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DCS International Pvt. Ltd. No. 18/2, 7th Mile Srinivasa Industrial Estate Next to Metro Kanakapura Main Road Konanakunte Post Bangalore 560 062 Phone: +91-80-26660452, 26660457 Fax: +91-80-26660399 E-mail: info@dcsintl.co.in

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The main products are women and men's jackets , long coats, parkas, blousons, sportswear, vests, bermudas and trousers.

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Allen Solley. Vests ITC . Our product range is in tune with latest fashion trends. Germany Rosner. Red Tab. Canada For the Domestic Market • • • Levis .Red Loop.Wills Sports Madura Coats . our team interacts with the clients to be in confirmity with their requirements. Backed by well-trained professionals with years of experience guarantees provisions of quality service to our clients. We constantly work to elevate our standards of excellence by offering customised service. Shakthi Clothing Private Limited is our sister-concern for domestic market. Italy Fennelli. Dockers. Workers. Germany Siam. Sanfrancisco • • • Process Management and Customer Interaction About Us • • • Our management process is integerated and customer-oriented. We have comprehensive pre and after sales services by co-operating with our Foreign and Indian Customers to continually developing new products. . Signature. The sampling of designs are tested and evaulated by our creative team followed by client approval to avoid any discrepancy in output. Louis Phillips.For the Export Market • • • • Milestone. Sykes.

00 136.00 244. which has now successfully become one of the largest in the world. Various Categories Indian textile industry can be divided into several segments. Further. which saw a stiff rise to reach US$ 22.14 billion in 2006-07.86 86. India textile industry is also the largest in the country in terms of employment generation.30 76.67 76.00 280. but the scenario started changing after the economic liberalization of Indian economy in 1991. production and productivity of cotton in India during the last six decades: Year 1950-51 1960-61 1970-71 1980-81 1990-91 2000-01 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 Area in lakh hectares 56. The current domestic market of textile in India is expected to be increased to US$ 60 billion by 2012 from the current US$ 34. The textile export of the country was around US$ 19.39 Production in lakh bales of 170 kgs 30. Though was predominantly unorganized industry even a few years back. the textile industry of India also contributes nearly 14% of the total industrial production of the country.30 87. India textile industry currently generates employment to more than 35 million people. It also contributes around 3% to the GDP of the country.39 85.41 47.05 78. but also opens up scopes for the other ancillary sectors.00 140. The opening up of economy gave the much-needed thrust to the Indian textile industry. some of which can be listed as below: • • • • • • Cotton Textiles Silk Textiles Woolen Textiles Readymade Garments Hand-crafted Textiles Jute and Coir The Industry India textile industry is one of the leading in the world. It is also estimated that.13 in 2007-08. Currently it is estimated to be around US$ 52 billion and is also projected to be around US$ 115 billion by the year 2012.44 94.6 billion. India earns about 27% of its total foreign exchange through textile exports.76 87.48 76.00 179.62 56. the industry will generate 12 million new jobs by the year 2010.00 Yield kgs per hectare 92 124 106 170 267 278 308 302 399 470 478 521 567 . It also plays a major role in the economy of the country.00 158.00 243. India textile industry largely depends upon the textile manufacturing and export. Following are area.78 76. It not only generates jobs in its own industry.77 91.00 315.24 74.60 117. The share of exports is also expected to increase from 4% to 7% within 2012.63 78.INDIAN TEXTILE INDUSTRY India Textile Industry is one of the leading textile industries in the world.

00 313./Crores) 1655.01 0.83 12.15 657. Strengths • • • • • • • • Vast textile production capacity Large pool of skilled and cheap work force Entrepreneurial skills Efficient multi-fiber raw material manufacturing capacity Large domestic market Enormous export potential Very low import content Flexible textile manufacturing systems Weaknesses • • • • • • Increased global competition in the post 2005 trade regime under WTO Imports of cheap textiles from other Asian neighbors Use of outdated manufacturing technology Poor supply chain management Huge unorganized and decentralized sector High production cost with respect to other Asian competitors Cotton Exports from India Year 1996-97 1997-98 1998-99 1999-00 2000-01 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 Quantity (in lakh bales of 170 kgs) 16.82 3.11 9.50 0.43 44.31 1089.A. .00 58.73 290.65 0.2008-09 93.15 51.40 66.50 1.00 526 Though during the year 2008-09.98 N. the industry had to face adverse agro-climatic conditions.00 85. it succeeded in producing 290 lakh bales of cotton comparing to 315 lakh bales last year. yet managed to retain its position as world's second highest cotton producer.14 47.00 50.08 8365.00 Value (in Rs.60 0.34 3951.35 5267.62 86.72 52.

93 772. For High Tech Weaving Park in Mysore 10 acres of land has been allotted to entrepreneurs at Hebbal KIADB Industrial Area. Action has been initiated to develop 65 acres of land and land has been allotted to 83 Processing units. Karnataka.01 1789. The Textile Parks would be come up in Gulbarga.50 7.33 N. Various industries in Karnataka have always accused the government of giving attention only to IT and BT and not any other industry.30 4.13 7.92 2029.21 12.77 752. In Bellary the Textile Park would come up in 154 acres at Mundargi and Guggarahalli. Besides in Doddaballapur and Integrated Textile Park was proposed under Central Government's Scheme for Integrated Textile Park (SITP) at a cost of Rs 62 Crore.13 25. Cotton exports couldn't pick up owing to disparity in domestic and international cotton prices. the works on infrastructure development was stalled since land owners have approached civil court.42 497.87 22. Bangalore is also known as the 'Garment capital' of India. Current Facts on India Textile Industry • • • • • • India retained its position as world’s second highest cotton producer.Year 1996-97 1997-98 1998-99 1999-00 2000-01 2001-02 2002-03 2003-04 2004-05 2005-06 2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 Quantity (in lakh bales of 170 kgs. Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board (KIADB) has initiated to establish the Textile Park in Davanagere at a cost of Rs 350 lakhs in 60 acres of land at Karur and Davanagere. Imports of cotton were limited to shortage in supply of Extra Long staple cottons.04 695.10 1338. Ramanagaram.01 22.67 7./Crores) 56.26 17. However. The productivity of cotton which was growing up over the years has decreased in 2008-09. and especially Bangalore hosts many big garment companies. Development of Apparel Park Phase II and III at Doddaballapur would be taken up at 265. Davanagere.64 1967. Bellary.17 5.00 Value (Rs. Besides an Integrated Textile Park at Doddaballapur.92 880. Textile Parks In July 2008 the Karnataka Government proposed to establish 11 Textile Parks to give a boost to textile industry in the State. Bangalore.29 986. Mysore.53 6. Acreage under cotton reduced about 1% during 2008-09.30 acres and 750 acres respectively to be acquired by KIADB. Apparel Park Phase II and III at Doddaballapur and High Tech Weaving Park at Mysore would be taken up. The Centre has already released Rs 220 lakhs and civil works are in progress. The Textile industry has been asking for textile parks on the lines of IT parks.00 5.18 2150.A. .) 0. Belgaum. Substantial increase of Minimum Support Prices (MSPs).

is the only manufacturer in India to offer 100% pure natural silk and spun yarn. Crepe-de-chinese. Georgettes.vsnl.Chord Road. Gogte Textiles Ltd Incorporated: 1980. KSIC's present turnover is Rs. 3. Doddaballapur Integrated Textile Park (DITPL) Tthe Rs 250-crore Doddaballapur Integrated Textile Park (DITPL) is expected to become one of the country's important powerloom clusters. it has outlets through Cauvery. 1. It was inaugurated in July 2010 by the Union textile minister Dayanidhi Maran. Mumbai. Dress Material.560 001.net. Denim. 1st Main. Bangalore . Bangalore . Kamakshipalya. Also a Licensee for Walt Disney Garments in India. In Ramanagaram. woven and knitted garments i.Office: . Furnishings. Textile Park to be set up in Gulbarga would come up in 50 acres of land at Nandur Kasarali KIADB industrial area has been identified and 80 entrepreneurs have been identified for this Textile Park. Silk Shirts. The company has several divisions like Knitwear. Tel: +91-80-25586550. Ties. Silk waste. Jaquards. shirts. Sixty nine acres of land had been identified at Wagvade village in Belgaum for establishment of Textile Park. Benaka Clothing Co Mfrs of : Corporate / Industrial Hotel/ Hospital / Institutions Uniforms #59. Maran said modernizing technology and production processes are the key to staying competitive in the global market. tie-ups with Playtex for Lingerie and Weil-France for suits. It will house 75 weaving units with 600 looms and eight apparel factories with 500 sewing machines owned and operated by members of the units. 25588559.2332 1471.000 people. Tel: 080-2332 1561. modernized with Japanese Technology in 1980. Karekallu. Bangalore . Outer wear. 25598442.com 2. set up in 1932. Public Utility Building. expansion into active sportswear and enhancing its productivity by increasing the number of plants and technology.560 079 Ph : +91-80-3241-6472 Fax: +91-80-2348-7574 Email : marketing@benakaclothing. Email: ksicblr@blr. Next to GuruPriya Kalayana Mantapa. will ensure processing and preweaving facilities. Products include sarees in over hundred colour combinations-Mysore Crepe Silk. Lingerie. The park. This park will provide employment to 8. Four units near Bangalore handle the entire manufacturing process from cocoon to fabric. Chiffons. Karnataka Silk Industries Corporation III & IV Floor. spread across 48 acres. blazers. M. 4.G. Suits.In Bangalore preliminary notification has been issued for acquisition of 50 acres of land at Hosahalli in Anekal Taluk for the High Tech Weaving Park at a cost of Rs 4200 lakhs. Delhi and MSIL. Apart from showrooms in the south. renamed KSIC in '81. Gokuldas Images Ltd and Gokuldas Exports 123. trousers. processed to produce spun silk yarn is used to manufacture silk carpets in Kashmir. KSIC exports spun silk products to European countries. It has a manufacturing partnership with Levi Strauss & Company.37 acres of land at Kadakola and Koohanahalli village in Mysore for setting up Textile Park. Beginning with ready-made garments textiles in the 1960's Gokaldas Images Ltd. Scarves and Cravats. Regd. Around 41 units are expected to be operational by this year-end. reconstituted itself in 1979 to deal in high fashion wear. Gokaldas Images envisages vertical expansion into textile manufacture for Knitted garments. 25586402 Fax: +91-80-25587020. shorts.in Mysore Silk Weaving Factory.35. blouses.000 lakhs. KIADB has identified 125 acres of land at Harisandra Village in Ramanagaram District for establishment of Textile Park and action was being taken for acquisition of 257. Fax: 080-2332 2497.560 010.Road. etc. 25586399.e.

• • • No yarning gap: apparel. Shrigandha Kaval Bangalore . Tel: +91-80-25584038.G Road. Belgaum . Anand. said Ashok Kumar C Manoli. Renuka Silks Private Limited #53-1. Bangalore . The policy is now awaiting approval of the new government. Tel: 24917 Telex: 192-227. Mandya.M.” says A.146.560091 Tel: +91 80 3093 5929 Email: contact@renukasilks.com • • Karnataka Govt to establish 11 Textile Parks The Karnataka Government proposes to establish 11 Textile Parks to give a boost to textile industry in the State. Mysore. Fax: +91-80-23340117 Email: seide@himatsingka.000 crore and create half a million jobs in five years by offering sops to the industry. Himatsingka Seide Ltd Regd.596 006. GTEX Grams: 'MINERALS' Works: KAIDB Area. Government of Karnataka • Textile parks likely in all districts The State government is willing to provide infrastructure for establishing textile parks in all district headquarters if investors come forward to set up textile units. it is apparel boom: Commissioner India which witnessed IT and BT boom is all set for apparel boom in the wake of lifting of sanctions on textile imports by US and European countries following the Agreement on Textile and Clothing (ATC) which came into effect on January 1. “The draft policy primarily aims at two aspects: generation of employment in the rural interiors.Midford Gardens.591113. 80ft Ring Road. said Minister for Tourism. Tumkur and Chickballapur. 2005. Textile and Infrastructure Sriramulu. BT. These are expected to come up at Ramnagaram.Office: 2/1.com 6. Belgaum ... Kottige Palya. joint director at the state’s department of handlooms and textiles.Tilakwadi. Karnataka drafts new textile policy to attract investment Karnataka has drafted a textile policy that expects to attract investments worth Rs10. Apparel Training & Design Centre (ATDC) is setting up five training and design centres in five districts of the State. Commissioner for Textile Development. and invite new investments in the sector.560001. textile SEZ for city Apparel Park gets off ground in Bangalore Silk Board Plans Info Kiosks Across Karnataka . Kakti. • After IT. 5. • Apparel design centres at five districts in Karnataka In an effort to provide better job opportunities for rural folk.

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