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system plugs into the telescope's handbox port allowing a quick telescope alignment. All Meade LXD75's feature high quality diffraction limited optics. Classical Newtonian Telescope with GOTO. 3°/sec.5°/sec. 32K RAM. with Meade multi-coatings for great image brightness. Once aligned with the sky the Autostar is ready to take you to any object in the over 30. Polar Illuminated Viewfinder: Included with all models. 9-Speed dual-axis movement. incremental rates. 72mm (2. both the #607 and the #547 include 25 ft. digital positional readouts. f/5 focal ratio. heavy. and heavy-duty tripod. inner - Part Number: 0605-75-11 1x45mm. a database of up to 200 user-defined objects. 72mm (2. the Meade LXD75 German Equatorial Mount with 497 AutoStar. Declination Control System: 9-speed.223 objects. Primary Mirror: Plate Glass Batteries (user-supplied): 8 x D-cells. 2x. features offered and sturdiness. 1x35mm DEC: outer . Slew Speeds both axes: 1x. or custom-selected from 2000 Hemispheres of Operation: North and South. microprocessor-controlled.): 15 arc mins. using the UHTC: Included #547 AC Adapter. Detailed Specifications Model: N-6 AT Bearings: (2) Ball Bearings RA: outer . The LXD75 series sets new standards in its price class for optical quality. GO TO Pointing Precision (approx.. the ability to link with a PC using optionally available software and cord. microprocessor-controlled.: 2. lunar. dual axis drives. 1. Slow-Motion Controls: Electric. 12v DC. 1x47mm. 128x sidereal. fully computerized GOTO pointing.1x55mm. In addition to GOTO and tracking capability the AutoStar permits a wide array of fascinating and educational functions such as multiple Guided Tours. LXD75 German Equatorial Mount The included Meade LXD75 mount features heavy duty metal castings. Setting Circle Diameters.): 40 hours.83") worm gear. on both axes. Aperture: 6" (152mm) 1x30mm. You will enjoy the crisp star images and huge fields of this fast focal ratio Newtonian. Meade AutoStar Handbox duty tripod. 4. over 30. Focal Ratio: f/5 Main Telescope Controller: Motorola® 68HC11 microprocessor. Quick Contact : 0817-20-1714 .000 object database. LXD75-Series models may Viewfinder: 6 x 30 alternatively be powered from an automobile cigarette lighter plug.83") worm gear. Onboard Celestial Object Database: 30.. Battery Life (approx. This 6" diameter model features diffraction limited optics with a focal length of 762mm. German-type. and much more. and required This amazing computerized celestial object locating counterweights. cords. Hand Controller: Electronic using the #607 Power Cord. RA and Dec. Meade Instruments Corporation Telescopes · Binoculars · Microscopes Meade LXD75 N-6AT #0605-75-11.1x58mm. 12v DC. inner . 16x. or from a 115v AC home outlet. 64x. Telescope Mounting: LXD75. Tracking Rates: Sidereal. a 3-Star High-Precision polar alignment.25 inches. Meade Smart Drive™ Periodic Error Correction (PEC).5°/sec. 8x. 1x47mm. 1- Focal Length: 762mm Megabyte flash memory (field reprogrammable). (not included). RA Control System: 9-speed.1x72mm.000 object library.

Ideal for high-power study of the moon and planets mount.48 Kgs Diagonal 2” 90º Tube Dimension 10cm x 94.Aluminum tube . Germany.15Kgs and Super PL10* Shipping Carton 97 x 66 x 28 cm3 Dimensions Quick Contact : 0817-20-1714 .15 Motor Drive Single & Dual (Optional)* Finderscope 6x30* Go-to n/a Focuser diameter 2” Tube Weight 3.Smooth rack-and-pinion 2" focuser with a 1.25" and 2" eyepieces . Detailed Specifications Optical Design Achromatic Refractor Mount Type Equatorial Lens Material Slow-motion Control RA & DEC Diameter 102mm Counterweight(s) Total 5.25" adapter.25” adapter* Tripod Height 71-123cm Eyepiece(s) 1.8 Accessory Tray Wall-to-wall Highest Practical Power 204x Ground Board Diameter n/a Faintest Steller Magnitude 12.Dew cap/Sunshade . www.Focal Length: 1000mm .2Kgs (2 pcs) Focal Length 1000mm Piggyback Bracket Yes F/ratio F/9.7 Ground Board Weight(s) n/a Resoving Power 1. x length) Star Diagonal w/ 1.tokoteleskop. 30mm Kellner eyepiece for projection. 112% more than M57 70mm Photo taken with 1021 OTA on the EQ5 .Pre-assembled tripod for convenient and quick assembly Camera Olympus Camedia C2020 zoom.6x30 finderscope for easy location of objects .Diameter/Aperture: 102mm .Adjustable Objective-lens Cell . Camera set on condition "cloudy".Multi-coated achromatic objective lens . accepting both 1. Digital .com Seri: BK1021EQ3-2 SOLAR PROMINENCE Photo taken through Sky-Watcher SK1021OTA (Optical Tube Only) on EQ5 Mount. Courtesy of Andreas Murner.25” Super Pl26 Shipping Weight 22.28% more light gathering power than 90mm. Exposure time 16 secs at ISO 400. Recommend for: School Laboratory Courtesy of Andreas Murner. Germany .3cm(dia.

3 Motor Drive Single Axis (Optional)* Resoving Power 0.5 x 50.5cm(dia.5 x 29 cm3 Quick Contact : 0817-20-1714 . INDIA -Diameter : 130mm -Focal Length : 650mm -F/ratio : f/5 -Diffraction-limited secondary mirror support -Paraboloidal (parabolic) primary mirror -Red Dot Finder for easy locating of celestial objects -130mm primary mirror collects 30% more light than 114mm.25” Super 20 and 10* Shipping Weight 22 Kgs Shipping Carton Dim. Recommend for: SCHOOL LAB. LUNAR ECLIPSE Photo taken through Skywatcher P130650EQ2 with Sony DSC W70. -Smooth rack-and-pinion focuser -Short focal length design. Solan. 108.tokoteleskop.66Kgs Focuser diameter 1. Courtesy of Vineet Tuli.9 Go-to n/a Finderscope Red Dot Finder* Tube Weight 3. Courtesy of Vineet Tuli.5Kgs Focal Length 650mm Piggyback Bracket Yes Scondary Mirror Diameter 34. Seri: BKP13065EQ2 THE MOON Photo taken through SkyWatcher P130650EQ2 with Sony DSC W70. ideal for astrophotography. www. and FIRST TIME BUYER Detailed Specifications Optical Design Newtonian Reflector(Parabolic) Mount Type Equatorial Lens Material Slow-motion Control RA & DEC Diameter 130mm Counterweight(s) 3.25” Tube Dimension 16cm x 61. x length) Diagonal n/a Tripod Height 71-123cm Eyepiece(s) 1. revealing more space treasures with better resolution and brighter image. INDIA. Himachal Pradesh. Himachal Pradesh.5mm Accessory Tray Wall-to-wall F/ratio F/5 Ground Board Diameter n/a Highest Practical Power 260x Ground Board Weight(s) n/a Faintest Steller Magnitude 13.