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SMALL MEDIA SYMPOSIUM 2011 | PROGRAMME (last updated on 21 March 2011)

The Small Media Symposium 2011 will take place at the School of Oriental and African Studies in
London, UK on 8-9 April 2011.

Day 1 (8 April 2011): CONFERENCE (see programme below)

Day 2 (9 April 2011): WORKSHOPS (closed to public)

Friday 8 April 2011
Khalili Lecture Theatre
Main Building, Main Campus
School of Oriental and African Studies
Thornhaugh Street
Russell Square
London WC1H 0XG

830 – 915 Registration

915 -1000 Opening Remarks – Conceptualizing Small Media

Annabelle Sreberny, Centre for Media & Film Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies,
University of London

John Downing, Global Media Research Center, College of Mass Communication and Media Arts,
Southern Illinois University - Carbondale

Patrick McCurdy, Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication, Erasmus University
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Does size really matter? Media practices and theorising small media

1000 – 1115 Session 1 Small Media – Innovations

Xiao Qiang, Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, University of California at Berkeley

Muneeb Ali, Princeton University An ICTD Research Agenda from the Trenches

Soe Thiha, VocalPress

Rural social media: Information ecosystem for the Base of the Pyramid via telephony voice
Pauline Cheong, Arizona State University
Understanding the Cultural Dialectics of Small Media as Middle-Ground Resistance

Michael Rogers, UCL

Briar, a secure news and discussion system

Katrin Verclas,

Innovations and barriers to alternative news channels via mobile in repressive environments


1115- 1130 Coffee Break

1130 - 1245 Session 2: Lessons for/from Africa

John Barker, Free Expression Associates

Archippe Yepmou, Internet Sans Frontieres
Unexpected use of small media during the post-electoral crisis in Côte d'Ivoire

Julie Owono, International Relations consultant and Global Voices Online Author for Sub-Saharan
The role of small media in the rising of Central African citizens: example of Gabon

Grace Githaiga, Free Expression Associates


Iginio Gagliardone, Centre of Governance and Human Rights, University of

1245 – 1345 Lunch (provided)

1345 – 1500 Session 3: Lessons for/from the Maghreb and the Middle East

Dina Matar, Centre for Media & Film Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of

Jacob Sommer, Department of Government, Uppsala University
The Construction of Identities by the Libyan Youth Movement on Facebook

Hosein Sharif
Small Media and the Green Movement

Nermeen Sayed, The University of York

Activists’ perceptions of social media for mobilization

Khaled Koubaa

Mohammed Ibahrine, American University of Sharjah, UAE

1500 – 1515 Coffee Break

1515 – 1630 Session 4: Small Media – Vulnerabilities

Gary Garriott, Internews Network

George Weyman, Meedan
Small media and the dictator who didn't give in: The risks of soliciting audio and video in repressive

Sameer Padania, Macroscope

The resilience of small media in the era of transparency and instant solidarity

Amy O’Donnell, Frontline SMS

How to strengthen and harness community networks: The role of radio, mobile and SMS

Galina Miazhevich, University of Oxford, UK

Recent Developments in the Post-Soviet Small Media

Mahmood Enayat, Small Media Initiative

1630 – 1700 Closing Remarks

Annabelle Sreberny, Centre for Media & Film Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies,
University of London