Fire Protection Engineering Services

Scope of Services
Full Range of Fire Protection Services
• Sprinkler System Design • Code Consulting • Fire Alarm Design • Life Safety Reviews • Hazards Analysis • Special Hazards System Design • Water Supply Testing and Evaluation • Fire Modeling • Project Specifications • Construction Observation • Fire Safety Plans/ Evacuation Procedures • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
Engineering Planning and Management, Inc. (EPM) is a full service fire protection engineering firm offering a range of services to assist our clients in meeting their fire protection and life safety needs.

Fire Protection Design
Prepare conceptual design, determine performance requirements, perform design calculations, and select equipment to develop a detailed design using facility drawings, documentation and field evaluations.

Building and Fire Code Consulting
Identify and apply applicable codes and standards to verify conformance and negotiate with authorities when required.

• Fire Sprinkler Systems • Special Hazard Suppression Systems CO2 Foam Dry Chemical Halon Alternative Gaseous Systems Water Mist

• Local & State Building and Fire Codes • NFPA Codes and Standards • Model Building Codes • Life Safety Code Analysis

Pre-Fire Plans
Develop plans which include both graphics and text to depict the necessary information for fire attack, hazard identification, and egress routes. Integrate pre-fire plans with municipal GIS systems for use by emergency response teams.

• Fire Alarm and Detection Systems • Smoke Management Systems

Performance-Based Analysis
Utilize fire protection engineering knowledge and state-of-the-art tools to develop technically credible alternatives to support fire code equivalency issues/variances and to ensure maximum flexibility for building owner and designer while maintaining sufficient levels of fire and life safety.

Inspections and Surveys
Evaluate buildings and facilities to identify deficiencies in fire protection and life safety.











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3-D CAD drawing of designed sprinkler system

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Experience:
• High Rise Complexes • Libraries • Healthcare Facilities • Educational Facilities • Warehouse/High Rack Protection • High Hazard Facilities • Computer Rooms • Business/Office Complexes • Manufacturing/Process Facilities • Mercantile Establishments • Power Generating Plants • Places of Assembly • Residential Occupancies

Fire Modeling
EPM has expertise in the use of state-of-the-art fire modeling software including Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) and CFAST. These tools can be used to support performance-based fire protection analysis to justify alternatives to prescriptive code requirements or to assist in failure analysis and fire reconstruction projects. EPM has utilized fire modeling extensively in support of performance-based analysis. For nuclear power plants in the US and Canada, fire modeling tools were used to evaluate the plant hazards and their impact on plant safe shutdown. Fire modeling was used to calculate damage threshold distances for plume impingement, thermal radiant exposure, ceiling jet, and hot gas layer conditions and determine which components reach damage threshold conditions.

Our Approach
EPM uses innovative and practical methods to solve problems, while maintaining an understanding of the interaction between fire protection and life safety requirements and those of operating a commercial, industrial or residential facility. We focus on compliance with the applicable local, state and national fire codes and standards, while solving critical issues under real-world schedule constraints. Whether your requirements are the design of fire detection and suppression systems, code compliance review, development of pre-fire plans, or other fire protection and life safety issues, EPM can support you.

Personnel Profiles
The following is a list of key personnel in the Fire Protection Engineering Group at EPM.

Mr. Thomas Jutras, P.E.
Mr. Jutras holds a Master of Science Degree in Fire Protection Engineering and has over twelve years of experience in this field. His strong base of knowledge encompasses commercial, industrial and utility fire safety. Mr. Jutras has had extensive exposure to fire protection system design, building and fire code consulting, fire risk analyses and evaluations, fire modeling and the development of fire protection programs. Mr. Jutras is Manager of EPM’s Commercial Fire Protection Engineering Group.

Mr. Mark Schairer, P.E.
Mr. Schairer holds a Master of Science Degree in Fire Protection Engineering and has had responsibilities in both commercial and utility fire protection projects. Mr. Schairer’s responsibilities have included performance-based analysis, fire modeling, the design of water-based fire suppression systems, code conformance evaluations, and preparation of fire hazards assessments.

Mr. Mark Crompton
Mr. Crompton, who holds a Master of Science Degree in Fire Protection Engineering, has provided his expertise to EPM’s clients for more than a decade. He has had major responsibilities in both nuclear and commercial fire protection projects and in all aspects of fire protection program development and implementation. Mr. Crompton’s experience includes fire safety assessments, fire hazards analysis, preparation of engineering evaluations, performance-based analyses, NFPA code conformance evaluations, and fire modeling.

Mr. James Blum, P.E.
Mr. Blum holds a Master of Science Degree in Fire Protection Engineering and has had responsibilities including review of active and passive fire protection systems, code conformance evaluations, as well as preparation of fire hazards assessments and supporting calculations.

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