There are now about 25 disciples who are living in the House itself or our two other residences and are actively participating in the various functions of the New Community in Christ. The average day begins at 6.)0 am for breakfast. We have personal Bible study and prayer as well as family study and prayer from 7 am to 8 am. The brothers then leave for work while the sisters do the many and various jobs around the house such as, cleaning, cooking, correspondence, shopping and other errands. During the day many people come in out of curiosity to look around and find out what we offe r here • The brothe rs are usually home by 51)0 pm and dinner is served. At 71)0 pm we begin our evening meetings and after that we have time for personal counselling and evangelism. The brothers work nearly 50 hours a week on our construction company called "The Carpenter's Nen" in which they are given ma.ny opportunities to spread the Word of God on the job. Presently they are building houses on Grand Island. Just recently, the sisters have started making candles to bring in more income to help support the ministry. All of the money which is earned is put into the communal fund. No one receives an individual paycheck. We base this type of living on Acts


During a month, we usually spend bet~leen ,~l,550 and ;jl2, 000 in maintaining the ministry. This is spent on food, the building itself, Coffeehouse and literature such as the newspaper, Dust, Gospels of John and New Testaments, all of which He give out free. do not feel we can ask non Christians to pay for these services because we believe that since Christ offers salvation to us freely, we should also offer it freely to non-believers. However, we do need help from our Christian brothers and sisters. The Carpenter' s ~jen have l~orked very hard and have brought in a good income but we don't feel that we ourselves can provide the funds we need for the necessary expansion we see for the future. As our out-reach grows, so do our 13 Xi.Jense ?re sently, we s. have a j"l,OOO nel~spaper payment Which must be paid before any new issues can be printed and we are now a month behind in publications. Since the Coffeehouse is run on donations only, money is needed to support that. Recently we have had to remodel for more efficient use of space as well AS repair various areas of the house. We do the labor ourselves but the material itself costs money. we usually feed between 20 and )0 people a night for dinner and house on an average of 2 to ) crashers in an evening. These are just a few of our needs and we hope that you can see that we need your help in any way God leads. We do not wish to work separately from other established churches but we hope to be given the opportunity to work together in spreading the Word of our Lord. We feel God has richly blessed our endeavors in reaching today's youth and Ire thank ~im continually for using us in this way. We invite anyone who ~lOuld like to kno ••more about the House of Life to come and see what the Lord has raised up here and talk with. those of us who have the privilege to serve Him in this area. M~y God ~rant you His peace and joy through His only Son.


Love in Christ, Your brothers and sisters at the House of Life.