Human Resources Management Plan
7.1 Project Information Project Name: Laboratory Development Plan Location: Mechanical Engineering Building at the University of Alberta Project Manager: Shannon MacDonald 7.2 Human Resources Assumptions Assumptions made during the development of the Human Resource Plan Include: I. II. III. The schedules of the laboratory technicians will remain available as was communicated to the project team by the technicians themselves. The laboratory technician certified, experienced, and responsible for operating the crane will be available as promised. The laboratory technicians who have been contacted by the project team will remain employees of the University of Alberta during the entire span of the project. The researchers involved and working under Dr. Lipsett will not take any extended leaves of absence or permanently relocate during the relocation phase of the project. Researchers have accurately catalogued their needs, equipment, and availability.




Human Resource Constraints The human resources that will be utilized during the course of the project will include Dr. Lipsett, the project manager (Shannon MacDonald), the project team, laboratory technicians, a cleaning service, and research students under Dr Lipsett. Each individual group of human resources has various constraints which need to be considered. 7.3.1 Project Owner (Dr. Lipsett) The project owner, Dr. Lipsett, has a flexible schedule. The constraint lies in quantity of time he is able to spend with the project team on a weekly basis which is limited to a few hours. This

requires the team to be prepared with concise questions resulting in high efficiency low duration meeting. 7.3.2 Project Manager and Project Team: The project manager as well as the project team have considerable commitments to academic pursuits; work related responsibilities, as well as other personal commitments. A detailed weekly schedule outlining unavoidable academic work, industry work, and personal commitments can be found in Appendix X. The project manager as well as the project team will be unavailable after April 13, 2011. The project manager and the project team are limited by the amount of face to face meeting times available. 7.3.3 Laboratory Technicians The laboratory technicians are available to the project team within regular work hours and are not permitted to work overtime at the University of Alberta. The laboratory technicians are also unavailable during weekends and on statutory holidays. Lunch breaks as well as regularly scheduled coffee breaks will also be taken at designated times for predetermined durations. These policies are set by and comply with the Canadian labour code as well as University of Alberta employee policies. Laboratory personnel handle a wide range of projects at the University of Alberta and so advanced notice of requirements is necessary. The demanding schedules of the laboratory technicians limit their work contribution. The laboratory technician¶s work is primarily based on a batch work structure and so the project team will need to schedule and utilize the technicians accordingly. 7.3.4 Research Students: Research students directly affected will require advanced notice of all migration related activities. Researchers will require windows of allocated time in which they are able to relocate their materials and tools. The laboratory space allocated to a researcher is to be work ready upon that student¶s relocation window. This is required to ensure minimal disruption to the researchers schedule and provides appropriate accommodations for the researcher to work.


Human Resources Risk issues It has been found necessary to address issues such as human resource shortages, employee transfers, and employee promotions. The project team, working with the University of Alberta, has been assured that staff will be made available regardless of the aforementioned. These reassurances have minimized the associated human resource risk. The labour intensive phase of the migration process has been scheduled to occur after the end of the semester. This is advantageous as the amount of constrains and demands on the laboratory technicians is lowered during this period time. The risk has also been minimized through the allocation of funds to a reserve dedicated for short term labour subcontracting in the event University assets are unavailable. The project team members as well as the project manager have all signed an agreement stating that the project will be completed before any member is released of his or her responsibilities.


Project Human Resources Need The human resources required have been divided into the categories. Each category summarizes the number of individuals required, the skills of the individuals, and how to acquire the right people. 7.5.1 Initial laboratory cleanout During this phase of the project the primary laboratory which the researchers are being relocated to will be cleared of all non-essential equipment, furnishings, laboratory experiments, and infrastructure. This will require two technicians with little skill due the nature of the items being moved. The technicians will be provided by the University of Alberta. 7.5.2 Secondary Detailed Cleaning Secondary cleaning will involve mopping, dusting, and wiping down tables along with various other small activities. The work will require two individuals with basic cleaning skills. The work is to be subcontracted to a cleaning agency approved by the University of Alberta.

7.5.3 Infrastructure Setup The laboratory has most on the required infrastructure in place. The additional infrastructure will be installed by the laboratory technicians. Electrical certification is required as well as experience with wall mounting shelving and various other fixtures to brick. The technicians will be provided by the University of Alberta. 7.5.4 Heavy Laboratory Equipment and Furnishing Relocation A few pieces of heavy equipment are being relocated. The heaviest piece of equipment will require five laboratory technicians with at least one technician who is certified to operate the mechanical engineering crane. The remainder of the large equipment can be transported with pallet jacks. University of Alberta will supply the crane as well as the operator. 7.5.5 Small Equipment, Tools, Experiments, and Furnishings The researchers themselves will be responsible for relocating small furnishings and their own experiments and possessions. This will involve all eight current researchers and will require basic skills, dolly usage, and the ability to lift 45 kilograms.


Time table/Schedule The activity schedule is as follows and includes the duration of the activities along with human resource release times. 7.6.1 Initial laboratory cleanout Once all of the marked and or indicated items have been removed from the laboratory and relocated to their designated locations both human resources can released. The duration of the task will require 8 hours from both technicians. 7.6.2 Secondary Detailed Cleaning The sub-contractors (Bee-Clean) will be required to supply two individuals to perform detailed cleaning amounting to 4 hours of work

for each cleaner in the new laboratory. An additional 2 hours from each cleaner will be required in the old laboratory leaving the space move in ready. After both laboratories have been cleaned, both human resources will be released.

7.6.3 Infrastructure Setup Infrastructure setup will require two laboratory technicians, one with electrical certification. The duration of work will require 8 hours, or a full working day to complete. The assets can then be released.

7.6.4 Heavy Laboratory Equipment and Furnishing Relocation The large and heavy equipment relocation will require a total of five technicians and labourers. One crane certified technician to operate the crane and the rest of the individuals to support the safe relocation of equipment. The laboratory technicians will also be relocating all of the large furniture such as desks. All five assets will be required for one full working day and can be released thereafter. Desks

7.6.5 Small Equipment, Tools, Experiments, and Furnishings A total of eight researchers are being relocated. Each researcher will be relocating their own pieces of small equipment, tools, experiments, and furnishings. The relocation will be done in groups of two researchers. Each individual will assist the other with oversized objects. The duration of time to move both researchers¶ items will consume 8 hours. After completion both researchers will be released.


Recognition and Awards Work shall be recognized at the laboratory commissioning. The event will provide each member who voluntarily attends pizza and refreshments and will also highlight the accomplishments of those involved. Recognition will be given to work which has been completed within the allotted time and a safe manner.


Compliance with Human Resources Rules All human resource rules have been assessed and will be adhered to. Working conditions, risks, work durations, and breaks all conform to the rules and regulations set by Occupational Health and Safety as well as University of Alberta. A detailed list of expectations will be provided to each human resource and will be monitored throughout the project. These expectations includes prioritizing the safety of both human resources and the public. Work being completed is to be done so in a manner that satisfies the project manager and to the best ability of the human resource. Any incidents, deficiencies and other events will be promptly brought to the attention of the project manager. Unsafe work practices will not be tolerated and work that is unsafe work is not to be undertaken.


Team Building Effort To promote a sense of ownership for the project, tasks have been delegated to those individuals who volunteer for them. This allows individuals to work within their fields of interest as much as possible making the work more enjoyable. Work has also been distributed in a manner which allows pairs of team members to work together towards common milestones. This promotes an atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation.


Training Needs Basic lifting techniques will be briefly reviewed with the researchers to ensure all lifting in done in a safe manner. This training will not add any significant cost to the project. The remainder of the human assets have been certified and trained.

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