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Latihan Guru Bestari 2007

Sampel Lesson Plan : Mathematics

Subject : Mathematics

Year : 4

Topic : Fractions

Duration/Time : 30 minutes

Subject Content : Additions of fractions

Learning Outcomes : At the end of the lesson the pupils will be able to:
1. add two proper fractions with the same denominator up to
2. add two proper fraction with the different numerators and
sum is in the simplest form.

Activities : Demonstrate additions of proper fractions through paper

folding activity or use fractions charts , diagrams and
number lines.

Moral Values : Being Co operative and helpful

Thinking Skills : Comparing and reasoning.

Teaching Aids : Fractions charts, diagrams and coloured paper strips

Phase Content Teaching and learning activities

Sample Lesson Plan

Latihan Guru Bestari 2007

Set induction Singing / Integration Teacher sings a song with the pupils.
(3 minutes) (CD /PowerPoint
slide) Who Wants Pizza

Who wants pizza? (2X)

Here you are. (2X)
It’s a large pizza . (2X)
Divide by eight. (2X)
Are you happy ? (2X)
Eat pizza (2X)
Do you want one more?(2X)
Yes you can. (2X)

(Tune : Are You Sleeping?)

Step 1 Introducing the Teacher cuts a pizza into eight slices.

concept of addition of Teacher asks how many parts of the pizza
(10 minutes) fractions. has been cut.
Teacher explains the concept of fractions
using the pizza’s slices and that each slice
is equal to 1 of the pizza.

Two pupils were asked to take part in the

Pupils A takes two slices of pizza and pupil
B takes one slice of pizza.
Teachers then explains that two eighths
and one eighth equals to three eighths.
Teacher explains the addition of fractions
only the numerators are added while the
denominators remain the same for both

2 3
+ 1 =
8 8 8

Sample Lesson Plan

Latihan Guru Bestari 2007

Step 2 Introducing addition

10 minutes of fractions using Teacher then distribute a paper strip to
symbols. each of the students.
Teacher instructs the pupils to fold the
paper strip into ten parts.
Teacher asks the pupils to colour four parts
blue and three parts green.
Teacher guides the pupils to add the

4 3 7
+ =
10 10 10

Step 3 Assessment
5 minutes
Teacher distributes the worksheets and
asks the pupils to answer.
Teacher discusses the answers.

Closure (CD) / PowerPoint

2 minutes slides
Ask the pupils to sing the ‘Who Wants
Pizza’ song.

Sample Lesson Plan