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Not your
average E.T.
Paul is a funny, imma-
ture American alien
starring in a funny,
immature American
movie. The eponymous
character voiced by Seth
Rogen is good for a few
laughs — as long as you

get the inside jokes.
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Watching our bracket fall apart since 1906 5 -1


Council’s Key Players Police out in force

Next year’s USC executive now elected during St. Paddy’s
Aaron Zaltzman
>> By the numbers

Police watched vigilantly as students Over 300

and London residents paid tribute to Calls responded to by police
St. Patrick on Thursday — not by
snake-banishing, but rather with Around 100
rowdy partying and drinking. Tickets issues
Extra police were on patrol in sev-
eral busy areas of London on St.
Patrick’s Day, including Richmond Liquor-related violations
Row and various student-heavy areas
near Western and Fanshawe College.
Numerous disturbances and Criminal charges laid
Andrew Forigione Patrick Searle Eliot Hong
arrests occurred throughout the day,
USC President USC VP-UA USC Comm. Officer
with police responding to hundreds
Around 900
of calls for service, eventually break- R.I.D.E. pullovers
ing up a party near Fanshawe.
“It was a large disturbance. There
were about 300 people there. There Snakes banished
was a mattress set on fire,” Dennis
Rivest, media relations officer for the
London Police Service, said. Elgin Austen, director of Campus
“[There were] bottles thrown Community Police Services, said his
everywhere. We arrested a bunch of squad investigated 20 incidents on
people, we laid some charges. Over campus, mostly related to excessive
the course of the night, we laid over drinking, including one drunken
100 tickets.” student who was taken to Universi-
The party took place on Thurman ty Hospital after falling down some
Marissa Joffre Nicole D’Alessandro Jennifer Valadao Circle, which is an area heavily pop- stairs.
ulated by students. According to Austen noted police took the
Emily Marcoccia, director of mar- usual measures standard for St.
Monica Blaylock Western’s Senate and as president of keting and corporate communica- Patrick’s Day.
NEWS EDITOR the King’s University College Student tions at Fanshawe College, the area “London Police are active in the
Council. and the activities of its residents are neighbourhoods near Western and
This past weekend, executive mem- Searle was elected vice-president well known. Campus Police provide proactive
bers were elected to the University One thing I am excited university affairs at Saturday’s annu- “There certainly was increased patrols on campus and in nearby
Students’ Council. While some stu- al general meeting, a daylong meet- activity in the neighbourhood just neighbourhoods and try to deal with
dents might recognize the name to see get off the ing inside council chambers where north of [Fanshawe] College, often issues before they escalate to prob-
Andrew Forgione following Febru- ground will be the both this year’s and next year’s referred to as the ‘Fleming’ area,” lems,” Austen said.
ary’s USC presidential election, councillors elect the executive for Marcoccia said, referring to the “Most students have a good time,
implementation of a
there’s a team of lesser-known vice- the 2011/12 school year. nearby Fleming Drive. except for a few, [for whom] exces-
presidents who are responsible for ‘ProfBook’ where stu- “One thing I am excited to see get “We know almost all of the land- sive alcohol becomes a problem.”
much of the Western student expe- dents can research — off the ground will be the imple- lords in that area. We know which Some, like Rivest, found this year’s
rience. mentation of a ‘ProfBook’ where stu- homes contain Fanshawe students celebrations to be larger than usual.
The group, collectively known as
or ‘creep’ — their pro- dents can research — or ‘creep’ — and which homes don’t.” However, Marcoccia said it’s
the executive, ensure the USC’s day- fessors before signing their professors before signing up While St. Patrick’s Day is not con- important to look at the day as a
to-day operations and long-term up for their classes. for their classes. This will be one way fined to the university campus, Lon- whole, rather than focusing on a few
plans are running smoothly. Each of students can say the USC is really don police still made sure to focus disturbances.
their portfolios cover unique areas Pat Searle helping them out with their acade- on student areas. “We had 30,000 people in the
Next year’s vice-president
of university life and together they university affairs for the USC mic experience,” Searle said. “I understand it’s not just stu- city Thursday night and the actions
attempt to keep the multi-million He also said he’ll be working to dents that are involved in all of these of a few are what caused any media
dollar student government afloat. make accessibility on campus a pri- parties, but predominantly those are attention. But we didn’t talk about
“I couldn’t leave Western without ority. the areas that tend to have a lot of the several thousand who celebrated
ensuring that I did everything I “I [want to] see that all student activity during these big events,” appropriately,” Marcoccia said.
could do to make this campus bet- leaders receive the proper training Rivest said. “St. Patrick’s Day is one “The police indicated to us that it
ter,” said Pat Searle, a career student of those big party events. So, we was really — other than that one inci-
politician who previously served on >> see NEW pg.3 were prepared.” dent — not a bad evening.”
2• thegazette • Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Caught on Camera

Corey Stanford GAZETTE

event in the night sky — a “supermoon.” The moon gets its extra-large appearance by being a new moon coinciding with
a close approach to the Earth.

News Briefs

Parking tickets way to pay tickets, users can pay for get some sod damage.”
move online tickets while checking their email. He noted this happens every year
The City of London has created a “In the long run, it’ll save people — sidewalk plows veer slightly off the
new website where users can pay money,” Maguire said. sidewalk and damage neighbour-
parking tickets without leaving their — Danielle Veale hood lawns — and there is nothing
homes. plowers can do to prevent it.
When users enter the secured Spring thaw reveals He explained this winter was par-
site, the first things they’ll see are damaged property ticularly bad due to the thaw, which
images of tickets. People can click While spring may be officially here, was in January. Thaws mean the
the ticket they received and fill in the reminders of winter are lingering on snowbanks normally lining the
required information. Londoners’ lawns. The spring thaw banks vanish, leaving plows vulner-
“The security for the page is very revealed some lawns were damaged able to wandering.
high,” according to Shane Maguire, by city plows. “We’ve got 200 phone calls so far,
division manager of parking and “Our first snowfall was Dec. 6, the plus we know of some locations,”
traffic signals. grass was nice, bright and green, and Parsons explained. He noted some
The people of London have a we got 30 cm of snow overnight,” homeowners would fix their lawns
good track record of paying tickets, John Parsons, division manager of themselves due to the fact that city
Maguire explained, and the ones transportation and roadside main- crews do not start work until May.
who don’t pay right away have their tainable for the City of London, “It does occur every year and it’s
plates denied when they have to explained. “When you do that, and sort of a rite of spring,” Parsons
renew their plate’s licenses. He the ground’s unfrozen and you send noted.
noted, however, with the new online a sidewalk plow out there, you can — Cheryl Stone

Events Calendar

Thursday March 24 Friday March 25 student artists and donate to Art

In the Market for Western Heads Sociology Student’s Association for AIDS. The exhibit will feature
East Prof and Student Social their artwork as well as musicial
When: 4:30 p.m. — 8 p.m. When: 5 p.m. performances from local artists
Where: The Great Hall Where: Social Science Centre, Alanna Gurr, Sam Allen and Gra-
High Commissioner for the United room 3036 ham Nicholas. Cost is $5.
Republic of Tanzania, Mr. Richard Mingle with sociology professors Wednesday March 30
Tibandebage, and leader of an and students to discuss topical
NGO women’s group, Maimuna issues and recent news. Classified in Concert
Kanyamala, are to speak. The event When: 8 p.m.
will also feature a silent auction Saturday March 26 Where: London Music Hall
boasting hand-carved crafts made Change 4 Change Rapper Classified will be playing at
by Tanzanian and Kenyan crafters When: 9 p.m. the London Music Hall. Tickets are
and paintings from local London Where: The Wave $22.50 plus applicable service
artists. Tickets are $50 for general Change 4 Change will be at The charges. Tickets can be purchased
admission and $15 for students. Wave and will have exciting events online through or
like door prizes, raffles, bands and the London Music Hall website.
maybe even some new surprises. This is an all-ages event.
The event will raise money for The Friday April 1
Teach English Canadian Cancer Society and the
fight against cancer. Get Foolish, in Support of Opera-
tion Smile
Abroad Sunday March 27
Art for AIDS International Exhib-
When: 10 p.m.
Where: London Tap House
it: Showcasing UWO talent On April Fools’ Day the London
When: 7 p.m. Tap House will be hosting an
Where: Art for AIDS International event in which proceeds go
Head Office and Gallery, 242 Dun- towards Operation Smile. Tickets
das Street are $10 at the door, line by-pass
TESOL/TESL Teacher Training Come check out the work of UWO before 10:15. Tickets are available
Certification Courses at InfoSource and in the University
Community Centre on Tuesday
• Intensive 60-Hour Program March 22 and Tuesday March 29.
• Classroom Management Techniques This is a 19+ event.
• Detailed Lesson Planning
• ESL Skills Development
• Comprehensive Teaching Materials Solution to puzzle on page 7
• Interactive Teaching Practicum
• Internationally Recognized Certificate Correction
• Teacher Placement Service In the article titled “CAISA” from Buy a Pizza and any
Bread Side at regular
• Money-Back Guarantee Included the Friday, March 18 issue of the price and get a 2nd
• Thousands of Satisfied Students Gazette included some outdated pizza of equal or lesser
information from a previous value FREE!

OXFORD SEMINARS year of the CAISA Fashion Show.

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The Gazette regrets the error. 8527 672-3030

thegazette • Tuesday, March 22, 2011 •3
New VPs VPs must now seek endorsement
focusing on
meaningful from council for external work
approach Jesica Hurst requiring executives to explain trav-
GAZETTE NEWS el costs for responsibilities outside
the USC.
>> continued from pg.1 In the past few years, the University Running for a position outside
Students’ Council vice-presidents the USC office takes up many impor-
to ensure that our campus is becom- have been free to run for external tant resources, including time spent
ing more accessible, not just accom- positions without any approval from on campus.
modating.” council. But a new clause passed at “Students often wonder where
Incoming communications offi- last Wednesday’s council meeting the executive is when they are out of
cer Eliot Hong is hoping to improve has changed how they run for those the city, and this will give them a
the USC’s use of technology. positions. response,” Forgione said. “We can
“My hope is to bring the USC fully Vice-presidents will now have to work with Eliot [Hong], the new
into the 21st century,” Hong joked. get an endorsement from council, communications officer, to get the
Hong, who was appointed by a who will decide if the position is worth word out when we are travelling and
group of USC brass including their funding. The motion follows break down the values so [students] Nyssa Kuwahara GAZETTE FILE PHOTO
incoming and outgoing presidents years of concerns over spending by understand why.” THE GREYEST BLUE CHAIR YOU’VE EVER SEEN. The annual Blue Chair campaign,
last week, said he wanted to create some vice-presidents, especially the Money is another resource that which advocates for people who can’t access higher education, is one of many ini-
an “interactive platform” for the USC VP university affairs who often moon- needs to be available for vice-presi- tiatives championed by the president of the Ontario Undergraduate Student
and students. He noted his ultimate lights as president of the Ontario dents running for external positions. Alliance. Four of the past five years, the OUSA president was also the vice-presi-
goal is to work with USC media to Undergraduate Student Alliance. For four of the past five years, the dent university affairs for the University Students’ Council.
create a communications-based “Asking for council’s permission VP-UA has gone over the allotted
approach allowing students to inter- will allow council to better under- budget. Last year’s OUSA president Although the USC pays to fund too high for them to condone.
act more thoroughly with the USC. stand the value of external commit- Dan Moulton, who was also the these external positions, Coker “If a council collectively decided
Nicole D’Alessandro, incoming ments made by USC vice-presi- USC’s VP-UA, went over budget by explained students should be edu- that they didn’t want to give a vice-
vice-president student events, said dents,” explained Adam Fearnall, around $15,000, causing some cating themselves about the benefits president the resources to pursue
she wants to create a more trans- president of the Huron University councillors to question the costs of these positions bring to the council that [external representation], it
parent and inclusive student events College Student’s Council. doubling as an external president. before questioning and complaining could come from a number of rea-
portfolio. The decision is non-binding and But Meaghan Coker, this year’s about the costs. sons,” Coker explained.
“My platform was centred confidential, meaning vice-presi- VP-UA and president of OUSA, said “OUSA is an organization that She said council might not see
around looking critically at what is dents can still run for a position the VP-UA budget has never been benefits students in many ways,” the value, the benefit to the USC, or
currently going on in the [student without council’s support. increased despite rising expenses. Forgione added. “I believe that the could decide the position shouldn’t
events] portfolio,” D’Alessandro Andrew Forgione, president of She added that a new process was expenses are incredibly valuable to be a priority that year.
noted. She said her focus was the Social Science Students’ Council put in place this year to differentiate students. We just need to make peo- “I think that there are a lot of
working with individual councils — and USC president-elect, agreed the between USC and OUSA costs. ple aware of them.” questions that can be raised, and it
and there are several spread across change was being made because, She said the USC will be paying Coker is aware council may is a very important decision that
faculties and affiliate colleges — to ultimately, council has the power. He around $3,000 this year for travel- decide the cost of having a vice- council would be tasked with.”
make student events more “mean- said another motion was made ling costs for the OUSA president. president work externally may be — With files from Stuart A. Thompson
Marissa Joffre, next year’s vice-
president campus issues, narrowly
edged out competing VP candidate
Emily Jarvis in the second round of
Western Fair mulls $20-million retrofit
voting at Saturday’s meeting. She
said her position would involve Concerns mount over renovation’s effect on downtown London
expanding and promoting support
services at Western. Julian Uzielli cy. Hugh Mitchell, CEO of the West- draw energy away from the down- and the mayor’s vision to provide
Jennifer Valadao, vice-president GAZETTE STAFF ern Fair Association, explained a full town where we’ve already spent a lot some stimulus to the local economy
finance, will follow in the footsteps proposal document has not even of money,” she said. and grow jobs.”
of Ely Rygier and Sacha Kumar — The Western Fair is looking to been drafted yet, so was unable to “I’m pleased that they’re looking Bob Usher, chair of the London
two vice-presidents who successful- expand its operations. But the plan disclose any specific details of the at doing innovative things, but what Downtown Business Association
ly passed significant referendums has also put them under fire from plan. does that mean to the taxpayers of and general manager of Covent Gar-
and made several cuts and adjust- those looking to attract business to “Some parts of our facilities are London, and the businesses that are den Market, isn’t so sure a bigger
ments to the USC’s finances. the downtown core. decades old and will require some already working to grow the central Western Fair will benefit downtown.
A crucial step to accomplishing Western Fair — the entertain- element of a makeover or retrofit to area of the city?” He noted when the annual Western
their goals will be the ability work ment, sports and gambling facility modernize it and make sure the Mitchell wanted to make sure Fair is on, there’s a noticeable
together — something that’s plagued east of the downtown core — is con- association remains relevant.” any changes would be good for all of decrease in business.
some executive councils in the past. templating a $20-million makeover. Judy Bryant, city councillor for London, not just Western Fair. “The fair is a great thing and it
But Searle said a “sense of family” The plans are confidential because downtown Ward 13, was concerned “We’re a community-based orga- should never be stopped, it’s part of
already started to develop between they have not yet been finalized, but with the effect the makeover could nization, so anything we do, we think history […] But we all know [busi-
the elected candidates after finding would likely include renovations have on the attempts to revitalize should be in concert with other ini- nesses] take a hit,” he said.
out they would be working together. and updates to existing buildings at the downtown core. tiatives around the city to comple- “The city has put millions into the
“We are all on the same page Western Fair and possibly expan- “I just want to make sure that it ment them and create synergies, not downtown in the last few years, and
already, and we haven’t even started sion into the immediate surround- doesn’t draw away from other plans conflicts,” he said. now is not necessarily the time to
working yet.” ing neighbourhood. that we have in the city, and that it “I’d like to think that our initiative split the clientele that’s available.”
— With files from Stuart A. Thompson The makeover is still in its infan- will complement them, rather than really is quite supportive of council


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4• thegazette • Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Opinions Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count;

everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.
— Albert Einstein


our professor
It’s that time of year again — the time when power
is put in the hands of the students to grade their
professors. Scantron sheet are submitted in each
class, where students must grade their professors
on a variety of criteria and summarize their feel-
ings about the class as whole. Ultimately, we hope,
these evaluations will provide some kind of feed- Letters to the editor
back that professors can use to improve their class-
es in the future.
Referendum does
Student attitudes towards their professors sway
for a variety of reasons, whether it’s the quality of a
not benefit all
lecture or their mark in the class. But grades fluc-
To the Editor:
tuate and depend as much on the difficulty of a test
Adding an additional 48 or so dollars
as the particular professor’s teaching skills. While it to tuition/student fees does not seem to
might not seem like best method, teacher evalua- I headed to upstairs Jack’s on Saturday I do apologize that a lot of juice–monkeys be a big issue, but for some people like
tions are an appropriate way for the university to evening for what I expected to be a casu- in tight TapOut t-shirts loudly cheering on myself who live off-campus and drive to
gauge student opinions. al live music night with some friends, but men as they fought ruined your Saturday school every day it is a complete and total
to my surprise it was a UFC night. night. But that doesn’t make UFC illegiti- waste of money — I could be using this
When used poorly, students will inevitably use
Watching the UFC fighters on TV mate. money to fill up my car.
teacher evaluations as a cathartic process. Anony- looked more like they were about to have I’m the first to admit I don’t particular- There is absolutely no need for me
mous comments are the perfect way for students sex rather than fight and it made me ly care for mixed martial arts. But I have to posses a bus pass currently, and
to release their pent up anger for a certain profes- think — what’s the appeal? always enjoyed boxing, which has always increasing this charge makes it even
sor. But while this may be an elegant form of ther- There’s nothing ultimate about fight- had the same complaints levied against it. more absurd — it’s ridiculous.
apy, it’s hardly the best medium to express their ing — why would two people want to get First of all, there is an appeal to fight- Why can there not be an opt out
into a ring and beat each other up? It ing — you just have to look beyond the clause in registration, like the one for
frustrations. It begs the question as to whether stu-
really doesn’t make any logical sense. initial appearance of blood and homo- Western’s health insurance? Why
dents are best equipped to judge professors fairly. Physical violence shouldn’t be given eroticism. It really is about athletes should I have to pay even more money
When done well, however, it gives the universi- media attention and sensationalized as matching their individual skill against for something that is totally useless to
ty at least some kind of metric to bring praise or publicly acceptable. Advertising fighting each other. Each wrestling maneuver, me? I don’t think that it is fair to those
criticism to professors or instructors from an out- as entertainment rather than as a dan- takedown, punch and hold requires who do not take the bus to have to help
gerous activity can normalize it and intense training and physical mastery. finance such a program.
side voice. After all, performance evaluations are
encourage the average person to try the And the argument that fighting is Surely, London Transit Commission
used in every profession and while they can’t be holds at home. Glorifying fighting could encouraged and sensationalized is a bit does not need every student at Western
perfect, they’re at least useful combined with peer ultimately lead to accepting events like silly. First, events like the UFC are accept- to pay 48 extra dollars to run this late
review and other forms of evaluation. the UFC and promote the development ed and numerous. But that isn’t causing night bus and to help finance the full-year
Giving students a chance to offer feedback is a of similar fighting events. people to punch each other to death. service that only a minority of students
no-brainer, but how this data is used will depend UFC also promotes hyper–masculin- Most adults who watch it are old enough will actually ever use.
ity by exaggerating stereotypical male to know they aren’t capable of doing the Maybe instead of constructing their
on the professor’s willingness to accept criticism
behaviour. By allowing only males to take same things at home. Anyone stupid new warehouse on Wonderland Road
and look beyond the students who are just venting part in the events, they are blatantly stat- enough not to realize that is bound to be and begging for taxpayer dollars, the LTC
over poor grades. ing that fighting is for males, which a victim of natural selection anyway. should have used their “limited” budget
Given they’re at least marginally useful for profs strengthens the prescription of gender I agree with you on the promotion of to properly allocate buses.
and quite useful for students, it would be sensible to roles as males being aggressive and masculinity. There is the issue of parading They have spent millions on this facil-
females as passive. their ring girls around in next to nothing, ity, and now they agree to run a new bus
add TA evaluations, possibly run through the fac-
UFC has developed a “males only” but the fact is they do have an expanding route, all the while ripping off the City of
ulty, since students often have more contact with persona by advertising to a particular female division so it’s not like they are London and sucking Western students
TAs than professors. gender which is reflected in the copious entirely shutting out women. into financing their increasing debt.
Inevitably, teacher evaluations are most useful number of males who attend the events And I don’t see an issue with them gear- If some would like to support a late-
when the verdict is unanimous. When students or watch from home, in comparison to ing their promotion towards men. Men night service and year-round pass for
voice a collective verdict, they can draw attention to the limited number of females who show have traditionally been the ones who enjoy their convenience, that’s fine, but why
interest. If the UFC is going to exist, it fighting. You market toward your base should people pay who do not benefit
unskilled professors who slip under the radar each
should create equal opportunities for audience. At the risk of sounding stereo- from such a program?
year or give good professors the praise they both males and females. typical, I’ve never seen a single Sex and the An opt-out program is necessary.
deserve. There’s nothing special about two City marketing campaign directed at men. Maybe I could use the $48 to donate to
—The Gazette Editorial Board men beating each other up on TV. Not Simply put, MMA is another sport that charity? Oh, never mind, Western will tell
only is UFC physically dangerous, but it many people can’t get enough of. And if us who to donate it to.
also sensationalizes violence and further you don’t enjoy it, maybe stay away from — Logan Thomas Burnett
promotes the gender divide. the bars during the UFC pay-per-view Social Science I
—Amber Garratt events. That’s what I do.
—Daniel Da Silva

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thegazette • Tuesday, March 22, 2011 •5

Arts&Life saywhat?
“It’s much nicer down here; the weather at home is dreadful.”
>> Prince William, considering a honeymoon in Australia

Western grad plays for packed Aeolian Hall

Basia Bulat shows off her powerful voice during extensive set
Laura Trabucco

Worth the Cash:

This past Saturday night, Western

alumni Basia Bulat returned to the
city where she earned her English
degree to perform at Aeolian Hall.
The opening act took the stage
with admirable punctuality. Daniel
Isaiah from Montreal performed
tracks from his debut album High
Twilight, which will be out this
spring. The vocalist showcased a
haunting voice while the band kept
lively tempos and stayed true to
their promised folk-rock vibe.
Aeolian Hall is a classy establish-
ment — one that emits a sort of old-
world grandeur. It’s an old building
that has been lovingly restored and
is run completely by volunteers. The
acoustics for this particular show
were excellent.
Genevieve Moreau GAZETTE
Headliner Basia — pronounced
Basha — took the stage around 9 p.m. After graciously thanking Daniel mastery of her instruments, coaxing group worked seamlessly together through music. Her Polish, if not per-
Alone under the spotlight, she per- Isaiah and his band, Bulat intro- exceptionally beautiful sounds from exchanging familiar, happy smiles fect during conversation, was heart-
formed her first song with nothing but duced her own band comprised of the guitar, piano, ukulele and the throughout the show. Every mem- wrenchingly beautiful in song.
a ukulele and her powerful voice. Bobby Bulat, who she affectionately autoharp. The unusual instrument is ber of the band was clearly doing She played “In the Green Zoo,” a
Then her band joined in to perform called her baby brother, as well as a part of her trademark sound and what they do best — performing traditional Polish song about wan-
the title track from her latest album Holly Rancher, Howard Bilerman her fingers flew over it. beautiful music. dering in an inescapable zoo, while
Heart of My Own. As with all great and Allison Wonderland. The band Bulat was gracious and profes- Bulat and her band played for the humans laugh at animals for
artists, Basia’s voice is best experi- took turns providing backing vocals, sional throughout the entire show. She well over an hour and responded to being caged. By the end of the song,
enced live — it’s rich, with an impres- as well as playing violin, bass, viola, kept personal anecdotes to a mini- the audience’s standing ovation with it’s unclear whether the humans are
sive range and distinctive sound. piano and ukulele. mum, though she thanked the audi- a three-song encore. looking at the animals, or vice-versa.
The audience was clearly filled It’s when the band took a break ence with shy smiles between songs. For the first song of her encore, Bulat explained the song was quite
with the most dedicated of fans. In that the crowd was able to feel the After the power of her singing, her she performed a Polish song. Cur- the hit in Communist Poland.
fact, one man in the crowd proudly full impact of Bulat’s voice. It’s unex- speaking voice seemed strangely soft. rently in the process of learning the Humble and extraordinarily tal-
admitted to having seen her perform pectedly deep and strong for some- Her band, she told the crowd, all language, Basia admitted she believes ented, Bulat carried the mark of one
in London no less than six times. one so tiny. She showcased complete attended Western together. The the best way to get know a culture is destined for solid and lasting fame.

Ellie Goulding —”Hearbeats” the group’s fourth album, Angles,

(The Knife Cover) dropped today. The band hasn’t
British songstress Ellie Goulding released an album since First Impres-
released her successful debut album sions of Earth in 2006.
Lights last year and her sophomore “Under Cover of Darkness” is the
album is on the way. The 24-year-old first single off the new album, and it
is also known for her unique covers re-introduces the upbeat indie-pop
of songs such as Rihanna’s “Only sound The Strokes are famous for. It
Girl,” Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happi- was released in February to positive
ness” and Bon Iver’s “The Wolves.” reviews. After a five-year hiatus,
She recently recorded a cover of The Strokes are starting to per-
The Knife’s “Heartbeats” for BBC form again. At the beginning of
radio, which may actually be better March, the band was the musical
recognized as the cover done by guest on Saturday Night Live
Jose Gonzalez in 2006. Goulding’s where they played their new
version features dreamy vocals and song.
is full of soothing acoustic guitar. It’s — Nicole Gibillini
a beautiful take on a song that is
clearly up for interpretation.
— Maddie Leznoff

The Strokes —
“Under Cover of Darkness”
Fans of The Strokes have long-antic-
ipated the arrival of the band’s next
album. The wait is finally over, when
6• thegazette • Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CAISA gets creative

This year’s show more diverse than ever

Photographs by Cameron Parkes GAZETTE

MIMING IS SO IN THIS SEASON. CAISA held their annual fashion show this Saturday, donating $20,000 for to the Children’s
Health Foundation.

Lauren Chan the audience to investigate. Audi- impressive. “Express” from the
GAZETTE STAFF ence members who were picked on movie Burlesque was performed
by the detectives happily participat- with a team of CAISA dancers
After months of anticipation, the ed, giving the show a successful decked out in black lingerie. Then
CAISA Allure Fashion Show took interactive skit. Brian Barber serenaded the audi-
place on Saturday at Centennial Hall. Each act was made up of a run- ence with Michael Bublé’s “Every-
The 13th production of CAISA’s fash- way walk by pairs of models and at thing.” To wrap up the show, West-
ion show was probably the best it’s least one dance number. This year, ern student Eric Mercer sang an
ever been. CAISA featured dance teams includ- original song called “She Knows.”
Once executive director Daisy ing the CAISA dancers, Hip-Hop If models, dancers and musicians
Sun and Jacob Won, president of the Western and WOOF Dance Crew. weren’t enough, CAISA also had
Canadian Asian International Stu- The male models stole the show Team 2X do a routine. The team of
dents’ Association, presented the when they broke out in a perfectly five men used martial arts, gymnas-
Children’s Health Foundation with choreographed lip-synched number tics and break dancing in their per-
an oversized $20,000 cheque, the to music from The Backstreet Boys, formance. They successfully added
show was promptly underway. complete with headset microphones. an element of surprise and excite-
This year, the entire show had a The most attention-grabbing ment to the show.
plot line — the search for a missing scene was definitely the lingerie and The production came to a close
red dress. The emcees of the night, swimsuit act. Female models with all the directors, managers, styl-
Jon Buccella and Sean Lewis, played emerged from behind screen doors ists, choreographers, models,
two hilariously stubborn detectives and fanned themselves down to Bey- dancers and other performers on
in search of the missing garment. oncé’s “Naughty Girl.” The men then stage. Flowers were handed out to
Between each of the four acts, turned up the heat with a shirtless the executives. After a couple of
Buccella and Lewis stole the spot- routine to Usher’s “Trading Places.” closing remarks, the show ended
light with partly improvised come- The musical entertainment aptly with a triumphant “CAISA”
dy skits. At one point, they took to throughout the show was also chant from everyone on stage.

Paul is a flick for science fiction geeks

Seth Rogan brings animated character to life
Jennifer Munoz the little green man up for good. obscure references to the sci-fi
GAZETTE STAFF The dynamic duo of Pegg and canon and a satisfying surprise twist
Frost are best known for their roles at the end.
in genre-mocking films Shaun of the Pegg and Frost have amazing
Dead, which sends up the stereotyp- comedic chemistry and it’s clear per-
Paul ical zombie movie, and Hot Fuzz, forming their own work sits well
Director: Greg Mottola which parodies every cop movie with them as they deliver lines natu-
Starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, ever made. Paul is somewhat simi- rally and with panache. The list of
Seth Rogen, Kristin Wiig lar to Shaun and Hot Fuzz in that it supporting cast members reads like
pokes fun at the classic “close a who’s who of today’s mainstream
Have you ever seen Star Wars? Do encounter” alien movies, but it’s comedians, with Kristin Wiig as a
you know what a Klingon is? Can Pegg and Frost’s first foray into this bible-thumping ingénue, Jason
you quote lines from E.T., Predator or style of film without writer/director Bateman as the stoic FBI agent hot
Aliens? If you answered “no” to any Edgar Wright to hold their hands. on Paul’s trail, and Bill Hader and
of the above, Paul is not the movie Though Pegg co-wrote the earli- Joe Lo Truglio as bumbling rookie
for you. er movies with Wright, he instead agents.
The title character is a wise- teamed up with longtime acting Every single actor played their
cracking, foul-mouthed, fun-loving partner Frost to write Paul. Without parts to the hilt, but Seth Rogen as
guy who loves a good practical joke Wright as director, they settled for the voice of Paul deserves special
and chain-smokes like it’s his day Greg Mottola, better known as the mention for his ability to make an
job. Oh, and he’s also an alien. Vaca- mind behind Superbad and Adven- alien sound like a regular guy — he’s
tioning Brits Graeme (Simon Pegg) tureland. able to capture the audience’s sym-
and Clive (Nick Frost) stumble These changes don’t go unno- pathy and trust.
across Paul in the middle of the lat- ticed – the duo’s British humour is If you’re not a science fiction
ter’s high-stakes escape from gov- watered down and Americanized geek, you’ll be left feeling like an out-
ernment custody. Hijinks and hilar- and the plot doesn’t flow quite as sider missing all the inside jokes. But
ity ensue as the unlikely trio embark seamlessly as it might have under if you have a working knowledge of
on a haphazard road trip to save Wright’s capable hands. Neverthe- Star Trek, then by all means go see
Paul from the pursuing FBI agents less, Paul is still hilarious, with many Paul. You’ll never look at E.T. the
who want nothing more than to lock laugh-out-loud moments, countless same way again.
thegazette • Tuesday, March 22, 2011 •7
>> Top five performers
Ohio State, VCU Rams look good on opening weekend
5. Nolan Smith Duke >> continued from pg.8 Most Impressive Teams
24 points vs Michigan The path of destruction that Ohio
Biggest Disappointments State has left was nothing short of
4. Jacob Pullen Kansas St
If there is one thing we should all impressive. They hit 16 three pointers
38 points vs Wisconsin
take out of this weekend, it’s that you against George Mason and shot 61
3. Shelvin Mack Butler should never trust Vanderbilt. This per cent overall. Guards David Lighty,
30 points vs Pitt year marks the third straight time Jon Diebler and William Buford are
they’ve lost in the first round as the hitting everything and Jared Sullinger
2. Kemba Walker UConn higher seeded team. is dominating the paint.
51 points, 17 assists, Notre Dame may have won their Perhaps even more impressive,
14 rebounds first round game, but they were though, has been the VCU Rams.
dominated by a Florida State team They throttled a full–strength
1. Jimmer Fredette BYU without their best player. The Irish Georgetown Hoyas team, which
66 points, 9 assists, simply never got it going during the many expected. But they proceeded
7 rebounds
weekend and their dream of a deep to destroy a Purdue Boilermakers
run is now over. team that many thought could be a
The referees have been shocking- Final Four threat.
ly bad. They pretty much cost Texas a Kansas may appear to have an
Sweet Sixteen berth by failing to give easy road to the Final Four, but they
Cory Joseph a timeout as he was try- better hope they don’t run into the
ing to pass the ball inbounds. Rams or they could be in trouble. Nyssa Kuwahara GAZETTE

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8• thegazette • Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sports factattack
The Michigan Wolverines became the first team in NCAA history
to win a tournament game without hitting a free throw (0-1) as
they defeated the Tennessee Volunteers 75-45.

rundown >> The Mustangs men’s and women’s badminton teams won the OUA championship this weekend > The Mustangs utilized home court advantage and knocked off
the defending champions from the University of Waterloo | The Mustangs men’s hockey team is seeded fourth in the upcoming University Cup being held in New Brunswick.

Mustangs sweep
team squash titles
Men go undefeated win
28th consecutive OUA title
Daniel Da Silva all 24 points available to them by
SPORTS EDITOR winning every match, they only
dropped two games over the whole
For most teams, having the weight tournament.
of 27 consecutive championships on Chetty’s performance in the first
your shoulders would be a lot to division against every other team’s
bear. Yet for Kimesh Chetty and the number one player was particularly
rest of the men’s squash team, it just impressive. After winning each of his
fuels the fire. four matches 3-0, he was chosen as
“Having won 27 previous cham- the most valuable player on the
pionships in a row doesn’t make me men’s side, earning a spot on the
nervous at all. Obviously you don’t OUA all-star team in the process.
want to be that team that breaks this “This was an amazing award to
incredible streak,” Chetty said. “I’m win especially being my last year. I Photo Courtesy of Rafik Bhaloo
sure it creates great fear in our have really worked hard at my game AND THEY SAID HIS BALLET TRAINING WOULDN’T PAY OFF. After winning the Hoehn Cup, the NCAA B division title, the
opponents too.” this year and it definitely paid off,” Mustangs men’s team destroyed their OUA competition to win their 28th consecutive title. The women’s team completed
Coming off a Hoehn Cup victory Chetty said. the double, regaining the title from the host Queen’s Gaels.
as the NCAA pool B champions While it’s fair to say the men’s
probably scared the rest of the team title drive was never in doubt,
Ontario University Athletics compe- the women’s team knew they would think that is what motivated us to
tition too. have to fight tooth–and–nail for fight even harder the second day.
“[It] was a big accomplishment every point if they wanted to regain This felt really good, especially [to
for us. I feel this made us a much the OUA title. After losing the title to win] on [the Gaels’] own courts,”
stronger and more cohesive team Queen’s last year, the Mustangs were Mustangs top seed and OUA all-star Last year was a tight They are a dominant
which prepared us very well to con- looking forward to upsetting the Samantha Hennings said.
quer another OUA championship,” Gaels on their home turf. “I loved the moment when we got
race between us and team and they played
Chetty said about the Hoehn Cup “Last year was a tight race to take that picture with both teams Queen’s […] Winning it hard. We have a com-
title. between us and Queen’s. We would holding the banners and trophies. It this year at Queen’s petitive edge on the
The Mustangs certainly appeared end up losing the banner by two felt so much better to do it at
prepared as they waltzed into the points and were pretty disappointed,” Queen’s,” Mustangs third seed
was awesome. teams we are playing.
Athletics and Recreation Centre at Mustangs fourth seed Erin Grand Giselle Delgado added. —Erin Grand —Jack Fairs
Queen’s University and took home said of last year’s OUA tournament. Grand and Delgado were partic- Women’s fourth seed Mustang’s coach
On defeating the Gaels and On winning every match on the men’s side
title number 28 with ease. The Mustangs struggled out of ularly important for Western’s title reclaiming the OUA title
“We all gave it our best effort the gate, gaining only four points hunt as they both ended the week-
even though we clearly had a much after the first day, putting them in a end with perfect records, amassing
superior team. We did not fool tie for third place. But the Mustangs seven of the Mustangs 12 total
around and we put 100 per cent into responded well on day two, winning points. While the combined victory is with the [players] that we have and
every game,” Chetty said. “It’s prob- eight more points to snatch the title “I knew that if I played my game, sweet for the Mustangs, it’s back to hopefully get some new players too,”
ably the reason why we came on top away from Toronto, McMaster and I should have good results. But I def- the gym to get ready to defend their Delgado said. “[We want] to win
without losing a match.” Queen’s. initely didn’t think I had it in the bag,” titles next year. another banner and keep the trophy
Not only did the Mustangs take “The first day was tough, but I Grand added. “We need to keep working hard at Western where it belongs.”

OUA > Squash Championship Results NCAA Men’s Basketball Chmpionships

How I learned to stop worrying and

love the bracket: The Madness Begins
Daniel Da Silva game spectacular. The last seven
>> Top five upsets
SPORTS EDITOR seconds took this game from great to legendary. After Andrew Smith put
up a layup to give Butler a one-point 5. Florida St ..............71
There just isn’t a better four-day lead, Pittsburgh tried a desperate Notre Dame..........57
span in the sports calendar than the heave to win the game — a play that
first two rounds of the NCAA men’s saw player of the game Shelvin Mack
4. Marquette.............66
basketball championship tourna- foul Panther star Gilbert Brown.
ment. Although with the new tour- Brown had two free throws to 3. Butler .....................71
nament structure, I guess it’s now the win but missed the second, at which Pittsburgh.............70
second and third round. It’s going to point Butler centre Matt Howard
take a while to get used to that. was fouled on the rebound. Howard 2. Morehead State...62
made his first free throw with less Louisville ...............61
Best Game of the Weekend than a second left to give his team
I’ve never seen a game like Butler the improbable win. 1. VCU ........................94
vs. Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh shot 56 Apparently Butler has a little Purdue...................76
per cent from the field, including 54 magic left over from last year’s
per cent from behind the arc. Butler incredible run.
shot a respectable 46 per cent from
the field. So both teams showed up
and played well.
Yet that isn’t what made this >> see OHIO pg.7
Naira Ahmed GAZETTE