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Denver, Colorado 80202 (303) 640-2491 Petitioner: MARK ANDREW NELSON-GIAVANNI v. Respondent: STEPHANIE Y. O’MALLEY, in her capacity as Clerk and Recorder of the City and County of Denver Attorney for Petitioner: Richard W. Daily, No. 2938 Webb & Schtul, LLC 925 S. Niagara St., Suite 500 Denver, CO 80224 Telephone: 303-645-4699 FAX: omitted E-mail: VERIFIED PETITION UNDER C.R.S. §§ 1-1-113 AND 1-4-909(1.5) •COURT USE ONLY• Case Number: 2011CV1991 Div.: Ctrm: 203

PETITIONER MARK ANDREW NELSON-GIAVANNI (“Nelson-Giavanni”), through his undersigned attorneys, Webb & Schtul, LLC, and for his Petition pursuant to C.R.S. §§ 1-1-113 and 1-4-909(1.5), states as follows: 1. Nelson-Giavanni wishes to have his name placed on the municipal ballot in the City and County of Denver as a candidate for Mayor at the May 3, 2011 election. 2. On March 9, 2011, Nelson-Giavanni submitted 6 sections of a petition containing the names and signatures of 427 persons who have asked the Respondent Stephanie Y. O’Malley, the Clerk and Recorder of the City and County of Denver (“O’Malley”), to place his name on the ballot as a candidate for Mayor. 3. Under law, Nelson-Giavanni needed to present 300 valid signatures on his petition in order to qualify him for the ballot for the May 3, 2011 election.

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Transaction ID: Submitted by: Authorized by: Authorize and file on: Court: Case Class: Case Type: Case Name: Transaction Option: Billing Reference: Note to Clerk: 36494153 Richard Daily, Webb & Schtul LLC Richard Daily, Webb & Schtul LLC Mar 15 2011 4:37PM MDT CO Denver County District Court 2nd JD Civil Other Mark Andrew Nelson-Giavanni v. Stephanie Y. O'Malley, as Clerk and Recorder Originating Event Giavanni 1535.001 This is an Election Dispute Petition, entitled to expedited treatment under CRS 1-1-113

Documents List 1 Document(s) Originating Document, 3 Pages Document ID: 37633993 Document Type: Access: Petition Public Document title: Verified Petition Under C.R.S. Sections 1-1-113 and 1-4-909(1.5) Close All Sending Parties (1) Party Attorney Firm Nelson-Giavanni, Mark Andrew (pending) Daily, Richard Webb & Schtul LLC Case Parties Party Attorney Firm Nelson-Giavanni, Mark Andrew (pending) Daily, Richard Webb & Schtul LLC Pro Se Pro SeO'Malley, Stephanie Y. (pending)

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