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AMENDMENT TO FOOTBALL GAME CONTRACT. THIS AMENDMENT TO FOOTBALL GAME CONTRACT is made and entered into by and between PURDUE UNIVERSITY (*Purduc") and WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY (“Wake Forest") Purdue and Wake Forest agree to amend the Football Game Contact the 2014 (Agreement”). Specifically, the parties agree: To amend Section | ofthe Agreement rescheduling the September? or 4,2 between Purdue and Wake Forest to Sepemnber9, 2028, ‘The location ofthe 2028 game remains at BB&T Field, Winston-Salem, North 2028 game remains tobe determined, Carolina, The time of 2. all other provisions int Agreement remain in full force and effec IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each ofthe parties has duly exceuted and delivered this Amendment to the Agreement as of the date set forth under their respective signatures PURDUE UNIVERSITY sity by mz By. ‘Vice President and Director ofInereollegite Athletes Director of intercollegiate Athletics ths ofa __

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