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University of the incarnate Word Athletic Contest Agreement “This Agreements between the University ofthe incarnate Word (UIW) asthe hst institution and the Vistor Institution inicated below, aa is effective and binding 25 of the cate this documents signed by autharzes representatives of both institutions. The terms ofthis Agreement are 3 flows {UW Host institution University ofthe incarnate Ward (include nome ond oddress) | attention: Brion Dovs wodovs@uintedu | 4301 Broodwoy, CP0 288 ‘San Antoni, Texas 78209 Phone (210) 8053095 aaa Sout Hs Unive ARGIGS a {incite name, er odes ond | ING (51 459.7520 phoned ‘Carbondale, IL 62901 ae Samy Footbal coal ieAlor “Baan Sta, San Na Te Sa ean Cae ee FRETS WT TTT TT eae), TED ‘Compensation Amount: UUW to pay S1U $700,000 folowing 090872022 gare “Travel Commitment: Visti ear pay al raved expanses 4 ‘Complimentary Taw 30030 esne passe Forfeiture Fee F505 ‘Other Commitments WA a Special Aurangements: 1 Contest: The Institutions agree that their respective teams inthe Spot indicated above wil compete atthe Contest Location onthe Contest Date and Time UW may for good cause, including accommodation of regional cr national television, change the Time or Contest Date subject to consent of Visiter, and consent will not be unreasonably withheld 2, Compensation and Expenses: UI agrees to pay Visitor the Compensation Amount above, within days ator the ast Contest Date, Unless otherwise stated in this Agreement, Visor responsible forts own travel arrangements and expenses assciated wit the Contst 3. Travel Commitment: UIW agrees to provide heel rooms or ether non-monetary consideration (f any to Visitor Indlested above. {Event Management UIW is responsi forall aspects of event management, Including security or aricipnts and spectators, event staff and managers, and adequate facity preparation 5. Complimentary Tickets: Visitor ul receive complimentary tickets 2s indicated for each Contest played under his ‘Agreement. Upon request made atleast one month before the Contest by Visor, ts cheerleaders and mascot wil be samitte tee of charge and permitted to perormfin uniform. Complementary Uokets will meet minimum requirements ofthe Southland Conference. 6. Other Commitmants and Special Arrangements: The Institutions agrte to full Other Commitments an Spedal ‘Arrangements nccated above 7. tigibiy and Rules: The Contes willbe governed in all respects, including the ligt of players who are to ‘poricipate by the rules and regulations ofthe respective athletic conferences and National Cllesat Athletic ‘Assocation (NCAA) In the event of any colt in the ules or vegulation: a} both teams are members ofthe same conference the conforence rules ané regulations shall contrl; ane (b Fret, of the conference has 0 ‘apeleabe rules or regulations, the NCAA rules ad regulations shall contra 8 Game Officials: Contest ofcils wl e selected bythe Southland Cooference, and all expenses shalbe pid by ‘IW, unless otherwise stated inthe Special Arrangements section ‘9. Forfeture Fee: if either team falls o appear o participate forthe Contests), te Institution ofthe team which anced or filed to appear will ay to the other Institution the Forfeiture Fee indicated above. The institutions ‘gree that thissum represeots reasonable damages caused as 2 result of falure. Payment pursuant t this ‘rovson willbe pad within 30 days after the scheduled Contest Date 10. intervening Events: Neither instittin wl be consiered a defeult ofthe Agreement for fare or delay inthe performance of his Agreement, ror fo any ether breach loss or damage ifthe cancellation is de toan Act of 6, natural dsarter, rational emergency, labor disputes, orders of state or federal courte author. or _sovering association or bay of which either Istitution isa member. either Institution fais to ita NCAA Division status or conference or NCAA rules change that nolonger allow the game, the Contest willbe cencelled without laity or Forfeiture Fee to be pad by elther institution {LL Moa Rights: Except a otherwise stated inthis Agreement and subject to any rights eld bythe NCAA or Southland Conference, ll media and broadcast rights, including rad, television, and ive-streaming tong ‘excusivaly to UW and are governed by the rues af the Southland Conference. ‘2 Radio fights: With the consent of UIW, UW wil provide Visitor space for one complimentory rag broadcast cute designate 23 the Visitors officiel broadcast station b. Telovsion Rights: Al television rights and fees are property ofthe UIW. Both UIW and Visor mayuse recorded footage of any game under this Agreement fr: () fl, reference, audltion, promotionel and publicty purposes i) any non-bcoadeast, non-commercial purpose notin conflt with the rights granted inthis ‘Agreement; and i highlight shows, coach's shows, or other commercial ventures nurig soll tothe benefit ‘of stor o its conference 12, Other Governing Terms: The rights and obligations under this Agreement are not assignable or transferable. Ths [Agreements governed by and construed uncer the laws ofthe state of Texas either Institution fle tawsit to tenfore the terms and provisions, the losing arty shall pay the prevailing party ceasorableatorne/fee 13. Entre Agreement: This Agreements the total greement between the two partes. This Agreement may be amended only ina writing signed bythe authorized repreventatve ofeach Institution, 14 Exocuton ofthis Agreement: Each individual signing bolow ropeesonts and warrants that he/she authorized to sign this Agreemant on behalf ofthe Institution represented Unversity ofthe Incarnate Word Southern Ilinois University Federation 31 COSAlol __ Tide: VP oF "Fare" nt Eley mee feel ate: Ce Please eeu executed copy to: University of the incarnate Word ‘attetion: Brion Dav, wbdoviseruineredu ‘Moll: 4301 Broadweo, CPO 288 Som antonio, Texes 78209 lw atte Contest Agreement ove 2012 AGREEMENT “This ia record ofthe agreement made Avgust 23, 217 by and between Northwestern Univesity "Home Team) nd Southern Minois University (*isting Tear)» |. RURPOSE, ‘The purpose ofthis agreement st confi the aangements and conditions undec which Noxthwesten and Scuthera Iinels University will compete In one game of football ring the regular Zotall seasons se oth in eeetion 2. 2. EVENT, Pach pry shall aus its varsity team to pla the other na game of football "Game ox Games”) in accordance witht loans of hit agreement. Tho game abl be ho asset blow: DATE PLACE TIME September 17,2022 vans 3. RULES FOR-THE CONTEST. The contest hall be governed by torte of Nationa Collegiate Athletic Association ("NCAA") a infect athe tine ofthe comet, 4, BLIOIBILITY OP TEAM MEMBERS, ‘The eliiility ofeach eam member to ‘pactisipate in the gumesbll be governed by thoule end regultcne ofthe NCAA, his insitation ana the aes ofthe alec conferees, any, of which ech intttion ia somber. 5. OFFICIALS. The ofl for th cntet sll be axined by the coordinator of| ooball officiating ofthe confeence ofthe Home Team 6 COMPENSATIONTO VISITING TEAM, ‘A, Tho Home Team forthe game shall compensate the Visiting Team lat ee of $550,000 (ve hundred and fiy thousand olla), anno othe compensation shall be dus or payable B, _ThoHome Team shal pay the Viting Team th amount dv hereunder ot ate than February 15, fllowing te contest. C. —_Revenve ftom radio and television shal be handled a st forth in succeeding paragraphs and shal bof ation t any compensation payable under this paragraph. 10. ALLOCATION AND PRICING OF TICKETS, ‘A Ticket price shall be et by the Home Team. B, No tickets shall te allocated tothe following people, ll of whom ae tobe admit fie ofebarge: (bands (i eeereaders aa mascots foreach team, when in wife; and (it) game workes, defined ae those who have a apeifis nt eetscy duty to perfor a the game wn do nt oozupyealeabe set, ©. The Visiting Tem shal be allowed 350 compliznentey ticket 1D, _Itrequested up to 5,000 kets hall be allosated fo the Vistag Team's insti and wil be provided by August {preceding te eheduled comet, The ‘Visiting Team sll acount forall tickets issued atthe price printed thereon and hall een feet all unsold tickets (over the 350 complimentary) by the ‘Mondty preceding he contest (Marching Band end chosteaders re ete at ‘no charge. aching Baa locaton will bo within the visiting eat seat loc). ‘SIDELINE AND PRESS BOX PASSES, The Vising Team shall be provided with he following: 60 sideline pases, 8 thai diestor booth panes (at NU, sons, 2 standing ‘so0n), B couches’ booth paste, 4 video passes, 6 all-aeass pastes and 10 packing passes, All Vising Tem sideline pastes wil b etced to the Visiting Team aea (between ‘the 25 yd in). RADIO AND FILMRIGHTS, ‘A, ‘Tho ome Team shal rata the revenue fiom and have fal contol ofl radio Hgts o broedcast the game a well a al fin Highs B, _Notwitstanding the foregoing the Visiting Team sll be allowed oe Ree ‘comnuecial ele fora ive o delayed radio broadcast anal tain the ‘venue Fiom such broadcast. ‘TELEVISION, Southera Mints University acknowledges and agrees tha (0) all chs to telecast or stibute (live or delayed, whole or condensed including highlight ‘thoughout the usivese in any and all art, in any and al languages and ia ay and allfrns of media and methods of distbuton and distbuton technology) [NORTAWESTERN home football games and ethn games played ata newt site tave been assigned by NORTHWESTERN to The Big ‘Ten Conferene, lc. (The Big Ten), ‘which in tua sented ito agreomens with atin thie paris forth lesa ot station of such games, b) NORTHWESTERN has no sbiliy to grant to te Southern Ilinois Unversity an sgh fr tho tleess or dvtbuton of gems played ‘pst to this Agreement in which NORTHWESTERN isthe hore bob ek or of ‘games played psu to this Agreement at etn neue sites ad (the Big Te shall have the oxelusive right o retain all rvenucs derived fom tho tolesat o itbution of mss played pursue to this Agreement in which NORTHWESTERN i the hone tam 1, 1B 4, or of games played pursuant 0 this Agreament af certain puta ste, [NORTHWESTERN acknowledges and apres thet he Southern linois University sll ave the exelsive right to ener Ico areemons with reapetotelsest Aston of games played pursuant to this Agreemect in which the Southaen Iinois ‘University isthe home fetal eam sto enn al revenues derived there rom. Notwithstanding the focegoin, the respective rights ia, of NORTHWESTERN and the Southern Ilinois University with eapect othe teleost ordstibution of gemes ‘played parsoant otis Agreement in which they a the vsti Footbal tar (an the revenues derived thee fom) shall be govened by e eparte agreement between The Big “Tea andthe Southern Minols University which sepuate agreement shall govern cain aspets of ary football games played between the mersba attains of The Big Ten end {Southern Mo's University, provided, hatin the absence of any such agresment, the terms ofthis Agreement shall cot USB OF GAMB VIDEO, The Visiting Toum shall have the right o produce films andlor videotapes of the gues played pursuant this Agreament for eoaching purposes and for tse a weekly coaches" show only and for no the: puspse. Suk ins alr videotapes may not be replayed, used or otherwise dstbuted by the Vistng Tears to ‘any peson other than the incoxporation of pt eight minutes (8:00) oF highlights of the ‘game a pst ofa weekly coachos' show aed wots fot tam coches and players. The host instittio agrees to provide reasonable faites for such camera as mty bo reasonably required by the Vistng Team to prouce such lms andor videtepes. Aay other uege bythe Vining Teen of footage of games plyed pursuant to ths Agreement shal be governed by a separate agreement etwesn The Big Ten and the Souhera luols Universe. PROGRAMS. ‘he Visiting Team shall be furnished 75 fee programs to be dlivared to Its desing room a est on hour before gam ine. CONCESSIONS, PARKING AND PROGRAM INCOME. ‘The Home Team shal have the exclusive right to sell programs and run concessions and parking. Allied fom parking hall be he soe peepety of he Home Team, IMPOSSIBILITY, IPboth parties agree that an unfoestencatutophe or dato makes Imposibe the playing f ny contest by eter party, that ants wl be cancelled a nother party shall be responsible tothe other for any Ios or damage. Notwithstanding ‘he preceding sentence, any Hasna obligation Incurred by ether pay for promotion of the contest sll be shared equally, Cenelation of contest under tis pespraph cell, rot be desnied a Besth ofthe contact, Notice of sich ctastopho or dear sll be fiver arson as possible, No such cancelation shall fc the pares’ obligations wo Sbeequent conte covered by this agreement. 15, 16, coterie lets for any reason ret to prisipat in any ofthe contests team cancels contest elif in this epromeat or fied in this sgrerent, then said Team shall pay to the ote Team or ack uch contest that docs A) 2) 2 D) ‘Any and all renorable cxpenss and labililesncued by the gone canceling Team in prepacing fo the event, eter with ay and all other reasonable expeeesor ible sustained by the non-zaneling Team as. ‘cesul ofthe teuminatng Teams fle to participate inthe covtost, and ‘A lguiuted sum of $550,000; provided, however, tht the home tam oe visting team gives the home tem or visting team a est welve (12) ‘months advance weltennotie. Should notiee be provided es than twelye (2) months in advane ofthe contest, tent guidated sum shall be$1,100,000. ‘The parte ae hati seul to predict sttendane and revenues fo any particular contest, 0 tat hs sum sll rwprosnt igldated damage forthe Home Teas os of tevene, the esective Conferences to which the hae etm or visitng tam reside mandate w change inthe nimberof nt cnnference pons resulting ina omeoallton of any game() in th sere listed in Seton 2, 0 ‘cancellation penalty will be essesced. Both fam will ake a good th floc to eschedul a game to mother season if game a sckeduled does ot tak place. ‘Notwithstanding the provisions ofthis Paragraph 15, if tha the hom ‘eam a the visitng team chang conecenoes, other spective confess dsslve to focm a new model representing the Football Championship in Divison 1, ad schedule moifcations ate mandated, here will bono cancelation poly ian gre listed in Sesion 2a sect, INTEGRATION, This consaot isthe total agrotinent betwen the two prt, supacoding prior agreements, tary. Anyadtlons or moifcations must be in wing signed by both pats, [IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the patos hereto by their spective officer uly authorize, Ive ‘nuse this agreement tobe exetied as of tho dat fist above writen, FoR NORTHWASTERN UNIVERSITY FoR SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY Se eetaar es Ree St : magn Vide _DeoyDicsrotAblets Tihs Chane dae es _afanfe owe: UPS a ap Teg B19 Contract Agreement July 2, 2019 Seton cud ae Untrty SSeeiaceay 0 ote “The agreement by and between SOUTHEAST MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY, hocinafior designated as SEMO and ‘ha Southern ints Univerty - Carbondale herlnaier designated ss the SW-C, ‘Terns: 1. The pares hereto agree thal thelr respectvs ters shal compat a flows: Date: September 2, 2024 Place: SEMO, Cape Girardeau, MO. Time: TED Retry September 10,2022, Placa: SiU.Carbondal, I. Time: TBD Relum: September 16,2023 ‘Place: SEMO, Cape Girardeau, MO Time: TBD Rot: Soptombor 21,2024 Place; S1U-Carhondae, I. Time TED 2. The ality ofl partcpantsshalbe determined by the rls and regulations ofthe NCAA ane Coeence of wich each ston a mamber, 18, The SEMO agree to provide SIU-C 000% 28a guarantor pag the above mentioned contests. Abuses ‘Sete yl ba competes within 80 days ofthe Sotet), 4. The Woting tam ena be afforded 300 Wokets hat wl be dsrbute via pass tet according to [NOAA Bysw 162, No other compimentayor pase fet emesione Wl bo aflordad, Band and choaaader of ving {oom shel bo sit ner and ar no cutee inthe comokmentry admissions. Prax erangements must bbe made for iting band and cheerleaders. 5, Ofc shale appointed bythe home fea confaenoe and shallbe paid by the home ean 6. Cencsaton of contest on account of inclement weatha or any chor unforeseen cause shal be by mul consent of tie Aleta Diostors ore Gonteranes Otis. Viting foam’ ature to appear or other cancelation wires Ina ‘anoalaton ts of $80,000.00. 7. Home team reserves all ight to contact loa ado ndortkevon coverage, The pats agree to grant parmleion the Use of video foolage of prfons of be game for her univers’ television purposes (29, {each snows). Home tom wil prov vstng team wn oe ao Ooadeast cult end rans tng eam parmision io the sthiae competion Bve on ving teas ola rao ston, 8 Advonal Terms: HOME TEAM: Southeast ticsour State Univ, Attlee DrodtdDeslanee: Brady Barke rensameede> <> 7 ex Hi onii@te.eds NIV Intercollegiate Football Game Agreement ‘Thi nercalleg Footal are Aaroerment "reer hteby made and eae neath 2th dy of [uty 2048, by andteea ne Boao Titan Sf Suor os Unirersy aby pl ae corp the tna bel of erste Ais at ua oa UnvesiyCarvande IU" ad the Bourd of rustes ef Northern Mini river sng for and beta of the on of gteraleite ‘ete of Horeer ins Urversty (NU), SU" ana, calletely the partes” and ex nd, "parte or the prove and othe good nd valaleconaerstor at othin ths green he Prieshereby egress alow. 1. Pur: The purpose of hs Agement oct the mua aged ts and condone Under ch the pata hal endian compere ancl footage contest ("Gane ast oth in Secon 2 i arent 2 Event The pati sre hat sch arty’ intarcllegatecty football tam nda he ary tht torte game a dein bstow the Home Te” ee he pry a eaves the Ste: easton the "Watng Tex andor, he “Teams) sas somata wth fra anther ns Game scardance wth heer of th Borer. The Gave sal be el cnt tonne a 1 = Be pec, iu) = ent: The Gre sh eenain leapt ng le lity he yo te tonal aes he Asoctstn NCA, he espace see ference af which each pry ener omer" a any inition res exch para apples infest the re fe Ge, 4 ie: Game ofl saline anf and apr ofa ppt by he Hone Tenn’sconferency The Home Team sal naka pymene cert thease Sama Ofte 1 Consierationncanaaration fd subet the Viting Team fing bation: under the tern fh arent hu Home Taam ares to make pyar tthe Vit Tea ae {i sn copa coveleration, te fiad um payer [Gah Consderatn"} of Tree ume oven Five Thousand an 00/100 Datars (5275/0000) fr prtpton whe Game. Gane cosiertion eur td paleo Before Dechnbr Lf the sme ya of then. If required by Home en, Ving Team il breve ome Tea wan VOI ‘dering the south unr hr ecton oh ayrcmant sub=4on 2 Gave or ‘Ssvance payment 4 Teas Tats for cies tthe Game willbe hae a ole 1 Tae prices wil be sta revenue ganeated om the of itt leaned ‘op Home eam. 1 Hoe Team prove an lac of ar handed 40) compete admission ‘cetts(*amplnentay Tat Alot tng Teo othe Gane a 0 cnt Day anda Ge set ized by Vig Tea nace of tha Compara THe, ‘Aaimeet wl be charged to eng Tear nthe aggre sr ("xe Tet Une (Gharge ofthe usta tee fee value pce. Home Tea tans te gh ccc tat eke Usage Cars applet whoting he Ec Tbe Usage Coe {rom te Gare Coniertion awe sting Team ane Secon of his ‘arent Tian xcs the Complies eka Alten 06 eet ‘Swing em the ere ean Tike Oe. Titus Wing team's Od, ceric, Scr ears, nor meses 35 ‘est musth uraned orb ppg Veg Tens Carpet) Teka 2. Game Workars: roves pany’s aay (“arn Worker" hasan ache, pela necssr gum restau) and espns ta prorm atte Same suchame Worker Shalom to the Gorm by pana ed eden a ot hough wear need adi ih Beat a stated Secon) of this Agoamen he Home Teo shal tan ay ‘venus msds have ft an corr of aca agai ane rate ‘co vhs toaden tho Gave, however snot, ding tos listaton, by as rasan tera 1. ting eam shall be alowed one] ghee al cat fore, eed ‘on-camera ongate ate base however diseinte, ucr, Shou arta, by stair andor tere, or which tong Tea ‘raed bythe sting Team ane morte states inthe Vue Ten el Poo ‘reacts Tha Hoe Tem shal pri sdeguntespace or thea ote A 1, Teleson Fn and ideo ight: king tenn etnowedges ne agroe tht Ware Team or Home Team's canfreece ‘rly ome ava a erson py pe few cable, reat and aha FNS to tep, ens, ebraagrast ana atherwse Sit, ssa ent ular. ‘ee, ana a trate calle fered her 35 rade waithnch erton erent sec raat the react bog rafradte as 8 ‘Gloocestar sich Same and wy andl prions fi Ge augue Universe by any ar les, tt an madi om nan or arsher Seep (cui sk gina or tional etecst rer har ramon, ad Inaing by ideo uti strsarne athe ronomital ofsetua evento ports ‘rains hero ua he tert flee hr roast Met, and the nt the Ving Fear has ol ave sch Broads! Has, the Vong Team nevcsly age coves 0d artes lo ser gh Gnelaing Srersh fal opis othe ame an or entree n pers (As ‘ied eral, intern ea bl oration abut ong intrcorascn, tt ndopendet conguters neue, baseline, te Wor tse Web nother the vting Tamar Use ars conference shal have Broadens igs cept as there prey a forth Neen or a ay be gran ‘ering he Home Team an ate cares To teow’ hath Seton the areamert confi riincansitet wth ay aher rege or provion nthe aveement the term: a cantant of hs Secon shal ona eh superots ong Tear hart rants each Broadcaster a ease ose the radar ad gos ‘Fthosing Te snd the names dese fhe Using Team cds yer, parcours an zoaes to prorete ang bles the Bare ae he Farting ens ann, proved that uch adem logs, ames end Ienesses mast nt be wat by ny Broacatra an edorcmen f ny produ oF series or reaction ih ay polis cus rants rin ay manner trotted by appease NCAA ler na rguneane The Vtig To apresen the Home Team ane Home Teas confrnce ha the Ving Te soba he ‘ht toicnse the ve the name alkenes onal plays, sorta $e aoaches forthe purses set orn thispaagaph Sanja othe Home toum’s Foferanc’ telavion goles nd prceures he Gama at elcome me Tear yaar th isting Tm ees {tee grmisonttacr/stiacr tthe Vr Team's hare are! se Tha ome ebm tal Rove the rah to area ee and vata an name for ho ‘Sato ty won-netwoktlcst oaee orth th Waking Tear’ al inc market ares, Marte en ay tute th tect tb sng oars {tae he won pemion oh apponng team. 1 ame ll ar Tape: Pe rts sal ave he eto aod ims and/or ideas ‘tthe Game tor osc gurposee("oaehar Flim" The Hore Tes shal poe rue tapi prudin writing by bth pte, er na aun sh purpose athe than or cosshng purpose {5 alay ane ighlshe Shows: Subject o cnference gaarens he cris hl hve the rato ue arerts rome Game for ve 2 EME wit esche 1, Concessions, Paring an Progra nome The Home Team sal have he excuse mgt 1, Ara f Teams The ports nee that he Tears shale presenta the te of he Gann ‘ndtion to ly the ae at kn OF ey (8 mites ie oe ie eve 3s £2. imps anunoretenn ent yond iter par easel contol incu ‘out imation 2c of, ee, Hood piers, a, aso, 25 fate eal, {res lets tos, sere ir pe ater, gerananerestritons of ural ‘Severe weather, end ao dng footbalrogary or abet departma oieation kes imposter ay the Game speedo by sherpa, nen Game all be cance 9” "ezenedaled, and thar pry sabe espana the ota or te fall bigs st toch herein ar aya x damage rating rom he anclaton or escheat ti thenead for concen ae ceding shale gen at aon earonsby posse No such cancelation or echaduing sal fe te pates oblgation sto sabseuent are Sy caver yr Aree ess gred Te by ttl cnt. ‘nthe everett atherprts confronce anges sschedulgrqurmans ore pt Utetches conference sian necesitatng change m Game sebmdlig ad ous cere lc the earned, hen the pre wl copra god oh 9 echedula he Game Inthe sane aro fin the nat our arc wes wool ve ben paves Hohe cea party cannot asst ssc Uw are then the ected nary may cance he Serve awl cob held respon for ha Beane blgatons se feth arin or 2 mr Touro droge resting or he eacalon 1 cancelation ar Beach of Agrsenent tier pry sates cancsng garb nthe Game or matron the temsard condos of the Agreement nung, bu aot Ui ag 0 urge nsy Gare ft tensors te tan taza puted secon 12 f ths emer hl gy the pty oot at fa th ur of Thre hundred Seventy ve ‘hawsand se 07109 Dollars 575,000.0) snob hited aren samy ‘epeaey eae In ursaance of i arement by te ary not at fu, ch im ‘habe payable ste hy 0) ie ofthe eect dae 1 nti of ance raj une obreach weer eater The parts agree that he ager the Coach fhe resent ould uncean aaa alto seri. Te ows furener ages thee sun provided flr hore ra reaneabe estima the ages that woulsbe ures a2 renutefasech and ola ena. Expenses hal Ms Seu non rmausabe sapandtares mae perf ta atin of aneetation oe ‘Enno esoled ser the cancion the reach yan ratoable st bythe 1 eanelntion «brutal onset fhe partis nd wring he Agreement be rela nthe pra oa eens a hw ther forthe Daan Shean st foc ern. 1A. conporte Sponsor Restriction: The Vita Tear sno and gross hat Hm ‘Eaevrey have remit cele arora spans: a tat ich green my ring delayed open in and around the fe of ay ising Tear ager fo const the ome Team before he amet neice hat he Vib Team does tng prone [rosa of ters hat oes th Ho Tears corporat sposo agreements ta he Home 15, tho Assessments Each pry alba ey espns or pent of any assesment ue to each gus espctve conference or any thar powering 20d, tidings tha. 1a. tnurance: Each party shall mala erancein eh ormé and in seh owas a may “pcgrate ana eearonsl ocean forthe are 1. tzceaneous Ths grterant teense agremean tan e pats respect ce ‘ose nates Reet sd aigersnden ial specs fw agement her rien or) reewdng ths Arseart tween tha Home Taam ste Vsing Team Ho uments The agreement sot bead ules reduce towing nd ire by both prs eet. NO "aston covenant duty or etiaton contin aro ar be wave xcept seatanpreunon sgnadoy athe eprsenntves of ech ea. Forbearance or indulges nay fom or ater ay other ary allot eastved aa sora ny Way Ir he eg or eutabivemacis wate tht pay. The ation fs greene Irelnseredor convenience of reterees ony anne ay doi, derbi th pe Srimtent of is green or ay Ofte roviion hero. Theres, rhs DDE Aes Soles fhe Parties eet shal tach oe bea fad shall tindng pon eh Fares eapectvesucenor, srr s0d ther imgal epesanatie. Ione mere Fargas proviso fh groan shal be dared val, Hgsl or votre Tt app we sc nt, gal or unenfceste pcagraphs erosions sabe “Sveredfem thi rere an te remain psraeaghs na pros of he Aeeerent ‘remain il ocean ec. ln vies WHEREOF tne partis haat tha epee ces dy authored ave uses ‘Agent tab enacted ifthe date fr above ter “The Baerd oo Tusters of rng rex contac: decry Spot estan Chavcaor ‘Southern ns Uiversty Actes Ung a a8 190 Dou: Dive Caton 2300 PLEASE iG aND RETURICFW COPIES 1 sein. re ‘sso ve Presdet/oraca of hts ‘ertam nls Unies ens Convection ate 209 1s vet resin axa 0515: SALUKIS. SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY FOOTBALL GAME CONTRACT ‘This ga conract (greene sade and ertere ina ts 7® day of Aus, 200, by and baton he Southam iis Unvrty Boe of Trstoos on bail of SOUTHERN ILLINOIS UNERSITY CARBONDALE (Hos! stu) ae Asn Pay State Uno (Vig Tea). The parts spat and gre as olows: 11. Vara mers ott teams representng he vo pes are o mee for an srclegae gare a flaws: Date ste ‘tne eis Seplonber2, 2023 Catond L Tex iso aly Canrence” Seplonber7, 2024 Carkilo,TN Tea ‘hielo Conon" “Oo wt be pai rb ostinston ‘fics sal be pit fo bythe hee ear. Escola corse provid horn, sch corel shal be gorened in al reepecs, nung the apponment of cits, git layers, nd the sof he sppropesor, by dees nde etbtsned by the Natonal Coleg Alec Asocaton (NCAA) anh st ition confrnce eo he tf ply. orb sue ers or ulin as ho Pare shal mal aso. 2. The Vitng Ter wart nt eprsanis nat meats ary an a NCAA itor testa sched equemen. 3. Fav ench contest, the Viting Tea shal ee fom th Hest insiton a quarts i he arcu of $200 pate ‘within 944 of he compton of he contest, he Wing tam St alo ress 300 compart has. 4. Totet pan wt be ctemine bythe Heme Team. Cheofades and mascots ea be sonited thou chars who vallom rsa nal be nla nth comglineniny thet alter. The Ving Tear aalbe eotod eal kets {or sto on consioner cid late eB number an lean 9 sages by he Host ation. Ary ums kts (csc toes nce a: complinelay) shuld te etumaso the Host suson wo woes rite gums. The Host Iraton sal deduct he pre of ny unicd che net oad byte eproed upon dt fo the guaran sl thn aragaph feo. fe guaaee in pararaph 3c $0, ost irtln wlincce ws forthe balance of kts ok ‘5. The Home Team sa tan the Hoh cata rado boadcesting its the contest he rcp tom wien sh long the Home Taam. Nettntaning ha foroping, he Veg Team shall ave the rah to dest one rac fan n ome area hic sna be gen he ih for ee, broadcast lve radi destin oft cont. Reco fram reacas hal belong othe Ving Team The Homo Team ans confrec shal tain th ight conc for livin toda! and cable vein broadest ‘aot thecoiost. Any ee i er te fate roedeat ne conta levine eal leon a xorg ho Hore Team ore Conefence, Te parte gre, howe, tera any epoca coss-oer agrestis sen te respecte conerencescfhe Pars wth espactbrongcal oie es. oth Pars snathave he igo ws expt fromthe conta on ghghsorenaces'tvon snows Page 10f2 7. Thiscontact may sly be emia by mia consent ofboth Pate, awit. The Portes sccowidge and ane ‘ale ect damagee lyf eau rom ether Par eto appear or he game easing rom the canes of ‘hegame rece ostinato on he a he Agresnnt an wold be eee Party 0 prov. Arar ress cherie eqreedin wing, the Parse apes tat he overt of cuch arcana ato appa. est that cance o fatto appear rat pay Lo he oar as of $100,000 3 luis darages wit 8 ce of he thd de forthe slorementaned goa, The Pare nnd at the paynont ofthe iat damages wo see tacoma the nonpartring Pat fr ay broach byte ota os gallons of paromance under Bis eet ar ny do attend to serve a urement re pansy any uch ese” 1B. _Thisconact habe vol lh espct om cartel inthe event that bacoes impor pay sch const by rseon cf any unforeseen clasts ar Seater sich ae, foe, hurzee,eatavoo,ecere west ene condone nranipaed celal or round condone epdonic, fine, plague or oer natal calories st ec of (od, else, wt, wasn, hosts, eelin, aurecon,cotzan, by ore of goverment, tayo pe utoty or rttey er inure ade of ary eestor oer goverentl authorty. Note of Sch 2 Catestopheo: dal shal be ganas son as poe. The contest cones under i provion sl be reed ste eri ot alone oth Patou cero sea oy the Pars. 9. Nomer Pani eroming hs are8ment sh egy erin agains any dvi cn he bets of, clr, region, gender, mia tte, saci orertafer,naoal fino nosy, ane, ysl ment hand need tw atity,orurowrable decry rom mary eave. 10. Tis Agwemant arth hs and elgaon sloth hare arena zee or tani, woken par, by ‘tn any Stat Uiversty ‘nti Orecorauoraed Reprsoricive, ABU Dale ate PLEASE SIGN AND RETURN ORIGINAL To: ey Ki Decor of itis Sounam tn untesty “18 Lingle Hal C820 (rend 61901 age 2 THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into by and between Kansas Athletics Incorporated hereinafter called Kansas" and Southem Ilinols University hersinafter Called "Souther things.” WITNESSETH: |n consideration of the mutual promises contained hersin, the folowng AGREEMENT ‘Agreement is made: FIRST. Football teams representing Kansas and Southem ilinols wil play each other on Saturday, August 31, 2024 in Lawrence, KS, With respect to the game, the home team shall have the right to choose the starting time, ‘The Gama shall be Governed In all respects, including player eligi, by the ‘ules of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, the rules of the conferences of which each party belongs and the Institutional rules of each arty, SECOND. Southam ttinols shall receive from Kansas @ guarantee in the amount of Fiva Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000) for the 2024 game, THIRD. Radio broadcasts of the game shall bs under the control of the home {eam. Provided, however, that the visting team shall have @ rights free out for the live radio broadcast ofthe game by one (1) radio station or network situated ints home 2728, such station or network to be designated by the vieling team. Any receipts from {he sale of such lve racio broadcast shall be vestd inthe respective team holding the Fights to live broadoast, FOURTH. Television, A ‘The partis acknowledge and agree that all other media rights for games played pursuant to this Agreement are subject to ‘media agreements entered into by the Big 12 Conference end the Missour Velley Football Conference on behalf of its respective members, 8. |m the evant that the game is not selected for dlsttbution Pursuant to a conference agresment, the parties acknowledge that the tolevielon rights shall be held by the host institution, c. Each party shall have the right to flm or videotape the game Played pursuant to this Agreement for non-commercial Purposes and shall have access fo such space and camera locations as may be reasonably required. FIFTH. Both parties shall have the right to use excerpts from said game for use (on highlights or coaches’ television shows. SIXTH. Kansas shail make avallabie to Southam Ilinols Three Hundred and Fy (350) complimentary tickets. Kansas shall make available to Southam Illinois thre ‘Thousand Five Hundred (3500) tickets for purchase, Chesrleaders for Souths ilinois ‘hall be admitted on a pass lst provided they appear in uniform. SEVENTH. The game officials for the game shell assigned and pald by the Big 12 Conference. EIGHTH. If either party falls to comply with the torms and conditions of this ‘Agreement or, unilaterally cancels the Agreement for any reason, the canceling party ‘20r80s It shall forfelt to the other the eum of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000) ‘38 liquidated damages end not a penalty. If cancellation is by mutual consent, this ‘contract shall be null and void, NINTH, ‘The parties recognize that exigencies beyond the control of either, such 88 Acts of God, acts of common enemy, cil disorders, or orders of miltary or civil ‘authority, may render it impossible or impractical to play the game agreed to hereunder. In euch event, the game shell be canceled or rescheduled as such exigencies may Permit. If the game is cancsled under these circumstances, the provision of peragraph "SECOND' does not apply. TENTH: Southam Ilineis authorizes the University of Kansas and Kansas ‘Athletics, Inc. (and the Big 12 Conference) to uss (and to authorize each enily effecting ( fecltating the Game Broadcast to use) the trademarks and logos of Southem Ilinole ‘and the names end likenesses of Southern Minois' individual players, participants and ‘epaches to promote and publicize such game and the participating teams and Institutions, provided that such trademarks, logos, namas and likenesses must not be ‘sed a8 an endorsement of any product or service or in any manner prohibted by spplicable NCAA rules and regulations. Souther ilinois certfies to the University of Kansas, Kansas Athletics, Inc. and the Big 12 Conference that Southem Ilinols has ‘obtained (() the consent of the Individual players, participants and coaches of the ‘Souther Itinols te participate in such game with the knowedge that it may be televised or otherwise distributed (on a live andior delayed basis) in various media, and (i) the Foht to license the use of the names and ksnesses of individual playere, perticipants, ‘and coaches for the purposes sat forth in this section. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties herato have caused this Agreament to be ‘executed as of the date written below. KANSAS ATHLETICS INC, ots UNIVERSITY ay: ey:_L/ Sai Saye Di ‘Athlatice rector of Athletics DATED: 2h 7 By: Mike Voting Senior Associate AD-Football paren,_—11|19 UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS Unoana-Cuannaten » Curcaco » Serineriuiy HOME GAME AGREEMENT Foorbau. ‘This Agreement ismade an entered inte upon the date last sgnedby spat hereto by and between the Board of rurtes ofthe Univers fina on Behalf fis Dison of interest Atltics (Cini) ad Te Board of Tastes of Southern nals Univers, by and on Beal of Southern nas Univesity Carbondale -Vsting Tea) to establish the terms and condons fra Footbal athletic contest whichis @ Nome game for Minas. Inconskleratin ofthe mutual promises and covenants contained herein and ther good and valable consideration, the reesipt and suficency of Which i hereby acknowledged, the pares spree a folows: 4, Agreement t Pay “Te vary football teams representing ino and isting Team shal meet and phy at Memorial Stadum, 142 5. Fest Stree, Champaign, ilinois on Satay September 29,2026 ("Game"). Game time is TOD. The dete and ine oft sme may be changed by mutual agreement ofthe partes, which wile evidenced in wring by an exchange of eters or aera om te respective Decor of Athletes or his her designs fr each nstuton. 2, Governance an etgiity. “The Game shal be governed by thera ofthe Notional Cllelae Athletic Association (NCAA) 35, ineffecat the time ofthe Game. The eligity a ech 2am member to patcoate nthe Game ‘stall be overmed by the rules and epuation 5 whe ACM Eh tac member's insist rules ofthe athe conferance, Hf any, to which tat sttton belongs. 5 Compensation. 2,‘ hal py Vistng Team total compsation of ve hunsed twenty ive thousand dos (s525,000)for is partcavenn the Game. Payment shad be sont no lata han fourteen (4) calendar days folowing the dat ofthe gms. No ther coipsnstin shallbe due or payable 1. Visiting Team sal receive 400 complimentary Hekets.Adtionally,VstingYeam shall reve minimum of 1000 kets aalable for the game ae cosigamant sale. Al unsold consignent| tickets must be turned oink by the Thursday ofthe woekof the ethletic contest Payment forconsgnment tees must be made onl within sty (60 ays ofthe ‘conclsion ofthe game, The cheeslenders and scot of Vsting Tem habe admitted fre of charge when a tnform provide, nowever, that na ater than seven 7} days prior tothe Game, Visting Team shall not lino ofthe numberof cheerleaders and mascots who willbe attending, fan. 4. The morching bands ofeach tam shall be amted free of charge when in uniform provide, however that no later than thirty (30) doy prior to the gare, Vsting Tam shall no Minis ofthe numberof band members wha wile attending any. Alpre-geme,halie ané pos tome actives ae under the cont af tinal |e Vistng Team sallb fried 225 Game programs, eof charge, to be delivered tots locker room before Gere ine. 4. Broadcast igh Alleadio rights to sen Game, any, are the property of lin. cepts rowed in Pareeraph li below, Visiting Team shal have ro ight to any revenue payments fr | tino shal provide Visiting Tesm trae of charge, with one outlet for ada broadcast ofthe ‘Same to Wishing Year's home geraphic rea. Ving Team senile! to etn any revenue gnerated by such ao broadcast b. Televison |. Visiting Team atnowledges and agrees shat [alright t telecast strut five or delayed, whol or condensed (including hghlghts, throughout the universe in any anda markets in any and allangusges and vi anand all forms efmadiaand methods of

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