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The T-Type Acoustic Inspection System measures

the volume and topology of sludge sediments in
the bottom of liquid storage tanks (i.e. Crude oil).
Manual methods of estimating sludge volumes rely
on dipstick measurements taken from a few dis-
crete points.
The resulting sludge volume is extrapolated and
therefore inaccurate since the true distribution is

The T-Type solves this problem by accurately cal-

culating the sludge volume during tank operations.

The T-Type acoustic inspection system uses solid

state acoustic technology to generate a scan of
beams that measures the sludge distribution over
thousands of points.
On smaller tanks (<40m diameter) the entire tank
bottom can be scanned from a single position.
On larger tanks (40m < 120m diameter) the scans
from several entries are merged to give a compos-
ite image of the distribution and a sludge volume
for the entire tank.

The system has the following key features

— Accurate measurement of sludge topology

— 3D image of sludge distribution
— Accurate calculation of sludge volume
— Monitor effectiveness of tank mixers
— Monitor sludge levels before tank roof
— Sludge management for effective tank

ATEX Certified – Zone 1

The System comprises of 3 main component parts

Operator Station—PC based Data Acquisition—UPS Power Supply

150m Cable reel - Ex Rated Socket Interface

Inspection tool
ATEX certified

3D images indicating maximum heights

of sludge and total volumes measured.

Tool Insertion in Entry point

Main Advantages Of The T-Type Acoustic

Sludge Measurement System

• Accurate forecast of potential recoverable hydrocar-

• Pinpoint accuracy of sediment distribution by height,
location and profile in 3D.
• Surveys carried out whilst tank is in service, no tank
downtime required.
• Complete surveys can be carried out in 1 to 3 days
(dependant upon tank diameter) thereby minimising sludge
evaluation costs. (Fast Data Acquisition).
• Information collated can be used as part of tender

For more information on how to have your tanks surveyed using the latest in
acoustic technology please contact Tank And Pipe Integrity Solutions Ltd.

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