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Ver. 1.22.



This Athletic Contest Agreement ("Agreement") is made by and between the Board of
Regents of the Nevada System of Higher of Education ("NSHE"), on behalf of the University of
Nevada, Las Vegas, Department of Intercollegiate Athletics ("UNLV"), and University of North
Texas ("UNT") (each, a "Psu·ty,, or an "Institution" and collectively, the "institutions" or
"Parties"). This Agreement is effective as of the last date any authorized signatory affixes his/her
signature below ("Effective Date").

l. Purpose. The purpose of this Agreement is to confirm contest arrangements between the

2. Contest. Each Party shall cause its varsity team to play the other in football in accordance
with the provisions outlined in this Agreement ("Contcst(s)").

3. Contest Specifications. The Contest(s) shall be held as set forth below. UNLV and
University are defined below as either Visiting Team or Home Team for the applicable


Sept. 17, 2022 UNLV/Las Vegas, NV UNT

Sep t. 12, 2026 UNT/Denton, TX UNLV

Dates and times of the Contest(s) will be determined by mutual agreement. National
television network interest in broadcasting the Contest may change the date and time requested
and both Parties agree to work cooperatively to accommodate such request. If UNLV's stadium at
the time of the applicable Contest is Allegiant Stadium (which is scheduled, but not guaranteed to
open the season of 2020), Contests at Allegiant Stadium are subject to the scheduling provisions
of the Joint Use Agreement by and between LV Stadium Events Company, LLC and Board of
Regents of the Nevada System of Higher Education for and on behalfofthe University of Nevada,
Las Vegas (the Join Use Agreement").

4. Game Guarantee. In consideration of playing the Contest(s), the Home Team agrees to
pay the Visiting Team a game guarantee of $250,000.00 for said Contest(s) ("Ga me
Guarantee"). The Game Guarantee(s) are payable no later than ninety (90) days after the
completion of each Contest.

5. Cancellation. Either Party failing to comply with Section 3 of this Agreement, either by
choosing to cancel the Contest(s) or foiling to appear, shall pay the non-defaulting Party
tr" '1t""f"11"! n f l"\n" 1\lf:11 : ,u ·• n . . n ~~C't ,~ 1 ,nnn,lll\ll l\ll~ ("l""'~ ...."C ...u "t:"';; n ~m~b~~") n3
liquidated damages, unless such cancellation is mutually agreed upon in writing by both
Parties. In such case, the Agreement is null and void. In the event either Party is no longer
classified by the National Collegiate Athletic Association ("NCAA") definition as a

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Ver. 1.22.19

Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) Institution prior to the Contest date, this Agreement will
become null and void and no Game Guarantee or Cancellation Damages will be due or
payable for the applicable Contest.

6. Officials. The officials shall be assigned by the Visiting Team and the expense for said
officials shall be paid by the Visiting Team Conference.

7. Complimentary Admissions. The Visiting Team shall be entitled to 400 tickets.

In addition to the above complimentary tickets, cheerleaders, marching band members, and
mascots of each Party shall be admitted free of charge provided they are in uniform. The
Home Team must be notified in advance that cheel'leaders, mal'ching band members, and/or
mascots will be attending.

The Visiting Team shall be provided with sideline passes at no charge. These shall be in
addition to the complimentary tickets, and are for use by coaches, trainers and working
personnel only.

8. Radio and Filming. The Home Team will retain all revenue from and have full control of
all radio and film rights to broadcast the Contest(s).

The Visiting Tern shall be provided one outlet for live radio broadcast and the Visiting
Team shall retain the rights and income from such broadcasts.

9. Television. Television Revenue (as applicable) shall be appropriated depending upon each
Party's television contracts with their respective conference or Institution.

[f available, the Home Team may grant the Visiting Team written permission to telecast to
its home market from a station designated by the Visiting Team. The rights fees for such
a telecast will be waived.

If the Home Team originates a telecast or cablecast, a split-feed and cost production
arrangement may be made available to the Visiting Team at a split cost.

The Home Team shall have the right to charge a fee and retain any income from the
origination of any other non-network telecast to areas other than the Visiting Teams home

In accordance with NCAA rules, the Home Team grants permission to use video excerpts
from the Contest(s) for any weekly replay/preview show or highlight film. This permission
does not extend to any "live" or "tape delayed" brnadcast.
_ ____ __ ,._•••~ T-l..--
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- .- .•-=...--:-: ,. -~' .---. ~ shat010Et£l~:_n.iu.t:m.17.:·~
n ~ AU:-~ .., --I.. I - -:affili~•x·""
a ~ ~rt::-Wllat:CA5 -.....
4 1.\..._"1,. _ _ _~ _._ -
- - ··.·::-· :··==co

defined in this Agreement, and without the prior written consent of the Home Team.

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Ver. 1.22. 19

Any live telecast permilled by the Home Team into the Visiting Team's home area must
not be in conflict with the Home Team's conference television, cable, or media rights
holder agreements. and must be non-exclusive, delayed, and in accordance with NCAA

l 0. Rules of the Contest. The Contest(s) shall be governed by the NCAA rules in effect at
the time of the Contest(s).

11. Responsibility. Each University shall be responsible for its own liabilities, claims, losses,
lawsuits, judgments and or expenses, arising either direct ly or indirectly from any act or
failure to act by their respective University or any of its officers, regents, agents, athletes,
or employees, which may occur during or which may arise out of the performance of this

12. Force Majclll'e. In the event of an unforeseen disaster or catastrophic event, including but
not limited to inclement weather; an act of God; fire; flood; earthquake; pandemic (new or
existing); strike, lockout or other labor dispute; any decision, order law, rule or regulation
of the NCAA or any federal, state, or municipal agency or official; state budget freeze; act
of terrorism; travel disruptions; or the occurrence of any other such event that is beyond
the reasonable control of a Party (each a "Force Maj cure Event") makes it impossible to
play the Contest(s), the Contest(s) will be postponed and rescheduled at a date and time
mutually agreed upon by both Parties. In the event of such Force Majeure Event, as defined
in this Section, the cancellation shall not be deemed as a breach of contract for which
Cancellation Damages are payable and no Game Guarantee will be due for the cancelled
Contest, unless and until the Contest is rescheduled in accordance with this Agreement.
Written notice of cancellation shall be given from either Party as soon as such Force
Majeure Event occurs, but at least within 48 hours after such Force Majcure Event. No
such cancellation of one Contest shall affecl the Parties' obligations as to any subsequent
Contest(s), unless agreed to by mutual written consent.

13. Entire Agreement. This Agreement is the total contract between the Parties and
supersedes all previous negotiations and agreements, written or oral between the Parties
with respect to the subject matter hereof.

(4. Modifications. Any modifications to this Agreement must be made in writing and signed
by the Parties.

15. Intentionally Blank.

16. Sovereign Immunity. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein and regardless of
choice oflaw, UNLV hereby asserts and shall be entitled to claim sovereign immunity and
be entitled to all applicable liability limits and statutory protections, including but not
l1n, i,.~ (! tr •}',.,.~rt r": • f n ~I... , ~.. t~n tn , ,.~'4,, p",,,-;s,..~ 0 ~n.:.c.s, ,:i-";---trA Al l f t!:c u:::. ..:::il~y is a

state University, it shall also be entitled to claim any applicable laws of the University's
respective state that provide University with statutory sovereign immunity protections or a

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Ver. 1.22. 19

similar limitation of liability for slate entities, regardless of the choice of law set forth in
this Agreement.

17. Notices. Written notices required under this Agreement shall be sent by certified mail
(return receipt requested), u nationally recognized overnight courier with tracking
capability, or by email to the followi ng:

UNLV: Director of Athletics

Un iversity of Nevada, Las Vegas
4505 S. Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89154-0001

With a required copy to:

Executive Director of Purchasing and Contracts

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
4505 S. Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas, NV 89154-1033
purchasingunlv<@.unlv .edu


C/O Associate VP and COO for Athletics
1155 Union Circle #3 11397
Denton, TX 76203
Email: jared.mosley@

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties hereto have caused this Agreement to be executed as of
the Effective Date.

~ 6,~L___

Title: Director of Athletics




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JI // /J.7:> f

BY: <;:;d, 11/1212020

Jean M,Vock, Senior Vice President, Business Affairs Date

~Y: d(t-$
Keith E. Whitfield, President


BY: ~ "- vf~ $~ //- 1 3-z ozz, ~~

Elda Luna Sidhu, General Counsel Date



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