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I searched for a man among them who

would build up the wall and stand in the

gap before Me for the land so that I
would not destroy it; but I found no one. March 2011
– Ezekiel 22:30 NASB Vol. 3 No. 2
This was the Lord’s lament given through
Ezekiel to the nation of Israel. After
years of sin, the Lord finally brought Prayer Requests
judgment upon Israel sending them into Pray for Ernie and Lori Ni-
exile in Babylon. And the really distress- cholas as they attend lan-
ing part is that all of this happened for guage school in Tanzania.
the lack of one person - that one person
who would be willing to “stand in the Pray for a safe & relaxing
gap” before the Lord to stay his hand of time for our students during
vengeance. It seems incredible, but such The Baylors: Michael, David, Bonnie, Joshua the break.
is the potential impact of one righteous Nurse and Ernie has been acquainting Pray for our 2011 April Ex-
person. himself with KIST educational programs tension students who will ar-
as he prepares to teach two classes in rive for short courses on
Fortunately, here in East Africa, we are Term 3. They are currently in Tanzania April 3rd.
not suffering from this lack. “Stand in for three weeks where they will be at-
the Gap” has been the theme for the Pray for our brothers and
tending Kiswahili language classes. This is
2010/2011 Term 2 here at KIST. In fact, the same program that we attended in sister in Cotê d’Ivoire as
that is KIST’s entire mission – to help they minister in the uncer-
August 2010. Please pray for Ernie and
raise up and train men and women of tain political situation.
Lori as they enter this time of intensive
God to “stand in the gap” for the training. Pray that they will be able stay Pray for of the KIST staff as
peoples of Africa. And God is blessing. healthy and remain focused during this we get a short break be-
time. tween terms and prepare for
At this writing, we are in the final week Term 3.
of Term 2 and the students are sitting for Of all the preparation to come here, lan-
their final examinations. Excitement is guage training is one the best invest- Pray for Joshua and Michael
high as 80+ students are completing ments that we made. It has opened many as they integrate into a cul-
another term of work, including 9 stu- more doors and relationships than would ture that is not their own.
dents who are completing their senior have been otherwise possible. In our con-
internships at various locations around tinuing efforts to learn Kiswahili, we are Praises
Kenya. It is our belief in the potential meeting two days per week with the oth- Praise God for the arrival of
impact of the individual man or woman, er missionaries and a Kiswahili tutor to Ernie and Lori Nicholas.
who is fully dedicated to God, which help maintain and expand our language
drives us. God has brought a group of skills. Pray for all the missionaries here at Thank God for all of the KIST
leaders to us who will have significant KIST as we seek to improve our language students who have risen to
impact on the African Church and we are skills in daily interaction with the local “stand in the gap.” Pray
honored and humbled to be able to con- people. If anyone is planning to visit East that God will make their
tribute to what God is doing through Africa (we would love to see you) and is ministries and calling clear.
them. interested in learning some Kiswahili,
send us an email and we would be glad to
Since our last writing, the final piece of help point you to some good resources.
the KIST team has arrived in the person During the past month or so, there have
of Ernie and Lori Nicholas. They formally been a number of other exciting things
arrived at KIST on February 19th and were happening.
quickly adopted into the KIST family. Lori
has begun serving in her role as Campus
In February, KIST hosted two different In terms of our family, God continues
work teams. The first was led by Jeff Van to bless us with good health. The boys
Epps from Minnesota. He and a group of Address
are doing well in their homeschool cur-
men from Minnesota and Michigan helped KIST
riculum. They are making friends and
KIST with a variety of maintenance and P.O. Box 2228
have an especially good time at the
construction activities. Some of these Kisumu, Kenya 40100
Sunday School that is held on campus.
included rebuilding a staircase, plumbing It meets every Sunday ministering to
repairs, painting, ceiling repairs, and the children of KIST staff and to kids Email
general cleaning. They were a real bless- from the local community. It is coordi-
ing and expressed a desire to return in nated by one of the KIST students who
the near future. While all this was great, lives close by. Please continue to pray
the really special part of this experience for our boys as they deal with the Phone
was that they were not supposed to stresses of growing up in different cul- David : +254 700 719 689
come to Kenya at all. They were original- ture. Bonnie: +254 700 719 686
ly scheduled to visit Larry & LeAnn Sel-
lers and Sherman & Kay Critser in Cotê Thank you for partnering with us as we Skype
d’Ivoire. However, due to the ongoing work to raise up men and women to david.w.baylor
political unrest currently in Cotê “stand in the gap.” We think and pray bonnie.s.baylor
d’Ivoire, their plans had to change. Our for you often. You are a vital part of
plans are not always God’s plans, but He ministry. What we do here would be
works things out to best accomplish His Web Site
impossible without your prayers and
purposes. Pray that God will continue to financial support. If you have any
bless this new relationship and that questions or there is some way we can
peace will return to Cotê d’Ivoire. Facebook
support your ministry, please let us Check out our Facebook Fan
know. Our email is shown just to the page at The Baylors are Going
The second team consisted of Ed & Helen right of this column. We would love to
Carpenter and Bob & Roz Custard. Ed is a to Africa.
hear from you or, better yet, have you
professional engineer and former KIST come see us for visit.
Campus Manager and Bob is an expert in Project #
water and sanitation. Their visit focused Kwa sababu hiyo, tangu niliposikia juu 42.10005
on dreaming and planning for KIST’s long ya imani yenu kwa Bwana Yesu, na
term future. The biggest point of discus- mapendo yenu kwa watu wa Mungu,
sion centered on the placement of a new sijaacha kamwe kumshukuru Mungu
men’s dormitory. With our current stu- kwa ajili yenu – Waefaso 1:15-16 (Eph
dent population, our residential facilities 1:15-16 GNMM)
are stretched to the limit. For KIST to
continue growing we need to expand our For God’s Church in Africa,
residential facilities. If you are looking
for a new project for your group or
church, this is an opportunity with im-
mediate need.
David, Bonnie, Joshua, & Michael

When you follow God, you may The Beautiful Kakamega National
go places you never imaged.
Rainforest in Kenya

KIST Students Presenting a Paper on

the Church’s Role in Government at the
2010 Student Symposium

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