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MODEL PAPER “ENGLISH” English (compulsory) (S.8.C, Clase Xi Pert II Roll No, _ ENGLISH (COMPULSORY} (Academic Session :2013- 2014 ) PAPER-11 (Objective type ) (10" Class) Time Allowed : 20 minutes Maximum Marks : 19 Note: Four possible answers tink is correct, fill tha ‘two or more bubbles will result in zero mark in that question. Attempt as many questions as given in that objective type question paper and leave others blaaky No credit will be given in case Bubbles are not filled. 7 ia oot: babble Abt + Time : 20 Minutes. Marks : 19) B,C and D to each question are given, The choice which you Gf @ Choose the correet form of'verb and fill up the Bubbles. (5) OM eeesssr see a pre (Alls zaining (B) rains (C) eained (D) will rain (2) They ...-.04 to sleep at tan, (A)Had go (B) Shall go (C) are go (D} go G3) The sun .....ese in the west. (A)Set (B) gets (C) will set (D) had set 4) bas you sinee Monday. (A)Shall see (B) saw (C} sce (D) have noi seen (8) He has----— his break last (A) took (B) Take (C) Taken (D) taking (b) Choose the word with correct spelling and fill up the Bubb! exid) (©) (Ap Revenge (I) Revange (C) Ravenge (Dj Reveng (7) (A) Costumary B) Customary (C) Customery (D) Custmery {8 ApDacorate (B)Hlecorate (C)Bacorete (D) Decor: ©} — (A)Infeeiion (8) bntiction (C) Enfection (1) Arfeeshon (©) Choose the correct option and fill up the Bubbleg(s) (19) (i) Their ancestors billed @ mbet of our family. The underlined word means. (A) Relatives (B) Brothers (C) Forefathers (D) Successors (21) The man had been sent with other convictsto Australi. The underlined word means (A) Prisoners (B) solders (C} Delegation (D) Troupe (12) The Synonym of reward is (A) penclty (B) Prize (C) Present (D) Gift (13)The Antonym of Foe is (A) Enemy (B) Pertner (C) Friend (D) Brother (14) Ali was impressed ~ Sarmad’s grades, (A) with (B) by (e) from (A) of 1 Bubble in front of that question with masker or pen ink. Cutting or filling S cL chocse tae correct option according to grammar and fill up the Bubbles.) (15) Our job is to keep the auilience happy. The underlined word is a/an {A} Conerete Noun (B) Collective Noun (C) Abstract noun (D) Material Noun (16) l can not afford to spend too much money. The under lined part of sentence is wan A) Gerund (B) Pariciple (C) verb (D) infinitive (11) They invited us 10 their home yesterday. What tense is this? (A) Past indefinite (B) Past perfect (C) Past Continuows (D) Past perfect Continuous (18) The room was full, so Thad no place to sit, lis ann sentence, {A)Simple (8) compound (C} complex (D} Negative (19) Someone ete my cookies, The underlined word is alan (A) personal pronoun (B) Relative Pronoun (C) Indefinite pronoun (D) Reflexive Pronoun \ \ hy Is ‘ohawwnad Arshad Shai MM YouStF Shahia Senior Headmester S.STH/S Shujebad GHS 79/10-R Khanewel Cell## 03067334836 Celi## 03336100100 AA Shamim Ahmed Athor Nei _ Senior Headmaster SST GHS Shujabed GHS Tataypur, Multan Cell## 03017491783, Cell # 03045356150 - Avif Hoyat_ 7 HM 69 M4, Talatpur, Multan Colt 03326076974 (MODEL PAPER 20" CLASS) ENGLISH (COMPULSORY) TIME ALLOWED 2.10 Hours Grour- MAXIMUM MARKS: 88 5 SUBJECTIVE NOTE: Write seme cuastion number and its part numberin answer book, ivan in the question-paper SECTION1 2-Write short answers to any five of the following questions. (2° (How caa people achieve perfection in the moral, spiritual and secial areas of life? (ii) What Is ‘significance af New Year's Eve Dinner? (ii) What is the importance of knowledge of "First Aid" in crises ‘management? {iv) Why do some people read more than one Newspapers? (v) What advice did the Holy, Prophet (PBUH) give to Hazrat Ali {R.A)? (vi) Which medium deyou prefer for News? Why? [Vil] How has the writer spent his summer vacation? (vill) Why should Ubraries be established widely? (GL frm traverses 2341. from To) SecTION-11 oda 3, Translate inte Urdu/ Re-write in simple English the following paragraph, 08 ‘5 head of the state of Madinah, he decided all cases on merit with justice and equity, Iraspective of ‘colour, creed, or race. Once a Quraish woman was found guilty of stealing. Some people wanted to save her from punishimens in order to protect the honour of the family of Quraish 4. Wit down the summary ofthe poent"The Raby Wl Daviess) on Paraphrase the follwing lines to simple Erlich with ceference to content Trewnneney ees Monster of destruction Bi eas walk 5. Wits on estoy of 29-200 words on any one of he fll apes (25) (e)My Hobby (B)ATIve Muslin () Sports and Games on vere 3 pererephof 100-150 wor cn any ONE cf the fling top. (a) Fashions (b) ARoad Accident (c) A Plen’ 6. Change any five of the following sentences Ivo indirect form. (5) (} He Seid, | am unweit.” |i) She sald, “1am working hare. (il| He said, * Idid not go to school yesterday’ (0) Tey say,” we have done our euty."v Maryum said,“ lt us go fora pinicon Suncay" (wi) The beggar sel, “Noy youve long” (vl The teacher sai" The earth isround (vl) The teacher sei, * Bo not make anise. te — 7.Use any fve of he following dats a1 words in your own sentences. (8) (i) Argles, Angels (i) Cell, Sell (ij doze, Dose (iv) Alter, Altar (v) advice, Advise (vi) weak, Week (Vii Pray, Prey-|ulll Story, Storey UF Of ely (82 ish. (a) et yl bere ele a & Transate the following paragraph ae a ay? G iyi op a NL 29,5 vl oe tis Ute Zp Cree Om pre? pp. , att, vy) pb (GO wif - UU os we ‘ ‘ Suh iy yh» ee Le oe Ot to By on inte ten sentences about * A House on Fire* ‘ I. , | ml Le Mohanmed Arshar-Shd f M.Yousuf Shahid | Senior Headmasters $.5.T H/S Shujebad GHS 79/10-2 Knanewa Cell## 03067334836 Cell## 03336100100 AWA u Shomim Ahmad ‘thaw Nawab. - Senior Headmaster SST GHS Shujabad GHS Tateypur, Multan Collst 03017491783 Cell #. 03048356150 Arif Hayat 7 S His 69M, Jalalpur, fAulten Celit# 03326076974

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