Scaled Aviation Industries (Private) Limited

Introduction Scaled Aviation Industries (Private) Limited, Pakistan has initiated a joint venture with an established American company to initially start the manufacturing of Light-sport aircraft (SLSA) in Pakistan. As the company gains experience, it intends to indulge in manufacturing of small certified transport aircraft under the guidance of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and its parent manufacturer. This venture has resulted in foreign investment and would result in transfer of technology over the years. The aircraft developed in this venture would not only be sold locally but would also be exported to 14 neighboring countries, including the Middle-East, as the company has exclusive marketing rights to the area; hence generating foreign exchange for Pakistan. The company has already initiated registrations with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Pakistan, as an aircraft Manufacturer, Stockiest/Distributor, Maintenance and Training Organization. The company has its Registered Office in Quetta, Pakistan and its factory infrastructure in Lahore, Pakistan.

Scaled Aviation Industries (Private) Limited Type Industry Company limited by shares General Aviation 2006


Headquarters Lahore, Pakistan Storm Rally, M3X S-LSA



Data flow Diagram of Scaled aviation Limited Pakistan
Customer z



Sales Department

Finance Department

Scaled Aviation


Production Depatment

Chief Engineer


Purchase Department


Sale Process
Customer interacts with the dealer in market .Dealer give the quotation to the customer if customer is agreed to proceed he will pay in bank account of the company. Dealer asks confirmation from the organization. Company proceeds to contact its finance department to confirm payment from the company bank. If bank confirm the status of amount received then finance department confirms sale to the sale department. Sale department refers confirm sale to the organization & this information proceeds to the C.E.O. C.E.O confirms from the finance department & refers to the Engineering Department.


Scaled Aviation



Finance Department

Chief Engeenier

Scaled Avition (Sale Department) Bank

Production Department

Engineering & Production Department.
Chief Engineer refers order to the production unit. Production unit confirms stocks from the inventory. The missing materials are imported .inventory sends requests for purchase. Purchase department ask for finances to by materials. Purchase department contact vender for the materials. After having all parts send to the production unit. Production unit convert row material into the finished goods & hand over to the sale department for shipment. & provide invoice to the customer.

Data Flow Diagram of taking personal loan procedure from Habib Bank Limited

HBL Clearing department
Application with documentation

Credit department Personal loan

Remittance department


Credit manager
Personal loan received


All is ok


Regional head quarters
Verification Regular or defaulter


Head Office of HBL

ECIP(statement of state bank)

State Bank Of Pakistan


This is a data floe diagram of taking Personal Loan procedure from Habib Bank Limited (HBL).HBL has many departments like clearing department, remittance, credit department etc. Credit department has sub system named personal loan department. Customers apply for personal loan from HBL. Customers¶ documents like CNIC, employer letter, salary receipt, two references and three months relationship with Bank (it is necessary).The manager of credit department verifies the identification of customer by physically or telephony and then the application with some necessary documentation are sent to regional head office that is within the city, they also verify the customers¶ application. Then customers¶ application is sent to the State Bank of Pakistan where it is checked that is this regular or defaulter, if he is defaulter of another bank then application would be rejected. If accepted, then ECIP is transferred to head office where customers would be identified through National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).Both State Bank of Pakistan and head offices have access to NADRA. If all is ok about customer then credit department will receive confirmation from State Bank and head offices then credit department will give personal loan to the customers.

Project of

Management Information System

BS Aviation Management Semester 4th

Sir Saroop Anwar

Group members: Mohsin Azhar Shah (GL) Saqib Mehmood Saad Shoaib Arslan Aslam M.Asif Gulnawaz 9205 9207 9210 9234 9236 9248

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