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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. This Question Booklet consists of THREE (3) Sections, Section A, B and C. Write all information required on this cover page in the space provided as well as attendance slip. Answer Section A and B in OMR form and Section C in the question paper itself and submit this question paper. Candidates are not allowed to bring into the examination hall/room any form of written materials or electronic gadget except for stationery that is permitted by the Invigilator. Students who are caught breaching the Examination Rules and Regulation will be charged with an academic dishonesty, and if found guilty of the offence, the maximum penalty is expulsion from the University. (This Question Paper consists of 13 Printed Pages including the front page) .............................................................. K ............................................................ ATTENDANCE SLIP DATE NO AMME ECODE/TITLE: ..................................................................................................................... URE ...........................................SECTION


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Direct Investment D.Globalisation 3. C.selective. 5. Each question carries 1/2 marks.Principles of Marketing (HMD 2103) May 2009 Final Examination CONFIDENTIAL SECTION A: MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS (15 MARKS) There are THIRTY (30) questions. When most people think of marketing.joint industry C. contains investment. B. C. D. consumerism. environmentalism. 4. D. production. D. or services by an identified sponsor that is called: A. B. D. Exporting B. B. occurs when a company enters a foreign market by joining with a foreign company to produce or market products or services. research and development. A consists is one that. by operating in more than one country. A. The simplest way to enter a foreign market is through: A. presentation or promotion of ideas. B. materialistic. C.sales promotion. favoritism.whole-channel view D. Two major grassroots movements that have arisen to keep business in line include: A. Fill in your answers in the OMR form.personal selling. Many critics have charged that the current marketing system leads people to be: A.consumerism.advertising. they think first of the common form of marketing.perennialism.choosy. ethnocentrism. 3 . 6.exporting. goods.participative. nonpersonal. global firm investment 2. and financial advantages that are not available to purely domestic competitors.industrialization.Joint venturing C. Answer ALL questions. C. environmentalism. A.joint ownership.

financial losses with other firms. D. D.integrated personal selling C. This unplanned static or distortion during the communication process is called a: A. D. C. This carefully integrates and coordinates its many communication channels to deliver a clear. A consumer is reading a magazine with a DIGI advertisement. response. B. C. B. noise. D. consistent. but is distracted from reading the advertisement or its key points.integrated personal selling 9. 12. C.price.response.major problems C. C. and compelling message about the organization and its the receiver assigns meaning to the symbols encoded by advertiser in its advertisements through a process known as: commitments D.message. 8. integrated marketing communications B.encoding.encoding. 10. B.competitor. B.decoding. 4 . product. Distribution channel decisions often involve - A. In a communication process. The promotion mix is an integral part of a company's marketing mix that includes all of the following EXCEPT: A.integrated competitive method of Marketing (HMD 2103) May 2009 Final Examination CONFIDENTIAL 7.agent.short-term commitments 11. A. Each of the following is one of the four major communication functions EXCEPT: A. More companies are adopting the concept of .

complexity of a 16. dealer with producer. dealer with customer. tremendous cost savings to the company and its customers C. expenses. we say that the number of intermediary levels indicates the channel. retailers. D. information. wholesalers. By definition. product to geographic area. D. width C. price produces: A. D. a need for improved logistics management D. Brokering D. Intermediaries play an important role in matching: A. depth B. C. length D. Which of the following are reasons why companies are placing a a greater emphasis on logistics? A. B. Unlike the other 3Ps. supply and demand.Principles of Marketing (HMD 2103) May 2009 Final Examination CONFIDENTIAL 13. a conventional distribution channel consists of one or more independent producers. C. 15. pricing. 17. Wholesaling 19. C. Franchising B. variable costs. merchants. Retailing C. promotion. In marketing terms. includes all the activities involved in selling products or services directly to final consumers for their personal. A. B. negotiation. A. B. products. revenue. fixed costs. 5 . C. All of the following are key functions that intermediaries play in completing transactions EXCEPT: A. contracts. and: A. nonbusiness use. B. 14. to give customers better service or prices B. all of the above 18. D.

000. Product conceptualization C. buyer-readiness stage D. fixed costs A. behavior. RM4. All of the following are forms of prices EXCEPT: A. 26.000. salaries of finance manager D. Performance imaging 24. B. B.001 and above of monthly income is an example of segmentation based on: A. D. Products such as insurance and cemetery plots are examples of the consumer does not know about or does not normally think of buying. competition C. and heavy product users. Dividing consumers into those who earns RM 0— RM 1. Which of the following is an external factor that affects pricing decisions? A. Promotion presentation D. user status B. medium. Unlike variable costs. A. 22. salaries of production manager B. is the act of designing the company's offering and image to occupy a distinctive place in the mind of the target market. A.001 . the marketer segmenting this market is using the _________ as the means to segment. rents. convenience goods that are products that 6 . fees. decrease B. specialty goods B. psychographic.Principles of Marketing (HMD 2103) May 2009 Final Examination CONFIDENTIAL 20. 21. C. funds expensed to clean production equipment 23. Positioning B. demographic. A. fines. geographic. D. remain the same as the number of units produced increases. C. RMI. lists. divides in half D. increase C. shopping goods D. If a market is segmented according to light. usage rate C. unsought goods C.RM 4. occasion 25.

created D. Equipment C. Materials and parts B.consumed C.product mix C.developing product concept. are industrial goods that enter the manufacturer's product completely.product system 29. services are produced and A. A. A. 7 .Maintenance service D.Operating supplies 28.Principles of Marketing (HMD 2103) May 2009 Final Examination CONFIDENTIAL 27. C. the first step is: A. Unlike physical goods. launched of products D. 30.commercialization. B. A is the set of all products and items a particular seller offers for sale.generating testing.maximized simultaneously. D. product line B. In the new product development process.

but also with key suppliers and resellers in the company's supply chain. Nestle produces a variety of beverages. Each question carries 1/2 marks. In the OMR form. If the pull strategy is effective. shade T for True and F for False. 31. 40. Joint venturing is when two or more Malaysian companies jointly invest in distributing products to a foreign country. Shopping products are less frequently purchased consumer products and services that customers compare carefully on suitability.The affordable method sets promotion budgets to match competitor's budget. 36. price. 34. 37. Fill in your answers in the OMR form. 44. 41. Retailers are firms and individuals that provide the resources needed by the company to produce its goods and services. Decoding is the process of putting thought into symbolic form. 32. who will in turn demand it from producers. 39. 33. 8 . consumers will then demand the product from channel members. selective distribution seeks several outlets. Value-based pricing uses the company's perception of value. 38. The simplest pricing method is cost-plus pricing where you add a standard markup to the cost of the product.Principles of Marketing (HMD 2103) May 2009 Final Examination CONFIDENTIAL SECTION B: TRUE AND FALSE QUESTIONS (10 MARKS) There are TWENTY (20) questions. Producing a product or service and making it available to buyers requires building relationships not just with customers. Intensive distribution seeks many outlets in a market. and style. Deceptive packaging includes exaggerating package contents through unusual design. Answer ALL questions. Specialty stores carry narrow product lines with deep assortments within those lines. 45. This variety is called its product line. and exclusive distribution seeks only a limited number of outlet in a given market area. 35. 42. A company's total marketing communications mix is also called its marketing mix. 43. The simplest way to enter a foreign market is with direct investment. quality.

regions. 50. including technological advances and shifts in consumer tastes. a firm will develop a prototype that will satisfy and excite consumers and be produced quickly at budgeted costs.Principles of Marketing (HMD 2103) May 2009 Final Examination CONFIDENTIAL 46. and cities. 9 . 48. Sales for products in the decline stage of the PLC drop for many reasons. Bombay Gifts divides its markets into units of nations. 47. The greatest profits earned by a consumer product most often occur during the introduction stage of its Product Life Cycle. Bombay uses international segmentation. Niche marketing offers smaller companies an opportunity to compete by focusing their limited resources on serving niches that may be unimportant to or overlooked by larger companies. 49. To test the product concept of a new idea.

- .Principles of Marketing (HMD 2103) May 2009 Final Examination CONFIDENTIAL SECTION C: SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS (25 MARKS) There are THREE (3) questions in this section. Question I — -r- WNW . (5 marks) 10 ."- Figure 1: Spritzer Mineral Water Source: www. Write your answers in the space provided below each question. Based on Figure 1 above.1. answer the following questions: a) Describe the FIVE (5) stages of the buying decision process using the above product. Answer ALL questions from this section.ecomaxmc. downloaded June 11. .

Principles of Marketing (HMD 2103) May 2009 Final Examination CONFIDENTIAL b) Why are the mineral water bottled in various sizes? (2 marks) c) Discuss any TWO (2) functions of packaging for the product. (4 marks) (Total 11 marks) Question 2 Describe the following marketing concepts/terms using examples: a) Marketing intermediaries (2 marks) 11 .

Principles of Marketing (HMD 2103) May 2009 Final Examination CONFIDENTIAL b) Consumer market (2 marks) c) Service (2 marks) d) Market segmentation strategy (2 marks) e) Variable costs (2 marks) (Total 10 Marks) 12 .

(Total 4 Marks) [TOTAL MARKS: 50] END OF QUESTION 13 . Choose any TWO (2) of the marketing mix strategies (4 Ps) for the stall and elaborate on (4 marks) how you go about implementing the selected strategies.Principles of Marketing (HMD 2103) May 2009 Final Examination CONFIDENTIAL Question 3 You have been hired as the marketing manager of a "teh tank" kiosk in a shopping centre at your hometown.

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