Name: He Had Such Quiet Eyes by Bibsy Soenharjo Poem Stanza 1 He had such quiet eyes She did

not realise They were two pools of lies Layered with thinnest ice To her, those quiet eyes Were breathing desolate sighs Imploring her to be nice And to render him paradise Stanza 2 If only she'd been wise And had listened to the advice Never to compromise With pleasure-seeking guys She'd be free from "the hows and whys" Stanza 3 Now here's a bit of advice Be sure that nice really means nice Then you'll never be losing at dice Though you may lose your heart once or twice Meaning


The girl was captivated by his looks. She failed to see through him. His outward charm drew her to him and she trusted him, She was besotted by him. He whispered soft words of love and this lured her to give in to his demands.

Now, she regrets not being careful enough with boys who only want to take advantage of her innocence. Her decision to give in to his demands has put her in a difficult position. She did not heed the advice and now she is paying for it. The persona now wants to remind the readers who might be as naive as the girl once was to be extra careful when in a relationship. She asks the readers to learn to differentiate between sincerity and deception. Love is a gamble where you take chances and if you win, you are lucky, even if you have had bad experiences before.

THEME • Betrayal of love • Personal experiences • Relationships that are meaningful MORAL VALUES • Don’t be naive and believe everything we are told especially in matters of the heart. • We must be careful when choosing friends. • Falling in love is normal but one should be careful. • We must learn from the experience of other people. TONE, MOOD, ATMOSPHERE • Reflective • Sad and happy • Sympathetic POINT OF VIEW • Second and third person points of view LANGUAGE & STYLE • Simple and easy to understand • Simple style with rhyming scheme POETIC DEVICES • Imagery – e.g. ‘pools of lies’, ‘layered in thinnest ice’ • Symbol – e.g ‘quiet eyes’, ‘dice’ • Alliteration – e.g ‘lies layered’ • Personification – e.g The eyes were ‘breathing the desolate sighs’ as though he was talking charmingly to her.

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