Scrambled Sentences - Benchmark C: Earth's Resources and Conservation Name:__________________________ Class:__________ Date:__________ These sentences

are scrambled. Rearrange them so they make sense. 1. terracing method soil called side to or by hill from is water of building washing prevent the soil areas terraces the conservation a away flat of up


method of crops water soil of hold grasses the of planting and grasses stop is alternating strip-cropping where the called conservation erosion the help and


ways wildlife laws of are two and passing protect national wildlife refuges zoos conservation animal to parks (2) (1) and establishing


natural over over is and recycling again resources known as using


wise and of preserving resources land plants is of animals conservation use making called and water


supply non-renewable and reducing the can be reusing extended resource through recycling of


renewable air is natural resource reused fresh that (ie a resource wildlife be water a trees) replaced or can


planted farmers prevent along windbreaks wind the edge trees to known are the soil blowing away as from by of fields


natural a is material that things resource earth is the living from a by used

10. non-renewable is not is replaced natural resource petroleum (ie gas) resource that a a nature coal by natural

11. up plants soil by are nutrients to added the called replace to those fertilizers used

12. called soil away of land by method washing of conservation contour plowing farming across water the slope keep from the to the is soil

13. ways water resources be non-renewable can conserved conservation include conservation and that recycling soil

Answers - Benchmark C: Earth's Resources and Conservation

1. 2.

The method of soil conservation by building flat areas, or terraces, up the side of a hill to prevent water from washing away soil is called terracing. The method of soil conservation of alternating the planting of crops and grasses, where the grasses hold water and help stop erosion, is called strip-cropping. Two ways of wildlife conservation are (1) passing laws to protect wildlife and (2) establishing National Parks, animal refuges, and zoos. Using natural resources over and over again is known as recycling. Making wise use of and preserving land, water, plants, and animals is called conservation of resources. The supply of non-renewable resource can be extended through reducing, reusing, and recycling. A renewable resource is a natural resource (i.e. fresh water, air, wildlife, trees) that can be replaced or reused. Trees planted by farmers along the edge of fields to prevent the wind from blowing soil away are known as windbreaks. A natural resource is a material from the earth that is used by living things.

3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

10. A non-renewable resource is a natural resource (i.e. petroleum, coal, natural gas) that is not replaced by nature. 11. Nutrients added to the soil to replace those used up by plants are called fertilizers. 12. The method of soil conservation by plowing across the slope of land to keep water from washing away the soil is called contour farming.

13. Ways that non-renewable resources can be conserved include water conservation, soil conservation, and recycling.

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