Trigger workflow when a vendor is changed in SAP.

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This document show s step by step proce ss for the creation of workflow, which is triggered whenever a vendor is changed in SAP thru XK02 Tcode and sends an message to relevant Person.

BUSINESS OBJECT / EVENT USED: Custom BO / event will be because LFA1 Business Object does not have a Changed Event. So we first create a new BO which is a subtype of LFA1 thru delegation concept. Thru SWO1 tcode ,we have made a new BO Z_VENDOR which inherits all Attributes and methods of LFA1.In this custom BO,We have added a new event ‘CHANGED’


Go to transaction SWDD. Create a new workflow and save it under your package.

Click on the Ba sics Data button or pre ss Ctrl -f8 and enter the work flow starting event.

We want the work flow to start on ‘CHANGED’ event of Z_VENDOR BO. Acti vate the triggering event. It will be done thru a Customizing Request.

Click on agent assignment button and assign ta sk a s General Task

Add a mail step.

Go to SWEC tcode.Click on new entries and link your workflow event to change document object KRED on ‘ON CREATE’.

Now test your workflow ,it will trigger whenever a new vendor is changed.