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“All that is

S A I N T L O U I S necessary for
evil to triumph is
for good men to
do nothing.”
– Edmund Burke
January 9, 1795

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VOL. 20 • NO. 10 Light Path Publications, Inc. OCTOBER 2010

Proposition B: Deceiving the Public

By Karen Strange and Kerry Messer
Deception is the only the concerns proposed under agriculture, Proposition B even
word that adequately frames Proposition B. While animal weakens some of the state’s
an analysis of Missouri’s abuse is relatively rare, it does current animal welfare laws!
statewide vote on Proposition occur. And law enforcement, Proposition B that faces
B, on November 2nd. Even the under the watchful eye of the Missouri voters in November is
wealthy, political organization media, actively prosecutes it not really about dog breeders as
- the Humane Society of the to the fullest extent of the law HSUS would have us believe,
United States (HSUS) - that paid already! but rather an attack against all
to put it on the ballot is steeped So what does Proposition agriculture and our freedoms
in deception. B do? It purports to outlaw of personal property rights.
Proposition B is pure political “puppy mills” in the state Never before has Missouri
rhetoric. Why is it that every but it never defines the term been in the crosshairs of such
time a dog or cat kennel, horse nor what constitutes such an a viral organization bent on
farm or other operation is operation! The proposal starts destroying our food sources and
raided in Missouri, you see it all by basically duplicating some of the enjoyment of animals in our
over the 6 o’clock news? How Missouri’s current laws against daily lives. All the while HSUS
can these media reports even animal abuse, but creates a set continues playing the public
occur if Proposition B were of ambiguous statutes in the relations game by preying on the
truly needed? If the domestic process that will allow radical heartstrings of the general public
pet industry was not already animal rights activists to expand using raw emotionalism to
regulated and monitored, how unrealistic regulations into a further their extremist agendas. liberation/rights community, they took over an aptly named
would law enforcement be able myriad of animal agriculture including domestic agricultural organization, which was
to seize these animals? In reality, areas. In setting the stage Who is Behind Prop B? terrorist groups, sought to
Missouri law already addresses for further attacks on animal As the extremist animal find an appealing front group See Proposition B page 3

Glenn Beck or Jesus; Liberty Christian

God is Still Speaking Church Hosts
Point of View
By Rev. Flip Benham
On Saturday afternoon,
August 28, 2010, the eyes of

Town Hall Oct. 7

many Americans desiring to
turn this nation back from the
brink of disaster were turned to
Washington, D.C. Glenn Beck By Jim Day
of FOX News gathered together
with somewhere between 300,000 Sponsored by the Bott Radio
to 500,000 like-minded people, Network (KSIV 91.5 FM and
many of them Christians, to call 1320 AM here in St. Louis)
our nation back to God. The Point of View’s FrontLine
call was made from the steps Forum is coming to St. Louis,
of the Lincoln Memorial in Thursday, October 7th at
Washington, D.C. But sadly, our Liberty Christian Church in
nation’s capitol has no answers. O’Fallon, Missouri. The event
Glenn told the large audience begins at 7 p.m.
that he had been to the Lincoln scripture, and are alive today just on everything every church Point of View’s Kerby
Memorial earlier that week with as any other scripture is.” teaches. What they do agree on Anderson and Penna Dexter
his children and had allowed No, sir, they are not! is that god is the answer.” will be interviewing 4th
them to touch the words of the At the close of the ceremony, Umm, Mr. Beck....Which god? U.S Congressional District
Gettysburg Address on one side he was joined by several clergy What god? Whose god? Does it candidates, Republican Vicky
of the memorial and Lincoln ‘s who surrounded him. Many matter? Hartzler and Democrat Kerby Anderson
Second Inaugural Address on the notable Christians were there. He went on to say, “These candidate Ike Skelton (invited),
other side. He said, “The words are He proclaimed, “These men 240 men and women from about the upcoming November Kerby your toughest questions
alive. Our documents, our most and women here don’t agree on all faiths represent thousands elections. (Additional guests regarding family value issues
famous speeches are American fundamentals; they don’t agree of clergy that could not fit up will be added to the event during a “Stump Kerby”
here.” He likened those that so watch www.pointofview. contest. Audience members
surrounded him to the “Black net/frontlineforum for more will be encouraged to ask any
Robed Regiment” that caused information.) question about the family
the heart of King George III to This will be an exciting values issues covered on Point
tremble as he attempted to thwart evening with great information of View and if Kerby can’t
the patriots of the American about important family answer, you’ll win a prize!
Revolution. value issues in the upcoming It will be a fun evening with
Sir, those 240 men and women elections. Set as a town hall great fellowship of like-minded
were not and are not at all like type event, those attending will Americans so plan now to
the Black Robed Regiment. The get to ask questions directly of attend on October 7th at 7 p.m. Black Robed Regiment of the the candidates and hear them at Liberty Christian Church.
St. Peters, Missouri 63376 American Revolution was none aired on Point of View the Liberty Christian Church is
P.O. Box 1533 following week. located at 709 Crestview Drive
You will also be able to ask in O’Fallon, Missouri (63366).
See Glenn Beck or Jesus page 2
St. Louis MetroVoice
Page 2 St. Louis MetroVoice October 2010

Glenn Beck or Jesus

Continued from page 1
other than the preachers and of Joseph Smith and the Book of the curses of God). On that day,
clergy of the day that were filled Mormon. No Glenn, we cannot President Washington warned
with the Gospel fire of Christ and all just get along. Truth does this nation that the blessings
true liberty kindled by the Great matter! of God would be removed if
Awakenings. The clarion call of The reason Mr. Beck held his America were ever to depart
that regiment was - “No King but “Restoring Honor” convention in from God.
King Jesus!” It was the God of Washington, D.C., is because he “If you fully obey the Lord your
the Bible they heralded. truly believes that our problems God and carefully follow all His
Mr. Beck then dismissed can be solved politically. No commands I give you today, the
the throngs of folks with these matter how much he protests to Lord your God will set you high
words. “Go to your churches, the contrary. above all the nations of the earth.
your synagogues, your mosques, However, Almighty God, All these blessings will come upon
anyone that is not preaching hate Jesus, is directing America’s you and accompany you if you
and division, anyone who is not attention to a different city - New obey the Lord your God...However
teaching to kill - but go to those York City! if you do not obey the Lord your
who are preaching and teaching It was in New York City that God and do not carefully follow all
lasting principles.” one of the most significant events His commands and decrees I am
Sure Glenn, let’s forget about in our nation’s history took giving you today all these curses
what divides us and get on with place on April 30, 1789. George will come upon you and overtake
the rescuing and rebuilding of Washington was inaugurated you.” (Deuteronomy 28:1-2, 15).
our broken nation. Yes, the “one the first President of the United President Washington then
world” ecumenical church. States of America. This event led his inaugural procession
Nothing is easier than to took place in New York City including Vice President John
tolerate when one believes that because Washington D.C. did Adams and the Senators and
Representatives of the newly
formed government of the
United States to St. Paul ‘s come down upon us. Shedding calling us to repent and return to
Church in lower Manhattan. innocent blood, calling that Him.
They all walked to the small which is evil good, and idolatry, When the towers of the World
chapel and there they spent two cried out to heaven for judgment. Trade Center collapsed, the
hours in prayer dedicating and Unfortunately, we took His crash was so powerful that it
consecrating the governance delay in catastrophic judgment registered on the Richter Scale.
of this nation into the hands of as His approval over what we It was the equivalent of a small
Almighty God. Deuteronomy were doing. Nothing could have atomic bomb. Two billion tons
28 was their focal point. been further from the truth. “Or of steel and concrete pulverized
They acknowledged that the do you show contempt for the everything in sight. The windows
providential hand of God, whose riches of His kindness, tolerance, of the buildings facing the Trade
specific name is Jesus, would and patience, not realizing that Center were all blown out. Many
make America great, and would God’s kindness leads you toward of the buildings were damaged
bring her down if she were to repentance.” (Romans 2:4). Yes, beyond repair.
depart from Him. America was full of herself and All that is, except for a tiny
“You may say to yourself, ‘My held Almighty God in contempt. little church. That’s right!
power and the strength of my What fools! “The fool says The one building that stood
differences don’t matter. Let’s not exist at the time. During hands have produced this wealth in his heart, ‘There is no God.’” at Ground Zero and remains
just all get together in the name the ceremony, Washington took for me.’ But remember the Lord (Psalm 14:1). We believed that standing to this day is St. Paul’s
of any god however we perceive the oath of office and placed his your God, for it is He who gives it was by our own hand that Church. Although one window
him, and take our country back hand upon an open Bible. It was you the ability to produce wealth. America became great. Though was cracked, nothing of its
from the bad guys. The reason opened to Deuteronomy chapter If you ever forget the Lord your we acknowledged God with roof, foundation, or walls was
Mr. Beck desires to erase all 28 (the conditions laid out for God and follow other gods and our mouths, our hearts were far compromised. It was a sign from
differences in religion is because us that will either invoke the worship and bow down to them, I from Him. We opened America God Himself. For those who
he himself serves the false god blessing of God upon a nation or testify against you today, that you up to the worship of all gods, have eyes to see, God was calling
will surely be destroyed. Like the abandoning the One True God - us back to the true foundation

St. Louis MetroVoice

nations the Lord destroyed before Jesus! that made America great -
you, so you will be destroyed for God spoke to us once in Himself!
not obeying the Lord your God.” New York City as our Founding St Paul’s was the church where
Publisher & Executive Editor: Jim Day (Deuteronomy 8:17-20). Fathers consecrated this nation America was birthed. Friends,
Consulting Editor: Dr. David J. Vaughan
Contributing Columnists & Writers: Michael Curran, Bill Federer,
Fast forward 212 years to to Him in 1789. He spoke to the foundation of the United
Kay Meyer, Rhonda Rhea September 11, 2001. Shock and us once again from the same States of America is sure and
Political Advisor: Kerry Messer terror was about to fill the heart city on September 11, 2001. true. We have just forgotten
Production: WYSIWYG2 Design Studio of every American. The curses His Word to us this time was Him. America was built upon
Proofreading: Jenny Day
Distribution: Jo Beaman, Jim Freeman, Werner Gerstmann, in Deuteronomy 28 were about not a blessing, but a curse. We the precepts of Almighty God!
David Houser, Steve Latta, Tom Mathews, Ray Rehder, to become a stark reality. We became the recipients of the most No power in heaven or on earth
John & Eleanor Warner, Gary White, Jeff Wilber had long before departed from catastrophic judgment that has could have destroyed St. Paul’s
Website Manager: Jenny Day
the commands of Almighty ever come upon the shores of this Chapel. On September 11, 2001,
© 2010 Light Path Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. God. We had become proud land by an enemy from without. God’s message was loud and
and self-sufficient. We declared God Himself had become our clear! His protection of this little
Editorial Policy: The MetroVoice is nondenominationally and nonpolitically
aligned to encourage unity and activism in support of, or opposition to, those war on Him, casting Him out enemy (Isaiah 63:10). church was a glorious reminder
issues which affect the Christian community in particular and local community of our schools, workplaces, and Why New York? It was of His providential care for us.
as a whole, from a Biblical, Christian world view perspective. It supports the streets. We killed His precious the providential hand of God How did St. Paul’s Church
biblical doctrines expressed in the ecumenical creeds of the Apostle's Creed,
Nicene Creed, Athanasian Creed and the Creed of Chalcedon and views both the children through abortion directing our attention to a survive? No power in hell could
Old and New Testaments of the Bible as the infallible and authoritative Word of (over 50 million dead), called forgotten promise our Founding have destroyed this church. A
God. homosexuality (an abomination Fathers had made to Him. His sycamore tree prevented a shard
Published monthly, the St. Louis MetroVoice is distributed without charge through
in His sight) good, and prostrated rod of discipline was meant of metal from crashing into the
churches, Christian bookstores and various businesses throughout the greater St. Him to the level of every other to turn our hearts toward His building. The sycamore was
Louis metropolitan area, Metro East Illinois and surrounding communities. Yearly false god (pluralism). promise. In His great mercy completely uprooted. It was
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Time and again, America was He had warned us through really the hand of God. His
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of interest to our readers. All materials submitted are subject to approval and and the true prophets of God, wounding us. “Can you hear me us back to Him. September 11,
editing and cannot be returned. that His hand was about to now?” was His question. He was 2001, was a “living parable” of
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implied or inferred, an endorsement of services, products or businesses advertised. (314) 567-3300 manifest themselves in startling
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October 2010 St. Louis MetroVoice Page 3

Proposition B
Continued from page 1
previously seen as a reputable direct control over any animal professional breeders to aid in fully intend to use donations really is and what their agenda
organization, to deliberately shelter.” cleanliness and sanitation, will be from the sympathetic public to has in store for Missouri.
deceive the general public - the prohibited while shelters, rescues pass the ballot initiative against To get yet another view of
Humane Society of the United Why is There A Prop B? and humane societies will be Missouri’s dog breeding industry HSUS and why voters should
States (HSUS). Why then is HSUS targeting allowed to continue usage of and to move to the next goal of vote “NO” on Proposition B
Parading as an animal Missouri’s dog industry for such practices as stacked cages. eliminating agriculture as we consider the position of the
protection organization, HSUS the 2010 November election? The Agriculture Department know it. Missouri Veterinary Medical
is anything but a Wayne Pacelle rather than licensed veterinarians While much of this report Association (MVMA) opposing
protector of animals. has profoundly will be charged with limiting the may sound far-fetched to those the ballot initiative. Even on the
Instead, their radical stated that ballot breeding frequency of dogs, and unfamiliar with American national level Dr. Ron DeHaven,
agenda threatens initiatives “pay only licensed veterinarians will agriculture and its long running chief executive officer of the
our way of life, dividends and be allowed to treat any illness or defense against agri-terrorism, American Veterinary Medical
including the eating serve as a training injury, no matter how minor. non farmers should ask Association (AVMA), has some
of meat, wearing ground for activists” Dog owners will no longer be themselves a couple of questions: very strong statements that can
of leather, wildlife and “that ballot allowed to provide basic first Just how many non-food items be readily found on YouTube.
management by initiatives would be aid to their own pets. It will be that add to your quality of life All of these groups
hunting, fishing and used for all manners a misdemeanor crime for each come from animal agriculture? understand the underlying
trapping, zoo and of legislation in the and every violation incurred, How many foods do you and battle lines associated with
aquarium trips, the future.” including something as minor your family eat each week that HSUS and Proposition B. If
benefits of medical Since its as a drop of food in a water bowl comes from animal agriculture? you enjoy eating, realize animal
Kerry Messer
research, elimination inception, HSUS or a cobweb in the corner of a And more food for thought, if agriculture’s contribution to
of all domesticated has worked to kennel building. HSUS’ Proposition B is only your quality of life, appreciate
animals, and the limit the choices The full intent of Prop B is aimed at dog breeders, why is advances in medical research,
enjoyment of family of American to eliminate the legal, licensed most every major agriculture value the world class St. Louis
pets – all of which consumers by professional pet breeder industry group in the state asking for your Zoo, engage in hunting or
HSUS officials reducing their and to limit free enterprise. If “NO” vote? fishing, enjoy horseback riding
openly admit they consumption of enacted, the ballot initiative Neither the Missouri Farm or other animal related activities,
oppose and plan meat and egg will eliminate over 1,460 Bureau nor MFA (formerly the have or support others having
to systematically products, opposing licensed, professional agriculture Missouri Farmers Association) pets or aquariums, please pass
eliminate. dog breeding, operations in our state. The costs were created by dog breeders, along the information in this
During the 1990’s, restricting livestock will be enormous as feed stores, yet they oppose Proposition report and ask your family and
HSUS completed its and poultry supply companies, veterinarians, B. The Missouri Cattlemen’s friends to join with you and vote
transformation from production, groomers, and all businesses Association, Missouri Pork “NO” on Proposition B.
an animal welfare Karen Strange preventing their related to pet ownership will see Association, Missouri Dairy For more information on
organization to embracing enjoyment of animals in circuses, a sharp decrease in business. Association, The Poultry Proposition B and how you
animal rights extremism, zoos, aquariums, and eliminating As professional breeders are Federation, Missouri Egg can help defeat this deceptive
changing its personnel in the hunting, fishing and trapping. forced out of business due to Producers, Missouri Equine attack on Missourians visit
process to include dozens of HSUS ignores the fact that unattainable requirements in Council, and other animal The Alliance for Truth at www.
staffers from PETA (People Missouri enacted the Animal Prop B, many will lose their agriculture groups have nothing and/
for the Ethical Treatment of Care Facilities Act in 1992, and family farms and employment, to do with dog kennels or pet or Missourians for Animal Care
Animals) and other extreme that a full 88% of all licensed resulting in decreased property breeders, but they too oppose at To
animal rights organizations, breeders are in total compliance values and lost taxes for local Proposition B. learn more about the extremist
including John “J.P.” Goodwin, with state laws. They ignore communities. Grain commodities such as the Humane Society of the United
a convicted felon and former the fact that Missouri has some Corn Growers Association, the States organization and their ties
member and spokesman for the of the most strictly regulated What’s the Agenda of Prop B? Missouri Soybean Association, to other radical animal rights
Animal Liberation Front (ALF). dog breeders in the nation, and HSUS and their allies in and other crop land farm groups visit www.activistcash.
In 2004, HSUS promoted vice- that there is a huge demand for the animal rights movement organizations are also taking com.
president Wayne Pacelle to the puppies raised in clean, healthy do not have the best interest strong stands against HSUS Of the five statewide ballot
position of President, gaining its environments by breeders who of animals in mind with their and their Proposition B. Why? questions on your November 2nd
first strictly vegan leader who receive continuing education propaganda and misconceptions Because all these agriculture ballot just remember, “B is Bad”
immediately assembled an array hours in kennel management, about Prop B. Instead, they industries know who HSUS and Vote “NO” on Prop B.
of meat and dairy abolitionists nutrition, pre- and post-natal
to focus on farm animals and care, ventilation, the latest in
the destruction of agriculture. medical care and treatment, “Pushing back an
Among those was Paul Shapiro, socialization, proper structure,
co-founder of Compassion sanitation and a myriad of out of control
Over Killing, who became the additional information in order
manager of the new “Factory to raise the best possible healthy
Farming Campaign.” Just prior and happy puppies for the Government to
to joining HSUS, Shapiro stated consumer. "Pushing back an out of control
restore the
at the 2004 National Student Instead, Proposition B is solely
Animal Rights Conference that aimed at eliminating a viable Federal Government to restore
Rightful Power the
“nothing is more important than industry in the state of Missouri
promoting veganism.” in order to fulfill the animal Rightful Power of OUR State!"
OUR State!”
For those not familiar with rights agenda of prohibiting dog
the term “Vegan” (not the be breeding. Prop B has nothing
confused with “vegetarian”)
a vegan is an individual who
to do with animal welfare and
everything to do with limiting
goes beyond the diet of a the number of breeding dogs TIRELESSLY TO
vegetarian to avoid any kind of one may own regardless of
animal use, animal products or
by-products, as a completely
the excellent care they receive
along with requiring such
integrated lifestyle including
the philosophy that all animals
stringent space requirements
that, according to the Missouri
SPENDING "Pushing back an out of control
should remain free of any Department of Agriculture
human interaction and that non- ACFA Program Coordinator,
Federal Government to restore the
vegans are in violation of the Matt Rold, “no legal, licensed Rightful Power of
rights of animals. breeder currently operating in
HSUS is a master at deceiving
the public into thinking that
the state of Missouri can comply
[with].” TUESDAY, AUG 3 VOTE
their $19 per month donations Prop B does nothing to
actually helps animals. Nothing address those who collect dogs CONTACT BRIAN TODAY!
could be further from the
truth. Buried deep within its
but do not breed them, nor
does it address those who are
Cell: 314.324.8101 orREPUBLICAN
Home: 636.390.8787
website, HSUS has a disclaimer
that it “is not affiliated with,
operating illegally and do not
follow current laws. Thousands
Brian Nieves
nor is it a parent organization of dogs can continue to live in CONTACT BRIAN TODAY!
for, local humane societies, horrible conditions in unlicensed
Cell: 314.324.8101 or Home: 636.390.8787
Campaign Contact:
animal shelters, or animal care facilities but Prop B will not
and control agencies. These affect them.
Paid for by Citizens for Nieves, Dave Bailey, Treasurer
are independent organizations. Management systems “Stacked
Paid for by Citizens for Nieves, Dave Bailey, Treasurer
HSUS does not operate or have enclosures,” commonly used by
"Pushing back an out of control
Federal Government to restore the
Page 4 St. Louis MetroVoice October 2010

Who’s Behind Prop B on the November Ballot?

By Jim Day
On November 2nd there effectively kill animal agriculture rights activist who came from animals such as zoos, aquariums, “animal welfare” organizations,
will be a ballot issue which in California. the anti-hunting Fund for circuses, rodeos, recreational and which work for the humane
MUST be defeated. That issue In July of this year Governor Animals, and cut his activist teeth therapeutic horseback riding, treatment of animals and “animal
is Proposition B, known as The Schwarzenegger compounded sabotaging deer hunts. even service animals for the rights” organizations, which aim
Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention the problem by extending the Pacelle has gone on record handicapped or patient therapies, to completely end the use and
Act. provisions of Prop 2 regarding stating, “We have no problem etc.), and the complete banning ownership of animals.
Proposition B egg production with the extinction of domestic of all hunting and fishing or As time progressed HSUS
has been thrust to include eggs animals….In fact, I don’t want killing of animals regardless of became more and more extreme
upon Missourians imported into to see another dog or cat born.” the reason. in their views and goals. During
primarily by an California. This In relation to hunting (i.e., deer, In Missouri HSUS and their the 1990’s, HSUS completed
organization known act will effect all duck, rabbit, etc.), Pacelle has allies have chosen to use the its transformation from an
as The Humane egg producers proclaimed, “Our goal is to emotionalism of “puppy mills” as animal welfare organization to a
Society of the United nation-wide who get sport hunting in the same their means of gaining the hearts radical animal rights-liberation
States (HSUS) - the wish to sell eggs to category as cock fighting and dog of Missouri voters and a foothold group changing its personnel
wealthiest animal California. fighting. We are going to use the in Missouri’s legislative process. in the process to include a
rights-liberation HSUS is about ‘ballot box’ and ‘the democratic Closer to the November General multitude of leaders, staffers,
organization on power, money, and process’ to stop all hunting in the Election I can almost guarantee and activists from such extremist
earth, which serves as an unbelievable United States.” (Emphasis added.) you that the airways will be filled organizations as ALF (the Animal
a massive umbrella array of extremist As with all stealth with heartrending “Vote Yes on Liberation Front), PETA (People
John “JP” Goodwin
organization for agendas that will organizations, HSUS utilizes an Prop B” commercials filled with for the Ethical Treatment of
practically every extremist animal devastate our nation. incremental step by step approach horrifying shots of emaciated Animals), and COK (Compassion
rights and environmental group To prove the money point, toward the accomplishment of little puppies and kittens being Over Killing) – just to name a
you can think of. in 2008 despite its $162 million their multiple goals. Their goals abused beyond imagination. few.
We all know the Humane dollars in assets and a budget include: the abolishment of the And, of course, lots of little Case in point, among HSUS’
Society from our local of $99.7 million dollars, HSUS breeding of all animals (cats, children clutching their pets leadership is John “J.P.” Goodwin,
neighborhoods, but do not be spent less than one-half of dogs, livestock, etc.); prohibiting pleading with voters to put an a convicted felon and former
fooled by the similar sounding one percent of that budget on any type of animal ownership (i.e. end to “puppy mills” in Missouri. member-spokesman for ALF.
name. There is no connection the care of animals. These people are masters Goodwin has a lengthy arrest
between HSUS and local animal The overwhelming of deception and media record and a history of promoting
shelters. HSUS is an extremist majority of the funds manipulation and will stop arson to “liberate” animals.
animal rights-liberation were funneled into at nothing to institute their In April 1993 Goodwin was
organization which fundraises salaries, benefits, diabolical agendas. sentenced to three years in prison
under the guise of helping travel expenses, and Should Prop B pass you can as the ringleader of a gang of
animals while orchestrating pension plans for their rest assured that over time more terrorists vandalizing fur stores.
devastating animal rights management and staff and more rules, and regulations Goodwin currently serves as the
campaigns in over 40 states across as well as fundraising will be added to Prop B and manager of animal fighting issues
the nation. campaigns, litigation more and more legislation will be for HSUS’ Animal Cruelty and
One of HSUS’ more recent and investigations to sought and added to Missouri law Fighting Campaign.
‘victories’ includes California’s further their agendas. books in HSUS’ efforts to codify For those not familiar with
Proposition 2 in 2008. Even HSUS has frequently their goals. ALF, the loose net organization
though Prop 2 doesn’t take effect run infomercials, is an extreme animal rights-
until 2015, it has already started replete with Wayne Pacelle HSUS History and Links liberation group well known
to cripple California agriculture. heartrending images of abused pets and livestock of any kind); The Humane Society of the internationally for their
HSUS’ Prop 2 will make it animals that tell you that for “just the elimination of all agricultural United States began as an “animal underground terrorist activities
illegal for California farmers $19 a month” you can help HSUS livestock operations such as the welfare” organization. Originally in pursuit of an agenda to
to raise any kind of egg-laying care for the animals depicted. But raising of beef and dairy cattle, called the National Humane “liberate” all animals, domestic
hen, veal calf, or hog in a cage if you take them up on their offer chickens, hogs, etc., including Society, HSUS was established or otherwise, from any human
where the animal cannot “fully and donated $228 over the course family farm operations regardless in 1954 as a spin-off of the contact, control, or connection
stand up, lie down, extend its of a year, just $1.03 of that $228 of how large or small they may American Humane Association regardless of any human benefits.
limbs or turn completely around would reach a pet shelter. be (which would effect all dairy (AHA). HSUS’ founders wanted ALF activists have attacked
without touching the side of their and poultry products and by- a more radical organization hunters’ vehicles by slashing
enclosure including, in the case of HSUS’ Game Plan & Goals products); preventing any type of because the AHA did not oppose tires and breaking windows,
egg-laying hens, fully spreading The true goals of HSUS have medical research which utilizes sport hunting or the use of shelter set fire to medical research
both wings without touching been made clear by numerous animals of any kind for research animals for biomedical research. facilites, launched raids against
the side of their cage or other statements by their President, purposes; the eradication of any Keep in mind that there is an animal-testing laboratories,
egg-laying hens.” This law will Wayne Pacelle, a radical animal type of entertainment that utilizes enormous difference between chicken breeders and gun shops,
destroying property, buildings
and vehicles.
Discover the Making of America Bite Back, a website where
A Learning Experience Your Family Will Never Forget
animal rights activists leave
First Baptist Church claims of responsibility, published
a “Direct Action Report” in 2005
stating that, in 2004 alone, ALF
653 Business Highway 61
Wentzville, MO 63385 activists had removed 17,262
animals from facilities, and had
Saturday, October 9, 2010 claimed 554 acts of sabotage,
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. vandalism, and arson.
In 2005 ALF was included in
Seminar Schedule (With intermittent breaks) a United States Department of
8:30 a.m.- 12 Noon Homeland Security planning
“Developing America’s Great Success Formula” document listing a number of
This is the exciting exploration which Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, domestic terrorist threats on
Washington and others made in order to rediscover the key to the which the U.S. government
creation of the first free nation in modern times. We’ll trace their expected to focus resources.
adventure from 1400 B.C. to A.D. 1787 Another case in point
includes Paul Shapiro who is
12 Noon - 12:45 - Lunch break
(Box lunches will be available for $5 or bring your own.) HSUS’ Senior Director of their
cleverly named “End Factory
12:45 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. – “The Perfect Plan of Liberty” Farming Campaign,” (which
A refreshing look at the solid political and economic principles from should be called the “Campaign
the preamble through the amendments to the Constitution. You’ll learn to Eliminate All Agricultural
perhaps for the first time, how nearly every problem in America today
Livestock Operations”). Shapiro
can be solved by restoring these successful concepts.
founded Compassion Over
Your family will see, hear, and learn with exciting, unforgettable stories, Killing (COK) in the mid-1990s
and fill-in-the-blank study guides - all developed by a master teacher, which openly supported violent
Dr. W. Cleon Skousen. animal liberation criminals under
his leadership.
Cost to attend: For example, under Shapiro’s
$15 Individual - $25 Couple - $35 Family
leadership in the mid-1990s,
Box lunches will be available for $5 each.
COK targeted a D.C. furrier
called Miller’s Furs. (Back
See for more
information or call (636) 327-8606
See Behind Prop B page 5
October 2010 St. Louis MetroVoice Page 5

Behind Prop B dog breeders and they’ve latched

onto an area that’s much more
claims.) What was not settled
during HSUS’ testimony was the
an attack on all of agriculture, not
just dog breeders!
Continued from page 4
emotional and easier to utilize in all important question of “What Those organizations who
then, COK mainly protested Distracted, But Now Awake furthering their goals – so-called constitutes a puppy mill.” are standing against Prop
fur sellers and circuses.) At For decades very little attention “puppy mills.” Comprehending HSUS’ B include: FCS Financial,
one point, the group published has been paid to the animal No one in their right mind numbers is important in order MFA Incorporated, Missouri
Miller’s home address as a tool rights movement which has would defend an abusive dog to understand the true agenda Agribusiness Association,
for angry activists targeting him been viewed for the most part breeder. And, whenever such of Prop B. Once you realize Missouri Corn Growers
and his family. By early 1997, as a fringe and inconsequential operations are discovered, the that in the worldview of HSUS Association, Missouri Dairy
COK was actively recruiting element in political circles and media is quick to expose it and activists any dog that is confined Association, Missouri Egg
members for a new ALF terrorist in the minds of mainstream law enforcement is quick to in any way is in a “puppy mill,” Producers, Missouri Equine
cell just to pressure this one fur Americans. In a way, this is not shut it down. However, such then you will see why they do Council, Missouri Farm Bureau,
retailer. The Winter ‘97 issue of surprising given the state of our operations are truly the exception not want to publicly commit to Missouri Federation of Animal
The Abolitionist, COK’s official nation and the battles that are in comparison to the multitude a clear definition of an abusive Owners, Missouri Livestock
magazine, featured an article raging around us. of honest, caring, and law abiding facility. Their agenda is to pass Marketing Association, Missouri
announcing that “members While we have been dog and cat breeders in Missouri. Prop B, then work to manipulate Pet Breeders Association,
[are] needed” for the “MF-ALF” contending with the law until it is applied to all Missouri Pork Association,
(which stood for “Miller’s Furs– the systematic dog facilities Missouri Soybean Association,
Animal Liberation Front”). The destruction of our and owners. The Poultry Association, and the
article included suggestions to Constitution by Remember Professional Pet Association.
“smash a window…throw a paint socialists, dealing one of HSUS’ Also note, that while some
bomb…burn Miller’s Furs down.” with Muslim stated goals individual veterinarians have
Some of the listed “benefits” of terrorists, fighting is to prohibit mixed or opposing views (some
joining included the “nervous against abortion, all animal of which first supported the
breakdown” of the fur salon’s watching our ownership! initiative but now cannot get their
owner. COK later scrubbed this nation being Proposition names removed) the Missouri
article from the Internet. invaded by B is just a Veterinary Medical Association
As mentioned earlier another illegal aliens, stepping stone and the American Veterinary
radical organization from which and attempting for HSUS and Medical Association have both
a number of staff members to prevent the their allies. To come out in public opposition
populate HSUS’s ranks come collapse of reiterate, if Prop to Prop B and its main sponsor
from People for the Ethical our economy, B passes you can HSUS.
Treatment of Animals (PETA). organizations such as HSUS have Missouri has 1,462 rest assured that For more information about
PETA is an animal rights steadily and methodically gained licensed dog breeders, as well over time, more and more rules Prop B and the battle to defeat
organization based in Norfolk, ground and power. as an estimated 400 to 600 and regulations will be added it visit the following websites:
Virginia, and led by Ingrid HSUS has learned that pouring additional breeders too small to Prop B and more and more The Alliance for Truth at www.
Newkirk, its international huge sums of money into ballot to be licensed. When you legislation will be sought and and
president and founder. The initiative campaigns can give it include all dog shelters, pounds, added to Missouri law books in Missourians for Animal Care
organization is well known for results normal public relations rescue operations, (including HSUS’ efforts to codify their long at To
its consistent pattern of creating and lobbying work never could. the occasional illegal abusive range goals of eliminating dog learn more about the extremist
highly emotional media events Along with other heavy hitters breeder), the grand total comes breeders and pet ownership in Humane Society of the United
aimed at prohibiting any use like the Fund for Animals and up to well less than 3,000 total Missouri. States organization and their ties
of animals for food, medical Farm Sanctuary, HSUS scored dog facilities state-wide. to other radical animal rights
research, or any other human use. a big victory in Florida in 2002 During a surprise visit to a You Can Help groups visit www.activistcash.
A non-profit corporation when a ballot initiative passed legislative committee hearing As a testament to the fact that com.
which claims some two million that gave constitutional rights to on broad agriculture policy held HSUS’ attack is not just about Above all, you can help save
members and supporters, PETA pregnant pigs. HSUS donated at in Jefferson City earlier this “puppy mills” consider the fact Missouri by telling your friends,
claims to be the largest animal least $50,000 to the Florida PAC year, an HSUS activists from that many state agriculture neighbors and family members to
rights group in the world. Its that managed the campaign. Washington, D.C., claimed associations have banded VOTE “NO” on Proposition B.
slogan is “Animals are not ours to Florida farmers are now the existence of more “puppy together to oppose Proposition B Just remember “B” is ‘Bad.’
eat, wear, experiment on, or use banned from using “gestation mills” in Missouri than the total under the banner of Missourians And, I’m sure any donation
for entertainment.” crates,” usually necessary to keep estimated number of dog facilities for Animal Care. While many to The Alliance for Truth and
PETA has been described as sows healthy during pregnancy in the state. (HSUS Campaign others have not formally joined Missourians for Animal Care in
“by far the most successful radical and to prevent them from emails and Wayne Pacelle also the group, this coalition is helping their battle to stop Prop B would
organization in America.” The accidentally rolling over and make the same unsubstantiated voters to recognize that Prop B is be greatly appreciated.
key word is “radical.” PETA crushing their newborn piglets.
seeks “total animal liberation,” After the amendment passed,
according to Newkirk. That raising pigs became economically
means no meat or dairy products, unsustainable, and farmers
no aquariums, no circuses, no were forced to slaughter their
hunting or fishing, no fur or animals rather than comply with

leather goods, and no medical the costly new constitutional
research using animals. PETA requirements. Today, the
is even opposed to the use of Florida pork industry has largely
seeing-eye dogs.
In the past, PETA has handled
In 2006, HSUS scored another
NOV 2nd
the press for the Animal victory in Arizona, the 28th
Liberation Front and was ranked hog producer, when
reported to hire convicted ALF voters overwhelmingly approved
militants and fund their legal a ballot measure restricting
defenses. In at least one case, pork producers by banning sow
court records show that Ingrid gestation crates like Florida.
Newkirk herself was involved in As mentioned earlier, HSUS
an ALF arson. scored one of its biggest victories
Earlier in this article we quoted in California when voters
HSUS’ President Wayne Pacelle. approved Proposition 2 in
In 2004, HSUS promoted Pacelle November 2008 and Governor
to the position of President, Schwarzenegger compounded
gaining its first strictly ‘vegan’ the problem in July of this year
leader who immediately by extending the provisions of
assembled an array of meat and Prop 2 regarding egg production
dairy abolitionists to focus on to include eggs imported into
farm animals and the destruction California. Many experts believe
of animal agriculture. For Proposition 2 will destroy the
those not familiar with the term California egg industry, the
“Vegan,” a vegan is an individual nation’s fifth largest producer, by
who goes beyond the diet of a driving up costs so high that egg
vegetarian to avoid any kind of farmers will be forced to flee to
animal use, animal products or other states or Mexico.
by-products, as a completely Folks these are just three
integrated lifestyle including examples of what HSUS has
the philosophy that all animals accomplished toward their goals
should remain free of any human of destroying animal agriculture
interaction and that non-vegans in America. Now Missouri is
are in violation of the rights of in their crosshairs and instead
animals. HSUS’ ranks are replete of going after hog and chicken
with vegans. producers they’re going after
Page 6 St. Louis MetroVoice October 2010

Glenn Beck or Jesus

Continued from page 2
“God Bless America,” but there the Federal Register: “…Nothing, and repaying. “Those who guide Hauppauge, Long Island. “If my people who are called by
was no call to repentance. With nothing can replace the losses this people mislead them, and Are you wondering about the my name shall humble themselves,
great American pride there were that have been suffered, but there those who are guided are led sycamore tree that saved St. Paul’s and pray, and seek my face, and
calls to rebuild, repair, reflect, is a passage found in the Bible astray!” (Isaiah 9:16). Senator Church from being destroyed? It turn from their wicked ways; then
recover, and repay, but no call from Isaiah that, I think, speaks Daschle used this Scripture, was replaced, but not by another I will hear from heaven, and will
to repent. How can we expect to all of us in a time like this, ignorant of its context, to mislead sycamore tree as one would forgive their sin and will heal
God to bless America while ‘The bricks have fallen down, America - “We will rebuild. We expect. It was replaced by a their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14).
we kill millions of His children but we will rebuild with dressed will recover.” But, he gave no call Norway Spruce (a cedar tree) on There is only one action that
through abortion? As a matter stone; the sycamore (fig) trees to repent. November 23, 2003. That’s right! we can take that will bring hope
of fact, we kill more Americans have been felled, but we will On that same day, September The sycamore tree was replaced to our nation again. “This is
by abortion every day than were replace them with cedars.’ Isaiah 12, 2001, Senator John Kerry by a cedar. The last half of Isaiah what the sovereign Lord, the holy
killed on 9/11. Do we not see 9:10. We will rebuild. We will of Massachusetts proclaimed, 9:10, “the sycamores are cut down one of Israel says: ‘In repentance
what God is saying with the recover....” “And I believe one of the first but we will change them into and rest is your salvation, in
cataclysmic events surrounding Although Senator Daschle had things we should commit to, with cedars.” quietness and trust is your
9/11? Try this: “The Lord has the right Scripture, this passage federal help that underscores our The curses of Deuteronomy strength but you would have none
sent a message against Jacob; it in Isaiah is far from being a purpose, is to rebuild the World 28 (Dt. 28:45-53) have come to of it’.” (Isaiah 30:15).
will fall on Israel. All the people message of encouragement Trade Towers and show the world life in New York City again as What would Jesus do? Better
to rebuild. Isaiah is referring we are not afraid -but defiant!” we watch an enemy (Islam), the to ask what Jesus did when
to the judgment of Almighty Senator Kerry, we’re not only one who struck us on 9/11, grow confronted with calamities in His
God (Deuteronomy 28) curses showing the world our defiance, stronger every day because the day. When the people queried
coming against His own proud but we are shaking our tiny fists Lord Himself has strengthened Him about the tower that fell in
and arrogant people. When in the face of Almighty God! Islam’s hand. This monstrous Siloam killing eighteen people or
disaster came, as depicted in Isaiah 9:10 is crying out to be religion is planning to build a when Pilate killed the Galileans,
Isaiah 9: 8-13, they didn’t turn heard today, for it is God’s rebuke mosque (a symbol of victory over Jesus’ response was short and
to God in repentance. They to America. The bricks have the God of this nation- Jesus) two to the point, “I tell you no! But
shouted, “We will rebuild!” They indeed fallen down. The twin blocks from Ground Zero. Can unless you repent you too will all
climbed up on the temple steps towers of the World Trade Center we hear God Now? perish.” (Luke 13:1-5). He said
and sang “This is the temple of came crashing down in NYC in
the Lord, the temple of the Lord, what seemed to be a moment.
the temple of the Lord!” Sound All of us who witnessed this
familiar? We will rebuild, we will cataclysmic judgment of God
repair, we will recover, we will realized instantly that the world
repay; but we have no need to would never be the same. 2,997
Rev. Flip Benham repent. precious people were dead. God
will know it - Ephraim and the Israel was sacrificing her had spoken. “Do you hear me
inhabitants of Samaria who say children (child sacrifice), now?”
with pride and arrogance of heart, prostituting herself with shrine Sadly, the answer is, No!
‘The bricks have fallen down, but prostitutes - both male and “But we will rebuild with
we will rebuild with dressed stone; female (hetero and homosexual), dressed (cut out of a quarry)
the sycamore trees have been and bowing to multitudinous stone.” On July 4, 2004, when
felled, but we will replace them false gods (pluralism), all the all that was left of the twin
with cedars.’ But the Lord has while proclaiming the name of towers was a 16 acre hole in
strengthened Rezin’s foes against the Lord. What an abomination! the ground, Governor George
them and has spurred their They were too arrogant and Pataki was present at Ground The enemies of God are it twice to emphasize its simple
enemies on...But the people have proud to feel the need to repent Zero when a 20 ton block of becoming stronger and more truth.
not returned to Him who struck so, in 721 BC, God completely hewn Adirondack granite was bold while the people of God To bring the point home, in
them, nor have they sought the obliterated the northern lowered into the ten story deep are becoming weaker and more Luke 13:6-7 Jesus tells a parable
Lord Almighty.” (Isaiah 9:8-13). Kingdom of Israel by the rod hole as a new cornerstone. He timid. Islam is rising higher about a man who had planted
On September 12, 2001, of His chastisement - Assyria. proudly proclaimed, “Today is in America because the Lord a fig tree and, for three years,
Senate Majority Leader Tom (Isaiah 10:5). a momentous day. Today we Himself has strengthened it. You cultivated it but to no avail. It
Daschle in a Joint Resolution Did the people of the take twenty tons of Adirondack say God would never do that! bore no fruit. So He told the
of the Condemnation of the Northern Kingdom of Israel granite - the bedrock of our Look again! vineyard keeper to cut it down.
attacks took this Scripture out hear God’s message. No! They state - we place it as a foundation, Isaiah 9:11-13, “But the Lord The response of the vineyard
of context by using only Isaiah just concerned themselves with the bedrock of a new symbol has strengthened Rezin’s foes keeper will help us understand
9:10. His speech is recorded in rebuilding, repairing, recovering, of American strength and against them (Israel) and has both the wrath and the kindness
confidence. Today we lay a new spurred their enemies on. The of Almighty God. “‘Sir,’ the man
cornerstone for a new symbol Arameans from the east and replied, ‘Leave it alone for one
of this city and this country and Philistines from the west have more year, and I’ll dig around it
our resolve in the face of terror. devoured Israel with open mouth. and fertilize it. If it bears fruit
PARTY Today we build the “Freedom They shall devour Israel with open the next year, fine! If not, then
OF MISSOURI Tower.’” mouth...But the people have not cut it down.’” (Luke 13:8-9).
Presents… We had forgotten our true returned to Him who struck them, God takes no pleasure in the
foundation - Jesus. My heart nor have they sought the Lord destruction of the wicked. “The
OF MISSOURI sank as I remembered, “Where Almighty.” Lord is not slow in keeping His
the Spirit of the Lord is there is Who was the one who promise as some understand
liberty.” I knew that true biblical struck Israel almost 3,000 years slowness. He is patient with you
liberty, found only in Christ, ago? It was the very same One not wanting anyone to perish but
was the cornerstone of America’s who struck us on 9/11. It was everyone to come to repentance.”
greatness. But, as a nation, we not Rezin, the Arameans, the (2 Peter 3:9). It is in repentance
had forgotten what our Founding Philistines 3,000 years ago, nor and rest that we find our
Fathers knew so well. was it radical Islamic jihadists salvation.
Friends, if we are depending on 9/11. They were simply the Our call is to faithfully
Oathkeeper Joined by former Minuteman upon “dressed stone” to be the instruments He used. The One proclaim God’s Word of
Sheriff cornerstone and protector of our who struck us was God Himself! Repentance to a people who
nation, we need psychiatric care. Why would God do such do not want to hear it and have
Richard Mack Ed Hayes God has more disaster than our a thing? Because He loves us born no fruit of repentance.
federal government has relief! and desires us to turn back to God has given us one more year
Saturday, October 2nd We have forgotten so much since Him. “My son do not despise (however long that is). America
At The Banquet Center that faith filled April day in 1789 the Lord’s discipline and do not is arrogant and proud and
8721 Commercial Blvd., Pevely, Missouri, 63070 when our Founding Fathers resent His rebuke, because the refuses to believe that we in any
gathered at St. Paul’s Church in Lord disciplines those He loves as way might be responsible for the
Dinner Begins at 6 p.m. New York City. They gave us a a father the son he delights in.” calamity that is now upon us.
Speaking commences at 7 p.m. nation built upon the precepts (Proverbs 3:11-12). The best of us believe that if we
(For more details see article in this issue of the MetroVoice) and providences of God and the “He who spares the rod hates can elect enough conservative
Bible. his son, but he who loves him Congressmen in 2010 and elect
Admission: $15 cash at the door and includes dinner By the way, the 20 ton is careful to discipline him.” a new President in 2012 that
Advance payment by check may be made payable to: block of Adirondack granite (Proverbs 13:24). many of our problems will be
The Constitution Party, 3775 Cindy Ct., Arnold, MO 63010 was removed from Ground “Discipline your son for in that solved. That is what we saw in
Donations will be accepted and greatly appreciated. Seating is limited. Zero on July 26, 2006, (due to there is hope; do not be a willing Washington, D.C., on Aug. 28th
Please RSVP by Monday, September 20th to: construction changes). This rock party to his death.” (Proverbs
Donna at or (314) 956-6181 of shame is now 30 miles away in 19:18). See Glenn Beck or Jesus page 9
October 2010 St. Louis MetroVoice Page 7

How to Vote on the November 2nd Ballot Issues

By Kerry K. Messer
The following five statewide see in the voting booth is only a It is estimated this proposal will form of governance (which Recognizing that man does
ballot measures have been summary question as provided have no costs or savings to state or invokes much pro and con debate not have a natural inclination
certified for the November 2, by law. Voters are cautioned to local governmental entities. points). One of the negative towards righteousness (“As it is
2010 general election. Three never assume a ballot question issues related to Charter Class written, there is none righteous,
of the questions are proposed gives you enough information to Fair Ballot Language: Counties is that under the State no. not one:” Romans 3:10;
amendments to the Missouri make a fully informed decision (Additional ‘clarification’ Constitution their County “there is none that doeth good” v.
State Constitution, two of which in light of often complicated required by law to be provided Assessor becomes an appointed 12) public service requires higher
were approved by the State political dynamics. The full text voters by the Secretary of State’s position rather than a publicly accountability than personal
Legislature and the third placed of all five items will be published office.) elected office. This has led to enterprise. Thus holding
on the ballot through a citizens’ in most all daily and weekly some controversial property all county assessors directly
initiative. The last two questions newspapers during the two weeks A “yes” vote will amend the assessment methods being answerable to citizens rather than
are Propositions, or proposals prior to the elections, as required Missouri Constitution to require employed that many see as a allowing them to be politically
aimed at changing state statutes, by law. A sample ballot for your that assessors in charter counties direct result of a lack of public insulated from straightforward
both of which come before voters area will also be printed in your be elected officers. This proposal accountability. Constitutional voter accountability only makes
through citizens’ initiatives. local newspaper at the same time. will affect St. Louis County Amendment #1 seeks to return sense.
The MetroVoice does not and any county that adopts a these positions back to elected
endorse candidates or political charter form of government. The offices in order to hold these Please vote “YES” on
parties. However, issues are exception is for a county that assessors accountable. Constitutional Amendment 1
a different matter. Following has between 600,001-699,999 Currently there are only
each of the ballot questions in residents, which currently is only four Charter Class Counties
this article you will find our Jackson County. in Missouri. These include Constitutional
analysis of each of the ballot Jefferson, St. Charles, and St. Amendment 2
questions from a biblical A “no” vote will not change the Louis Counties, each as a part of
Christian worldview and our current requirement for charter the greater St. Louis City region. Vote “YES” to support disabled
recommendation as to how counties. Green County (Springfield area) former POW veterans!
voters should cast their vote. and Boone County (Columbia
If passed, this measure will not area) are Class IV Counties Proposed by the 95th Missouri
have an impact on taxes. which have discussed but not General Assembly (First
Constitutional yet moved to become Charter Regular Session 2009) House
Kerry Messer Amendment 1 Analysis: Counties. Jackson County in Joint Resolution 15. (Go to
While additional local ballot Missouri’s 114 counties, not the Kansas City area is the only
questions may be on individual Vote “YES” to hold county including the City of St. Louis remaining Charter Class County billtracking/bills091/biltxt/truly/
county or local community assessors accountable! which is classified as a city in the state, but is excluded from HJR0015T.HTM to read the full
agendas, these five questions not within a county and thus the proposed Constitutional text of this proposed Missouri
will be on every ballot for all Proposed by the 95th Missouri counted as a county unto itself, Amendment. Constitutional Amendment.)
registered voters throughout General Assembly (First are classified under 5 distinct In summary, the county
the State of Missouri. All voters Regular Session 2009) Senate levels. Classes I-IV counties assessors in these four counties Official Ballot Title:
are encouraged to research each Joint Resolution 5. (Voters are classified based on overall (Jackson, Jefferson, St. Charles, (The summary question you will
and every candidate for elective may go to http://www.senate. valuations. All county assessors and St. Louis) are the only see in the voting booth)
office, judgeship, and questions in these first four classified ones not currently elected
on your local ballot. Just as SJR5.pdf to read the full text of counties are publicly elected. or answerable directly to Shall the Missouri Constitution be
political advertisements fail to this proposed Missouri State Most counties are rated as Class their voters. Constitutional amended to require that all real
share all you need to know to be Constitutional Amendment.) III and those who reach Class IV Amendment #1 will only effect property used as a homestead by
an informed voter, these ballot have the option of reorganizing three of these counties as Kansas Missouri citizens who are former
questions only provide a basic Official Ballot Title: as a Charter Class County if City politicians managed to prisoners of war and have a total
summary question in the voting (The summary question you will approved by their voters. get Jackson County exempted service-connected disability be
booth. Voters are encouraged see in the voting booth.) County classifications and from the proposal. Passage of exempt from property taxes?
to search out all the information the election or appointment of this measure will mean that all
possible on these issues as well as Shall the Missouri Constitution county assessors are outlined and of Missouri’s county assessors The number of qualified former
all your area candidates. be amended to require the office provided for under the Missouri except in Jackson County will be prisoners of war and the amount
With each of the five ballot of county assessor to be an elected State Constitution. Any changes required to be publicly elected. of each exemption are unknown,
questions below is a web site position in all counties with a in current governance requires a Principles of good government however, because the number
that is the official location for charter form of government, constitutional amendment. which stem from our Judeo/ who meet the qualifications is
the full text of each question. except counties with a population These Charter Class Counties Christian heritage supports high
The “official ballot title” you will between 600,001-699,999? have a much greater detailed accountability in public affairs. See How to Vote page 8

To find the closest drop-off location near you, go to, type in your zip code, and the
closest locations to you will pop up or call 913-831-4466
Page 8 St. Louis MetroVoice October 2010

How to Vote Shall the Missouri Constitution

out tens of thousands of tax
dollars before being able to
ability of cities to fund their
budgets through earnings taxes.
Continued from page 7
be amended to prevent the state, take possession of their newly The only exception is that voters
expected to be small, the cost to have certainly earned more. counties, and other political acquired properties? in cities that currently have
local governmental entities should If “the labourer is worthy subdivisions from imposing any Property ownership is much an earnings tax may vote to
be minimal. Revenue to the state of his hire” (Luke 10:7), then new tax, including a sales tax, on more than a bedrock icon of continue such taxes.
blind pension fund may be reduced one who submits 24/7, gives the sale or transfer of homes or any Americanism. It is embedded in
by $1,200. up personal gain, keeps the other real estate? the Declaration of Independence, Analysis:
commitment that is demanded “We hold these truths to be self- A recent trend in local
Fair Ballot Language: of a soldier, and pays the sacrifice It is estimated this proposal will evident, that all men are created government tax schemes is
(Additional ‘clarification’ resulting in their becoming have no costs or savings to state or equal, that they are endowed to more actively strive for the
required by law to be provided a prisoner of war and a total local governmental entities. by their Creator with certain adoption of a local payroll or
voters by the Secretary of State’s personal disability – is worthy of unalienable Rights, that among income tax. (The public school
office.) their hire also! And WE are the Fair Ballot Language: these are Life, Liberty and the lobby has been seeking authority
employer who benefits from their (Additional ‘clarification’ pursuit of Happiness.” The to do the same at the local
A “yes” vote will amend the patriotism! required by law to be provided third principle our forefathers school district level.) While
Missouri Constitution to exempt There are relatively few voters by the Secretary of State’s understood as a foundational to this increases revenues for the
from property taxes all real veterans in Missouri that fit this office.) good government comes straight local governing authorities, it
property used as a homestead narrow definition that are alive to from Scripture. God’s Word also creates its own negative
by any Missouri citizen who is benefit from this exemption from A “yes” vote will amend the teaches that all men are created outcomes.
a former prisoner of war with a paying property taxes. However, Missouri Constitution to prevent equal and have certain basic Local income taxes stifle job
total service-connected disability. no matter how many or how few, the state, counties, and other liberties that should never be creation in much the same way
we the free men and women of political subdivisions from prohibited by government. The as small business over taxation.
A “no” vote will not add this Missouri should be more than imposing any new tax, including “pursuit of happiness” is a broad To avoid the tax, businesses
exemption to the Missouri willing to corporately pick up a sales tax, on the sale or transfer reference to property ownership and employers establish their
Constitution. the minor cost of supporting of homes or any other real estate. as part of the complete meaning presence down the road outside
these heroes. We should, and within the principle for each the local taxing jurisdiction, or
If passed, this measure will I hope are, proud to invite all A “no” vote will not change person being allowed to keep in a far away community. Many
decrease property taxes for such heroes to come and live the Missouri Constitution to and enjoy the fruits of their own established businesses close shop
qualified citizens. in our state. What a small cost prevent the state, counties, and labor. and relocate when these kind of
to share in exchange for having other political subdivisions from new taxes become too oppressive.
Analysis: these patriots to live in our imposing a new tax on the sale In defense of home and Without effective job creation
Missouri is home to many neighborhoods and available to or transfer of homes or any other property ownership – please incentives most communities
veterans of our United States our children and grandchildren real estate. vote “YES” cannot grow or even hold their
Military. Those who have served as living examples of the costs of own. When tax policies become
in any of the various branches freedom! If passed, this measure will have too intrusive a community can
of military have done so at the no impact on taxes. Proposition A begin to deteriorate further
risk of going to war and/or direct Please vote “YES” on stressing the revenue base.
combat to defend your freedom Constitutional Amendment 2 Analysis: Vote “YES” to limit local Just as businesses must
to read this article. Over the Contemporary debates over government income taxes! compete to produce goods and
years many men and women tax policy continues to evolve as services they must also strive to
have faced tremendous horrors Constitutional the economy and government Proposed by a citizens’ Initiative offer competitive jobs in order to
and/or shed their blood while a Amendment 3 continues to diversify and Petition. maintain the ability to generate
great many have died in defense complicate. A more recent (Go to those products. While employees
of the freedoms that come from Vote “YES” to prohibit sales proposal that is garnering lections/2010petitions/2010-07 feel the pinch of smaller
our Constitutional Republic and taxes on your home! supporter is that known as the 7.asp to read the full text of this paychecks due to local income
the Godly heritage on which it is “fair tax”. This idea proposes proposed Missouri state statutory taxes, employers struggling to
built. Proposed by a Citizens’ Initiative to eliminate the conglomerate provision.) maintain available jobs are also
The false slogan ‘Peace is Petition (Go to http://www.sos. tax system that has become so stressed by such taxes. In the
Patriotic’ is a lie. Peace is only disjointed and over complicated Official Ballot Title: end, local income taxes are a
the fruit of true patriotism. The s/2010-046.asp to read the full as it has developed through (The summary question you will regressive and harsh tool for
real essence of true patriotism text of this proposed Missouri generations of piecemeal policies. see in the voting booth) raising revenue for any level of
is ‘Commitment and Sacrifice.’ Constitutional Amendment.) Discussions of this idea focused government.
Those who have made and kept on streamlining the entire tax Shall Missouri law be amended An additional concern
that commitment deserve our Official Ballot Title: code by creating a flat sales tax to: repeal the authority of certain regarding income taxes is
praise and support. Those who (The summary question you will on all goods and services. Some cities to use earnings taxes to the rate. As state and federal
have paid the cost of sacrifice see in the voting booth.) currently untaxed goods and fund their budgets; require government income tax rates
Every child deserves to grow up in a services would be included in the voters in cities that currently continue to climb, what can
new flat tax. have an earnings tax to approve wage earners expect at the local
Families Make
safe, nurturing environment. When a
child’s family is not able to provide that
for a child a FOSTER or ADOPTIVE
An unintended result of these
debates have been new ideas for
continuation of such tax at the next
general municipal election and
level? Prudence and experience
demonstrate no optimism

the Difference
In Missouri a foster parent
more piecemeal taxes on the part
of those who oppose a “fair tax.”
While real estate owners
at an election held every 5 years
thereafter; require any current
earnings tax that is not approved
regarding this concern.
God’s Word speaks against
governments that oppress
Every must
at least to
years up in a safe,
of age face annual tax bills based on by the voters to be phased out over their citizens. Our forefathers
nurturingmayenvironment. When a child’s
be single or married valuation schedules, there is no a period of 10 years; and prohibit not only fought against such
family ismust
not able to provide that current sales tax on the sale or any city from adding a new outward tyranny but they
complete training andforlicensing
child, a Foster Family can. transfer of a home or real estate earnings tax to fund their budget? memorialized civil disobedience
process (offered at no charge through property in Missouri. Due to (appropriately applied) as a
MBCH Children and Family Ministries
is seeking Children
Christians and Family
to become Ministries).
Therapeutic the concerns that such a new Fair Ballot Language: future defense against internal
You can make a difference
Foster Care Families for hurting kids. by becoming tax could develop either as a (Additional ‘clarification’ tyranny. Remember that the War
“family” for a hurting child. direct result of a future “fair required by law to be provided of Independence was the result
MBCH Children and Family Ministries provides for Contractors: tax” or implemented sooner as a voters by the Secretary of State’s of a great theological struggle as
standalone ‘fee’ from tax happy office.) the Tories argued for a biblical
A daily Children and
rate of pay Family
that allowsMinistries politicians, this citizen’s initiative submission to the King and
is an affiliate of
one parent to remain at home, was born. A “yes” vote will amend Missouri the Patriots argued from the
Missouri Baptist Children’s Home
available for the child With the discussion of a law to repeal the authority of motivation of demonstrating love
v Specialized training and new sales tax hitting the public certain cities to use earnings for one’s neighbors whom the
licensing at no cost square for debate, as unpopular taxes to fund their budgets. The King was oppressing.
For more information about
v Workers who provide as it has been, many Missouri amendment further requires Under Proposition A any
weekly contact and are available
foster care, adoption or employment,
to the family 24 hours per day
citizens agreed that it would be
better to create a protection now
voters in cities that currently
have an earnings tax, St. Louis
existing income taxes imposed by
a local government must be re-
call (314) 739-6811
v One weekend per month
respite care provided
than later. Seeing how many
automobiles are on the road
and Kansas City, to approve
continuation of such tax at the
approved at the next municipal
election. If it is re-approved it
or visit today with temporary tags is next general municipal election must continue to be reauthorized
You can make a difference by becoming troubling enough. (How many and at an election held every five every five years.
“family” for a hurting child. of those new car owners made years or to phase out the tax over If it fails to be supported by
financial plans to purchase that a period of ten years. the voters within the local taxing
MBCH Children and Family Ministries is an vehicle only to discover there jurisdiction, the tax would be
affiliate of Missouri Baptist Children’s Home was not enough left over to pay A “no” vote will not change the phased out over a ten year period
the taxes in order to get a license current Missouri law regarding to avoid any harsh revenue
For more information about Therapeutic Foster Care, plate?) What a disincentive earnings taxes. crisis. Those local governing
Adoption or Employment, call (314) 739-6811 it would create if new home authorities not currently
or visit owners, farmers, entrepreneurs, If passed, this measure will
or manufacturers had to fork impact taxes by removing the See How to Vote page 9
October 2010 St. Louis MetroVoice Page 9

How to Vote known to modern man.

HSUS aggressively pushes for
His creation, including a proper
stewardship of His animals.
share this information with your
family and friends and vote “NO”
Continued from page 8
a veganism culture totally free of Abuse of that stewardship is on Proposition B.
enacting an income tax would be mill cruelty” for any violations. human contact with any animals clearly wrong. However, abuse
prohibited from ever imposing A “no” vote will not change the for any purpose whatsoever. No through omission (“Therefore B is Bad: Vote “NO” on
such a type of taxation. State and current Missouri law regarding agriculture, no food, no pets, to him that knoweth to do good, Proposition B
federal income taxes will not be dog breeders. no zoos, no medical research, and doeth it not, to him it is For more information on
impacted by Proposition A. no social therapy with animals, sin.” James 4:17) is just as sinful Proposition B read see the special
If passed, this measure will have no aquariums, no animal by- as abuse through commission. MetroVoice articles in this issue
In order to promote equity in no impact on taxes. products such as most plastics God provided for proper animal exposing HSUS and the real
tax policy, help foster a healthy and rubber products or cosmetics husbandry as a legitimate human agenda behind Prop B. You may
job market and economy, Analysis: and textiles. This is why just endeavor and for the benefit of also wish to visit The Alliance for
and to further protect your Proposition B is misleading about every major farm animal mankind. Truth at www.thealliancefortruth.
neighbor from burdensome and and deceptive, part of an and crop commodity association As state and national com and/or Missourians for
regressive taxation – please vote extremist animal rights/liberation in the state is opposing veterinary groups also oppose Animal Care at www.missourifac.
“YES” agenda that threatens all animal Proposition B. Proposition B consider this: If com.
agriculture, and is sponsored While using highly emotional you enjoy eating, realize animal † † †
by a wealthy yet deceptive campaigns to prey on the hearts agriculture’s contribution to your
Proposition B organization. of voters and donors alike, daily quality of life, appreciate Kerry K. Messer is the president
Missouri dog breeders are HSUS gives less than one half advances in medical research, and founder of Missouri Family
B is Bad: Vote “NO” to defend already highly regulated (see of one percent of its funds to value the world class St. Louis Network (MFN), a registered
Missouri against animal rights State Criminal Statues 578.009 help provide relief for distressed Zoo, engage in hunting or lobbyist in Jefferson City and
extremism! RSMo. Animal Neglect and animals. They own absolutely fishing, have or support others serves as MetroVoice’s political
Abandonment, 578.012 RSMo. no shelters or facilities and do having pets or aquariums, please advisor.
Proposed by a citizens’ Initiative Animal Abuse, and the Code not operate a single clinic or
Petition (Go to http://www.sos. of State Regulations, Rules of sanctuary for needy animals. Department of Agriculture, Almost their entire one hundred
Here is a quick reference voting guide
2010-085.asp to read the full text Division 30 Animal Health, twenty million dollar annual which can be copied or cut from the paper to
of this proposed Missouri state Chapter 9 Animal Care Facilities) budget ($120,000,000.) is spent take with you to the polls when you vote.
statutory provision.) Anyone operating a “puppy on executive salaries/pensions,
mill” in Missouri is already fundraising, and political
Official Ballot Title: criminally guilty of these laws. activism! QUICK REFERENCE
(The summary question you will
see in the voting booth)
If you pause to think about it
you have seen the occasional
Why then is HSUS targeting
Missouri’s dog industry for the
violation as the raids and 2010 November election? Wayne November 2, 2010
Shall Missouri law be amended to: seizures of animals are always Pacelle has profoundly stated that
require large-scale dog breeding highlighted on the evening ballot initiatives “pay dividends General Election
operations to provide each dog newscasts. Proposition B is and serve as a training ground Statewide Ballot Issues
under their care with sufficient deceptive in that it does not even for activists” and “that ballot
food, clean water, housing and define what constitutes a “puppy initiatives would be used for all
Constitutional Amendment 1……Vote “YES”
space; necessary veterinary care; mill”! The proposal duplicates manners of legislation in the
regular exercise and adequate rest some of the existing law and then future.” HSUS ignores the fact Vote “YES” to hold county assessors accountable!
between breeding cycles; prohibit creates a myriad of restrictive that Missouri enacted the Animal
any breeder from having more guidelines designed to harass and Care Facilities Act in 1992, and Constitutional Amendment 2……Vote “YES”
than 50 breeding dogs for the shut down reputable kennels. the fact that Missouri has some Vote “YES” to support disabled former POW veterans!
purpose of selling their puppies as These unrealistic guidelines of the most strictly regulated dog
pets; and create a misdemeanor are commonly believed to have breeder laws in the nation. Constitutional Amendment 3……Vote “YES”
crime of “puppy mill cruelty” for been written as a basis for using The intent of Prop B is to Vote “YES” to prohibit sales taxes on your home!
any violations? state laws to attack normal and eliminate all legal, licensed
customary practices throughout professional pet breeders and to Proposition A…………………….Vote “YES”
Fair Ballot Language: Missouri’s animal agricultural limit free enterprise. If enacted,
Vote “YES” to limit local government income taxes!
(Additional ‘clarification’ industries. In doing so the the ballot initiative will eliminate
required by law to be provided proposal even weakens some over 1,460 licensed, professional
voters by the Secretary of State’s current animal welfare laws! agriculture operations in Proposition B……………………..Vote “NO”
office.) This citizens initiative and our state. The costs will be B is Bad: Vote “NO” to defend Missouri
the misleading media campaign enormous as feed stores, supply against animal rights extremism!
A “yes” vote will amend Missouri supporting is sponsored by an companies, veterinarians,
law to require large-scale dog extremist group well known for groomers, and all businesses
breeding operations to provide its radical agenda to eliminate related to pet ownership will see
each dog under their care with
sufficient food, clean water,
ALL human/animal interactions.
A onetime legitimate animal
a sharp decrease in business.
As professional breeders are
Tired of overpaying on
housing and space; necessary
veterinary care; regular exercise
and adequate rest between
welfare organization, the
Humane Society of the United
states (HSUS) was targeted and
forced out of business due to
unattainable requirements in
Prop B, many will lose their
Credit Card rates?
breeding cycles. The amendment taken over by a collaboration of family farms and employment,
further prohibits any breeder radical animal liberation leaders resulting in decreased property Perhaps you don’t even know that you
from having more than 50 already known for their extreme values and lost taxes for local are overpaying!*
breeding dogs for the purpose views and actions. Today HSUS communities.
of selling their puppies as pets. is the world’s wealthiest animal The biblical worldview is that
The amendment also creates a rights/liberation group warring God created man to subdue and
misdemeanor crime of “puppy against every animal industry utilize the various elements of

Glenn Beck or Jesus A Christian Credit Card Processing Co.

Continued from page 6
when Glenn Beck attempted to the Truth. There would be no divider. Truth always divides. We are a Christian-owned, privately held company
prostrate biblical Christianity problem with Islam, if it were The world will call Truth - that that processed billions last year. We are eager to
to the level of all other false not for the Truth. There would is, the very person of Jesus -
religions to gain political unity be no problem with unifying “hate speech.” “The world cannot help both Christian-owned businesses and Churches
and victory. with Mormonism, if it were not hate you, but it hates me because to save money every month. Note: A portion of all
He believes that God will for the Truth. There would be no I testify that what it does is evil.”
simply overlook the murder of problem with anything, if it were (John 7:7). Prolific’s profits go to Compassion International.
His precious preborn children. not for the Truth. So why can’t Our hope for America is
That He will overlook the we all just get along and accept found in St. Paul’s Church in
Our Guarantee: If we can’t beat your current
acceptance of homosexuality, everyone for who they are and New York City. It was here that processing rates, we’ll send you a check for
and the outrageous prostrating “love” everybody. Let’s get over our Founding Fathers swore $250.00
of His Son Jesus to the false that which divides us - Jesus, their allegiance to Almighty God
“jesus” of the Book of Mormon. and get back to our founding - Jesus. It was here they prayed
Friends, the God of the Bible documents. What a catastrophic over the blessings and curses of
will never allow this to happen! error! Deuteronomy 28. It was here
You see, there would be no
problem with child killing, if it
Jesus is the problem, isn’t He,
Glenn? Jesus said He is the way,
that the root of America’s rapid
disintegration began. It is here Call today: 636 926 2332
were not for the Truth. There the truth, and the life, and that where the hope for our nation
would be no problem with no one comes to the Father but can be found - in Christ alone. *Ask about our free rate comparison analysis.
homosexuality, if it were not for by Him. (John 14:6). Jesus is a Can you hear me now?
Page 10 St. Louis MetroVoice October 2010

Professional Directory
Certified Public Accountant
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& Business Advisor Construction Co. Plumbing Needs
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stamped concrete, Affordable
(636) 207-1117 Carpentry * Assault & Precision Rifles * Rooter
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4025 Old Hwy. 94 S., Ste. H
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BRdispose 314-267-6876 (636) 928-1511
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given to churches-ministries. ders
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47 yrs.314-704-7846
na l in the wo rld.
Devotio Work from Home
s at no Robert D. Arb,
nthly subscription
ati on : Wr ite to: Flexible Hours Attorney
cost or oblig Automobile Accidents
News Vo ice , Bo x 187 is
Good Got ng
ton , MOWord? 63 090. Personal Injury
Wa shi
(Thousands are now listening.) seeking friendly, professional Workers’ Compensation
Call toll free: 877-3 ES 8-J individuals to offer internet Wills & Living Trusts
or e-mail: gn @y hti .ne
advertising to churches, Corporate Law
ministries, schools and Lic. MO, IL & Fed Ct. “Your Source for
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FM uri
Arnold • Ballwin • Chesterfield
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> Only MOODY in East Centeral MO communication, telephone
> 40 Great & Trustworthy Teachers FENCES & DECKS & computer skills. PLUMBING VACATIONS
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Christian Community Calendar

September 23 September 25 as he presents his solo acoustic Anderson and Penna Dexter in a form and more information
The St. Louis The Salvation Army Canaan Baptist Church, 5409 set. Tickets are $15 and $25, and town hall type setting starting at 7 for the event by going to www.
will present a free teleconference Baumgartner Rd., St. Louis, are on sale now at www.iTickets. p.m. as they interview candidates, calling (636)
seminar from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at MO (63129) will host the Men com and at First Christian in the upcoming November 327-8696, or stopping by the
the Orlando Gardens Banquet of Valor: Pursuing Integrity in Church of Florissant. For more General Elections. Those church office.
Center, 8352 Watson Rd. in St. a Sexualized World conference information call (314) 246-0622. attending will get to ask questions
Louis, MO (63119) featuring Roy presented by the National directly of the candidates and hear October 16
Adams and Christopher Hoyt, Coalition for the Protection of October 2 them aired on Point of View the Mercy Ministries of St. Louis
both widely known experts on Children and Families. The The Missouri Constitution Party following week. will host their annual Run
estate and tax planning issues. conference will begin with will host an event open to the for Mercy fundraising event
The seminar, To Do Or Not To a continental breakfast and public featuring keynote speakers October 8 & 9 at Queeny Park in St. Louis
Do…That Is The Question! No registration at 7 a.m. and former Graham County Arizona University City Bible Chapel, County starting at 8 a.m. Mercy
Estate Tax Reform?...Now What?, conclude at 2 p.m. Lunch will be County Sheriff, Richard Mack, and 1252 North & South Blvd., in Ministries offers a free-of-charge
will include topics covering ethics, provided. Register online at www. former Minuteman, Captain Ed University City, MO (63130) will Christian residential program to
the impact of massive alterations Haynes, at the Banquet Center, host a Reclaiming Missouri for women between the ages of 13
in the law, and a real world view 8721 Commercial Blvd. (Hwy Christ Conference on October 8 and 28 who face life controlling
of estate planning for retirement September 26 61-67), in Pevely, MO. For more from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. and issues such as eating disorders,
benefits. Attorneys, CPA’s, Friends of Jesus will be in concert information see their article and continuing on October 9 from self harm, drug and alcohol
financial planners, accountants, from 6 to 8:30 p.m. at the ad in this issue of the MetroVoice. 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. featuring; Dr. addictions, physical and sexual
financial planners, certified Ascending Glory Cafe, Gazebo Greg Thompson, Rev. Mark Kiser, abuse (including victims of sex
life underwriters, investment Room, Stratford Inn, 800 South October 2 Dr. Wesley Scroggins, William J. trafficking), depression, and
advisors, bank trust officers, Highway Dr., in Fenton, MO Family Shield Ministries and Federer, Rev. Doug Tjaden and unplanned pregnancy. For more
charitable gift planners and other (across from the Chrysler Plant). Feed My People will jointly host a Rev. Chris Clegg. This will be information or to register for the
estate planning professionals All are invited to join Friends of Sibling Harmony Benefit Concert an outstanding opportunity for Run for Mercy event visit www.
are encouraged to attend. A Jesus and other performers for a at Concordia Lutheran Church pastors, legislators, educators, and look for
continental breakfast and lunch memorable evening of Christian in Kirkwood which is located at students and all citizens to the St. Louis event. For more
will be provided free of charge. music, praise, worship, fellowship, 505 S. Kirkwood Rd., Kirkwood, learn the truth about America’s information on Mercy Ministries
For more information or a & fun in an elegant setting. MO (63122) beginning at 6:30 Christian Heritage. For more visit or
registration form, please contact Sound provided by Sonlight p.m. Following the concert information call (417) 773-4840. call (636) 326-2015.
The Salvation Army Office of Productions. Admission is free there will be family life activities
Planned Giving, (314) 646-3093 but donations will be accepted. and a dessert reception. The October 9
or visit online at Free coffee & tea will be provided family price is $35, adults are First Baptist church Wentzville, The due date for entries
and a dinner buffet will be $15 each, and children 6-18 are 653 Business Hwy 61 in for our November 2010 issue
September 24 available through Stratford Inn for $5. Children under 5 years of Wentzville, MO (63385) will Christian Calendar is
Mission Gate Prison Ministry $7. For more information please age are free. Please bring a non- host an event entitled Discover October 5. Our November
celebrates 25 years of leading visit http://Friendsof perishable food item to donate to the Making of America from 8:30 2010 issue will be distributed
prisoners from crime to Christ at Feed My People. To register or a.m. to 4:30 p.m. where those in
beginning October 20th.
their annual Septemberfest dinner October 1 learn more call (314) 772-6070 or attendance will learn where our
starting at 7 p.m. at the Sheraton First Christian Church of (314) 631-4900. Founding Fathers got their ideas Please E-mail your
Hotel Lakeside Chalet, 191 Florissant (2890 Patterson Road, for sound government and how event/calendar entry to
Westport Plaza Dr. in Maryland Florissant (63031) will host October 7 a return to these ideas can solve
Heights, MO (63146) with Phil Keaggy in concert starting Liberty Christian Church, our nation’s problems today. or mail it to St. Louis
featured speaker Jay Sekulow of at 7 p.m. This will be a terrific located at 709 Crestview Drive Tickets are $15 per individual, MetroVoice, PO Box 1533,
the American Center for Law and opportunity to see one of the in O’Fallon, Missouri (63366) $25 per couple or $35 per family. St. Peters, MO 63376.
Justice. finest guitar players in the world will host Point of View’s Kerby You may obtain a registration
October 2010 St. Louis MetroVoice Page 11

CP Hosts Sheriff Mack & Capt. Hayes October 2nd

By Donna Ivanovich
The Constitution Party will officials had informed the sheriffs and thereby reject all present away at an amazingly rapid pace. state for that matter, invite
be hosting an event open to the of Arizona that they would be and future un-constitutional It does not matter which of them to hear Sheriff Mack and
public featuring keynote speaker, required to enforce the so-called mandates. the two major parties is in power Captain Hayes at this event. For
author, and former Graham Brady Bill and run background The Constitution Party is the because the fight is not between additional information about
County Arizona County Sheriff, checks at their expense under the only political party in America Republican and Democrat, the left Sheriff Mack and Captain Hayes,
Richard Mack, at the Banquet law. In 1994, Mack and six other that affirms the integrity of our and the right; conservative and visit their websites at www.
Center, 8721 Commercial sheriffs from across the country, international borders and the liberal, but rather between the or www.fncic-
Blvd. (Hwy 61-67), in Pevely, challenged the constitutionality constitutional authority and duty people of this country versus the
MO (Jefferson of the federal powerful, banking corporate elite, Please RSVP to
County) on government who have taken over both parties
Saturday, October to guard and in Washington. America is being The RSVP deadline is 5 p.m.
2nd. Admission to protect controlled by globalists and Monday, September 20.
is $15 per person, those borders, socialists, who align themselves Payment Options: Cash only
which includes a including the with both major parties. These at the door. Advance payment
delicious dinner. regulation of people must be stopped and can also be made via the on-
Doors will open the numbers replaced with Constitution Party line PayPal Program at www.
at 5:30 p.m. with and of the candidates! Click
dinner beginning qualifications Mark your calendar NOW on “Events,” or make checks
at 6 p.m. of immigrants to hear Sheriff Richard Mack payable to the Constitution Party
All Missouri into the and Captain Ed Hayes in and mail to: 3775 Cindy Ct.,
County Sheriffs country. Pevely. Mack is a powerful Arnold, MO 63010
are invited and Further, they and experienced speaker, and a The FEC-recognized
will receive a Sheriff Richard Mack Captain Ed Hayes oppose the strong advocate of states’ rights Constitution Party is the
complimentary, autographed of the Brady Bill and, ultimately, extension of any amnesty to illegal and individual freedoms. Hayes country’s third largest political
book by Mack entitled “County fought it all the way to the United aliens, which displaces American is experienced on the border party (according to voter
Sheriff, America’s Last Hope.” States Supreme Court. In a workers with foreign workers. and knowledgeable about illegal registration). The Party is 100%
Former Minuteman and retired landmark 5-4 split decision, based Right now, it is vital that we immigration and its effects on pro-life (without exception),
law enforcement officer from a upon the Tenth Amendment to restore the Constitution as the American citizens. pro-secure borders, pro-States’
Kansas Sheriff ’s Department and the United States Constitution, supreme law of the land. The This event will be an Rights, pro-Second Amendment,
member of the Oath Keepers, Mack won his case, which was a greatest threat we face today is not opportunity to meet other pro-limited government and
Captain Ed Hayes, will also speak. monumental decision for freedom terrorists but rather from our own Constitution Party candidates, is against all forms of amnesty
He is currently the Director of and states rights. federal government. If America including Nick Ivanovich for for illegals, against U.S. policy
the Foreign National Crime Sheriff Mack will discuss proof is conquered or ruined, it will U.S. Congress, District 3 who is being dictated by the United
Information Center and the positive how the individual states be from within, not by a foreign opposing Democrat incumbent, Nations, against undeclared, un-
Victims of Illegal Alien Crimes. can rise up against the onslaught enemy. Russ Carnahan and Richard constitutional wars (such as Iraq
Captain Hayes will address the of federal tyranny and abuses by The founders of our nation Blowers for State Representative and Afghanistan), and against free
issue of violent crime, drug and our un-principled, out-of-control were afraid of one thing more District102 who is opposing trade and all international trade
human trafficking caused by the federal government that is rapidly than any other...a centralized Democrat incumbent, Jeff agreements such as NAFTA &
illegal invasion from our southern destroying our Republic. government having too much Roorda. GATT. To learn more about the
border. His presentation will At their fall 2009 National power! Remember, our founders To learn more about the fastest growing political party in
include information regarding Committee meeting in Phoenix, escaped from the tyranny of Constitution Party and their America visit our website at www.
the history and update on the AZ, the Constitution Party an oppressive and controlling candidates, visit our party website
national memorial project for the unanimously passed a Resolution government when they at www.ConstitutionPartyMO. † † †
victims of illegal alien crimes. urging its state party affiliates established this nation. They org.
For those not familiar with to request all their respective fought and died for it, and now we If you have a friend or relative Donna Ivanovich is the State
Sheriff Mack, during his tenure as State County Sheriffs to endorse are letting the same freedoms our in another part of Missouri, Chair of the Constitution Party of
an Arizona County Sheriff, federal the procedure of Sheriff Mack founders fought and died for slip Kansas, Illinois, or any other Missouri.

Annual Respect Life Convention

Promotes “A Family for Life”
By Beth Lauver

The Respect Life Apostolate of keynote presentation. Dr. to attend two of four workshops Pro-Life Values in Any Vocation” continue the discussions at home.
the Archdiocese of St. Louis will Hilgers discovered the NaPro with panel-style presentations offers high school and college These discussions are critical
host its 34th Annual Respect Life Technology method of Natural by local and national experts students the opportunity to hear to the future of the respect life
Convention on October 24, 2010 Family Planning, and developed on a variety of life issues, all from a business professional, movement. As pro-life people
at the St. Charles Convention the Creighton Model FertiltyCare centered on the theme of “A not-for-profit leader, and understand so well, children
Center. Whether someone has System taught locally through Family for Life.” The panelists Catholic priest about how they are truly our future. If today’s
been involved in St. John’s Mercy for the workshop “Talking incorporate their pro-life values children are encouraged from
the respect life FertilityCare Politics and Keeping the into their distinct careers and an early age to learn about the
movement for 40 Services. This Family Peace” are leaders in the vocations. issues and not be afraid to live
years or is just system enables Catholic Church and active in Those who champion a their values, they will become the
starting out, the couples to advocating for morally sound respect for life are often accused pro-life leaders of tomorrow and
format and program use morally public policies. They will offer of having a “thou shalt not” continue to raise “Families for
will help everyone sound medical this expertise to help guests approach to the issues. Through Life!”
learn how to deal knowledge to effectively communicate pro-life this convention, the Respect For tickets or more
with challenging and avoid or achieve values during the often difficult Life Apostolate hopes to show information, visit www.
timely issues facing pregnancy and election year dinner table that the Catholic Church offers, or call (314)
our society through to diagnose and conversations, without starting practical and positive solutions 792-7555. Child care will be
the theme, “A Family treat reproductive the next round of “Family Feud.” to these serious issues. Families available for a nominal cost.
for Life.” health problems In the workshop “How Families are strongly encouraged to † † †
Exhibitor displays with great rates of Can Prepare for the End of attend together so that parents
Dr. Thomas Hilgers andFacilities
children will Management Beth Lauver is
Systems, the Director of
will open at 10 a.m. success. With this Life at Any Age” experts will have the Inc.
and will feature various local and experience, Dr. Hilgers is both help guests understand how to opportunity to learn together and the Respect Life Apostolate.
statewide pro-life organizations, an excellent speaker and truly an prepare for and navigate the often
pregnancy resource centers, and international expert in how faith confusing circumstances that Facilities
ContractFacilities Management
Janitorial Systems,
& BuildingSystems,
Management Inc.
Facilities Management Systems, Inc.
Christian gift retailers. Bishop
Robert Hermann will celebrate
and science can work together to
help patients’ bodies and souls.
arise at the end of life, whether
they’re brought about by a
Facilities Management Systems, Inc.
Offices • Schools • Medical • Industrial
Contract • Tile •&&Windows
Janitorial BuildingMaintenance
Building Maintenance
Mass at 11 a.m., with music by Tickets for the luncheon and Dr. sudden tragedy or a long illness. Contract
•Schools &Medical
Schools••Medical Maintenance
Offices ••Industrial
singer and songwriter Matthew Hilgers’ presentation are available “Benefits of Natural Family Offices • Schools
Carpets Tile•••Medical
••Tile Windows• Industrial
Baute. at an early reservation bonus Planning for the Whole Family” Carpets • Tile • Windows
The luncheon program price of $35 per person or $350 will show that modern medicine 636-677-5985
will immediate follow Mass,
beginning at noon. Archbishop
per table of ten until October 10,
and $40 per person or $400 per
does offer moral options for
health care, despite what many
Robert Carlson will offer table of ten from October 10-18. medical professionals and news 636-677-5985
a special blessing, and Dr. Following the luncheon, outlets might say. The youth-
Floyd, Karen & Matthew Stewart
Thomas Hilgers will give the guests will have the opportunity oriented workshop, “Maintaining
The Goldilocks Quest Freedom
A Quest with Political Purpose: Government -- local, state, federal -- not too large, or too small, but just right!
By Michael Curran, M Litt.
February sponsor: A.J. Brown Construction 636-537-3636
The Goldilocks Quest is a ten-part series sponsored by a different local business each month.
Sponsors do not necessarily endorse the views presented in these essays, the blog site, or the MetroVoice; they endorse and demonstrate free speech!
With a mosque at Ground history for the past thousands of said the Cat. in the knowledge of a gift a-priori be faithful to Him alone who offers
Zero a possibility, let us refresh years attests to a continual loss Who is Alice and who is the received. Either way, a theological true freedom. Political freedoms
our memories with a few words of ‘freedom’ in ever changing clever Cheshire Cat? A politician definition of Freedom is a must. aside, the freedom Christians
President Bush proclaimed shortly contexts and the struggle to ‘attain’ who understands his audience has espouse is far more than the blessed
after 9/11, the reason there is a it or ‘regain it’ without necessarily not decided upon what Freedom is! Who Defines It temporal freedoms of western
Ground Zero and the reason our finding success as Cone considers. Someone please tell me, how is liberal democracy. If that is not
eighth and final sub-topic in our However, the comfort of like Freedom exhibited in America in true, then Christ’s words as John
Goldilocks Quest is Freedom: company splits when nearly the year 2010 and going forward? stlweb/0909_articles/judge_ records are false and that freedom
“Freedom is not America’s gift to 50 years of successful liberal/ Simply put, AFTER determining napolitano_makes_case.html. we Christians are called to proclaim
the world; it is God’s gift to every democratic policy implementation what we seek, we and the politicians (The following is an excerpted can be discovered within nature
human being.” Really? and trillions of dollars -- unlike offering a version of Freedom portion of the article referenced.) and without Christian witness.
For something so pervasive anything in human history – still pertinent to our context had better What encapsulates the concept “If what Christians believe
and universally held/distributed, has ALL FIST and NO OIL! How have this essential component in of freedom comprehensively and about God and the world could
why then is Freedom something else do you explain the need for its construct: Freedom is far more clearly in the current climate of be known without witnesses, then
everyone seeks, something ‘fundamental transformation?’ an active, ongoing engagement than contemporary western society? we would have evidence that what
politicians promise as logical In the wake of so much Freedom an attainment bringing rest and Richard Bauckham (Cone Christians believe about God and
consequence to their next legislative missed, let us therefore reflect inactivity and President Bush) points us the world is not true…. If we and
feat, and something always under upon the Freedom politicians are Freedom for the Founders meant in the right direction: “God is the world existed by necessity, then
assault? presently proffering this election the Freedom to PURSUE (personal undoubtedly implicated in the no witness, no story of creation
Or is Freedom something cycle and compare it to the Freedom property chief among the pursuits). contemporary crisis of freedom. would be required; yet we have it
(apparently) as diverse as our we each seek. Consider if such Freedom for the ancient Israelites In the present cultural climate, on good authority that God has
fingerprints and as elusive as methods will allow us to get it; and meant release from slavery and belief in God -- or at least, in a created and redeemed. Creation
grasping a fistful of oil? finally, reflect upon who defines it. Freedom to SERVE God! God to any extent resembling and redemption constitute the story
James Cone, the father of Perhaps then we may be willing In other words, for too long have the Christian God -- seems too necessary for us to know what we
Liberation Theology (students/ to learn from someone whose Americans bought what politicians many incompatible with human are. Such knowledge comes only
recipients Rev. Wright and understanding of freedom is sell continually discovering autonomy. The modern process through the telling of this story.”
President Obama of course) in God all-encompassing, timeless, and ANOTHER FIST, NO OIL. of emancipation of life from (With the Grain of the Universe:
of the Oppressed queries, “another universal - even in our particular Freedom is from something and for traditional authorities has also been The Church’s Witness and Natural
critique of black theology sought to context. Perhaps then we will at the doing something else! a process of liberation from God. Theology , pg. 207. Hauerwas, S.
undermine its central claim: If God least be on a path to Freedom. Can we think and speak about the (2001).
is liberating blacks from oppression, How We Get It authority of God in such a way as What any politician offers is at
why then are they still oppressed?” What We Seek Cone and former President to affirm human freedom, as given best a hollow, pale reflection of that
For them, if only the Constitution “Would you tell me, please, which Bush as we quoted earlier are and nurtured by God?” Freedom Christ gives. Remember
addressed ‘positive’ rights, then way I ought to go from here?” Alice correct in their implication of God’s A resounding “yes” is the when voting!
‘Freedom’ would ring. said to Cheshire Cat. “That depends involvement in human Freedom. response from all those following Participate in discussions with
Democratic policy makers and a good deal on where you want to Thus, the question becomes Christ for He says, “For if the Son Michael, host of ‘Heart, Head and
Liberation Theology advocates get to,” said the Cat. “I don’t much a matter of aligning ourselves sets you free, you will be free indeed.” Soul,’ a bi-weekly show on AM 1350
should not feel so isolated in their care where,” said Alice. “Then it with His works (Israelites) in (John 8:36). “The Mouth,” or live-stream http://
quest for Freedom, after all, human doesn’t matter which way you go,” liberating the oppressed or living We, as followers of Christ, must



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