Submitted To Prof. Kanwal Bhalla Submitted By Ravi Rathore Section- E Roll No. - 41

You are also requested to participate as a guest in our business summit on 16 February 2011. Business these days is more than buying & selling.P. You will be benefited immensely from your association with TRENDS as it has a mass appeal. it includes building & maintaining relationships. It connects Corporates with 60. IMT.2011 Mr.Sponsorship Details.Ravi Rathore MBA. The sponsorship details & the invitation letter for the business summit are attached here with. khandwa M.General Amity Business School Noida January 27. Subject. Corporate events & inter institutional events. Santosh Rathore CEO Saras agro industries Indore road. Regards Yours Sincerely Ravi Rathore Enclosure. You are requested to participate in this event as our sponsorship partner. invitation letter . FMS etc.Sponsorship request for TRENDS 2011 Dear Sir You will be glad to know that Amity Business School Noida is organizing its Annual Management Festival TRENDS 2011 from 16-18 February 2011.000 students of Amity University & Students from other institutes like IIMs. Looking forward to your support. TRENDS 2011 provides you with opportunity to build new corporate relationships as it’s a corporate fest. TRENDS 2011 include Business Summit.

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