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Atlantic Coast Conference FOOTBALL COMPETITION AGREEMENT This Agreement i entered into this 24th ay of November 2020 by and between the Unluerity ot North Carolina at ‘Shape ll (hereinaer UNG), and he Buse Universi (hereinafter PURDUE). |. PURPOSE/COMMMITTED GAMES The purpose ofthis Agreement ist coniemthe arangements and conditions under ‘whick UNG 3nd BURDUE wil compete none game of intercepts feaball "Game" tbe payed on the folowing date(s) nd atthe flowing location(s): (same DATE 1 | september 11,2027 2 | September 13,2037 {a game time i not specif 12:00pm and nolaterthan 2, GAME RULES / STUDENT-ATHLETE ELIGIBILITY: Th Games shall be governed bythe rule and regulations ofthe "National Collegiate Athlete Associaton (NCAA and the rule ofthe aplieabiehest conference (Wary) ieflct on the date ofthe Game The eligi of student athletes and coches to partite nthe Games) skal be determined bythe reso the NCAA zpplcable conferences) (any) andthe respective istitlensin elect onthe date ofeach Game, UNCand PURDUE agree that both nsttatons wil afithe requiemensofthe ACC's Med Adviser Group, 4. GAME OFFICIALS. A crew of qualified on-eld oficial shallbe selected and compensate by the asiging agency of the Hast Institution fr the Games. The replay ofcating crew, operating in accordance with NCAA and Clege Footbal Ofteieting (FO) standards, shall begeeced and comaeneied by the ssining gency ofthe Hast Inston forthe Game. 44 GUARANTEE PAYMENT: in consideration for is partipation In the aboredesribed football Game), the Host Insitaion shall pay the Vistng insti as allows ‘$250,000 $250,000, ‘The Host nsittion shal py tothe Visieg stir the fll amount of he guarantee whic td no ater than February 15 ofthe yar following the Gare fr which the guarantee was provided Except fr thse. the Visiting Institution shal be ented to 90 ther additional paymeat from the Host Institution in connection with the ‘Games layed. Any amount not pall by the due dete shall immediately bear interest atthe maximum amount 25 permed by stat law ofthe governing ursdition. ‘5. LQUIDATED DAMAGES: The fue ofa party to patcpate inthe Game wll constute a material breach ofthe ‘Agreement that wil cause the other party sgieat disruption and damages. The parties recognize that the damages ‘neurredas3 resultol he breach crease silieatlyas the date ofthe Care approaches, andthey further recognize and agree that these damages cannot be ful mitigated. Therefore, the breaching party shal py to the now breaching Dargy a5 ligldatd damages the sum of $2,000.00 1 the canceling pany’ conference mandates an addtional Conference game tothe schedule inthe Season of 2 Game, the aout of liquidated damages wll be reduced to $1,000,000 f the addtional conference game is mandated less han thee (3) years fom the scheduled date ofthe Game, or reduced to $500,000 I the atonal conference games mandated mre than three (2) yea rom the schodcled dsteof he Game Payment ofigidated damages as set forth above wil be the sole remedy for damages incurred because of ‘anclstion af the Game due to breach. Noligudated damage shal be pai it becomes mporstl o psy the tameby reason of significant obstacles to perfomance (ee provision 13} or force majeare see provision 18). The ‘sum shall be payabieon or before Febrory 15 ofthe year flowing the Game for which the breach ocurre. The parties acknowledge that he brea or cancellation of ane game in seis shall ro be considered a breach or anellation ol games Notwithstanding any otborproviors of this Agreement f ether pats proibcd fram appearing on aevision bythe NCAA or the governing conterence of ther ear (ifappicbl) ad such probion applies toa Game then the liguidited damages provision of thi paragraph shall ot apply, and ether party shall hae the rg fo cancel {ataffected Gane and the nn sancsoned party shall have the ight tole acm. necessary, to recover Racial (@utnot conseqvential) damages ansngout ofthe alure or inability efthesascioned part to faliltsconractial ligavons hereunder. 6 TICKETING: ‘The Host Institution wil establish ket prices B. The Visiting Istiacion shal be allotted 300 complimentary tikes The Visiting stitution sal be allocated upto. 500 tickets sale ots far requested by ne 1 for the yarin which each ave lscheduled, Sod ocrin of ket salle dened on he atached agra {tu copy of dagram to coma D. The Viking Insilutions Band, Cheerleaders and Mascots) shal be adttedto the Game when in uniform. Seating forthe Visiting tsttion’s Bund shal be i conguous blocked loaton as determined by the Hort Inettation. The Vistng Inttton shal inform the Hos Institution of te appronmate number of band members, not to exon, that tintends toring othe Gare at last daysinadhance The Vistinginsttionshall return allncléceetetothe Hoa Institution inuicient tine toensarethit ‘se prior tothe Gane. Inro case, boweve, shall more than S00 ike be retuned later thar two weeks ‘prirto4 Gane and morethan 10 ickes on the da ofa Came. TheVisting Institution responsi for paying the printed face value tothe Host Instation for any tekets at returned to Host Isituion bythe ‘eadlnes se fore inhi paragraph 7. SAMEMANAGEMENT; ‘A. The Host Institution shal be resporsibefor managing the Game at its ow cost Tis shal include but not elite to the procurement ofthe faci arangigfrandcorducing ticket ales, averting scary, [and al of the ther cetalscutomarllyassacated wth horingan itecalegat fotal ame song Rh paying all expenses assodated therewith, excep forthe expenses ofthe Visting Inttuon. The Host Tratiation agrees to have a medical doctor aed ambulance with ntengency personnel atthe geme ste throughout the duration othe Feotal game. 1. Tho Hos Inetition call retin sl revenue associated with ech Game unets otherwise et orth in this Agreement. (8, WALKTHROUGH. equestedbythe Visiting nstittin not ltr thon 10 day prior tothe gare. the Host nstittion ‘will ake ts best efor to accommodate the Visting Institution's request to conduc 2 walc-through atthe game Facity onthe dy prior to the game. Is understoed that such an opportuni contingent upan weather and eid conditions. Non-cleated shoes shall he warn, SIDELINE LIMITATIONS: The visting isituion recogrzas that Host nsintion has excusve agreements with ‘era sponsors tat may prevent Vsting ntaton from bringing certain pradues oF ers no Host Istition's faettesVisting asttion agrees to consult with Host Isttuton before the gametoensire that Visiting station does not bring products or sem int Rost Institutions lites that vila Host instiuton's sponsor agreents ‘This ination doesnot apply to unlorms/apparel stones logs tha appeor on headsets. ‘CREDENTIALS: The Vstng Institution shal be provided» minimum of 60 hay} eam bench area posses, 10 ‘Santo AD) all acess passes (eight oacher booth poses and 4 lou ea/ coaches video pasts. Bench posses ust be worn stall mes by those holding such passes and shall be rested othe tam bench area (between the 25.yard lines). Additonal credential requests stall be subject to mutual agreement, ‘constraints. All cradentil amount willcomp] withthe ACCGame Mangerseot Manual and Galdelies fer the 7020 Football Season bay and tly 11, PARKING: The Visting Team shall be allowed parking passes fr 4 font) equipment trucks). foun buses. and ‘(sh sence AD): autorails fr ue bythe foebsl program and adminsration, 12, MEDIA RIGHTS. TELECAST, RADIO INTERNET: ‘A. Tetecist-Bach ofthe undersigned partir understand and hereby acknowledges thatthe Hos Inttaton hat entered into, or may enter int, contractal arrangements witha brendeast partners) forthe sae atleast "ight or fora syndicated series of games or national or relonal teas. The Hos Insttaion sal have the ‘excusve right to contract forthe lv broadcast othe Game plyed pursuant to this Agreement “Telecast is fetned 3s any distribution transmission, dply, exhibition, precton duplication, performing o iensing ofaudiovsial workshy whichaudioand visual materalarecombined inany media or technology now known bor berate crested (whether aralc,dighal or ether means) cpible of simulaneous receipt by consumes, inctding, without liniaton, overthe-air terrestrial breadcas.,cabe, MMDS, satelite, high-definition, subseripion broadcast (STV, payper-view, video-on-demand enbanced or interactive television whether ‘oma fee subscription or pay bass, ncluling te re-ransmassian of any such work. "Telcas igh” are Getned as al rigs to dstibute, transmit display, projec, duplata perform create dervatve work of ot license vista or audlowsul material in any and all media and meats of dstbution whatsoever, whether sow existing 0 developed athe future, meladingall Telecast medic whatsoever (incading (or he sake of laity und ot ination terrestrial broadast, cable, satelite, high definition, pay per vew and vdeo-on ‘emand). the internet and any oter form of computor distin all forms of enhanced television or Interactive media home video, CD distribution tomable platiorms(indudig without liatin, PDAs ane robiletelepones) and all other formeaf new eed. The Ving natin responsible for ening that their afilated conference and/or network parte (r other aplicable gevering entity) understand and agrees tothe media terms and condions St forth In this Agreement The Hos Inston shall retain al Ielecast gts fees forthe pave. B. Video: Bach party shal have the right to produce fl and/or video ef the Game played pursuant to this ‘Agreement for coaching purposes and for ise a weakly caache show oniyandfcno ater purpose Such fins and/orvideo may not be replayed, sed oralherwice ditrtedbaythe Vistng nation to any person «cher than the incorporation o uptight (8) minutes of highlgts athe gare as part ofa weekly ances ‘show andtitscouchesan¢ players © Radio: The Hos tsttuton shal retatn ull eontol of radi ight exept ha the Visiting Inston stl be permitted to provide or sll a ratio Broaeast or brozdcat rigs ofthe Game to sto gsi staton Snd/or normal recuting radio network Thre shall be no sharing af radio revenue between echo Interne: The Host Initution has ho excasive right to seribueanauilo and/or video internet brosdeast ef th Game. Accordingly, ha Visting nstiutin may not dstibue a adi and/or vide interne broadest {the Gare withont te expcess writen petsion a the Hoa lasttution Provided, hewere the Vtg Insttuion shall have the ripht to distribute an audio internet brosdcact of the Game on the Ving Instttin’ oficial website produced byte ising Institute's normal recurring radio network. , facilty Access: The Hos Insttation agrees to provide reasonaée flies forthe angnation af ary of he programs described herein F. Addional Use: Any oter usage by the Vising Institution of foctage of games played pursuant to this ‘Agreement shall be governed by a separate agreement between the Visiting Inlitaion and Ue applicable alated conference (or governing entity) and/or broadcast partners. 13, SLGMIEICANT OBSTACLES TO PERFORMANCE: UNC or PURDUE may terminate or suspend performance offs ‘bligatios uncer the Agreement and shall ot be liable for such termination or uspenson i uch performance ‘prevented or hindered by that party’ respons we matin the safety and secur oe studens or employees ‘elated to significant publicheath or othe threat, oto comply with applicable laws, epuletins polices, guidelines, ‘orders or reles ofa public authority nth jurisdiction over ether party o ofthe NCAA, ACC, or Big 10. Tn any sch ‘vont the parties shall elscussin goed ath rescheduling othe Came, understanding thst either UNC nor PURDUE ISobligated to rechedale 14, EQBCE MAIBUBE This Agreereat sal he void nthe event that heeom impracteble to play cuch amet) by reason oa public emergency, catastrophe or disaster ouside the contr of the partes incur without Linton fire, Mod earthquake, hurricane cil esorde, epidemic oF pandemic war, at of terrorist, acts of God, orders of government miliary or puble authority, or probiitory oF injunctive orders of any competent ud or other {goveranant authority, the NCAA the ACE the BIGLO Conference or other overs beay having athorty over UNC ‘or PURDUE. For the sake of cari isagree that any reqirement issued by the NCAA the ACC or BIGIOo reduce Orlimtathe parysintreollegate football schodalethatmalest impracicbletoplay the Game wil be ensiered 2 force majeure uader this provision. any such event the patios salsa in Goo fath 2 re-schedalingof the Game. understanding that nether UNC nor PURDUE s obligated 0 reschedule 1. SEVERANCE fany portion ofthis Agreements declared nul voi, val or unenforceable, such provisions shal be Stricken rom the Agreement Al othe prosions ofthis Agreement not stricken stall remain inl fore and fect 2nd shallbe binding upon the pats, 16, INTEGRATION: This Agreement constites the entre agreement between he artis Ther are no understandings agreements, or representations oral or writen, not specified herein regarding this Agreement. No amendment, ‘onsen or waiver of terms ofthis contract sal bind either party unesin writngand signed by btk partes. 17 ASSIGNMENT: This Agreement may not be assigned by ther party without he writen censent ofthe nenassigning any. "TERMINATION, Tos Agveement maybe terminated without penalty by ues writen consent of bot parties. 19, AUTHORITY TO SIGN By executing this Ageemens the undersigned pate epesen and warrant that hey are each “uthorzed at on bal othe educational institution hey represent and the terms of this Agreement shall bind ‘ach insution ad thei respctve officers, trustees, employers, agents, servants fits ane successor Nothing, Iereinball be conrtrued at. waiver of either party's sovreign inmuny. IN WITNESS WHERBOF, he undersigned aries have executed this Agreement onthe respective dates st forth INSTITUTION: Universite afRonth arti INSTITUTION: PURDUE By hz ane: Nae: ike oink Tie: Director of betes Te Vee Prien Decorate tlie owe LY Z4/2020 __ Dae: a) Federal LD. Number 566001393 Federal LD. Number Ng)

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