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0003 Dao Binh An VN154

2007 Stationary Sales Analysis for

Hothouse Design
Edited by Anya

We must analyse our sales profile seventh year. The other members of the
for the stationery business stream within team have all been employed within the
Hothouse. This will be reviewed in terms last two years, three of them within the
of the management of our sales team, uor last nine months.
customer base, website effectiveness, and
an analysis of our most successful product Our customer base contains many
lines. There will be several areas where regular clients. It has grown significantly
data collection must take place in order over the past two years. We have several
for this analysis to be effective. customers who frequently purchase a
large quantity of office supplies. The
The current sales team consists of 6 largest of these are:
staff. They deal with all aspects of the
sales, including face-to-face contact with a) Bettabuy
customers, telephone sales and b) University of Tawara Beach
increasingly internet based orders. Those c) Dudley these styles is located below. Please note
people currently employed are: d) Papermite that the spellings in this excerpt are
e) Dygitell correct and should not be amended. This
Code Surname Responsibility will be explained in more detail to the
CP Pollard Sales Manager The website has increased both the board of directors when they see this
CS Smith Shop number of clients and the volume of document. Here is an excerpt from the
IS Smith Telephone sales business dramatically in recent months. proposed stylesheet:
JK Khan Website There is still a feeling amongst senior
PO O'Keefe Website managers that the website is not as p {color: #ff00ff; font-family: arial,
RT Trapionni Stock Control professional in both design and operation helvetica; font-size: 10px}
as it should be. In order to improve this li {color: #00bfff; font-family: times,
Some of this sales team have been we are currently looking at amending the “times new roman”; font-size: smaller}
long established within the company; corporate house style of the website. One h1 {color: #000000; font-family:
Christine the Sales manager has been with suggestion for styles has been to use the times, “times new roman”; font-size:
Hothouse for fifteen years and colour schemes and fonts applied to our largest}
Christopher has just competed his twenty paper based stationery, an example of
Some data that may be useful is a
0003 Dao Binh An VN154

snapshot of a single day’s trading. This services to other companies. This of

data has been collected and presented in course would not include our direct
both tabular and graphical form. The competitors. The increased efficiency of a
table of data below shows the sum of the system like this would help to address
number of individual items sold per several of the areas of concern that were
employee and the count of the number of expressed by our customers in the recent
individual transactions: customer survey sent to them. In order to
look at this more closely, senior
The number of individual management have employed an external
transactions per employee can also been consultant who is due to submit his report
seen graphically: to the board of directors on the 23rd of
next month.
The effectiveness of the current
website must also be reviewed. Although
it has been running for four years now, the
website has had three different styles and
four different organisations hosting the
service. The quality of service that we are
currently obtaining is very expensive yet
little better than the previous companies.
There is a need to cost out hosting our
own server and internet service. This
would mean a large initial capital outlay
and the on-costs of employing someone
with suitable expertise in web hosting.
There would also be the overheads
relating to ISDN or equivalent
communications systems. Some of the
costs of this enterprise may be offset
through selling web space and web