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721 Westside Avenue
Jersey City, New Jersey 07306

Dear Saint Aloysius Families and Friends,

Calendar of Events Before our happy summer days begin, I would like to give thanks to our God for a successful year
at Saint Al’s! We pray that our eighth grade graduates and those leaving our school community
Summer hours: transition into new phases of their life with God‘s blessings
June 22nd – July 5th I am grateful for having the opportunity to continue serving St. Aloysius Elementary Academy. I
feel blessed to have the support and guidance of our Office of Schools, Fr. Juancho, Fr. Gustavo,
The school office will be Fr. Edinson, and our families.
This year’s success and achievements have been the result of many people collaborating in order to
The school office will move our school forward. I first want to thank our faculty and staff for the never-ending devotion
reopen on July 6th at 9 AM. and commitment to advance all our students to their highest potential. I also want to thank all the St.
Al’s families who supported our efforts to keep our school safe while ensuring academic
Mondays and Fridays the excellence.
school will be closed.
Thank you for entrusting your child to the faculty and staff of Saint Aloysius Elementary Academy.
Tuesday, Wednesday, and We thank you for recognizing the importance of a faith-based education based on our gospel values.
We cannot have had the year we did without your dedication. We all recognize that Saint Aloysius
Thursday the school office Elementary Academy is an incredibly special community. The teachers, staff, and I sincerely
will be open from 8:30AM appreciate your support and understanding during this challenging and unprecedented year.
to 12:30PM.
You will find our COVID-19 plan for the 2021 2022 academic year. Saint Aloysius will post our
If you need to contact any academic calendar, updated parent student handbook, and other pertinent information on our St.
Al’s website in the upcoming weeks.
office staff, please email us
at the following email We asked the Lord to continue to bless all our families and ask that He protect all of our students
addresses: over the long summer so that they are healthy, rested, and eager to return to school in the fall. May
the Peace of Christ be always with you, have a relaxing and safe summer!
A Summer Blessing May you walk with God this summer and whatever you do and wherever you go.
Walking with God means…Walking with honesty and with courage,
ICastillo- Walking with love and respect and concern for the feelings of others. May you talk to God this summer, every day and in every situation.
Talking with God means… Praying words of praise for the beauty of creation.
Saying prayers of thanks for friends and good times, asking God’s help in all your decisions, and
expressing sorrow when you have failed May you talk with God every day.
Summer Camp Hours Amen

Monday thru Friday

Peace & Blessings to you and your family,
8AM – 3PM
Jorge Luis Rivera , Principal
Coordinator: Mr. Villaver
If you have any questions,
please contact him via email

Visit us: P: (201) 433-4270 F: (201) 433-6916 Principal Email:
COVID-19 Update for
2021-2022 School Year
(subject to change)

As the 2020-2021 school year ended, planning for the 2021-2022 will begin. The Archdiocese of Newark and Saint Aloysius
Elementary Academy is working collaboratively to return to some normalcy, while maintaining a healthy environment. Please
see the following updates for the 2021-2022 school year:

• There will be no virtual learning option offered to students. All registered students at Saint Aloysius Elementary
Academy will be expected to attend face-to-face instruction. Feel free to contact me with any concerns.

• At the present time masks will be mandated during the instructional day. Families will be asked to provide the mask
for each student.

• Regular temperature checks at student drop-off will continue until further notice and throughout the instructional day.

• Visitors and volunteers will be limited to those necessary to assist in the operation of the school. (At the request of
teachers or administration)

• Masks will be required for all visitors, vendors, and volunteers.

• Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting practices will continue. St. Aloysius Elementary Academy will continue to use air
purifiers in the classrooms to assist for proper ventilation.

• Frequent hand washing and sanitizing will continue.

• The “If sick, stay home” policy will continue. All faculty, staff, and students will be expected to stay home if sick.
Students must be fever free and symptom free for 24 hours prior to returning to school, without fever reducing
medication. Students will be sent home from school if showing symptoms of illness and a timely pick-up is required.

• CDC Guidelines regarding required isolation when positive for Corona Virus as well as CDC protocols for quarantine
close contacts will continue to be followed.

• Athletic seasons for all grade levels will resume following all CDC requirements.

• Field trips will resume.

Please email Mr. Rivera, with any questions or concerns regarding our plans. Please remember that this
is all subject to change.