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Turn Sunshine

Into Savings TM

Install a home solar system and generate clean energy

to save money and the environment

The Nation’s #1 Full Service Solar Provider

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The Benefits of Solar
Save on Electricity Costs
Solar power will dramatically reduce your
electric bill. Any excess power your solar
system generates during the day will flow
back to the utility grid and your meter
literally spins backward! Utility companies
will pay or credit you for this electricity,
reducing your electric bill even further.

Benefit from Government Incentives

Federal, state and local governments offer
incredible financial incentives to encourage
homeowners to switch to renewable energy.
These incentives dramatically lower the cost
of a solar system by as much as 50% or more
and often make solar power even less
expensive than power from the utility company.

Protect Yourself From Rising Prices

Residential electricity prices have risen 38%
since 2000. Utility companies are dependent
on fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas,
which are vulnerable to volatile foreign
markets. When you switch to solar power,
you can lock in low, predictable electricity
costs for years into the future. As utility
rates continue to rise, your savings will grow
every year.

Protect the Environment

Every solar system has a significant environ-
mental impact. An average sized solar system
reduces CO2 emissions equivalent to the
amount absorbed by 60 trees, or released by
driving a car over 125,000 miles.

Increase Your Home Value

A recent study from the Appraisal Institute
demonstrated that the selling price of homes
increased by $20 for every $1 decrease
in annual utility bills.
SolarCity Advantage
All-in-One Solar Provider
One of the advantages of working with SolarCity is that
we take care of every step during your switch to clean
power—including financing, design, permits, installation,
insurance and ongoing system monitoring. We make it
easy and affordable to go solar with uncompromising
service that has made us the industry leader.

Custom Designs for Your Home

We know every family and home is different. Our
knowledgeable solar consultants and in-house
engineering team will work with you to design a solar
system to meet your energy needs, financial goals and
architectural style.

Quality Installation and Project Management

SolarCity’s professional installation teams have
extensive experience and will build your system to our
high standards. SolarCity has installed thousands of
customers across 500 building departments. We use
only the highest quality solar panels. SolarCity has a
full Customer Care team that will manage your project
from beginning to end, including interaction with local
permit offices and city and utility inspections. In
addition, every new SolarCity customer is given a
personal online account where you can access your
project status at anytime.

Ongoing Monitoring Service

Every SolarCity solar power system includes our
exclusive SolarGuard® monitoring service which
continuously tracks how much energy your system is
producing. The SolarCity service team keeps a watchful
eye on that data to ensure that your system is always
performing as it should. In the unlikely event that your
system is not performing as expected, we will proactively
alert you. We also offer PowerGuide™ home energy
monitoring that measures your family’s electricity
consumption to help you manage overall energy costs.

Finance with $0 Down

SolarCity makes it more affordable than ever to go solar
by offering several $0 down financing options to save
you money. With a SolarLease®, the combination of
your lease payment and new lower electricity bill is
typically less than what you are currently paying the
utility company, so you can save money every month.
How Solar Works

1 Solar Modules 2 3 4
Solar panels are typically installed on your
roof. The panels are made with photovoltaic
cells, which convert sunlight into direct current
(DC) electricity.
2 Inverter
The DC electricity from the solar panels is
sent to an inverter, where it is converted into
standard alternating current (AC) electricity
used in your home.

3 Electrical Panel
The AC electricity travels from the inverter to
the electrical panel, or breaker box. This power
is now ready to use in your home.

4 Utility Meter
The utility meter continually measures your
electrical supply when your solar system is
producing more power than your family can 5 SolarGuard® Monitoring
immediately use, and your meter literally
SolarGuard allows you and SolarCity to monitor
spins backward!
key performance variables on your system and
make sure it is producing electricity at optimal
performance. You can track your system’s
production anytime through your online account.

6 Utility Grid
You are still connected to the utility grid.
This ensures that you can always draw electricity
whenever your family is using more electricity
than your solar system is producing, such as
at night.
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Getting Started
SolarCity makes it easy to switch to solar power by managing every step.

Free Solar Proposal System Design Installation Ongoing System

Consultation Monitoring

Step 1: Free Solar Consultation Step 3: System Design

Request a free solar consultation by phone at Our engineering team will custom design your
1.888.SOL.CITY (1.888.765.2489) or online solar power system based on your home’s
at architecture and your family’s electrical needs.
Every home is unique, so we start by talking with SolarCity works with the best solar equipment
you about your energy needs and electrical savings manufacturers to design high performance
goals. We will review your historical electrical solar systems.
usage patterns and evaluate your home for solar
exposure. SolarCity will provide an initial Step 4: Installation
estimate to show you how generating your own SolarCity’s professional installation teams have
solar power can lower your electricity costs. extensive experience and will build your system
to our high standards. Residential installation
Step 2: Proposal
times range from a few days to a week,
SolarCity will prepare a detailed written proposal depending on system size and complexity. Our
including recommended system size, location, Customer Care team will oversee all the building
included services, pricing and financial analysis. permits, inspections and connection to the
We will identify the government rebates and tax utility grid.
credits that can dramatically improve your financial
investment. Many homeowners chose one of our Step 5: Ongoing System Monitoring
popular $0 down financing options where you
SolarCity continuously monitors your system
can pay as you go instead of all at once.
performance to ensure it is running smoothly.
You can access your system production at
anytime through your online SolarGuard account.

888.SOL.CITY | |
888.765.2489 SOLARCITY.COM A solar power station is customized for your home, so savings and financing terms vary based
on location, system size, government rebates and local utility rates. $0 due upon lease signing. No security deposit required. A lease for a 3kW system starts at $25-100 per month with an annual increase of 0-4%
each year for 15-20 years, on approved credit. First month’s payment is due after your system is turned on. SolarCity will repair or replace broken warranted components. SolarLease is not available in all areas.
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