STAFF ADVISORY COUNCIL Meeting January 12, 2011 Executive Committee Nicky Bruckhart, President, nbruckha@du.

edu, x14241 Saskia Sawyer, Vice President,, x12704 Sarah Childs, Treasurer,, x13501 Kate Johnson, Webmaster,, x16515 Christa Bruning, Secretary,, x13170 Members in attendance: Kathy Aliaga, Facilities Nicky Bruckhart, Athletics and Recreation Christa Bruning, University Communications Sarah Childs, Human Resources Fay Coulouris, Learning Communities and Civic Engagement Lisa Cox, Institutional Compliance and Internal Audits Kris DeForest, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Anne Gross, Admission Rebecca Hopkins, Bursar’s Office Kate Johnson, University Communications Gayle Keahey, Sturm College of Law Mark Kintgen, Penrose Library Marty Neary, DU Bookstore Arianna Nowakowski, AHSS/Languages and Literature Lynn Reed, University College Saskia Sawyer, University Advancement Kay Schneider, Institutional Research The meeting was called to order. 1. Introduction of the Council Members. 2. Guest Speakers:  A.J. Hayden from See’s Candy – See’s has been in business since 1921. They are located at Colorado and Mexico. This location is a quantity discount store. If DU departments combined purchase $635 in one calendar year (November 1 – October 31) the rest of the purchases in that year will receive a Sweet Savings Discount, which is approximately a 23% discount. This does not apply to hand packed candy.  Kelly Raeburn – Spoke about Daffodil Days. She is trying to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Her goal is $1,000. You can purchase a bunch of daffodils for $10 or make contributions in higher amounts for different items. You can also purchase and donate daffodils to a cancer patient receiving chemotherapy treatment. You can order through February 18 and they will be delivered the week of March 7th.

3. November and December minutes were approved. 4. Treasury report:  Currently there is $7,634.54 in the account and $262 that will be added from Cartridges for Kids.  Cartridges for Kids was explained and the locations were given out. 5. New Business  Coat drive – Will run from January 18 – February 5. Please keep an eye on donation bins in your building and call Kathy or Christa if you need a pick up.  Egg Hunt will be the Saturday before Easter and planning will start soon. 6. Old Business  Status of morale survey and pay grade comparison: Amy King in HR already has the pay grade comparison survey together and is working on the morale survey and will distribute them soon. 7. Open Discussion  One department had a strong response to an answer from one the questions submitted to the Chancellor. Nicky suggested putting those responses together with the question(s) and she will put them on the next list in a respectful way.  Some suggestions given for the Chancellor to meet with staff were to hold staff office hours, have a forum or town hall-style gathering once a quarter or be sure to answer each question on the list.  The childcare issue is not going away soon. There is a childcare task force that will start up again soon and will be a part of the benefits fair. Childcare questions will be included on the morale survey.  Sustainability update: The Rocky Mountain Sustainability Summit on campus February 17 – 18. The Sustainability Council is growing and there has been talk of trying to make a department out of it. Currently the Council is working on the start rating and getting Pete’s List up and running again. They encourage everyone to scan documents and send them to those in their departments instead of making copies for everyone, and turning off your computer and monitor each night. It was asked if there could be an “opt-out” list for the DU Magazine.  The Women’s College: If there is enough interest there will be a Weight Watchers group meeting offered on campus. Please let TWC know if you’re interested.  Human Resources: There are two new positions posted for HR. 8. Meeting adjourned. Next meeting: January 12, 2011, 12 – 1 pm, DuPont Room, Mary Reed Building. Respectfully submitted, Christa Bruning Secretary

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