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Service Bulletin

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Issued by Canon Europa N.V.

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Service Support Tool Gen-849
(F2-T01-00F-10073-01/ F1-T01-00F-10078-01)
November, 2010

Service Support Tool v4.33Ez
Service Support Tool v4.33Ez Release
We strongly recommend all the SST users to upgrade to the SST version 4.33Ez.

[History of Release]

Description Date
v4.33Ez [New product support] Novem-
Connection with iR ADVANCE C2030 series (v10.xx or later) is supported. ber 2,
[Improvement of functions]
Registration status indication of iR ADVANCE C2030 series firmware is added to firmware
registration screen.
Asian optional language is supported.

[Bug fix]
Assist mode may be disabled in certain condition.
Incorrect operation of the firmware storage drive change function.

[Other change]
Change made on SramImg.bin download function in SSTv4.32 is cancelled.


Description Date
v4.32Ey [New product support] August
iR ADVANCE C2030 series is supported. 19, 2010

[Improvement of functions]
Reduction of SST start-up time
Allow SramImg.bin to download at key error occurrence
Improvement of SST version display

[Bug Fix]
Some back-up data cannot be deleted.

v4.24Ew [Bug Fix] July

When downloading the firmware to iR ADVANCE series with Assist Mode, DCON firmware is 16,2 010
not downloaded.

v4.23Ev [Bug Fix] Febru-

When the firmware is exported to the USB memory, some of iR ADVANCE firmware are not ary 3,
selected by default. 2010

v4.23Eu [Improvement of functions] January

European optional language is supported. 29, 2010
Adapted to maincontroller optional accessory firmware.

[Bug fix]
Runtime error occurs in the Assist Mode Setting.
Unnecessary message appears in the Assist Mode.


Description Date
v4.22 [New product support] August
iR ADVANCE series is supported. 7, 2009

[Improvement of functions]
iRC3380/4580 series G3 Fax firmware automatic selection is supported.
Language selection for LANGUAGE and RUI in Assist Mode is supported.
Waiting time in Batch download processing is reduced.
Start of the following jobs at the end of Batch downloading is supported.
Entering Single mode, Shutdown, Restart
Downloading different versions of SYSTEM in Single mode is inhibited.
Installation of the downloaded firmware in Single mode is supported.
Downloading with Assist mode after HDD format is supported.
Download error due to improper operation on iR3245/iPR1135 series is prevented.

Firmware search time is reduced.

Selection of individual firmware to be exported to USB memory is enabled.
The use of new USB-Parallel adapter (FY9-4368) with Windows Vista is supported.

[Bug fix]
SST may not work properly when it is connected to iR2270/8570/9070 series with Boot prior to
version 6.36.
SST may not recognize registered firmware of the connected machine in Assist mode.
SST may misjudge the version comparative result of accessories in Assist mode.

v4.11 - Multiple firmware downloading on the single mode connection is made possible. January
- File check function reinforcement. 5, 2009
- Target model expansion for auto restart on firmware export
- Firmware version selection function for 2-line G3Fax board installation is added.
- Countermeasure for fault downloading in the 2-line G3Fax board.
- Auto distinction function, based on the version of the 2-line G3Fax board and the G4Fax board, is
- The item name of selection check box for special and normal are changed. (JPN version only)
- A registration status display during export to USB memory is made available.
- Countermeasure for suspension problem in downloading to the machine not equipped with G4Fax
on the assist mode.
- Countermeasure for the problem occurred when the registered firmware is misjudged as not
registered on the assist mode.
- Countermeasure for slow response in the selection check box display in the main menu.


Description Date
v4.04 v4.01/4.03 which were limitedly released had some problems, so we decided to stop its release. August
Please do not use v4.01/4.03. 8, 2008

- Some new models need to restart the main unit after executing "HDD Format > ALL", so the
function which automatically executes a shutdown sequence is added for these models.
- New controller common firmware registration model, iRZZZZ, is supported.
- Timeout failure which occurs during download of System in new model is modified.
- Assist mode that offers similar function as ALL/ALL_HDF files without these files is added.
- Windows Vista (32-bit version) is supported (64-bit version is not supported)
- Reduction of batch processing time
- Reduction of SST start-up time
- Reduction of firmware registration and deletion time
- Addition of progress bar display function for firmware registration processing
- Addition of identification function for normal firmware and special firmware
- Prevention of improper downloading of multiple lines G3Fax board firmware with USB memory

v3.35 - Modification of the error when registering System CD which stores firmware of multiple models July 27,
- Addition of the function which checks the file checksum at firmware registration 2007
- Proper support of USB-serial conversion adaptor (with certain conditions)
- Version information of non-equipped accessories is sent from main unit. This bug is fixed.
- If you click Search button with the HDD route at firmware registration, Execution Error 70 occurs.
This bug is fixed.
- During USB memory writing processing, Execution Error 35603 occurs. This bug is fixed.
- If you remove firmware and then register again, Execution Error occurs. This bug is fixed.

v3.34 - New SFP models are supported. May 15,

- Margin for the time-out error when collecting the sublog is extended. 2007
- FAX firmware download failure on the specific models is modified.
- Modification of the failure that after connecting with the device, the registered DCON and RCON
are not displayed.
- Modification of the failure that Runtime Error 5 occurs in the WinXP Pro SP2 environment.
- Modification of the failure during FirmID registration processing.
- Modification of the failure that Runtime Error 91 occurs if you re-register the firmware which was
once deleted.
- Modification of the failure that Runtime Error 53 occurs when selecting the SFP firmware.
- Modification of the failure that Runtime Error 91 occurs on the firmware registration and deletion
- Modification of the failure that the explanation of firmware does not disappear on the firmware
registration and deletion screens.
- Character size change on the main menu.
- Display message change at batch download.
- Setting range is widen.(Support chip added.)


Description Date
v3.33 - Modification of iRC5185 DCON download failure. January
- Modification of the failure which occurs at the batch download to legacy products. 17, 2007
- Modification of the SYSTEM/ WebDAV confirmation message failure for CL2/BW3/BW4
controller products.
- Modification of the failure regarding Register Firmware and Delete Firmware buttons for IP
address at the batch download with the network connection.
- Modification of the registration failure which occurs when performing the firmware batch
registration and detecting the non-registered information file for batch download.
- Modification of the download interface selection display failure.
- Modification of the failure that Register Firmware button is enabled at the firmware batch
- Improvement of start-up time and registration processing time.
- Addition of "Starting Main Menu. Please wait." message which displays until returning to the main

v3.32 - Cascade connection of POD-related accessories is supported. Novem-

- Download for new ADF accessories is supported. ber 7,
- Individual download for CA certificate is supported on compact MFP. 2006
- Key of new encryption board is initialized.
- When you register FirmID.rec and VerFilter.rec, even sub-folders are searched.
- Multiple firmware items to be deleted can be selected.
- When firmware is not registered/approved, the version information (warning) is displayed.
- Display on firmware registration/deletion screen is improved.
- Screen display at SST start-up is improved.
- Screen display when registered firmware is searched is improved.
- UI of module for accessory serial download is improved.
- Unnecessary accessories are displayed as items to be downloaded. This failure is modified.
- Failure at registration from NewROM folder is modified.
- Failure when "_" is included in the registration model/module names is modified.
- Failure on serial port selection processing is modified.
- Failure on HDD format processing is modified.

v3.22 - Measures for Run-time error 35602 at firmware registration April 3,

- Measures for Run-time error 35601 at batch downloading 2006
- Measures for Run-time error in Win98
- Measures for the error which fails to take over information when reinstalling SST
- Disabling buttons while registering/deleting firmware
- Disabling Clear button when downloading
- Improvement of firmware transfer efficiency to LBP
- Measures to the display error for DCON/RCON of iR2230/2230HD
- Measures to the display error of iR2230
- Addition of model configuration information and available version information


Description Date
v3.21 - Support of new iRC series June 8,
- Change of firmware display for new iR/iRC series 2005
- Additional functions for new iR/iRC series
- Limitation on downloading to new iR/iRC series
- Limitation when combining Boot and System in new iR series
- Countermeasure against USB connection error

v3.11 - Support new Finisher Decem-

- Support HDD replacement in new iR series ber 28,
- Support Boot Ver 6.36 of new iR series 2004
- Support Download in the iR2230 (ROM model)
- Support DCON/RCPN Download mode in the iR2230
- Countermeasure against the fault occurred in the existing machine when batch download is
executed via network
- Countermeasure against Error in Finisher download
- Countermeasure against the display error about the registration status of firmware targeted for
batch download
- Countermeasure against the display error in the number of batch download processing result
- Error code addition to the batch download processing result
- Countermeasure against the error in the download confirmation message

v3.04 - Support of a new HDD for a new iR Series Novem-

- Change in the ini file ber 22,
- Built-in uninstaller for the previous version of the USB printer class driver 2004

v3.03 - Support for common firmware programs among the new iR controller-mounted models (support Novem-
for iR8570N/105i) ber 8,
- Countermeasures against a fault in the installer 2004
- Countermeasures against an error occurring when executing firmware registration
- Countermeasures against a fault occurring when registering firmware from the NewROM folder
- Countermeasures against a fault occurring when downloading the finisher
- Countermeasures against a fault occurring when connecting any of the new iR Series machines
- Change of folder configuration
- Change of folder name
- Change of the ini file

v3.02 - Support for iR2270 Series Novem-

- Adoption of newly designed operation screens ber 8,

v2.03 - Addition of the function of skipping an error that occurs during a collective download. April
- Remedy of the symptom that occurs when there is an extreme increase in the data size in response 27, 2004
to temporal saving of the MEAP applications.

v2.02 Remedy of problems with collective download on v2.01 March

17, 2004

v2.01 Support of collective download March

17, 2004


Description Date
v1.81 - Supporting the temporary saving function for MEAP application Decem-
- Correcting the problem that occurs when using the USB adapter on CLC/CP/GP ber
- Correcting the problem that occurs when using the USB adapter on some iR machines 5, 2003
- Decreasing the time length necessary for uploading the iR machine data via the UBS adapter

v1.73 - USB-Parallel cable support July 14,

- The problem in using special version numbers is corrected. 2003

v1.63 - The download of Dcon/Rcon to the iR C3200 series is supported. Febru-

- Addition of function that batch registration can be done ary 6,
- The problem that the version of all units is displayed was corrected. 2003
- "Execution error" generated when the starting download button was pushed was corrected.

v1.41 - Support of upload and download of backup date via the USB interface Decem-
- Addition of model name judgment for variants ber 18,
- Correction to the message on the firmware folder registration screen 2001
- Avoidance of infinite loop

v1.32 - iR1600-2000 support (Upgrading via USB is supported.) Novem-

- Change in description: "Country" is changed to "Country/Region." ber 5,
- Correction of a fault that characters are not fit in the screen or are lost 2001
- Correction of a fault in downloading the iR3250 backup data (This fault is limited to v1.28 only)

v1.28 - Std models support (such as the iR5000i) -

- On the CLC1150 series, a host copier or a PC locks when uploading backup data. To prevent this
fault, the timer value is changed.
- Change in description: "Finisher" is changed to "Accessory."

v1.25 - New iR models support (such as the iR2200/8500) -

- Microsoft Windows NT4/2000 support


Description Date
v1.17 - Modifications are made so that the Service Support Tool can be installed to other drives in addition -
to C drive.
- "Version Information" button is added to the main menu screen so that you can verify versions of
each module configuring the Service Support Tool.
- An error message appears when information required for registration is not included in the
information file.
- An error occurs when downloading the firmware after registration without restarting the Service
Support Tool. A measure for this fault is taken.
- While downloading the Finisher, if an error occurs, the downloading process abnormally ends
without indicating an error message. A measure for this fault is taken.
- An error might occur due to an improper processing upon calculation of checksum of transmission
data. A measure for this fault is taken.
- In case the SST is connected to an iR product via parallel port, the timing when accessing the driver
is changed so that operations can carry forward only if an iR machine enters the download mode
before "OK" button in the confirmation screen is pressed.
- The description of the operating mode for the connection via parallel port is changed from
"Standard Mode" to "High-Speed Mode." "Low-Speed Mode" remains unchanged.
- Modifications are made so that uploaded backup data can be stored in a hard disk drive with
volume label.
- A wrong country name and a wrong language are displayed when downloading backup data. A
measure for this fault is taken.
- In case the SST is connected via network, the other end is displayed at the upper right of the screen.

v1.14 New Release

Details : Changes included in version 4.33Ez

Major change from SST v4.32Ey is shown below.

Change in SST v4.33Ez

No. Item Descriptions

1 [New product support] Since communication timing between SST and iR ADVANCE C2030 series
Connection with iR ADVANCE is changed if the firmware of v10.xx or later is installed, SSTv4.32 may not
C2030 series (v10.xx or later) is be connected with it, so SSTv4.33 is modified to support connection with iR
supported. ADVANCE C2030 series with new version of firmware.


No. Item Descriptions

2 [Improvement of functions] Registration status of iR ADVANCE C2030 series firmware is added to the
Registration status indication of iR firmware list shown when the "SEARCH" button in "Register Firmware" is
ADVANCE C2030 series firmware clicked. If the firmware is registered already, "Registered" is indicated. If it is
is added to firmware registration not registered, "Not registared" is indicated and a check mark is marked by
screen. default.

3 [Improvement of functions] Asian optional languages:Thai and Vietnamese are added to the optional
Asian optional language is language list in "Optional Language Setting" under "System Management".

4 [Bug fix] Under the following conditions, the assist mode may be disabled even the
Assist mode may be disabled in firmware of the machine is registered to SST:
certain condition. Case 1
Only the firmware of iR ADVANCE C2030 series is registered to SST.
Case 2
Only one set of iR ADVANCE series firmware is registered to SST.
This problem is resolved.

5 [Bug fix] When the firmware storage drive is changed using "Change Firmware Drive"
Incorrect operation of the firmware under "System Management", the firmware of iR ADVANCE C2030 series
storage drive change function. is not moved from the original drive. SST is modified to move also firmware
of iR ADVANCE C2030 series to the selected drive.

5 [Other change] "Allow SramImg.bin to download at key error occurrence" added to

Change made on SramImg.bin SSTv432Ey is cancelled since the firmware of the main controller needs to be
download function in SSTv4.32 is modified to use this function.

Notes on Asian optional language for iR ADVANCE C2030 series

Thai and Vietnamese will be released as a set of Asian optional language. When these optional languages are written
to the USB memory by SST, if both languages are selected, the firmware written to the USB memory is not
recognized by iR ADVANCE C2030 series machine.
To make SST recognize the Asian optional language, select only one language. This problem occurs only when two
optional languages are released as a set and both of them are selected. If more than three languages are released as a
set like European optional languages, and two of them are selected, this problem doesn't occur. This problem occurs
only with iR ADVANCE C2030 series. This problem will be corrected in the next version of SST.

Asian optional language USB memory export screen


Remarks :
Points to note for SST upgrade;

As SST supports the new models and the bugs have been fixed, it can be updated anytime. Thus it is strongly
recommended for all SST users to use the latest version. For export to USB memory for upgrade, be sure to use v4.04
or later. For export to USB memory for upgrade using the SST of old version, there is worry that the incorrect
firmware is exported, and 2-line G3Fax board cannot work as the result. Due to G3Fax modem chip change, the G3
Fax firmware for iRC3380/iRC5180 series is divided into 2 categories: old modem chip and new modem chip.
Those chips are incompatible, thus if they are written incorrectly, the fax function failure will occur. The difference
between the 2 chips is only on the version number of the firmware. (for old chip is from v80-xx onward, and the new
one is v01xx to v39xx), and auto distinction is not available. In the current SST specification, the G3Fax firmware
of the old chip with escalating version number is written in the USB memory, and if it is connected to the main body
of the new chip, only the version number is compared, hence it will be wrongly judged as upgrade, and trouble will
occur. Hence, on the SSTv4.xx or later, this specification is changed, and the G3Fax firmware is excluded as an
export target to USB memory. To upgrade the G3Fax firmware, it is necessary to do it by using SST instead of USB
Assist mode in SSTv4.22 has automatic G3 fax firmware select function though SSTv4.11 requires manual selection.

Points to note at SST release;

- When you install new SST to the PC which the old version is already installed, you need to uninstall this old
version beforehand. If you upgrade the version by overwriting, an error occurs. Therefore, we made the
modification, so that when you attempt to overwrite, the message prompting you to uninstall the old version is
displayed and the installation is stopped.
To upgrade from SSTv4.xx, uninstall SST then delete ServiceSupportTool folder(Default location
C:\Canon\ServiceSupportTool) using Windows Explorer.
*Please do not do the upgrade of SST that copies the file directly in the service support tool folder of Program

- Even the old version is uninstalled, the registered firmware remains. If you change the default drive in which
firmware is stored, select "System Management", "Change Firmware Drive" and "Combine" in the order.

- When the firmware is registered from the specified folder and the folder which stores the firmware contains a
dot ( . ) in the folder name, an error occurs during the registration processing, so the registration cannot be made.
Please make sure that the folder name like "iR2270JP20.05" is not included in the full path (path from the drive
to the firmware file).

- As for iRC3100/3200/6800 series, Dcon, Rcon and G3FAX firmware cannot be downloaded sequentially.
When they are downloaded, make sure to turn off the power of main unit every time each firmware is

- Limitations at MEDIA file download

A "MEDIA" file contains the MEDIA sources for various languages and it is automatically expanded in the
device at the installation. Therefore, regardless of the old and new versions, the data is overwritten. When the
same version or old version MEDIA file is downloaded, the confirmation message for the version downgrade
is not displayed.

- Downloading via parallel port interface (legacy parallel port and USB-Parallel adapter:FY9-4154) is not
supported in Windows Vista.
Only the combination of new USB-Paralle adapter:FY9-4368 and SSTv4.22 supports operation in Windows

- To start Setup.exe in Windows Vista, right-click on the Setup.exe and select "Execute as administrator".

Appendix: USB-Serial Conversion adopter test result list

Test Result

Maker Model No. Driver Information TEST Result

Cablesunlimited USB-2920 FTDI Ltd.




BELKIN F5U109ea Magic Control Technology Corp.

2.98 for WIN2KXP

StarTeck ICUSB232 Prolific


RadioShack 26-183 RadioShack Corporation


*1: At the 2nd download, E302 (connection error) occurs on SST, but you can restore by removing and inserting the
NG: E302 (connection error) occurs on SST

Operation check at adopter selection

- Check that download can be made.
- Any firmware version can be used.
- Use the latest driver if possible.

Accessories which are recommended for operation check in Sales Co.

Whether Finisher for iRC3380/2880 (Z1/Y1/Y2) can be upgraded (Operation check of DLM2)
Whether Finisher for iRC3380/4580/5180/5185 (W1/W2) can be upgraded (Operation check of DLM7)