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Horny desi guy kissing girlfriend and fondling tits over dress MMS
Posted on March 15, 2011 1:00 PM, Filed under General

Click here to download Horny desi guy kissing girlfriend and fondling tits over dress MMS. Posted by admin on March 15, 2011 1:00 PM | Permalink | Comments (0)

Sunaina fucked by Boss
Posted on March 15, 2011 12:00 PM, Filed under Office Sex Hi All.I am Sunaina. I've been thinking of writing my sex stories from somime.Never got a chance. I had just joined work when this happened. I was 24 and very excited about work and money and independance. I used to stay in an apartment and never talk much to any of my neighbours. One day when I was cleaning my balcony, I saw 2 guys staring at me from the opposite building and laughing at something. I became conscious as I was wearing only a sleeveless top and hot pants. They were close enugh to see that I was not wearing my bra. After about 2 weeks,i was drying my clothes outside and I saw the again.It was a weekend and I had my colleague also wit me.I told her about this, and she aked me to ignore.Even I dint bother much. That evening I was watching TV and I got a call on my cell. Some guy spoke to me very nicely. I kept asking who he was but he never told me. He just said he liked my style, he like my looks and dressing and all of that. I spoke for sometime trying to find out who he was and when he was not ready to tell me, I disconnected the call. I guessed it was one of those boys from the opposite flat. Next day,sunday, I got some msgs saying he wnts to see me naked, that my cleavage attracted him a lot and that he wants to fuck me. I got scared but ignored. Monday I went to the office. I sit in a place where my boss can see I had to act like I was working all the time.

He asked me if I drink.. He jumped on top of me and started kissing me.He pulled me tight and kissedme on my lips. He dint listen to anything I was saying... He then poured something for himself nd gave me some juice from the fridge. By now ihad lostmy control. I just said "Sir.. I liked u. He walked close to me and lifted me amd threwme on the bed. But that day when u wore that black saree and I saw ur cleavage through that. said 'no'. I wanted to see you naked and fuck you. We went and stopped in some parking lot of an apartment building. By the time I could even realise what was happening. I decided that i'll fuck you. suddenly he whispered into my ears "From the first day I saw you. I dint want to go home and cook.i could feel his warm breath on my back... I was wearing a skirt and that lifted up till my thighs. I then aked him where we came and he said his house for dnner. myshirt buttons were open and he was trying tocatch the assetinside. I for the first time kissed my boss and was completely lost.I hadto get down.I stood still.dint know what to do.My logout time was 7. I was feeling very horny but was very shy n scared. boss called me inside and said that there are some data entry work to be done and asked me to stay back. "I want to do all those things I msgd u". I trembled and begged him to leave me alone. His house was beautiful.. I better go". I liked what he was doing. He ran histounge on my lips and slowly put it inside my mouth and sucked my lips. And now is the time. .He ran behind me and locked th bedroom door... But he was a very nice man in his late 20's... He was wild and driving me mad. He blocked the door and removed his t-shirt and asked me to take my shirt off. I felt goose bumps all over my body. I was breathing very hard by now and could not say a word. I told him that I was not prepared for this and that i'll come some other time (just to escape).. Now I was very scared and beged him to leave me. I was looking at some pictues on the wall when I felt him standing right behind me. but was very scared. I could not believe it was him. I could suddenly feel his cock pressing my thighs. Just one bedroom house but very neat and trendy.He turned me slowly and was staring at me. I could not move them. and I wanted more of him.i thought we might go to some restraunt n so agreed.... I froze.. I stayed back till 8 and finished my work. remove ur shirt or i'll tare it open". What he said next shocked the hell out of me.By around 6 in the evening. I walkedaway to the bedrooom and started buttoning myself. he then kissed my neck. Everyone had gone home.they were hard and strong.30. Only boss n I were there. It was not his number but maybe he had 2 numbers.He kissed my back and started smell it and slowly moved his face against my back. He thanked me for staying back and asked if i'd like to join him for dinner. very close.He slowly held my waist and pulled my towards him. I got very scared and I pushed him with all my force. He was biting my ears. and then slowly my ears. My hands and legs were dead. So I agreed and we drove. I was surprised. He opened the door for me.

My breasts are little too big for me. I said "no". he slowly started putting his hand inside my skirt. He then stared at both of my boobs.. I had so many orgasms that night. and said "These are the sexiest boobs i've ever seen. and nw they were swolen.I was so scared now tat I startd crying.I was moaning now aaaaahhhh uuuppphhhh. That was the best sucker ever. I couldnt stop myself now.. I love ur tight pussy. Boss stood up and removed by skirt hook and pulled it down. It was the longest nd thickest cock I had seen... These 2 havetempted me so much and I want them now". I wanted himto just fuck me now. Slowly he started pumping faster and faster. He took the right and the left in turns. The top 2 buttons tore and he removed the rest.. they started getting harder n harder. I said "Sir i'm scared sir".. I sai "My teacher incollege and my friend's brother about 3months back". I opened my eyes and saw he was applying his tounge inside my vagina and sucking and licking all the moisture from there.slowlyyyyyy aaaaahhhhh... I could make out that was totally wet between my thighs. 'Sir please fuck me.. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... He moved his tounge on my tits. He sucked and licked for about 10 mins and as he was sucking. He got angry suddenly and pulled my shirt from both sides. He took his cock in his hand and spread the moisture from my cunt and slowly started pushing it in. He wanted to know who they were."Ooooh baby ur tight.. I cant take it anymore I said".. Then he slowly moved to my stoch and started licking there. I knew he will start fucking me now. He smiled at what I just said because a few mintes back I was pushing him and crying. But bosse's was the best.. Suddenly he wa also moaning.. he took it out of my mouth.... He now strated sucking them like a hungry child. I was wearing a black bra. He was holding my hair and pushing his cock inside and insie.i was to fuck u whole night. A huge thing popped out. I licked him dry and after sometime. He then came up and srtade smooching me again and asked again "How many people have fucked ur pussy?". I dint move. That was an exprerience of a lifetime. I sucked for 2 seconds and his cum was inside my mouth.I'll make you moan and cry and and want me more". I closed my eyes and suddenly felt something soft go inside and playing with my cunt. I pushed my body up against his face. But he was big and I enjoyed that size when it went inside. .hhmmmmmm...aaaaah".. I thought it might be easy because I was not a I kept quiet. started kissing them.. He said that and immediately.. Boss just lifted me slightly and opened the bra hook. Boss removed my undy and spread my leags apart.. He removed his pant and underwear. and we went deeper deeper and he started palying around with the tounge. He asked "Are you a virgin?". I had seen atleast 7 or 8 but fucked only 2. I said "only 2". He popped out the cock from my pussy and pushed it inside my mouth. He ased "How manypeople have fucked ur pussy?". Now he was saying "But i'll fuck u better than anybody else baby. But I loved it when my boss came. I was not used to anyone asking me such things..

Ismail laughed and pulled Mrs." Drink my juice you bitch" Ismail began to fuck his prick into the eager mouth of Mrs..We did this throughout the night and that was the best night ever. .. Khanna to her feet. Click here to download cock raising masala sex videos featuring busty Indian girls showing their hot bodies. She watched as Mrs. Khanna passionately as his hands played with her large brown butt cheeks.II Posted on March 14. licked and pulled on Ismail's Lund like a pornographic movie star. or in the car. "Jaldi!" (Quickly) Ismail ordered pulling Mrs. 2011 12:00 PM | Permalink | Comments (1) Horny college slut girl rubbing choot and exposing big tits in car MMS Posted on March 14. Khanna's face.I "Chooso Rundi" (Suck whore) Ismail hissed 'make me fill your mouth with my juice!" Rani stared in amazement as her mother sucked. her pace picked up and Suddenly Ismail pulled out of her mouth and shot wave after wave of spunk over Mrs. Khanna by her long silky black hair. seemed to enjoy this rough talk. Posted by admin on March 14. But even now we do it in the office on his chair. 2011 12:00 PM. Khanna cried her head moving. Khanna. "NO!" Mrs. Filed under Maid / Servant Previously: Horny fucking servant Ismail . Ismail kissed Mrs. or my hous or his house. Filed under General Click here to download Horny college slut girl rubbing choot and exposing big tits in car MMS.and Igot promoted to the next level because of my tight pussy. "Put you finger in my gaand bitch!" Ismail ordered. He is the best fucker ever. mouth open to drink his spewing semen. Mrs. 2011 1:00 PM | Permalink | Comments (1) Horny fucking servant Ismail . Posted by admin on March 15.. Ismail saw Rani and winked slyly at her moving so that Rani could get a better view of the action. 2011 1:00 PM. "You machord "(Motherfucker) she whined "I wanted to swallow all of your juice!" "You have swallowed gallons of it already Jaan "(darling) Ismail replied pulling her close to him and lifting the back of her night dress to show her naked ass to Rani. Khanna's hand went between Ismail's legs and played with his swinging balls. Khanna. Rani was stunned to see her mother take Ismail's entire monstrous prick in to her mouth.

Khanna sobbed "Aieeee! OOOO!! Machord (motherfucker) I'm going to««. "Yes" Mrs. Khanna's cunt in one savage thrust. "Aieeee! Aieeee! Mei muragay! "(I'm dying) Mrs. That son of a bitch comes home tomorrow". Her hand went to her own cunt and pressed it. machord!" (Bust my pussy you mother fucker). Rani could see Ismail's now slick. pussy juice oiled cock piston in and out of her mothers gaping hole. his fingers teasing the crack of her ass. sweaty flesh slapping against each other as the ceiling fan spun above it all. would you?" and with that he slammed his prick in to Mrs. Making it impossible for her to see Rani on her stomach staring at her mother and Ismail on the mattress. his balls slapping against her full. Khanna. filled him with power. Oh! Pardo meri choot ! (Bust my cunt). Khanna down on the mattress and got on top of her. Khanna hissed "You know I like it rough. burning choot (pussy). Rani pushed her hand down her Shalwar and onto her damp. But it wasn't enough. Khanna "Your choot (pussy) or gaand (butt hole)?" "My pussy "Mrs. slipping his hips between her raised legs he paused to rub his cock head (Still rock hard) along her slit. to reveal her well shaped but plump body.. referred to. Khanna sobbed "dallo tumare ungli meri gaand mai" (Put your finger in my anus) Mrs. Rani's teasing fingers were bathed in her sticky juice as her fuck hole came on them. Khanna's view. sweat coated buttocks as Mrs. Ismail pushed Mrs.Pulling the nightdress up over her head. Wet.aaahhhh!!!" Ismail continued to fuck her. Ismail guessed that Rani must have moved further into the room. her fingers rubbing her wet slit as she watched Ismail's Lund pound in and out of her mother's cunt. "I'm Cumming!" Mrs. could only be her dear Papa.b. Mr. All wet with the juice flowing from her impaled pussy. Fuck me hard!!" The small room was filled with the sounds of sex. Khanna tensed and then let out a long low moan of pleasure as Ismail inserted the tip of his finger in her butt and sunk his man meat into her cunt. "Bastard!" Mrs. the idea that Rani could be watching him fuck her mother. Rani knew that the s.. Panted abuses. Khanna's butt and asking her "Like it Rundi? (Whore)". After maybe a minute more. Khanna replied "I am still sore from the last time you fucked my ass" Ismail laughed "You wouldn't let me butter your gaand hole with ghee (cooking oil/butter). A chair with Ismail's cloths thrown over it obstructed Mrs.o. "Which hole do you want it in?" He asked Mrs. Ismail was slapping and pinching Mrs.. Khanna said "Come on gaandoo (butt giver) fuck me hard. Ismail's back straightened as he slammed his Lund hard into her choot (Cunt) . Groans. Ismail's cock head pointing purposely at her bushy cunt. in order to get a clearer view of the fucking couple. Mrs.. She watched the sweat trickle down Ismail's feverishly pounding ass cheeks and muscular legs. Khanna sighed and shook in post orgasmic pleasure. Ismail moved his hand to cup her butt cheek. Khanna panted "Meri pudhi Pardo. Rani had moved slightly in to the room.. Khanna sobbed her feet digging into Ismail's ass as he pumped "Aur Zor say" (Harder) Mrs.

In the moonlight she saw his prick. His lips came down to suck her hard nipple as he squeezed her breasts. His prick head now lodged at her entrance. "I would love to fuck you in front of your mother. Suddenly. Suddenly aware that her mother would want to leave by the kitchen door. being fucked like a prostitute by their servant. His hot iron rod of a cock was tearing her open. His hips were between her legs and she felt his hands pulling at her ass as his prick pushed against her bald wet cunt. As his tool moved in and out of her. She went up to bedroom and stripped her cloths off and lay face down on the bed. How good his fingers felt on her private place. removed his hand from her mouth and grabbed a wobbling breast with it. "Oh Yes!" He . His fingers dug deeply into her lovely round firm ass. If she was. he eased his lund in as far as he could. her Temple going mother. Rani Felt the pain slowly lessen and a new feeling. Her body covered in sweat as her fingers had played with her pussy. proudly sticking up in front of him. the tip teasing her entrance. Ismail lay down on his side beside her. "You can't put it in me! It's too big! "She pleaded Ismail had heard that line before. His hand moved down between her legs and parted them before moving over her choot (Cunt). struggling to move her cunt hole away from the battering ram of his Lund. "You enjoyed the show?" He asked running his hands over her naked breasts and stomach. Rani was panting too. he put a hand over her mouth and thrust in. Rani cried out at the sudden sharp pain. No" she said. He was breaking her in two. How much she enjoyed his fingers sliding over her wet cunt hole. pleasure slowly began to fill her body. when the door of her bedroom opened and Ismail stepped in. his leg across hers as his red hot Lund pressed gently against the soft smooth skin of her hip." He whispered in her ear as his hand squeezed her mango sized breasts. his head now in. still feverishly thinking about Ismail and her mother. He tugged his lungi (sarong) off and walked over to where Rani was lying. "Your mother likes my lund very much" His fingers moved between her legs and teased her slit. "You will love it Jaan" (darling) he coaxed using his hand to guide his prick head into place. breaking her virgin seal as he did so. just an added bonus to him. Rani was silent. the weight of his body crushed against hers. She was tight! It was hard work but work he enjoyed. Her pussy was burning and her body ached for relief. Ismail. Closing her eyes she imagined him again slamming his Lund into her mother's cunt. It had never stopped before and he wasn't going to stop now. She felt his prick throb against her hip. A virgin? He doubted it. Rani slowly crawled backwards out of Ismail's room. he had taken many cherries already. "I'm a virgin "she sobbed "No! NO! Please! I'll suck you! " Ismail was too wild now to care. Ismail began to slide his Lund in and out of her now unsealed choot. Her mind still filled with images of her so respectable mother. Ismail was up over her and then on her. Bust your cunt and ass hole and then fuck your mother too. She was lying on her back."Low Rundi! (Take it whore) He gasped "Take my pani (water)".

Posted by admin on March 13. Bangla adult movie videos. With these words.whispered "This is so good!" He fucked her until he felt his seed bubble up and with a gasp.I . Rani felt her own orgasm explode inside her and gush all over Ismail's pumping cock. I will fuck you and your mother doggy style on the bed and then fuck your gaand (ass) as your mother holds my balls and licks my body". he shot his load into her. Click here to download latest Indian sex scandals. one more juicy cheery to add to his list. Laughing he said "Don't worry. Filed under General Click here to download Small town Indian girl mounting boyfriend and sucking cock MMS. The blood and semen. Now what about Rekha? Rani woke up late the next morning and felt the painful aching in her pussy. She then stripped the soiled sheet from the bed and dropped it into the laundry basket. Half an hour later. 2011 1:00 PM | Permalink | Comments (0) Horny fucking servant Ismail . "Then I will fuck little Rekha here in front of you both" He hissed "I'll fuck her till she can't walk! I'll bust her choot (cunt) and then fuck her in her gaand (ass) then I'll make all you Rundis suck my Lund before I fuck you again". Your mother can help you wash it out" He had not removed his cock from her hole. She slowly walked to the bathroom and washed her blood stained cunt and thighs. Rani felt his hot liquid flood her cunt and panicked "Not in me! Not in me!" she whined. But Ismail was unmoved. Ismail threw his head back and groaned as his cock blasted another and final load of spunk into her. Rani listened with erotic pleasure to his lustful plans. "Yes" Ismail panted into her ear as he fucked her. Ismail got up and after showering and washing the semen and blood off his prick and legs went back to his room. 2011 12:00 PM | Permalink | Comments (0) Small town Indian girl mounting boyfriend and sucking cock MMS Posted on March 13. Posted by admin on March 14. He had smiled with evil pleasure at the proof of her former virginity. "I will fuck you and your mother side by side in your father's bed. oozed out from her plugged cunt. Pakistani naked mujras. 2011 1:00 PM. Rani felt the pain almost disappear as his Lund began to slice in and out of her no longer virgin hole. Rani felt his prick throb and he began to fuck her again.

Shinning the light at the face of his captive.. Rani was looking at it with fascination. She sat quietly with her head down and waited for Ismail to put his Lungi on.. rapped it around his waist.. Twisted in lust filled pleasure as he squeezed and mauled her large breasts.. Her eyes however. bathing his small servant quarter in a dim yellowish light.. The girl's face danced before him. grow up and was therefore not burdened with a servile attitude towards them. In an instant. How handsome he was. He had watched Rani and her younger sister. the voice stopped him « He reached over and picked up the torch light he kept by his bed for use during the frequent power cuts that plague Delhi in summer. and then Rani's face. The 28 year old Ismail had worked as a servant in Rani's home since he was 12 years old. 2011 12:00 PM. and slammed his monstrous prick into her almost virginal cunt. All her college friends teased her remorselessly about him.Khanna's face« Binna's face. her "Home entertainment System".. Khanna's house. to the pulsing rhythms of a sexy filmi song. He pulled the intruder down to the mattress and quickly got astride it... "Ismail" The intruder pleaded "It's me. Filed under Maid / Servant It was heaven.Posted on March 13.. and thus.K. obviously feeling embarrassed. he reached out and grabbed at it. Rani" Ismail his hand raised to strike had been poised to deliver a series of hard slaps to the now captured intruder. 5ft 9inches tall. The face changing as he fucked «.Mrs. Sharmila's face. How many times had she dreamed of him touching her in that intimate way that actresses and actors touched in Hindi films? The endless fantasies of them dancing and embracing in rain soaked clothing. And that his semi erect 8 inch Lund (Cock) was in plain view of Rani. reached down and taking the single checked cotton sarong in his hands.. "Rani "He asked "What is this nonsense? Why are you here?" He quickly checked that the door to the courtyard and the door to the kitchen from his room were clear and then locked them. Ismail tensed himself and waited.. Someone or something was in his room.Ismail woke up with a start. The brief struggle and feel of his . Her gaze darting from the floor to his groin as he wrapped the thin cotton fabric around his waist and locked the doors. fit build. Rani said nothing. save him from a life as a factory worker living in a Delhi shanty town. Her eyes quickly went to Ismail's face and then she dropped her gaze as she sat up on the mattress. Only then did he notice that in the struggle his Lungi (Knee length sarong) had come off. he stood beside the mattress and switched the single 25v light bulb on. He sunk his Lund (Cock) into the hot. His hands quickly fastening around the stunned figure. tight cunt of the young girl and pumped away like a madman. A shadow passed by his bed. R. One of his uncles had managed to land him the job in Mr. couldn't resist peeping at his hairless groin and heavy looking prick.. he saw at once that it was indeed Rani. Ismail.. Her "Hunk Sex Slave". then Rekha's. fair and hazel eyed.. Getting off her. a mattress on the floor. wet.. the 19 year old daughter of his employer. Rekha.

the sight of his magnificent cock had added to her sexual arousal... lying down and from behind. He showed Rani the pictures and said "You like seeing people fuck?" "Please. The lurid pictures of men and women. Ismail looked at the sweet oval face of Rani." Rani whispered "Don't tell Papa". Girls with Cocks up their cunts. He examined the photos of models being fucked. "Is this what you wanted?" Rani said nothing. pirated pornographic magazines. widen her eyes in shock.So many holes to fill. strewn over the floor. He knew the signs. (Long shirt) She had wanted to return some of the secret magazines she had borrowed earlier that day. He had fucked them on the very mattress Rani now sat on. servants all seemed to have. usually servant girls or their mothers. Pushed his man meat in to their choots.. Girls giving blow jobs. his surprise and anger turning to something else« His cock twitched as he looked at her sitting on his bed. She was hot and wanted some relief. the recently interrupted dream again flashed in his mind. wasn't she? She was a normal 19 year old girl with a choot (pussy) that obviously was itchy... He knew that he was big. So what if she was his employer's daughter? She was in his room at night trying to take a porno magazine. below and sideways. She was caught red handed. two or even three cocks filling any and all holes available. carpeted the floor of his room. She felt the tell tale wetness of her choot (cunt) and her hard erect nipples against the cotton fabric of her Kamiz.. sucking and posing. On top. Rani . He had often fantasized about her firm well rounded butt under him. Those sexy magazines that she had stumbled on by chance while secretly searching his room for those 'special' cigarettes. her large dark brown eyes filled with heat and fear.hard body astride her had filled her with strange tingling feelings. Ismail felt his Lund harden and stick straight up. So many ways to screw.. fucking. He didn't doubt that she fooled around with her college friends. badly printed.. Then he saw it. He bent down and collected the magazines up and then stood up and asked. because they told him that he was a big man in the Lund department.. (Cunts) gaands (Asses) or mouths with scant regard for their feeble protests at its huge dimensions. his cock imbedded in her juicy choot (cunt) as his lips licked and sucked on her stiff nipples crowning her mango sized breasts Ismail had fucked girls for years. flicking through the magazine. In the end they all took it and enjoyed it greatly too. his collection of cheap. So this was what Rani had been after. Girls with one. her fingers teased and toyed with her cunt late at night when the sexual heat was too much to resist. Ismail watched Rani. Ismail selected one magazine and tossed the remaining magazines on to the chair beside his bed. its head tenting his Lungi and making his captive Rani. Long and thick. Almost certainly. bought off back street hawkers far from the prying eyes of officialdom. sitting standing.. Girls with cocks in their butt holes. and their inability to take it. with a lovely sack of balls swinging below.

she was sucking him like she knew what she was doing. She opened her mouth and took it in. Ismail smiled as he watched her suck on his Lund (cock). it slid over her lips. she put that knowledge to work.. milking and sucking the guys until they spilled oceans of sperm into their sucking mouths. Compared to Ismail. her breath coming rapidly lust in her eyes. rub it and squeeze it. Then just as Rani sensed something was about to happen.She pulled away«or tried to. Her friends had giggled as they confessed (lied?) about sucking their boyfriends off. She gasped as Ismail tugged his Lungi off and stood naked in front of her. his right hand took his Lund and pointed its head down towards her parted lips. He gently cradled her bobbing head in his hands and stood with his legs slightly apart. She now mentally compared the size of his Lund and that of the boys at college. Her head began to bob up and down as she concentrated on his cock head.. Rani soon realized that this was also a good way to stop too much of his cock being forced down her throat. they were boys indeed! Ismail moved closer and placed his left hand behind her head. Ismail felt the sperm building up and knew that he was about to cum. "Chooso!" (Suck) he whispered his voice firm and clear. by comparing the tenting that occurred in their trousers while kissing and squeezing her body in parked cars in secluded spots. To suck Ismail till he was flooding her mouth with his seed and groaning in pleasure... Withdrawing his prick slightly and whispering softly for her to calm down. He eased back. She wanted so badly to do it right. Rani gazed with lust on the beautiful 8 inch cock being offered to her. it always seemed so easy and satisfying. Ismail's hands held her head in place. Remembering all she had seen in magazines and on video. Her tears were not from pain or even from fear. None of the college boys who flirted with her could boast such a display. a hot jet of liquid hit the back of her mouth and slid down her throat. His buttocks were clenched tightly together as he fought to hold off his eruption.. "Good girl' He whispered "hold my lund like this". Was this the first cock she had sucked? He doubted it. Ismail was fighting to control the urge to hold her head and fuck her mouth hard. Rani licked her lips. she was embarrassed about not doing it right. Taking her hand in his he showed her how to hold his shaft. It was followed by another and another until she felt like she . Sudden fear gripped her as his huge man meat filled her mouth and nudged at her tonsils.looked up at his face. She had seen it done in magazines and on XXX videos. So red and shinny.. The men always groaned in pleasure and the girls all seemed in control. Tears filled her eyes as she looked up at him and began to suck him. In the videos.. on to her tongue and stretched her mouth into a large 'O'. his Prick throbbing and pulsing before her eyes. It looked so hot and angry.

Ismail and Rani tensed and waited. Her legs were shaking as her choot (pussy) burned with her heat and her heart pounded beneath her firm breasts. "One moment Memsahib" He said in a normal voice as he opened the door to the courtyard and pushed Rani out. She instinctively swallowed as she wiped her face with her hand. Ismail felt the wet smooth skin of her choot and groaned with lust. Rani watched as he wiped his man meat with his lungi and smiled at her. Pressing his fingers between the wet folds of flesh. Rani's mother in Rani quickly ran through the court yard and entered the house through the front door. Rani felt like her head would explode. Ismail stood panting before her. She pressed her hands between her legs on to his active hand and panted as the pressure and pleasure built up. A voice whispered "Ismail. Rani had French kissed before but Ismail was so much more forceful then she was use to. She tensed and felt her choot spasm into orgasm. His hand had forced its way under her Kamiz and down the front of her Shalwar (baggy trousers). He dug his hand down her Kamiz and squeezed her braless breast mercilessly as he panted into her ear "Cum you bitch!" Suddenly there was a gentle tapping at the kitchen door. He then opened the other door and stood back to allow Mrs. Khanna. his throbbing man meat pressed against her well rounded gaand (ass). He wanted to stick his Lund (cock) deep in to her pussy." Did it taste nice?" Rani nodded. she could feel the heat of his prick. she froze in terror. His fingers moved expertly down to the hot damp slit of her cunt. Ismail felt his fingers being bathed with her hot sticky sex juice. His tongue forced its way into her mouth as his hands moved over her back and butt.would drown. She had imagined all sorts of things. It would be anywhere from tasteless to tasting like coffee. His hands pressed her stomach and squeezed her breast as his mouth planted kisses on her neck. quickly closing it behind her. Her mouth was filled with the sweet salty taste of his thick love juice. Pulling her to her feet. a series of shots hit her face. Ismail wasn't finished with Rani yet. he located and teased her (Channa) clit until she squirmed. She had never thought it would taste so good. are you awake? Open the door quickly" Ismail hissed "keep quiet!" in to the terrified Rani's ear and released her. Ismail broke the kiss and spun her around so that her back was towards him. "You like that?" He asked. holding his prick in his hand and tugging the last drops of seed from its head. This was so much better then her fingers. Her breath caught as the first jolts raced through her body. She sneaked to . She felt his hands squeeze her buttocks as he pressed his ram rod straight Lund against her soft belly. She pulled back and as his prick exited her cum filled mouth. hard against him. he pulled her into a tight embrace and kissed her passionately on the mouth. lips and hair. He then pulled her back. she gasped at the feel of his fingers on her hairless choot. Even through the thin fabric of her Kamiz.

"You harami! (Bastard)" Mrs. We have been married for about 8 years and have two children. We had few Rum and Coke in our hotel room. close to the bar area were round tables where you could just stand and drink or sit on large stools. on her knees in front of Ismail sucking on his Lund. I am 34 years and physically (and sexually) very active. Putting her ear to the door she strained to hear what was being said in side. I gave her the drink and after few sips she said somebody had asked her to dance but she refused. anyway after the drink we went . "There had better be" Mrs. We have always enjoyed fucking (after few drinks) and thinking of fucking other people. She tells me about the stories after a few drinks and how turned on she was after reading them. Khanna was saying "You behanchord harami! (Sister fucking bastard) Rani broke out in a cold sweat her mother suspected something! "Why have you been wasting your munni (Sperm) masturbating?" Rani heard her mother ask Ismail. she was wearing a t-shirt and a loose cotton pant. I would ask her to show me how she masturbated and if she is totally drunk she obliges. and enjoy reading sexy stories about slut wife. "Jaan "(Darling) Ismail replied with a laugh "There is plenty more for your thirsty choot (cunt)". I went to get our Rum Coke while she sat on the stool. 40 year old mothe r. wife swapping etc. In the dim yellow light she saw her respectable.the kitchen and towards the now closed door leading to Ismail's room. The thought of just her not wearing a bra and the prospect of her with another man was giving me a constant hard on. We were in Florence (Firenze) and being Friday night we decided to go to a disco which was close to the Hotel. We reached the disco around 10:30pm and being a weekend was pretty crowded. We took a vacation this summer to Italy. While returning I saw somebody trying to chat her up. On my trips abroad I have bought sexy magazines where there are lots of wife stories which she reads regularly and masturbates during the day. The dance floor at the disco was not very large and at one end there was the bar area. She did not put the t-shirt inside her pants but just let it hang loose so her lovely nipples were not very prominent. I said she should have gone. Rani gently tried the door. my wife was slightly high and I asked her to go bra less and I told her let us keep our minds open to the prospect of making our fantasy into reality. At first she refused but after one more drink she removed her bra. very good looking and had done some modeling assignments during her college years. Her mother and Ismail were lovers. she said something like no and he went off. Rani knelt just out side the door speechless. The disco was dimly lit. We paid for the entrance which included the first drink. Khanna replied. She said she was too nervous. My wife would imagine how she would like to be fucked by others. it opened slightly and she was able to peep inside Ismail's room. After the news sank in. She is 29yrs.

After the drink they went for the dance again and from my vantage point I could see there was much more touching and occasionally he would touch her body with his cock as if by accident. After getting my drink I went to a table where I could comfortably see my wife dancing. I could see a bulge on his jeans while I was just rubbing my cock on the stool and watching. I went to her and asked if she wanted to go. I said she should keep dancing while I go and get one more drink. As they came closer I could see she was resting her head on his shoulders while he was kissing her neck. They were soon locked and pressed close together. slowly as she was halfway through her drink his cock made contact with the side of my wife's bum. I looked for a place where I could watch them more closely. I took longer than necessary. The dance floor being slightly lower than the sitting area I could see her moving to the rhythm of the music. almost closing time. he had gone to get her a rum from the bar. she did not see me and just nodded her head. sometimes he would put his arm against her waist and rub his cock against her thigh (as if he didn't mean to do it)and say something in her ear. Again I got a drink and went to where I could watch her. His cock was pressed hard on her bum while they finished the drink. My wife looked around but not seeing me held this guy's hand and went to the floor. I went and sat in the darker corner but closer to the dance floor. as the number came my excitement grew further. He was standing leaning against the table while she was on the stool. Soon they were facing each other. she looked towards where we were sitting before. she said he had gone to get her one more drink and told her I shall be around if she wanted to go. Instead I got up gulped my drink and went to get another one. I had a raging hard on just thinking about my young wife flirting with this stranger. this was too much for me I just wanted to go to the bathroom and masturbate. I saw the guy said something to her. since the music was loud they had to talk by leaning very close to each other. they were both moving in slow fucking motion. They came back and he went to get another drink. In the floor lots of couple were already heavily petting. He came with a drink and this time he put the hand around her waist and did not remove it. They were on the other end and I could not see properly which was a disappointment. I went to the table and she said he had offered her a drink and she had accepted. While dancing my wife told me she was quite high and would not mind dancing with somebody else. Soon I saw a young guy of about 22/23yrs without a partner dancing close to her. the were talking and were very close. I know she was drunk by now. hearing this I had a fantastic hard on. I got myself another drink went close to the dance floor towards the wall and sat in the corner hoping to see what I wanted to see.for a dance. After few dances he said something and they came to the table and she sat down while he went to the bar. It was by now 2:30am. I could not tell weather he had his hands inside her pants . She would sometimes face her back to her and he would hold her waist and during the movement her ass would make contact with his cock.I prefer my Rum. Not wanting to spoil the fun I said I will get my own drink. I went to an area where I can observe my wife without her noticing me. as it happens in most discos the last half hour or so is dedicated to slow numbers. Though the music was fast there was a lot of touching. I think I saw him put his hand under my wife's t-shirt which was hanging loose and massage her pussy. His hands slowly went up and felt her tits from the side and she just held him tighter. When I came back I saw my wife was facing the wall and he held her from behind and his cock was deeply planted into my wife's ass. The floor was quite crowded and he was asking her some things. Then they were dancing together. my wife loves to dance while I do a few numbers am not too keen . Her braless tits pressed hard against his chest and his cock pressed firmly on her pussy. But as the crowd grew the slowly got pushed towards the wall where I was sitting.

the plan was to have our first baby that Yashodhara would stay home and look after. Slutdom My wife Yashodhara and I are in our late 20s. and again fucked twice after we woke up. Next time we might go all the way but we want to have such relationship with a couple where both partners can participate. have been married for 4 years. I removed my clothes and her trouser and drove . I am a tech consultant and she was a school teacher back home in India. we have been together for almost 15 years. except the bathroom lights. They were willing to pay me a six figure salary and sponsor green cards for me and Yashodhara. I removed her t-shirt and sucked her nipples and she had a mini climax. Yashodhara decided that she wanted to become a school teacher again. but she either had to sit around doing nothing for four hours waiting for me. we went to doctors and found out that there was a problem with her tubes and she could never conceive. she just kept saying o my god. We slept at wee hours of the morning. when we couldn't conceive. she said lets go before he comes back. went to where she was having her drink and slowly started playing with her nipples. and the determination to become a school teacher in the US seemed to make her forget her inability to have kids. Yashodhara was very excited about what would be the first ever car that would be . this one for her. the music stopped and lights came on.was just massaging from outside. This incident has now dominated our sex life and we fuck at least 5 times a week. We moved to the US because I got a great job offer from a rapidly growing biotech firm. She was delighted with the coursework. We went to the hotel and in the room she asked for one drink. It was now 3am and closing time. her instructors and the overall program. or then take a bus. I stayed were my wife could see me. After the disappointment of never being able to conceive ebbed. Initially after we moved to the US. Someday we hope to find that special couple. she was already drunk. her classes ended at 2 tongue straight into her clit. so even though we have been married only four years. he said something to her and went towards the toilet. And waiting for a bus in the brutal midwestern winter was not something one looks forward to. and have been living in America for over a year in a midwestern town. she just held my head and came gushing into my mouth. We pretty much settled into a regular routine . But after months of trying. In a short while he took my wife's hand and had her put it behind on her ass then he grasped from outside and pressed his cock on my wife's hand. she lay on the bed and spread her legs breathing with my job and Yashodhara with her classes. We had to leave in the afternoon and were flying back to India from Rome. After she came few times I entered her and didn't last very long. All her classes during the first semester were timed such that I'd drop her off at the college on my way to work at 9 am and pick her up on the way back at 6 pm. We were high school sweethearts. She was totally flushed. I felt her pussy and found that the pussy area her pants were completely wet. But in the second semester. His hand again disappeared inside her t-shirt and started massaging her cunt. So I could still drop her to school. So she decided to enroll in an education degree program in a local community college. Within a span of one hour I came thrice in her while she came countless times. I poured her a drink and one for my self switched of the lights. She had never come so much. I could see my wife moving her hand and stroking his cock through his jeans while moving her ass in a dry fucking motion. She came to me grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the disco. So we decided to buy a second car. but had one of the most powerful orgasm while she related how hard his cock felt and how much she wanted his cock inside her.

he had to have been attracted to her. But if not for her height. And below the ass. When I got home. I said why not. "Anyway. Because there was no way a beauty like her would have reached adulthood without being pursued by dozens of eligible Men more attractive than me. I am sure he would have paid her to let him drop her home. But one day in the second week. . because a 2 month delay would mean either sitting around for 4 hours when her classes ended early. She was so hellbent on getting that particular car. My wife always drew second and even third glances from strangers. When the second semester was just about to start." I said. Yashodhara was a bombshell. But Yashodhara was adamant. "Hi honey. would take 2 months to be delievered. So you won't have to wait for me today. "Yeah!" That's when I heard the beep of call waiting.exclusively hers. I suggested that she offer to split the fuel expenses. I'll see you at home. she finally picked one to buy. It was great that her ordeal of having to wait for me would not last for two months. She had a flawless milky white complexion and a heart-shaped face with grey eyes. Our house is on his way back. take the bus home. "Hi Ajit!" she said sounding very happy. that's nice. she had perfectly shaped 34C boobs without any sag. "Oh. she easily could have become one. Men are always happy to pay for good looking women." I said and hung up. She said she would wait everyday for two months at college. I suggested that she should get it in another color. And as far as looks go. as well as about some features she wanted pre-installed. and asked me if she should accept. and an hourglass figure with a petite waist and a curvy well rounded ass. Yashodhara said she had offered to split the expenses. which always made me feel lucky that I managed to bag her early in high school. The next day. I had to relent. I got a call from her at 2 pm. Who is it?" I asked. almost giggling with delight." she said. what's up?" I asked. "Great news. She started making decisions about the model and the color of the car." "Cool. I am getting a ride home from a classmate today. she had the slender and contoured legs of a goddess. And she was being very finicky. but Ramon had refused saying it wasn't necessary. or then taking a bus in the cold weather. or if she got too bored. So I could understand why Ramon was happy to have my beautiful wife in his car every day and not take any money for it. the dealer told us that the particular model we wanted in the particular color Yashodhara had her mind set on. At 5 ft 3 she wasn't tall enough to become a model. Few men weren't. Yashodhara told me that Ramon had offered to drop her home everyday if she liked. I am getting another call. "Guy named Ramon. As if the face itself wasn't attractive enough. she waited at school for me to pick her up. For the first week or so. Which did not surprise me at all.

"Is that so?" I asked." she said. when Ramon drove me here and I was about to get out of the car. "Something awkward happened today." Yashodhara said to me as soon as I stepped in the door.And sure enough. I got the evidence of his being attracted to her. a couple of days later. he asked me if I'd like to go have coffee with him. And what did you say?" . "Today. "Ah ha. blushing a bit.

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