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University of Missouri Competition CONTRACT

This AGREEMENT Is made and entered Into this -~8~th~- day of .h!Jy_in the city of Columbia, in the State of_
Missouri , by and between The Curators of the University of Missouri (hereinafter designated as
Missouri) and University of North Texas

WITNESSElli that:
1. The said parties mutually agree to cause their respective varsity teams to meet in the city of Columbia In the
State of Missouri on the 16th day of October. 2021 to engage in a game of
Football (the game). The game Is to be played at_·__T_,__,B=D..___ o'clock on both dates.

2. The eligibility of all players to participate in the game shall be governed by the rules and regulations of its
own conference and the NCAA. The Institution must maintain membership within the NCAA Division 1
Football Bowl Subdivision. If the institution does not meet this membership requirement two years prior to
the day of this game, this contract will be null and void.

3. Ticket prices shall be set by the designated home team.

4. The designated home team agrees to pay the designated visiting team, as full and complete compensation,
the fixed sum as follows on or before January 15th following the game.

a. In 2021 University of Missouri will be the designated home team and

pay ·University of North Texas • $1,300.000.00 for Its
participation in the game on October 16

5. The cheerleaders and mascot of each team shall be admitted free of charge provided they are in uniform and
their attendance shall not be included in the game report, unless otherwise agree upon by both institutions.

6. The designated visiting team shall be allotted 400 complimentary tickets for followers (including
bands) for each game. The designated visiting team will have an opportunity to purchase up to 2000
additional tickets from the designated home team for each game, but must notify the home Institutions ticket
office by July 1st of the competition year with the number of tickets that will be purchased. The designated
visiting team will return 90% of unsold tickets to the designated home team no later than 14 days prior to
the scheduled date of competition. The designated visiting team will return 10% of unsold tickets to the
designated home team no later than 7 days prior to the scheduled date of competition for each game.

7. The radio broadcast of the game shall be the property of both participating teams. The. rights of each team
are as follows: The designated home team shall provide space for only one free broadcast outlet for the
purpose of broadcast on the established radio network of the designated visiting team, receipts from which

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shall belong to the DESIGNATED VISillNG TEAM. All other broadcasts rights and privileges and receipts
therefrom shall. belong exclusively to the designated
. home team.

8. Each party acknowledges and agrees that the home team (or its conference) exclusively owns and retains all
television, pay per vi~w, cable, internet and other rights to tape, broadcast, rebroadcast, and otherwise
distribute, license, exhibit, sublicense, televise, transmit, or retransmit (collectively referred to herein as
"Broadcast," with each person or entity effecting or facilitating the Broadcast being referred as a
"Broadcaster") such home Game and any and all portions of such Game throughout the universe by any and
all means, uses, and media now known or hereafter developed (including via focal, regional or national
cablecast or over-the-air transmission, and including by video or audio streaming or other transmittal of
actual events or portions or summaries thereof via the Internet) (collectively herein "Broadcast Rights''). If
and to the extent the visiting team has or will have any such Broadcast Rights, the visiting team irrevocably
assigns, conveys, and transfers all of such rights (including full ownership of all copyrights) to the home team
(or its conference) in perpetuity. (As used herein, "Internet" means a global information network consisting
of interconnected, but Independent, computers including, but not limited to, the World Wide Web.) Neither
. . . .
the visiting team, nor its conference, shall have Broadcast Rights except as otherwise expressly set forth
herein or as may be agreed in writing by the home team on a case by case basis. To the extent that this
Section conflicts or is inconsistent with any other language or provision in this Agreement, the terms and
content of this Section shall control and supersede any other such language or provision.

The visiting team hereby grants each Broadcaster a license to use the trademarks and logos of the visiting
team and the names and likenesses of the visiting team's individual players, participants and coaches to
promote and publicize the Game and the participating teams and institutions, provided that such trademarks,
logos, names and lfkenesses must not be used by any Broadcaster as an endorsement of any product or
.. service or in connection with any political cause or candidate, or in any manner prohibited by applicable NCAA
rules and regulations. The visiting team warrants to the home team and Its conference that the visiting team
has obtained the right to license the use of the names and likenesses of lndivldual players, participants, and
coaches for the purposes set forth in this paragraph.

Each party shall have the right to film or videotape the games played pursuant to this agreement for non-
commercial purposes and shall have access to such space and camera locations as many be reasonably

9. It is agreed by both parties that in the event that either party fails to comply with the terms and conditions of
this contract by unilaterally cancelling the agreement to play the games or faiilng to appear for a scheduled
game, actual damages would be of an uncertain amount and, in view of that fact; the breaching party shall
pay the non-breaching party $1,300,000.00 per breached event as reasonable and contemplated liquidated
damages. This amount has been bargained for by the parties and represents damages which would be
incurred due to lost ticket revenue, lost concession revenue, lost advertising revenue, and lost sponsorship
revenue in addition to damages to reputation. Having agreed to this amount, the parties agree that no
further amounts will be due or owing in the event of a failure to appear or cancellation, nor wlil they seek any
additional amounts.

To the maximum extent allowed by applicable law, should the varsity footbalf team of the Visiting Institution
for any reason other than those stated in paragraph eleven (11) below, fail to appear at the time and place
herein scheduled for game, the Visiting Institution shall not be entitled to any payment whatsoever.
Furthermore, the Visiting Institution shall pay the host institution.the amount set forth in paragraph nine (9)
as liquidated damages, said payment shall be made not later than December 15th of the same calendar year
following the scheduled date of the game.

To the maximum extent allowed by appllcable law, should the varsity football team, of the host institution for
any reason other than those stated in paragraph eleven (11) below fall to appear at the time herein
scheduled, the Visiting Institution shall be entitled to payment of the amount specified in paragraph nine (9).
Said payment is to be made not later than December 1st11 of the.same calendar year following the scheduled
date of the game.

To the maximum extent allowed by applicable law, If either party call cancel this contract, unless such
cancellation shall be by mutual consent, or for reasons set forth In paragraph eleven (11) below, that party
shall make payment to the other party in the amount of One Million Three Hundred Thousand Dollars
($1,300,000.00) per breached event. Said payment is to be made not later t~an 90 days after said contest
was to occur.

10. Officials for the game shall be assigned and paid for by the designated home team/Conference Office. For
the scheduled competition in 2021 · at the University of Missouri the officials for the game will be
assigned and paid for by the University of Missouri.

11. In the event of fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, earthquake, epidemic, war1 invasion, hostilities, rebelllon,
insurrection, confiscation by order of the government, military or public authority or prohibitory authority,
making it impossible or impractical to play the game, both parties shall be relieved of any and all obligations
of this agreement.

12. As a courtesy to the Visiting Institution the Host Institution shall provide one enclosed visiting area In the
stadium to be used for and by the Visiting Institution's Director of Athletics and or official party.

13. Both partfes agree that the designated conference instant replay system be used for the games.
University of Missouri University of North Texas

d~/J~ p

Mack B, Rhoa~s IV
' ' [

Date Lee Ja
Director of Athletics Chance
University of Missouri University of North Texas System

Print Name Date
~Z'tyJ' Nor~1 Texas System

~ ~ 0
Rick Vlllarreat Date
Lisa J, Wimmcnaucr. . , Director of Athletics
Assoc. Director, Business Svcs University of North Texas

g;ck. V; fl 11 1· re~ / °t I:;. /J 5"

Print Name Date
Director of Athletics
University of North Texas


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