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openly, advertising it either by word or by signs. Rat poison along with bad acid were being dumped into the food and drink: The 24 hour long rock festival celebrating the People's Peace Treaty attracted people from near and far, but they' only came to listen to the free music. Along with the rock music came the inevitable, an excess of harmful drugs. As the partying and celebrating increased, the Army Vets had their jobs over-burdening them, in terms of the size of the staff working and the number of messed up patients. These Vets were really dedicatl;!d to th~ cause. They had been through hell, serving a year or two in the jungles of Viet Nam and as a result, had a very important stake in May Day. No matter what angle you look at it, vengeance for the government was bubbling over in the participants. It was this that I suspect kept them going practically 24 hours a day, doctoring the sick. What about the Christians working in May Day, along with the medics treating and ministering to the various drug cases and starving people. Did they have a state of vengeance or hatred in them? The Christians didn't Spend time in Nam burning, looting and shooting for the

sandwiches. These sandwiches took about 49 Ibs. of jelly and 52 Ibs. of peanut butter. 2,000 oranges were
brought in to provide the people in the

park with fresh vitamin C. Free food was essential since a good portion of the 'people had spent their last cent to attend May Day. After all, the Lord's command to us is "freely we have received, so freely give." It would really horrify you and turn your stomach inside' out to see the many concession stands moving into the park to make a fast buck off of starving people. . Although May Day's roots were crumbling in West Potomac Park, the worst had yet to be seen, Monday traffic sitdown jam. Bright and early in the morning around 6 or 7, demonstrators were out in the streets and at the various bridges, blocking traffic. Almost to the minute when this happened, the police, national guard, and the Marine Corps moved into the streets ready to stamp this act of dissidence out, by force if necessary. Well, it became necessary, as confrontation resu Ited from aggressive instigations on both sides. Wanting to communicate the love and peace of God through Jesus Christ,

meantime, while he was gone, I thought it appropriate to spread the gospel to my jailmate. ' This whole incident lasted about ten minutes. Then I was released without a record and without my two bundles of papers, because the soldiers took a copy to read. By all rights, 'I should have been carted off to jail because this Monday morning practically every demonstrator the police could get their hands on were being picked up ~ith no mercy, as a means to reduce the demonstrating population supposedly threatening the security of D.C. Realizing that both sides, police and demonstrators, needed the comforting word 'of the Lord, we began to reach out to the various police stations and National .Guard Headquarters. It was like a miracle taking place in D.C. when witnessing to the D.C. security forces. I just couldn't believe they were so open, receptive and sensitive to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Although a couple months have passed since May Day, the situation still remains the same in America: war and civil strife. For two weeks, May Day was the center of attention. The first thing on the news every night was May Day. Where is peace now? Is it in limbo,

We all know it's there but we don't want to acknowledge it because then we could see there's not much time left to this old world. We all know just what's around the bend but are afraid to look. Getting back to the subject, where do you fit in with this world-felt fear? Do you dig it? Well, at any rate you can see what the world has in store for you. Now here's something to think about. Jesus said, "Peace I leave with you my peace I give unto you, not as the WORLD gives, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." Have you ever met someone who only seemed to have one thing on his mind •••• Jesus? When you've seen all the others take a I':oodlong look at one of those who know' Jesus, and see if you see thE.'. fear that's in the others. And then ask him what makes him so happy? Think about it. It's real 10ve'l,man, from a real person Jesus Christ.

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