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Configuration of Outlook Express: (Flash - Hands-on)

Step-1: Open the Outlook Express.

Step-2: Click on Tools in the Menu bar.

Step-3: Click on Accounts...

Step-4: Click on Mail Tab.

Step-5. Click on Add Button on the right hand side.

Step-6: Click on Mail..

Step-7: In the Internet Connection Wizard screen, type your name or your organisation's
name and then click on Next Button.

Step-8: In the next screen, type the email address fully. (eg.

Step-9: In the next screen,

1. Select POP3 in the My incoming mail server is a drop down list.

2. Type in the Incoming mail server text box.

3. Type in the Outgoing mail server text box.

4. Click on Next button.

Step-10: In the next screen,

1. In the Account Name text box, type the user id fully ( as given by

2. In the password text box, type the password as given by the BSNL. (Though only one
userid and password is given by BSNL, they are two different entities - one for broadband
connection and another one for email access. So if you have changed the password for
broadband access in the server and in the modem, it is not applicable for email access.
Email password also can be changed only after getting into the email server.)

3. Click on Next button.

Step-11: Click on Finish button in the next screen.

Step-12: Now in the Internet Accounts window, click on Properties Button on the right
hand side.

Step-13: In the properties window, click on Servers Tab.

Step-14: Click and put a check mark on My server requires authentication check box (at
the bottom) and then click on OK button.

Step-15: Click on Close button in the Internet Accounts window.

Step-16: Now you have successfully configured the Outlook Express for sending and
receiving dataone emails.
I had the same problem of configuring outlook express with account. I contacted a
lot of people at BSNL and got all weird answers. Different mail server settings and
different ideas but all bull crap finally after 4 hours of fiddeling with settings I was able
to get my mail box running through outlook express and this is how.

1. remove any other mail account you might have.

2. go to tools--> accounts-->Mail-->ADD--> Mail...
3. Put in your display name and hit next
4. put is your email address i.e if yo have a account) and hit next
4. put in incomming mail server and out going mail server as under and make sure it is
pop3 and huit next


5. here is the key that i founf. In the next screen do not put your user name as just abcd
make it and put in your password and hit next.
6. next screen click finish.
7. Now select the account you just created from the mail tab and click properties.
8. In the servers tab select the option my server requires authentication and the click on
the settings button right next to this option. there make sure you select the option use the
same settings as my incomming mail server.

Click O.k
then apply and o.k and start sending mails