Types of File relations?
Defined as Owned by Refers to Extended by Includes


Types of file to field relation?
Known by Qualified by Has


How many types of file are available in synon/2e?
Reference file (Master file) Capture file (Transaction file) Structure file (Field reference file)


Types of Accesspath
Physical, Update, Retrieval, Resequence, Query, Span.


Built in Functions available in Synon

5. Types of Objects in Synon

6. Virtual Field
It is logically present in many files but physically present only in one file.

7. If you want to avoid system performance Degradation due to Virutalization. What will you do?
Transaction file might contain many Virtual fields. So while opening the transaction file it might take sometime, as all the records in the virtual field as to be dumped into the transaction file. So we need to minimize the use of Virtual field.

What will happen when you hide. DLTOBJ. When we give *None for Sharing . What are the functions created by default for a REF file CHGOBJ. Execute internal functions allows to specify a portion of an action diagram for repeated use in other functions.If same fields exists in both the files. 10.Type of EDTRCD Edit record (1 screen) Edit record (2 screen) Edit record (3 screen) 11. Implemented as separate program and has its own action diagram. Parameter of VRY is allowed. Hide – Field is not visible to the user.If same fields exists in both the files. drop a field? Drop – Field is not used. But attributes as to be defined separately 9. .8. Declaring the fields in one file is enough. CRTOBJ. The Command is YRTVPFMDL 12. In Data Modeling what is the effect when we give *None or *All for Sharing.What is Assimilation? Process of retrieving existing externally described OS/400 file definitions into SYNON/2E design model. We can access at any point of time. Declaring the fields and its attributes in one file is enough. What is differentiation? The process in data-modeling of creating new entities by splitting a current entity into two separate entities. EDTFIL & SELRCD 14. 13. When we give *All for Sharing .Difference between EXCEXTFUN and EXCINTFUN Execute external functions  allows to specify a high level program using an action diagram.

3RD.Does a PMTRCD automatically read the database file it is built over? No 18.Difference between EDTTRN and EDTFIL EDTTRN – Loads an entire subfile.Does a RTVOBJ have to be coded before a DLTOBJ No 16. POS. 2ND.Name the Access paths which are created automatically for every REF or CPT file Physical Access path Update Access path Retrieval Access path 20. PGM Program contexts: PAR. VRY 23.What are the roles a parameter can take RST.Does an EDTFIL automatically read the database file it is built over? Yes 17. CND .15. CUR. 19.What are two ways to define a Select/Omit access path? Dynamic & Static 21. KEY System contexts: JOB. RCD. MAP. 22.What are different types of context DB Context: DB1 & DB2 Device contexts: CTL.Only loads one page of a subfile at a time. EDTFIL . WRK Literal contexts: CON. DTL. NXT.What does ICF do on an action diagram line? Insert a case statement and prompt.

SNDCMPMSG. Function & Access path 28. Relation.How can more than one user log on the model as Designer at the same time? a. PCT.How will you Submit a Batch job in Synon Using EXCMSG 29.What is RTVMSG? The RTVMSG function returns a message to the calling program. NBR.Object types in Synon File. RTVMSG. IGC. once you logged in as designer 31 . REF. Use one of the following statements:  EXCUSRSRC  EXCUSRPGM . SNDINFMSG. SGT. The request may be any CL. QTY. SNDSTSMSG 30. STS. PRC 27.Various message functions available EXCMSG. 25. OS/2 or Unix command. TXT. TME. Condition.24. SNDERRMSG. VAL. How can I execute an existing program from within a Synon AD? A. Various data types available in Synon/2E CDE. You have to de-allocate the Data Area YMDLLIBRFA. DTE.What is EXCMSG? This function specifies that a request message is to be executed. NAR. 26. Using the message text we can perform any number of process such as moving a character string from a database file into a field. VNM.

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