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Children’s Mainstage Play

Auditions: April 25th and 26th, 2011
Audition Times: 6:30pm; 7:15pm; 8:00pm and 8:45pm
Performances: June 24 – 26 and July 1 – 3, 2011
The 1. Call 717-854-3894 or email to schedule an
Adventures 2. Dress comfortably for a movement audition.
3. Callbacks will e held on Wed., April 27th, 2011.

of Zorro 4. Bring all known conflicts from the months of April – July to
5. YLT cannot cast actors who are not available for all
6. YLT will post the cast list on Friday, April 29th, 2011 after
Thrilling adventure and swashbuckling rescues are all the rage when Zorro appears.
The masked bandit vows to avenge the helpless and punish the cruel; making
enemies of the officials who abuse power for their own gain. Before long all of
Spanish California is taking sides, and Zorro finds himself hunted by friend and foe
Age Range
(not the age of the
Character Description actor, Voice
the age the actor
must play)
Zorro / Diego de le Vega Young Adult – 20 - 25 N/A
Just returned from a university in Spain. As Zorro, he is an excellent swordsman. As
Diego, he is interested in the arts and magic; he is simpering and weak.
Alejandro de la Vega Middle Age Adult N/A
Diego’s father, well respected aristocrat. Recognizes the corruption in the
government and feels something should be done. He is ashamed of his son, who he
does not know is Zorro.
Esperanza de Toledo Young Adult – 18 - 20 N/A
High spirited and un-impressed with Diego.
Eduardo Alvarez de Toldeo Middle Age Adult N/A
Esperanza’s father and old friend of Alejandro. He lost his fortune and now hopes to
secure and good marriage for his daughter.
Fernanda de Toledo Middle Age Adult N/A
Esperanza’s mother, strong but soft-spoken woman who tolerates her daughter’s
fiery nature.
Governor Vicente de Castilla
Once an idealistic like Alejandro, became jaded by the world of politics. Handsome
for his age.
Governess Sofia de Castilla 30 – 45 N/A
Governor’s beautiful wife. She is vain, greedy and has the Governor wrapped
around her finger.
Marisela de Catilla Young Teenager N/A
The Governor’s daughter. She looks up to Esperanza, who is her best friend.
Manuel Matamoros Young Adult 25 - 30 N/A
A very ambitious military man. Will stop at nothing to attain his goal. Romantically
interested in Esperanza.
Consuela Middle Age Adult N/A
Servant woman in the Toledo house, ninero (nurse) to Esperanza. She looks after
Father Miquel Middle Age Adult N/A
A holy man, he lives near the Indian village and attempts to help them. He
conspires with Zorro but does not know his identity.
Bernardo Young Child N/A
An Indian boy who is mute. He is clever and eager to help Zorro defend his village
Tonantzin Elderly Adult N/A
Bernardo’s mother, a native woman who is dying and only her native language.
Sergeant Garcia Any Adult Age N/A
A jolly soldier who is a bit dense.
Carmelita / Dancer Young Adult 20 - 35 N/A
A beautiful woman who flirts with Sgt. Garcia. She works at the tavern and doubles
as a flamenco dancer at the de la Vega party. (Flamenco dance may be substituted
with Tango, in which case she will need a partner.)
Guitarist Any Age N/A
He breaks the fourth wall and provides background music. He never speaks and can
interact with the audience at any point. Strong improvising skills preferred.
Soldiers, Peasants, Servants, Aristocrats
• YLT is a non-profit, volunteer theatre.
• All members of the community are welcome and encouraged to audition,
regardless of level of experience, gender, ethnicity, age or sexual orientation.
• YLT does not pre-cast for regularly scheduled productions.
• YLT cannot offer compensation for actors/volunteers.

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