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TATRA ae WAS aL Swe ia * ea ~e " a TN cr POTS TAT UT ma PEN RET HE 13) Ay C] ULTRAMODERN (OFEN GAME LICENSE Version 0a The folowing ter isthe property of Wizads of the Coast nc and is Copyright 2000 Wizards ofthe Coast, ne (Wears) Al Rights Re served | Defntons()Centrbutors means the copyright and/or trade rratkonners who have contributed Open Gare Content) Derative Nateal” meas copyrighted material cling derative works and trarlatons rung nto oter compute ngage poration. mod: fication correction aeiton, extension upgrade, provement, comp lation abridgment or the ferminwhichanexstngworkmay erect. trarsfomed or adapted () “Distribute” mers to reproduce, ces ret, eae sl boas ply dopa rant eterwse de te (67 Open Game Content” means the game mechanic ad includes the methods, procedures, proceses and reutines to the extent sch content doesnot embody the Product entity ans an enhancement cer the pir ar and any adtonal content clay identified s Open aneContent bythe Consbutor and means any work covered by this cers ncluing translations and derivative works under copyright ew tur specifiy exes Proc entity.) roduct entity means produc and produc ine names, logs and identifying mals including trade des: atic cretres characters stories, stones, pots thematic elements, dialogue, incident, langage, artwork, symbols desis, depictions lienesses, oats, poses, concepts, theres and rahi photographic and ther sal r aco representations: nares _nddescrpesof charts sels enchantment personales. eans personas, tenes and special abilities: paces, locations, environ mets creatures equipment magical or supernatural ablitesor effects, logo symbols or gaphiedesigns andary other ademarkorregstered trademark clear idntfed as Product Metty by the owner ofthe Proc entity, and which pecially excludes rhe Open Game Con ten f"Tademar” means the logs. nanes, mark sin tte, designs that re sed by a Conttor to entity sel ot products the associated products contibuted to the Open Game License by the Contutor (a ‘Use “Used” “Using” means to se, Dstt, copy exit, format modify, asia and otherwise creat Detvatve Matra ‘of Open Gane Content (b) "You ot "Your means the ierseein tems ofthis agreement. 2 Thelicense: Tis License apples to ary Open Game Content that cents otic nating that the Open Game Cater mayen be Used unde and in ters ofthis License. Youmnstaffisuch a natice any Open Game Conte that you Use, No ters may be added toot subtracted romthis License except as described the Licersetsel£ No ‘ter tems or conditions may be appli to any Open Game Content disibuted sig tis Lice 3. Ofer and Acepance: By Using the Open Game Content You indict Your acceparce ofthe ters ofthis Licese 4 Gant and Consideration nconsideration or agen tous tis License the Contr rant You. perpetual woldvie ate, rorverlive lens withthe exact tems of ths Lense to Use the Open ame Carter. S Representation of Authority to Contribute Youarecontibuting cvigal material as Open Game Content, You represent that Your Contributions ae Your original ration and/or Yunavesuficnt rights to ran the nights conveyed by tis Licerse LTRAMODE 6. Notice of License Copyright: You must update the COPYRIGHT NOTICE portion ofthis License to include the exact text ofthe COPY- RIGHT NOTICE of any Open Game Content You ae copying, modifying ‘or distributing, and You must ad the tite the copyright dae, and the copyrighthaldersname tothe COPYRIGHT NOTICE of any original Open ‘Game Content you Distribute 7.Use of Product ident: You agee not to Use any Product deni, including as an indication a to compatibility, excet as expressly censed in another, independent Agreement with the owner of each clement ofthat Product entity Youagreenottoindicatecompatiity ‘or co-adaptablty with any Tradematk or Registered Trademark in conjunction with @ work containing Open Game Content except as ‘express lcensedinanother independent Agreement with he owner of such rademarkor Rested Trademark Te use ofany Product entity inOpen Game Content doesnot constitutea challenge tothe ouneship ‘ofthat oduct dentity The owner of any Poduct dent used in Open ‘Game Content shall retain alright, title and interes in and to that Product Ment 8 Idemifiation: If you distribute Open Game Content You must, cleaty indicate which portions ofthe work that youare distributing are ‘Open Game Content Updating the License Wizards rit designated Agentsmay publish updated version ofthis License. Youmay use ay authorized version of this License to copy, modify and distribute ary Open Game Content ‘originally dlstributed under any version ofthis License. 10, Copy of ths License: You MUSTincludea copy of thisLicense with ‘every copy ofthe Open Game Content You Distribute. TUse of Contributor Credits: You may not market or advertise the ‘Open Gare Content using therame of any Contributor unless Youhave writen permission from the Contributor to do so, 12. Jnably to Comply Fitisimpossbe for Youto comply with any ‘of thetermsofthislicense with espectto seme orallofthe Open Game Content due to statute, judicial oder, or governmental regulation then ‘Yourmay not Use any Open Game Materials affected 'B Termination: This License will terminate automatically i You ail tocemply with ll terms herein and fal to cure such breach within 30 days becoming aware of the breach. Al sublicenses shall survive the termination of ths License 14. Reformation: If any provision ofthis License shed to be unen forceabe, such provision shall be reformed only tothe extent necessary tomaleit enforceable 1S. COPYRIGHT NOTICE Open Game License v 10, Copyright 2000, ‘Wizards ofthe Coast, ne. ‘Syste Reference Document, Copyright 2000, Wizard ofthe Coast, Inc: Authors Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook, Skip Williams, based on ‘tga material by . Gary Gygax and Dave Ameson. Utramodern Firearms d20, Copyright 2002, Charles McManus Ryan. "20 system and the 20 System’ logo ate Trademarks owned by ‘Wizards ofthe Coast and are used according tothe terms of the 420 System License version 10. & copy of this License can be found at \wirwvitardscom ARMS az