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Rural BankingStrengthening the rural economy

Rural India contributes a major chunk to
the economy every year. To give this sector
a stronghold on finance and to enable
economic independence, Bank of Baroda
has special offerings that extend credit
facilities to small and marginal farmers,
agricultural labourers and cottage industry

With the objective of developing rural

economy through promotion of agriculture,
trade, commerce, industry and extending
credit facilities particularly to small and
marginal farmers, agricultural labourers
and small entrepreneurs, Bank of Baroda,
over the years, has reached out to larger
part of rural India. We extend loans for
agricultural activities and a host of services
for farmers well tuned to the rural market,
and aim to make a Self Reliant Rural
(A centre for Knowledge Sharing, Problem solving and
Credit Counseling for the Rural Community)
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Bank’s passion for Rural Development

Bank of Baroda, since its inception on 20th July 1908 by the great visionary Maharaja Sayajirao
Gaekward III, has been in the forefront for social commitment with its innovative approaches
and products. A passion for agriculture and rural development and to serve the common man is
ingrained in the Bank’s philosophy.

In the past, the Bank has taken a number of initiatives such as opening of specialized outlets of
Gram Vikas Kendras (GVKs) and Multi Service Agencies (MSAs). Baroda Swarojgar Vikas
Sansthan (BSVS) is another initiative for capacity building by providing appropriate training for
skill upgradation to unemployed youth and women for their gainful employment.

Centenary Year commitments

During the Centenary Year, the Bank is committed to continue its initiatives towards Corporate
Social Responsibilities. Baroda Grameen Paramarsh Kendra (BGPK) – a centre for Knowledge
Sharing, Problem solving and Credit Counseling for the Rural Community, is one of such

For the rural community, especially for the farmers, there is a big “Knowledge Gap” in
financial literacy, better farming practices, technology adoption, diversification of opportunities,
market linked prices, value addition services offered by various institutions, women
empowerment and also for employment opportunities for rural youth. In addition to this, the
deficiencies/ ignorance about credit related repayment during distress situations call for credit

With a view to assist the rural community, the Bank has conceptualised “Baroda Grameen
Paramarsh Kendra (BGPK)” and its implementation by the dedicated team, which would build
the confidence of the rural people.

Activities to be covered:

• Financial Education and Financial Inclusion

• Information sharing and problem solving on technical issues

• Credit counseling

• Synergy and liaison with other organisations and development activities

Services offered: (Illustrative Only)

1. Financial Education and Financial Inclusion:

○ Spreading “Financial Awareness” among rural masses through village level

meetings and help them to choose suitable banking products.

○ 100% Financial Inclusion in 5-10 villages.

2. Information sharing and problem solving:

○ Interface sessions with the Subject Matter Specialists from Knowledge

institutions like Agri. Universities, KVKs, NGOs, etc.

○ Providing extension services to the farmers by organizing / participating in

Grameen melas, TV & Radio talks, Film / Puppet shows, etc.
○ Maintaining a small library containing books, journals, audio-visual aids, etc.

○ Information on the prices of Agriculture commodities in various mandis across

the country so that the farmers can sell their products at best price.

3. Credit Counseling:

○ Providing credit counseling on repayment pattern, rephasement, reschedulement

and fresh credit during distress situations for rural people.

4. Synergy and liaison with other organisations and development activities:

○ Synergy and liaison with Farmers Clubs, SHGs, NGOs, Rural Marketing
agencies, Input suppliers, Rural markets, etc for value addition services.

○ Training the rural youth for self-employment through Baroda Swarojgar Vikas
Sansthan (BSVS) centres / Farmers Training Centres (to be opened).



Agriculture being the backbone of the Indian Economy, Bank of Baroda, is contributing
significantly in accelerating the pace of rural development by providing finance to farmers by
way of following agriculture products.

1. Baroda Kisan Credit Card (BKCC)- Empowering the farmer : The BKCC facility
designed exclusively for the benefit of the farmers aims to provide them the opportunity
to manage and utilise their funds in the manner they deem fit. BKCC provide adequate
and timely support to farmers for their production needs e.g. purchase of quality inputs,
investment requirements like purchase of agriculture implements/tractor etc, farming
expenses towards farm maintenance, unforeseen family expenses (consumption) and
maintenance of non-farm activities.
2. Purchase of agricultural implements including indigenous improved ones being utilised
for field operations including harvesting/sorting/grading, for not only to farmers, but also
for land-less labourers.

3. Purchase of heavy agricultural machinery like tractors, power-tillers, etc. either by

farmers having larger holdings with irrigation facilities or group of farmers with
irrigation facilities.

4. Purchase of second hand tractors to provide opportunity to those interested farmers in dry
land farming or having a small land holding who can not afford to purchase new tractors.

5. Production credit for raising various crops from the point of preparatory tillage till
harvesting, for land owners or permanent tenants or lease holders or share croppers.

6. Farm produce marketing loan / Financing against warehouse reciept against pledge of
reciept of warehouse/ cold storages to the farmers.

7. Development of irrigation facilities, covering sinking of wells/bore wells, lifting of water

by installation of pump sets, transporting of water through field channels, water saving
system like drip irrigation/sprinkler irrigation etc. for farmers .Energising of pump sets
through Non-conventional Energy Resources like wind mill, solar energy etc. or
installation of generation sets is also covered.

8. Extending working capital needs to dealers of dealers/ distributors/traders of agricultural

inputs like seeds, fertilisers etc. live stock inputs like cattle feed, medicine etc. and supply
of agriculture machinery/ irrigation system.

9. Extending Custom services to farmers by way of machinery like tractor thresher etc.
Equipment on rental basis and maintenance of cold storage /godowns for hiring, by
individuals, institutions / organisations.

10. Providing employment to the unemployed technical personnel through Agro service

11. Setting up of Agri clinic and Agribusiness centre by agriculture graduates.

12. Construction farm building/structures like cattle shed, tractor shed, thrashing yards,
fencing etc. by individual farmer or firms engaged in agricultural activity and is of long
term nature.

13. Construction/Expansion/modernisation/Renovation of Rural Godown/Cold storage.

14. Development of horticulture including production, processing and marketing of various

fruits, vegetables, plantation and flowers, which cover from nursery to the point of
market, by individual farmers, firms, organisation like co-operative societies etc. and
which covers both long term and short term requirement.

15. Development of land like bunding, terracing, levelling etc. and reclamation of saline,
alkaline, ravine soils by farmer or organisation like co-operative societies etc.

16. Development of allied activities to agriculture like dairy, poultry , fisheries, sericulture,
mushrooms, apiculture etc. by production , processing and marketing by farmer, land less
labourers, firms, organisations, like co-operative societies etc .finance by way of long
term nature and short term nature is being extended.

17. Financing Scheduled Caste & Scheduled tribes who have been provided/allotted land by
the State Govt, can be financed for purchase of farm implements irrigation pair of
bullocks etc.

> Baroda Kisan Credit Card (BKCC)

> Agricultural Implements
> Tractors and Heavy Agricultural Machinery
> Financing Second Hand Tractors
> Cultivation of Crops
> Farm Produce Marketing Loan / Financing against warehouse reciept
> Irrigation Potential
> Dealers of Agriculture Inputs
> Financing Agencies Providing Custom Services To Farmers
> Providing Employment To Unemployed Technical Personnel Through Agro Service Centers
> Agriclinics and Agribusiness Centers by Agriculture Graduates
> Financing Construction of Farm Building and Structures
> Construction / Expansion / Modernisation / Renovation of rural godown
> Development of Horticulture
> Land Development
> Scheme for Loan Against Gold Ornaments / Jewellery
> Dairy, Poultry, etc.
> Financing Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes
> Scheme for purchase of Agricultural land
> Scheme For Construction Of Sanitation Facilities In Rural Areas

Baroda Kisan Credit Card (BKCC) Empowering the Farmers

Baroda Kisan Credit Card (BKCC) aims at providing adequate and timely credit for the
comprehensive credit requirements of farmers under single window with flexible and simplified
procedure adopting wholesome approach.

All agriculturists with good track record of repayment who are eligible for sanction of credit
limit of Rs 1000/- and above irrespective of their period of dealing with our branch or fresh
applicant having good reputation/ report.

Literate and illiterate farmers who are owner of land, cultivators and permanent tenants or
leaseholders, share croppers cultivating crop for a period not less than 5 years are eligible for
their production credit requirement.

Coverage of

The mode of finance covers activities for purchase of agricultural inputs required for
production of crop, farm produce marketing loan farm maintenance, consumption needs,
allied activities, non- farm sector activities, personal loans, loans for redemption of debt
availed from non- institutional lenders etc. and also Investment credit for land based and
non land based activities.
Quantum of finance
The quantum of finance will be assessed based on scale of finance projected average farm
income, repaying capacity and / or value of security.

Issuance of BKCC
After sanction of BKCC limits and execution of security documents, BKCC will be issued along
with pass book.

Availment of finance
Specially designed cheque book to the literate BKCC holders for facilitating drawings from their
account for Production line of credit. For investment credit immediate disbursement to the
dealers as per request of the borrower. Reimbursement of Investment credit items purchased
through cheque book provided for production credit is permissible.


• Interest @ of Saving Bank paid on credit balances if any maintained by the borrower.

• No processing charges for the credit limit up to Rs 10 lacs under direct agriculture.

• No documentation charges for the credit limit up to Rs 2 lacs and 50% of regular charges
for credit limit over Rs 2 lacs to Rs 10 lacs, under direct agriculture.

• Free accident insurance cover up to Rs.50000/

Loyalty & Reward

In order to recognize the loyalty, satisfactory dealings, good recovery records, better use of Bkcc
scheme, improvement of farm production, productivity & farm income, the following special
facilities/ concessions and incentives is being given to the different categories of Bkcc holders
under the notified scheme:

• The quantum of consumption credit needs for the farm family maintenance for the -1-
year would be assessed and extended with maximum ceiling of Rs 50000/-.

• Reduction in the applicable rate of interest ranging from 0.25% to 0.50% both in
production and investment loans will be extended depending upon the categories of
borrowers as specified in the scheme.
Repayment Schedule
Production line of credit will be a revolving Agriculture cash credit account subject to annual
review valid for 5 years. In case if Investment credit repayment period is fixed on quarterly/ half
yearly or annual basis, based on income generation of the farmer.

Small Scale Industries

A Small Scale Industrial Unit, is one which is engaged in the manufacture, processing or
preservation of goods or is a servicing and repair workshop undertaking repairs of machinery
used for production, mining or quarrying or custom service unit (except water service units),
having investments in plant and machinery (original cost) not exceeding Rs. 1 Crore.

Bank of Baroda has special Loans and Advances for the purpose of fixed capital investment
and also for working capital requirement.

Key Benefits

The loans and advances offered by Bank of Baroda for SSI Units can be used for the basic needs

• Acquisition of factory, land and construction of building spaces.

• Purchase of plant and machinery including lab equipment, testing equipment, etc.

• Meeting working capital requirements, like raw materials, stock-in-progress, finished

goods and for purchase or discounting of bills.

• Temporary additional assistance for meeting the urgent needs of raw material.

• Additional monitory assistance for any eligible purpose.

For more on the benefits of this product and the terms and conditions applicable on it, CLICK

> SSI > Tiny Enterprises > Small Enterprises > Margin Money Scheme of KVIC
Schemes for Professionals and Self Employed

Best suited for individuals conducting business independently, with or without hired
labour. Enables them to purchase equipment (including PC for professional use), acquiring
new or repair existing business premises, tools and working capital requirement.

Key products

Rural Internet Kiosk Finance Scheme

Roads & Water Transport Operators

Retail Traders

Business Enterprises

Akshaya Mahila Arthik Sahay Yojna

Key Benefits

• Can be used for the purchase of any necessary equipment, like a personal computer
(PC) for professional use.

• Repair and renovation of existing equipment.

• Acquisition and repairs to business premises, or tools.

• To generate working capital.

• All the accounts rated as A+ will be entitled for loans at a lower interest rate.

• Simple application procedures.

• Avail of loans at all branches of Bank of Baroda. To get a detailed list of all the
Bank of Baroda branches, CLICK HERE.

• All complaints and grievances can be reported to the regional zone offices or
directly to the Central office.

To know about all the terms and conditions that govern the product,
Baroda RuralInformation Technology is fast emerging as an essential infrastructure for
Internet Kioskdevelopment of all sectors of the economy. The internet is now emerging
Finance Scheme as a powerful medium for the upliftment of rural area.

Access to top class services to rural people is now a click away.

Bank of Baroda has launched “Baroda Rural Internet Kiosk Finance

Scheme” on 15th June, 2005 at the gracious hands of Hon’ble Union
Finance Minister at a special function arranged in New Delhi.

Key Benefits

• Low rate of interest at 8.5% p.a.

• No collateral security.

• No processing and documentation charges.

• Low margin i.e. 15% of the project cost (including Government


• Easy repayment of loan within -5- years including -6- month



The educated unemployed rural person with minimum qualification of Xth

pass and in the age group of 18 to 45 years having IT aptitude and self
sustainable nature are eligible to avail the loan.


M/s n-Logue Communications Pvt. Ltd., Chennai who has developed

indigenous technology suited for rural areas, has been identified to provide
the following services.

• Provide Kiosks kit and other accessories.

• Provide Computer/Internet training to Kiosks operators.

• Provide best possible internet connectivity and support for all

technical problems.

• Liason with Government administration for e-governance

applications at rural level.


• Communication Services :

○ E-mail, Voice mail, Chat, Video mail

○ Internet telephony

• Educational Services :
○ Computer training, on-line coaching.

○ Adult education, Guidance for higher studies.

○ Distance learning.

• Information Services :

○ Farm related information, Matrelogical if awaited;

○ Veterinary Services, Distance health care.

• Entertainment :

○ Game Station, Movies

○ Music, Horoscope

○ Matrimonial, Astrology

• Video Conferencing :

○ Video Conferencing with experts on crops related issues,

pest & disease control, veterinary care.

• Digital Photography at lower cost

• Typing Facilities for Letters, Petitions, Invitation cards

• STD/ISD Facilities

• Finance Scheme at a glance :

> Rural Internet Kiosk Finance Scheme
> Roads & Water Transport Operators > Retail Traders
> Business Enterprises > Akshaya Mahila Arthik Sahay Yojna

Small Roads and Water Transport Operators

This product is primarily targeted at Road Transport Operators who may be individuals or an
association of not more than six individuals.

Key Benefits Assists in the purchase of any vehicle, such as:

○ Human driven like handcart, cycle rickshaw etc.

○ Animal driven like bullock cart, camel cart, Tonga, etc.

○ Power driven like mechanised cycle rickshaw, auto-rickshaw, taxies, mini buses,
tempos, trucks, & motor lorries.

○ Fishing boats, barges etc. to be used as public transport carrier for transport of
goods or passengers.

• Simple application procedures.

• Avail of loans at all branches of Bank of Baroda. To get a detailed list of all the Bank of
Baroda branches, CLICK HERE.

• All complaints and grievances can be reported to the regional zone offices or directly to
the Central office.

Schemes for Retail Traders

This product has been introduced specifically for those engaged in the retail trade of any
commodity / goods, which are required by the community and whose trading is not prohibited by
the law or opposed to public policy. This will include grocers, cloth merchants, grain merchants,
chemists and druggists, dealers in electrical goods, hardware merchants, automobile spare parts
dealers, stationers etc. Loans can be used to promote existing shop/business.

Key Benefits

• The loans availed through this offering can assist in:

○ Purchase of equipment such as furniture, fixtures, refrigerators, and vehicles etc.,

which are essential for carrying on the business.

○ Repairs to existing equipment.

○ Acquisition / repairs or renovation to the business premises.

○ Purchase of tools.

○ Working capital requirements.

• Simple application procedures.

• Avail of loans at all branches of Bank of Baroda. To get a detailed list of all the Bank of
Baroda branches, CLICK HERE.

• All complaints and grievances can be reported to the regional zone offices or directly to
the Central office.

Business Enterprises

This product is primarily for service providing business enterprises and not a professional
services unit.

Software development centres, X-Ray Clinics, Photographic Labs, Operators of Cable TV

Networks, Crèches, and Beauty Parlours can avail of facilities under this plan.

Key Benefits

• Loans can be availed of:

○ For purchase of necessary equipment.

○ For repairing or renovation of existing equipment.

○ For acquiring or repairing business premises.

○ For purchase of tools and

○ For working capital requirements.

• Simple application procedures.

• Avail of loans at all branches of Bank of Baroda. To get a detailed list of all the Bank of
Baroda branches, CLICK HERE.

• All complaints and grievances can be reported to the regional zone offices or directly to
the Central office.

Akshaya Mahila Arthik Sahay Yojna

The new age woman seeks opportunities and challenges to be able to support herself and her

In order to encourage such women and fuel their desire to achieve something in life, Bank of
Baroda offers financial assistance for professional, self-employed women and also those into
retail trade and agricultural activities.

Key Benefits

• Enables financial assistance to women in setting up/engaged in:

○ Retail Trade.

○ Village or Cottage/Small Scale Industries.

○ Allied agricultural activities.

• Focus on women business entrepreneurs and their credit requirements.

• The interest rate is fixed on the credit rating system at reasonable terms.

• Simple application procedures.

• Avail of loans at all branches of Bank of Baroda. To get a detailed list of all the Bank of
Baroda branches, CLICK HERE.

• All complaints and grievances can be reported to the regional zone offices or directly to
the Central office.

Retail Loan

In order to support your self-sufficiency, Bank of Baroda offers a wide range

of solutions to meet your requirements. Whether the need is for a new house, your child's
education, purchase of a new car etc. our unique and requirement-specific loans will help you
honour your financial commitments.

Key products


ent Loan


Car Loan



s Loan




Loan to

Loan to

al Loan


Baroda Rural Housing Finance Scheme

The Baroda Rural Housing Finance Term Loan provides for the acquisition of NEW
DWELLING UNIT or DWELLING UNITS which are not older than 20 years, based on
approved architect's certificate on life of the building.

This loan can also be used for the repair/renovation/extension on an existing house or for the
repayment of a loan already availed of from a housing finance company provided sufficient
documentary evidence is produced.
Funds acquired through this loan can also be used for the construction of dwelling cum farm
house on agricultural land for residential and storage of farm machinery, implements and farm
produce purposes.

Key Benefits

• Interest on Housing Loan upto Rs. 1.50 lakhs per years is exempted for income tax under
section 23/24 (i) of the IT Act.

• Principal receipt up to Rs.20,000/- p.a. Eligible for tax benefit under sec. 88 of IT Act.

• Beneficiaries include individuals over 21 years of age.

Terms & Conditions

• Maximum tenure = 20 years depending upon repaying capacity including moratorium.

• Maximum loan available = Rs. 5,00,000/- for purchase of dwelling unit, Rs.1,00,000/- for
repairs / renovation of existing dwelling unit. Although this is the ceiling on the loan,
quantum of loan should not exceed three times of the annual household income of the
borrowers / joint borrowers.

• Margin = 10% of all cases, (Including cost of land, registration charges, cost of stamp

• As the benefit could vary each year, please do check out the current benefit available.

• Beneficiaries include individuals over 21 years of age.

• No fee for part prepayment shall be payable by the borrower. However, In case of full
prepayment or foreclosure, a fee @ 2% on amount prepaid including any such amount
prepaid in the last financial year shall be payable by the borrower.

• Security/documentation to be furnished:

○ Equitable mortgage of housing property

○ Other securities, if EM is not possible /feasible.

○ Charge on agriculture land if dwelling-cum-farm house is constructed on
agricultural land.


Period Fluctuating rate option (% Fixed rate option * (%

p.a.) p.a.)
Loan upto -5- years 9.25 9.50
Loan over -5- years and upto 10
9.75 10.00
Loan over -10- years 10.25 10.50
* No fixed rate option for loan upto Rs. 2.0 lakhs.


Processing charges (only once at the time of sanction).

The processing charges shall be 0.125% of the loan sanctioned.

Documentation charges (only once at the time of disbursement):

Upto Rs.25,000/- Nil

Above Rs.25,000/- & upto Rs.2/- lacs Rs. 50/-
Above Rs.2/- lacs & upto Rs.5/- lacs Rs. 175/-

Government Sponsored Schemes - SRMS

To rehabilitate manual scavengers.

Key Benefits

• Provides self-employment to scavengers.


• Subsidy 50% of project cost for projects costing upto Rs.25,000/-

• Projects costing more than Rs.25,000/- @ 25% of the Project Cost; with a minimum of
Rs.12,500/- and maximum of Rs.20,000/-.

Terms & Conditions

• Scavengers and their dependants both SC and non-SC sponsored by National Safai
Karmacharis Finance & Development Corporation (NSKFDC)

• Maximum Limit Rs. 5.00 lacs (Micro Financing – upto a maximum of Rs.25,000/-).

• The tenure period ranges from 3 – 5 years.

• ROI Project cost upto Rs.25,000/- @ 4% p.a. for women beneficiaries, for others @ 5%
p.a. and for project cost above Rs.25,000/- @ 6% p.a.

Government Sponsored Schemes - SJSRY

To provide gainful employment to the urban poor living below the poverty line.

Key Benefits

• Provides self-employment to urban poor.

• Subsidy 15% of project cost maximum Rs.7,500/-

Terms & Conditions

• All urban and semi-urban poor sponsored by urban local bodies are eligible.

• Maximum benefit Rs. 50,000/-

• The tenure period = 9 years

• No collateral security

Government Sponsored Schemes - PMEGP


Baroda General Credit Card Scheme (BGCC)

Bank of Baroda presents a tailor-made Credit Card Scheme for the citizens belonging to
the rural and semi-urban parts of India. Baroda General Credit Card Scheme (BGCC) is
designed to provide hassle free and easy credit access to people in the rural and semi-urban

Key Benefits

• No insistence on security, purpose or end-use of credit

• Upto a maximum limit of Rs.25000/-

• Unlimited number of withdrawals and repayments (within the credit limit)

• Flexibility in choosing the appropriate time to repay the loan

• Reduced interest burden.

• No Processing and Documentation charges

• Withdrawal on the card within the sanctioned limit (only from the branch issuing
the card) to meet urgent credit requirements

• Earn interest at Savings Bank rate on the credit balance maintained in the BGCC

• Card limit valid for 5 years

• 0.50% concession in interest rate for women applicants

More Benefits

• All the card holders will be covered under PAIS (Personal Accident Insurance
Scheme) upto Rs.50000/- under payment of nominal premium amount.

• Free collection of cheques under any grant / assistance from government received
in the name of the card holder.


Remittances (Baroda Money Express)

Business relations get strengthened and add to the trust when financial dealings happen on time.
The Baroda Money Express remittance facility ensure instant payments and transfer of funds,
saving you and your associates from waiting endlessly for funds to get credited.

This facility is available for both retail and corporate customers enabling efficient and easy
transfer of money. So no more delays in transfer of funds typical of Banker's Cheque, Demand
Drafts, Mail Transfers and Telegraphic Transfers.

The facility is available at 345 branches across 53 centres in India inclusive of all branches in
Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Pune.

Key Benefits

• Can be used to transfer money to the beneficiary's account in the same bank, or another
bank or even to their residential/office address, thus offering convenient options.

• This electronic remittance is the fastest way of transferring money from one place to
another, at no additional cost.

• Added convenience of hassle free and quick customer service.

Model Policy on Collection of Cheques /

Collection Services >
Outward Bills for Collection:

All branches of Bank of Baroda have the facility of collecting Cheques, Demand Drafts, Interest
Warrants, Dividend Warrants, Refund Orders, Clean Bills and Documentary Bills from
customers and various centres.. All Cheques and other instruments are collected into properly
introduced accounts and sent for collection on the day of receipt from the customers or the next
working day.

Time Bound Collection:

All branches of Bank of Baroda are prompt in terms of the collections and forwarding of
cheques and other instruments. For metro cities, when financial instruments are presented in a
branch, the proceeds are credited to the customer's account on the same day in the following
week. For state capitals, (and centres with more than 100 branches), amount is credited only after
10 days. If these instruments are not collected within 14 days of lodgement, interest @ 2% per
annum over savings bank rate is paid and is credited to the customer's account, without the
customer having to claim it.

Branches also accept requests for collection of Loan Certificates / FDRs issued by Joint Stock
Cos.; prize money of Lottery Tickets, Foreign Currency Notes etc. The bank levies service
charges as stipulated from time to time.

Inward Bills for Collection:

Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, Hundi's etc. (Clean / Documentary), payable locally but
received from outstation branches / banks / parties are treated as "Inward Bills for Collection".
Also, Bills received from Bank of Baroda branches and from other banks, directly from drawers
or outstation parties are treated as Usance (??) Bills.

BOB Quick:

The Funds collected in this offering are credited to the customer's account within a guaranteed
period of 7 days. Bank of Baroda's BOB Quick ensures a better collection service, which
creates new avenues of income and ensures better investment of funds. All cheques amounting to
Rs. 25000/- and above are drawn on select banks and are eligible for "Quick inter station
clearing". Rs. 50/- per packet is charged for courier charges with an additional but nominal
collection charge.

National Clearing Special Facilities:

This product is an undertaking by the Reserve Bank of India, for inter city clearing of cheques
between the four metropolitan centres of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Calcutta.

Key Benefits

• Settlement of transactions on the basis of net value of instruments.

• All financial instruments are cleared promptly with the introduction of mechanised
cheque processing, achieved through MICR technology. The concept of clearing has been
extended to clearance of outstation cheques also.

• In addition to the four metropolitan centres, certain other centres have also been
identified for "One Way National Clearing". These centres are Nagpur, Ahmedabad,
Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pondichery, Trichy, Trivendrum, Vellore, Baroda, Erode,
Madurai, and more.

Model Policy on
Deposits >
Bank Deposits
Settlement of claims -
Bank of Baroda offers various deposit plans >
Deceased Depositors
that you can choose from depending on the
term period, nature of deposit and its unique saving and withdrawal features.

Apart from competitive interest rates and convenient withdrawal options, our deposit plans offer
other features such as overdraft facility, outstation cheque collections, safe deposit lockers,
ATM's etc.

Choose from Fixed, Current and Savings Deposit plans.

Fixed deposits are categorised into deposits with a term period of less than 12 months, more than
12 months and recurring deposits. These deposit plans offer convenient solutions to both
working individuals as well as senior citizens.

Current and saving deposits are ideal for individuals who wish to take advantage of multiple
benefits within the same plan and even be eligible to opt for overdrafts.

Deposit Products & Services


A saga of vision and enterprise

It has been a long and eventful journey of almost a century across 26 countries. Starting in
1908 from a small building in Baroda to its new hi-rise and hi-tech Baroda Corporate Centre
in Mumbai, is a saga of vision, enterprise, financial prudence and corporate governance.

It is a story scripted in corporate wisdom and social pride. It is a story crafted in private
capital, princely patronage and state ownership. It is a story of ordinary bankers and their
extraordinary contribution in the ascent of Bank of Baroda to the formidable heights of
corporate glory. It is a story that needs to be shared with all those millions of people -
customers, stakeholders, employees & the public at large - who in ample measure, have
contributed to the making of an institution.

Our mission statement

To be a top ranking National Bank of International Standards committed to augmenting

stake holders' value through concern, care and competence.

Our Logo

Our new logo is a unique representation of a universal symbol. It comprises dual ‘B’
letterforms that hold the rays of the rising sun. We call this the Baroda Sun.

The sun is an excellent representation of what our bank stands for. It is the single most
powerful source of light and energy – its far reaching rays dispel darkness to illuminate
everything they touch. At Bank of Baroda, we seek to be the source that will help all our
stakeholders realise their goals. To our customers, we seek to be a one-stop, reliable partner
who will help them address different financial needs. To our employees, we offer rewarding
careers and to our investors and business partners, maximum return on their investment.

The single-colour, compelling vermillion palette has been carefully chosen, for its
distinctivenes as it stands for hope and energy.

We also recognize that our bank is characterised by diversity. Our network of branches
spans geographical and cultural boundaries and rural-urban divides. Our customers come
from a wide spectrum of industries and backgrounds. The Baroda Sun is a fitting face for
our brand because it is a universal symbol of dynamism and optimism – it is meaningful for
our many audiences and easily decoded by all.

Our new corporate brand identity is much more than a cosmetic change. It is a signal that
we recognize and are prepared for new business paradigms in a globalised world. At the
same time, we will always stay in touch with our heritage and enduring relationships on
which our bank is founded. By adopting a symbol as simple and powerful as the Baroda
Sun, we hope to communicate both.

It all started with a visionary Maharaja's uncanny foresight into the future of trade and
enterprising in his country. On 20th July 1908, under the Companies Act of 1897, and with a
paid up capital of Rs 10 Lacs started the legend that has now translated into a strong, trustworthy
financial body, THE BANK OF BARODA.

It has been a wisely orchestrated growth, involving corporate wisdom, social pride and the vision
of helping others grow, and growing itself in turn.

The founder, Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad, with his insight into the future, saw "a bank of
this nature will prove a beneficial agency for lending, transmission, and deposit of money and
will be a powerful factor in the development of art, industries and commerce of the State and
adjoining territories."

Shri. M. D. Mallya
Chairman & Managing Director
Shri Rajiv Kumar Bakshi Shri N S Srinath
Executive Director Executive Director

Shri Alok Nigam Shri R. Gandhi

Director Director

Shri Ajay Mathur Shri V. B. Chavan

Director Director

Dr. Masarrat Shahid Shri Satya Dev Tripathi

Director Director
Dr. Dharmendra Bhandari Dr. Deepak B. Phatak
Director Director

Shri Maulin Vaishnav


Key Business Indicators (Rs. in

31.03.2010 31.03.2009
Total Deposits 2 41 044.26 1 92 396.95
Total Advances 1 75 035.29 1 43 251.41
Total Investments 61 182.38 52 445.88
Total Assets 2 78 316.70 2 26 672.24
Net Profit 3 058.33 2 227.20
Capital Adequacy Ratio 12.84 as per Basel I 12.88 as per Basel I
(percentage) 14.36 as per Basel II 14.05 as per Basel II
Net Non Performing Loans to Net 0.34 0.31
Advances (percentage)
Net Interest Margin (percentage) 2.74 2.91
Business Per Employee (Lacs) 1068 911

Dividend History (Percentage)

2010 150
2009 90
2008 80
2007 60
2006 50
2005 50
2004 65
2003 60
2002 40
2001 40
2000 40
1999 30
1998 30

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Debt Waiver covering Small/Marginal Farmers

One Time Settlement Scheme for Other Farmers

Debt Waiver covering Small/Marginal Farmers - Investment


One Time Settlement Scheme for Other Farmers - Borrowers-wise

details in respect of overdue installments of direct investment loans for

Debt Waiver covering Small/Marginal Farmers - Borrowers-wise

details in respect of overdue installment of investment loans for
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One Time Settlement Scheme for Other Farmers - Borrowers-wise

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Agricultural Loans restructured in the year 2004 under Gol

Package for Doubling of Agricultural Credit - Debt Waiver covering
"Small/Marginal Farmers"

Agricultural Loans restructured in the year 2004 under GoI

Package for Doubling of Agriculture Credit - Debt Relief Covering
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Agriculture Loan restructured in the year 2006 under Prime

Minister's Package for Rehabilitation of debt stressed farmers in 31
districts (applicable to the banks in the Debt Stressed districts in the
State of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala) Waiver
in respect of "Small/ Marginal Farmers"

Agriculture Loan restructured in the year 2006 under Prime

Minister's Package for Rehabilitation of debt stressed farmers in 31
districts (applicable to the banks in the Debt Stressed districts in the
State of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala) - One
Time Settlement in respect of Other Farmers

Agricultural loans restructured/converted under extant guidelines

of RBI (natural calamities) Waiver in respect of "Small/Marginal

Agriculture Loan restructured/ converted under extant guidelines

of RBI (Natural Calamities) One Time settlement in respect of "Other
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