CALL  FOR  PHOTOGRAPHERS     “This  is  my  story:  Dialogue  with  Pakistan”     The   Citizens   Archive   of   Pakistan   (CAP

)   invites   Photographers   to   apply   to   have   their   work   be   considered  for  “This  is  my  story:  Dialogue  with  Pakistan”  –       For  the  first  time  in  Pakistan,  an  exhibition  and  awareness  campaign  will  address  issues   pertaining  to  violence,  displacement  and  reconciliation.  A  unique  exploration  of  the  human   experience  of  the  Pakistani  conflict  through  film,  the  spoken  word,  and  photography  combined   in  a  public  exhibition  and  an  electronic  and  social  media  campaign.  It  will  be  a  collective   memory  of  untold  suffering,  compassion,  and  paradox.     This  opportunity  marks  the  first  time  that  Photographers  will  explore  how  conflict  has  impacted   arts  and  culture,  families  and  communities  in  Pakistan.  We  hope  to  initiate  dialogue  through   these  personal  portraits.         The  Photographers  will  recreate  impact  zones  and  experiences  through  various  exhibits  which   we  hope  will  engage  emotions  of  the  general  public,  and  elicit  responses  to  the  trauma  and   horror  of  war  and  conflict.       The  exhibits  would  take  the  spectator  through  a  series  of  real  life  traumatic  experiences,  which   would  culminate  in  installations  portraying  how  the  current  situation  can  be  compared  to  other   scenarios  in  Pakistan’s  history.         “This  is  my  story:  Dialogue  with  Pakistan”  will  feature  30  artists  from  throughout  Pakistan  in   two  multi-­‐media  exhibitions  in  Karachi  and  Lahore.       We   are   looking   for   Photographers   who   have   worked   in   and   around   conflict   zones   and   are   interested  in  documenting  the  impact  of  violence  on  the  Pakistani  population.     Preference  will  be  given  to  applicants  with  works  that  are  documentary  in  nature.   The   selected   photographers   will   work   in   a   series   of   collaborative   workshops   spearheaded   by   members   of   the   CAP   board   of   directors-­‐   Filmmaker   Sharmeen   Obaid   Chinoy,   Photographer   Amean  J.,  and  Creative  Designer  Ali  Mumtaz.         About  CAP   The   Citizens   Archive   of   Pakistan   (CAP)   is   a   non   profit   organization   dedicated   to   Cultural   and   Historical   Preservation.   Since   its   inception   in   2007,   CAP   has   worked   to   foster   and   promote   community   wide   interest   in   the   culture   and   history   of   Pakistan   through   documentation,   preservation   and   dissemination   of   archival   matter.   We   engage   our   audiences   by   providing   a   citizens   perspective   of   our   country’s   history   and   culture   using   creative   and   innovative   methods   such   as   oral   history   projects,   interactive   installations,   spoken   word,   film,   theatre   and   themed   photography   exhibits   among   others.   Our   mission   is   to   use   these   methods   to   educate   and   stimulate  discussions  amongst  people  from  all  walks  of  life,  irrespective  of  age,  class  or  ethnicity   in  the  hopes  of  promoting  tolerance  and  awareness,  generating  new  ideas  and  solutions  to  the   nation’s  myriad  problems,  as  well  as  instilling  a  sense  of  pride  in  Pakistani  citizens  about  their   heritage.     Application   deadline:   Please         email   in   applications   by   April   15th   2011   to:    

    Application  Requirements     -­‐Application  form  (see  below).   -­‐Online  Portfolio  or  links  to  uploaded  work.   -­‐CV  and  a  short  paragraph  describing  your  current/  recent  work  experiences.   -­‐Applicants  must  have  their  own  cameras  and  equipment.     Please  email  in  applications  by  April  15th  2011  to:   Please  visit  or  call  03322541272  or  03322420472  for  more   information.                                                  

    This  is  my  story:  Dialogue  with  Pakistan           Please  complete  and  submit  this  form  with  your  application.     SUBMISSION  DEADLINE  April  15th  2011     NAME:  _______________________________________________________________________   ADDRESS:  ___________________________________________________________________   CITY/PROVINCE/ZIPCODE:  _______________________________________________   PHONE:  _____________________________________________________________________   EMAIL  ADDRESS:  __________________________________________________________   M/F:  _________________________________________________________________________       AGE:  _________________________________________________________________________   EDUCATION:  ________________________________________________________________       1.  Why  are  you  interested  in  “This  is  my  story:  Dialogue  with  Pakistan”                 2.  What  experience,  if  any,  do  you  have  in  film,  video  or  the  media  arts?                             Application  Form  

    3.  What  kind  of  films,  videos  or  other  media  works  do  you  like  or  are  interested  in?                       4.  How  will  your  participation  contribute  to  this  project?                       5.  Has  your  work  ever  been  exhibited?  If  so,  please  share  details.                        

    6.  How  do  you  think  the  arts  can  serve  as  an  agent  of  reconciliation  for  Pakistan?                                                         Please  email  in  applications  by  April  15th  2011  to:   Please  visit  or  call  03322541272  or  03322420472  for  more   information.        

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