The Russian Revolution

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The Russian Revolution with the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, and also the First World War, were the most influential and decisive events in modern times. The Russian Revolution after the First World War, served as an alternative to the capitalism and liberalism crisis, because, for the first time, were put into practice as the foundaments of socialism as State bases Also this revolution remains a model and example for some countries and political sectors.

Concepts Map:
A backward country

-Abolition of serfdom -Industrialization Some reforms Nihilism: They promoted the destruction of the regime through a peasant revolu-


CHANGES between 1861 /1914

Populism: They pursued a socialist revolution proposed a rural-based collecRevolutionary tivist society supported by Socialist Party Constitutional democracy Kadett Russian Social Democratic LaThey wanted a parliamentary republic.


Political opposition to the Tsarist Regime
What was Russia in the early twentieth century? Russo-Japanese War 1905 Revolution First War World

It has two streams. 1...The Mensheviks: who wanted to build a social-

Problems that predate the Revolution


Consequences: Political reform Agrarian Reform (Stolypin)

ist society-proletarian 2...The Bolshevik :who had a Marxist ideology, led by Lenin, who wasfavored the takeover.

Causes: The February revolution of the Bourgeois -Abdication of Tsar -Provisional Government


The revolutionary process

The revolutions of 1917

The interim government

Attempted coup Kornilov

Early days of the Revolution

Early months of the Revolution

Provisional Government -Elections, dissolution of the Duma -Break with the bourgeois state Politically : Civil War Russo-Polish War

October Soviet Revolution

The fall of the Provisional Government

Civil War and War Communism

Winter Palace War Communism Is abandoned War Communism Politically: Centralism USSR Third International Economically: Collectivization Autarchy

The NEP and the formation of the Soviet state

The NEP 1921-1929

Famine 1921

A new state constitution 1923 Constitution The fight for power The Soviet Union 1924 Death of Lenin Abandonment of the NEP Agricultural collectivization

The planned economy: (planes quinquenales) The Stalin era

-Industrial Development -Russia emerges as a great power Stalinist The Stalinist Dictatorship -Personality cult -Bureaucratic centralism -Socialism in one country -Reign of terror: Purges

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