337703A Bomb terrorist's note found IMG00337704A Members of Chicago Police Department Bomb and Arson Squad IMG00337705A U. Friday. poved to be loaded with religious pamphlets. but he later softened that statement. Marshal Joseph DiLeonardi IMG00337706A Bomb threats Arthington. judge Tuesday. Policeman guard a phone booth in Union station where a terrorists note was found. 1975. S. 1993. U. 1983. January 8. Members of Chicago Police Department Bomb and Arson Squad begin to dismantle an object reported to be a bomb which was found in a trash can at the corner of Dearborn and Adams. passengers are rerouted. where bomb experts tried to set off a device sent to a U. July 6. Police search trash receptacles around city Hall after an apparently false bomb threat. June 18. Security officers X-ray luggage from America West Flight 1742 last Friday at Midway Airport after the airline ticket office received a bomb threat. but the people had too have there bagage rechecked by hand before going on to the plane. June 14. S. May 18. 1976. 1976. Marshal Joseph DiLeonardi briefs repoters on the bomb incident Tuesday. June 10. a cardboard box tied with twine. The man stayed only a few days. November 1. The plane was cleared takeoff to Columbus. The plane is evacuated. 1993. 1974. 1986. Barbara Jenks kisses her husband Hellow after the eight. S. Bomb Scare. . November 1. July 31. The people were let back on the plane after the Bomb and Arson Unit were thow with there investergation.

Police.IMG00337707A Vincent Mathous IMG00337708A The everyday alarm clock IMG00337709A A SUSPICIOUS CASE IMG00337710A WHERE BOMB FOUND IMG00337711A Bomb squad expert IMG00337712A BOMB FOUND IN SAFETY DEPOSIT BOX IMG00337713A THOUGHT TO BE BOMB IMG00337714A Bomb squad detectives Vincent Mathous. Bomb squad detectives. left around the corner. January 7. Detectives placed the deactivated bomb in the truck for disposal and removal. remote controlled by police. 1989. one of three financial institutions here where an anonymous letter warned delayed-time bombs had been plated seven months ago. This everyday alarm clock with wire device and batteries are complenents of a bomb found in a safe deposit box (background) and diamantled by bomb squad detectives early 1/7 in front of the First National City Bank in lower Manhattan. January 7. 1972. 1983. Bomb squad expert extracts portion of time bomb from safe deposit box at Wells Fargo Bank. Unidentified bomb expert bends down to examine a safety deposit box on the floor at a Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco today. 1st. press and curious New Yorkers gather around a police emergency panel truck outside the Manufacturers Hanover Trust Co. 1971. 1972. Christopher Hayes (L) and William Suchoski. April 20. examin . A bomb removal robot. Circuit Court of Appeals building in downtown Atlanta Monday. 1972. District police officer guard scrap from trash can in which bomb exploded. 1965. carries a briefcase belived to be a bomb to a waiting truck Wednesday in New York. in which police reported a bomb was found. S. Friday where a bomb was found in a safe-deposit box. set to go off 1/7. January 7. July 7. Atlanta police department bomb squad member William Brilley prepares to put a package thought to be a pipe bomb in a bomb disposal canister outside of the 11th U. The letter also named banks in New York and Choacgo where bombs had been placed. January 8. December 18.

acting on anonymous letters by news media. 1938. apparently a bomb. 1954. Oriental Trading Co. View from interior looking out through shattred windows shows damage at headquarters of Chicago Local 1031 of the AFL International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers after it was wrecked by explosion.. Madison. July 14. 1955. Cept. 1965.. Asst. set off by bomb.IMG00337715A Bombing IMG00337716A BANK ALMOST BOMBED IMG00337717A IMG00337718A Bombings Chgo area BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB IMG00337719A Cept. Detectives of the bomb squad. Christopher Hayes. 12 after an explosion. This is . October 12. Western ave. 1965. Y. John Walsk. which was damaged by bomb at early hours this morning. apparently a bomb. 1954. at 4133 W. Tavern and office building of German American Club at 3855-57 N. IMG00337723A Tavern and office building of German American Club safe deposit box and contents of bomb found inside it at First National City Bank here 1/7. July 7. in New York Friday. Police and fire investigators inside the shattered offices of Friden Inc. 1972.. January 7. at 29 N... January 7. Crowd gathers in front of headquarters of Local 1031 of the AFL International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers early October. George Barnes of Lebor Detail IMG00337720A EXPLOSION BLASTS UNION HEADQUARTERS IMG00337721A UNION HEADQUARTERS DAMAGED BY BLAST IMG00337722A Oriental Trading Co. following explosion of Black power bomb. General view of car and bldg at RR Donnelly on Calumet after bomb blast. smashed all the front windows. 1972. September 25. view of damage in union office. and two in Chicago. Wacker. George Barnes of Lebor Detail. March 20. October 12. Nonstop disco at the BBC.. Bomb squad detectives. Thomas Murray. found bombs in the safe deposit vaults of three banks in N... and William Suchoaki examine a bomb discovered in a safe deposit box of the Marine Midland Trust Co. 1976. Manager of Local 134 Electrical Workers Supervising Cept. left. July 14.

1940.. In background police examine the area in which the bomb was placed. North Water St. 1965. IMG00337727A Third Loop-Area Blast IMG00337728A Masonite Building IMG00337729A SECOND BOMB BLAST JOLTS DOWNTOWN CHICAGO IMG00337730A BOMB PRESUMED TO HAVE BEEN PLANTED IN OR UNDER THIS CAR IMG00337731A JERRY WELLS reputed to be Nazi Bund headquarters. July 11. Warnings left after bombing of Oriental Trading Co. Policeman guards entrance flanked by boarded windows. Policeman Bernard Medema inspects corner of Oriental Trading Co. 4133 W. BOMB PRESUMED TO HAVE BEEN PLANTED IN OR UNDER THIS CAR. The parked auto (foreground) was the apparent target of the third bomb to explode in the Loop area within the last five days. July 12. Trash basket barracades hole gouged in the sidewalk by black power bomb that exploded last night in Chicago's garment district shattering hundreds of windows in building occupied by nine clothing manufacturers. An unidentified man walks over a window pane at the scene of a bomb explosion that shatiered windows up to the 5th floor of the Masonite Building in the downtown area here 7/7. JERRY WELLS.IMG00337724A IMG00337725A Lake Shore Country club Bernard Medema IMG00337726A Oriental Trading Co. At Fillmore station. 1937. ILL. July 7. underneath the Wrigley Building's iandskaped plaza. Blast was second in three days in downtown area. JUL 12. 1938. 1938. A PRINTER FOR A LOCAL NEWSPAPER CAN'T BELIEVE HIS EYES AS HE VIEWS . EXPLODED HERE 7/11. April 21.. Only damage was to windows and front doorway of tavern. July 14. July 14. AURORA. parked on E. Lake Shore Country club. 1965. 1965. Madison. The auto. IT WAS THE THIDR BLAST IN OR NEAR CHICAGO'S LOOP IN THE PAST FOURDAYS AND THE SECOND IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS. was nearly demolished by a powerful bomb that had been placed or thrown under its right front fender. wrecked by bomb. July 18. I11.. 1965. Glencoe. 27.

Bell early Wednesday. PARKED OUTSIDE THE R. the result of a bomb explosion. 1965. 7/14 BELIEVED CAUSED BY A PSYCHOPATHIC BOMBER. July 7. assistant to the Yugoslav Consul General where a small bomb blasted a hole in the building and broke windows early this morning. . FBI investigators and workmen at the home of Sava Temer. THE BLAST LIFTED THE CAR SOME THREE FEET WHEN IT BLEW UP DESTROYING DOZENS OF WINDOWS (BACKGROUND). NO INJURIES WERE REPOTED. THE BOMB PRINTING PLANT. B. April 21. July 26. Phone booth burst open by black powder bomb at 4168 N. BOMB SQUAD INVESTICATOR LOOKS THROUGH BACK SEAT OF THIS CAR 7/14 AFTER CHICAGO WAS SHAKE BY ITS FOURTH "MAUOR" BOMBING. CHICAGO WAS SHAKEN BY ITS FOURTH "MAJOR" BOMBING. on S. December 29. 1977. THE BOMB LIFTED THE CAR SOME THREE FEET WHEN IT BLEW UP. RIGHT: Mrs. MR. Milwaukee. Oakley. JUL 12. A BOMB WAS PRESUMED TO HAVE BEEN PLANTED IN OR UNDER HIS CAR. Karetha Sudduth examines the hole in her living room carpet. showing many winfows blown out from the explosion. DONNELLEY PRINTING PLANT. 1965. THE BOMB WAS PLACED UNDER THIS CAR. 1975. 1865. NO INJURIES WERE REPORTED. View of the Kemper Insurance Bldg opposite the site of bombing. Shattered glass is cleaned up by Cheryl Stampley (above) after a bomb was thrown through a window of her home on S. WELLS WAS WORKING AT THE TIME OF THE BLAST.IMG00337732A "MAUOR" BOMBING IMG00337733A "MAJOR" BOMBING IMG00337734A BOMBINGS IMG00337735A Kemper Insurance Bldg opposite the site of bombing IMG00337736A Bomb blast IMG00337737A 3 Marquette Park homes bombed HIS AUTO HERE 7/11 WHICH WAS JUST DAMAGED BY AN EXPLOSION. Another black family. also experienced a bombing.

October 20.IMG00337738A IMG00337739A IMG00337740A Explosion. 1977. The force of the blast blew out windows in buildings directly adjecent to the bomb building. directly accross from the bombed buolding. 839 N. 1976. JUN 7. A bouquet bomb 14 long-stemmed red roses. October 21. Policeman search through debris in front of the Harem Leisure Spa. These composite sketches of two suspects in the Junee 7 Loop area bombings appeared in the Chiacago Police Department's Daily Bulletin Thursday. There wrere injuries but to what extent was undetermined at the time. 1975. 1974. 1974.. The 2nd bomb lnockout a building at Chestnut & Lasalle. Firemen of the 1st div. June 6. bomb BOMBING Puerto ricans/mayor IMG00337741A Bombings Chicago area IMG00337742A Explosion IMG00337743A Rose by an other name It's a bomb IMG00337744A Sketches of bomb suspects IMG00337745A Downtown bomb suspects IMG00337746A Bombing General shots of the clean-up after the early morning bomb blast. 1975. five 16-inch-long sticks of dynamite. June 18. A few yards from the mayors office is the damage from Saturdays bomb blast. 1976. . February 18. 1977. knock windows after two bomb blasts went off in the Continental Bldg at 52 E. BOMBING AT THE JOHN HANCOCK BUILDING. after an explosion rocked the building early MOnday. 1975. The descriptions were obtained by police investigators and the FBI. November 7. a detonator and a timing device is removed from the Standard Oil Building plaza by police early MOnday. Monroe and the United America Building at Wacker & State. La Salle St. 27 are being circulated by Chicago police. October 28. Composite drawings of two men suspected in the bombing of downtown buildings on Oct. June 13. the one known injury was a student who cut her foot on glass in a dormintory of Moody Bible Inst.

all windows including revolving doors were also blown out. June 7.IMG00337747A Blown up waste basket at NW IMG00337748A Door of Rialto Theatre IMG00337749A Bombings IMG00337750A IBM BUILDING BOMBED IMG00337751A Replace bombed out glass IMG00337752A BOMBING IMG00337753A BOMBING IMG00337754A Police bomb-and-arson investigators Blown up waste basket at NW corner of Dearborne and Monroe were 4 persons were injured. 1976. Pix made from behind projection screen showing blown out back door and damaged station wagon. 1976. Workers replace broken windows in front of police headqarters where late last night a bomb hidden in a trash container exploded three other locations were also harassed by bombs. 1974. 1976. Fireman inside shown climbing over damaged projection screen. RIGHT: A wire trash basket was mangled by a blast outside the Bank Leumi Le-Israel's Chicago office at 100 . JUN 7. Station wagon in foreground had all of its windows blown out. Another pix shows opposite side of wagon showing effects of blast. 1976. Bronze plates two stories high on the IBM building were blown from pillar. JUN 7. 1975. Rear door of Rialto Theatre blown out by bomb blast. November 14. November 14. Police bomb-and-arson investigators arrive at the scenes of two downtown bombings Monday night and begin probing mangled metal and broken glass for cause of the explosions. ABOVE: Windows of the Bonwit Teller store in the John Hancock Center were shattered and the metal window frame twisted by the force of an explosion. BOMB THAT WENT OFF IN WASTE BASKET AT 11th & STATE ST. Security officers and building mainentance men are shown cleaning up the area. October 27. 1974. June 8. WASTE BASKET BOMBING AT THE NORTH WEST CORNER OF WASHINGTON & DEARBORN ST.

Firemen begin clean up opperations Friday morning after an explosion in Chicago's Merchandise Mart knocked out windows and set off a sprinker . October 27. 1975. the result of a bomb explosion. Composite drawings of two men suspected in the bombing of downtown building on October. DEC 29. Karetha Sudduth examines the hole in her living room carpet. Police Lt. Jun 14. 27 are being circulated by Chicago police. 1976. WORKMEN BOARDS UP BOMBED IBM BLDG WINDOWS. 1975. October 27. A third home on S. OCT 27. Jun 8. SCENE OF BOMBING IN MORTON GROVE. 1975. 1975. FIREMEN KNOBS LOSE BROKEN GLASS FROM LARGE WINDOWS FOLLOWING BOMBING OF THE IBM BLDG. LaSalle. 1975. Mrs. The descriptions were obtained by police investigators and the FBI. (in white Shirt) in front of United of America talking with firemen bomb was place on window directly behind them all of the windows on street level side are out. OCT 27. also was bombed. Karetha Sudduth IMG00337764A 'LOOP' EXPLOSION N. A worker of the Federal Reserve bank building gingerly places tape along broken window. April 21. October 28. 1975. 1977. 1975.IMG00337755A BOMBINGS SCENE OF BOMBING IN MORTON GROVE Firemen knock pieces of glass from huge window frames WORKMEN BOARDS UP BOMBED IBM BLDG WINDOWS IMG00337756A IMG00337757A IMG00337758A IMG00337759A Downtown bomb suspects IMG00337760A Daylight bombing pix IMG00337761A Continental Bank IMG00337762A Police Lt. No one was injured in either of those explosions. Several windows in the building were damaged after bomb went off across the street in front of the Continental bank buiding. Oakley recently sold to a black family. Firemen knock pieces of glass from huge window frames as investigator looks at heavy wall where bomb was placed. Fireman sweeps shands of glass from around the revolving doors of the Continental Bank after a bomb exploded nearby. Stan Bazarek. Stan Bazarek IMG00337763A Mrs.

is . July 1.IMG00337765A The van was blown 30 feet IMG00337766A Bombings IMG00337767A Explosives technician IMG00337768A Bombings IMG00337769A Car explosion IMG00337770A Bombing Chicago area IMG00337771A INSPECTING DAMAGE IMG00337772A Bomb Explodes system. The F. who stumbled on the bomb just before it went off. owner of the van. The owner of the house is suppose to own a gun shop in the suburbs. February 18. 65. there was noone hurt but the washroom sustained considerable damage. 1993. February 18. 1977. Vincent Leone. 1980.N. January 6. Explosives technician. Car explosion in 1300 block of Greenleaf ave. Tobacco and Firearms investigate the Niles town house site of a bombing that killed one man and injured his wife. was injured. October 20. No one was injured in the explosion. A bomb exploded in a fifth floor wash in the county Building at about midnight Wed. S. The blast. Cornelius Wellbourne goes over debris after explosion rocked. No one was injured in the blast which police believe was caused by a planted bomb. July 5. September 1.L. Police sketch of man sought for questioning in bombings at County Building and Great Lakes Naval Base. which police believe was caused by a bomb. leaves Bruce Mercer with severe burns explosion happened Sunday night.A. 5517 N. 1980. 1993. August 5. Use at 2510 Kingston in Northbrook where a pipe bomb was supposed found in a 4-wheel driveToyota senger vehicle. was one of two which jolted downtown Chicago early today. Building Friday in Chicago. Lincoln. A Chicago Policeman stands amid broken glass as he inspects damage at the U. The bomb was one of two planted at Yugoslav-owned businesses in two days. Gypsum Co. 1977. Agents from the federal Bureau of Alcohol. 1979. 1983. This van was blown 30 feet down an alley by a bomb that was exploded at the rear of the Club Continental.

December 1. 1979. October 10.IMG00337773A BOMBING IMG00337774A BOMBING IMG00337775A Bomb-shattered IMG00337776A Owner Taylor Ballard IMG00337777A An East Hazelcrest police car totally destroyed by a bomb IMG00337778A Police search area for more bombs IMG00337779A Roosevelt Lowery suspected to be responsible for the bomb. 1984. Bomb and Arson Section exmine evidence after what was believed to be a pipe bomb was thrown thru the window of LEONARDO'S ITALIAN CUSIINE-PIZZA at 5010 West Fullerton. APR 5. 1984. Bomb-shattered truck in which a man was killed Thursday night smolders as a suburban McCook fireghter stands by. The explosion occurred while the vehicle was traveling on First Ave. Roosevelt Lowery. JOE DIVENERE OWNER OF RESTAURANT TALKS TO POLICE OFFICERS OF THE BOMB AND ARSON UNIT IN REGARBS TO BOMBING. . April 5. north of Joliet Rd. Owner Taylor Ballard stands by the rubble on one side of his Shell station shortly after police bomb and arson investigators left. 1981. An East Hazelcrest police car totally destroyed by a bomb sits in the alley on the east side of the East Hazelcrest police Station. Petrolman Ray Robertson left the car just minutes before the bomb went off. uncle of the burned children stands in front of the house with boarded up window where the bomb was thrown. Also standing in the living room area that caught fire he is hoding a picture of Kenetha Moses who was most seriously burned. 1979. Police search area for more bombs after one was found near the tennis courts bomb was taken away in police vehicle (4Wd) bomb is same type found in Wisconsin and Minnesota. October 18. 1979. Members of the Chicago Police Dept. The rest rooms were blown up. August 11. 1981. 1984. 58. The bomb was located inside the car under the drivers seat. June 4. April 11.

IMG00337780A Art Nolan IMG00337781A RICHARD DALEY IMG00337782A Bomb blasts U. November 24. No one was injured in the blast that appeared to be of minor explosive power. an explosives technician with CPD. MAYOR RICHARD DALEY EXAMINE DAMAGE OF KOLLEL INSTITUTE WITH RABBI HOSHE FRANCIS OF THE CHICAGO COMMUNITY KOLLEL AFTER A WEEKEND FIREBOMBING INCIDENT. scattering debris 80 feet across the . claimed responsibility for the explosion. no fire followed. 1976. 1979. An explosion in the downstairs hall of the Yugoslav Hall at about 5. Three windows blown out from bomb explosion. Police inspect bomb damage at the Naval Reserve Armory at Randolph and the lakefront. November 25. Chicago Police department bomb and arson unit members sift for evidence thru the rubble of the bomb damaged rear area of the U. blew a small hole in the wall outside the lower level kitchen and scattered dishes. destroyed the front of a tavern at Wilson and Loncoln early Friday. November 13. November 24. believed to be dynamite. S. Lawrence a recruiting station which suffered a smashed front door leading police to suspect that a bomb was planted inside.m. 1984. pots and pens and ruptured a water line in the building. July 7. and a gas stove was blown away from the wall. May 31. 1979. a Puerto Rican independence group.30 a. removes a pipe bomb and a note from whatever the name of the gay group. Ceiling tile was ripped lose. No injuries in the blast. 1994. BOMB & ARSON SQUAD EXITS 5308 W. from the west side of "rendered safe" according to police. A bomb. 1979. Bomb and Arson is investigation. Officials said the FALN. 1980. S. recrating office IMG00337783A Police inspect bomb damage at the Naval Reserve Armory at Randolph Three windows blown out from bomb explosion IMG00337784A IMG00337785A Blasted recruiting station IMG00337786A An explosion in the downstairs hall of the Yugoslav Hall IMG00337787A North Side tavern bombed Art Nolan. recruiting station. FEB 1.

in which the writer claimed responsibility for the 3 bombings at Manhattan skycrapers early11/11. 1980. escaped with minor injuries last night when a dynamite bomb shattered this five-room home of the Rev. Negro integration leader. 1963. June 8. Investigators released this composite drawing Yesterday of a suspect in the planting of 23 pipe bombs in three Midwestern states. including two children. June 7. August 12. November 11. THREE HURT IMG00337792A CLUB EXPLOSION IMG00337793A A unsigned letter IMG00337794A Bomb blast damage IMG00337795A HUNT CLUES IN STORE intersection. Louis area during last 5th months. 1984. October 30. No one was injured in the blast. L. This is the unsigned letter received by United Press International. He said the bombing would not deter his fight against segregation. December 26. 1976. St. 1984. A Puerto Rican group claimed responsibility for the damage. was bomb last night at about 2:00 A. 1969. 1979. F. Shuttleworth. Workers began the seach for a possible clue as to what caused the explosion while others borded windows to nrighbor's homes who's windows were distroyed.M. Three persons. Louis police sift through debris in . December 8. April 20. A house owned by Arthur Benning. Boarded up windows after last nights bomb. 59th Place. 1956. Bomb blast damage is looked over by Krogen grocer store employees here after store was bombed to mark 9th bombing of stores in St.IMG00337788A A composite drawing Boarded up windows after last nights bomb IMG00337789A IMG00337790A House bombed IMG00337791A NEGRO MINISTER'S HOUSE BOMBED. mailed late 11/10 in midtown Manhattan. at 3410 W. Police believed with action may be connected with extortion attempts by Serbian terrorists who have been involved in other bombings of Yugoslav establishments. Federal officials sift the debris after an explosion wrecked the officers club at the Washington Navy Yard early Friday morning. There were no injuries.

April 20. October 31. top left. October 2. With windows blown out and debris scattered about. workmen sift through the rubble where a bomb exploded early 4/20 inside the officers Club at the Washington Naval Yard. 1969. There no injureis from the blast. A subway cashier saw the bomb flame and then sputter out with very little impact. Edwin Wagner and Capt. 1960. 1963. Tuesday morning. Six persons were injured in the blast. Cohan in crowded Times Squal theatrical district of New York after a bomb explosion today. 39. October 2. Pete Vasel. Rubble clutters the corridor on the 19th floor of the General Motors Building at Fifth Avenue and 59th Street in New York City. after a bomb exploded there. . Capt. Seven persons were injured by flying debris. Detective Arthur Hornidge of police Bomb Squad examines remaineof bomb that was found near telephone booth in Times Square subway station here late 10/30. top right. Standing amid the ruins of the store bombed are (from left) Detective Dave Windell. one of them seriously.BOMBINGS IMG00337796A TIMES SQUARE EXPLOSION SCENE IMG00337797A Arthur Hornidge IMG00337798A Windows blown out and debris scattered IMG00337799A POUR ARRESTED IN NEW YORK BOMBINGS IMG00337800A A dazed and bloodied victim IMG00337801A BOMBS HIT THERE NEW YORK BUILDINGS search for clues to the latest of a series of bombings at Kroger food stores there. A dazed and bloodied victim is aided by a policeman 10/2 after a bomb exploded in Duffy Square at the crowded north end of Times Square. 1984. 22. 34. November 13. Police officials examine shrubbery behind statue of George M. bottom right. The FBI Wednesday night announced the arrest of four New Yorkers on conspirancy charges in connebtion with a series of bombings in New York City. Jane Lauren Alpert. and John David Hughey. They are. chief of detectives. Samuel Joseph Melville. 1960. 1960. George Demmerle. May 11.

November 11. Wall st. 16. Public indignation led to the Federal Bureau of Inventigation's first drive against Communist infiltration. heart of New York's financial district. 1920. Busy Wall Street. SUB TREASURY FOLLOWING THE TERRIFIC EXPLOSION IN WALL STREET SAID TO HAVE KILLED 24 and INJURED 200. September 15. 1969. S. Wall street. TROOP GUARDING SUBTREASURY AFTER EZPLOSION IMG00337811A MANY KILLED IN WALL ST. 1970. P. Tiesday. 1957. Septembert. 22nd INFANTRY FROM GOVERNOR'S ISLAND GUARDING THE U.IMG00337802A DAMAGED BY BOMB BLAST IMG00337803A A tragic explosions IMG00337804A IMG00337805A Wall street Broad street Wall st IMG00337806A WALL STREET EXPLOSION-25 YEARS AGO IMG00337807A In Wake of Wall Street That Killed 38 and Brought Hunt for Plotters Wall street IMG00337808A IMG00337809A Wall Street IMG00337810A U. 1969. New York. history occurred when a horse-drawn wagon parked in Wall Street erupted at noon. Wall street Broad street. SEP 16. Morgan & Co. thirty-eight persons were killed and 300 were injured by the explosion of a bomb or infernal machine at Wall and Broad street. following a bomb blast there early in the morning. S. one of the most tragic explosions in U. shattering windows as lathally jagged fragments tore into the walls of the J. Workmen pick their way through the rubble from a blown out partition on the 16th floor of the Chase Mahattan Builing in New York's downtown financial district. MEMBERS OF THE U. was the scene of a noon hour blast in 1920. SEP 7. S. 1945. Lower Manhattan was shaken as if by an earthquake. 1920. A wrecked cigar shop opposite the . Fifth years ago 9/16. SMOKE STILL HANGS OVER WALL STREET IN LOWER MANHATTAN AND DEBRIS LIES SCATTERED OVER THE FAMOUS THOROUGHFARE A SHORT TIME AFTER A FRIGHTFUL BLAST ROCKED THE FINANCIAL DISTRICT ON SEPTEMBER 16. part of a campaign of terror by revolutionaries which followed World War I. 1920. January 11. S. November 11.

tore out walls. 1920. ASSAY OFFICE IN WALL STREET AFTER THE TIME BOMB HAD EXPLODED IN FRONT OF IT. SEP 7. The detonator. OVERTURNED AUTOS BLOCKED THE WAY OF RELIEF WORKERS. SEP 16. 1920. KILLING 32 AND INJURING 300. As the now unusable slot machine shine in the early morning sunlight in the Harvey's Resort-Hotel. IMG00337815A WALL STREET A MASS OF RUIN AND DESOLATION AFTER EXPLOSION IMG00337816A REMOVING BODIES OF VICTIMS OF WALL ST. and tossed wreckage for hndreds of yards. hower. VOLUNTEERS REMOVING THE REMAINS OF THE UNFORTUNATE VICTIMS OF TODAY'S BLAST IN WALL STREET. IN SOME CATES ONLY DRAGMENTS OF THE BODIES COULD BE FOUED. SEP 16. December 4. 1945. 1948. Some evidence indicated that anarchist planted the bomb. GENERAL VIEW SHOWING WALL STREET LITTERED WITH DEBRIS. the wave of radicalism hit a peak as a bomb exploded in Wall Street killing 30 persons and injuring hundreds. CLOTHING AND LITERALLY SOAKED WITH BLOOD. WHILE THE REWAINS OF WHAT WAS ONCE A HORSE MAY BE SEEN IN CENTER. Army . 1920. shattered glass. U. Morgan & Co. S. SEP 17. 1980. S. P. September 16. Just before noon on Sept. 1920. August 27. VIEW OF THE WRECKED DOORWAY AND WALLS OF THE U. 16. SMOKE STILL HANGS OVER WALL STREET IN LOWER MANHATTAN AND DEBRIS LIES SCATTERED OVER THE FAMOUS THOROUGHFARE A SHORT TIME AFTER A FRIGHTFUL BLAST ROCKED THE FINANCIAL DISTRICT ON SEPTEMBER 16. A detonation device was exploded inside Harvey's casino shortly before 4pm (8/27). 1920. Thr device was intended to explode an extortionist's bomb but the large bomb didn't explode. DISADTER IMG00337817A Harvey's casino IMG00337818A Harvey's Resort-Hotel office of J. BITS OF HUMAN BODY. 1920.EXPLOSION IMG00337812A JUST BEFORE NOON IMG00337813A WALL STREET EXPLOSION-25 YEARS AGO IMG00337814A WRECKED WALL AND DOOR OF ASSAY OFFICE ON WALL ST.

A similar bomb planted at St. Proving that one man's loss is another man's gain local shirt makers hit the streets minutes after a bomb blast ripped through Harvey's Resort-Hotel 8/27. IMG00337822A READY TO DETONATE IMG00337823A A member of the Fort McCoy IMG00337824A ANOTHER BOMB FOUND IMG00337825A INJURED BY BOMB BLAST people walk through the debris covered parking lot of the hotel 8/28. June 3. May 25. and James Lynch. A member of the Fort McCoy (Wis. Joseph the Workman Cathedral in La Crosse 5/25 injured Northern States power serviceman. S. 1981. August 28. John Lynch. Lt. 1984. Min. Four people were killed when a bomb exploded during a high-speed chase by police. A New York City bomb squad officer wears protuctive clothing as he carries a bomb from the U. Jill Binson tells how she was injured when a homemade bomb exploded as she collected rubish at the Civic center . IMG00337821A REMOVE BOMB FROM U. S. Police were attempting to serve a warrent on Fred Klenner.) bomb squad examines a pipe bomb 5/25 after it was detinated near downtown La Crosse. Killed along with Klenner were Suzie Newson Lynch. August 28. S. Here is a closeup of a six-inch pipe bomb. May 18. 1984. Robert Roy of the bomb squad at the Fort McCov Army base causes before attempting to detonate a bomb found on a neighborhood playground in La Crosse Friday afternoon. Mission to the United Nations in New York Monday morning. The bomb was in the truck in which the victim traveling. May 26. 1984. found along railroad tracks Sunday in Stillwater. 1985. 1980. Vicky McDonald shows one version of the tee-shirt as the poses with the damaged building in the background. A bomb blast turned the first two floors into a cave an extortionist bomb exploded. May 28. 1980. in cloth at right.IMG00337819A Vicky McDonald IMG00337820A Bombing U.

1984. 24. About $150. Map locates cities and dates of major bombing incidents since the explosion of bomb August. The Associated Press office in Seattle received this letter Friday morning claiming responsibility for a bombing at the University of Washington Navy and Air Force ROTC building.000 damage was done to the building in a blast Thursday morning. October 12. Dane County Sherriffs inspect debris outside the Army Math Reasearch .IMG00337826A NOT A WINDOW REAMINS IMG00337827A LETTER CLAIMS BOMBING RESPONSIBILITY IMG00337828A BOMBING CLAIMED BY RADICAL UNDERGROUND GROUPS IMG00337829A CLAIMING CREDIT FOR MARIN BOMBING IMG00337830A RUBBLE LITTERS BOMBED LIBRARY FLOOR IMG00337831A BOMB EXPLOSION DAMAGES HARVARD BUILDING IMG00337832A Dane County Sherriffs inspect debris outside the Army Math plazza in downtown Milwaukee Thursday. August 24. 1970. One persons died in that explosion. June 1. 1970. She received minor injuries according to a local hospital spokesman. October 15. 1970. October 1970. A blast that rocked the University of Wisconsin mathem tics center engaged in army research work took out all windows in the six-floor structure early Monday. 1970. 1970. Dangling chunks of ceiling material and exposed rafters are visible through these two third-floor windows of the Harvard University Center for Iternational Affairs after an early morning bomb exploded in the library Wednesday morning. A research student in the facility was killed. at a University of Wisconsin Army reasearch building. This is a copy of a letter received today by the San Fransisco Examiner claiming resposibility for Yesterday's bombing of the Marin County Civic Center. October 9. An unidentified workman is surrounded by bomb debris and littered books and paper in the library of Harvard University's center for International Affairs Wednesday afternoon after an early-morning bomb ripped through the third floor of the byilding. October 14.

president of the Barrera Dental Laboratory. wife of Fred away. 1980. 1980. 1980. August 27. Hervey's Resort-Hotel shows the results of a tremendous explosion that rocked the South Lake Tahoe casino when a bomb planted by an extortinest exploded 8/27. 1980. New York City police examine the debris outside the Venezuelan Consulate in mistown New York early . August 27. Parts of the Harvey's Resort-Hotel fly into the air as a bomb blast ripped through the lower floors after attempts to remove or disarm the bomb failed 8/27. 1980. following a bomb explosion early Tuesday. 1980. October 12. Barrera.Reasearch center IMG00337833A BOMB IN FLOWER BOX IMG00337834A Harvey's Resort-Hotel IMG00337835A PROTECTION IMG00337836A Hervey's Resort-Hotel IMG00337837A HARVEY'S BOMB IMG00337838A A well-placed bomb IMG00337839A BOMB BLAST SCATTERS DEBRIS IMG00337840A VENEZUELAN CONSULATE BOMBED center. A police spokeman described the bomb as a plastic explosive placed in a flower box under the window. A truckload of sandbags is backed into the area of Harvey's Resort-Hotel. A FBI agent checks a front window at the home of Vladimir Sindjelic. 1980. where experts worked or a second day Wednesday attempting to defuse a purported bomb. 1970. killing a woman executive of a nearby dental laboratory and hurled pieces of the car as far as 100 feet away. first secretary of the Yugeslavian Embassy. June 3. taring a two to three story hole in the side of the hotel. August 27. August 28. Police indetified the 59-year-old victim as Sophie M. August 27. Car in which bomb exploded flames in front of the Turkish Mission to the United Nations Sunday afternoon as debris from the blast lays scattered in the street on Mahanttan's East side. A well-placed bomb ripped through this compact car parked outside a business area 1/14. No injuries were reported. January 15. A bomb placed in Harvey's Resort Hotel-Casino in an extortion attempt explodes Wednesday.

1980. Louis County detectives examine the wreckage of an automobile at St. Flynn. January 14. remove a dynamite bomb from the Amax building located in midtown Manhattan at 1270 Sixth Ave. 1977. 1977. which is adjacent to Radio City Music Hall in Rockfeller Center. December 26. Authorities in Speeway search debris for clues to the identity of a mysterious bomber who has set eight homemade black powder bombs off in the last six days. Members of the New York City bomb section. Shirley M. Louis. 1978. 17. Thursday. Members of Miami's bomb squad investigate damages at the Dupont Plazza Hotel.IMG00337841A AEROFLOT OFFICES BOMBED IMG00337842A SEARCH FOR BOMBER IMG00337843A BOMB DAMAGE IMG00337844A EXPLOSIVES FOUND IMG00337845A BOMB IN AUTO KILLS WOMAN IMG00337846A BOMB REMOVAL IMG00337847A CAR BOMBING Monday after a bomb blew in the door and a plate glass window. It was the third such bombing in a month.. 1980. The car was registered to a nephew of the late Jimmy Michsels who died in a car bombing Septembert. September 7. September 19. November 15. A terrorist group demanding freedom for political prisioners in Cuba claimed responsibility for the bombings in a telephone call receivedby the Associated Press shortly before the bombs went off. August 8. was killed in the explosion. one of four luxury hotels rocked by explosion this morning. 1977. A members of the New York City police bomb squad clad in protective clothing approaches a package containing three sticks of dynamite at the entrance to the Manhattan office of Tran Air. 35. . November 4. 1977. Two unidentified members of the New York City Police Department look over damage to Soviet airline Aeroflot offices after an explosion Sunday night. St. 1977. One persons was killed Friday afternoon when a bomb destroyed this small car.

Large plate glass windows of the bank and surrounding buildings were blown out. The four people whose names are tied into Utah's three bombing in October are. killing a young man and injuring five others.. December 23. The powerful bomb caused extensive damage to three other airlines intadjoining building. is identified by police as the chief suspect in the bombing deaths of Christensen and Mrs. A detective sifts through the rubble in an office of Venezuela's Viasa Airlines which was bombed late 12/22. 1981. 1980. September 20. F. Wash. 1977. who was injured by the third bomb. Steven Christenesen. December 20. 1979. Three Washington Sate University students comfort one another after a bomb rocked a women's dormitory. The killed six persons and injured two children. February 19. Mark Bofmann.IMG00337848A TERRORIST BOMB DAMAGE IMG00337849A A detective sifts through the rubble in an office of Venezuela's Viasa Airlines IMG00337850A Firefighters IMG00337851A CAST OF CHARACTERS IMG00337852A SCENE OF BOMBING IMG00337853A One killed in campus bombing IMG00337854A BUILDING BOMBED Windows are blown out at the Texaco Touring Center in the Chrysler Building in midnight New York after a bomb explosion about midnight Friday. Firefighters search through the remains of a house that was destroyed by a large explosion 9/20. 18. Gary Sheets. Hofmann. Sheets. Shattered glass covers the sidewalks in front of the Gulf and Western building . who was killed in the blast. The Bank Melli suffered minor structural damage. from left. which are in critical condition. 1977. Kathy Sheets and J. January 27. Her husband is believed to have been the intended victim of the second bomb. San Francisco bomb squad member looks for clues to the early morning explosion at the Tranian bank in S.'s financial district. of Mercer Island. The dynamite bomb was defanated by John Stickney.

August 3. 1977. which had a office in the building. February 19. Police gingerly carry victim of terrorist bomb through window glass strewn on street outside the Mobile Oil Building in midtown New York City Wednesday. 1977. Fearful that another bomb may be in the building. Charles Steinberg. He was a partner in viva Temporary Services. 1980. March 1. Officials inspect damage caused by bomb Saturday night in Marchlboro at the Ideal Roller and Graphics company plant. in Lower anhattam Monday morning. 1977. 26. August 4. a policeman orders pedestrians away from the Mobil Oil Buiding on East 42nd Street 8/3. including the New York and American stock exchanges. Nevada is transmitted for use as desired. 1982. Workman board up wirdoes of the Merrill Lynch office on Broadway near Wall St. August 4. March 14.IMG00337855A DIED IN TERRORIST BLAST IMG00337856A WALL SREET ECOVERY IMG00337857A MORE BOMBINGS THREATENED IMG00337858A BLAST VICTIM IMG00337859A Bombings IMG00337860A EYEWITNESS DESCRIPTION OF BOMB DEVICE at Columbus Circle and 59th street after bomb blast shortly before midnight Friday shattered windows for at least three stories. died Wednesday when a terrorist bomb exploded at the Mobil Oil Building in midtown New York City. Four financial institutions. More violence has been threatened by a radical group who bombed the factory to protest a visit planned by President Carter to a nearby mill town this week. August 27. blasting out the window and injuring at least two persons. Inc.. were hit by bomb late Sunday night. 1977. This drawing by Ap staff artist Joe Yennias of the homemade bomb device found in Harry's Resort Hotel Casino in Stateline. . One persons was killed and seven others injured when a bomb exploded building. One bomb did explode on the ground-floor of the building. 1977.

1986. an explosion rocked an armored car company in Cheektowage. May 21. May 16.IMG00337861A Police search for clues to bombing at the Cuban Mission IMG00337862A SCHOOL BOMBING IMG00337863A STUDENT COMFORTED IMG00337864A TELLS OF ORDEAL IMG00337865A FUNERAL CONSOLATION IMG00337866A BACK TO SHOOL IMG00337867A Police officers Police search for clues to bombing at the Cuban Mission to the United Nations 9/9. Y. Y. The woman died in the explosion and the man shot himself. 1986. Rescuers carry an injured girl from Cokeville Elementary School. 31. killed Tuesday when a bomb blow up at his office in downtown Salt Lake City office. The bomb blast shattered windows and caused "extensive" damage. At the same time. Funeral services were held Friday for Steven Christensen. December 28. The school of the site of an explosion Friday when 150 students were taken hostage by David and Deris Young. A woman comfortes a student in front of Cokeville Elementary School in Wyoming after an explosion Friday that injured more than 60. The canopy out front was blown away. on Tuesday. Authorities said a bomb was suspected. October 19. September 9. 1986. 1993. 8 year old Mike Thompson talks to reporters Saturady in front of the Cokeville elementory school where Friday a man and woman held 150 students and adults hostage before a bomb exploded injuring more than 65. which claimed at least fatality as police received reports of several other bombs discovered at other locations . 1978. N. Police officers outside an apartment where an explosion killed two people in Rochester. 1985.. where a heavily armed couple exploded a gasoline bomb Friday after demanding more than $300 million ransom. First-grader Jeremish Moore wrapped in the arms of his father George Moore. returned to Cokeville Elementory School Wednesday along with other students. May 16.. police reported. N.

S. Capitol Police Lt. attorney's office in New York City said it involved an inquiry into a plot to bomb New York City banks. June 16. The west wall of the Capitol. 31. The Weather Underground has claimed credit for the explosion.. S. 1974. 1993. Debris from the bombed-out washroom of the Capitol is stacked in a hallway. May 21. George Reid looks throughthrough a demolished door in a Capitol hallway today after a bomb exploded in a rest room nearby. Two men were killed and 36 other persons injured in the blast. burns a subpeona which he said he believes is connected with an inquiry into the Marchch 1 bombing of the U. Capitol. March 1. March 1. 1971. Calif. BUT IMG00337875A BOARDED UP AND SHORED UP across Erie County. already shored up due to deterioration. Note that the lock held the frame but the panel is missing from the force of the blast.IMG00337868A University of Wisconsin IMG00337869A BURNS SUBPEONA IMG00337870A Bombings IMG00337871A Law enforcement IMG00337872A VICTIM REMOVED AFTER BOMB BLAST IMG00337873A BANK HIT BY EXPLOSION IMG00337874A THE DOCK HELD. August 6. 1971. A victim of the bomb blast in the lobby area near the American World Airways ticket counter at Los Angeles International Airport is taken by stretecher from the building this morning. 1975. 1971. is . The U. A Madison policeman examines an auto that was damages by the explosion that tore apart the Mathematics Research Center on the University of Wisconsin campus early Monday. Police officers wearing protective hats use poles to bring down drapes and break out remaining glass early Monday at the Banco de Ponce branch in Rockefeller Center in New York after it was the target of a bomb. August 24. of Berkeley. 1970. December 28. Stuart Alpert. March 1. 1971. Law enforcement men sift through debris in a restroom on the Senate side of the Capitol early Monday after a bomb exploded.

Evelle J.IMG00337876A DEA BOMBING IMG00337877A EXPLOSION DAMAGES STATE OFFICES IMG00337878A Demolished car and shattered windows IMG00337879A A pipe bomb explosion IMG00337880A Bombing IMG00337881A BOMB BLAST OUT AT LA AIRPORT boarded up today after an explosion in an interior washroom. Younger in Los Angeles. No one was injured in the 2 a. Federal officers investigate a bombing that destroyed a U. A Los Angeles police photographerwalks through rubble in a terminal building at Los Angeles International Airport today after it was . 1979. Workman and investigators examins damage caused by the explosion of a bomb out side a suite of offices assigned to state Atty. March 17.m. Gen. 1982. March 1. Demolished car and shattered windows attest to force of bomb that exploded outside Marine Midland Bank in Manhattan's downtown financial district early 10/26. The windows in the building in front of the car were blown out. S. Broken windows are covered except for one in the Approriations Committee room through which debris is removed. 1990. May 31. The car in the left of the picture was damaged in the blast that moved the concerete parking lot bumper (center) about 6 feet. 1974. October 18. Federal investigators search area near the naval reserve center building 2711 for evidence from a bomb explosion late wed night. 1971. 1974. Drug Enforcement Administration office in South Fort Myers early Saturday. which had been inside the car. Jesse White. blast. Wednesday in a courtyard adjacent to the offices of State Rep. Remains of a pipe bomb explosion about 2:15 a. The bomb. October 26. Building 2711 is in an unrestricted area about 1 mile west of the main base. was one of five that exploded minutes apart at different locations in Manhattan. June 23. A group demanding independence for Puerto Rico claimed responsibility for the acts.m.

1974. This daylight view shows the damaged Union Carbide Building at 48th Street and Park Avenue in mid-Manhattan the scene of one of four bomb explosions early Saturday for which a militant Puerto Rican group claimed responsibility. some critically. 1971. A powerful bomb ripped a portion of the Senate Wing of the Capitol early Monday morning. November 10. Killing two man and injuring 36 other persons. 1971. The blast. Capitol Police Chief George Donahue said the bomb went off in a restroom underneath the Senate disbursing office. did extensive damage but no injuries were reported. March 1. Spectators view debris outside west front of the Capitol. 1974. October 26. Asst. August 6. in the Standard Oil of California building. A workmen starts cleaning up inside the organization of American States headquarters in Washington Sunday after a bomb explosion ripped the building Saturday night causing about $100. April 5. Workmen survey damage done by a terrorist bomb Friday night while President Ford spoke at a hotel five blocks away. March 1. A militant Puerto Rican group claimed .IMG00337882A Spectators IMG00337883A BOMB DAMAGES PORTION OF CAPITOL IMG00337884A BOMB DAMAGE IMG00337885A BOMB BLAST AT STANDARD OIL IMG00337886A DAMAGED BUILDING IMG00337887A BOMBING SITE ripped by a massive bomb blast.000 damage. 1974. There were no injuries. The blast was in a lobby area and a passenger tunnel to departing airliners near the Pan American World Airways ticket counter. already being supported because of weakened condition. The blast appeared to have caused a crack in the wall. 1975. A group colling itself the Red Guerrilla Family claimed responsibility for the explosion. This is a daylight view of Lever House at 53rd Street and Park Avenue in midmanhattan which was damaged by one of four bomb explosions eraly Saturday.

Police and fireman converge on the Revolutionary Warera building next to the landmark Fraunces Tavern (at corner) following an explosion 1/24 Revolutionary Warera building apparently caused by a bomb. at 151. JUDGE MOTT'S HOME JUDGE MOTT'S HOME Wash Wash.IMG00337888A IMG00337889A IMG00337890A IMG00337891A IMG00337892A IMG00337893A IMG00337894A IMG00337895A IMG00337896A IMG00337897A IMG00337898A resposibility for the blasts. Mitchell Palmer. which was partly demolished at ANOTHER BOMB OUTRAGE 12. Three persons were reported killed and about 40 others injured. Explosion at Palmer Residence Explosion at Palmer Residence. Police take German Shepherd dogs into the Capitol early today to search the building for bombs after an explosive device was exploded in the Senate wing BLAST PROBED AT CAPITOL earlven. Hayden. was wrecked by the dynamite plotters. Photo shows bomb and ruler with wrapper that was to have been ONE OF THE BOMBS SENT TO deliverted to Justice Oliver Wendall OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES Holmes of Washington D. N. 1919. June 3. Ruler shows height of bomb. 1974. 1919. November 9. .. Interior Scene in Palmer Home Attorney General. J.50 this morning by a bomb placed in the vactibulo by an uninown person. Hayden. The structur houses the Organization of American States. East 61st Street N Y City. C.. One of the windows on the front of the Pan American Union in Washington shows the effect of an explosive charge WINDOW SHATTERED which went off inside the building Saturday night. Representative Leland W. 1919. A photo of the recidence of Judge Chas C Nott Jr. Photo shows arecked home of Attorney General A. Mass. 1974. Powers and Roxbury. 1919. 1971. Bonchplat. March 1. also a wrecked home in Paterson. October 26. May 1. 1975. Judge Albert F. Bonchplat. January 24. Extensive structural damage but no injuries was reported. Home of Judge Albert F. This picture shows how the interior of the home of A. Mitchell Palmer.

Ole. part of General Telephone & Electronics. on East 42nd Street. on steps of which bomb was placed at II-15 last night. Mass. Mass. C. Ellerson and the third that of Senator Claude N. Map locates where bombs exploded in mid-Manhattan skyscrapper offices of three giant industrial corporationsin New York early Thursday. Newtonville. Hanson Bomb. July 27. 2132 R St NW Washington D. IMG00337900A Residence of A Mitchell Palmer IMG00337901A Attorney General A. The small pipe bomb shattered windows and narrowly missed injuring a deliveryman when it went off about 3:45 P.. Attorney General A. Powers. Residence of A Mitchell Palmer. Bombs addressed to 16. Mitchell Palmer. E. looking out of the window of his wrecked home. the second the residence of James R. Ole. 1970. Attorney General. 1970.IMG00337899A Wrecked Home in Paterson N. 7/27. Electric Products. J. Powers.M. The blasts occurred at the offices of International Business Machines Corp.T. J. Newtonville. at Park Avenue and 55th Street. center. This is the envelope in which was IMG00337906A Police and bank security men IMG00337907A WHERE SKYSCRAPERS WERE BOMBED IMG00337908A ENVELOPE OF BOMB . March 12. The first doorway shown in the picture is that of the Palmer residence.D. Swanson. By New York Wrecked Home in Paterson N. of Virginia. the Sylvania. The police theory is that the anarchist stumbled over stone coping as his body was blown to bits and fragments of flesh and bone were hurled a distance of 100 feet through second story windows of