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You can sign up as free member and choose to become Silver, Gold and Network Directors. You can only purchase asterios when you become a Silver and Gold member. Silver membership costs $9.95 per month you receive 10 asterios instantly every time you pay subscription. Gold membership is $19.95 and you also receive 20 asterios after purchase. You earn asterios and 1 asterio=1point=$1. The more asterios you purchase, the higher your revenues share which will be paid to you weekly. Your asterios will gain revenues weekly and increases everytime you received your shares automatically. If you purchase more asterios, the higher revenues shares you get. If you compound your shares, the more asterios you get and the higher revenue shares. The weekly revenue share is paid out as Asterios AND cash. You are paid 80% Asterios into your account which builds up more Asterios for the revenue share the next week. You are paid 20% in cash that you can withdraw or use to purchase more Asterios. How can one passively earn from Club Asteria 100%? You all have seen how real and legal CA is... now, if you go for gold membership of $20 a month and decides to be 100% passive, and remain with CA for 2 years, we can show you how you can earn more than $300-$400 per week. We all have joined or joining many board programs for $300 - $500 and many a times we do not cycle and make a

dime. But here you start with $20 a month and every month you get 20 asterios and every week what ever profit you make 80% is reinvested back and 20% in account balance for you to withdraw. This way on 19th month you shall start making $300-$400 per week (weekly profit percentage is calculated at 10% from past performance and this can vary but capped at 10%) and in all those 19 months you will earn decent amount every week, which either you can reinvest or withdraw The Best passive revenue income weekly even without recruiting!!!!! Click Link To Register ,For Free Testimonials from Members: * paid again.... Transaction Number: 269603021 Amount: USD 93.00 Details (if provided): Transfer: Commission Thanks to CA. ......letsearn4ever ( *"I now have 2376 asterios. My commision this week is $33. I think this is very good. They haven't even official launch yet. This will be in January 2011. I am so glad i signed up when I did biggrin.gif"....monalisa ( *......Back when I joined on December 13th there were around 63,000 members

now 1 month later and 2 days there are over 92,000 members soon reaching the nice Huge number of 100,000....Its incredible how fast Club-Asteria is growing....strosdegoz (MMG) *.......From: moneyshares ( Date: October 22, 2010 12:37:02 PM Amount Sent: $76.00 USD Sender Name: Asteria Corporation Sender Email: Reference Number: 84AE0-0DB33-88E57, Message: Commission *....From: dittoteam ( got paid last night just like clockwork! Date: October 25, 2010 9:34:40 PM Amount Sent: $121.00 USD Sender Name: Asteria Corporation Sender Email: Reference Number: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx Message: Commission *"Club-Asteria Members are Awsome! We are growing faster than can be imagined and we wish to thank you for your support....." (courtesy of *"Joined and upgraded to Gold on July 1, 2010. Purchased 250 Asterios and got the free 100% matching 250 Asterios. Now my total is up to 1650 Asterios!"... (courtesy of Forum)

*"Even after the monthly membership fee I am making a PROFIT every single week now!( *"The revenue share varies every week with the lowest being 7% and the highest at 10%. Even if we only get the 7% my total Asterios next week will be up to 1724 and the week after that 1820. That is the power of the Club Asteria automatic compounding......( *"This i believe is a long term program and is really a very transparent management. They are trying to be a legitimate program as it is to conform to the US laws."....moneyshares ( *....Club Asteria is a genuine program for those who really want to earn money and great income throughout the life. ...( *..."I really happy to join this Club-Asteria. I come from Thailand. Nice to meet you....skyhype( In conclusion: Do not sell Working throught the Internet 100% No experience required It is not Get Rich Quick program or PONZI scheme Do not waste your time training No need to introduce members No need to wait a full board Do not attend the meeting 100%

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