A seminar report on
“IP Television”
Submitted in partial fulfillment for the award of the degree in

Bachelor of engineering

Ms. Shwetha.C.P
Under the guidance of Prof. Gururaj.M Dept of CSE

USN 1NC07CS072



DEVANAHALLI. Gururaj.(1NC07CS072) a bonafied student of Nagarjuna College of Engineering and Technology in partial fulfillment for the award of Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science & Engineering of the Visvesvaraya Technological University. Name & Signature of the Guide Prof. Belgaum during the year 2011. as it satisfies the academic requirements in respect of the seminar prescribed for the said Degree.P. BENGALURU-562 110. H.M Name & Signature of the Name & Signature of the HOD Prof. Department of Computer Science & Engineering CERTIFICATE Certified that the seminar entitled “ IP Television ” carried out by Ms.NAGARJUNA COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY VENKATAGIRIKOTE.C.S Nanda . Shantakumar B Patil Principal Dr. Shwetha. It is certified that all corrections/suggestions indicated for internal assessment have been incorporated in the report submitted in the departmental library. The seminar report has been approved.

phone calls . The role of IPTV is to integrate numerous ways to scrutinize and trace choices of users. images. which result in a sharp increase in content distribution control. it is nothing but a broadband connection and a system to deliver various programs of television using the Internet protocol (i. It is therefore emerging as a perfect platform on which clients add personalized e-commerce options and a more targeted advertising. IPTV uses an Internet Protocol over broadband connection and very often . So why not TV? Today.IP Television ABSTRACT We live in the age of the digital packet.. It is important to remember that IPTV is not like any ordinary television program broadcast through the Internet. Its contour is represented by a closed. but rather it is unique in itself. Its role is also to mark out the preferences and selections over a particular time period. and reassembled at the other end according to Internet protocol. through which you can receive both TV and video signals along with other multimedia services by means of your Internet connection. proprietary TV system which is similar to the cable services present today. In a nutshell. music.all get chopped up. the delivery of IPTV is made via IP-based secure channels. in contrast. IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is creating headlines all over the World. Documents. IPTV is a very useful system. IPTV has turned out to be a widespread denominator for systems where both television and video signals are circulated to subscribers or viewers. language) over computer networks.e. propelled through networks. But. By now. This mass publicity is the result of numerous instances and stories depicting its humble deployments and its future.

This is done by using the same infrastructure but apparently over a dedicated bandwidth allocation. supplied by an operator dealing with broadband.this service has been provided in parallel with the Internet connection of the subscriber. Hence. we can describe it as a system in which a digital television service is provided to subscribing consumers over a broadband connection using the Internet Protocol. . The goal of this report is to shed some light on the meanderings of the IPTV route.

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