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(eA AE Cols 201517 OD A cole (HPS 12d 2 15 LMeve ty£ r2L irre eset es DsiC, BA are lL dig ed ee he ter SELLS MESS stonbie LE fe of Site tn ae de Note:- You have four choices for each objective type question as A, B, C and D. The choice which you think is correct; fil that circle in front of that question number. Use marker or pen to fil the circles. Cutting or filing two or more circles vill result in zero mark in that question, () (cy (B) icy) QUESTIONS at Sasol Pua’ | Sorts | ee ok be S (ee EL EDK, C2] 1 imreversible | Forward reaction | y*! ezine Ga Loh decomposition] reaction Reverse_|when numerical value of Ke (equlibrium reaction reaction | constant) for a reversible reaction is greater than 1. tis [wasp |} [NA] Hy we PAVESI 25] 2 (xl) | [Mlle] [NH] |The expression for the equilibrium constant for the given reaction is N,,,+3H,0 2NH, 20 48) It) 3 sulphuric acid | benzoic acid | Hydrochloric acid | £21 y eve tadir LL hs sabe dei thutzt | acetic acid |The acid which is used for food preservation is: Aluminium | Tua} ert enetedrcurzer iit! 4 hydroxide | Ammonium | Potassium The base which is used is alkaline batteries eT eh! | hydroxide hydroxide is 90 80 70 ga SA Soh tev! 5 Percentage of carbon in anthrcite is CH,CI+Cl, > CH,Cl, + HC! |] CH, + Cl, > CH,CI+ HCI ee A PSL wt sd] 6 IThe reaction of halogenation of CH, in CH, +Clh > C+4HCL CH,Cl, + Cl, > CHCl, + HCI] right light is ee pe we Ay Peptide linkage exists in-< teat & 4 te! 7 Carbohydrates} _ vitamins fat Protein Re Rot Rey Ry | Fel MosrntSeeaserl 6 HThermosphere| Mesophere | Stratosphere | Troposphere | The layer of atomsphere which has ( 2 to -93°) sg vE be eL Mg" iCal te LMg™ aiCa|]| ee a SU SAA ot SSM 9 bicarbonates of Ca? & Mg" |Pauses of permanent hardness of water is Chlorides and sulphates of ue to presence of sails Mg” and Ca™* ee Na® LBL Mg™ Ca" Carbonates of Na” Jcorconates of Mg** ana Ca"* SO% ana [Cr and — | NO; ana SOF | NOF ana tie alae Sdedadin| 10 PO sor POY The substances which cause the rapid growth of algae in water are, Ror re Se Bie BS Be EPS | 11 Distitatin | Froth flotation | roasting _| Caleination be Concentration of copper ore is carried out by one of the folowing it Jide Vie SEA |e Ye tL Uber He Eien] 12 Kerosine oi! | diesel oil Fuelot | lubricating es cit __[ ich one of he following is used as jt fel (DLAC Colli201517 FP) ere (ZOE F105 59 Us! ------------------ (10) fee PL our bt — Se tust» -2 2. Answer any FIVE parts from the followings: ee tye (ip BASLE EASES (i) PSEA bo (il y thy O 2H) (oh UL tudoiidd — (w) An SAGE (Wy) ttc dete tain VURL vr! Ae vi) tide (wii) See (vil) CO. +3Hy.)0 CH, +H,0, (i) Define chemical equlibrium state? (ji). How the active mass is represented? (iii). Write the equilirbrium constant expression’s for the following reactions. (a) /Z2,,, +4ajq) 2Hig) (by CO, +3Haig) 0 CH yg) + H2Q) (3) Give the two characteristics of reversible reaction), Diferentie between Lewis acd and lewis base (vi). Name the gas liberated when alkalies react with ammonium salt. (vii). What is meant by the term “indicator”. (vi). Why is pure water not a good electro (10) hfe PL ew bt We tdion 3. Answer any FIVE parts from the followings:- ee MiytnsAze Sure (ip La AS ee ow PAS (coay df — tip eee uti (yy C2H,2O,+H,O HCI Theat

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