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by and between
University of Wyoming

This Intercollegiate Football Competition Agreement ("Agreement") is made and entered into by the University of North
Texas ("UNT") and by University of Wyoming ("Wyoming") (individually, "Party" and collectively, "Parties"), effective
August 17,2017.

1. Competitions. The Parties' respective intercollegiate football teams shall meet in scheduled competition! s) as more
particularly described in the table below ("Competition" or "Competitions"). The anticipated date(s) and time(s)
for each Competition are tentative and subject to change pending the mutual written agreement of each Party.

! Host j 1 Guaranteed Comp. j Consignment

U. i Institution ; Date j Time ; Amount I Tickets Tickets
| Minimum of
i Competition #1 ! UNT Sept. 30, 2023 ! TBD j $200,000 i 400
I Minimum of
j Competition #2 j Wyoming Sept. 5, 2026 TBD ; $200,000 400
J. 1,000

2. Compensation. The host institution agrees to pay the visiting institution, as full and complete consideration for
participating in the Competition, the guaranteed amount set forth in section 1 . Payment of the guaranteed amount
shall be made no later than 90 days after each Competition is held.

3. Rules and Eligibility. Each Competition, as well as the eligibility of participating players, shall be governed by the
rules and regulations of the National Collegiate Athletic Association ("NCAA"), each institution's athletic
conference ("Conference"), and, where applicable, each institution. In the event the aforementioned rules and
regulations should be amended, modified, or changed in any manner so as to conflict with the terms of this
Agreement, the terms of this Agreement are to be considered accordingly amended, changed, and modified so that
the terms no longer conflict.

4. Officials. Officials for each Competition shall be appointed by the host institution's respective conference and all
fees and expenses shall be paid by the host institution.

5. Violation of the Agreement. If either Party fails to present its team and participate in the Competition or otherwise
violates the terms and conditions of this Agreement for any reason without the express written consent of the other
Party, actual damages would be of an uncertain amount and difficult to quantify. Consequently, except under the
conditions explained in section 6 below, the breaching Party agrees that it shall, no later than thirty days after the
scheduled date of the Competition for which the breach occurred, pay to the other Party liquidated damages in the
amount of Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand and No/100 Dollars ($750,000.00) as liquidated damages and not as a
penalty. Payment of liquidated damages as set forth above will be the sole remedy for damages incurred because
of cancellation due to breach.

6- Exceptions to Liquidated Damages: The liquidated damages required by section 5, above, shall not apply in the
event breach occurs by reason of: (a) impossibility, (b) reclassification of one or both teams to a different NCAA
membership division, or (c) by mutual written agreement.

7. Continuation or Cancellation after Breach . If either Party breaches this Agreement regarding one or more scheduled
Competitions, this Agreement shall continue for any remaining scheduled Competitions unless the non-breaching
Party, by written notice delivered no later than 90 days after the scheduled date of the Competition for which the
breach occurred, elects to cancel the remainder of this Agreement, in which event both Parties shall be released
from further obligation to appear or to pay a forfeiture fee for any subsequently scheduled Competitions.


For use by UNT Athletics
Approved by UNT System Office of General Counsel through 12/31/19 Page 1 of 4
8. Tickets.
a) Ticket prices will be established by the host institution.
in section 1 . Band
b) The visiting institution will be provided the number of complimentary tickets set forth
when in uniform
members, cheerleaders, and mascots for the visiting institution will be admitted without charge
inform the host
and shall not be included in the complimentary ticket allotment. The visiting institution shall
institution 30 days prior to the Competition if the visiting institution's band will attend the
tickets set forth in section 1 . The visiting
c) The visiting institution will be provided the number of consignment
the home institution no later than 7 calendar days prior
institution shall return all unsold consignment tickets to
to the host
to the Competition, The accumulated face value of unsold consignment tickets not timely returned
institution will be deducted from the guaranteed amount set forth in section 1 .
d) No tickets will be required for; (i) media; (ii) stadium workers; and (iii) concession workers.

9- Sideline Passes. The visiting institution will receive 60 sideline passes for working personnel only. Sideline
All visiting
must be worn by all personnel with the exception of team players and cheerleaders in uniform.
sideline passes will be restricted to the visiting team area (between the 25-yard lines), the visiting team
locker room, and reasonable passage to and from those areas.

es that the host institution

10, Television. Video. Radio, and Internet. Each Party understands and hereby acknowledg
has entered into, or may enter into, contractual agreements with a broadcast partner for the sale of broadcast rights.
delayed taping, broadcasting , rebroadcasti ng, displaying,
"Broadcast" includes but is not limited to the live or
distributing, licensing, sublicensing, exhibiting, projecting, duplicating, performing, televising,
visual, or audiovisual works by which audio and/or video material are
transmitting, or retransmitting of audio,
known or hereafter created capable of simultaneou s receipt by consumers. A
combined using any technology now
"broadcaster" is any person or entity that facilitates or effects a broadcast.

the Competition.
a) Television: The host institution shall have the exclusive right to contract for the telecast of
partner (or
The visiting institution is responsible for ensuring that their affiliated conference and/or network
set forth in this
other applicable governing entity) understands and agrees to the media terms and conditions
Agreement. The host institution shall retain all telecast rights fees for the Competition.

b) Video: Each Party shall have the right to produce film and/or video of the Competition for coaching
for no other purpose. Such films and/or video may not be
and for use in a weekly coaches' show only and
by the visiting institution to any person for any commercial purpose
replayed, used, or otherwise distributed
as part of a weekly
other than for the incorporation of up to eight (8) minutes of highlights of the Competition
coaches' show.

shall be
c) Radio: The host institution shall retain full control of radio rights, except that the visiting institution
to provide or sell a terrestrial, non-internet radio broadcast of the Competition to one station in its
normal regional network. There shall be no sharing of radio revenue between institutions.

d) Internet: The host institution has the exclusive right to distribute an internet broadcast of the
without the
Accordingly, the visiting institution may not distribute an internet broadcast of the Competition
express written permission of the host institution.

and the
e) Each institution hereby grants each broadcaster a license to broadcast and use its trademarks and logos
individual players, participants, and coaches. The licensed use of
names and likeness of each institution's
service, may not be
trademarks, logos, names, or likenesses may not include an endorsement of any product or
political cause or candidate, and may not be used in any manner prohibited by
used in connection with any
Conference rules and regulations. Each institution acknowledge s that it has obtained the
applicable NCAA or
for the
right to license the use of the names and likenesses of individual players, participants, and coaches
purpose set forth in this section.

1 1 • Operational costs and income. All costs related to conducting the Competition(s), except as otherwise stated, shall
all gate receipts,
be borne by the host institution. The host institution shall have the exclusive right to and control of


For use by UNT Athletics
Page 2 oF4
Approved by UNT System Office of General Counsel through 12/31/19
concession sales, parking, and program sales. The revenue generated from these activities shall be retained by and
belong exclusively to the host institution.

12. Liability. Each Party shall be responsible for any and all claims, injuries, damages, or other liability attributable to
the negligent acts or omissions of itself, its officers, and its employees which arise within the course and scope of
employment. Each Party to this agreement must seek its own legal representation and bear its own cost, including
judgments, in any litigation that may arise from the performance of this Agreement.

13. Force Majeure: In the event the Competition becomes impossible to play for reasons of sustained power failure,
strikes, severe weather conditions, riots, war, or other unforeseen catastrophes or disasters beyond the control of
either Party, both parties shall be relieved of any and all responsibilities under this Agreement.

14. Noil-Waiver. No failure by either Party to insist upon the strict performance of any covenant, agreement, term, or
condition of this Agreement, or to exercise a right or remedy granted under this Agreement shall constitute a waiver
of any rights granted by this Agreement. No waiver of any breach shall affect or alter this Agreement, but each and
every covenant, condition, agreement, and term of this Agreement shall continue in full force and effect with respect
to any other existing or subsequent breach.

15. Sovereign Immunity / Governmental Claims. Notwithstanding any provision of this Agreement to the contrary,
neither Party waives its sovereign immunity or its governmental immunity by entering into this Agreement and
each fully retains all immunities and defenses provided by law with regard to any action based on this Agreement.

16. Severability: If any portion of this Agreement is declared null, void, invalid, or unenforceable, such provision(s)
shall be stricken from the Agreement. All of the provisions not stricken shall remain in full force and effect and
shall remain at all times binding on the Parties.

1 7. Notices. Any notice required by this Agreement shall be given in writing by personal delivery, overnight delivery,
facsimile, or United States certified or registered mail return receipt requested, and shall be addressed to each Party
as shown below, or to such other address, or to the attention of such other person or officer, as either Party may by
written notice designate from time to time.

University of North Texas University of Wyoming

Athletics Department Athletics Department
1155 Union Circle #31 1397 1000 East University Avenue
Denton, TX 76203-5017 Laramie, WY 82071

18. Amendment. This Agreement may be amended from time to time by mutual agreement of the parties. Before any
amendment shall be operative or valid, it shall have been reduced to writing and signed by authorized representatives
of both Parties.

19. No Assignment. This Agreement, and the rights and obligations set forth herein, may not be assigned by either
Party without the express, prior written consent of the other Party.

20. Counterparts. This Agreement may be executed in multiple counterparts, each of which shall be deemed an original
and all of which when taken together shall constitute but one and the same instrument, and facsimile or electronic
signatures shall be equally binding as originals.

2 1 . Entire Agreement, This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the Parties in connection with the
Competition(s) and supersedes any prior or contemporaneous agreements or understandings whether written or oral.

(signature page to follow)


For use by UNT Athletics
Approved by UNT System Office of General Counsel through 12/31/19 Page 3 of 4
Agreement to be executed by
caused this Intercollegiate Football Competition
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have
as of the date first set forth above.
their duly authorized officials, to be effective

TH TEXAS University of Wyoming


Wren Bak^tf Tom Burman, ••
Director of Athletics
Vice President and Director of Athletics

£><£// Date:


For use fay UNT Athletics Page 4 of4
through 12/3 1/19
Approved by UNT System Office of General Counsel

March 22nd, 2019

Mr. Wren Baker Mr. Matt Whisenant

VP & Director of Athletics Deputy Director of Athletics
University of North Texas University of Wyoming
1301 South Bonnie Brae Street 1000 East University Avenue
Denton, TX 76207 Laramie, WY 82071

Dear Matt and Wren,

This is to confirm that the University of Wyoming and the University of North
Texas have mutually agreed to move their football game at Apogee Stadium in
Denton, Texas from September 30th, 2023 to September 18th, 2027. This move is
contingent upon Wyoming and Cal completing an agreement for a home and home
football series in 2028 and 2029.

Since this is one of a series of moves involving multiple teams, GRIDIRON will
coordinate a release date among all of the parties involved. Please coordinate the
execution of a formal contract amendment amongst yourselves so that both schools
will be in position to release the date change as quickly as possible.

If this is agreeable, please indicate by signing below, scanning and returning via
email to Should you have any questions, please do
not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.




President, GRIDIRON


Wren Baker Matt Wfiisenant
VP & Director of Athletics Deputy Director of Athletics
University of North Texas University of Wyoming

cc: Jaime Hixson, John Sullivan - MW

Merton Hanks - C-USA
Jared Mosley - University ofNorth Texas

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