12, 2007 Minutes Executive Committee Stephanie Panion, President Vice President – open Grace Fisgus, Secretary Kathy Aliaga, Treasurer Karl French, Webmaster Members in attendance: Kathy Aliaga, Facilities Nicky Bruckhart, Athletics & Recreation Christa Bruning, University Communications Meaghan Burns, Human Resources Ethan Crawford, Graduate School of Social Work Jennifer Emmett, Bursar’s Office (New Representative) Karl French, Office of Research & Sponsored Programs Jason Kellermeyer, Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences Amy Kho, Writing Program Kate Martin, Student Life RJ Mauro, Penrose Library Tina Miller, University College Marty Neary, DU Bookstore Stephanie Panion, Graduate School of Social Work Denise Pappas-Lucero, Center for Multicultural Excellence Karen Paul-Masaoka, Morgridge College of Education Regular Guests in attendance: Jessica Lenhardt, Bursar’s Office Meeting called to order at 12:07 pm. Lunch from Stick-e-Star was provided. 1. Guest speaker Rev. Gary Brower, DU Chaplain: a. Rev. Brower came to introduce himself to the Council and let us know more about his office and what kind of a resource he could be for the University Staff. There has not been a Chaplain for 40 years, but now the University believes it is important to have one in terms of student development and issues of globalization in a shrinking world. Rev. Brower works with Faculty and Staff in addition to students, and is willing to talk to anyone about not only religion, but stress and other struggles. He works with religious organizations across campus. He left us informational brochures and contact information should we have any more questions for him. 2. November meeting minutes were approved as posted. 3. Treasurer’s Report: We have a balance of $9,343. There was no deposit from Cartridges for Kids, and there was a small DU Bookstore charge from Stephanie Panion. 4. Departmental Announcements: a. Jennifer Emmett will take over as the Representative from the Bursar’s Office while Jessica Lenhardt is away on parental leave. b. Meaghan Burns reminded us that Eco passes for bus and lightrail are now available for 2008 at the Transportation Center (on High Street, next to Campus Safety in the new parking structure). These are a $1,600 value!

c. Nicky Bruckhart announced that at the January 12 th Gymnastics Meet guest will include Bart Conner and Nadia Comaneci. d. Christa Bruning from University Communications let us know that her department would like to do a focus story on a staff member each month in their publications, and she would like our help with nominations for story ideas. They are particularly interested in staff who “fly under the radar” who deserve some publicity. If you have suggestions, please either contact Christa or Brenda Gillen at (You can remain anonymous.) 5. New Business a. Giving Tree at Stick-e-Star: This year Stick-e-Star will have a Giving Tree in the restaurant. Ornaments on the tree will encourage patrons to contribute to a specified cause. Stick-e-Star wanted to reach out to the DU Community, particularly those in need. Rev. Gary Brower had suggested they contact us, and when they heard about our Benevolent Fund they decided to add that to the Giving Tree. Please encourage your department to go to Stick-e-Star this month and contribute to one of the causes on the tree. The Executive Committee ordered lunch from Stick-e-Star today as a thank you for their support. b. SAC web site: Karl French talked to the Council about setting up a sub-directory on the SAC website for the DU Sustainability Committee. This is the Committee that works with using sustainable resources on campus. It is hoped that they will eventually grow enough to have stand on their own, but in the meantime Karl suggested working with our site as a way to help promote this initiative in addition to driving more people to our website. The Provost has been told of this idea and is in favor of it. The Council voted to approve the subdirectory. c. Cartridges for Kids - Jessica Lenhardt asked for a volunteer to take over as the contact person for Cartridges for Kids since she will be away on parental leave. She mentioned that this is pretty easy, as the monthly pickups are already established. Karen PaulMasaoka from the Morgridge College of Education volunteered to be the new Cartridges for Kids contact d. SAC T-Shirts: Last year, SAC Representatives got polo shirts to wear to events to help make us easily identifiable. Stephanie will order shirts for new members this year, and passed around a sheet to collect shirt sizes. 6. Old Business a. SAC Coat Drive: Karl French handed out sample materials for the Coat Drive, which will be held January 9 th – January 18 th. The theme this year will be “Pioneers for People.” Karl has emailed 42 organizations across campus, and some of them are eager to participate with us. He has plans for promoting not just on campus, but in businesses around campus and also the local media. The committee is also following up with some leads with promotions through Ritchie Center athletic events. The committee could still use help promoting this with students, so if you have suggestions, let Karl know. SAC Reps are encouraged to help by setting up collection bins in their departments in addition to the main collection points on campus. If you need to borrow a recycling bin as a collection box, contact Kathy Aliaga at b. The election of a Vice President was tabled again until the January meeting, as there were no new volunteers or nominations. Anyone interested was encouraged to speak to Stephanie. It is important to finalize this office in order for the person to become familiar with the office of President, as they will be the President for the 2008/09 term. The meeting was adjourned at 12:55. The next meeting will be held January 9, 2008 in Mary Reed Building, Renaissance Room (South).

Respectfully submitted, Stephanie Panion, President

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