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L ocal Extra FEBRUARY 2011
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Catch a Carp - Sale and Dargo

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Bidwell Maap Shield

Valentines Day
Gippsland Art Gallery - Sale
of Australia’s diverse photographic Gothic. She privileges us with insights Burton – sometimes keyhole views
Strike a Pose collection. into profound, unearthly experiences, and sometimes boundless vistas.
WITH LEE LIN CHIN expressed through heaving, bodily Sometimes invoking surface and
8 January to 27 February The exhibition presents a glimpse forms. other times inferring absence and the
back at Australian society during the ethereal.
From mini-skirts of the 1960s to the bohemian socially revolutionary period spanning While never explicitly describing
fashions of the late 1970s, Strike a Pose … the 1960s and 1970s and focuses supernatural phenomena, Burton’s ARTIST TALK: Friday 11 February,
with Lee Lin Chin showcases photography on fashion on the street, the field, on work is permeated by a mysterious, 6.00pm Image: Jane BURTON, Untitled
from these two dynamic decades, with images parade, and on holiday. otherworldly glow. In the Blood draws #1, 2010, pigment print on paper, 110
drawn exclusively from the National Archives together new and recent works from x 110cm
A National Archives of Australia Touring


Image: Pierre Cardin fashion parade at

Canberra Theatre Centre, 1967

In the Blood
5 February to 27 March

Jane Burton appeals to our imagination

in luscious, evocative photographs
that pay homage to the Australian

Great Venue
Great Menu
Great Club

T h e F u n P l a c e t o b e Bistro
Great Function Facilities Open for Lunch 12 -2pm
Available Sunday to Friday
Come and See for yourself! Open for Dinner
52 Hazelwood Road, Morwell 7 days 6 - 8 pm
Ph 5134 3449 Bar - Coffee Lounge

John Leslie Theatre

What’s On!
The Pink Show Figaro. Nothing, nothing but Figaro”.
The Marriage of Figaro
By W.A. Motzart At balls, quadrilles and waltzes were danced to the
music of Figaro. The work quickly spread in popularity
This sparkling production of Mozart’s classic comedy is overseas and has remained a firm favourite in the
a feast for the ears and eyes. It features an instrumental repertoire throughout the intervening 200 years. Co-
ensemble sharing theatrical and musical honours with Opera’s performance gives newcomers an opportunity
Co-Opera’s finest singers, all beautifully dressed in to experience the delights of the drama and the music
period wardrobe with a difference – faintly comic, yet at close quarters. Singers perform in and amongst the
utterly respectful to its performance tradition. audience and the entire auditorium becomes the stage
for this presentation of Mozart’s genius.
The Marriage of Figaro was Mozart’s first big success in
the Italian ‘Opera Buffa’ style. Figaro was an immediate Take fresh delight in a Figaro where every fine nuance
success, especially in nearby Prague which developed a of musical and dramatic flavor can be appreciated at
cult following for Mozart’s work. In Mozart’s own words, close quarters; where every voice in an ensemble has
“here they talk of nothing but Figaro. Nothing is played, its own life and every flash of the eyes fully understood.
sung or whistled but Figaro. No opera is drawing like Viva Figaro!

Box Office (03) 5143 3200 Hours: Monday - Friday 10:00am - 5:30pm and one hour prior to every show. 100 Foster Street, SALE
Looking for an adventure? Bullant Brewery Bruthen Opens
Recently the Bullant Brewery Bruthen opening last week. A great selection of
opened its doors, quenching the thirst locally produced and prepared on site
of many locals and tourists alike. The food is the talk of the town. With chef
brewery is the creation of Neil and Lois Bronwyn Benson heading up the food
Triggs, well known in the area as tourism brigade at the brewery, the ‘beer with
operators of Stringybark Cottages and bite’ phrase certainly takes on another
for Neil’s design and drafting business. dimension. From Small Bites to Share
Bites, even a great selection of Sweet
The micro-brewery was branded with a Bites the sourcing and incorporation of
launch back in October and since then local produce offers a huge range of
has been working to ensure that a January seasonal and delicious food that has
2011 opening could be realised. ”We had been perfectly matched to beer.
a few issues with our brewhouse after it The brewery has been built using all
was delivered from America” said Neil local tradesman and materials and is
last week as he tapped the first beer from now operating with locally employed and
the Bullant Brewery kegs. ”Damage to trained staff.
the brewhouse in transit put our timeline
back for brewing our first beers on site Open Wednesday to Sundays and public
ready for our opening, but we managed holidays, but with varying daily times it is
Considered leaning to sail? gently moving across you, the sounds to come up with a solution” he said. worth the drive from any location to drop
of the water pushing past the boat, in and view the big copper brewhouse
Free 2 hour sailing lesson (valued at dolphins emerge, playing in your Neil decided to head down to a and take in the wonderful views from
$180) with a minimum 2 day yacht wake and dipping in and out around colleague’s brewery at Yarra Glen to the deck overlooking the Tambo Valley,
hire. No boat licence required. No the bow of the boat, they swim off brew the first of his beers, which he has of course with an ale in hand and a few
experience needed. See our ad for into the distance as you absorb your named ‘Mossiface Pale Ale’. He then bite size delights to complete the story.
more information. surroundings: water, nature, wildlife, transported the beer to the brewery in Not only will the Bullant Brewery Bruthen
birdlife in abundance. kegs and has it on tap at the brewery. Neil fill a much needed void in the hospitality
It is safe, easy, local and in just a also has on tap 5 other guest beers from industry in the region, but it also ticks
couple of hours we will have you Where to moor for the night? Barrier Grand Ridge Brewery and Hargraves Hill some tourism and destinational boxes
underway experiencing something Landing perhaps? A stroll along 90 Brewery to tide Bullant Brewery over until also.
so wonderful you will be hooked. mile Beach, with just a few people the onsite brewhouse is fully functional
Instructed and supported throughout fishing and the sounds of the ocean. in early February 2011. ”We also have a For all enquiries contact Neil Triggs
your holiday by friendly, professional Some fresh seafood and salad for great cider on tap also, courtesy of our CONTACT : NEIL TRIGGS
staff, you will surprise yourself. dinner in the cockpit and a crisp, cool friends at Kelly Brothers” he said. BULLANT BREWERY BRUTHEN
drink. A pelican flies in to land nearby, Ph 03 5157 5307 OR
Just picture yourself: the feeling of like a jet lining up to land. The sun is But it is not only the brews that will keep STRINGYBARK COTTAGES
the boat under you as the hull glides setting so the sky changes through the Brewery busy since its very quiet 5157 5245
through the water with the power of hues of reds, oranges and pinks,
the wind filling the sails, the breeze the stars are bright and gradually
light up the sky. You lay back
and reflect on the most amazing
day- a challenge - so satisfying,
so exciting, so possible you can’t
believe you’ve waited until now to
discover how wonderful a boating
holiday can be.

To find out more phone Riviera

Nautic 5156 2243 or visit

Valentines Day
What Love Is
by Karin Schaefer

It is Love that gives me purpose

to change and grow and learn.
It is Love that guides me
on this path
and helps me choose each turn.

It is Love that gives me courage

to stand against my fears;
to open up my heart to you,
to let you see my tears.
Delflora It is Love that gives me trust
35 Church Street, Morwell.
and hope
when little thing go wrong.
Impressive, Inspirational, When distance stands
beautiful flower displays
for every occasion between us,
it is Love that keeps me strong.
Weddings “WOW”
Delivery, Credit Cards
5134 6699 It is Love that offers harmony and a friendship that is true.
How wonderful that I can share
a Love like this with you!
Exploring your
own backyard
sensitive to caffeine. purchase as much as
you can use within about 10 to 14 •Turkish
Robusta coffee is grown at a lower days. The longer you can leave your Coffee –Fine
How to choose the best
coffee beans !: altitude are disease resistant and beans whole, the better, as beans
much less expensive to produce. deteriorate in quality much quicker Lyn – Bean Learning & The Bean
Italian blends of coffee have when they are ground, so having your Scene.
There is a huge selection of
coffee beans available on always had a fair amount own grinder is a definite advantage.
the market today and of robusta beans in the
there is no right or wrong blend. When added in The choice of which beans to buy is
flavour, it all comes small quantities to now up to you. It is better to choose a
down to personal taste. arabica coffee, medium roast to begin with and then
Buying coffee is no robusta improves you can go either milder or stronger
different to buying wine, the quality and next time. Remember, if you are
each person’s palate is crema thickness of having the beans ground, to have them
different, and what tastes the espresso. ground to suit the style of coffee you
great to one person may are making. This is very important!
taste not so good to another. When purchasing coffee beans •Plunger coffee/ Percolator - Course
it is better to buy smaller amounts more •Mocha Pot/ Caffetierra – Medium
Here are a couple of pieces of often. Generally you should only •Espresso Machine – Medium/Fine
information that may help you when
choosing a coffee. There are two
main types of coffee bean, Arabica All things Coffee
and Robusta.
•Commercial & Domestic Machines
•Trade ins taken on new commercial
Arabica coffee is grown at high machines
altitude, and is prized for its smooth, •Mobile Unit available for large events
complex flavours. They range in taste •Great Range of Coffee Beans
from sweet-soft to sharp-tangy; their •Indonesian & Balinese Coffee now in
roasted smell is very fragrant with Stock
fruity notes and sugary tones. Arabica Our dedicated staff are trained to
coffee is a much smoother taste than ensure you have the best
Robusta coffee and half the amount of coffee you can buy!
caffeine. Therefore an arabica coffee
is a much better choice for people Shop 17, Warragul Shopping Plaza, Victoria Street, Warragul. Ph 5623 3350

Celebrate Heuriger
“ Heuriger “ is the new
wine of the season. In the
wine growing areas of
Austria, the wine farmers
who grow the grapes also
produce the wine and then
sell it to the public.

Sometimes in an
attachment to the farm
house, a cellar, a garden
or courtyard quite often
overgrown with wines,
similar to cellar door.

To show that the “Heurigen”

is open, a pine bush on a stick with a green light is displayed, either attached
to the roof or an upstairs window.

Sometimes there a several Heurigen along the street, particularly in areas

such as Grinzing, Sievering or Gumpoldskirchen, some of the very traditional
Heurigen areas in and around

Guests sit on wooden benches

and tables. The wine is mostly
served open in ¼ l glasses
together with cold foods such as
sausages, cold roasts, smoked
pork cheese, a range of dips
and bread. More upmarket
establishments offer hot foods
such as roast pork, chicken
and Leberkaese as well as live
Sunday, 13 March, 2011 from 12 noon till 5pm musik

$69 per person, includes a free glass of wine A Heurigen is a very rustic and
relaxed affair with people mixing
freely, even if they do not know
each other.
Exploring your
own backyard
Australia Day At Wilsons Promontory Traralgon, Victoria
What better way to spend Australia Day S.E.A.L DIVING
than at magnificent Wilsons Promontory,
Australia’s most southern point. Diving SERVICES
at Wilsons Prom is some of the best
temperate water diving you’ll ever do. •Scuba Courses
With spectacular scenery above and
•Dive Trips

•Dive Gear Sales

below the water, the diving is brilliant. Soft
sponges and corals, huge underwater
S.E.A.L Diving Services
swim throughs and sheer walls, a myriad
of fish life and playful Australian fur seals

5174 3434
are some of the things you will experience
on a dive.

The SEAL team headed out early from

3 Port Welshpool on Australia Day for a

leisurely cruise to Refuge Cove. The first Rob & Evelyn Timmers
dive was in Brown’s Bay with 8-10 metres 27 Princes St Traralgon
visibility and water temperature of 20
degrees. With outstanding rock formations
shadowing the boat, it was a similar scene
underwater. Sixteen scuba divers enjoyed
the adventure experiencing the collages
of color, identifying different marine life
and swimming amongst huge overhangs
and boulders.

It was then time to head ashore at Refuge

for a catered Aussie lunch with plenty of
time to explore and snorkel the sheltered
cove. The second dive was just out from
the entrance to Refuge Cove in reef with
calm conditions starting at 3-20 metres and
2 huge amounts of fish life. Blue throated
wrasse, big horse shoe leather jackets,
schools of sweep, southern rock lobster
and rocks adorned with yellow zoanthid
and a variety of colorful seastars.

No. 1 – The SEAL team 5
No. 2 – Kelsea Timmers flies the
Australian flag underwater on Australia
Day at Wilsons Prom
No. 3 – The SEAL Diving Services charter
No. 4 – SEAL Instructor Rob Timmers
No. 5 – The crew enjoys lunch at Refuge
No. 6 –Rob & Kelsea Timmers enjoy a
smorgasbord lunch after some great
6 diving at the Prom

Exploring your
own backyard
Because you can’t beat Experience
John and the team have over 20 years of experience.
Their advice will ensure you’ll have everything you
need for your next trip in the great outdoors

75 Queen St, Warragul GET LOST CAMPING PH: 5623 6833

GEAR, GEAR and more GEAR will often fail to vaporise in extremely cold
There is a breed of hiker out there often referred conditions making the unit very inefficient. The
to as gear freaks, or as they prefer to be called, gear final type is the multi fuel type of cooker. There
aficionados. Usually there is nothing obviously strange are several good brands of the market of which
about them; it’s just that they have a larger collection of gear MSR is probably the best known. While multi
than the average hiker. Four or five different tents, packs, fuel stove are the dearest option to buy, and a
sleeping bags and cook sets can all be explained away as little fiddly to use, they are by far the cheapest
being needed for different occasions and environments. to run. They also perform great in all conditions.
Yeah, okay. Me, I like to keep things a little less complicated Boiling time is 2.5 to 3 minutes.
and may be a result of not being able to get out camping as
often as I would like. ALL THE BITS & PIECES. Camping stores
are full of gimmicky gadgets to entice gear
If we break things down to the barest of essentials, gurus. Some are designed to make that next
what do we really need to survive out in the bush? Shelter, outing that much safer, some are designed to
warmth, food and water. They way we address these needs make things that much more comfortable the
boils down to our more specific needs, the environment we rest are there for you to buy for someone who
chose to tackle and the size of your wallet. The general has almost everything and you have no idea
rules I apply with the cost of gear are; if it’s lighter, it will cost what to get them. Some however are essential.
more. If it’s more compact, it will cost more. If it’s warmer A compass, head torch, waterproof matches,
for its weight, it will cost more, and if it’s more durable, it light hike mattress, hydration bladder or drink
will cost more. Now these aren’t hard and fast rules, they bottle, maps and a good knife all fall into this
probably only apply about 99% of the time. category. Less essential items but always good
to have on hand include walking poles, GPS
So let’s look at the essentials and some of the and EPIRB, and a good length of 3 – 4mm
factors to consider when making a choice before we hand nylon rope. You can keep adding to these lists
over those hard earned dollars. but always remember you have to carry this all
available to do almost the same job.
PACKS. So many choices, so little time. Are you
a male, female? How often will you get to use your new SLEEPING BAGS. This is where those
pack? Are you going to walk on well prepared track such as general rules mentioned previously do
those at Wilson’s Promontory or go bush bashing for long apply 100%. I always ask customers 3 basic
periods or short? You need to have a clear idea of your questions; Where are you going, when are
ultimate goal. Price can vary from $100 to well over $500, you going and how? The answers to these
the latter giving you a tough very durable pack with a very tell me quite specifically the best type of
comfortable harness fitted to your exact body shape. A lot of bag that is going to suit your needs i.e. how
hikers end up choosing a pack size bigger than they need. warm, light and compact. You will also need
They will then often fill it with gear they really could have left to have an idea of the coldest situation you
at home. WARNING; your friends will often recommend, are likely to be in over the next 10 to 15
with the best intentions of course, a pack type or brand as years and wether the bag is for a male
the best, don’t fall into this trap. YOU need to find a pack or female. GENERALLY females need a
that suits YOUR frame and YOU find comfortable. You will bag rated 5 degrees warmer than a male.
be the one wearing it so it has to suit you. WARNING; Sleeping bags usually carry 2
rating. One is a comfort rating the other is
TENTS. The options with tents are limited by the an extreme rating, be sure of these when
size of your wallet. I tend to look for tents which will suit my looking at a bag. If there is only one rating
needs (sleeping one, two or three people), will handle where always assume it is an extreme rating.
I tend to hike eg alpine areas, and weights no more than 1kg Some stores like to hide behind seasonal
to 1.2kg per person. I am not a big fan of single skin tents. ratings eg WINTER (however the fine print
Despite their claims I find they do not handle condensation reveals an actual rating of + 5 degrees)
well and are just too dear. There are less expensive better great if you are spending winter on the Gold
performing tents on the market that may be no more than Coast. For Gippsland generally you need a
100gm to 200gm heavier. The newer siliconized cordura bag rated at -5 degrees or better excluding
fabric tents are a good example. I also try not to sell a $500 heading up into the high country.
tent to someone who may only use it 3 or 4 times a year when COOKING SETS. There are three basic
there is types of cooking options available to a hiker.
a $200 Most are aware of the ever reliable Trangia
option cook set having come across them in their
school years. These units use methylated
spirits as their fuel and are a good option
for simple cooking where you are just
rehydrating and warming meals. As a
comparison it usually takes 5 to 8 minutes to
boil a litre of water and perform reasonably
well in alpine conditions. Gas stoves are
a faster option in regards to cooking time
and with their higher temperatures allow
the hiker to expand their culinary skills. A
litre of water can usually be boiled in about
3 minutes. Their only drawback is the gas
the Traralgon Bowls
will also launch in February its
new bistro and café menus. With
significant planning having gone
into the menu development there is
sure to be something for everybody
at all price points.

The new menu will see an array of

modern Australian cuisine coupled
with the all-time club classics. A
feature of our new menu will be
Traralgon Bowls Club…… the all new interactive kids menus
more than just a bowls club which will help keep the children
entertained while they wait for their
February Launch of our NEW club meals to arrive.
website Dining
For Bookings Phone 03 5174 2156
Having a web site is not just The kitchen is open 7 days a week
a commodity for businesses for both lunch and dinner service.
nowadays, but a must. A business With a selection of great value
without a web site is like a salesman meals there is sure to be something
without his business card. The for everybody
Traralgon Bowls Club has been
working tirelessly on developing Come and experience for
a website that will provide quick
and easy access to all the latest yourself why Traralgon Bowls
club news, bowls results, future Club is more than just a
tournaments, bistro and function bowls club.
menus, promotions and giveaways
Open 7 Days
Keep your eyes open on the internet Lunch 12:00pm - 2:00pm
highway for this new exciting site Dinner 5:30pm - 8:30pm
– Coming February DINING AREAS
Bistro & Alfresco Area
Coming Soon - New Bistro Menu Members Lounge
After months of much of the same
SUPPORTS Lakeside Bistro:
Open for Dinner Tuesday to
The Moe RSL contributed Sunday
almost $1 million dollars
Your entertainment Venue , to the local community
right in the heart of town! Tuesday –
last year through such things as
Members Lounge voluntary work and scholarships to Kids under 10 eat FREE
Bingo Every Tuesday
schools, the clubs Community Benefits
Eyes Down 7:30pm Statement shows. Wednesday and Saturday –
Free every Friday night
$13.95 Schnitzel and Pot Night
The statement, prepared by the Club for
Live Bands from 8:30pm
the State Government’s Commission
Regular Raffles and Happy Hours for Gambling Regulation shows the
(All Schnitzels are hand-made on
community received the equivalent premises)
Restaurant of $942,000 in direct and indirect
Open 7 days contributions. Full A-La-Carte Menu with Chefs
Lunch 12pm - 2pm
Dinner 6pm - late Special Board
RSL President Ray Watson said that
Regular Seniors, contributions took the form of subsidized
Lunch Express Try our NEW
Buffet &
or free goods and services, assistance
Special Menu’s to the aged, voluntary services and Summer Menu
support of ex - services personnel and
their careers and families. Competitively Priced
Function Room
Weddings, Seminars, Wakes or for the Whole
Celebrations. “The RSL exists to assist war veterans Family!!
Regular Live Shows and their dependants as well as
Support the Club the Supports your local supporting its local community, mostly
community. through volunteer work”. Mr. Watson
Information for members, guests and bonafide visitors said. He also stated that assistance
is well recognized, particularly by
63 - 67 Albert street, Moe. community volunteers who assist with Phone 51444 000
Ph 5127 1007 badge and poppy appeals and on
Website: to Book
Email: ceremonial occasions.

The RSL & Sale Club is looking forward as well as Pleasant Sunday Afternoons
to a big year in 2011. The first major (P.S.A.’s) showcasing and supporting
change will be the introduction of new local artists, bands and groups.
caterers to the bistro. The club is going Add this to the regular attractions such
back to a Chinese/Australian menu. The as, Raffles- Wed/Friday nites & Sat
bistro will be operating 6 days a week lunch time, 888 Texas holdem poker-
for lunch & dinner, offering members Thursday nite
and seniors discounts along with the
very popular lunch time specials. Members & guests have plenty to see
and do at the RSL & Sale Club in 2011.
Opening in early February. The club
can be contacted for more information RSL & SALE CLUB
and bookings. 143 York St Sale.
Ph. 51442538
ABN 79 283 699 634, Inc. A0050441X, 143 York St, PO
Also coming in 2011 will be Morning BOX 352, SALE 3850
Melodies on selected Tuesday mornings, Phone 5144 2538 Fax 5143 2210

Great Venue
Great Menu
Great Club

Th e F u n P l a ce t o b e
Great Function Facilities
Open for Lunch 12 -2pm
FRA COMMUNI Open 7 days a week from Sunday to Friday

AF T 10am at Open for Dinner
122-126 Johnson St 7 days 6 - 8 pm

Maffra,Ph 51411566 Bar - Coffee Lounge

Enjoy a delicious meal in our
club bistro main menu/snacks/
specials/coffee and sweets
Bars/Tabaret/Sky Channel/TAB
Sit back and relax in our lounge
area and enjoy watching your
Come and See for yourself!
favourite sports on the big screen 52 Hazelwood Road, Morwell
TV’s. Ph 5134 3449
Caravan Park and Log Cabins
Paul and Debbie invite you to enjoy a relaxing holiday and
receive the friendly and personal attention in their park. Enjoy
your stay in one of many styles of accomodation or bring
along your caravan or tent.


85 - 87 Betka Rd, Mallacoota. Ph 5158 0233

historic paddle steamer of the Snowy River,

BOOK NOW FOR THE EASTER BREAK in Far East Gippsland, Victoria. A community
project, her construction has utilized the
Cruises depart at the brodribb boat ramp, traditional skills of wooden boat builders, and
Marlo. thousands of hours of volunteer labour. The
Curlip operates as a cruise vessel on the
Vistas of distant mountains frame the Snowy Snowy River Estuary exploring the natural
and Brodribb waterways full of birds; black and cultural heritage of this hidden gem of Far
swans, cormorants, pelicans and ducks. You East Gippsland.
may pass by a sea eagle’s nest high atop a
tree in the rainforest, all while you enjoy a Visit: for
fresh coffee and scrumptious cake from the further information or call 03 5154 1699 for
galley. details of the cruising schedule.
Tickets can also be purchased at the Marlo
Paddle Steamer Curlip II is a replica of an General Store.
The Gippsland Lakes, Lakes Entrance, Metung and Lake Tyers Beach
some time aboard ‘Rigby’, a traditional timber

Wonderful Boating Holidays lakes boat whose connection to the Lakes go

back to the 1940’s.

Riviera Nautic - Metung - Gippsland Lakes Where the Lakes meet the ocean, is Lakes
Entrance. Here there is a hive of activity; boats,
cafes, beaches, friendly locals, holidaymakers
Yachts, Cruisers, Day Boats who love the water. The wharf is lined with
No boating Licence needed fishing trawlers and boats providing plenty of
Award winning service opportunity to get in touch with the tradition of
Comprehensive training. Lakes Entrance; an historic fishing town. Marry
24 hour support. Fuel included. this with a range of quality cafes and restaurants, and activities such as mini golf, paddle boats, parks, day tours on the Lakes, golf courses and
Ph 5156 2243 much more, there is something for everyone.

Free 2 hour sailing lesson (valued at $180) with minimum 2 day charter to be For a change of pace, if tranquil is more your
taken before Easter 2011(not valid over Labour Day weekend). style, you can’t bypass Lake Tyers Beach,
Mention this ad to receive your free sailing lesson at the time of booking The Gippsland Lakes, with its calm and just 10 minutes east of Lakes Entrance. The
expansive waterways, is a direct 3.5 hour trip lake, a gentle body of water for swimming and
from Melbourne. From National Park walks, to boating, opens onto the thundering ocean
90 mile beach, bird and wild life in abundance, beach providing the ideal setting to rejuvenate.
stunning scenic surrounds, towns to visit, rivers
to fish, and beaches to explore, the Gippsland Experience the magic of the Gippsland Lakes
Lakes are approximately 10 times the area and surrounds for yourself.
of Sydney Harbour. Surrounded by natural
habitat, it makes escaping the busy pace of life
Houses to suit all needs so easy, leaving you with quality time to spend
with family and friends.
Lakes Entrance, Metung,
Lake Tyers Beach
On the Gippsland Lakes is Metung; a tiny village,
A great range of unique holiday houses. set on a narrow peninsula of land. The village,
Features include pet friendly, budget to with all its character, has a village green where
luxury, water views and frontage, private you will find a farmers market each month. A
jetties, swimming pool, bush setting and general store and some quality cafes, plus
magnificent water views, create an ambience
Fully equipped including linen, just bring no one can tire of. There is a boardwalk that
yourself and a suitcase and enjoy your stay.
meanders along the water front from the Village to Riviera Nautic, where you can hire a day
Phone 5156 2243 boat and grab a coffee from The Coffee Shop
or an ice cream. For something special, spend
Exploring your
own backyard
Gippsland Flight Centre News...
Recently, armed with our make
history, the ex-military airfield historic

GIPPSLAND it happen resolution and attitude,

the Gippsland Flight Centre crew,
Bellman Hangar, aviation businesses
and expertise, the on-airfield military
Experience life on the Edge
some of the Gippsland Armed museum, airside access and a vast or Knife Edge!
Forces Museum volunteers and ex military western tarmac. Most
with assistance from David Page importantly there are appropriate In a CJ-6 Warbird Military Trainer
of Southern Aircraft Services (who resident aircraft both civil and military.
supplied heavy lift equipment and With the co-operation demonstrated MILD OR WILD.....your choice.,
CENTRE a tug,) shifted a Grumman Tracker last Monday, I am sure that we, as a if you’ve always wanted to do it...
from the Councils ex Airforce group, could “make it happen”.
• Flight Training from Private to Bellman Hangar, then transferred
a disassembled RAAF Macchi from If you also would like to be part of
Professional Pilot Levels that hangar to the Gippsland Armed this initiative please call me, Tony
For Bookings contact Jo Peters
• Recreational and General Flying Forces Museum facility. Peters 0412 474 016, or email me at (03) 5149 2223 or 0401 712 780
• Aircraft Hire and Fly This move was achieved on Monday to register
your interest and be put on the
• Adventure Flights 31st January and though all were newsletter list.
• Gift Vouchers for Special occasions. suffering from some level of fatigue
at the end of the day, we were Graduations:
Phone 5149 2223 pleased with our combined team Congratulations to Peter Stark who
Tony 0412 474 016 effort. recently gained his Recreational
Pilot Certificate and Rob Eppelstun
West Sale Aerodrome One of our long term goals at West who gained his RAAus Navigation
email: Sale is to create an operational endorsement. vintage, unique and warbird aircraft Peter has gained a deal of experience
museum housed in the Bellman not only from his flying training but also
Hello again, Hangar on the western tarmac at West in the maintenance of Recreational flight in February aimed at the thrill seeking
Back after a visit to family in South Australia Sale. There are several of these ventures Aviation. He is gaining a comprehensive individual who enjoys something unique and
- a very enjoyable and refreshing break. in Australia and they are very popular with knowledge of Jabiru aircraft through extremely different.
Whilst in SA, I had time to reflect on 2010 and locals and tourists alike. conducting pilot maintenance. Participants, after a pre flight briefing will
develop a strategy for 2011. In addition, the They operate as a shared facility between Rob Eppelstun recently flew to Bundaberg in take off and climb to 5,000 ft, the pilot will
reflections and strategy development helped private enterprise (repairing, rebuilding and Queensland to take delivery of a new Jabiru throttle back, and throw a toilet roll out.
cement my personal ‘New Years resolution.’ servicing aircraft) and non-profit volunteer J160. This occurred in January during a two This roll unravels and hangs vertically
The resolution is very simply, “MAKE IT organizations e.g. Gippsland Armed Forces day “window of opportunity” weatherwise. I like a streamer as it slowly descends with
HAPPEN.” Most of us have plans, but if we Museum who would have volunteers am sure Rob and his wife Therese will be the cardboard centre as the anchor. The
don’t do anything about them, who will?!! escorting regular visitors objective is to cut the streamer as many
visitors through to local and times as possible before it descends below
Some plans can be achieved personally the facility, more remote 3,000 ft. Approaching the streamer for a
but other more ‘involved’ plans need a co- explaining the airfields in the cut the pilot activates “SMOKE ON”. After
ordinated effort by like-minded individuals o p e r a t i o n s near future. the cut “SMOKE OFF” is selected. This
who work together as a team to achieve or activities is followed by a pull up, steep high G turn,
their objective. during the The Warbird finding the streamer below the smoke trail,
In this case, these plans, once achieved, tour. Scene: targeting it and then flying for another cut!
may be of great benefit and interest to A smoke This is happening at around 300 kilometres
the community, as well as being of great Within this system has per hour. The combination of speed, steep
satisfaction to the team who helped to ‘made Shire we have been fitted to turns, high G’s, smoke trails and the rush
it happen.’ the opportunity the Nanchang of a cut of the streamer is a thrill to be
and ability to of Warbird experienced. It makes the “wild” show rides
Western Tarmac Joint Venture: create such A d v e n t u r e s seem like a walk in the park!
The crew of the Gippsland Armed Forces a venture. Downunder.
Museum at West Sale Airport should be We have The crew is Here’s hoping for mild weather, and smooth
very proud of their achievements thus far. the aviation Rob Eppelstun with his J160. introducing a flying conditions.
and military new adventure Until next month, Tony Peters

Antiques & Treasures Rosedale Antiques

Books & Collectables
Antiques, Old Wares, Records, English China, Linen,
Furniture, Pottery, Crystal, Depression Glass, Mantle Clocks

Road Trail
and a Good Selection of Antique Reference and Local History
Thursday, Friday 10:30am - 3:30pm Saturday: 10;30am - 4pm
Sunday 11am-4pm Public Holidays: 10:30am - 4pm
34B Princes Highway, Rosedale Phone: 0488 244 751

Collectables Shop
54-60 Prince Street, Rosedale Ph 5199 2251
Ph 5144 2866
Stocking Coins, Stamps, Militaria and Sculpture.
Address: 107 Foster Street, Sale
Large range of Giftware, Jewellery, Toys and China
Drop in or shop from home on Web:
Holiday’s on a Budget
Metung, Lakes Entrance and Lake Tyers between two families in a larger house, or Howdy folks: to handle deciduous stock
Beach a group of friends makes even luxury style is when the annual new
properties unbelievably affordable. What a Weatherly Feb growth ceases or slows down
Have you discovered the value in holi- we’re having! The other considerably.
daying in holiday houses? Total privacy Take a look and discover why so many day we threw out a barrow
and autonomy, space, unique houses people holiday year after year in Holi- full of crispy fried plants Most of you have hear of
and properties that offer so much more dayMakers’ holiday houses. It’s not just - yesterday it was full of Flemings Nurseries, one of
than just somewhere to sleep. If you are the service, or that the houses are clean, drowned stock...Crazy! Australias leading growers
searching for a romantic holiday for two, or fully equipped, including professionally
of deciduous trees. We
an action packed adventure for 16 people, laundered linen, and are often in the most
holiday houses come in all different sizes, sought after locations. It is the unique ex- We’ve had several concerned have always followed their
enabling you to pick and chose what best perience and value you get from a holiday folk in this week. They instructions and I now quote
suits you. staying in a holiday house. heard that they must never from their manual.
purchase a deciduous tree
With a huge range of properties, Holi- Find our more, visit www.holidaymakers. that had been “potted” on “When dormant, remove tree
dayMakers has a house to suit all kinds or call 5156 2243 from the bare-rooted stage, from container and gently
of needs and budgets. Sharing the cost See the HolidayMakers Ad for more detail. as it would die because the cut roots growing around in
roots would spin round and a circular pattern. Remove
round and not straighten the root ends and ease
out. away as much of the spend
potting media as possible.
OK we did not hear or see The roots can be trimmed
the article they spoke of, back quite substantially to
an, believe me, for every allow for more media to
gardener you meet, you’ll be removed. The more old
hear of another theory. potting mix you can remove
the more new (premium only)
All I can really say is “Don’t potting mix can be put back
Music at the Soundshell - Mossvale Park Worry, Be Happy” in the container. Shake the
tree roots a few times. Put
The spacious, leafy Mossvale Park just outside Leongatha will again be home to a glorious I’ve been potting and selling the tree back into a clean
day of great music on Saturday the 19th March. This year the must-see music event plants since 1981, and am container and pack a new
celebrates roots, blues, rock and folk, set in the beautiful outdoor surrounds of Mossvale
highly qualified in how many mix well in around the roots.
ways I kill one plant! I’ve Apply slow release fertilizer
Justin Townes Earle (USA) & Glenn Richards (Aust.) will headline. over sprayed, underfed, and water in well”
used the wrong spray at
As tall as the day is long, all angles and elbows and a hard stare, both welcoming and the wrong time, planted in With a few adjustments, this
deadly serious Justin is from Nashville, but in lower Manhattan now, just like his hero the wrong area; however, if theory can also be applied to
Woody Guthrie, with twang and charm intact. “Boasting the kind of voice most often found I’ve chosen the right size an in ground planting, but Liz
on dust-covered 78s”, “Earle sings like a honky-tonk hero and thinks like a 21st century container, a premium potting will have a fit if I use up any
man”. mix, and followed the rules more space this month.
Augie March frontman Glenn Richards is an astounding singer/songwriter, and his new solo of planting, I’ve not yet had
project features the licks and beats of Dan Luscombe and Mike Noga from The Drones, as
a problem. So you see, don’t worry, If
well as musical input from Glenn’s older brother Chris and Ben Bourke from Ned Collette’s
band. Felmings have been doing
Because time rules us here, this these last who know
Also on the bill is Gareth Liddiard who has spent the last ten years based in Melbourne and we pot on and plant all year, how many years, then we
North East Victoria, where he has led the universally critically acclaimed band The Drones. but if we want to speak certainly can too!
And from the UK Martin Simpson: There is no doubt that after 35 years as a professional “botanically” the best time Happy Gardening, Nancy
musician Martin is, right now, better than ever. Widely acknowledged as one of the finest
acoustic and slide guitar players in the world, his interpretations of traditional songs are
masterpieces of storytelling. His solo shows are intense, eclectic, spellbinding and deeply

Gates open at 12.30pm and the music begins at 1.30pm with a great selection of Melbourne
artists and their bands: Chris Wilson, Mick Thomas, Charles Jenkins and ‘Little John’.
For old world charm to comtemporary gardens
And organizers are pleased to announce that following his recently highly acclaimed
debut Australian tour, Joe Pug (USA) will return to Australia in March and perform at the
7 RAGLAN STREET, SALE PH: (03) 5144 4493

Also for your entertainment on the day within the park will be local band ‘The Strzelecki
Stringbusters’ and ‘The Power to Whaite Ratio’:
Daniel Power and Avan Whaite are highly
accomplished circus performers, who both have a
strong movement element to their work.

This boutique event draws crowds from across

Victoria, attracted to the lay-back ambience and
beautiful and spacious surrounds. Car parking is
free or you can leave the car at home and take a
bus from either Leongatha or Inverloch. The event
is also BYO (no glass) or you can buy from the
local food, wine and ale vendors at the park.

Ticket prices for the event are more than reasonable

at only $60 Adults and $50 Concession and a
generous family price of $180 with children under
14 free. Tickets can be purchased online from
Oztix, by email from Lyrebird Arts Council or at local
outlets: Gecko Studio Gallery, Fish Creek, Bair
Music Leongatha, Main St. Revelations, Foster,
Continental Drift, Mirboo North and Leading Edge,
Enquiries: phone 5664 9239 or:

Go The Pink Dog! returns OR PERHAPS A TUESDAY

Chants of “Go The Pink Dog!” the racing bodies in New South Wales, an amazing $50,000, which was an
were shouted across Melbourne’s Tasmania and Western Australia incredible result, so to have the pink ENTERTAINMENT?
Federation Square this morning as joining in the Go The Pink Dog! cause dog racing for the McGrath Foundation
a greyhound racing fundraiser was in 2011, this year’s fundraising target again is very special”, Tracy said. THEN LOOK NO FURTHER THAN
launched for 2011 with an aim of is more than $120,000. THE WARRAGUL GREYHOUND
raising more than $120,000 for the Greyhound Racing Victoria’s [GRV] CLUB…
McGrath Foundation. Funds from Go The Pink Dog! will assist Chairman Nick Caley is delighted that
the McGrath Foundation in employing Go The Pink Dog! will have a national
Today marks the launch of Go The another McGrath Breast Care Nurse presence in 2011.
Pink Dog! for 2011, with Greyhound and increase breast awareness in
Racing Victoria to donate $500 to young Australian women. “In the space of one year Go the Pink
the McGrath Foundation every time a Dog has become a flagship charitable
greyhound wearing the pink number 8 McGrath Foundation Spokesperson, initiative for GRV and has become the
rug wins a race in Victoria. Tracy Bevan, is looking forward to catchcry of our industry. We are very
cheering on the pink dog for the proud to be involved and are thrilled
Sixty one [61] friendly pet greyhounds, second year in a row. “In its first year, that it has grown beyond Victoria”,
all dressed in pink number 8 racing the Go The Pink Dog! campaign raised Caley said.
vests, were spread across the busy RACING TUESDAY NIGHTS AND
city location this morning as thousands NOW ALSO RACING THURSDAYS
of passersby stopped to give them a WITH A 1PM START
pat and collect a free coffee on their
way to work. A complete package for $30 per
head includes:
Sixty one represents the number of * entry
McGrath Breast Care Nurses currently * race book
employed across Australia. * reserved table
* 2 course meal
Also in attendance were Go The Pink * 3 standard drinks
Dog! ambassadors Archie Thompson
[Melbourne Victory], Bianca Chatfield Or packages can be tailored to suit
[Melbourne Vixens] and Tracy Bevan your needs – booking essential
[the late Jane McGrath’s best friend
and wife of former Aussie cricketer For more information contact the
Michael Bevan]. Club on 56231867 or visit the
website at
This is the second Go The Pink Dog!
campaign after $51,000 was raised in
Victoria last February. And thanks to

Sale Greyhound News PUPS FOR SALE

EL GRAND SENOR MARCHES ON the 2010 Victorian Greyhound of the his career in April 1972 at the old El Galo X Snake Eyes Ebony
Sale trained greyhound, El Grand Year as this edition goes to print. Sale track where the main arena of
Senor , continued his march towards the Sale Showgrounds is now. Dam won 8 from 13 before breaking
being acclaimed one of the all time HALF YOUR LUCK down in her 14th start. In her short
greats of Greyhound Racing with In a real “ blast from the past “ a In a career spanning 71 starts Half career she beat Boozeroo Group 1
victory in the recent Group 2 Warragul former champion greyhound from Your Luck won on 46 occasions finalist and recorded times of 30.75
Cup. the small South Gippsland town of including an incredible 29 city B.O.N & 30.81 B.O.N at Gawler (3rd
Meeniyan has been honoured with wins. His best wins were the 1973 & 7th fastest 2009) and 29.84 &
El Grand Senor scored an impressive inclusion in the Victorian Greyhound Australian Cup, 1973 Warragul Cup 29.93 (14th & 17th Fastest 2009).
heat win breaking his own track Hall of Fame. and the NSW Centenary Cup. As
record in the process. The final field well Half Your Luck was runner up The Dam’s mother (Excuse Me) is
was made up of greyhounds who had The strikingly marked Half Your Luck in a Melbourne Cup and a National currently ranked 8th in Australia for
earned $1.2 million in stakes during was trained at Meeniyan by local Sprint Championship. brood bitches.
their careers and will no doubt be the grocer Ted Redpath and commenced
yardstick for measuring the quality of His striking white and black colour and The bitch that these pups are out
other Cup Finals during 2011. front running racing style endeared of is Excuse Me’s best performed
him to the public to the extent that he daughter.
Coupled with drawing in Box 5, many carried the tag “ the Peoples Dog “
keen observers doubted that the
black speedster could continue on GO THE PINK DOG Pups are 5 and a half months old
his winning way. February is Pink month in Greyhound Two dogs left
Racing throughout most of Australia. Call now to avoid disppointment
In a display of pure speed, El Grand The various Authorities in the states 3 bitches already sold.
Senor, put the race beyond doubt in of Victoria, New South Wales,
a few very powerful bounds. Tasmania and Western Australia $4,800 each
will make a $500 donation to the 0432 128 445 BH
Victory at Warragul added $28,000 McGrath Foundation every time that 0422 831 164 AH
to his bankroll and bought his total a dog wearing a pink rug wins a race
earnings close to the magical half in these states
a million dollars, a benchmark only .
ever attained by 2 other greyhounds It is expected that over $100,000 will Proud Sponsors of the Sale Greyhound
in Australia. be raised to assist those touched by
Breast Cancer. Racing Club
Immediate plans are for El Grand

Ted Redpath and “Half your Luck”
Senor to race in the $50,000 to the
winner Invitational race “ The Temlee
“ at The Meadows on February the
19th followed by the rich Australian glass & aluminium
Cup series at the same track.
Aluminium Windows Glass Cut to Size
The Temlee honours another great of
greyhound racing and breeding who Security Doors Glass Splashbacks
ironically is also a product of the Sale Shower Screens Flyscreens
area. El Grand Senor’s feats on the
track have already surpassed those Mirror Glass
of Temlee.
280 York St, Sale
In the meantime it is expected that
El Grand Senor will be crowned as
Ph : 5144 7277
Bidwell Maap Shield
Australia Day saw two teams vying for the inaugural quickly erased the Allstars deficit.
Bidwell Maap Cricket Shield at Mallacoota.
Players were proud to have Pam Anderson,
Councillor Freshwater addressed a large crowd legendary Indigenous Health Administrator,
gathered at the ground to see the game between in the crowd while Bevan Harrison, Bidwell
the East Gippsland Allstars and the Mallacoota Maap Chairperson, presented the Shield to
Barracoutas. the East Gippsland Aboriginal Allstars.

While the smoke from a traditional hangi drifted Hotdog Des and his famous snags were
across the ground Mallacoota batted first and were a crowd favourite and later the hangi was
surprised by the Allstar bowlers, despite some of uncovered by Dale Winward and Kevin ‘Monk’
them being decidedly aged. Chase. Diners extolled the flavours from the
earth oven, a secret shared by both Maori
Mallacoota batsmen Cam Armstrong and Leon Ellis and Aboriginal traditional chefs.
were the stand outs for the Barracoutas and saw a
score of 116 posted at the end of 22 overs. The crowd enjoyed beverages and tall stories
and the open mic session of songs sung by
Jack Pascoe and Tom Bartholomew were the best players and supporters. It was a fantastic and
Allstar bowlers but the wily Harry Terrick crept up to positive day of sharing fun, food, sport and
the crease and bowled very well. Clayton Harrisom music sponsored by East Gippsland Shire,
was a surprise packet with the ball and in the field Mallacoota and District Health Services and
while Alfred Solomon bowled true line and length to dozens of individual and business sponsors
trouble all batsmen. in the town. Mallacoota might disagree about
some town developments but they know how
It was hard to judge Billy King’s form because he to unite to support their own. Mallacoota is a
broke down after three balls. He continued to field great place to live.
well, however, and the man from Kansas City was
a great inspiration to his team. The high light, however, was a Mallacoota local
discovering her Aboriginal identity including
Raymond Harrison also bowled well but Captain an uncle and several cousins amongst the
Bruce Pascoe was hit all over the park by Armstrong crowd and players. That really capped off a
who seemed to be intent on showing his FSCCA celebration of truly great Australian spirit.
and Mallacoota team mate who was who in the
zoo. Photos
Top Right - Players celebrate conclusion of
The younger Barracoutas were keen competitors the game,
and showed excellent sportsmanship. Great
ambassadors for the town. Middle - Bevan Harrison congratulates Tom
Reicheldt on a game well played,
In the Allstars innings early wickets threatened to
hand victory to the Barracooutas but swash buckling Right - Allstars with Aunty Pat Anderson and
innings from Jack Pascoe and Tom Bartholomew the Bidwell-Maap shield.

Glamorous Camping- ‘Glamping’ at Parks Victoria Wilderness Retreats

The modern era of camping has begun with Parks for all people during all seasons. Experience
Victoria Wilderness Retreats offering a new style of everything from sun-drenched summer beaches to
outdoor accommodation, ‘Glamping’ - camping in secluded winter walks amongst shaded rainforest
comfort and style. gullies.

The Wilderness Retreats are located at some of Cape Conran Wilderness Retreats combine nature’s
Victoria’s premier nature based holiday destinations, best elements into one destination. Surrounded by
including Wilsons Promontory National Park, Cape lush native forests and shimmering beaches, the
Conran Coastal Park and Buchan Caves Reserve. crashing waves and nightly nocturnal noises can be
Each location presents an experience that will be heard as you drift off to sleep.
Discover an underground wonderland at
These safari style tents provide all the creature Gippsland’s ancient Buchan Caves. Explore narrow
comforts amidst Australia’s natural surroundings. passages that open up into enormous caverns full civilised - experience glamping at Parks Victoria’s
of spectacular calcite formations, or take a scenic Wilderness Retreats.
The accommodation can sleep up to four people, bushwalk in Buchan Caves Reserve and enjoy the
featuring everything from polished floorboards to a variety of birds and native animals. Cape Conran and Buchan Caves are available for
queen sized bed and high quality white goods and $150 per night whilst Wilsons Promontory is $250
electrical facilities. With the summer upon us this is the perfect time per night, with all Wilderness Retreats requiring a two
to get out of the city and enjoy the great outdoors. night minimum. For bookings or further information
Wilsons Promontory National Park is the destination Being far from civilisation doesn’t mean you can’t be visit
TRIMMERS Golf R Is Crowned
Boat Canopies / Vinyl Roofs Topgear Hot Hatch Of The IAN GRANT’S
Vehicle Upholstery
All canvas Goods
The Volkswagen Golf R has
scooped the Hot Hatch of
and Communications at
Volkswagen R – the special
Tents the Year honour at the UK projects wing of Volkswagen
Household Furniture TopGear Awards hosted by tasked with designing and
Tonneau Covers the TV show’s presenters,
Jeremy Clarkson, Richard
developing R products. NEW
Truck tarps
Caravan annexes
Hammond and James May. Dr. Muth commented: ‘This
is the third generation of Golf
Horse Rugs
12 Union St, Sale. Ph 5144 4228
The Golf R was singled out in R and the fastest and most CARAVANS
a hotly contested category due focussed yet; we designed
to its mix of dynamic ability, it to appeal to keen drivers
its powerful and charismatic exactly like the judges at Caravan Sales, Hire, Repairs and
Gilmour Motors engine and everyday TopGear. On behalf of Accessories, Insurance.
& Tyre Service refinement. In deciding the
winner of the category the
Volkswagen and Volkswagen
R it’s a real honour for the Golf Agents for Royal Flair and
Service all Makes judges found the Golf R to
be ‘extraordinarily good at so
to be recognised with such an
Grant Tourer Caravans
and Models many things’.
The Golf R takes the TopGear Tel: 51741381 / 51748976
Ph 5127 3362 On hand to collect the
award was Dr. Hendrik
crown from the Golf GTI which
won the Hot Hatch category in
Mobile: 0408 598 905
Muth, Head of Marketing 2009. After hours: 51272457
2 Monash Road, www.iangrantscaravans

Tint • a•Car Protects best WINDSCREENS

155 Queen Street
Ph: 5622 2501
Home Windscreen Replacement & Scratch Repairs
Office Bill Jenkins: 0432 443 661
Chris Gerrish: 0412 674 160
RIGHT CHOICE FOR EVERY WINDOW 38 Narracan Drive, Moe. 3825 Ph 5127 1000

Crawford Marine
PRE-AMP. VERY TIDY.$33,500.00 OVERNIGHTER!! MUST GO. MAKE AN OFFER!!! $18,5000 TIDY. $13,990.00

OWNER, VERY TIDY. $ 39,990 $22,990.00 OWNER. $14,990.00 $14,990.00

75 -79 Chickerell St, Morwell
Ph 5134 6522
Live the D rea m !
Jayco Destiny 2007, 17ft, Paramount Delta 2005, 22ft, shower/toilet, Scenic Galaxy Outer-Limits 2003, air Hyundai Terracan, 2004, 7 seater,
External shower, HWS, Island queen bed, heaps of ground clearance, conditioning, “L” shape rear lounge, 2.9 litre, V6, Air conditioning,
bed, off road package, battery, 15” off road wheels, 2 seating areas, island bed, off road independent Automatic, 12 months registration,
oven, 120 litre fridge, washing machine, suspension, Full annexe walls, Very black cloth interior, cd player,
air conditioning, was $32,990, air conditioning, solar, batteries, very good power windows, very good
now $30,990 condition, was $52,490, now $49,990 good condition, $34,990 condition, $9,990

Jayco Heritage 2005, 21ft, rear en- Supreme Q2 2009, 27ft, Leather club Royal Flair, 2008, 21ft, rear ensuite, Toyota Landcruiser, 1990 model, 4 Litre,
suite, front kitchen, 150 litre fridge, lounge, central ensuite, 2 x skylights, washing machine, 2 x battery pack, Straight 6 EFI Engine on Gas, air conditioning,
air conditioning, east west island queen bed, 184 litre fridge, oven, BBQ Slide out, air conditioning, Queen Power windows, tow bar, 4 speed automatic,
bed, oven, immaculate inside and washing machine, solar panels, batter- bed, Reversing camera, 150 litre fridge, Power steering, very good condition,
out. $37,990. ies, very good condition, $74,990 immaculate condition, $52,490 registered til August 2011, $10,990

351 Princes Highway, Traralgon LMCT 10597 - ALL PRICES DRIVEAWAY PH 5176 5019
Rare Museum Porsches Headline 2011 PI Classic
Rare sports cars spanning six decades are heading from seven times between 1982 and 1994 – is also part of the which has again attracted a huge entry of more than 500
Germany’s Porsche Museum to the 2011 Phillip Island exclusive collection that will be seen at the Phillip Island sports, racing and touring cars for the third consecutive
Classic Festival of Motorsport from March 18-20 to Classic in March. year.
celebrate Porsche’s 60th anniversary in Australia.
The car secured for Australia is the Rothmans 962 raced A highlight of the meeting is 30-minute sports car race on
The headline act of the collection is the 935/78 coupe to victory in 1987 by Derek Bell, Hans Stuck and Al the Sunday that will see at least three Porsche 956/962
nick-named ‘Moby Dick’ by Porsche race mechanics Holbert. sports cars, up to four Porsche turbocharged six-cylinder
because of its large and extended ‘whale tail’. 935 coupes, a V8 Sauber-Mercedes C9, an ex-Le Mans
From the 1960s comes the eight cylinder 908/02 Spyder JCB Chevron, a GT40 Ford, and a number of V8-powered
Based on a production 911 body shell to Group 5 that won the 1969 Targa Florio and the 718 RS 60 Spyder Lolas from the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s compete over 20
regulations, Moby Dick was with climax of 935 race that won the 1960 Daytona 24 Hour race. laps of the 4.55km Phillip Island Grand Prix circuit.
car development. Powered by a 621 kW (845 hp)
turbocharged 3.2 litre six-cylinder development of the Other special Porsches in the collection include the The meeting will also mark the 40th anniversary of the
production 911 engine, it reached 366 km/h at Le Mans lightweight 911 SC raced by Walter Rohrl in the gruelling Falcon XY GT-HO and the 50th anniversary of the E-type
in 1978. 1980 San Remo rally and a V10-engined Porsche Jaguar with a number of these vehicles amongst more
Carrera GT road car from 2003. than 200 special cars on display.
Perhaps the most recognisable of all Porsche race cars
– the famous 956/962 which won the Le Mans 24 Hour The Porsches will all be demonstrated at the meeting, For more information visit
Massaro Volkswagen



Phone Mark 0408057772
Exploring 4 X 4
After the hill it was a stroll across the plains.
I remember thinking to my self this not to
bad and asking the others how long we had
been going for. By my estimation we only
had a hour to go or just over the hill.

We did stop a fair bit as you do, but 2.5

hrs later we finally got to the lake. The last
hour was steep and the walking track just
zig zagged. I am sure if I had fallen over
Iwould have got down in no time.
Excellent Condition, Full Kitchen, Well its been a few years since I have We soon found a good place to set up. The stayed at the water fall till the majority ruled
All Stainless Inside, Cook Anything, hiked to a camp. Ever since I got my other guys had tent but all I took was a tarp it was getting too cold so we headed back
Drivers License I have always driven to my and some rope. I tied the rope between two to our camp.
Complies With Health Certificates
destination, but there are a few places that trees, and the put the tarp over the rope. I
Requirements. New Tyres And
you can not drive to, and that I have aways laid my sleeping bag out on the grass, then We sat around for a few hours eating our
Spare, Some Work Included, it was off for a swim.
$10,500.00 Ono wanted to go to. pre packed food exchanging story’s of our
The water was very clear and you could see previous travels together some going back
Plus If Required Commercial Size down about one to two metres. It was very
Lake Tali Karng is one of those places I over 25 years . I started going camping with
Freezer, As New $1200.00 Ono
have always wanted to go but never have some of these blokes when I was about 10
got around to going to until now. One of my years old,
mates has got a few others teed up for the
hike. Now he told me it will only that 1.5hrs Back then we used to head off with only
to get in there and the walking track was a knife and catch eels, fish, oh and even
not too hard and we would be going in on snakes. You cold say we were like young
the easiest track. I am not a fit person so I Bear Grylls back then, we did’nt even take
thought that it wasn’t too hard. sleeping gear.

We made our way up to Millars hut on Friday A bit after dark we all went to bed hoping to
arvo via Licola, stopping at Bennisons get a good night sleep for the walk out that
look out. We then turned at Arbuckle we estimated would take about 5 hours.
ROLAND CUTTER junction before ascending to the top of cold and it took me about five minutes to Soon morning came and everyone seemed
Professional Finish, Carry box, Mount Wellington for a few happy snaps get in as I am not a fan of cold water. Once slow and sore, Once we were all fed and
Laptop, Software of the mountains. We then headed down I was in it though it was refreshing. packed up, we got on our way by 8am. It
Plenty of stock, $7700.00 ono to Millars hut. As soon as we got there we was going to be a scorcher of a day, I can
got a fire going so we could cook a heap of After the walk in we swam around for a tell you that after five minutes my shirt was
VENDING while, then decided to go exploring. We
food. The plan was to cook a few roasts completely wet with sweat. The walk out
MACHINE headed around the lake up to were the
then we would take the meat in for our over was not as bad as I was expecting but at
Coffee, Hot night stay in at the lake, we ended up with 4 water runs in. The water running was icy one stage I ran out of puff so I had a berocca
Chocolate large roasts cooked up which turned out to cold and at foot of the hills and 10 minutes laters I was marching like a
Chips, be plenty for the 8 of us. rising was a water trooper. It took about 3.5half hours to get
Peanuts, fall. We out with the quickest doing it in about 2.5
Cold Can After a warm night with plenty of sleep hours .
Drinks, we got up and got our packs sorted
Chocolates, out whilst having breakfast . It was This is a hike everyone should do, you don’t
Valued about 10am when we left Millars have to be that fit, you can do it at your
Over hut and for the first 20 minute own pace. I bet once you have been
We work on all makes and Models
$6000.00 it was easy. Then came the there you will be soon planning your
Iron Man 4 x 4 Products - Orders Welcome
Sell For first hill. Now getting up next hike back there, or to another
$2200.00 was not too bad, it just got LAND ROVER/RANGE ROVER place that you have always
the old heart pumping. SPECIALIST wanted to go to!

trophies. To enter, please contact

John Aspro on 0419 312 472.

We are also setting time aside for

the local lads and lasses that want to
challenge the track and do Burnouts
in their own cars.

A big “Show ‘N’ Shine will also be on

display on the Sunday. The Dodgem
Rides will be there for the adults
and children. Quality Food at very
reasonable prices will be prepared
for you by the Drouin Rotary Club

No BYO Liquor will be allowed into

the area. All liquor will be sold from a
marquee on site.


ADULT 25.00 $25.00
UNDER 18 $15.00 $15.00
(2 x Adults & 2 x Under 18)
The Lardner Park Motorfest is on Saturday the 12th It will be two days of tortured tyres, smoke screens ENTRANT $120.00
and Sunday the 13th March this year and will be and powerful noisy engines doing Burnouts, Go to
Gippslands answer to the Canberra Summernats. Whoas, Motorkana and Stampedes. Gates open Saturday at 9.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. and
Sunday on 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.
Lardner Park is located at the intersection of A number of competitors have entered already
Lardners Track and Burntstore Road, Lardner both locally and interstate as there are big cash All profit from the event will be distributed to local
approximately 5 kilometres out of Warragul. prizes up for grabs again this year together with community groups.
“Affordable Cars”. Specialising in vehicles
priced between $5,000 to $15,000

2001 Toyota Echo $5,990Driveaway 2002 BA Falcon $9,990 Driveaway

3doorhatch,Locallyowned,12mrego,Air Auto, Air Con, Cruise Control, Tow
Con, Service done, Ready to go ! RJQ 824 Bar, Long Rego, local Car. XXM 687

Images Showcase The Lifespan 2002 Verada

Local Car, ABS Brakes,
2003 VY Commodore $9,990 Driveaway
Very Well Priced!! Auto, Mid
Of Ford Motor Company AirBags, Alloy Wheels, Cruise. RLE 388 Blue, Air Con, Tidy Car SCH 481

The purpose is to create brand awareness

and preserve the Ford legacy using
the millions of existing images in the

“The entire world of Ford culture is here,”

the manager Ford Archives, Dean Weber,
said. “These images represent the
very special place Ford has in not only
1995 Nissan Maxima $5,490 Driveaway 1997 Toyota Celica $7,490Driveaway
American history but world history.” Luxury sedan, Air Con, Central Sporty Look, Alloy Wheels, Auto,
locking, Hard to find manual. NKN970 Air Con, 12m rego. XGZ 340
The new website receives about 500
visitors daily. Car enthusiasts and dealers 71 PRINCES HIGHWAY, SALE
are some of the biggest early customers, Phone 5143 2422
More than 5,000 images already available McKelvey said.
on site, has a target of
LMCT 10704
almost 10,000 images to be available by “The Ford brand is one that almost MARK 0409 442 532
2012 everyone can identify with in some way,” Wayne Collins WAYNE 0408 328 160 Mark Hurst
McKelvey said. “This website gives people
Hundreds of images being added a way to strengthen that identification.” There are portraits and photographs Available for purchase are custom-made
each week that are popular with car from press releases, events, factories, vintage-style wood signs for continental
enthusiasts, dealers and anyone else is managed by Rick motorsports and product development, US customers only. For example, a new
with a connection to Ford Images include Weedn, an official Ford licensee, whose just to name a few. car dealer in the United States could
Mustangs by Year, current and past company licenses and sells archival get a sign made to look like it has been
models, Thunderbird, Cobra 289-427 images for other companies as well, “There is a ripple effect that started with in business for decades. Weedn said
and Ford Racing Thousands of images including Harley-Davidson Inc. and The Henry Ford’s vision that continues to dealers loved the signs.
dating to the earliest days of Ford Motor Henry Ford. this day,” Weedn said. “These images
Company are being hauled out of the tell that story and let people identify with In fact, dealers are some of the biggest
Ford archives and licensed for sale for the How it works what Ford really is.” customers, Weedn said, because they
first time. There are millions of photos contained are buying images to give away to
within the roughly 16,000 boxes, 75 file Once Weber and his team find images customers or decorate showrooms. features more than 5,000 cabinets and hundreds of CDs at Ford that support the purpose of FordImages. will continue adding
images for sale, including commemorative Archives in Dearborn, Mich., Weber com, digital versions are created through new items to the site, particularly images
and limited-edition prints, vintage signs said. For preservation purposes, the a scanning process. of products that are not yet represented
and advertisements. The site launched in oldest images are stored in coolers using and images from other information
January. guidelines recommended by the National More than 15,000 images have been repositories around the world, including
Archives and Records Administration. identified in the past six months. Weber Australia, so that truly
Hundreds images are being added weekly said that having digital versions of the reflects Ford’s global presence.
with another 5,000 to be added by the end Weber and his team have been poring images is another reason Ford moved
of 2011, according to marketing manager, through the files to find the best images forward with About Ford Motor Company
Global Brand Licensing, Betsy McKelvey. to offer. The subjects of the images vary. Ford Motor Company, a global
Weber then sends the images to automotive industry leader based

Weedn, who handles marketing, sales in Dearborn, Mich., manufactures
and production. The Ford marketing or distributes automobiles across
SALE EUROPEAN AUTOS team must give final approval of what
and how Ford images are put up for
six continents. With about 163,000
employees and about 70 plants
sale. Weedn sets the prices, which start worldwide, the company’s automotive
at $US24.99. brands include Ford and Lincoln. The
company provides financial services
• Peugot • Volvo • Renault • BMW • Alfa Romeo • VW McKelvey said one of the most popular through Ford Motor Credit Company.
• Jaguar • Rover • Saab • Fiat • Audi • Mercedes Benz • Landrover sellers so far has been a reprint of the ad For more information regarding Ford
that appeared in the Saturday Evening products in Australia, please visit www.
Post in 1925.

The ad was titled “Opening the Highways

to All Mankind” and featured images
that reflect the company’s goal of
making safe and efficient transportation
accessible to all. Ford President and
CEO Alan Mulally cited the ad at the
2011 North American International Auto
Show in Detroit.

In addition to prints such as the 1925

All Mechanical
Mechanical Repairs
Repairs and
and Servicing
Servicing ad, the site has another offering.
17 Stephenson
Stephenson Street,
Street, Sale
Sale Phone
Phone 5144
5144 7198
A Day OUt
Stratford has a Shakespearean Theme and an
Open 7 days a week Riverstone Cafe
annual Shakespeare Festival in April. “Local Evening Meals Wednesday to Sunday
Theatre”, antiques and galleries make for a Lunch meals Sat & Sun Only
pleasant visit to Stratford. Cnr Forbes and Avon Street
Briagolong Vic 3860
The Avon River which runs through the town Phone 51455202
is the fastest rising and receding river in the
Southern Hemisphere.

The Knob Reserve is 3km South east of Stratford.

At the crest of the hill a lookout platform has
been constucted enabling views down upon the
Briagolong Corner Cottage Friendly Country Hospitality
Fresh Menu with Local Produce
Great Coffee and Homemade Cakes and Slices
Avon River. The reserve is ideal for a picnic and Relaxing Alfresco Outdoor Area
Open 7 day from Breakfast to 4:30pm
has bbq’s, tables and chairs, playground, oval, Open for Dinner by booking
toilets and shelter. Fully Licensed


The Knob Reserve is an important indigenous Beautiful Gift, Jewellery, Insence, Scarves,
Clothing, Local Art, Handicrafts and much more....
site and a destination on the Batuluk Trail that
traverses Eastern Gippsland.
2 bedroom fully self contained Forbes Street, Briagolong
accommodation Phone 03 5145 5566

63 Forbes Street, Briagolong.

0351 455426 or 0417 498 532

Turkish Magic
Specialising in handmade carpets, hand
painted ceramics and tiles, glassware and
gifts, Turkish Magic in Stratford offers a
complete range of unique stock.

Owned by Adem and Kim Babuc, all

products are individually selected
by Adem in Turkey and
imported directly in July each
Nestled at the gateway to the High Country, year.
Briagolong is buzzing with activity and building Adem grew up in the carpet business as
its reputation as both a creative hub and a well as working with tourists.

memorable destination for a relaxing stay. Living in Australia for the

past seven years, he is
A regeneration of shops and great places to now using his skills to take
customers on personal guided tours to
eat, browse, buy, relax and stay is bringing Turkey each year.

Briagolong an influx of visitors. At 30mins north Turkish Magic customers are treated
as guests, and offer quality products, quality service and
of Sale, 15mins north of Stratford and 20mins free delivery

north-east of Maffra, Briagolong is easy to find, Turkish Magic is

Open seven days
yet hard to leave. 9am to 5:30pm.

33 Tyers Street, Stratford.

Phone 5145 6423
Briagolong’s location on the way to the
picturesque picnic and swimming spots at The
Quarry Reserve and the stunning, natural Blue
Pool, plus historic goldmining points along the
Freestone Creek, cycling routes, hiking and
4WD exploring also help make it an ideal touring

Riverstone Café prides itself on a fresh and

interesting menu, featuring local produce, home-
baked cakes and slices and old-fashioned iced
coffee and milkshakes. The cafe has a large,
sheltered alfresco area and is open 7 days
a week for breakfast, brunch, lunch and also Not just about Lollies! There is Dippin Dots Ice R

Cream and Scoops, Homemade Fudge, Slush Puppies,

dinner, when booked in advance. Sample some English Lollies, Dutch Licorice, Sugar Free, Gluten
of the best on offer from local wineries and Free Sweets. Old Fashioned Cordials, Great Coffee
micro-breweries. and More. Lollies to suit all ages.

Come see for yourself and say Hello!

The historic Briagolong Hotel has a reputation
for a terrific value-for-money menu, wonderful 23 Tyers St, Stratford. Ph 5145 6620
hosts and a great destination for everything from
a family meal to that special celebration. There
is a shady beer-garden, which is also available
for private bookings. The menu caters for all WELCOME TO STRATTY MILKBAR
tastes and they have frequent, well-supported & TAKEAWAY
live music nights. Good Food
Great Service
Beside the café, Auraz gifts and clothing
features jewellery, cards, accessories, crystals, Plenty of Parking
soaps, frames, and other gorgeous gift ideas.
The rear of the shop is devoted to Koomkie 62 Tyers Street
vintage and handmade clothing, with stylish and Stratford
unusual pieces given a new lease of life. The Phone 5145 7185
Big Gallery, open Sundays, features the work of
the area’s artists. Gift Stitch is open at weekends
and offers clothing, gifts, bags and homewares.
Comfy sofas
and a warm The most recent additions to Briagolong’s self-contained cottages, sleeping up to Dargo is not polished in its appearance,
welcome await business life are Ulandra Cottage, a 4 each. Further up the road is Wombat rather it is unaffected in its rustic charm.
at Briag books, contemporary centre offering massage Valley Cabins, located in gorgeous Its remoteness together with this charm,
which offers treatments and counselling, next door bushland, offering secluded self- make every visitor to Dargo feel that
near-new and to the café, and Briagolong Corner contained cottages to suit couples and Dargo is their own discovery.
well-loved Cottage, a spacious two-bedroom self- groups.
books to buy contained B&B cottage in town. The Dargo Historical Museum has an array
and exchange, Briagolong has always been the of exhibits and local artifacts showcasing
local history, So come and try some great food, a repository of a wonderful heritage, well the gold era, mountain cattlemen, high
maps, toys and good book, a wander round the shops documented in history journals and at country life and early pioneer days of
locally made and gallery and maybe even book a well- the Briagolong Mechanics’ Institute and Gippsland. The museum opens by
cards, plus deserved massage or treatment. Shanti RSL Log Cabin; tours can be arranged. request by contacting Brian Maddigan
publishing and Relaxation Retreat, just a few minutes As one visitor recently noted: now really on 03 51 401352 and is maintained by a
web services. from town also offers accommodation is the perfect time to come and “linger, community that has the deepest of love
(with or without treatments) in stylish longer in Briagolong”. and respect for its heritage.
The Landcare Dargo Carpathon is to be
held at the Wonnangatta Caravan Park
Dargo Valley Bed & Breakfast on the 26th to the 27th of February 2011.
BUNK ROOMS This family Fun Event is sure to please
PAMS PANTRY the whole family with $5000 worth of
prizes, lots of entertainment, give aways
Call Pam for your and demonstrations. Simply enter to be in
accommodation needs the draw to win one of two Kayaks! The event is catered
by Emma’s Cafe Bar, Sausage Sizzles and Mr Whippy,
1 Lower Dargo Road, Dargo Vic 3862 Phone 03 5140 1228 Fax No 03 5140 1388 so don’t worry if you don’t have time to pack a lunch.

Registration will be held on Saturday, 26th of February,

Dargo Motor Inn 7am to 10am. Presentation of Prizes will be at 1pm on
Country Hospitality & Comfort all year round Sunday the 27th. Fishing Licences can be purchased
from the Dargo General Store when you get there for $6.
Gift Shop Registration costs $10 per family or $5 Single. For more
Now Open info call Trish on 5140 1255 or email


LUCKY ENTRANT DRAW (female) 1 Kayak


Your Hosts, Rosalie 1ST PRIZE, Lakes Entrance Family Package (family of 5)
and Bill Campbell 2 nights accomodation at Bellevue on the Lakes / Family day cruise on the Thunderbird
Welcome you to / Ferrymans Seafood Cafe Voucher $60 / Family Day pass at Archery Park / Safeway
relax & unwind in beautiful Dargo.
Voucher $50 / Alpine Country Voucher $50 / Fishing Monthly Subscription
• 9 Fully Serviced rooms • Self Contained Family
Room • Adjoining Suite • Spa Room
• Continental Breakfasts. 2ND PRIZE, Phillip Island Family Package (family of 5)
All rooms contain Queen size beds, Toaster/Kettle, 1 nights accomodation at Kaloha Resort / Family pass to Phillip Island Nature Parks / Isola
Heater, Fan, Electric Blankets, TV, Tea & Coffee di Capri meal voucher $50 / Family Day Pass at A’Maze n Things / Safeway voucher $50 /
95 Lind Avenue, Dargo, Victoria, 3867 Phone 5140 1314 Alpine Country Voucher $50 / Fishing Monthly subscription
3RD PRIZE, Dargo Family Package (family of 5)
1 nights accomodation at “Up Dargo” / Family Meal at Dargo Hotel / 2, one hour trail rides
at Coonawarra / Safeway Voucher $50 / Alpine Country Voucher $50 / Fishing Monthly


1ST PRIZE - 1 nights accomodation at Dargo Motor Inn / Safeway Voucher $50 / Fishing
Monthly Subscription
2ND PRIZE - 1 nights accomodation at Dargo B & B(formerly Dargo Winery) / Safeway
Voucher $50 / Fishing Monthly subscription
3RD PRIZE - Alpine Country voucher $50 / Safeway Voucher $50 / Fishing Monthly
LARGEST CARP - Alpine Country Voucher $100 / Fishing monthly subscription
SMALLEST CARP - Alpine Country Voucher $50 / $20 KMart Voucher / Fishing Monthly
MYSTERY WEIGHT - Alpine Country Voucher $50 / KMart Voucher $20 / Fishing Monthly

SCHOOL WITH THE MOST ENTRANTS - Alpine Country Voucher $100

O burden
in your house and
of baking soda in drain and add a cup of
vinegar, wait 30min. and pour hot water down To liven up dull wood paneling, mix 2 cups
environment. By switching drain. I use this method once a month on all warm water 4 tablespoons white or cider
to environmentally friendly the drains in the house to keep them clear. vinegar, and 2 tablespoons olive oil in a
cleaners protects your health and that of container, give it a couple of shakes and
the community you live in while reducing air, *BORAX: Borax, like is’s close relative, boric apply with a clean cloth. Let it soak in for
water, and ground pollution. acid, has relatively low toxicity levels, and is several minutes, then polish with a dry cloth.
considered safe for general household use,
Here are some options to get you started onto but the powder can be harmful if ingested in To keep your computer, printer, and other
the path of “thinking green”: sufficinet quantities by young children or pets. home office gear clean and dust free,
Keep it out of their reach. dampen a clean cloth in equal parts white
* CITRUS OILl; sold in health-food stores and Chris Humphrey
home improvement stores, fills rooms with Borax is toxic to plants, so in the yard be very
the smell of oranges and is far more pleasing careful when applying borax onto or near soil.
It doesn’t take much to leach into the ground

to your nose (unless you like the smell of
hospitals). to kill off nearby plants and prevent furture

GREEN To clean or polish wood floors, dilute 1 c. of

citrus oil in one gallon of hot water, and mop
with a sponge. For floors that are greasy,
But it is great for rubbing out heavy sink stains,
even rust in your stainless steel or porcelain
Because toxicity has become a way of simply use a stronger solultion. You can also sinks. Make a paste of 1 cup of borax and SERVICING GIPPSLAND
life, and we must breath and eat, we are clean kitchen counters and tabletops with this 1/4 cup of lemon juice, put some of the paste • Office Equipment
continuously exposed to pesticides and solution. Citrus doesn’t strip the protective on a cloth or sponge and rub it into the stain, • Stationery Supplies
polluntants, some stored right under our sealants. On porous surfaces like marble • Computer Sales & Service
kitchen sinks! There are plenty of effective, or granite, only use diluted oil and it should 15 Church Street, Traralgon Ph 5173 0901
earth-safe cleaners that you can buy or make. never be allowed to sit on a surface, always
Using these alternatives will reduce the toxic wipe it dry when finished.
ESSENTIAL OILS: these have been
FLOORING CENTRE proven to have more antiseptic in
some studies than phenol, the most
common chemical disinfectant. Pitbikes
At their new home on the Highway Many disinfectants contain chlorine,
which reacts with organix matter in
Sales & Service
drinking water to produce potentially Accessories
ATV’s & Roadbikes
carcinogenic trihalomethane.

To make a natural disinfectant mix 20 7 CADBY COURT, WARRAGUL

SHOP - AT - HOME SERVICE drops of one of the above mentioned
essential oils and 1 cup of water in a
$ Ph 5622Ph1811
0438 355 789$
spray bottle. Apply and let sit for 15 then rinse with running warm water, the stain
Phone 5143 0266 Mobile 0408 598519 min. or until dry. should wash away with the paste.

* BAKING SODA: Baking soda (or You can also remove mildew from uphostery

“buying or selling property?
see us”
bicarbonate of soda), an alkaline
substance is used in fire extinguishers,
antacids, and sparkling water.
and other fabric by soaking a sponge in a
solution of 1/2 cup of borax dissolved in 2
cups of water, and rubbing it into the affected
areas. Let it soak in for several hours until the
You can use it to clean your tubs, stain disappears, then rinse well. To remove HOMES
mildew from clothing, soak it in a solution of 2 BY
Buying or selling Property? sinks, countertops in the kitchen and
cups of borax in 2 quarts of water.
bath. Combine 3/4 c. baking soda, 1/4
You need to speak to us.
If you are buying or selling a property
c. of borax and enough diswashing
liquid to make a smooth paste or if Want a way to clean your toliet bowl and leave Multi Award Winning Builders
either through an agent or privately, let you prefer a pleasant smell, add 1/4 it spakeling whiite without those dangerous RMB 6835 Copelands Road, Warragul
fumes? Use a stiff brush to scrub it using
us handle the paperwork for you. t. lemon juice to the paste; pour down
your sink drain to deorderize and to a solution of 1/2 cup of borax mixed with a Ph: 5622 6777 Fax 5622 0266
Rosemary LeStrange unclog your drains you put 1/2 cup gallon of water.
Karen Manning

Hastings Hardware
266 RAYMOND ST SALE VINEGAR: Vinegar is known Drouin
Gifts Galore
PH: 5143 1456 FAX: 5143 1347
as nature’s most practical
liquid and is so versatile that
you can use it in the kitchen
1 Burke Rd, Warragul Ph: 5623 2419 and bath, laundry and garden,
Balinese home Decor
housecleaning and car
cleaning, even pet care and Scrapbooking
TIMBER AND HARDWARE MERCHANTS personal care. Gifts for all occasions

Damp mopping with a mild 21a Princes Way
vinegar solution is widely
recommended as a way to Ph 5625 5123
Make sure you band clean wood and no-wax vinyl
or laminate flooring. Be sure to
together any unused timber, check with the manufacturer viegar and water, sqeeze it out well and
especially during the warm of the flooring because even
when diluted vinegar’s acidity
start wiping. Before you start, make sure that
your equipment is shut off, and never use a
months to prevent twisting can ruin some floor finishes, spray bottle; you don’t want to get liquid on
Split System & Ducted and bowing
and too much water will
damage most wooden floors.
the circuis inside. Have a few cotton swabs
on hand for getting into tight spaces (like
AIR CONDITIONING Hastings Sell a comprehensive
But if you want to try vinegar
on your floors, use 1/2 cup
between the keys of your keyboard).

Installations white vinegar mixed in 1 gallon To make a scratch on a wooden tabletop

Licence no 21433 ABN 19320416038 range of sleepers, that can be warm water. You may want to much less noticeable, mix some distilled or
Certificate II in engineering - Production (Air conditioning) utilised in a variety of applications to start with a trial application cider vinegar and iodine in a small jar and
create a professional finish to your in an incomspicuous area. paint over the scratch with a small artist’s
Russell Thomas landscaping including retaining walls, steps, paving, Before applying the solution, brush. Use more iodine for darker woods;

0407 505 567

and garden edging. Treated to Australian Standards
and finished with a smooth precision processor, you
squeeze out the mop
sthoroughly (or just use a
spray bottle to moisten the
more vinegar for lighter shades.

To remove white rings left by wet glasses on

“stay cool in summer & warm in winter” won’t get a better sleeper for the job. mop head). wood furniture, mix equal parts of vinegar
Land is running out - get
in quick before sold out!

House and land packages in Gippsland

from $198,000
Multiple areas and estates

and olive oil and apply it with a soft cloth while moving with
the wood grain. Use another clean, soft cloth to shine it. To get *To deodorize and inhibit mildew growth
white water rings off leather furniture, dab them with a sponge on outdoor plastic mesh furniture and
soaked in full-strength white vinegar. patio umbrellas, mix 2 cups white
vinegar and 2 tablespoons dishwashing
For the great outdoors, vinegar can get rid of bugs and ants liquid in a bucket of hot water. Use a
or you can use it as an insect repellent and clean you outdoor soft brush to work it into the grooves
funiture and decks. of the plastic and for scrubbing seat
pands and umbrella fabric. Rinse with
Pour equal parts white vinegar and water into a spray bottle cold water; then dry in the sun.
and spray it on anthills and around areas where you see ants.
Ants hate vinegar, and it won’t take long for them to move on. RUBBING ALCOHOL: Be sure to not Call Adrian Hanchard 0438 008 757 or 5633 1859
Also, you can spray picnic and children’s play areas to keep
ants away. If you have lots of anthills, pour full strength vinegar
confuse denatured alcohol with rubbing
alcohol. Denatured alcohol to ethanol E
over them. (drinking alcohol) to which poisonous
and foul-tasting chemicals have been
Going camping or fishing? Here’s an old army trick to keep added to render it unfit for drinking.
away ticks and mosquitoes: About three days before you Often, the chemicals used in denatured
leave, start taking 1 tablespoon cider vinegar three times a alcohol are not ones you should put on
day. Continue throughout your outing and you just might return your skin. Rubbing alcohol is made of
home without a bite. chemicals that are safe for skin contact,
most often it’s 70 percent isopropl
Before resorting to bleach to remove mildew on your deck or alcohol and 30 percent water.
your patio furniture, try these milder vinegar-based solutions.
Ticks hate the taste of rubbing alcohol plastic bag. The next time that sore knee acts up, wrap the bag
*Keep full-strength white vinegar in a spray bottle and use it as much as they love the taste of your dog. Before you pull of slush in a cloth and apply it to the area.
wherever you see mildew. The stain will wipe right off must a tick off Fido, dab the critter with rubbing alcohol to make it
surfaces, and the vinegar will keep it from coming back for a loosen its grip. Then grab the tick as close to the dog’s skin This is just the tip of iceberg of ways to use eco-friendly products
while. as ou can and pull it straight out. Dab again with alcohol to that you can make yourself. I have used most of these recipes
disinfect the wound. This works on people too. for the past 10 years. They cost next to nothing to make and
*Remove mildew from wood decks and wood patio furniture by the results are fabulous. I use olive oil and vinegar to clean
sponging them off with a solution of 1 cup ammonia, 1/2 cup The problem with ice packs is they won’t conform to the shape my furniture and I don’t have to dust again for a month. The
white vinegar, and 1/4 cup baking soda in 1 gallon water. Use of the injured body part. Make a slushy conformable pack by solution seems to repel dust, just mix the olive oil and vinegar
an old tootbrush to work the solution into tight spaces. nixing 1 part rubbing alcohol with 3 parts water in a sel-closing like you would for a salad dressing.
Something for everyone!
MARKET Village Green, Metung
REH Cork Club Craft Market Bennett Street, Longwarry Second Sat of Month 8:30am - 1pm
John Greaves Memorial Park, Temple
2nd Saturday of the Month First Sunday of Month 8am -1pm Contact 0458 431 844
Street Heyfield
Kay Street Gardens, Traralgon March - December First Sat of Month from 8am
Crafts and Second Hand goods. Make Craft, Produce, Trash and Treasure A variety market including plants, jewel-
MARKET lery, cakes trash and treasure
it, Bake it $15 per stall and much much more
Gilsenan Reserve, Paynesville Contact 5148 0505
Contact 0419 158 946
Contact 5174 3494 Second Sun of Month 8am - 1pm
LATROBE COUNTRY MARKET Prince Street Park, Rosedale
Every Sunday 8:30 am - 1:30 pm 4th Saturday of the month 9am-2pm SCHOOL MARKET A small outdoor market selling art and
Latrobe Road, Morwell Yarragon Public Hall Evett Park, Myer St, Lakes Entrance craft, produce and trash and treasure.
Crafts, plants, bric a brac, cut price Campbell Street, Yarragon. Third Sat of Month 8am - close Contact 5199 2818
groceries and much more. Contact 5634 2209 Contact 0421 004 859
Contact 5166 1353 SALE CHARITY MARKET
Thompson River Canal Reserve, Sale
Third Sunday of Month 7am - 1pm
An outdoor market selling trash and
4th Saturday of the Month 8am - 1pm treasure, Bric a brac, art and crafts.
Kay Street Gardens, Traralgon Contact 5144 1258
Fresh Vegetables, Organics, Meat,
Eggs, Honey, Olives, Cakes and so WELLINGTON FARMERS MARKET
Skate park Grounds, Foster St, Sale
much more. Third Saturday of Month 8am - 1pm
Contact 5174 2279 Outdoor or Undercover in Wet, featur-
ing fresh produce, including berries,
OLD GIPPSTOWN MARKET herbs, vegetables and fruit, jams,
Last Saturday of the month 9am - 2pm chutneys and sauces. Free wine and
cheese tastings.
Old Gippstown Heritage Park, Moe Contact 0408 057 772
Produce market, fruit and vegetables,
plus craft and bric a brac. MAFFRA VARIETY AND FARMERS
Contact 5127 3082 MARKET
First Sunday of the Month 9am - 1pm
Outdoor market featuring fresh pro-
BAW BAW EAST GIPPSLAND BAIRNSDALE UNITING CHURCH duce, handmade jewellery, art and craft
DROUIN CRAFT & PRODUCE Great Alpine Road, Lucknow
Civic Park, Drouin Third Sat of Month, 8:30 - 11am
Secondary College Oval, McKean YARRAM VARIETY MARKET
Third Sat of month, 8am - 12:30pm Street, Bairnsdale Yarram Girl Guide and Scout Hall
Contact 0428 252 440 First Sat of Month, 8am-12pm BRUTHEN VILLAGE MARKET First Sunday of month 8am - 1pm
Contact 5156 9342 Bruthen Mechanics Hall, Main Street Contact 5182 5679
ROKEBY COMMUNITY MARKET Fourth Sat of Month 9am - 1pm
Main Road, Rokeby SURF CLUB MARKET Contact 0428 501 634 or 5156 4148 STRATFORD VARIETY & FARMERS
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Near the Footbridge, Lakes Entrance. LUCKNOW MARKET Apex Park, Princes Highway, Stratford
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Look Who’s New

Lisa Brooks owner of

Sale Clothing Alterations has a vast
knowledge of Clothing Alterations &
Remodelling.Lisa trained in Garment
Construction & Patternmaking , then worked for leading fashion
designers .

She is a Sample Machinist & has Menswear Tailoring experience

as well as Leatherwear Manufacturing.

An accomplished Dressmaker who Guarantee you will be more

than happy with her work. Lisa specialises in Bridal gowns and
Bridesmaids alterations

Lisa understands fitting so you can feel confident about leaving

your clothes with her.

Lisa is located at 177a, York Street Sale.

(at the back of IGA Building)

10% OFF

Café Rossi
90 Raymond St Sale
Welcome In2Pets. All your pet needs now in Traralgon.
One stop shop for pets and supplies. 2011 is set to be an exciting

New Pets arriving Weekly

year for Café Rossi. We feel
that a region as blessed as
ours when it comes to produce
deserves an establishment that
can showcase the best food and
wine Gippsland has to offer.

Our friendly staff will offer you

new menus that reflect our passion. All of the menus are designed with sharing in
mind, giving customers the opportunity to sample a variety of the items on offer in
a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.
Our wine list is comprised exclusively of local wines and Gippslands Breweries also
feature prominently.

Budgies, Parrots, Canarys Goldfish, Tropical Fish On top of the new dining experience Café Rossi now also offers the opportunity to
Finches & Cockatiels Native and Marine Fish taste and take away local delicacies. Cheeses, chocolates, condiments and wines
can all be sampled and purchased over the counter.

We are open from 3pm till late

on Saturdays, Mondays and
Tuesdays and from 11am until late
on Wednesdays, Thursdays and

Coffee and light snacks are

available throughout the day.
Entertainment will be available on
In Season Puppies, Kittens Range of Reptiles including snakes featured nights and our upstairs
Rabbits and Guinea Pigs lizards, turtle and frogs. function room or private courtyard
are perfect for your next function.
325 Princes Drive, Traralgon. Phone 5176 4290
Gippsland Regional
Wellington Sports Complex
Ruby’s on York
KCR “buying or selling property?

CONVEYANCING PTY. LTD. Stage 1 of Wellington Shire f a c i l i t i e s Catering for We cater for after
Council’s $8 million regional including a baby the Bride and hours appointments
sports complex will soon open its change room and Bridesmaids. in our spacious,
doors for business. an accessible flower girl paige welcoming boutique.
change room boy also debutante Looking forward to
With the majority of the construction for people with and evening wear helping Gippsland
Buying or selling Property?
You need to speak to us. activities completed, Wellington a disability,” including hand Brides be a Bride to be
made fascinators. remembered forever.
If you are buying or selling a property either through an agent or Shire Council staff are putting the said Councillor
privately, let us handle the paperwork for you.
Rosemary LeStrange
finishing touches on landscaping Amos.
Karen Manning
in and around the precinct. “It has extensive change rooms, NEW

PH: 5143 1456 FAX: 5143 1347
shower rooms, umpire rooms and
Mayor, Councillor Jeff Amos is even equipped with a cafeteria MANAG
Specialising in World wide delicacies
Local & Imported cheeses
said that the Gippsland Regional
Sports Complex is a striking
and conference room.”
The Home Brew Gurus
Variety of Cold Meats architecturally designed building The first official competition at
Platters made to Order which celebrates the role of sport the Gippsland Regional Sports • Discount Starter Kits • Top Brand Beers
Call in and in our community. Complex will begin in February • Keg Systems • Bulk Grains and Malts
enjoy our • Full Range of Brewing Equipment
special with the Sale Amateur Basketball
coffee and “Netball, basketball, volleyball, Association commencing the local • Extensive Essence Range • Bulk Buy Discount
badminton and table tennis are basketball season. •Top Brand Stills • Fermenter Kits in all sizes
•Water Reticultion Systems.
1/316 Raymond Street Sale all very popular sports in our
(Opposite Harvey Norman) municipality and it is tremendous The Sale Table Tennis Association MAIL ORDERS AVAILABLE
Telephone 5144 7701 to have a facility that symbolises and the Sale Netball Association Phone 5144 1885 or email:
our enthusiasm for sport in such a will also be based at the Gippsland
Awar strong and dynamic way. Regional Sports Complex.
d Win
Pies “Council’s investment in this
7 day
state of the art complex reflects An official opening of the Gippsland
Wellington Shire Council’s Regional Sports Complex is Come
commitment to encouraging our expected to be held in the coming & Meet
community to embrace healthier months. Brian and Pam
lifestyles,” said Councillor Amos.

“As a community
CENTRE BAKERY we know that
103 Cunninghame St.Sale Ph 5144 1202 sport is good for
us - getting out,
getting moving
Tobacconist and enjoying the
Pipes and Accessories social interaction
Cigars and Accessories of sport – they’re
GREAT RANGE GREAT PRICE all very important
elements of
a vibrant and
e n e r g e t i c
Open Monday - Friday 8:30 - 6, Saturday 8:30 - 1. community.

Toys Galore & More,180 Raymond Street
Sale Ph 5144 3417
“The Gippsland
Mon 6am - 5pm. Sun 7:30am - 4pm

Tourism AAA rated 1/2
R e g i o n a l
Sports Complex Fresh Bread, Pies and Cakes
HOSTEL provides a 258 York Street, Sale
number of indoor Ph 5144 3066
and outdoor
between the mountains & the sea..... netball courts,
basketball courts,
volleyball and
floorball courts.
“It has great
family friendly

Celebrate a life
◦ Accommodation ◦ Functions
117 Johnson Street, Maffra
Ph 5147 1600 Bikes

e o p le
C Garden Good
Same ervice Puzzles
AB Same S ange
Better R Swings

Handcrafted ornaments,
Statues & features Hobbies The Rossetti Family’s
& Nursery Sporting goods excellent facilites allow you
to remember and rejoice
Remote Control Toys in your loved one’s life.

HUGE RANGE Offering a beautiful chapel

and many innovative services,
180 Raymond Street, Sale, 3850 everything will be looked AUSTRALIAN
7 Sale Road, Maffra Open Mon - Fri 8:30 - 6, Sat 8:30 - 1 after in your time of grief. DIRECTORS
5141 1900 Phone: 5144 3417 Sale 5143 2477 Maffra 5147 1590 Heyfield 5148 2877
Sale Scouts have organised a ‘Catch a
Carp Day’ at Lake Guthridge on Sunday
20th February to promote public awareness
of the damage carp do in our waterways.
The Scouts have planned this activity as an
“Think fishing” Environment project as part of their World
Scout Environment Badge. With the support
“Think Aussie of Wellington Shire there will be Environment,
Sustainability, Landcare and Fishcare
Disposals” displays, as well as demonstrations by Sale
Fly Fishing Club. Registration in the fishing
competition is free, (BYO fishing gear), with
337 Raymond St the activities running from 9.30am – 2pm, with

donated prizes for the heaviest fish & secret
SALE weight in sections for the general public as
Ph 51 442297 well as Scouting members in uniform.

Scouting celebrates Founder’s Day on LAKE GUTHRIDGE

Proudly supporting February 22nd each year, which is the
birthdate of Lord Baden-Powell - the man 15-18 year age group, and another receive
Community groups who began the Scouting movement over 100 her Australian Scout Medallion which is the Scout section award
years ago. Scouting continues to be the largest youth organisation for the 11-15 year olds. The Queen’s Scout Award ceremony
in the world with a membership of over 28 million, represented by at Sale was attended by the Honourable Michael Baden-Powell,
155 different countries. The ‘Catch a Carp Day’ is also our local grandson of B-P, our Scouting founder, and then later in the year,
celebration of Founder’s Day, and the Victorian mascot, Max, Annie received her certificate at Government House in Melbourne
will be in attendance. There will be information about Scouting with 70 other recipients from across Victoria. Some famous
available as well as Australian people who have been Queen’s Scouts include Dick
Come relax and unwind, and share a few tales. giveaways to all young Smith AO, Sir Jack Brabham, David Parkin, Jon Faine and Shane
people who come and
Proudly visit throughout the
Jacobson (Kenny). Other world figures who have been in Scouting
include Neil Armstrong, Barack Obama, Sir David Attenborough,
supporting Sale day. Sale Scouts will David Beckham, Sir Paul McCartney, Billy Connelly & Stephen
be running a BBQ with
Fly Fishing Club sausages & drinks for

with prizes sale. For further information

about Scouting in
• Breaky and Lunch • Coffee Sale Scout Group
• Fishing Tackle • Local Crafts on Sale and Display
Victoria, contact
Open 7 days for breakfast and lunch and we cater for all your fishing needs is part of Wellington Victorian Branch HQ
•308 - 310 York Street, Sale. •Phone 5144 1397 •Free Delivery in Sale District, which includes toll free on 1800 640 454
Stratford, Maffra &
Heyfield Scout Groups, and is then
part of Eastern Region, which covers
Scouting members from Bunyip through
to the border. More than 20,000 boys,
girls, and adults in Victoria from wide
cultural or religious backgrounds
including those with an intellectual or About Carp
· FLY CASTING AND FLY MAKING, physical disability enjoy an unlimited The Common carp
TUTORING & DEMONTRATIONS range of activities in Scouting. The aim
or European carp
of Scouting is to encourage the physical,
intellectual, emotional, social, and (Cyprinus carpio)
Raffle for fishing equipment , valued at $290.00 is a widespread
spiritual development of young people
donated by FISHERMANS HUT so they may play a constructive role in freshwater fish
society as responsible citizens and as distantly related to the common goldfish (Carassius auratus), with
members of their local and international which it is capable of interbreeding. It gives its name to the carp
communities. This aim is achieved family Cyprinidae. Common carp are native to Asia and Eastern
through an active program which includes Europe. It has been introduced into environments worldwide. It can
fun, adventure, challenge & commitment, grow to a maximum length of 1.5 meters, a maximum weight of
and encourages young people to do their over (37.3 kg), and an oldest recorded age of at least 65 years.
best and
always be
Although they are very tolerant of most conditions, the common carp
prefer large bodies of slow or standing water and soft, vegetative
During 2010, sediments. A schooling fish, they prefer to be in groups of 5 or
Sale Scout more.
Group had
a Venturer In Victoria, Common carp has been declared as noxious fish
achieve her species therefore there is no restriction on the quantity that a fisher
Proudly Supporting the Queen’s Scout
Award, which
can take. An Australian company has made good use of common
carp while helping the environment by churning them into plant
Local Community is the highest
award in the

Every year, thousands of Australians an individual will benefit - from

are making an extraordinary getting a healthy dose of exercise,
contribution to improve our uniqie meeting new people and the
landscapes and the well being of wonderful feeling that you too, are
local communities by volunteering making an important contribution
with Landcare - but more help is to society and our precious
still needed. environment.

Getting involved in Landcare is Landcare appreciates any time

so compatible with the Australian you can spare, whether an hour, a
Culture, rolling up your sleeves week or an hour a month.
and helping out with your mates,
it’s hard not to become invoived Find out what Landcare activities
and besides, volunteering is good are happening in your community,
for everybody. There may be a landcare
project taking place in your local
The community benefits, the local neighbourhood, or even right on
environment benefits and you, as your doorstep.

Sale Scouts “Catch a Carp” Day

• Sunday 20th February, 2011, Lake Guthridge, Sale. • 9:30am - 2pm, Registration and set up from 8am • BBQ available
Proudly supported by the Wellington Shire Council
& PETS This Month’s Special
Birds, Fish, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs
L Call in and see us for
Specialise in Pick and Delivery*
up per BOX friendly, expert advice
FRESH PETS MINCE until the end of April
*conditions apply
while stocks last

Phone 5157 6234 59 Macarthur Street 340 Raymond Street, Sale

Contact Tash or Tony
Web Phone 5143 3238
Phone 5144 1574
Visit TCB Barkery Biscuits your dog is welcome in store as well he Hi There Pet Owners. Come for a stroll down Raymond
will get to taste test our hand made all natural dog biscuits that Street in Sale, and pop in and see us at number 380.
we make ourselves. We also make 100% beef liver treats, We have over 19 years of experience and have been
leads, collars, dog kennels, 100% wool filled dog futons serving Sale all that time, giving advice on your
and jackets. The jackets can be customed made to companion animal and aquarium life.
fit your dog and we can also do embroidery on the
jackets, leads and collars. We will point you in the right direction to
set up your new aquarium, so you can
We stock a wide variety of dog treats so your maintain healthy crystal clear water all
dog will never be bored with eating the same year round.
We also provide a clipper sharpening
We also have leads, collars, harnesses, and repair service, plus all your pet
heaps of toys, shampoo, flea control, worm- grooming needs.
ing, gooming tools, bedding and so much
more in store. Over the next few months, we will be
sharing some of our experience with
We stock chicken mince, beef mince and you, giving you tips on how to look
kangaroo mince. Also 5kg slabs of chicken after your pets.

and vegetables and beef and vegetables all
preservative free.

Call into TCB Barkery Biscuits JUS So until then, Look after yourselves,
Yvonne and team at Sale Pets
and Aquariums.
59 Macarthur st SALE
honest, friendly advice
Locally owned and

Into Farming
SOIL TEST INVESTMENT soil dropping out of the corer, potentially resulting in After sampling, it is essential to place each sampled
misleading results. It is also hard to distinguish the area soil into separate clearly labelled bags and send
urine patches in dry pasture, which can dramatically them off to the laboratory.
alter soil test results, especially potassium.
It is important to note that laboratories may use
It should also be noted that paddocks should not be different report results, and/or analyses for many
tested for at least six to eight weeks after fertiliser nutrients. Therefore, if comparing results from
applications, and that assumes follow up rains occur different laboratories, make sure the test and units
soon after application. As most soil tests don’t of measure are the same, ie compare apples with
determine the level of nitrogen in the soil, sampling apples, Olsen P with Olsen P. Even laboratories
after straight nitrogen applications is okay. using the same tests will vary slightly so, if happy
with the laboratory you are using, stick to it.
You need to consider which areas of your farm to
test. Soil testing every paddock on the farm is ideal,
however it can be costly depending on the number of
paddocks you have. Therefore, you need to look at
dividing up the farm into fertiliser management areas 6 ALPACA
and take representative samples from them.
Taking the trouble to test nutrient levels in soils
enables strategic fertiliser application, often saving Management areas are paddocks that have similar soil
lots of money in the process. type, fertiliser histories and management practises;
for example day paddocks, night paddocks, effluent
Annually, thousands to tens of thousands of dollars application paddocks or hay/ silage paddocks).
can easily be spent on fertiliser, so investing a couple ALL THINGS
of hundred dollars into soil testing can be money well
From these determined management areas, a monitor
paddock can be chosen as a representative, and with
regular sampling (every two to three years) over the ALPACAS, FLEECE & PRODUCT
Late winter to early spring is a good time to soil sample same transect line an overview of the nutrient levels
as soils are relatively consistent in temperature and and what they are doing can be achieved. Soils can FOR SALE
soil moisture levels. However sampling can take vary greatly within a paddock, so a known/marked
place at any time of year as long as a few things are transect line helps to reduce the variation in results. Summer cria ( very cute)
taken into consideration. available with dams
Once the areas to be tested have been determined Female can be rejoined.
For example, soil nutrient levels can also vary it is time to conduct the tests. It is recommended
significantly throughout the year which means that a proper soil corer is used ensuring you sample to ALL WELCOME – REFRESHMENTS AVAILABLE
soil sampling needs to be completed at the same time the correct depth to get the most accurate results. 38 Sellings Lane, MAFFRA
each year to gain an accurate comparison of soil test A minimum of 30 cores should be taken from the VICROADS MAP 82 Ref H8
Signage to Property from Maffra Police Station,
results from year to year. During summer and autumn paddock, or area chosen, along a transect line, Johnson St. (the main street) Maffra – distance 5km
in dryland areas it may be hard to collect a 10 cm avoiding any gateways, urine and dung patches, Jen Ph. 51 472444 mob. 0412 383655
core, with the ground being too hard or some of the stock camps, water troughs, feed out areas and trees.
Little Tea Cups
Shop 2/6
Centrepoint Arcade Licenced Supermarket & Adventure Hub
Open 264 days
Licenced Cafe serving Housemade and

Regional produce
Supermarket Postal & Newspaper essentials
Mountain Bike Hire & Guided Tours including
Mountain Bike Hiking Fishing Horseriding
Ph 5622 0816 with Adventures with Altitude
Ph: 03 5159 6488 www.

Dinner Plain
Le atCafe
Apple Spice
Bruthen •

fresh homestyle
cooking, .

open 9am-5.30pm
Mon- Fri
and 9am-2 Sat.

85 Princes Way 72 Main St,

Drouin Bruthen
03 56254383
Phone 5157 5665

Dal Mondo
Newly Renovated
Industry awarded business
Functions &
Wide range quality fruit and veg- aided by personal
Corporate Room
selection procurement
New & Exciting Menu
Stocking organic gluten free groceries & deli products
Wood Fired Pizza
Wide selection local cheeses
Health Food & Fine Foods 7 Post Office Place,
Now Serving High Tea
Bookings Essential - Featuring MMM Truffles
Phone 5199 2082 42 Prince Street, Rosedale
Ph 5176 6977

MMM Truffles began when local Graeme Reynolds Whether your taste is more traditional palette, craving
needed something to get his teeth into (pardon the pun) Peppermint, Strawberry Creme, Butterscotch or
after life dealt him a couple of bad cards. something more inventive like the apple pie, black
forest or sticky date pudding, Hot Chocolate flavours
With 30 dollars in the bank he decided to be creative and such as choc mint, jaffa, Strawberry Creme and
got back to his roots to figure out what drove him in life, Raspberry Hazelnut, there is an MMM Truffle for
and just what his passions were. everyone. Not to mention of course for the Grown
Ups, our range of full Liquor truffles, kahlua, Baileys,
He soon found that working with all the things he love Caribbean Coconut.
again healed his wound of the heart and soul. Making
little masterpieces of complete tantalising joy certainly The basic product line has extended to include more
made his customers happy. gift packs and product catering for the gift, gourmet
and hospitality industry. Whether indulging yourself or
Being a chocolatier, a friend requested something a loved one, there is a MMM Truffle product that could
chocolately and indulgent for a special event. Graeme That way lots of people could enjoy the pure decadence suit you need or desire - we even have a gluten free
had been holding onto a family recipe for the truffles and of his truffles. range!
decided that this would be the opportune time to create
them. The quirkiness of the truffles that Graeme began creating Graeme could not be happier. He says “It’s really
captured the eyes and tastebuds of an emerging customer great being able to create something from the heart
By June 2010, Graeme moved his business to a factory base. Customers really enjoy the pure pleasure of biting that gives people a little bit of joy in their day. These
and got busy wholesaling his truffles around Gippsland. into a hand crafted MMM Truffle. little treats bring big smiles!”
Love Living
Mosquitoes carry many diseases Today we have an enormous selection tropic areas) Indonesia, Africa, Europe
that are dangerous to humans of natural plant oils found to be safe and even South America.
including malaria, Murray Valley and effective as repellents. These oils
encephalitis virus, Ross River virus, with their fresh scents can help you to We offer our product in a convenient roll
Barmah Forest virus and dengue be “off limits” to biting bugs. on applicator that is compact enough to
fever. pop in your pocket, as well as a spray
At Pink Pepper Aromatics, we have bottle that has a water base.
Before highly questionable chemical created a unique blend of these oils
products including DEET, were that have proven to be EXTREMELY For enquires please contact Pink
developed, generations of people effective against mosquitoes, sandflies, Pepper Aromatics at our web site www.
used natural plants that grew nearby midges and other nasty bities, in all or phone 03
to repel biting nasties states in Australia, (especially northern 5190 2104 SALE
298 York Street
HIGH POWERED FITNESS Unique blend of Pure Essential Oils and
5143 1146
Vibration Plate Training
all natural base products. MOE
Standing on a platform that produces sinusoidal oscillations 12 - 14 Fowler Street
DEET free 5126 2022
not only has a strong impact on your health and wellness, but
Safe for all ages
also has the added benefits of sports performance, muscle
strength, flexibility, body control and balance.
Refreshing aroma 197 Princes Drive
Great for repelling nasty bugs including 5133 8002
At High Powered Fitness we have incorporated Vibration
Mozzies, Flies & Sandflies.
Training into our Fitness and Rehabilitation Programs.

Benefits of Vibration Training: AROMA Hand Made in East Gippsland

Available at selected retail
How Healthy is your Liver?
- Restores normal muscle INSECT outlets, markets, or mail order
Pink Pepper Aromatics
function T h e If the liver becomes
Ph: 03 5190 2104 l i v e r overloaded with toxins
- Relieves muscle stress REPELLENT is one or deficient in essential
- Repairs and restores range of the nutrients, detoxification will
of motion hardest be affected. This will result
- Prevents osteoporosis working organs in your body. in toxins being pushed back
At Go Vita Sale,
- Improves blood circulation When it’s not functioning into the blood stream which
and enhances metabolism. we are here to help properly an array of health may cause: tiredness and
- Improves the autonomic problems can result including lethargy, inability or difficulty
our customers with fatigue, inability to lose in losing weight, weakened
nervous system
their health and weight and high cholesterol. immune function, digestive
Spend only a few minutes on this machine and you will feel problems or abdominal
nutritional needs. Everyday your body is bloating, poor skin health
the benefits.
exposed to a multitude of and kin conditions, sluggish
Organic Meat toxins through food you metabolism, elevated
Fruit and Vegetables eat, water, alcohol and cholesterol, mood swings,
Join in Protein Supplements
coffee you drink, polluted
air you breathe, drugs you
menopausal symptoms and
PMS may be more severe,
February or Skincare / Haircare
Bulk Foods - nuts/fruits/flours
consume and of course
chemicals you slap on your
sugar craving, bad breath or
coated tongue dark circles
March for only In Store: Naturopath, Kinesiologist
skin and hair daily The
liver’s primary function is to
under eyes, unstable blood
sugar levels.

and Massage Therapist filter these toxic substances
from your blood so they can If you are experiencing
360 Raymond Street, Sale be eliminated from your some of these symptoms
Phone 5144 5548 body. The liver plays a vital and know that you do tend to
per week.* Go enjoy Life! rode in metabolism, it’s the
major fat burning organ of
overindulge now and then,
be it on alcohol, caffeine,
*conditions apply
Go get healthy Go stay healthy the body and regulates fat high fat or sugar foods,
metabolism. It also plays an then a liver tonic would help
Large Gym - Open 7 days honest health service
important role in regulating cleanse your liver and make
extensive product range
Friendly atmosphere best value for money cholesterol levels, and sure it functions optimally,
exceptional customer service helping to maintain healthy it will also be good for your
256 York Street, Sale Ph: 51443587 blood sugar levels. digestive health!

Have a go at Yoga
Yoga is a profound practice that is if you have previous experience or
becoming ever popular, and recognised you can join the beginners course,
in the medical world, as being excellent which starts up in mid February. Take
for general health and well being. advantage of the ‘Local Extra’ special,
getting 10% off the beginners 8 week
What better way then, to start a new course, when you mention the paper. Experience the Joy of Yoga
year and your resolutions for a healthier
Flowing & alignment based teach-
lifestyle, than with a Yoga class. Joy Meditation course also starts in March,
ings, creating energy in the body
Yoga, who has been teaching Yoga in which will go for 6 weeks. In the words of while learning the technique in-
the area for 4 a Yoga master, volved.
years now, has BKS Iyengar,
just moved into “Words cannot Classes to suit all levels - Beginners
a studio, in the convey the course starts in February 17th
heart of Moe. value of Yoga
This is a perfect - it has to be
opportunity to experienced.” Take advantage of
try Yoga if you Come and Local Extra offer.
haven’t already experience it at
or to re-start a Joy Yoga. Get 10% off block
practice that classes when you
you may have For further
relinquished. details contact mention the paper
Lucilla on
Classes have 0437107979. Call Lucilla for details.
already started 0437 107979 or
Supporting Queensland
Greyhound Australia and Tourism
Queensland are calling on all Australians
to show their patriotism and book a
Queensland holiday to help get the
State’s flood battered tourism industry While the current focus is on safety and
back on track. the cleanup, tourism needs to get back
on its feet as soon as possible to ensure
Greyhound Chief Financial Officer Rick Queensland’s recovery,” he said.
Romanin said research findings showed
the Queensland tourism industry could “Queenslanders also need to get
be boosted by approximately $61 million travelling and we hope they take
if just 1% of Australians booked a two- advantage of these deals to travel intra-
day getaway to the State. state.”

“Sixty-one million dollars would make a The heavily discounted coach fares to
significant difference right now. Many the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Hervey Bay,
tourism operators, small hotel owners, Airlie Beach, Townsville and Cairns start
mum and dad owned businesses from $15. The travel dates are from 24
dependent on tourism are suffering and January to 28 February 2011.
are on the brink of closure and need a
lifeline,” Mr Romanin said. Tourism Queensland Chief Executive
Officer Anthony Hayes said the best thing
“One of the biggest impacts that a disaster people could do to help Queensland’s
like this has on businesses is the loss tourism industry and the Queensland
of opportunity in terms of cancellations, economy was to take a holiday in
refunds and postponement. It’s a hidden Queensland – in the areas that hadn’t
cost, but it’s very real and immediate for been affected by floodwaters, and in the
all of us in the tourism industry. affected areas once they were up and
running again.
“While there is no denying that
Queensland had been hit hard by the “If you already have a Queensland
floods it is crucial to dispel rumours holiday booked, don’t cancel it as most
the entire State is a disaster zone. tourism regions and operations are now
Queensland tourist hot spots including up and running, and if you don’t have a
the Gold Coast, Fraser Coast, Sunshine Queensland holiday booked, book one,”
Coast, Cairns and the Whitsundays Mr Hayes said.
have been unaffected and open for
business.” “Queensland’s tourism industry has
the welcome mat rolled out ready to
“Queensland needs our support now receive visitors and the best way to help
more than ever. So this Australia Day, Queensland recover is to book a holiday
don’t just throw a few lamb chops and come and see us.
on the barbie, turn a guilty pleasure We applaud tourism operators such
into an act of support by booking a as Greyhound who are trying to get
Queensland holiday. And you’ll be the tourism industry back on its feet as
helping Queensland help itself. soon as possible and we encourage all
Australians to consider what they can
Mr Romanin said Greyhound Australia do for their country.”
would offer cost price tickets all week on
its Express services to and throughout Greyhound will offer a 20% discount on
Queensland simply to get people all Express tickets for travel on the East
travelling again. Coast between Sydney and Cairns.

“Greyhound will offer a series of at-cost

flood relief holiday specials to get people
staying and spending in Queensland.

Hi Readers. organisers, businesses with a

positive, inventive story, holiday
Thankyou to all for your continued snaps from the public etc etc.
support of our Newspaper. It is
great to hear how it is benefiting the Our new motto is
wider community.
‘Focusing on Gippsland’
We are currently seeking Newsworthy
Which we believe aptly describes
Items that relate to Communities
the Newspapers Content. We
within Gippsland - Community
are very proud to have supported
groups, sporting bodies, charitable many local events over the past
groups, tourism operators, event few months, that have in turn
enjoyed good public response in
Local Extra e
reply to the advertising efforts.
For Advertising and Enquiries Please send any articles and
P.O.Box 385, Sale, 3853 photos to Mark via email:
Sales: Mark Watson 0408 057 772
Publication: Liz Stevens 0432 128 445 articles must be in word format
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15,000 Copies along the Princes Highway in size.
from Drouin to Bairnsdale
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Liz and Mark
Community And Tourism
The Local Extra Newspaper
is now playing a key role in Exploring
communicating community The towns
hip of Maffra
and attrac invites Gippslander

information to the greater Gippsland

RANGER tions from s
Friday 22/10 to enjoy 3 days of
Friday 22/10 to Sunda activities
from 12noo y 24/10
who have
banded togeth n to 5pm is prese
PICK-UP er to offer nted
the best dealsby the Maffra retaile
afternoon. and discou rs
Examples nts for the
Stobies Land value include; Fusio
Furniture & Surf n with hundr
offering greatwith 20% off new

eds of CD’s
discounts discounts, season just $5.00,
and lots more. Maffra Show summer gear, Hawki
............come case Jewel ns
and grab
some pre-Ch and enjoy a great
lers with Acrylic Nail
ristma aftern oon out
great s
23/10 Maffra
s bargains. Waxing
the evenin
y the fun
of the fair
all day and
Sunday 24/10 g
into Massage
Australian RA............... DAY at the GIPPS
history throug ..a wonde LAND VEHIC Abbie
h vehicles rful oppor LE
59 Johnson Boyle
MAFFRA and enjoy tunity to
SHOW 2010
The Maffra a picnic atmos see Street, Maff
Committee and District
great pleasure Agricultu ral Show So come along
phere . Phone 5141 ra
the public
what in Maffra! and enjoy
ever on October they feel will be in presenting to a great country
23rd. their best show
Along side Y SELECT
special, many the tradition MAFFRA ION EXPECT
s which SHOW

Due to the LOCAL EXTRA

show in 2010. new initiatives make the show The Maffra ED AT
will enhance close to 200 and District Show
All new the pavilion on birds to be on show is expecting
summer stock
Maffra Show
cattle with is expecting a large of colours October 23rd. “There at the poultry
Excludes school milking goatgood prizes on offer.number of dairy bantoms’ shapes and sizes, will be all sorts
said water fowl
and work wear
of providin section has develop Likewise, the ‘It is somethi committee Member and
breeds in g the best display ed a reputation come and ng we really encoura Colin Kincaid.
2 DAYS year feature
rural Victoria.
a $1000 grand
The beef section the various vast
view as this
amount of is
the only way
ge families
to see the
Huge CD
will this
prize. Mr Kincaid
said that Reduction
60 Johnson
10 am they if patrons
final touches will see exhibitoare there before All CD’s Only Sale...
Street, Maffr $5.00!

NEWSPAPER covering 4 Shires from

experiences on their birds. rs putting
a. Ph 5147 “One
care for a for people of all ages of the great
2333 clutch of chickens is to watch
might just
it wasn’t encourage more to
. Seeing our and Plus Men
breeds wouldthe dedication of get involved. If
Advertise tion this
people to become extinct. breeders many ment and
Gippsland ask questions to We encoura Overnigh Recieve 2
day’ poultry and
game club
members ge
of the t Hires for
present on the price
‘If you are
*limited time of 1
being laid.’ lucky enough, you only
might see

Warragul to Bairnsdale and Yarram

The Food an egg
activity this and Wine Court The Maffra
and district
year featuring will be a variety of
Peter Kritikide hub livestock this show will have
s and the Master Chef Celebritof dairy exhibits year with a
BISTRO - FUNCT cookoff.’ Cheese ‘Iron Chefs as well as strong beefwide
special features and chocola of Gippslan y show. the state renowne and
ION ROOM this year. te making will be
d d goat
will be the Morning
competition “Maffra Fruit & Veg highlights
E MENU from local and ‘junior Master Dessert
Open 7 days schools. Chef’ with for 1’
a week the children

50% OF
a relaxed Macalister Fun spectac
setting Hotel be Dog high les in the afternoo
simply enjoyto host your function offers ‘tug o war.’ jump, the pet parade
n and evening Flowers

to Noojee / Rawson we have shown
a meal or or now deliv
a coffee. to
and the great
2 JOHNSON A special er to
STREET, MAFFR feature during Moe, New
Diandgit borough
be ‘Cirque
A. PHONE the day
entertaining Mystique’ who will and night will

: 5147 1054

acts including perform many
The Saturda
fire twirling. Trafa
wood chop y night carnival
will include as well as
derby, David competition,
the tradition a full for monththe
area.of October
giant FireworkRussell motor bike al smash up
s display to stunts, and Warragul
finish off. a CALF COMPE 110 John
TITON FOR son Street, Maffr

that we have the ability to bring (in

A celebrat JUNIORS
rearing calves of the tradition a Ph 5147
husbandry and taking
of farm children 1504
will be held
with the town’s in Maffra on ibility for their
Held at the annual calf October
rearing competi 23th
to reward Maffra Show, the
rather than
animal husband competition tion.
ry and aims
parade theirthe finer points of the stockmanship
Rush into Fevers looked after calves and must breed. Children
Magic Market 11 am on them. The competi have genuinely
the day. “Now tion takes
Day Savings begin place
20% off storew selecting
said event
is the
their calves time for children
1 & 1/2
15% off AllDay Sale

particular smaller) communities to

for the competi to
Thursday 21st,
Friday 22nd &
ide animals.”
see the children Dennis
recognised Proud. “It is great to
for the love

Friday 22ndfloor stock

Saturday 23rd
Also Heavily
3 Days Only ‘The Maffra
enthusiastic show is proudly put The dairy
section of
of their

66 Johnson St Reduced Racks a mammo group of local voluntee together by strong prize the show
is pleased
Maffra Phone
‘We would task,’ said Presiden rs in what is
love to see t Jen McDavit
an forward to sponsorship this year
contact Dennis great event,
to have
and is looking
Saturday All Day
what we feel all of the commun
is a very special t.
on 03 5147317more information, 23rd to noon
ity enjoy 8
event.’ MASTER
Big plans
District show, a foot for this
A 114-116 John
Motor with celebrity year’s Maffra son Stre

the attention of most Gippsland

Ph 5147 1973et, Maffra
master Chef and

The Gippsla Enjoy a delicious meal in our
Theme Display Vehicle Collection club bistro main menu/snacks/
provides Three
vehicles (cars, s each year of interest
motorc ing, historic specials/coffee and sweets
machinery ycles, Trucks, Carriag
Bars/Tabaret/Sky Channel/TAB

and memor es,
Open, Fri-Sat abilia)
10am - 4pm, OR
Public Holiday
and School
Holidays s Sit back and relax in

1a Sale Road, FFRA COMMU our lounge area
www.gippsl Maffra - Ph (03) 5147 322
andve hiclecollecti
Open 7 days
122-126 Johns a week from 10am M T and enjoy watch-

on St Maffra at ing your favourite
,Ph 514115
66 SP sports on the big
TS CLUB IN C. screen TV’s.

There is no doubt that bringing

Gippsland people to explore their
own backyard has a real and positive
Gippsland Veh
icle Collection
- Emergency Sev
ices Display

effect on the economy of these

smaller towns.
fire safety
Exhibitors Refreshmen
attending ts available.
( subject on the day
to includ
) - Coast operational requiremen e Children’s jumpin


guard (Payn ts g castle
nce esville), Rural Smoke House. and CFA
assured. A great
Victoria, fun day
Fire is
S e r v i
c e s
Vic, St of

has grown substantially in the last

CFA Maffra
(smoke house
(B/A &

5 months, with distribution now

The Gipps Applian
land Vehic ce),
proud to le Collection CFA Morwell
present the is 3pm (Hazm
new Motor opening of at 1A Sale at Unit),
Museum Rd.
Emergency theme displa our day is the comm Maffra. This launch Victoria Police
& y of month ,
Being officia Enforcement Vehic display featur
of a four DSE Fire,
lly les
Shadow Minist opened at 12:30pm Enforcemen
t Vehicles,
ing Emerg
ency &
Police Living
History Group
er for Police by the Vic (Seas
Services & Emergency many other fascin and includ pray), Helim , Life Saving For

reaching more towns than ever,

on Sunda ating vehicl ing Ambu ed One enquiries,
2010, the y Novem displays. es and lance), Wellin
event will ber 14th gton Shire, (Air visit maps and
run from 10am Victorian Hancock our website information
to Bring Plantations www.g
Taylor Mad your car Office, Royal Fire, RSPCA, email: ippslandvehicleco
club, bike
e Joinery your family
club or
Service Vic,
& Ambulance
Flying Docto
Vic Historical admin@gippslandv
contemporary enjoy this more Society. ehiclecollectio
display on or Ph: (03)51
Custom Kitche huge lawns our Launc 47-3223 or
ns . Display hing the museu 0412-387-1
need to be vehicles 02

printed copies up to 15,000 per

Laundries parked before four month m’s
Gates open 10am theme displa
Bathrooms from 8:00a 7:00am, break . (Nov’10 y
m. fast to Feb’11).
Office Fitouts One free museu Discounted
m entry ticket admittance Museum
Domestic the driver for $5 – Children
Commercial before 10am all display vehicles (under 15) free.
. coin entry Gold
Timber to grounds
The Maffra and outsid
CFA will be e display
Laminate with
presenting proceeds to emerg

month, locations to collect your copy

11 Sale Maffr Vinyls and live
smokehouse service ency
a Rd, Maffr displays
a. Ph 5141 exercises
1366 “Community for their organisations.
fire aware
with specia ness day,
l attention
on home Plenty of Free parkin
& Long Vehic g
le parking.

of this free paper now in excess BOOK NOW


of 220 and with a website www. Open 7 days
122-126 John a week from 10am

son St Maff at on which
ra,Ph 51411566 Bookings
OR Essential

you can read the paper anytime.

We are rapidly gaining a reputation

for providing many local community Exploring
own backyyour
events with an affordable and BORNEO

effective means of promoting

group of divers Services recently Traralgon,
to Borneo escor Victoria
rience one
of in Malaysia ted a
world – Sipad the top diving destin to expe-
ations of the S.E.A.L DIVI

themselves which in turn promotes

an Island.
The world
of an extinc
famous island SERVICES
of Sipadan

•Scuba Courses
metres from undersea volcano is the peak
rising over
sands of yearsthe sea floor forme

•Dive Trips
by living d over thou-
Sipadan is
located in corals growing on top. S.E.A.L Divin
•Dive Gear Sales
cific basin
the heart
of the Indo-P g Services
marine habita the centre of one

their towns.
ts in the world of the riches
species of . More than t
fish and hundr

5174 3434
als can be 3000
found there. eds of species of cor-

1 Sipadan was
tected Area officially declared
on a Marine
the reef and the 1 January 2005. Pro-
its marine To protec
any overn
padan Island
ight accom life, there is no longe t
modation r
Rob &
Evelyn Tim
each day itself and available
on Si- 27 Prince mers
eco syste
is restricted the number of divers
m. The SEALto protect this valua
s St Traralg
at Borneo
divers on group staye ble on
travelled the island d nearby
to Sipadan of Mabul
were grante on each of and
d permits. the days

We are proud to say that the LOCAL

Tour leade
r Rob Timm
leader and ers, a very
experience seasoned
tor found d master trip
the diving scuba instru
and hawk world class. c-
sbill “The green
of the diver’ turtles came within
s underwater centim
for some
spect camera lens, etres
visibility and acular photograph making
y. The super

EXTRA has grown from 16 pages to

2 with the prolifideep oceanic drop
c fish offs comb
experience life made ined
it a memo
for all.” rable 5
A highlight
of the trip
This limes was diving
tone cave
and cham has a labyri Turtle Cave.
bers where nth of tunne
turtles that the skele ls
have becom tal remains

this month a massive 32 pages with

be found. e lost and of
It drowned can
rienced diver;is a dive only for the
however more
diver can
see the less exper expe-
where large much from the ience
cave entran d
trevally tend schools of fusiliers ce
to gather. and big eye
group comp

an increased amount of editorial

divers and rised a mixture of
Andrew Keay newly qualif ex-
course with from Sale completedied divers.
SEAL Diving his diving
the trip. Andre
nificent, I w said “It
whilst on 6
3 of fish, the
was awes
was absol
large schoo by the sheer amou
utely mag-
cuda were nt
a definite
ls of Jacks
highlight for and Barra- 7

and community content, which we

Eleven year
gon loved old Kelsea Timmers
the big schoo from Trara
cuda and ls of fish l-
the spect and barra
in soft and acula -
hard corals r wall dives cover
on the trip . ed
keeping up Kelsea did 16 dives
were turtles with the adults
tremely friend every dive and . “Ther
they were e

know is proving to be a hit with

go back” ly and inquis ex-
she said. itive.” “I can’t
wait to

1 Anemone
2. fish
of opportunity make windo

many locals.
3 ws
Turtle Cave
4 Turtle and Sipadan Island
5 batfish
Mother and
Caughey team – Jan
& Debbie
4 6

8 Sipadan Island

Tourism has the ability to provide

even the smallest of communities
with a much needed boost to their
one of Austra NTRY SH0
Bands havin
g lias PREM W
“Coca Cola” won amongst other IER Coun
“Tooheys” battle Tamworth 2009
battle Tamw
“Golden Guita orth 2008
“West Leagu r” Finalists as well

economy and events such as; Noojee

2007 Press” battle
is the only WHAT
three and
now look
band to have
foward to taken GIPPSLA ’S ON
The curren another greatout all
t OF

their mater line-up has been


ial solidly perfor year. Weekly

whose suppo to a growing army ming BEER SPEC
way beyon rt has elevated the of “Ruckettes” IALS

Show, Dargo Carpathon, Maffra Fire

d bands reputa RELAX
- Melbourne our current epice tion
beside our D
nter warm
Their mater and outer region that is annou OPEN FIRES
ial featur s!!!
mix of south es an eclect MC while nced by a professional PARMA
with a growi ern rock and count ic track.
to a music
$14.50 POT
originals. ng list of ry MON - SAT LUNCH
“home-made BEEF OR
Their goal ROASTS
Silverstring is to influen EVER
youth into ce

Brigade Championships and many

country rock
Outlaws are making positiv Australian $17.50
a life and see
band, writing high-energy extreme sports e choices
Neerim Sout and playin way of grabb
ing their attent as a great
PH 5628
h Milk Bar their
and Takeawa songs own
y and sal The best river views in Noojee
perfo rming provide Entertainme
creative nts
the songs including entertainme
of Mr & Mrs Balloo nt,
others. Pete, M.I.P
(Men In Pink)natic, Pirate

other similar events are not only

sal is renow & Friends,
Our unique astounding ned for it’s
“Best Fast line up of amazing intera balloons
Food in Tow vast exper
and will entert
be to decke ainment . The crowdn
ctive balloo
133 Main Road
, Neerim South
styles in
to write songs allows us eye
of varied
catching colourout in a spectrum
Molly ’s
Ph 5628 1454 balloons, s,
genre mean
the countr
y a whole atmoscreating elaborate TREASURE
ing we will the crowd is phere - engag S

great fun, family attractions but also

play traditio them entert there aim ing vases & lamps

the way to nal countr ained is and keepin

98% of all screaming y all a priority. g
products made face anyone can
countr in your hand After
Piglets We make
on site daily
y rock. Balloonaver
offer, it’s the
out a balloo
sal it’s not
whole exper the balloon we
n, but with

Open 7 days it! – We love LIFE Stunt ience.

per -We serve it! show BMX
8am – 5pm week it with a smile! -Youth Black Snake
Breakfast To Produ ctions is
All Day movement- Life is a new dedicated to the a business

play an important role in town pride

Supporting based in education conservatio
Local produc your local in the form Sydne of Australia’s n and
ts from a community
servicing of a comp y with reptiles, amazing
range of family any the frogs wildlif
around the
farms events throug
small and
large focus. With and invertebrates beinge Open: 10-5 Wed
119 Main many years to Sat &
Neerim South,
Rd, They also hout Australia. with these beautiful experience Shop 1, 125 Main 10-4 Sundays
Event Mana specialize in with the publicThey Road

Kings Arms
and also Neerim South
gement, well as other will 5628 1282
- Skate
Park launch BMX displa reptiles set also have as
fully es ys which up in Terrar
demonstrat portab and are set up ium
ions on their le BMX - Skate the animals natura

and development.
FAMIL to exactly
Y HO Jump system own popul stand at show l habitat and replicate
TEL . ar Box During at a numb have won best
the day they er of exhibi
It was found
ed and is and intera will do a numbts.
Dale Martin owned and ct with the er of talks
. Dale has directed by part of the day) public all
the entert
been involv
ed in remain safely and all our venom (not just
since the industry in the pit ous snake
venomous at s
providing year 2005 snakes retainall times. Their
Great Valu freestyle their venom
Affordable e Meals motocross
shows and
it is illegal
and cruel as Gippsland’s Hidden
wise. to do other
Accomod demons
Family Frien ation T h e s e .
Fri - Sat: rant open:
Sat - sun:Dinner
dly demo nstrat
ions Throu gh out the Toolshed Lunch
will be a vintagday there
Style Meals
are availabl
e in restura now
91-109 Main spectac a e tractor nt
Rd, Neerim ula pull demonstrat Tool Shed
Ph 5628 1431 South perfo rman r Clydesdale. ion.
7 days: Lunch open:
& Dinne
ce r


38 Loch
Pony Valley Rd,
club, fun ring Ph 5628 Noojee.
Show Jumpand www.theoutpo 9669
too. ing .au


is committed to supporting and

Sunday the Balloonave
23rd of Jan rsal
Neerim Ro uary 2011 Clowns
ad Reserve. Vintage Tra
imdistrictc ctor Pull
Ph 5625 ountrysho Bungee Tra mpolin

help further develop tourism and

4456 or 5628
Showbags es
Train Rides
Youth to Life Castle
BMX Stunt

growth by not only supporting

Snake Ter
FREE Kid s
s Pot a Pla

communities and local events but by

bringing them to the attention of the
widest audience possible within the
Gippsland region