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This free companion kit contains larger versions of the nine map segments that Map Segments appear in Damnation City, pp. 184–195, • Angled • Big Block/Downtown plus two bonus maps. In this packet, we present the maps • Boulevards without the labels given with them in • Industrial Damnation City. While each map was • Park designed with a particular kind of neig- • Grid horbood in mind, whatever label you want to put on one of these maps is just • Slums/Warrens as evocative as any we could put on them. • Waterfront Cities come in all shapes, neighborhoods • Winding Streets defy expectations, the cold lines of a map can’t always describe the sweaty details found at street level. Pairing labels and maps is part of the brainstorming process, part of what makes your own city unique. What if those buildings in the Industrial map aren’t warehouses anymore, but condos? What if there’s a hospital in there, or a bunch of underground nightclubs, or even a zoo? Are those circles on one of the bonus maps marking the location of English-style roundabouts, or are they fountains, war memorials, or the legs of an overpass? For quick guidelines on combining these map segments into larger urban landscapes, see “Putting It Together” on p. 195 of Damnation City. Change the sense of scale on these maps by printing them out at different sizes, or expanding them 10-25% or more on a photocopier. Cut out parts of the map you like and tape them on another map. Get a black marker and draw in a new river. Make them yours.

The Prince is the master of the city, but he has named you lord of your territory. Are you a tyrant or a saint? Will you pull the Prince’s strings or become the Prince yourself? This book includes: • Guides to selecting or designing a modern city that’s right for your chronicle, and giving that city the World of Darkness’s gritty supernatural atmosphere. • Tools and tricks for running dramatic and suspenseful stories in a crowded and shadowy city, including such new systems as “City of Millions” and “Attitude and Ambience.” • New styles of gameplay for Vampire: The Requiem, called Barony and Primacy, that take advantage of more than 50 urban Districts and unique Sites. • A guide to the fictional city of Newcastle — a new World of Darkness environment ready for you to customize and bring to life in play, using any or all of the book’s dozens of optional rules. 400 pages • ISBN: 978-1-58846-267-1 • WWXXXXX Click below to order your copy: DAMNATION CITY HARDCOVER DAMNATION CITY eBOOK


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Designed by: Will Hindmarch & Craig S Grant

Now the buildings on one side of the park are husks. This park must be nice enough that people want to look at it. Now you’ve got New York’s Central Park or Chicago’s Grant Park. or bright-white fishbowl-lobbies staffed with pale. If your first instinct was to make the park into something happily suburban — something that could be horrifically corrupted by the presence of Vampire characters — turn your first impulse around and make the park boldly urban. Reverse your assumption. what do you see? Take the park map as an example. . On the other side of the park are the posh flats of the lingering glitterati. a couple of bad fires. the fields transform from frisbee grounds to drug markets. and a week-long riot. haunted urban forest? HANDSOME PARK DAMNATION CITY Look at the example of the park map on this page. are you safely in the public eye or are you trapped in the cold corridors of a uncaring city? When you look at the shapes on any of Damnation City’s District maps. Central Park kind of neighborhood. long ago. Expensive high-rises line its edges like spectators. Just by changing the height of the buildings. you get a big-city. Imagine yourself walking up and down the streets. The garden becomes the grave. As the sun goes down. Now the park has a degree of the fearful symbolism of the World of Darkness: It is the wilderness separating the hedonists from the desperate. This is the World of Darkness. but after a series of violent crimes. Do you see a residential park where locals go to play catch with the dog or keep watch on the kids during soccer practice? That’s one way to look at it. if you will. headed toward the park. Would you want to flee into the safety of the park’s trees and Christmas lights. Just play around with your mind’s eye. money to live or work in them. corpse-like sentries? Imagine you’re being chased down this street. though. the repressed from the lawless. you need to go beyond your gut. Wealthy mortals (and lordly vampires) look down through the skeletal winter trees at the park’s orange lanterns and tiny. No matter how you’re looking at it. so maybe this neighborhood was coveted once. the rich people and their money fled for some other neighborhood. When you’re on the street between the looming concrete of gargoyled skyscrapers. By putting tall buildings all around the park. Tall buildings can also provide the security of windows and witnesses. Lavish penthouses and breathtaking boardrooms look down onto the red-and-gold treetops in the fall. You don’t have to get deep into the details at this stage. with squatters living inside them like maggots in corpses — or like refugees from the social warfare that ruined the neighborhood. take the time to consciously change up your expectations.A Handsome Park District Tall buildings cast long shadows. Tall buildings mean money — money to build them. Your first instinct is valuable — it can get you an atmospheric and vivid setting for your stories — but if you want greater longevity out of these maps. we create a sense of the District’s character. Push it further. or are they severe tinted-glass slabs reflecting the lights of the outside world? What’s on the ground floor of these places — dirty shops huddling behind steel accordian-grates between the feet of giant buildings. and a neighborhood desirable enough to bring in all that money. or would you rather face your pursuers than venture into that gnarled. Think about how you can change the character of the map just by visualizing taller or shorter buildings rising out of those shapes on the map. Now you’ve got a new kind of atmosphere and. character for the District in that map. distant visitors. Are the buildings stone towers capped with jagged Gothic spires.

But tonight the park is a stretch of dead leaves. it was surrendered to those who dwell inside fear. it was doomed. you can create rough versions of your own Districts’ buildings. (White Wolf Publishing is not affiliated with Google.. drink. Crazed dogs bark. row houses. Or maybe it’s all the park’s fault. slipping away behind the trees to fuck. factories. brown ponds that smell like gas and piss. and the oddball apartment or office building left over from the nights when this neighborhood was something closer to thriving. Headlights go by on the other side of a rotten fence. A gunshot cuts through the night. What kind of buildings are long and low? Wide kind of buildings are wide and flat? We’re probably looking at warehouses. Maybe the park was ruined first by the kids who turned it into a garden of sin. In a way. adding a new dose of visual power to your chronicle. The Kindred pushed too hard. where the families of factory workers barbecued and played baseball. all punctuated with half-dead trees and vandalized playground equipment. What happens if you lower all those buildings? If you drive some of them into the ground or tear them down? Some of those shapes on the map are just empty lots. Once a Kindred landlord got his fangs in the neighborhood’s flesh.) . somewhere in the distance. It’s lonely here. A Barren Park District BARREN PARK What kind of a park lies at the center of this bombed-out District? Once it was a nice.com). The low buildings here means that sound travels differently. mud littered with needles or sharp grass growing around rusted cars. He pushed the neighborhood lower and lower.DAMNATION CITY Now turn it all around. mechanic’s shops. green place.sketchup. junkyards. with chain-link and vines all around. single-story strip-malls. The rows of multi-family housing that faced the park were envied back then. the park itself is undead — poisoned by chemical runoff from the nearby factories. Kids come here to do a little UE (urban exploring) so they can put pictures on their websites. Out here by yourself. With it. The 3D buildings in this booklet were created using the free version of Google SketchUp™ (www. but those kids disappear. Once the shadow of fear fell across the park. in the middle of the night. Their vice attracted those who would feed on it — dealers to feed their habits. until missing persons and sexual assaults were so common that most of the kine drifted away. and vampires to take advantage of their addled bodies.. you’re stealthy or you’re vulnerable. Tonight it’s a mix of ruins and rehabs. Now the neighborhood is bleeding out. and abuse themselves with drugs. Their shoes and clothes end up as curiosities in some brick-studded empty lot. Line of sight is different. More windows are broken than not. making feeding easier and easier.

everything is black unless it’s lit up. (Vampires of a certain ilk always want to know where shadows are. Think about color. The more you do it. don’t list specifications. the delicate something that makes the setting’s inherent character get inside your audience — the players — like smoke seeping in through the pores. the vampire’s daytime memories become obsolete. Edgeville feels like a Soviet city. It’s difficult to establish and easy to accidentally dispel. But imagine how the moonlight hitting the highest warehouse windows might make them glitter blue above the shadows. Use the touchstones you share with your players. and what others can and cannot see. If they’ll understand what you mean when you say “like Savannah on St. even badly. with lights and tangible air turned on them. underground. That’s inevitable. hear. Two or three defining details spark the imagination. Keep the story moving and you’ll get another chance at atmosphere soon. Do you know what the buildings are made of? When they were built? What it smells like on the street? If you got off the subway. all around you. the untrusting glare of floodlights. Look at all the atmosphere and information you can get out of even naked shapes pretending to be buildings. Speak to your audience. the yellow flutter of a dying fluorescent bulb. lights. ABOUT ATMOSPHERE DAMNATION CITY . Imagine what’s happening inside the buildings. The sound of the expressway drifts in through the bar’s open windows. In the meantime. Evoke atmosphere. what’s the first thing you’d hear? Collect details between game sessions. The undead see the city by the lights they are given or the lights they carry themselves. texture. High Street smells like burnt sugar. the ghostly green haze of cheap electric lanterns. Patrick’s day. then import a few of those details into your fictional settings. What does this restaurant look like during the day? What’s color are the church’s stones without the sodium-orange glow of the streetlamps on them? The vampire doesn’t know.) One last lesson in these simple graphics: Go easy. smell. It’s a vital tool for you.” use that. and feel in the real world. It’s the ephemera. All light has color. For vampires. As the city grows. you can practice evoking atmosphere by imagining your city in different times of day and different times of year. the better you’ll eventually get. That’s ripe with subtext. Think critically about the process you go through to visualize your setting to yourself. or sounds. and every color has the power to evoke atmosphere — the blue sheen of halogen headlamps. Jot down things you see. See how the canyons between the high-rise buildings go dark below those giant towers? See the bands of light created across the park? See how the city fades away into the fog? See how just the tops of the low factory and retail buildings peek up above the shadows? These are details you can use to inspire yourself and your players — and these buildings don’t even have faces. Don’t overload the players with details. too many details smother it. Tail-lights flow through downtown like blood cells through the body. You’ll have scenes or whole sessions where the atmosphere of your city gets compromised. the city is always night. Without the even shine of the sun. The only way to improve your ability to create atmosphere is to practice. It’s everything in between the tangible details. isn’t it? Look at the simple projections of the city again.About Atmosphere Atmosphere is a tricky thing.

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