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forever or can it actually be part of reality? Peace, my friend, will only come when one has peace within. This peace from deep down can only come, no matter how you tryon your own, through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. -Brother Joe


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May Day marked the beginning of the People's Peace Treaty with North Viet Nam. D.C. was also the scene of a two week get together of demonstrations aimed at various governmental institutions, climaxing the whole _campaign with an attempted shutdown of all capital traffic at various bridges leadinq into the city. An excess of over 10,000 were arrested. Washington, for a three-day period, fell under martial law. Confrontation between police and demonstrators resulted from blocked traffic jams. Teargas, pepper gas and mace were used in driving back crowds of demonstrators from the bridges. Army helicopters were, flying day and night bringing" in fresh troops to curtail further harassments. One would get the impression -that a national invasion was at hand. These reports of violent outbreaks, gave all a dim report of the going on in Washington. You're probably asking yourself what good was accomplished in Washington. As far as political improvement goes, not much; but as far as soothing one's troubled mind and restless heart, plenty. While most people came to May Day to take part in the demonstrations and all the extras that accompany them, Christians came down to spread the love and peace of God. May Day on the whole had very good intentions and objectives but its foundation was built on rocky ground. The over-all picture seemed quite good; long hair, short hair and no hair getting together to march for peace. While the exterior seemed acceptable, the interior of the delegations present began its decay. Bad drugs were being sold openly, advertising it either by word or by signs. Rat poison along with bad acid were being dumped into the food and

government. Our effort at May Day came entirely from the love of God because it wasn't us that kept us going mostly all night, feeding and treating people having bummers on drugs, but rather, (if you can dig it) the Love of God which has been given to share with other people. Besides the work going on by the revolutionary Christians to help drug bummers, the Jesus people were actively involved in passing out free food made possible by generous contributions from the area D.C. Christians, who couldn't be down in the park in person. Our food supplies were so huge that it took a 3 foot tent pole to stir a pot of stew and a shovel to dig it out. In fact one afternoon about 14 Christians at the International Studies Building had I decided to take a walk over to Dupont Circle where rumor had it that anybody with long hair, or passing out leaflets, or both, were being arrested and carted off to jail. Knowing this I hustled over to the circle with a couple bundles of "Together." Having prayed and felt peace of mind in going to the circle, I knew it was the Lord's will for me to be there. I managed to pass out 3 papers before I was tapped on the shoulders and escorted to the paddy wagon, where I was frisked and called a commie bastard. After I was behind bars, the officer looked at my so-called subversive papers and said with a dum-founded voice, "This paper is about Jesus Christ?" My reply was simply, "Praise the Lord." Realizing he made a mistake, he left the wagon to see his captain. In the meantime, while he was gone, I thought it appropriate to spread the gospel to my jailmate. . .

Fear, now that's an interesting stib:[ect, Have you ever noticed walking down

the street how people seem to avoid everyone else's eyes. If .they do find you looking at them they either turn away quickly or else come up with something l1ke "What's the matter buddy, what're you staring at?" Take a day out and just look at people everywhere you go. Whenyou're walking down the street, driving in your car, getting a hamburger, Just anywhere you are. There seems to be a tenseness of the times that we are trying to explaln by the War, population exploston, air pollution, and those great and promlstng Hydrogen and Cobalt bombs with which we may be able to make the whole earth uninhabitable for mUllons of years. But man, what's Really "coming down? Is it the fear of a bomb that makes it so we can't look each other in the eye? Why is -the very alr tull of a tenston that makes you want to throw up your hands and say, "Forget it! Let's just get loaded and forget itl"

prepared 1,600 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. These sandwiches took about 49 Ibs. of jelly and 52 Ibs. of peanut butter. 2,000 oranges were

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