In today’s corporate and competitive world, I find that insurance sector has the maximum growth and potential as compared to the other sectors. Insurance has the maximum growth rate of 70-80% while as FMCG sector has maximum 12-15% of growth rate. This growth potential attracts me to enter in this sector and KOTAK LIFE INSURANCE has given me the opportunity to work and get experience in highly competitive and enhancing sector. Companies now are tapping a lot of ways to capture the market and hence adopting different ways to hold the large portion of the market. My summer training learning helped me a lot to complete my project in order to learn a lot of things of the corporate. As a project trainee the first task given to me was to understand the basic behaviour of the consumer in order to manipulate the market according to our target competition. For this I developed a questionnaire and I did my survey in Shimoga.

In Insurance sector. The success story of good market share of different market organizations depends upon the availability of the product and services near to the customer. OBJECTIVES: The objectives of the present study are as following: • Proper understanding and analysis of life insurance industry. If a company like KOTAK LIFE INSURANCE. which can be distributed through a distribution channel. they can capture big market as compared to the other companies. ICICI PRUDENTIAL. • Conduct market survey on a sample selected from the entire population and derive opinion on that research. MAX etc has adequate agents in the market.This job training also helped me a lot in understanding the process of building effective marketing channels for life insurance products by establishing network of life insurance advisors. TATA AIG. distribution channel includes only agents/advisors or agency holders of the company. RELIANCE LIFE INSURANCE. • To know about brand awareness of Kotak Life Insurance and customer’s preference about Kotak Life Insurance. .

RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: All the findings and conclusions are based on the survey done in the working area within time limit. selected randomly from different areas in Shimoga such as: • Public places like shopping centers. I have collected data from 200 respondents for studying Customer Buying Behaviour and Market Segmentation. restaurants etc. • To offer suggestions based upon findings. malls. I tried to select a sample representative of the whole group during my job training.• To help company in establishing a network of Life Insurance Advisors and to promote the benefits those are provided by Kotak Life Insurance to its Life Insurance Advisors. • Employees of Government Departments • Employees of Private Firms • Business / Self Employed .

so I suggest management to start a huge campaign at the sub urban areas of . I have collected data from 150 respondents from following groups:  Chartered Accountants  Tax Consultants  Businessmen  Share Brokers  Lawyers  Working Professionals  House Wives  Retired Persons ANALYSIS: Insurance market has grown really well in the last couple of years. ICICI. and MAX NEW YORK and so on. I also found that people are also not aware of KLI and their product.For recruitment of Life insurance Advisors. But there is also lots of private big companies like HDFC. So it is very difficult for KLI to capture the market. People now started to think beyond LIC and SBI LIFE.

especially by smaller companies like Kotak Life Insurance to establish their market presence. Here lies the opportunity for a relatively new comer like Kotak Life Insurance. it has been found that people have great awareness about various companies but a lot more has to be done. radio and TV ad campaigns over the years is beginning to have its impact now. People are beginning to look beyond LIC for their insurance needs and are willing to trust private players with their hard earned money. People in general have been influenced by the marketing activities of insurance companies. The general satisfaction levels among public with regards to policy and agents still requires improvement. LIC has never been .Shimoga especially from kakurgachi onward to bongaon. Another important trend was in terms of people viewing insurance as a tax saving and investment instrument as much as protective one. If management don’t spend to much attention on this matter I should say it will be difficult for them to capture a huge untapped market. CONCLUSIONS: During the data collected. A high penetration of print.

After kakurgachi. there is a huge untapped market available for Kotak Life. hoardings and signage etc. • Awareness camp for sub-urban area should be focused.known for prompt service or customer oriented methods but Kotak Life Insurance can build its reputation based on these factors RECOMMENDATIONS: • Kotak life insurance has only 4 branches at Shimoga. has to be made because there were respondents who haven’t even heard about Kotak Life Insurance. The nearest branch is at kakurgachi. • State and Central Government employees should be targeted because of reasons like: . • Marketing in terms of the media via advertisements on Television to small commercials on FM.

 Most of them are underinsured. They don’t have Life Insurance cover other than that provided by their respective employers and LIC. .  They have a stable source of income and social security.